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Added to site: Saturday 15th February 2020

Sea Girls
Under Exit Lights EP

Formed in London in 2015 and steadily building their reputation through hard touring ever since, indie-rock quartet Sea Girls are preparing their fourth EP release. A six-track collection containing the recently released single ‘Ready For More’, Under Exit Lights could be the moment that a wider audience pays attention. 

Brendan Benson
Dear Life

A co-founder of The Raconteurs along with Jack White as well as a solo artist with a great reputation, Brendan Benson returns with his seventh album, and first after a seven-year hiatus imposed by fatherhood. Dear Life is also his debut for Third Man Records, and sees him, as ever, melding classic rock moves with modern creativity. 
Added to site: Friday 14th February 2020

The Snuts
Mixtape EP

The Snuts have a name so simple and so ridiculous that they may well become very popular. They certainly share a lot in common sonically with the early days of another preposterously named band Arctic Monkeys such is their zest of simple, catchy and rather snotty pop. The weight of Parlophone is right behind these guys so expect big things.  
  • CD (0190295273088)
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White Stones

Created by Opeth bassist Martin Mendez during a year-long hiatus of the group following the conclusion of their Sorceress tour, White Stones evolved out of an idle curiosity in exploring different avenues of sound. Kuarahy (named after Mendez’s birthplace in Uruguay) represents an artist regenerating his love of music for music’s sake. 
  • CD (0727361501020)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

Sex Swing
Type II

Gifted in the art of turning rage and volume into emotional catharsis in musical form, Sex Swing return with a second studio album. Again forged with the help of members of underground stars from Bonnacons of Doom to Dethscalator, Type II transcends the pitfalls often associated with the ‘supergroup’. 

Sibusile Xaba
Nigwu Shwabada

Guitarist and singer Sibusile Xaba hails from South Africa. He makes his own take on Maskandi (Zulu folk music) music, mixing it with the avant-garde. Nigwu Shwabada his new album. It translates as I Am with Shwabada, Shwbada being a spiritual lineage. Features an 18 minute improvised track recorded with saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings of Sons of Kemet and Shabaka & the Ancestors.


Celeste follows a string of EPs and singles with her eponymous debut album. The jazz / soul / R&B singer hails from Brighton. She got her break when a music manager spotted a song she’d uploaded to YouTube. Since then she has won over Lily Allen, releasing a single on her Bank Holiday label and her, now, label-mate Michael Kiwanuka. 

Joan As Police Woman
Cover Two

Cover 2 is the second album of covers by Joan As Police Woman. Here she takes on songs by Michael McDonald, Outkast, Neil Young, Talk Talk, The Strokes, Prince, Cass McCombs, Blur and Gil Scott Heron. If you’ve heard her version of the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s Fire, then you’ll be aware that these are reworkings, not just straight forward covers.

Sam Smith
To Die For

To Die For is the third album by Sam Smith. On this album, they have gone for an acoustic, soulful, pop sound, with fewer ballads. Smith feels that they have been given permission by the fans to do this following a positive reception to their new songs. The album includes collaborations with Calvin Harris and Normani along with a cover of the Donna Summer / Giorgio Moroder classic, I Feel Love.

Surfer Blood
Carefree Theatre

Surfer Blood’s career has been punctuated by tragedy and some, what can only be described as, bloody stupid behaiviour. They released an impressive debut in 2010, Astro Coast, which earned them support slots with Les Savy Fav and Pixies and have gone on to record a further four albums. Now we have Carefree Theatre, recorded in their hometown of Kanine, Florida. The emphasis is on short and poppy songs.
Added to site: Thursday 13th February 2020

Joe Volk + Naiare
Primitive Energetics

Constructed with the dynamics and tension between the drums and the guitar in mind, Primitive Energetics is a new album by Bristol-born, Swiss-based musician Joe Volk with Naiare, the experimental group he set up to tour with him behind his last studio album Happenings and Killings a few years back. 

Die Wilde Jagd

Songwriter and producer Sebastian Lee Philipp revives his Die Wilde Jagd for a third studio album. Just like its two predecessors (2015’s self-titled effort and 2018’s Uhrwald Orange), Haut utilises the help of various guests as well as Philipp’s production colleague Ralf Beck to take the listener on a hypnotic musical journey. 


A figurehead for avant-garde music going back decades as a former long-time member of the legendary Swans, Jarboe presents her 33rd solo album ‘Illusory’. A dark, dense and fog-like atmosphere of confusion and unknowing is created, yet Jarboe’s unique voice pierces it and guides the listener by the hand. 

