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Added to site: Saturday 8th December 2018

Snow Patrol
Final Straw

Snow Patrol’s 2003 album Final Straw was their third album, but their first real biggie. Having signed to a major label may have helped with production values and a marketing push, but they were solely responsible for writing some anthemic songs. Run, for example, went stratospheric and unfo...view item »

Who Else

German absurdist electronic production team Modeselektor have a new album, Who Else. It’s brimming with solutions to boredom and, as usual, is defiantly unobvious. Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary have kept things fresh by tailoring each sound for each track. Grime artist, Flohio...view item »

The Phantom Band
Checkmate Savage

The Phantom Band are a strange but fascinating proposition. Their album is called 'Checkmate Savage' and is the first new thing i've heard on Chemikal Underground for a fair while. It's a strange lolloping beast of a record, quite uncategorisable to be honest. So i'll just pluck a couple of things out of the ether for "analysis" 'Burial S...view item »

Mobilisation Generale - French Protest and Spirit Jazz 1970-1976

As anyone with even a passing knowledge of French history will tell you, the late 1960s was a period of protest unlike anything the country had seen before. Some great music came out of that time, from rock ‘n’ roll to ye-ye to jazz. It is the latter that Born Bad's ...view item »

Jean-Pierre Mirouze
Le Mariage Collectif (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Jean-Pierre Mirouze’s soundtrack to 1971 French-Danish soft porn film Le Mariage Collectif was destined for the trash. We mean that literally - if the people at Born Bad...view item »

The Big Lebowski (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The soundtrack to a properly classic film, The Big Lebowski, is brought to vinyl. As well as the excellent, bowling-hallucination-featuring cover, you get music from Captain Beefheart, Bob Dylan, Henry Mancini, Townes Van Zandt, Elvis Costello, Nina Simone, Moondog, Bob Dylan, Meredith Monk amongst others. ...view item »

Added to site: Friday 7th December 2018


Battle Break 2 is a compilation LP on PRR! PRR! It includes eleven tracks from Lastrack, B-Ball Joints, Keiska, Maoupa Mazzocchetti, DJ Caesar, DJ Wolfi Bernreuther, The Hobbeats, Clara! & DJ Coquelin, DJ Dee Kay, Venderstrooik and Aids-3D.  According to the one word press release, this cannot and ...view item »

A Name Out Of Place Collected

Tzusing’s three A Name Out Of Place EPs originally dropped on  L.I.E.S. between 2014 and 2016. Rooted in EBM and hardcore techno, Tzusing also m...view item »

Nocturnal Emissions

Nocturnal Emissions can be put into the same box as Throbbing Gristle, SPK and Cabaret Voltaire. Bands who, y’know, don’t like to be put into boxes. They used similar techniques to bring about a similar aesthetic, anyway. Spiritflesh w...view item »

David Vassalotti
Guitar Dream

David Vassalotti is probably best known as being the guitarist with Floridian 4AD indie band, Merchandise. Guitar Dream is his third solo album and was produced by his band mate, Merchandise vocalist, Carson Cox. It is sort of a break-up album fea...view item »

Kiki Kudo

Kiki Kudo’s label are touting her as one of the most innovative artists in New York City, which is huge praise indeed. Splashing is the DJ and producer’s debut EP and traverses electronic music in a celebration of experimentalism, creating a world of her own. 5-track 12” EP on In...view item »


Whilst Up All Night, the debut album by Razorlight, gave them some solid bricks to build on, their eponymous second sent them stratospheric. It contains the singles In The Morning and America, the latter gave the band their first and only number one, around the time when it just still mattered. 180g vinyl reissue ...view item »

Up All Night

Back in 2004, Razorlight were the hot new things on the block, cooler, edgier and more rock ‘n’ roll than contemporaries The Kooks, for example. Up All Night, their debut album, came flying out of the traps with its high energy indie-cum-punk that ostensibly took its influences from ...view item »

The Ethereal Mirror

The Ethereal Mirror was the second album by Coventry doom metal band, Cathedral. It was released in 1993. Guitarist, Garry Jennings, added bass to the list of stringed instruments he played on the album following the departure of Mark Griffiths. The album has stood the test of time as a fine examp...view item »

