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Added to site: Wednesday 28th November 2018

Love Said (Ashley Beedle Remixes)

77:78, consisting of The Bees ex-members Aaron Fletcher & Tim Parkin, have dropped a psychedelic pop classic with Love Said (Let’s Go). And now house-meister Ashley Beedle (no relation to Jeremy)has extracted its potential for anthemisation with a thick electronic beat. B-side...view item »

The Ceiling

Jaws are back with album number three, The Ceiling. The Birmingham dream pop band get lumped in with the Digbeth B-Town scene - a scene that supposedly revolves around The Twang, Swim Deep and Peace, although they deny existence of such a scene. The band are popular with Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens. LP and CD on JAWS....view item »

Added to site: Tuesday 27th November 2018

Benjamin Finger
Into Light

Somber composer Benjamin Finger’s latest takes a turn for the darker. Into Light hosts four compositions, two of which are more than 15-minute affairs. The strings sound like Godspeed You! outtakes, set to minimal electronic backdrops, and the vocal loops create a dissociative bleakness. LIYL: pondering existence ...view item »

Stealing Sheep
Big Wows

Stealing Sheep’s first foot on the ladder was a mini tour with Field Music. Since then they’ve gone from strength to strength with their music becoming more fleshed out with every album. Their latest, Big Wows, is no exception. Bright bold pop is infused with dance floor rhythms and ethereal qualitie...view item »

Perfect Son

My mum tells me that I’m the Perfect Son, so I’m not really sure what this fella’s playing at. Get off my turf, Perfect Son! Anyway, the artist born Tobiasz Biliński and known for a few years as Coldair has come out swinging on Cast, his first LP for Sub Pop. ...view item »

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
In Summer

Reissue of Jefre Cantu-Ledesma’s magical 2016 EP In Summer. Originally released and now sold-out on cassette, this intensely personal record alternates field recordings with large, emotional and noisy soundscapes, seemingly growing from a natural environment. This vinyl reissue is limited edition so get it while i...view item »

Eliane Radigue
Geelriandre / Arthesis

Travelling the world to play infinite early ambient/drone compositions at universities and museums, Eliane Radigue is one of the first pioneers of drone. Her works Geelriande and Arthesis are seemingly endless, patient, content to remain in a constant state of being. And now, for the first time, released on vin...view item »

Charlemagne Palestine
DingggDongggDinggg vs. SingggSonggSinggg

Stuffed toys and carillons? That’ll be the singular Charlemagne Palestine, then. DingggDongggDinggg vs. SingggSonggSinggg is here on a new imprint, Matière Mémoire, and a pretty stunning work for any fan of Charles Pal or music for bells in general. He sings along to the rattling, sumptuous timbres o...view item »

New Tape

Another collection of Italian library compositions here. This new Sonor Music Editions release focuses on the output of Cicci Santucci’s 1970s endeavour New Tape. Santucci was a member of Rai TV’s in-house orchestra, a role that made him well-placed when it came to finding composers ...view item »

Claudio Tallino

The impression on cinema soundtrack history of Italian composer Claudio Tallino, a.k.a., Greekian, may be shallower than that of his contemporaries. Still, works such as this accompaniment to the 1976 Massimo Pirri-directed erotic thriller Calamo demonstrate his great skill in funkily conveying the libi...view item »

Alberto Baldan Bembo
Lingua D'Argento

2017 marked the death of Italian composer Alberto Baldan Bembo, so it’s time we were treated to a reissue of his exotic funkiness. Out on vinyl now the soundtrack to silly sexy Italian crime flick Ecco Lingua D’Argent, packed with disco beats, harmonizing female aaaahhh choirs and Fender Rhodes solo...view item »

Caspar Brötzmann Massaker
Black Axis

Originally released in 1989, Black Axis was the second album by Caspar Brötzmann Massaker. The power trio were dominated by Brötzmann’s gigantic guitar sound and could go from thumping rock to cacophonous racket in the space of one song. Sounds like fun to me. LP and CD on Southern Lord....view item »

