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Added to site: Friday 14th August 2020

Liz Lochhead & Andrew Wasylyk
Still Life, Sweetheart

Sara Dale's Sensual Massage

The endless supply of Coil re-issues continues apace with Sara Dale's Sensual Massage which was their soundtrack to the erotic video of the same name. Unlike a lot of the group's work this is a dreamy ambient work with soft harmonies and a rather bucolic feel with birdsong and bells but also has elements of their more rhythmic work. Artwork by Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound). 

mama's boy

I just can't get on with punctuation these days. LANY are a trio of capitalisation enthusiasts known for their arena rock album Malibu Nights from 2018. Mama's Boy (no capitalisation but I'm not playing this game anymore) continues their dancefloor-ready big rock sound that is absolutely ready for daytime Radio 2 playlisting. 

Frank Zappa
Halloween 81

If you like Frank Zappa (and thousands do I've heard) then there are a couple of editions of his Halloween '81 live set floating about. For the really adventurous you could go for the 6CD box set which has 78 (count 'em) unreleased live tracks. For those of us with a more sensitive disposition there's a single CD 'highlights' edition. Your choice. 


Space rock band Slift hail from Toulouse, France. Their new LP, Ummon was written whilst on an extensive tour of Europe in 2019. What a great way to try those space rock jams out, live and direct. The three-piece are influenced by Science-fiction and specifically French writer Alain Damasio. On Stolen Body.

Yui Onodera

Originally slated for use in a John Cage biopic, Yui Onodera's 'Ray' is a tantalising propect. It makes use of a 'prepared piano', visceral string sounds, and other hallmarks of electro-acoustic sound design. Teaser track 'Ray 1' (imaginitive) has lovely dry, staccato instrumentation and weirdly reminds me of UK Garage rhythms. Out on Serein.   

Elvis Costello
Hey Clockface

The second best Elvis is releasing his thirtieth studio album, titled 'Hey Clockface'. The various three singles indicate a diverse sound, taking in brash power pop, Nick Cave-esque smoky lounge jams, and angular post-punk. I've never been a massive Elvis Costello fan, and have never listened to any of his modern stuff, but this clutch of tunes might just rectify that...

Ludovico Einaudi
Einaudi Undiscovered

The classical composer that uses pop chord progressions and has over 2.4 billion streams on Spotify, Ludovico Einaudi is something of a contradiction. His new record, 'Einaudi Undiscovered', is a collection of lesser-known deep cuts handpicked by the man himself. There are live recordings, a remix, and even some hitherto-unreleased pieces. Out on Decca. 

Nimbus Sextet
Dreams Fulfilled

Glaswegian jazz outfit Nimbus Sextet are formed around long-term collaborators Joe Nichols, Alex Palmer and Mischa Stevens, later joined by James Mackay, Martin Fell and Euan Allardice. Dreams Fulfilled represents yet more freshness being injected into Britain’s flourishing jazz scene, full of naggingly addictive hooks and locked-tight grooves. 

The Damned
The Rockfield Files

In the early Eighties, British punk legends The Damned hit a rich vein of form when they entered Rockfield Studios in Monmouth, sessions which yielded The Black Album and Strawberries, as well as the Friday 13th EP. In 2019, three of the original band members present back then - Dave Vanian, Captain Sensible and Paul Gray - revisited the studio to lay down a new four-track EP, The Rockfield Files. 

TV Priest

Yet another promising punk band to have emerged from these isles in the last few years, London-based quartet TV Priest unleash their debut studio album. Off the back of two 6Music-championed singles in 2020 alone - ‘Runner Up’ and ‘House of York’ - Uppers is a ferocious, politically conscious headlong charge drawing down on industrial influences as well as classical punk ones. 

Soft Cell
Cruelty Without Beauty

Released 18 years after Marc Almond and Dave Ball originally disintegrated their creative partnership, 2002’s Cruelty Without Beauty marked the reunion of Soft Cell. As they prepare for their second reunification and a fifth studio album set for release in 2021, Big Frock re-issues the album as a double-CD package, with unreleased and rare tracks, and a heavyweight pink vinyl. 

Omar S
Fuck Resident Advisor

Well, there's a title to pique interest. Quite what Omar S has against the electronic music site is not made clear, particularly when they have covered his music in detail over the years. Electronic music producers sometimes do display a sense of humour. Anyway, this is new double 12" from the Detroit house and techno producer who is noted for his stripped-back, deep productions is his own FXHE imprint. Features appearances from some of the Detroit/FXHE family; John FM, Rick Wilhite, Norm Talley, and OB Ignitt.