Zensur & Zensur

Dusseldorf-based MALE were one of Germany’s first-ever punk bands, bringing the style and sound of the movement’s first wave to prominence in the city’s underground scene in the late Seventies and going as far as supporting The Clash on a leg of their London Calling tour. Their debut album Zensur & Zensur, released in early 1979, gets an overdue re-issue as a 2xLP package. 

Jozef Van Wissem
Ex Mortis

Inspired by ‘The Book of Gostlye Grace’, a 13th century tome written by German nuns, experimental lute player and composer Jozef Van Wissem releases another new album titled Ex Mortis (or ‘from death’). Performed with a quasi-religious devotion and with the help of former long-time Swans member Jarboe, it’s a meditative and trance-like collection. 

Darragh Morgan / John Tilbury
Morton Feldman - For John Cage

An abstract yet cinematic piece composed for violin and piano, contemporary classical music figurehead John Tilbury and violinist Darragh Morgan first performed Morton Feldman’s For John Cage at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in 2006. Now, that recording, shortlisted for a Royal Philharmonic Society Award, gets a CD release via Diatribe Records ahead of Tilbury and Morgan’s upcoming performance of the piece at New Music Dublin this year. 

Ulrich Schnauss

Ulrich Schnauss
No Further Ahead Than Tomorrow

Electronic musician and producer Ulrich Schnauss grew up on a diet of shoegaze and Tangerine Dream.He is remastering his back catalogue so here we have a reissue of No Further Ahead Than Tomorrow, which was originally released in 2016. This will appeal to fans of Eno, Jon Hopkins and Tycho. Schanuss is living the dream theses days as he has been a member of Tangerine Dream since 2014.


Winnipeg. Nice place but cold in the winter which probably gave Boniface the time and space to work on his '80s-inspired synth pop moves. So long as he had a warm room to work in. As we approach yet another winter it's time to listen to his debut album which is here on Transgressive. It's all about growing up in a small place and never wanting to go back. It's a haunting and emotional ride, uplifting yet melancholic.  

Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes
What Kinda Music

Tom Misch is a singer, guitarist and violinist. Yussef Dayes is a drummer. They come together on What Kinda Music mixing electronica, avant-garde jazz and hip hop. They first met at the launch for Misch’s Geography album, but Misch had been an admirer of Dayes before that. They hit it off, realising they could push each other to become better. This is the result of all that pushing.

The Blinders
Fantasies Of A Stay At Home Psychopath

Produced by the esteemed Rob Ellis, Fantasies of a Stay At Home Psychopath is the second studio album from Manchester-based alt-rock trio The Blinders. Following the underground success of 2018’s debut Columbia, which allowed them to obtain valuable support slots and tour hard, their sophomore doubles down on the political and melodic elements and makes The Blinders truly a band for our times. 
Added to site: Wednesday 12th February 2020


Chicago-based producer and Sooper Records owner Nnamdi Ogbonnaya releases another album as NNAMDÏ, arriving three years after the critical success of Drool. Mixing up hip-hop, DIY indie, gospel and West African music, Brat is more introspective than its predecessor but no less dazzling or defiant of arbitrary genre-labelling. 

Anacleto Vitolo / Luca Buoninfante

Sound artist Luca Buoninfante and electronic music composer Anacleto Vitolo have collaborated under their surnames as an electro-acoustic duo since 2016, mixing up improvisatory and regular recording techniques along with musique concréte, field recording and sound processing. AEND is their astonishing new album. 
  • CD
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  • Limited edition

K. Henry Dunham
Sol Evocations (Live from Tio Gordos Cantina Exotica)

Taking a break from working with ambient project Our Lady of the Flowers, K. Henry Dunham releases his debut solo record. Culled from a massive 13-hour improvisational live set at the Tio Gordos Cantina Exotica, Sol Evocations is intended as an extended yearning for the light and warmth of the sun in dark times. 

Flat Worms

Flat Worms return with their third album in around four years, and on Antarctica, the group’s already punishing sound continues to get harsher and more brutal. Recorded in just six days with the help of Ty Segall and Steve Albini, it seeks to provide bleak yet darkly humorous commentary upon the state of the world today. 

Max de Wardener
Music For Detuned Pianos

The latest album from composer Max de Wardener does what it says on the tin really being a collection of pieces written on detuned acoustic pianos and performed by Kit Downes. Surprisingly enough pianos aren't that easy to detune (or to detune in the way you want them to) so this was a labour of love for de Wardener who drew inspiration from the likes of La Monte Young and Harry Partch in making these elegant compositions. 