Caspar Brötzmann Massaker
The Tribe

Caspar Brötzmann Massaker announced themselves back in ‘87 with The Tribe.The German power trio played heavy rock with industrial delivery and in guitarist and frontman Caspar Brötzmann they had Jimi Hendrix, Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo rolled...view item »


Wolfgang Voigt’s second album under his lauded forest techno moniker GAS is back, singly tree-issued on Kompakt. First released in ‘97, Zauberberg offers Voigt’s revolving branches of hazy, throbbing ambient at their most ambiguous, as if unsure of what really waits out there in the wo...view item »

Aesop Rock & TOBACCO
Malibu Ken

Who knew we needed Tobacco, frontman for Black Moth Super Rainbow, to build fascinating and nauseating beats for Aesop Rock? Tobacco's solo stuff strays from the relatively poppy sound of BMSR towards darker beats and stranger worlds, perfectly built for Aesop Rock. The word-heavy New-Yorker tur...view item »

Terry Riley
In C

This is one of the works and recordings that put minimalism on the map. Riley's In C has been called the The Rite of Spring of our time. This first recording led the way to the many other versions that appeared but this is the first and the best. Since this landmark recording, there have been other noteworthy versions. I heard an interesting one...view item »

The Japanese House
Good At Falling

The Japanese House is the musical project of The 1975 cohort, Amber Bain. The name is taken from a house in Cornwall, once owned by Kate Winslet, that she stayed in as a kid. Bain builds her songs from synth, vocals and guitar making music with one foot in the ethereal and one foot in the pop ca...view item »

Added to site: Monday 26th November 2018

Jealous Of The Birds
Wisdom Teeth

Jealous of the Birds returns after 2016’s Parma Violets. Naomi Hamilton’s new EP Wisdom Teeth finds the Northern Irish indie songwriter pondering such topics as a life in music and the reconciliation of inner and outer selves. She does so with dextrous, poetic lyrics and excellent, folky choruses, i...view item »

Press Club
Late Teens

Hailing from Brunswick, Australia, it’s indie pop-punk quartet Press Club with new album Late Teens. Those dratted teens - they never show up on time. Interesting sound this lot have: tempos, percussion and guitar style that oft hint at punk; jangly indie melodies and, not least, female vocals that draw as well fr...view item »

The Saxophones
Singing Desperately Suite

When their recent album, Songs Of The Saxophones was in the can, The Saxophones, Alex Erenkov and Alison Alderdice, kept hold of the musicians that helped them to record some more songs. Singing Desperately Suite is the result. It recalls the work of Antonio Carlos Jobim and the recent output of Low...view item »

Liboso EP

From the label that brought you SOPHIE and Foals (namely, Transgressive), it’s Kinshasa, DR Congo collective KOKOKO! The group’s transcultural sound emerges from the combination of producer débruit’s inventive sound design and the makeshift instruments b...view item »

Added to site: Friday 23rd November 2018

Bruce Springsteen
Springsteen on Broadway

Der-ner-ner derrrr ner-ner-ner, on Broooooadwaaaaay! Unfortunately this new collection from The Boss doesn’t feature a cover of the classic ‘60s paean to Manhattan, but Springsteen On Broadway...view item »

The Chemistry Set

It's 30 years of The Chemistry Set and they are still rocking out with some heavy, classic '60s psych with Firefly, released on Fruits de Mer as a 7" single. It's a heavy track that woozes into psych perfume before hammering itself home. It is backed by the gentler Sail...view item »

Nick Nicely
All Along The Watchtower

Here, Nick Nicely covers the Dylan/Hendrix classic, All Along The Watchtower for Fruits de Mer. It's a modern psych take from Nicely and he backs it with his own original track, Doors of Perception. It's a solid addition to the Fruits de Mer catalogue of heavy psych and...view item »