Added to site: Thursday 6th December 2018

Rachel Zeffira
Elizabeth Harvest (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Rachel Zeffira is primarily an oboe player, however, she’s also a soprano and can turn her hand to a number of other instruments. What's more, she was in Cats Eyes with Faris Badwan of The Horrors. Her classical background made her an ideal candidate to take...view item »

Death Becomes Her

The vital Angel-Ho lands on Hyperdub for her sophomore LP. Across Death Becomes Her we find the NON Worldwide...view item »

Nowhere Now Here

The mighty MONO return to Pelagic Records (The Ocean, God Is An Astronaut) with their tenth...view item »

Felsmann + Tiley

Felsmann + Tiley are German-born musicians, Patrick Tiley and Dominik Felsmann. Whilst the pair love movie scores, piano-based pieces and the best electronic music has to offer, they often feel that all these styles stick to a path well-trodden or, in the case of film music, don’t work out o...view item »

Self Non-Self

Sort-of goths The Cranes released their second EP, Self Non-self in 1989. It was their first proper release, really, following on from the 1986 cassette-only Fuse EP.  To mark it’s 30th anniversary, an expanded version of the EP is being re-released. The band were led by brother and sis...view item »

I Am Kloot
I Am Kloot

Anyway first today is the new one by I am Kloot called originally enough I Am Kloot (come on lads you can do better than that). The insert features someone smoking. As I say to Pips and Brian on a regular basis -smoking is not cool, it looks daft  and it will kill you and other people. Anyway this is o...view item »

Fine Jewelers
Braindance Through The Midnight D-Beat

Pissed Jeans frontman Matt Korvette has long been one of punk’s most eccentric and interesting fellows. As such, it’s not really a surprise to find that his next move takes him away from the rocksphere and into the realm of gabber. Alongside Dan ‘Helmer...view item »

Nate Young
Volume One: Dilemmas Of Identity

New one from Wolf Eye’s very own Nate Young, who in his solo releases thus far has burrowed down a peculiar and mucky brand of experimental electronics. ‘Volume One: Dilemmas of Identity’ - which comes out via Young’s own Lower Floor Music - is a collection of material which Young made duri...view item »

Added to site: Wednesday 5th December 2018

Michael Rother

Extensive reissue of krautrock legend Michael Rother’s early solo work. As a member of both NEU! And Harmonia, Rother was undoubtedly at the heart of the infamous and highly influential 60s and 70s experimental German scene. ‘Solo’ sees Grönland re-release his first four solo LPs in a lavish...view item »


Sad Americana lot Pinegrove dropping by with their third full-length now. Skylight sounds a bit like Death Cab for Cutie and Wilco go...view item »

Adolfo Waitzman
Pensione paura

Pensione Paura aka Hotel Fear, is an Italian horror film directed by Francesco Barilli. The score by Aldofo Waitzman has sweeping romance juxtaposed with jarring and unnerving horror, all revolving around a melancholic piano theme. Waitzman was an Argentinian composer who worked mostly in Spanish ...view item »

Free Level
Blue Grass EP

Formed in Athens between 1983 and 1984, Free Level created '80s pop-rock which has remained largely unheard. Trust Into The Light to pick out this stellar work. Blue Grass EP contains 4 tracks, each of which move genre slightly, whilst keeping to a light and airy sense of psych and E...view item »

Ot To, Not To
It Loved To Happen (Remixes)

Back in 2016 Nicolas Jaar’s Other People imprint released Goshen, an album of experimental r ‘n’ b...view item »

Betonkust & Palmbomen II
Parallel B

Retro analog synthesizer archeologists Palmbomen II and Betonkunst must've found a bunch of new old machines to make music on. Their new EP Parallel B...view item »

Anderson .Paak

Oxnard is the album Anderson.Paak always wanted to make. As a schoolboy in his hometown of Oxnard, Southern California, he would dream of making an album that could match up to The Blueprint by Jay-Z, College Dropout by Kanye West or Documentary by The Gam...view item »