Nathan Fake

He knows.. he knows what's been happening. The aptly-titled Blizzards is Nathan Fake's first album since 2017's Providence and sees the electronics meister deliberately limit himself to rudimentary equipment and recording first takes with little embellishment. The result is a clubbier, more live sound that retains the melodicisms of his earlier work on Border Community. 

Max Romeo
Revelation Time

Revelation Time is widely regarded as the best album by reggae / roots artist Max Romeo and a definitive album in the world of Jamiacan music. It was originally only released in Jamaica in 1975 and again in 1977 under the name Warning! Warning!. It got its international release in 1978 under the name Open The Iron Gate. It was produced by Lee ‘ Scratch’ Perry.

The Strokes
The New Abnormal

It’s been seven years since The Strokes released an album, but they’re back with album number six, The New Abnormal. The news of the the new album swept through the internet with (almost) the pace of Jennifer Aniston’s Friends reunion photo on Instagram. Lead single, At The Door, is a spacey, synth-led, drumless ballad - quite different, but still retaining a certain quality that The Strokes are known for.
  • Label(s):
  • RCA
Added to site: Tuesday 11th February 2020

Ian Chang
属 Belonging

City Slang delivers the first full-length album from producer Ian Chang. Featuring collaborations with the likes of KAZU and Kiah Victoria but whose real strengths lie in its deeply moving instrumentals, 属 Belonging dwells in fine lineage of electronic music inhabited by a definitively human spirit. 

Tim Burgess
I Love The New Sky

Using his work outside of The Charlatans to explore slightly bolder textures and collaborate more freely, Tim Burgess heads in another new direction with his fifth solo record I Love The New Sky. Originating in sessions over ten years ago after a spurt of touring but lying dormant for ages, it was crafted with the help of former Spiritualized player Thighpaulsandra and Grumbling Fur’s Daniel O’Sullivan among others. 

Shadows In Blue

Released on the Houndstooth label, based at East London’s legendary Fabric, is a new album from Bristol-based producer Jake Martin, who’s been at the cutting-edge of British club music for over five years as Hodge. Shadows In Blue, released on double-vinyl, sees the producer continue to use crowd-pleasing techno as a loose platform to explore more experimental textures and sounds. 

Momentary Glow

A frequent collaborator and a part of Hrns, Purga and the 00:Nekyia group, Portuguese artist Afonso Ferreira delivers his debut solo album as Farwarmth for the Planet Mu label. Momentary Glow finds Ferreira in his element, its seven tracks built up over years of improvised recording sessions with friends and family members. 


Building their great reputation by welding samples from Poland’s rich history of jazz from the Sixties and Seventies to distinctive, modern hip-hop beats with a curator’s sense of love and knowledge, the Wrocław-based duo Marcin Cichy and Igor Pudło release their newest Skalpel record Highlight on the Nopaper imprint. 

Caleb Landry Jones
The Mother Stone

Actor and now musician, Caleb Landry Jones comes from a line of musicians, jingle writers and singer / songwriters. He is known for roles in films such as X-Men: First Class, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and Get Out. The Mother Stone is his debut album and comes after years of writing songs fuelled by experiences that life throws at you. There are around 700 songs in all, so this album could just be the first of many.

Wesley Gonzalez
Appalling Human

After the apparently confident title of his debut album, Excellent Musician, indie-rocker Wesley Gonzalez turns on himself with its follow up, Appalling Human. He says that life - therapy, relationship break-up, family arguments - got in the way as he set out to record his second album. This led to him reevaluating his life and catharsis by way of confessional lyrics. The album is more electronic than its predecessor, apparently influenced by Ghanaian House Music. 

Enter Shikari
Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible

Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible is the sixth album by screamo favourites Enter Shikari. This has been labeled ‘the most definitive Enter Shikari album’ and contains elements of everything the band have done over their previous five albums. Frontman Rou Reynolds, who also produced the album, says its for the frustrated among us who still have hope. 

Irreversible Entanglements
Who Sent You?

Irreversible Entanglements are a free jazz collective featuring saxophonist Keir Neuringer, poet Camae Ayewa and bassist Luke Stewart along with trumpeter Aquiles Navarro and drummer Tcheser Holmes. Their music is driven by the poetry of Ayewa, whose subjects centre on injustice, survival, power and inequality. Who Sent You? is their new album.