Elfin Bow & Gary Lloyd
Who Knows Where The Time Goes

Elfin Bow, aka Elizabeth Kearney, has collaborated with composer and producer, Gary Lloyd on Who Knows Where The Time Goes, her debut 7" on Fruits de Mer. Having always wanted to work with an orchestra, Kearney's cover of Sandy Denny's track has allowed her to do so. The B-side is a cover of h...view item »

We Feel Fine

It's 10 years of Fruits de Mer and they are celebrating with We Feel Fine by Touch on 7" vinyl. Originally released in 1969 on the band's self-titled LP, this is the first time that this heavy proto-prog and darting psych track has been released as a single in its own right...view item »


Everything was simpler back in the ‘90s, wasn’t it. New Labour. ‘Three Lions’. The Millennium Bug. Lovely old job. Slap bang in the middle of the decade we found ourselves contending with Echobelly’s sophomore LP ...view item »

Invasion Of Privacy (The Black Album)

It had to happen at some point. Yes, after Red, Green, Blue...view item »

Added to site: Thursday 22nd November 2018

Big Star
Live On WLIR

Big Star’s Live On WLIR gets a reissue. Recorded for NYC’s WLIR broadcaster in 1974 but not released as a record until 1992, this album finds the power pop pioneers running through tunes from their f...view item »

What Chaos Is Imaginary

The excellent Girlpool return to the fray with their third LP. What Chaos Is Imaginary finds the band building on the good work of 2017’s ...view item »

Kankyō Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980-1990

Light In The Attic’s obsession with reissuing Japanese records shows no sign of abating. For their next trick they’ve given us a collection of ambient compositions made in the country during the ‘80s. Kankyō Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, En...view item »

Dahlia Sleeps
Love, Lost

Dahlia Sleeps are an electronic duo made up from producer Luke Hester and vocalist Lucy Hill.  Their music has had bloggers likening them to acts such as London Grammar, Cat Power, The xx and Daughter. Love, lost  is cer...view item »

Quaker City Night Hawks

Quaker City Night Hawks hail from Texas. Their music is imbued with all the hallmarks of ‘70s southern rock you’d expect to hear, plus a certain amount of Joe Walsh-era Eagles. QCNH is their fourth studio album and follow-up to their Lightning Rod debu...view item »

Jac Berrocal, David Fenech and Vincent Epplay
Ice Exposure

Jac Berrocal, David Fenech and Vincent Epplay return to Blackest Ever Black (Carla Dal Forno...view item »

Black Rain
Computer Soul EP

Inspired by the themes and characters of science fiction, Black Rain create dark, atmospheric sounds on Computer Soul EP, the final release in a sequence first started back in 2011 of releases on Blackest Ever Black. The sound moves from cyberpunk to thrash metal and industrial rock - as ...view item »

Enter Silence

Bremen return with arguably their most arresting LP to date. After three sprawling albums - one for Skrammel, two for Blackest Ever Black - the Uppsala group’s new record ...view item »

Added to site: Wednesday 21st November 2018

Nubiyan Twist
Jungle Run

London’s Strut Records bring you the latest from expert Afro-dub jazz collective Nubiyan Twist. Perhaps they too tuned in to CITV in the early 2000s, for it’s named Jungle Run...view item »

Stine Janvin
Fake Synthetic Music

Norwegian composer and performer Stine Janvin enters PAN’s labyrinth with new album Fake Synthetic Music. Mainly for voice and delay, the album tests what can be done...view item »

Christoph de Babalon
Hectic Shakes

Snapped Ankles
Stunning Luxury

Following on from their rather good Come Play the Trees album, London avant groove-sters Snapped Ankles are back with an album that appears to be a concept album about the property industry. A record to soundtrack the constant threat of developers perhaps but these are fun guys with many moments of memorable scuzz under...view item »

Added to site: Tuesday 20th November 2018

Alain Goraguer
Musique Classee X

Now that is how you do a record cover. Alain Goraguer has worked with Serge Gainsbourg and is much-loved by samplephiliacs for his score to 1973’s The Fantastic Planet, but the composer/arranger also did a good line in porn soundtracks back in the day. Musique Classee X collects ...view item »