The Modern Age

No-one thought this would happen, including the band. Sleeper have a new album out. It’s their first in twenty-one years, since the heady days of Britpop, and it’s called The Modern Age. The band used to be made up of three guys and a girl, now they’re made up of a novelist, two ...view item »

Levon Vincent
The Synthesizer Cake EP

Mmm...Synthesizer Cake. This 12” EP by DJ and Producer Levon Vincent has very little information to go with it. We know it has three tracks, all of which are untitled, but I guess artist and label are probably enough to make you buy it. Levon Vincent is the owner of the Novel Sound label, wh...view item »

Added to site: Tuesday 4th December 2018

E.B. The Younger
To Each His Own

E.B. The Younger is Eric Brandon Pulido, the frontman of Midlake. To Each His Own sees him stepping out on his own for the first time, although it’s not his first album without his Midlake bandmates. He was part of BNQT, a supergroup includi...view item »

Lee Gamble
In A Paraventral Scale EP

The press release for Lee Gamble’s new EP In A Paraventral Scale identifies him as a sound designer, junglist and composer. Though seemingly disparate terms, this is ...view item »

The Dead C
Rare Ravers

The Dead C hail from the famous music city of Dunedin in New Zealand, and, like many bands from there, initially released records though the legendary Flying Nun label. The trio have been experimenting with various forms of alternative/indie music for 32 years now, Rare Ravers is ...view item »

Snakes Don't Belong In Alaska
Snakes Don't Belong In Alaska

Kind folks at Cardinal Fuzz are putting out more stoner and psych rock than we can keep up with. This time they’ve picked Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska’s first two albums, which were previously only available on cassette. Expect heady drones...view item »

Old Mexico
Old Mexico

Old Mexico is a collaboration between Dead Meadow’s Jason Simon, Dave Mihaly, leader of L.A. spirit jazz ensemble Dave Mihaly & Shimmering Leaves and Trans Van Santos. Simon produced and directed the project which sees h...view item »

Dark Fog
Make You Believe

Dark Fog’s music is like a fog that’s so thick it feels like soup. Defying genre and classification, Make You Believe is murky, noisy, with high-pitched vocals leaking in through the cracks in the wall of sound. Endless riffs and frenetic...view item »

Peel Sessions + Tuber (Remastered)

A mention of Bivouac in a Guardian article by comedian Stewart Lee made the band reform to play the Gigantic festival in Manchester. Their flame burned briefly but they did things that those kids starting bands could only dream of in the early ‘90s. They played gigs with with Fugazi...view item »


35007, or Loose, if you turn your calculator upside down, are a psych/space/stoner/prog rock band. They hail from Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Their eponymous album, which is also known as Into The Void We Travelled, is their second album and was originally released in 1997. Gold vinyl 2LP repress on Stickman....view item »


35007 are an experimental rock band from Eindhoven in the Netherlands. They tinker with sub-genres such as space rock, psychedelic rock, stoner rock and prog rock. Their third album, Liquid, is an instrumental record, featuring 4 long, dynamic pieces that ebb, flow, crash and wig out. Coloured vin...view item »

Sylvain Chauveau

Pianisme collects together piano pieces by French-born, Belgium-based musician, Sylvain Chauveau. Many of the pieces were written for films by director Sebastien Betbeder and there one minimal piece written for choreographer Christian Rizzo. Chauveau also plays in 0, avant rock ba...view item »

Leighton Craig
Diamond Eye

Leighton Craig lives in Brisbane, Australia. He makes lo-fi keyboard instrumentals that vary in their complexity. At times he drops in samples from his vast cassette library of noises. Diamond Eye is his latest album. Another thing he does is draw straight, descending lines as shown on the cover t...view item »

Shimmer and Spin

The 2015 self-titled debut by German/English indie four-piece Chorusgirl was released on Fortuna Pop! and received weighty support from BBC 6 Music. It’s been three years in the making, but they’re back with its follow-up, Shimmer and Spin. Comparisons can be made to Cocteau Tw...view item »

Not With That Attitude

Ok, I’ll admit that I get annoyed when my loaf of bread gets squashed among other grocery items but I’ve never fought milk. London’s Fightmilk take their name from a sketch about an alcoholic milk drink on the US comedy show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. They have prev...view item »