Pure Reason Revolution
The Dark Third

Pure Reason Revolution are a progressive type band with deep nods to folk and electronica and influenced by the likes of Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree. The Dark Third was their debut album originally released in 2006 and contains many of their best loved tunes. This luxury re-issue contains a bonus track and liner notes by the band. 
Added to site: Thursday 13th August 2020

The Cribs
Night Network

The Cribs have been out of the game for some time  - no fault of their own as they were bogged down in legal battles. What it does mean is that they've had time to refresh and to write a whole batch of new songs. They've recorded them at Foo Fighters studio and with Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth guesting on a few tracks. A welcome return for this much loved band. 


Stefan Betke announces what’s just his third album as Pole in the last 13 years. Fading follows five years after last outing Wald, and just like all of his previous releases, it has a tangential connection to his past forays into experimental electronica. Specifically, it’s similar to his late Nineties opening trilogy of albums. 

Mr. Bungle
The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo

The first release from Californian experimental rock outfit Mr. Bungle in 21 years is a professional re-recording of their 1986 demo The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny. Including tracks written back then but never committed to tape, this line-up of the group consists of founders Mike Patton, Trey Spruance and Trevor Dunn as well as Anthrax’s Scott Ian of Anthrax and Slayer’s Dave Lombardo. 

Bob Mould
Distortion: 1989-2019

How much Bob Mould is too much Bob Mould. Fans would argue is that you can never get enough of Bob so they will be delighted that you can now buy all his solo albums in one enormous 24CD box. As well as all the studio albums there are four live albums and a double CD of rare stuff. Comes with a 72 page booklet but no earplugs for the noisier bits.  
  • CD box set (EDSL0072)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

The Lemonheads

Lovey was the Lemonheads fourth album and their first for Atlantic. It was the first album that really showcased their songwriting talents and is full of lovely plaintive pop such as Half the Time, Stove and Ride With Me. It was their final album with founding member Jesse Peretz as the Lemonheads became purely Evan Dando's thing thereafter.
  • CD (FIRECD492X)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Limited edition

The Microphones
Microphones in 2020

Following a few years of critical acclaim under the moniker Mount Eerie, Phil Elverum resurrects one of his other previous guises, The Microphones, for the project’s first album in 17 years. Consisting of just one long, 44-minute track and accompanied by a short film of the same length, Microphones In 2020 is an absorbing and pure experience. 
Added to site: Wednesday 12th August 2020

Crippled Black Phoenix

What the hell do you do when you start recording your album only to find out you don't have a leading male vocalist? Well for Crippled Black Phoenix it was the opportunity to source friends and collaborators to fill the gaps. It has lead to an album which doesn't even attempt to follow up the band's previous deep and moving Great Escape but instead to find new ways of presenting their sound. A set of circumstances which have led to an entirely new start for the band. 

Dominik Scherrer & Natasha Khan
Requiem (Original Soundtrack)

Svart Records releases the soundtrack to Welsh television drama serial Requiem, recorded by award-winning composer Dominik Scherrer and Bat For Lashes star Natasha Khan. While the show was broadcast back in 2018, the retro, Seventies horror-inspired soundtrack makes its first-ever appearances as a physical release. 

Caterpillars of Creation

If it is psychedelics you want then Polymoon are possibly the place to go. The band play cosmic rock and out there psychedelia using fuzzy guitars and stacks of modular synths to take the listener to a higher plane of consciousness. This, we think, is the debut album from the Finnish band who are part of an explosion of similar artists out of their homeland. 

Black Sabbath
Paranoid (50th Anniversary Edition)

Arguably the most important album in defining the evolution of metal, Black Sabbath’s 1970 sophomore album Paranoid turns fifty years old. It therefore gets the chapter-and-verse box set treatment, the vinyl box containing five LPs, including live tracks and never-before-released quad stereo mixes, and the CD edition housing four discs, a 60-page hardback book, poster and a replica tour programme. 
  • CD box set (4050538619751)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Limited edition

Future Islands
As Long As You Are

Also known as the band with the funny dancing man, Future Islands will forever be stuck in heads because of *that* Letterman performance. This is their second album since Singles, the album off the back of the exposure. It shows the band still pursuing their retro synth pop sound but with one main alteration - they now have an actual human drummer in tow. 