M. Ward
What a Wonderful Industry

What A Wonderful Industry, the latest album by singer/songwriter M Ward, is inspired by the good and bad people he has met during his career - the 'warm-blooded and cold-blooded animals in the zoo', as he puts it.  Jim James from My Morning Jacket makes a guest appearance, popping up on two...view item »

Midnight In Tokyo Vol. 3

Ever wondered what night time feels like in Tokyo? Well do we have a compilation for you. Midnight in Tokyo Vol. 3 from Studio Mule is a masterful selection of tracks that capture then multiplicity of nightlife in Japan's capital. It's sexy, it's funky, it's calm and it's lovely. All in all these ...view item »

Jim Ford
Harlan County

Nightmares On Wax
Back To Mine – Nightmares On Wax

Popular album series Back To Mine returns for its 20th anniversary year curated by Nightmares On Wax, AKA George Evelyn from Pudsey, Leeds. The compilation, mixed by Evelyn, features a new Nightmares On Wax track and an exclusive Nightmares On Wax remix of a Fat Freddy’s Drop...view item »


Popcorn Lung: A Polytechnic Youth Collection

Following on from They Make No Say, the last comp on Polytechnic Youth, we have Popcorn Lung - a compilation which the label are pretty sure will be their last release of 2018. Synth pop, industrial electro, komische and electronic are blended seamlessly to make one great listening album. It is made up from exclusives and previously released tra...view item »

Ricardo Donoso

Denovali (Nadia Struiwigh, Her Name Is Calla) drop the new LP from Brazilian artist Ricardo Donoso. Calibrate sees Donoso going even deeper down the dark IDM/techno path than he did on June’s collaborative LP with Thiago Kochenborger. Frenzied sou...view item »

Poems From A Rooftop

This is a very gorgeous LP from the lesser-spotted Dictaphone. To try to do their languid jazz reflections, graceful classical leanings and micro-electronics justice in words is a difficult beast to wrangle with but i'll soldier on. After releases years back on CCO they'e now presenting their silky movement...view item »

Vertigo II

Nacht EP

CCO release a quite frankly, lovely sounding E.P. of ambient like downtempo beauty. Slightly inflected with elements of jazz with a quiet layer of magnetic tape hiss but also reminiscent of the more lush & minimal moments of Tarwater's 'Silur' album. It's by Dictaphone & makes me want to curl...view item »


More loveliness comes from Dictaphone on CCO. Theres a lot of good stuff on this album. Its varied electronica with some crazy/jazzy bits to keep everyone awake but some really lovely cinematic bits plus added clarinet and saxophone. Hmmm ....thats a word which doesn't appear much in electronica...view item »


Dictaphone are a an electronic music project started by Oliver Doerell, who grew up in Brussels, in Berlin at some point in the late ‘90s. A couple of years later he was joined by Roger Doring. They bonded over the ‘80s Brussels music scene. They became a trio in 2009 when violin player, Alex Stolze joined. Collectio...view item »

Almost Free

LA noiseniks, FIDLAR, take on the frustrations and anxieties in life - the false, the tragedies, and being woke (yes, I said it). They turn the bad and wrong into pure unadulterated visceral joy, exploring new territory whilst staying true to their core sound, with their third album, Almost Free. LP and CD on Mom & Pop Recor...view item »

The Purple Universe

‘90s clubbers may recognise the name Synectics. The duo of Marco Repetto and Stefan Riesen dropped a string of records on labels including Rephlex and Delirium back in the day. The Purple Universe, their only LP, came out in 1993 on the forme...view item »

Added to site: Monday 19th November 2018

Mazy Fly

Intriguing new one from Sacred Bones act SPELLING. The album tackles the dual realities of technological progress - the utopian and the apocalyptic - while backed by music that can flit from garbled R&B to scuzzy synth jams. ‘Mazy Fly’s’ 12-tracks reflect SPELLING’s seemingly contradictory impulses an...view item »