Carla J. Easton
Impossible Stuff

Scottish singer/songwriter Carla J Easton has her second solo album, Impossible Stuff, ready for your delectation. She has previously released albums as a member of TeenCanteen and under the alias Ette. After her debut solo album, Homemade Lemonade was critically ...view item »

Steven Stapleton / David Tibet
The Threats Of Memories

The Threats of Memories is a collection of tracks by David Tibet from Current 93 and Steven Stapleton from Nurse With Wound. It features tracks from previous collaborations The Sadness of Things, Musicalische Kürbs Hütte and previously u...view item »

Doug Shorts
Casual Encounter / Keep Your Head Up

Good things come to those who wait. That’s certainly true in the case of the wonderfully named Chicago soul singer, Doug Shorts. He’s been trying to get noticed since the ‘60s, but it took him until 2012 to actually release anything. Then he was able to release a few tracks, now ...view item »

Cosmic Eye
Dream Sequence

Cosmic Eye released this music in 1972 and is now coming to you in 2014 via The Roundtable imprint. What we have is some (very) psychedelic jazz, sounding positively out-of-time and, indeed, a little cosmic. Dream Sequence is formed of two long-form pieces from this British collective, with a he...view item »

Konami Kukeiha Club
Gradius III

Gradius III was the Konami game series' first foray into 16-bit and it had a suitably futuristic soundtrack, released here for the first time on vinyl. Written by Konami Kukeiha Club, the soundtrack is jarring synths and spacey tinkles and it evokes the feeling of racing thro...view item »

Konami Kukeiha Club
Gradius II

Strap-in and get ready for take off! Remastered and released on vinyl for the first time is the soundtrack to Gradius II the Konami shoot-em-up game. Konami Kukeiha Club created a raucous riff of electro-rock for the game that sounds like you're in an arcade game and is ...view item »

Beverly Glenn-Copeland
Beverly Copeland

Originally released in 1970, Beverly Copeland is a mix of jazz and blues in that smoky, Motown vein of artists such as Marlena Shaw and Gloria Ann Taylor. This low-key album by Beverly Glenn-Copeland has been a hidden-gem for years. Having now transiti...view item »

Ragnar Grippe
Symphonic Songs

Swedish composer Ragnar Grippe gets an old collection released on Dais Records (Genesis Breyer P-Orridge And Thee Early Worm, SRSQ...view item »

The Daktaris
Soul Explosion

Cheeky white-boy afrobeat revivalists The Daktaris went so far as to assume fake Nigerian aliases for their debut and only album Soul Explosion. The whole thing looks like a crate-digger’s...view item »

Julia Kent

Moody, atmospheric cello music anyone? Julia Kent has built quite the loyal following over her previous 5 studio albums. Temporal sees her dark sound move towards more organic instrumentation. You can feel the strings being plucked and slashed across her cello over minimal electronic tinkering. ...view item »

Alex Chilton
Songs From Robin Hood Lane

Following the first two Big Star albums in the early ‘70s, Alex Chilton has consistently thrown curveballs at his fans with his next release. I guess Songs From Robin Hood Lane, a collection of songs from the Great American Songbook should surprise no-one, then. This posthum...view item »

Alex Chilton
Memphis To New Orleans

It’s probably fair to say that Alex Chilton’s solo career was patchy, but then this was because also quite varied. He’d had hits as the singer of ‘60s band The Box Tops, made two concise albums with Big Star before making the sprawling, wei...view item »

Wrong Movements

Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefacts has had a great 2018 - check out the stuff the label has released by Serena Butler and L.B. Dub Corp...view item »

Jeff Mills
Str Mrkd

Loves a sub-label, does Jeff Mills. His Axis Records imprint already has several offshoots - Luxury Records, Purpose Maker...view item »

The Monkees
Greatest Hits

Were The Monkees cool? The 60s pop four-piece were assembled by TV producers to sing the songs of Boyce and Hart among others, but they had a certain charm. They definitely got a bit cooler when Mike Nesmith and Peter Tork started writing songs an...view item »


You might think that Television only made one album such is the lordation given to 'Marquee Moon'. This is their second album which, its safe to say, didn't do quite as well at the time both critically and commercially. It has a softer more layered sound which has more of a 60's West Coast vibe and could easily be seen to influence the nascent R...view item »