Rhodri Davies
Transversal Time

Rhodri Davies is a free improvisational harp player.  He composed Transversal Time in 2017. It was recorded live in Cardiff in April 2018. Its starting point sees each of the musicians playing zither, electronics, contrabass recorder, vocals,  in different times - Standard, Decimal and Hex and improvising from there. 

Sky Valley Mistress
Faithless Rituals

Sky Valley Mistress come, leather clad, from Blackburn and make the kind of blistering modern rock ‘n’ roll that we’ve seen in recent years from Jim Jones Revue, Rival Sons, Royal Blood, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Eagles of Death Metal. Faithless Rituals is their debut album. On New Heavy Sounds.

Sleaford Mods
Key Markets

Just as the UK went back to the ballot box in 2015, our favourite agit-prop duo returned with 'proper' album number three. Named after a particularly gruesome sounding supermarket in Grantham in the '70s and '80s, the album contains further ruminations on the disorientation of modern existence and the pointlessness of politics. "It's a classic," they said. We won't argue.

Colin Stetson
New History Warfare, Volume 1

New History Warfare Volume 1 is the third album, and first for Aagoo, by American saxophonist and firm Norman favourite Colin Stetson. Stetson’s career as a musician has seen him dabbling in various genres from jazz to avant garde to experimental and indie rock with Arcade Fire and Bon Iver. All this feeds into the genre defying songs and musical virtuosity on this album.

Oranssi Pazuzu
Mestarin kynsi

Finland's Oranssi Pazuzu once found themselves on James Hetfield's personal Spotify playlist. Looks like he was enamoured by their swirl of '70s prog, Kraut, electronica and post-metal. The Quietus compared them to Swans and Neurosis but the names bandied around them are even more diverse. Nuclear Blast here present the fifth album from a band whose popularity continues to grow. 
  • CD (0727361536220)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
Added to site: Monday 10th February 2020

The Cure

Disintegration was The Cure's 8th studio album and one of their bleakest. After a few years of commercial success, the band returned to their gloomy gothy roots on an album that - despite it's lack of actual tunes - has since become somewhat of a classic. Despite it's unrelentingly somber mood it still contains future the Cure staples as Lullaby, Plainsong and Lovesong. One way or another it is a true artistic statement from Robert Smith and his long running collective.  


Cassowary is Miles Shannon, a multi-instrumentalist. He makes music that takes in all the sounds his hometown of Los Angeles makes. His eponymous debut is a genre-blending, sun-soaked, post-disco daze that also takes in classic rock, jazz and the minimalist hypnosis of Steve Reich and Philip Glass. It is very much the zeitgeist as far as L.A. is concerned. 

Denzel Curry x Kenny Beats

One of the most acclaimed rappers of his generation, a reputation established by his work over the last 18 months, Denzel Curry begins the ‘20s with a brand new full-length titled Unlocked, produced by Kenny Beats and laid down in a manically intense three-day recording period following Curry’s appearance on the producer’s YouTube show ‘The Cave’. 


Ecovillage are Emil Holmstrom and Peter Wikstrom. Arrived is the Swedish electronic duo’s seventh album. They have described this as the most difficult yet most rewarding album they've made. Influences pop in from everywhere - William Basinski to Simple Minds, Incredible String Band  to Brian Eno and Luke Vibert to Arvo Pärt, it seems their music is built on a little bit of everything.
  • CD (DR-65)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Limited edition


EOB is Ed O’Brien from a band you may know called Radiohead. Whilst the rest of his bandmates were off doing their own thing Ed thought, rather self-deprecatingly, that no one would be interested in an album by him. However, he amassed a bunch of songs that he thought were worthy and Earth is the collective result. The songs genre-hop from the fragility of folk music to the euphoria of house and are underpinned by their memorable melodies and unflinching lyrics.

Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit

Reunions is the seventh studio album from former Drive-By Truckers alt-rock star and four-time Grammy winner Jason Isbell and his long-time backing band The 400 Unit. It comes off the back of the huge success of 2017’s The Nashville Sound, which hit the heights of no.4 in the main Billboard charts. 
Added to site: Sunday 9th February 2020

Jeremy Cunningham
The Weather Up There

Jeremy Cunningham is a drummer from Chicago and the Weather Up There was written as a tribute to his brother who was killed in a house break-in. Jeff Parker and John McEntire are both involved on an album which explores the tragedy of violence by way of a drum choir which Cunningham set up in order to form the pieces. A unique and thought provoking document. 