Lupin is the project of Jack Luppen ( see what he did there?) who has been better known to this day as guitarist and vocalist in Hippo Campus. This debut album sets his sound to max as he explores the outer reaches of dance floor synth pop taking influences from the likes of Charlie XCX and Tears for Fears. We see where he’s headed with this. 

Marie Davidson & L'Oeil nu
Renegade Breakdown

Following a global smash a couple of years back with ‘Work It’, Marie Davidson unleashes a new album, made in collaboration with an entity known as L’Oeil Nu - in reality, Asaël R. Robitaille and her husband and partner in Essaie Pas, Pierre Guerineau. Renegade Breakdown represents a slight parting from club culture and the style that has seen Davidson relentlessly tour the globe, more songwriterly and less overtly dancefloor-orientated. 

Magik Markers

Elisa Ambrogio, Pete Nolan and John Shaw return with new Magik Markers music for the first time in over half a decade, at what seems like an apt time for them to bring their inspired noise-rock back. 2020 is heart-swallowingly urgent and ragingly loud, a perfect soundtrack for times of emergency and ignorance. 

Luke Abbott

A new studio album from Norfolk-based producer Luke Abbott. 2019’s Music From The Edge of An Island, released for Nils Frahm’s Piano Day, had broken a comparatively lengthy period of silence for the Szun Waves member. Translate, set for 2021, will see a return to the sounds of his Holkham Drones days. 

Keaton Henson

Singer / songwriter-turned-composer Keaton Henson has returned to his roots as a singer / songwriter with Monument. His gentle voice sings lyrics about grief and how to deal with it, whilst sparse electronic backing is fleshed out with a full band and, at one point, a full orchestra. Philip Selway of Radiohead, guitarist Leo Abrahams and composer and musician Charlotte Harding all lend a helping hand.
Added to site: Tuesday 11th August 2020

The Mountain Goats
Getting Into Knives

Just before lockdown, the ever-industrious John Darnielle assembled the current line-up of The Mountain Goats in Sam Phillips’ legendary studio in Memphis for six days of recording. The result is Getting Into Knives, the band’s 19th studio album, capturing the sound of a great songwriter at his loosest and most spontaneous. 

El Ten Eleven

Provoked by a period of reflection following personal loss and grief for El Ten Eleven’s leader Kristian Dunn, Tautology is a mammoth triple album whose duration represents the grand arc of life. Traversing everything from attack-minded riffing to vast ambient landscapes, it’s being released digitally in three parts, but a triple-vinyl release in September will gather up all the movements in one package.

Rudy De Anda
Tender Epoch

A veteran of countless different musical projects throughout his 15-year career to date, musician Rudy De Anda releases his first proper solo album. Intended as a tribute to the history of rock’n’roll filtered through his own ancestry - his parents settled in California from Mexico just before he was born - Tender Epoch is some of the most well-observed and beautifully made classic pop you’re ever likely to hear. 

Giver Taker

Giver Taker is the debut studio album from Anjimile Chithambo, a transformative epic created during a period of rehabilitation from alcohol and substance abuse as well as living as a nonbinary trans person for the first time. Recorded with Justine Bowe and and artist/producer Gabe Goodman, it forges together Eighties pop influences with African music that Anjimile’s parents played around the family home. 

Emma Kupa
It Will Come Easier

Emma Kupa is probably best known for being the front person of the likes of Standard Fare and Mammoth Penguins as well as being a bigwig at the annual Indietracks festival. It Will Come Easier sees her exploring more mature themes of life and love in your early thirties over music that takes '60s girl group pop, folk and electronic pop as influences. 


Becoming one of the leading lights of Britain’s metal scene over the last five years or so, Groundswells is the next studio album from Wren. Exploring folklore connected with the changing of the seasons once again, this post-metal masterpiece is produced by Scott Evans of Kowloon Walled City, their former touring mates. 

Andy Bell
The View From Halfway Down

Guitarist in Ride for three decades, Andy Bell releases his debut solo album The View From Halfway Down to coincide with his 50th birthday. Produced with the help of former Oasis bandmate Gem Archer, work began over four years ago but was sidelined by the reformation of Ride. Completed under lockdown, it’s a precise presentation of all of the influences that have informed Bell’s style, from the Stone Roses to Spacemen 3. 