Added to site: Saturday 17th November 2018

Pearls Before Swine

Proper classic of underground psychedelic-folk right here. Drag City have done us all the immense courtesy of reissuing ‘Balaklava’, the 1968 epic by Pearls Before Swine. It’s a record that flits from more earnest and stripped-bare balladry to spots that are genuinely exploratory and compositionally audacious. ...view item »

Added to site: Friday 16th November 2018

Pablo's Eye
Dark Matter

Third part in an anthology series that celebrates the work of Belgian group Pablo’s Eye. ‘Dark Matter’ is a music of hulking grooves buried amidst the haze, connecting multiple strands of the 90s dance explosion. The 12-track archival compilation is being put out by the label STROOM, this trilogy hopefully pull...view item »

Klein & MBO / Warrior
MBO Theme

Rush Hour reissue this eternal Italo disco proto-house classic from 1983, which was spun around Chicago and New York by legendary DJs like Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy and Larry Levan. Klein & MBO were Mario Boncaldo and Tony Carrasco who were also responsible for the equally classic 'Dirty Talk' from 1982. What makes this particular edition ...view item »


Ambiance were led by Nigerian-born Saxophonist, flautist, composer and arranger, Daoud Abubakar Balewa. Ebun by is an album of technically proficient jazz/funk fusion. Lots of notes played accurately. It’s been extremely difficult to find since its original 1979 release, but now it’s getting a reissu...view item »

Céline Gillain
Bad Woman

Céline Gillain deals in maximal pop, well, a skewiff interpretation of it. It’s experimental pop in the truest sense, one that doesn’t sacrifice any of pop’s sensory appeal while tearing forcefully at the genres seams. The 6-track LP comes out via the Drama label, and is a testament to Gillain’s si...view item »

Panda Bear

Escaped Animal Collective animal Panda Bear, known to his handlers as Noah Lennox, arrives at album six with Domino. An exercise “hyper-moder...view item »

Ellen Fullman & Okkyung Lee
The Air Around Her

Ellen Fullman is an artist of great patience and exploration whose ‘long string instrument’ stretches across a giant 26 metres, while Okkyung Lee’s approach to her instrument is often one of gnarled combat, shaping a new language for the cello. Together on this live document - recorded in Stockholm at The First...view item »


Barabajagal was Donovan’s 7th album. It finds the Scottish folk/pop singer/songwriter in a rockier than usual frame of mind. The title track featured Jeff Beck on guitar and laid down a bluesy/psych-rock groove, with Superlungs (My Supergirl) and the exploratory psychedelia of Atlantis providing some of Donovan’s bes...view item »

Johnny Cash
Original Sun Sound Of Johnny Cash

This would be the last Sun recording for the legendary country singer Johnny Cash, remastered here from the original tapes. Cash remains an extraordinary figure in the history of music, a highly gifted storyteller and inimitable vocal presence. This 7th record for Sun is as essential as anything of this era, reissued on a run of...view item »

Rhizomatic Gaze

Daniel Pemberton
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Daniel Pemberton’s score to the latest in the never-ending run of Spider-Man movies gets a standalone release. The Ocean’s 8/Steve Jobs...view item »

Added to site: Thursday 15th November 2018

H+ Sexuali

Radical queer punk and feminist activist of the Glasgow DIY underground, KLEFT (Vickie McDonald) brings you new EP H+ Sexualis...view item »

Added to site: Wednesday 14th November 2018

DMX Krew
What Happened to Peace?