Pulled By Magnets
Rose Golden Doorways

Seb Rochford has already been in Mercury nominated bands Polar Bear and Sons of Kemet and collaborated with the likes of David Byrne and Patti Smith but here strikes out with a totally new project. It is an entirely fresh soundtrack which includes the likes of Neil Charles (Zed-U, Empirical) on bass and Pete Wareham on Saxophone. His back story suggests this could be another one to watch from this talented drum maestro.  

Printer's Devil

Chicago band Ratboys return with their third album, Printer’s Devil. They also have a new line up, which sees them growing from a duo to a four piece. They are essentially an indie rock band but are prone to throwing in some stripped back folk and alt. Country tunes along the way. The song's themes reflect what the band have been through in the three years since their last LP, with upheaval and change being at the forefront.

Grimm Grimm

My mum told me when I was a kid that ginormous wasn't a word and that I should stop using it. Well its in the dictionary and is the title of the debut album from Japan born Londoner Koichi Yamanoha so you are wrong mum, very wrong. Here Yamanoha blends all kinds of sounds together including future folk, electro-acoustic vignettes on an album which describes his journey so far both sonically and emotionally.  

Close Lobsters
Post Neo Anti (Arte Povera In The Forest Of Symbols)

As absolutely incredible it is to have Close Lobsters back I'm not feeling that artwork... and the title is certainly a mouthful but it's the sounds inside that count. The band first came to prominence on the legendary C86 album and their jangly indie-pop went down well on both sides of the atlantic ocean. There have been reformations over the years but (deep breath) Post Neo Anti (Arte Povera In The Forest Of Symbols) is their first album since 2009. 

Echo Mine

Something a little different from Chicago experimentalists Califone here. Echo Mine is the score to a dance choreographed by fellow Chicagoan and dancer Robyn Mineko Williams. Whilst the project may have been different, the way they went about it was like they used to make music in their early days with Tim Rutilli filling in the spaces Ben Massarella and Brian Deck left with their drums, percussion and electronics.

Trees Speak

Do trees speak? They kind of whisper I suppose. Trees Speak are that rarest of things  - a new band on Soul Jazz. The label has impeccable taste though so we should trust them on this especially as the contents are said to resemble a cross between Can and Liquid Liquid. In fact the band blend Krautrock, post-punk, kosmische and jazz  influences into a seamless new brew that is sure to win them a host of new fans.  
Added to site: Saturday 8th February 2020

Euros Childs
Gingerbread House Explosion

It seems a long time ago now that Euros Childs fronted the eccentric Welsh collective Gorky's Zycotic Mynci and he's probably better known for a long running solo career. His previous album Olion was an instrumental affair but Gingerbread House Explosion (yum) sees a return to those lilting tones. The Sweet Baboo produced album sees Childs tackling all kinds of wayward subjects including someone who becomes obsessed with another persons bins. 

Stone Crush: Memphis Modern Soul 1977-1987

Stone Crush is a new compilation that seeks to provide a detailed overview of Memphis’ soul scene between 1977 and 1987, something that’s taken a decade to accurately curate and convey by Daniel Mathis and Chad Weekley. The double-vinyl collection includes a 24-page booklet featuring unseen images and essays from Memphis soul expert Andria Lisle and writer Robert Gordon. 

Velvet Desert Music Vol. 2

The second instalment in Jörg Burger’s series of compilations for the Kompakt label, Velvet Desert Music Vol. 2 seeks to mingle the core aesthetic components of diverse genres such as soundtrack work, downtempo pop, kosmiche and Sixties psychedelia. Features tracks by the likes of The Fantastic Twins, Sascha Funke and Superpitcher on top of newcomers like Golden Bug and Mount Obsidian. 
Added to site: Friday 7th February 2020

Leo Takami
Felis Catus & Silence

Tokyo-born composer Leo Takami releases a brand new studio album Felis Catus & Silence, arriving three years after his last release Tree of Life and representing yet another evolution in his sound. While jazz and classical music are the main strands of Takami’s music, ambient has always been an underpinning factor, which is now brought to the fore on these eight gently mesmerising tracks. 

Hayley Ross
The Weight of Hope

The Weight of Hope is the debut album from Brighton-based singer and songwriter Hayley Ross, and everything about it suggests a future classic. Four years in the making and informed by a host of rock and alternative classics ranging from Dylan to the Velvets during a childhood surrounded by music and creativity, it was mixed by John Leckie at Abbey Road studios. 