The Phoenix Foundation
Friend Ship

New Zealanders the Phoenix Foundation have waited a full five years since their previous missive Give Up On Your Dreams but they have been busy touring and working on other projects. Friend Ship appears with the band revitalised and continuing to pursue a gently psychedelic form of songcraft that features guest spots from Nadia Reid and Tiny Ruins’ Hollie Fullbrook. 
Added to site: Monday 10th August 2020

Cropping The Aftermath

A lot of epic45's work concerns nostalgia and their latest album Cropping the Aftermath is a love letter of sorts to the '90s. The duo look back on the decade in which they discovered music  - of hearing garage beats on pirate radio and the evocative transmissions of the more forward thinking bands of the era that paved the way for the sound epic45 peddle today. This is their second full length release of what appears to be a very busy 2020.  

Pan Amsterdam
Ha Chu

The enigma that is Pan Amsterdam returns with a new studio album. Following the absorbing debut The Pocket Watch a couple of years ago, acclaimed for its chilled, jazzy soundscapes and cool flows, the rapper indulges guest spots from Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson and Doves’ Jimi Goodwin on the ambitious follow-up Ha Chu. 

Kool Music
Zen Guitar

Kool Music is Jasper Baydala. It seems he says a lot of odd and possibly profound things and has been influenced, he claims, by seeing a bear feast on a deer when he was a child. Zen Guitar is an album of mesmerisingly weird lo-fi guitar music which was recorded in Glasgow in 2020. CD on Primordial Void.

JW Francis
We Share A Similar Joy

Whilst trying to be a singer / songwriter, JW Francis was employed as a New York City tour guide. He also owns his own Murder Mystery Business. You wouldn’t guess any of this from his music though - he makes music that fuses Jonathan Richman and The Velvet Underground’s sound into dreamy lo-fi pop nuggets,. We Share A Similar Joy is his first album for Sunday Best.

Sophie Hunger

Another great record created with the assistance of hugely in-demand British producer Dan Carey (Speedy Wunderground boss), Halluzinationen is the seventh studio album from Berlin-based star Sophie Hunger. Laid down with a continuous live take method that saw the entire piece performed in its entirety six times over one weekend, it’s her strongest effort to date. 

Giant Rooks

Giant Rooks are a German art-rock band whose debut Rookery showcases a melodic take on the genre that suggests they've been listening to Tame Impala, Alt J and Bon Iver and then have tried to swirl the results into a big blender. Sweet alternative rock with an R&B and hip-hop flavour that could do pretty well for itself given the correct exposure. 

Emak Bakia

One of five albums that the late electronic music wizard Bryn Jones released under his Muslimgauze alias in 1994 alone, Emak Bakia was a gorgeous take on house music with Jones’ trademark percussion styles and Middle Eastern elements. It now gets a re-issue on CD, given a new mix and different artwork. 

Denise Sherwood
This Road

If the name seems somewhat familiar especially given the links with On U Sound collective then it may not come as a surprise that Denise Sherwood is the daughter of Adrian Sherwood. She collaborates with dad on this, her debut LP as well as pals such as Lee 'Scratch Perry' and Mark Stewart (the Pop Group). The dark themes, heavy bass and clubby beats detailed here suggest that the apple hasn't fallen too far from the tree. 
Added to site: Friday 7th August 2020

Frankie and the Witch Fingers
Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters...

Recorded in just five days immediately off the back of an exhausting period of touring that lasted almost a year, Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters… (title intended to be repeated ad infinitum!) shows Frankie and the Witch Fingers in blistering, road-hardened form. More intense and ambitious than anything they’ve recorded before, their psych-garage sound goes from strength to strength. 

Vienna (40th Anniversary Edition)

Becoming one of the best-selling albums in the UK even in the year after it was released, with the grandiose title track becoming a New Romantic anthem, Ultravox’s 1980 studio effort Vienna gets the deluxe re-issue treatment for its 40th anniversary. It arrives as a double-vinyl with a record of bonus material or a 5xCD + 1xDVD with 44 previously unreleased tracks. 
  • CD box set (5060516094943)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
Added to site: Thursday 6th August 2020

Nicole Mitchell and Moor Mother
Offering - Live at Le Guess Who

Over three lengthy tracks taken from a performance at the 2018 Le Guess Who Festival in Utrecht, flautist Nicole Mitchell and spoken-word performer Camae Ayewa (a.k.a. Moor Mother) dovetail perfectly with each other’s skills: Offering - Live at Le Guess Who seems so planned for a spontaneous performance, and isn't easily categorisable.