The man makes a good point - What Happened To Peace? We may never know, but at least nothing much has happened to DMX Krew in the 20-odd years that the one born Edward Upto...view item »

Rina Mushonga
In A Galaxy

A short time to go (next February) in a galaxy not that far away (this one, the Milky Way) before the arrival of South London-based Dutch-Zimbabwean artist Rita Mushonga's new album In A Galaxy...view item »

Cass McCombs
Tip of the Sphere

Cass McCombs has been knocking about for many years now and is one of those artists where two albums don't sound the same. He is continually tweaking and pushing his sound into new territories and on this his 9th album he has recorded the songs in on time and place ensuring that the album is his most consistent statements of int...view item »

The Dandy Warhols
Why You So Crazy

Are they still at it? Do they still fight with the Brian Jonestown Massacre? Does the keyboard player still {snip - Norman lawyers}....well here we are then those the Dandy Warhols with their 10th studio album on their 25th anniversary of being a band a bit like Brian Jonestown Massacre. They wrote some pre...view item »

Mercury Rev
Bobbie Gentry’s The Delta Sweete Revisited

Bobby Gentry’s The Delta Sweete Revisited by Mercury Rev is their version of trailblazing American singer Bobby Gentry’s classic 1968 album. Although, for a band who have links with The Flaming Lips and in the past have had songs called things like Sweet Odysee of a Cancer Cell t&rsq...view item »


We've got ourselves a rare Korean electronics gem here. Puredigitalsilence’s Circumfluence was originally released on a short CD run in 1998, and the record was assum...view item »

Croatian Amor

The Dane with the Croatian Amor name Loke Rahbek is back with more brooding post-truth electronics for own imprint Posh Isolation. A fair few guests join in on the Copenhagener’s fun for Isa, including Frederikke “Puce Mary” Hoffmeier, Yves Tumor, Alto Aria...view item »

Added to site: Tuesday 13th November 2018

Valentino Mora

You can count on Spazio Disponibile for your glistening, minimal chillout musics. This one’s from IDO boss Valentino Mora, with four cuts of resonating, fourth-world downtempo techno. The rhythms clatter gently and delay off into the distance. The A is proper serene floor material while the flip gets a bit more tonal and N...view item »


After collaborating with Clouds for the first Headstrong Records drop Randomer goes solo on the Dutch label’s second release. ...view item »

Post Earth

Feels make equal amounts of noise and melody. Post Earth is the L.A. four piece’s follow-up to their self-titled debut, released through Castle Face, which was produced by none other than Ty Segall. Here, they switch labels to Wichita and soak up influences from The ...view item »

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete
De Facto

This is the fifth album from Mexican duo Lorelle Meets The Obsolete which they claim will make your head go POW! I'm looking forward to that happening and maybe it will as they suggest that it's a cross between Low's recent experimentation and Tender Buttons era Broadcast. Hopefully tha...view item »

Into Red

The hotly-tipped FEWS return with their sophomore LP. Much like their buzz-building 2016 debut Means, Into Red...view item »

Added to site: Monday 12th November 2018

The C.I.A.
The C.I.A.

The 1,436,893th record that Ty Segall has had a hand in this year drops on In The Red (Chain And The Gang, Kid Congo And The Pink Mo...view item »

London Modular Alliance

International Black bring you Modular synth shop London Modular’s own London Modular Alliance, back with another EPisode of knotty productions rendered - yes, you guessed it - on modular synthesisers. And they know how to compose with these jam-tastic instruments. There’s some really rapid electro on the A side ...view item »

John Coltrane
1963: New Directions

John Coltrane burned brilliantly brightly, if briefly; here are five of his best LPs. '1963: New Directions' brings together all of Coltrane's 1963 Impulse recordings, in the order in which they were laid down to tape. The year marked a transition point for Coltrane, he would go on to record 1964's 'Crescent' and 'A Love Supreme...view item »

Peter Mcconnell
Grim Fandango

iam8bit deliver another envinyled computer game soundtrack for the twentieth anniversary of lauded noir adventure Grim Fandango. A bit of a flop in 1998, the game has since accumulated the reputation it deserves, certainly due in no small part to the spirited lounge jazz of Peter McConnell’s soundtrack. Director&r...view item »

Added to site: Sunday 11th November 2018

Stabbing Westward
Darkest Days

Darkest Days was the third album by American Industrial rock band, Stabbing Westward. It was released in 1998, so this 20th anniversary reissue, see it pressed on vinyl for the first time. Despite its lack of commercial success compared to other albums in the band’s catalogue, it is generally regarded as their bes...view item »