Room With A View

Room With A View sees French electronic musician and producer Rone recording on his own with just electronic equipment, like he used to when he started out. There is a collaboration here though, but it’s with the Parisian Théâtre du Châtelet and dance collective La Horde along with members of Ballet National de Marseille, for a live show. The album was inspired by discussions of environmental and societal collapse.

Molchat Doma

Translated as ‘Houses Are Silent’, Belarussian trio Molchat Doma built on their local reputation in 2018 with the release of their second album Etazhi (its Anglicised title), which performed impressively on YouTube and Bandcamp. Dealing in a Depeche Mode-esque mixture of post-punk, new wave and synth-pop, the album now finds a wider release on Sacred Bones. 

Molchat Doma
С Крыш Наших Домов

Translated as ‘Houses Are Silent’, Belarussian band Molchat Doma made a serious splash with their 2017 debut album S Krysh Nashikh Domov (its Anglicised title). Dealing in a dark, Depeche Mode-esque mixture of post-punk, new wave and synth-pop, it now finds a wider release on Sacred Bones. 

Shabaka & The Ancestors
We Are Sent Here By History

Reed player Shabaka Hutchings is known for being the band leader in the highly rated jazz outfit Sons Of Kemet. Shabaka and the Ancestors, which finds Hutchings fronting a band of South African jazz players, released their debut album, Wisdom of Elders, in 2016. Here we have their much anticipated new one, We Are Sent Here By History, which deals with the weighty subject of human extinction. Powerful stuff.
Added to site: Thursday 6th February 2020

Dias Raros

Originating from the Spanish city of Pamplona, indie-pop quarter Melenas are breaking out of their country’s music scene for the first time with their second studio album Dias Raros, released on the Trouble In Mind imprint. A more melodic and psychedelic take on garage-rock conventions, it’s a fitting follow-up to their acclaimed self-titled debut a couple of years back. 

Music for Empty Rooms

Music For Empty Rooms is the fourth full-length record from the acclaimed Portland-based band Lowered, and explores the nature and expressiveness of echoes - how dissonant noise can reverberate in a space and interact with silence. Comes in a limited edition CD run presented in a mini-vinyl LP sleeve. 
  • CD (MORC 80)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Limited edition

Klein Eiland

Klein Eiland, named after a place in Brussels,  comes out of the blue as it seemed Belgian electronic group R.O.T. had, inexplicably, all but stopped playing. No shows and certainly now recordings to show. But here they are anyway. This album is the last to feature multi-disciplinary artist Floris Vanhoof. 
  • CD (MORC 79)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Limited edition

Gold Cage
Social Crutch

Los Angeles band Gold Cage bring forth their debut album, Social Crutch. They played slowcore in the vein of Galaxie 500 or Yo La Tengo, but there’s a post-punk edge to what they do leading to comparisons to Roland S. Howard. Meditative album opener Repeater Kember will certainly pique the interest of Yo La Tengo and Low fans.

Either Light

Boston band Vundabar return with Ether Light, the follow-up to 2018’s Smell Smoke. It sees the band, a traditionally an off-kilter indie rock band prone to wig-outs, trying out some new sounds. They dabble with drum machines, loops, samples and synths and used the vocal talents of Slow Pulp’s Emily Massey too. It was produced by Patrick Hyland who has worked on the last three Mitski albums.

A Band For All Seasons: Songs from the Seasons of Love 1966-1969

A Band For All Seasons: Songs from the Seasons of Love 1966-1969 is a 4CD set covering the life of the first wave of psychedelic music from the 1960s. It is an expanded version of the 3LP set on Fruits De Mer, The Three Seasons. Artists include The Electric Prunes, Chad & Jeremy, The Pretty Things and much more.
  • CD box set (crustacean 87CD)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Limited edition

Visionary Hours
Coalescence of Form

Hayden Berry is a musician from out Hebden Bridge way and you may know him as head honcho of the Preserved Sound imprint. Visionary Hours is his musical project which uses all manner of organic instruments to create lovely bucolic pieces that sit somewhere between rural folk and neo-classical. Coalescence of Form comes out on the Hidden Vibes imprint in a very limited edition of 100, 
  • CD (HV054)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Limited edition

Gamardah Fungus
Natural Storm

Who likes wind? Who likes ocean? Well if you like both (or either) then you may have come to the right place. Gamardah Fungus are a duo straight out of Dnipro, Ukraine who celebrate their 10th anniversary with this album celebrating the two elements. The results are an intense blend of powerful ambience and doomy electronics perfect for that wind-lashed drive through Lytham St Annes. Limited edition CD of just 100. 
  • CD (HV053)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Limited edition

Oh Yeah?