Cha Cha Au Harem - Orientica - France 1960-1964

Cha Cha Au Harem - Orientica-France 1960-1964 is a new 16-track compilation from Born Bad showcasing French cha-cha-cha music performed in a Middle Eastern style dating from the early Sixties. Includes tracks from the likes of Leo Clarens, Kemal Rachid and Zina Nahid, with liner notes in French and English to provide context. 

Tchic Tchic - French Bossa Nova 1963-1974

Charting the influence of Brazilian music on France over the course of more than a decade, Tchic Tchic - French Bossa Nova 1963-1974 is a 22-track compilation from Born Bad. Containing bi-lingual liner notes and tracks from the likes of Isabelle Aubret, Christiane Legrand and Sophia Loren, it’s a tremendously fun and informative collection. 

Folkstone Prism

Released in 1971, Folkstone Prism by Kennelmus has been as rare as hens’ teeth since going out of print in the mid-Nineties. Five tracks of psychedelic weirdness interspersed with backwards instrumentals, field recordings, cut-up garbled vox and fake radio ads, it now gets a new life with this vinyl re-issue, containing an eight-page booklet. 

Dream Nails
Dream Nails

Establishing themselves in the middle of the 2010s and proudly declaring themselves “punk witches”, London-based trio Dream Nails announce their self-titled debut album. Following a clutch of riotous singles and EPs setting out their stall, their power-pop/punk formula is well-worn but hugely enjoyable. 

Lie Out Loud

Former tourmates with The Wombats and Sundara Karma, West London’s BLOXX have long been marked out as one of British indie’s brightest hopes. The three-piece finally get to release their debut studio album Lie Out Loud, channelling classic teenage themes of unfulfilling life in English satellite towns. 

The Baby

23 year old Samia Finnerty - the daughter of actress Kathy Najimy and comedian Dan Finnerty - presents her debut studio album. Forged largely while on the road for extended periods, The Baby is an introspective and stylish examination of personal relationships, flitting between funny and forlorn often within the same sentence. 

Game Trails

Aukai is the music-making moniker of German multi-instrumentalist Markus Seiber. Game Trails is his third album. He plays the ronroco, a small guitar with an intense and dramatic feel that, according to Seiber, can transport you to far away places. He is aided by strings courtesy of Bogdan Djukic, drums from Miguel Hiroshi and vocals from Lisa Morganstern. Game Trails is an album that fills you with the desire to disappear off to far away lands. 

Pig Destroyer
The Octagonal Stairway

The Octagonal Stairway is the 5th EP from US grindcore stalwarts Pig Destroyer. It’s a brutal assault of rapid-fire drums and heavy riffage, general noise and guttural vocals that may well set your speakers on fire, or at least annoy your neighbours. Former Sepultura drummer Igor Cavalera makes a guest appearance. 

Narrow Head
12th House Rock

Narrow Head come from Houston, Texas and have been making a bit of a name for themselves in the city’s underground scene. 12th House Rock is the band’s second album and comes four years after their debut album, Satisfaction. This band rock hard like early Soundgarden but can also be found gazing at their shoes like many ‘90s bands.

The Empty Hearts
The Second Album

The Empty Hearts are a supergroup featuring Blondie drummer Clem Burke and The Cars guitarist Elliot Easton along with Wally Palmar from The Romantics and Andy Babiuk from The Chesterfield Kings. The Second Album is their guessed it… second album. As you might expect from the people involved, this is an album of power pop, melodic rock and the occasional ‘60s pastiche.

Colter Wall
Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs

Singer / Songwriter Colter Wall hails from Saskatchewan. He plays country music and has a voice that makes him sound significantly older than his 25 years and an assured swagger. The wonderfully titled Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs is his third album. You may have heard his songs on films such as Peanut Butter Falcon, Hell or High Water, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

Smell the Magic

Originally released as a six-track EP in 1990 but then re-issued with three more songs the following year to convert it to a full album, Smell The Magic by American underground heroes L7 gets remastered for its 30th anniversary. It saw the band beginning to discover their latent melodic talents, and is a crucial step in explaining 1992's breakout Bricks Are Heavy.

Mrs. Piss

Self-Surgery is the result of a collaboration between musicians Chelsea Wolfe and Jess Gowrie, released under the name Mrs. Piss. Cooked up while the two were touring together behind Wolfe’s 2017 album Hiss Spun, it pulls together the entirety of their experience in genres as disparate as folk and doom metal to create something urgent and wild. 