Stabbing Westward
Wither Blister Burn + Peel

Wither Blister Burn + Peel was the second album by Stabbing Westward. It was originally released in 1996, a time when albums were rarely released on vinyl and CD was king - consequently this is the first time the album has been released on vinyl. It was the industrial rocker’s most commercially successful album. T...view item »

Rotting Pinata

Goddammit. Like me I'm sure that you've been waiting your whole adult life for this Sponge album to be re-issued. The Detroit quintet perfected a melodic but experimental alternate rock sound and this was hailed as a classic despite never being pressed in the USA. To tell you the truth I've never heard of them but I'm hoping it'...view item »

Mitsuaki Katayama Trio
First Flight

Johnny’s Disk Record is a Japanese label that issued a bunch of interesting jazz LPs back in the ‘70s and ‘80s. One of those was an album by drummer Mitsuaki Katayama and his trio, 1979’s ...view item »

Toro Y Moi
Outer Peace

Toro Y Moi's prolific Chaz Bear moved for awhile to the wilds of Portland to make his previous album Boo Boo. Whilst there he got to thinking about how technology ruins our day to day lives and the constant instant gratification we experience. i hope this leads to a Toro Y Moi album that we can enjoy as much as his earl...view item »

Mani In Fuoco

Succhiamo returns to Antinote (Tolouse Low Trax, Alek Lee) with another dose of oddball Italo Disco. ...view item »

Kirkis 2

Kirkis is a funny bloke - just look at the cover for Kirkis 2 if you don’t believe me. This record sees the Melbourne artist applying his trickster punk spirit to a sort of dollar-bin rendering of the ...view item »

Philip Sanderson
On One Of These Bends

Philip Sanderson, one half of late ‘70s Deptford DIY post punks, Storm Bugs, changed his musical direction in the early ‘80s and moved into soundtrack work. If you can imagine the music of Godfather score composer Nino Rota, or Henry Mancini produced with a DIY esthe...view item »

Vladimir Tarasov
Atto IV

Sähkö Recordings’ sublabel Jazzpuu delivers a twenty-eighth anniversary reissue of Russian jazz percussionist Vladimir Tarasov’s Atto IV. The whole ...view item »

Champagne Dub

Capitol K’s Faith And Industry drops an LP by psychedelic groove-jazzers Champagne Dub. Given that the band contains members of Melt Yourself Down...view item »

Added to site: Friday 9th November 2018


Hmmm….what can I say about New York rapper Nas that you don’t already know? After all, he’s sold 30 million records which means he is much more famous than many of the artists on our website,  and most people know all there is to know already. Well, how about this: He has a...view item »

Mike Krol
Power Chords

Garage-punk upstart Mike Krol returns to Merge with his fourth LP Power Chords. This one is very much a record that ...view item »

Prefab Sprout
I Trawl The Megahertz

I Trawl The Megahertz was originally released as a solo album by Prefab Sprout's  Paddy McAloon in 2003 but was pretty much ignored by everyone apart from us Sprout obsessives. Shame because it is a incredible work...the album is largely instrumental and spoken word, featuring some his most ex...view item »

Julia Jacklin

Julia Jacklin drops the eagerly-awaited follow-up to her 2016 debut LP Don’t Let The Kids Win. Crushing is another rec...view item »

Methyl Ethel

Australian art-rock combo Methyl Ethel enjoyed some success with their second album, Everything Is Forgotten. They matched dark lyrics with sparkling melodies and songs such as ‘No.28’ and ‘Ubu’ were among some of 2017’s best moments. Now they’re back with a follow-up, Triage. It finds the ban...view item »

Added to site: Thursday 8th November 2018

The Delines
Scenic Sessions

On their September 2015 tour, Willy Vlautin’s The Delines were selling a CD called the Scenic Sessions. It sold out pretty quickly and now changes hands for upwards of 65 quid. Fans having been going on at the band in the intervening years to release a vinyl version, so they...view item »

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