Well you have to laugh don't you? Everything about New York's Sunwatchers is somewhat contrary. Their name suggests summery power-pop but their music is darker and experimental. The sort of music that should be Dead Serious but the band have a playful side oddball song titles and in jokes. This six track effort is their fourth so far and sees them compared to the likes of the Fugs and Horse Lords. 
Added to site: Wednesday 5th February 2020

Welcome To Bobby's Motel

Partisan Records presents the much-anticipated debut album from transatlantic indie newcomers Pottery. Welcome To Bobby’s Motel is a metaphor for anybody’s ideal state of mind, and sees the five-piece infusing classic post-punk influences with their natural youthful exuberance but also with a precision that belies their years. 

Jon Hassell
Vernal Equinox

Originally released in 1977, Vernal Equinox was the first commercially available work by composer and trumpeter Jon Hassell, later a collaborator with the legendary Brian Eno. The two of them provide sleevenotes for this timely re-issue, now on vinyl for the first time in 42 years and which was named one of the best ambient records of all time by Pitchfork. 

Ian William Craig
Red Sun Through Smoke

Returning to the piano for the first time in a long while, Canadian composer and songwriter Ian William Craig presents a powerful new album in the shape of Red Sun Through Smoke. Recorded in Kelowna over a fortnight in the summer of 2018, when forest fires were threatening to engulf the city and which directly contributed to the death of his grandfather, Craig’s eighth album sounds a mournful and apocalyptic tone. 

South Of Heaven

South of Heaven is the second full-length album from Fotocrime, the darkwave project by Ryan Patterson, formerly of hardcore punk act Coliseum. Produced by Jawbox’s J. Robbins and engineered by none other than Steve Albini, it’s a brooding and more immersive follow-up to the 2018 debut Principle of Pain. 

Sufjan Stevens & Lowell Brams

Sufjan Stevens takes a step into the world of New Age music with Aporia. It is a collaborative album made with Lowell Brams of Carrie & Lowell fame who co-owns Asthmatic Kitty records and also happens to be Sufjan Stevens’ stepfather. What we have here is the soundtrack of a non-existent sci-fi film that takes its cues from the likes of John Carpenter, Wendy Carlos and Mike Oldfield. This isn't something Sufjan Stevens has made on quiet weekend when he had nothing else to do, this is a proper, fully realised work.

In Search Of Tarkovsky

California-based Minóy, real name Stanley Keith Bowsza, made DIY noise music. Music as art. In Search of Tarkovsky is his 1986 album dedicated to the late Russian film director. It is an electronic sound collage which takes the listener through every emotion and every state of being. It was originally released on cassette, this is the first reissue since its initial release. Bowsza sadly died in 2010.

Jehnny Beth
To Love Is To Live

Jehnny Beth, or Camille Berthomier to give her her real name, is known for fronting rock band Savages and also as one half of French lo-fi duo John and Jehn. With To Love Is To Live she is stepping out, on record, on her own for the first time. It was produced by Atticus Ross, Flood, and Johnny Hostile, whilst The xx’s Romy Madley-Croft, Peaky Blinders’ Cillian Murphy, and IDLES frontman Joe Talbot all contribute to the album.

Smart (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

Smart was the debut album by the only Britpop band to be named after a Woody Allen film, Sleeper. It was released in 1995, which means it is now 25 years old. To celebrate we have a 25th Anniversary Deluxe version of the album which features 10 extra tracks made up of b-sides and rarities from the same period. This was the album that contained the single Inbetweener and its follow-up Vegas.

Bright Serpent

Inwards is the music-making moniker of Kristian Shelley from Worcestershire. He is an experimental multi-instrumentalist and music programmer whose spontaneous and free-sounding music has also been described as a childlike soundworld hiding psychedelic undertones. Bright Serpent is his latest album, released on Small Pond.