Eight Rounds Rapid
Love Your Work

Boasting the son of legendary Dr. Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson among their personnel, Essex-based outfit Eight Rounds Rapid release their third studio album. Gritty, streetwise suburban tales are the order of the day on Love Your Work, set to an economical blend of classic pub-rock and jittery post-punk. 

Belbury Poly
The Gone Away

Ghost Box Records co-founder Jim Jupp releases another studio album under his Belbury Poly recording moniker. More downbeat and calm than many of his previous efforts, constructed from beautiful, flowing polyrhythms and vintage electronic instruments, The Gone Away centres around British fairytales and fantastical folklore. 

John Coltrane
Giant Steps (60th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

Housing the title track that’s long since become a jazz standard, John Coltrane’s seminal 1960 album Giant Steps gets a deluxe edition re-release to mark its 60th anniversary. Containing a second disc (in both vinyl and CD editions) of alternate versions and rehearsal takes, a poster cover insert and a booklet, this is essential ownership for any jazz fan.
  • CD (0603497848393)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
Added to site: Wednesday 5th August 2020

Fake It Flowers

Fake It Flowers is the highly anticipated debut album from British singer-songwriter beabadoobee. Building up her massive fanbase off the back of a stream of excellent EPs since the beginning of 2018 - not to mention the viral sensation of ‘Coffee’ - Bea Kristi is one of the most promising young talents in a long time. 

The Heshoo Beshoo Group
Armitage Road

A highly prized collector’s item since it was originally released back in 1970, Armitage Road was the sole studio recording from The Heshoo Beshoo Group. A critique of the apartheid regime in their native South Africa set to an inventive fusion of American and African jazz traditions, it now gets hugely overdue re-issue on vinyl via We Are Busy Bodies. 

Destiny Hotel

Cordovas are a band who spend every moment together. They live, eat and garden together in East Nashville. Their music is inspired by nature and mysticism. Destiny Hotel is an album of soulful Americana and southern rock - guitars, harmonies, hammond organs - you know the kind of thing. On ATO Records.

A View Of U

Two decades into his career, North Carolina-based producer Travis Stewart delivers arguably his best Machinedrum album to date in A View of U. His skill at style-hopping is well-known, reflected in a stellar cast of guests here including Freddie Gibbs, Sub Focus and Jesse Boykins III, but this feels like a perfection of his art. 

Hot Wet & Sassy

Marking his first release as Tobacco in four years, a period that’s seen him collaborate with Aesop Rock, score HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ and tour with Nine Inch Nails, Tom Fec’s fifth record Hot Wet & Sassy could be his biggest yet. It houses some of his most immediate and listener-friendly compositions so far, filtering his latent pop tendencies through the long-standing experimental ones. 

The Moons
Pocket Melodies

The Moons are led by Andy Crofts - who, as well as being a singer / songwriter in his own right, earns his corn in Paul Weller’s backing band. Pocket Melodies is the band’s latest album, It features one track, Tunnel of Time, which was co-written by Paul Weller. Features the singles Riding Man and Today.

Songhoy Blues

Matt Sweeney (Chavez, Iggy Pop, Bonnie Prince Billy) was hired to produce the Songhoy Blues album, Optimisme. His mission was to make a real rock record that captured the band’s live energy. The band also wanted to make an album that got the crowd jumping. Judging by Led Zeppelin-esque lead single Badala it would seem that they accomplished their mission.


Dutch-Iranian singer Sevda Alizadeh reveals her anticipated second full-length Sevdaliza album Shabrang, released later this year. It follows the hard touring behind her 2017 debut ISON, a record which became a slow-burning hit, and blends together influences from electronica, indie, hip-hop and alternative R&B. 

Hello Forever
Whatever It Is

Seemingly inspired by the surroundings of their native Topanga - the Californian location in which Neil Young recorded After The Gold Rush and Captain Beefheart came up with Trout Mask Replica - Hello Forever manage the nifty trick of channeling the invention of the Sixties without shamelessly ripping it off with their debut album Whatever It Is. Vinyl versions come with a bonus 7” single 'Everything Is So Hard'.

Tim Heidecker
Fear of Death

Actor and comedian Tim Heidecker, known for being the Tim half of comedy duo Tim & Eric, has gathered together a bunch of musicians to record an album with. The album, Fear of Death, features Heidecker dueting with Natalie Mering (AKA Weyes Blood) and being backed by The Lemon Twigs and Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado. On Spacebomb.
Added to site: Tuesday 4th August 2020

The Budos Band
Long In The Tooth

Formed out of members of Antibalas pretty much exactly 15 years ago, Staten Island outfit The Budos Band announce their sixth studio album. Long In The Tooth finds them exploring the dark, Sabbath-esque hard-rock territory they’ve recently begun tapping, but not abandoning their Afrobeat roots in the process. 