1 2 3

Pole is German electronic musician Stefan Betke. His first three albums, prosaically titled 1, 2 and 3 were originally released between 1998 and 2000 on American indie label Matador. Here we have the three albums repackaged as a 7LP and 3CD box set by British institution Mute. The music has been described as glitch, dubtronica, damaged dub minimalism and ambient electronic minimalism. However you decided to label it, we’d say it’s classic, essential stuff. 
  • CD box set (POLE123CD)
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Warm Digits
Flight of Ideas

Warm Digits is a lovely, comfortable, cosy name for a band, don’t ya think? The Newcastle-based duo return with Flight of Ideas. Bouncing synths, a blizzard of guitar and some day-glo jittering funk are topped off with guest vocals from Paul Smith of Maximo Park, The Lovely Eggs, The Orielles, Rozi Plain and Emma Pollock.

Through Water

Four years on from her acclaimed debut Long Way Home, touted by none other than Billie Eilish as a key influence but which passed under the radar of the public at large, British star Holly Lapsley Fletcher releases her second Låpsley record. Following the more mature change in tone signalled by last year’s These Elements EP, Through Water represents exactly the kind of thing that mainstream breakthroughs are made of. 
Added to site: Tuesday 4th February 2020

Maribou State
fabric presents Maribou State

The latest compilation from Fabric sees electronic duo Maribou State pick some of their favourite tunes. It's an eclectic leftfield choice with the likes of Stelvio Cipriani, Botany and Ekkehard Ehlers all representing but the boys get some of their own music on there including a rare remix of Radiohead's Reckoner. 

James Elkington
Ever-Roving Eye

James Elkington has seemingly worked with everyone from Richard Thompson to Tortoise to Steve Gunn to Nap Eyes. Ever-Roving Eye is his second album and he has recorded it with Wilco's Jeff Tweedy at their Loft headquarters. Though it fits within the tradition of the 1970s British Folk Revival, it also casts a nod towards avant-garde experimentalism, psychedelia and even film soundtracks.   

Along Ago: 1981-1989

Dealing in dark and gothic post-punk that was ahead of its time back in the early Eighties, OXZ - an all-female trio in Japan’s underground scene at a time when few women were visible in the entertainment industry - enjoyed a sporadic yet influential career. Along Ago: 1981-1989 collects their entire discography of three EPs and one single on a 12-track vinyl, with seven extra unreleased demos available as downloads. 
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  • OXZ

I Break Horses

Swedish indie rockers I Break Horses - named after a Nineties Bill Callahan track - finally get around to following up their 2014 breakout Chiaroscuro. Originating as a solo project of lead singer Maria Lindén inspired by film soundtracks, the recordings gradually evolved into a third IBH album with Beach House producer Chris Coady on board, bearing the semi-political title Warnings. 

Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble
I Forsee The Dark Ahead, If I Stay

A cult favourite among jazz fans and collectors for many years but only available digitally, this 2012 live album from Dutch act The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble is finally released on CD and vinyl. Constructed from various live performances from 2007 to 2011, I Forsee The Dark Ahead, If I Stay shows the power and versatility of an immensely talented group of performers. 

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation
Doomjazz Future Corpses

The Prettiest Curse

Madrid-based indie-rock quartet Hinds shake off the vestiges of their lo-fi origins to make their most cinematic and biggest-sounding record to date. Housing recent lead single ‘Riding Solo’, the band’s third album The Prettiest Curse amplifies all of the distinctive elements of Hinds’ sound. 

Black Market Brass
Undying Thirst

Undying Thirst is the second album by Minneapolis afrobeat / funk outfit Black Market Brass. It sees a scorching brass section ripped through with massive guitars, highly-charged percussion, and feverish electronics and synths. They take their influences from the likes of Fela Kuti, James Brown, Herbie Hancock and Outkast.

Calvin Johnson
What Was Me

Calvin Johnson is very cool. Not only does he run the seminal K Records but he had a wonderful career in Beat Happening, Halo Benders and Dub Narcotic Sound System. What Was Me was Johnson’s debut solo album, originally released in 2002. It looks like this will lead to a slew of archival releases from the K Records man.

A Separation Of Being

A Separation of Being is the third album from Joyfultalk (aka Jay Crocker). It comprises of a three part suite which blends together polyrhythms and minimalist compositions all borne out of Crocker's use of bespoke home made instrumentation. A mesmeric deep listen that brings to mind Steve Reich and Penguin Cafe Orchestra as well as more out-there composers such as Actress and Laurie Siegel. 

It's Only Us

Bay Area long runners Monophonics have built a reputation on making solid music that blends soul and psychedelic rock  - the sort of stuff that goes down well in large auditoriums but also has the classic sound of Stax and Motown at its heart. It's Only Us is their fourth album and sees the band look inwards towards politics and mental health struggles for inspiration yielding a healing sort of album of soulful resistance.