Sean Nicholas Savage
Life Is Crazy

The 14th studio album from Canadian cult hero Sean Nicholas Savage, Life Is Crazy marks a slight departure for the ultra-prolific singer-songwriter. Jettisoning percussion and bass altogether, Savage’s writing is vulnerable and exposed, accompanied by strings and piano to accentuate his reflections and philosophising. 

Rian Treanor
File Under UK Metaplasm

A key figure in the Leeds scene in recent years, producer Rian Treanor delivers an amped-up album of unmediated, knotty club-orientated dance for his second album on Planet Mu. File Under UK Metaplasm is rawer than last year’s debut Ataxia, though it contains the same kinds of unstable, complex rhythms and sharp production values. 

Isabella, Jasper and Simon Fisher Turner
Savage Songs of brutality and food. By the Extreme Angels of Parody.

The curious and frankly misleading title Savage Songs of Brutality and Food. By the Extreme Angels of Parody is the work of British musician Simon Fisher Turner, who over several years recorded the voices and improvised music made by his children Isabella and Jasper when they were small and has since turned them into an actual record. Much more compelling than that all sounds!

Baudelaire & Piano

The work of French poet Charles Baudelaire has influenced many 20th century music stars, from Jim Morrison to Scott Walker. On the beautiful and self-explanatory Baudelaire & Piano, Norwegian artist Susanna sets ten texts from his masterpiece ‘The Flowers of Evil’ to set simply to piano, recorded under COVID lockdown in a studio in Stockholm. 
Added to site: Monday 3rd August 2020

Maya Hawke

Recognisable from her star turns in the third season of ‘Stranger Things’ and in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Maya Hawke commenced her music career in 2019 with two well-received singles, ‘To Love A Boy’ and ‘Stay Open’. Continuing her partnership with songwriter Jesse Harris, her full-length debut album arrives, titled Blush. 

The Cradle
Laughing In My Sleep

A new studio album from the hugely prolific singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Paco Cathcart, under his alias The Cradle. Recorded a couple of years ago during a period of upheaval and relocation, Laughing In My Sleep usefully serves as an ideal entry point to his vast catalogue of work, offering a little bit of everything in terms of the range of styles Cathcart covers. 

Róisín Murphy
Róisín Machine

Arguably a bigger star now than she was even when the sadly demised Moloko were at their peak, Róisín Murphy announces her fifth solo album Róisín Machine. Produced alongside long-term collaborator DJ Parrot and housing the wonderful ‘Incapable’ and ‘Murphy’s Law’ singles, nobody would bet against this being another quality record. 
  • CD (4050538635904)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

The Jaded Hearts Club
You've Always Been Here

A mouth-watering supergroup of indie-rock royalty - whose cast includes Graham Coxon, Miles Kane and Muse frontman Matt Bellamy among others - release their debut album. Initially formed to perform Beatles covers, Jaded Hearts Club branch out to tackle other artists on debut album You’ve Always Been Here. 
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Added to site: Sunday 2nd August 2020

A-Sun Amissa
Black Rain (I)

Collecting together three long-form pieces of music from Richard Knox’s A-Sun Amissa project recorded at the start of 2020 and which have been released one-at-a-time in recent months, Black Rain (I) finds a normally meticulous composer and arranger being forced into deadlines, with highly interesting results. 

Ryo Fukui
Ryo Fukui in New York

Laid down in February 1999 and released later the same year, Ryo Fukui Live In New York sees the beloved jazz pianist Ryo Fukui tackling classics from Charlie Parker, George Gershwin and others - as well as some original material - alongside bassist Lisle Atkinson and drummer Leroy Williams. It now gets a half-speed re-mastered reissue on We Release Jazz. 

Ryo Fukui
A Letter From Slowboat

A deeply personal record that served as the final album from Japanese musician Ryo Fukui, A Letter From Slowboat refers to the Sapporo jazz club that he co-owned and performed in right up until his death in 2016. Poetic and heartfelt, it now gets a half-speed remastered re-issue via We Release Jazz. 

MJ Guider
Sour Cherry Bell

Her second release for Kranky under the moniker MJ Guider, Sour Cherry Bell sees Melissa Guion push the instrumental combination used on her 2016 effort Precious Systems to their absolute limit. Constructed gradually in rehearsal spaces and her home studio, it’s an intoxicating mix of dream-pop, shoegaze and ambient music. 

Reverend John Wilkins

The son of preacher-turned-blues-singer Rev. Robert Wilkins, Reverend John Wilkins has followed in his footsteps and leads one of the most powerful blues and gospel acts around today. Recorded at the iconic Royal Studios in Memphis, Trouble takes on extra poignancy following Wilkins’ recent remarkable recovery from coronavirus. 
Added to site: Friday 31st July 2020

The Front Bottoms
In Sickness & In Flames

Despite being called the Front Bottoms, this band have been doing pretty well out of their honest and direct punky folk music. Sounding sort of like Green Day infiltrating a college folk night, they have a bunch of catchy, witty songs that have led to critical praise and decent sales leading to this, their seventh full length album.   
  • CD (0075678648557)
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In Isolation / Live From The Plaza Theatre, Stockport

With the coronavirus preventing live shows from happening and Daniel Ek needing more product in order to pay bands half a penny for every thousand streams on Spotify then it's not surprising bands have been forced to put out hodge-podge collections to keep the coffers flowing, This interim release from Blossoms is half filled with covers and reworks recording in lockdown plus a live set recorded in their native Stockport. 

Richard Norris

Richard Norris, known for his work with The Grid and Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve, as well as collaborations with countless high-profile musicians, returns with Elements. It’s an alchemistic blend of hypnotic sounds, drone and deep ambience, assembled in a way only someone with Norris’ experience on such matters can. 

Medium Rarities

Medium Rarities by Atlanta hard rockers Mastodon gathers together a bunch of songs that have been scattered around here and there, in one place for the first time. It includes covers, some of which are quite unexpected (Flaming Lips, Feist) and some more obvious (Metallica) along with live tracks, instrumentals and songs they’ve contributed to soundtracks.
  • CD (0093624892809)
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Henrik Lindstrand

Nordhem is the third album, and final part of a trilogy, by Swedish pianist Henrik Lindstrand. It follows 2017’s Leken and 2019’s Nattresan and like those two well-received albums, is a beautifully woven and soothing soundscape that seamlessly blends a number of genres into one complete piano work. Nordhem translates as North Home and the album honours his scandanavian roots.
Added to site: Thursday 30th July 2020

Mercury Rev
The Secret Migration (Deluxe Edition)

The Secret Migration was the fifth full length album by magical Disney-inspired and long running band Mercury Rev. When it came out it was just a single album but now as if by magic it has extended into a 5CD box set with B Sides, rarities, a live show and a CD of their soundtrack album Hello Blackbird. A bumper edition of an often neglected work.  
  • CD box set (CRCDBOX97)
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Make More Noise! Women In Independent Music UK 1977-1987

Cherry Red Records announce another exceptional compilation, this time exploring the contributions of female artists in the decade following the emergence of punk in Britain. Make More Noise! Women In Independent Music UK 1977-1987 features 90 tracks over four CDs including music by the likes of The Slits, Nico and Cosey Fanni Tutti, plus a hardback book which includes over 14,500 words of sleevenotes and an essay by Lucy O’Brien. 
  • CD box set (CRCDBOX99)
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We Are The Cellar Bar Restoration Society

To contribute towards much-needed restoration work at The Cellar Bar in Cardigan where they hold their annual Dr. Sardonicus festival, the Fruits De Mer label releases a fundraising compilation. We Are The Cellar Bar Restoration Society has already sold out as an LP, but this extended double CD set includes around 100 extra minutes of music. 

The Compleat Cromlech Chronicles

Originally released between 2016 and 2019 over four volumes, The Compleat Cromlech Chronicles gathers all four albums from Welsh psychedelic rock outfit Sendelica. If that wasn’t enough, this 6xCD box set includes bonus tracks, plus an extra disc of live recordings from Lucid Dreams Festival and Glastonbury PsycheFest and another disc of demos and out-takes. 
  • CD box set (strange fish nineteen)
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High Off Life

Released a couple of months ago whereupon it reached the top of the US Billboard 200, Future’s eighth studio album High Off Life comes to vinyl. Featuring guest spots from other high profile stars including Drake, Travis Scott and Young Thug, it’s been heralded as one of the rapper’s finest efforts to date. 

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