Pedro The Lion

Phoenix is the first Pedro The Lion album in 15 years. Head Pedro, David Bazan, took himself on a journey round his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona whilst not enjoying a solo tour in 2016. This led him to thinking about how things used to be before the band dynamic changed and the band broke up - the...view item »

Jonny Greenwood
There Will Be Blood (Music From The Motion Picture)

To celebrate the 11th anniversary (possibly) of Jonny Greenwood’s score to Paul Thomas-Anderson’s cinematic Oscar-winning masterpiece, There Will Be Blood, Nonesuch are making it available on vinyl for the first time. The Radiohead guitarist composed the score inspired...view item »

Added to site: Monday 3rd December 2018

Two Tribes

This is one of those compilation albums that feel like a documentary film or Phd research paper. Two Tribes is an extensive look at the use of foreign sounds, particularly from African countries, in European music being made today. There are a huge range of musical styles across the compilation from artists including;&...view item »

Nicolas Jaar

Following on from the Against All Logic retrospective which was released in early 2018, electronic composer, Nicolas Jaar dips back into his archive for Nymphs. The music was written over a four year period between 2011 and 2015. This triple LP on R&S is the first time the series has been rele...view item »

No More Normal

Swindle comes from grime and dubstep background and builds on these foundations by incorporating UK jazz and hip-hop. No More Normal sees him working MCs such as Kojey Radical, Ghetts, D Double E and P Money, vocalists Etta Bond, Eva Lazarus, Kiko Bun and Daley and musicians Dubya Garcia, Yussef D...view item »

Buke and Gase

Buke & Gase are back after a six year hiatus with their third album. Scholars sees the New York duo reinventing their sound, making emotive electronic music and create an album worthy of comparisons with the Warp label, James Blake or St. Vincent. For the record, Buke and Gase are instruments ...view item »

The Cardigans
Long Gone Before Daylight

Long Gone Before Daylight was the fifth album by The Cardigans. This album marked a change in their sound as they introduced elements of alternative rock and country. Nina Persson teamed up with Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse to form A Camp after this album, possi...view item »

The Cardigans
Super Extra Gravity

As things stand, Super Extra Gravity, is the 6th and last album by The Cardigans. It was released in 2005. The band are back together and touring, so who know what might happen in the future. It features the wonderfully titled single, I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need To Be Nicer. 180g vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve ...view item »

The Cardigans
Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo by The Cardigans will best be remembered for the song My Favourite Game. The notorious video of which featured singer, Nina Persson, recklessly driving a car with catastrophic black comedy ending. It was the band’s fourth album and also featured the single Erase/Rewind. Remastered 180g vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve on P...view item »

The Cardigans
First Band On The Moon

First Band On The Moon was the third album by The Cardigans. It was massively successful and cemented them as the foremost credible chart act of the ‘90s. It features some of the band’s best songs such as Been It, Lovefool and a cover of Black Sabbath’s Iron Man. Remastered 180g vinyl LP in a gatefold ...view item »

The Cardigans

Life was the second album by The Cardigans. In the UK it was originally released as a compilation featuring tracks from their debut album, Emmerdale and put the band on the map. Here we have it in its ‘as intended’ original track listing as part of the band’s back-catalogue vinyl reissue program. 180g vinyl LP ...view item »

The Cardigans

Emmerdale was the first album by The Cardigans. The Swedish indie-pop sensations went on to much bigger and more well-known things, but this is where it all started for them. It includes their first Black Sabbath cover, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. AND, yes, it is named after the farm-based ITV soap opera. 180g vinyl LP on Polydor....view item »

Chris Carter
Chemistry Lessons Volume 1.1 - Coursework

It’s barely been a minute since Chris Carter’s treated us to a tripped-out take on our boring high school years with Chemistry Lessons. With Chemistry Lessons Volume 1.1 - Course Work, he’s bringing us an extra track as well as three remixes, spanning cinematographic noise (Radiop...view item »

Added to site: Saturday 1st December 2018

Robert Forster

In an ideal world, Robert Forster’s band, The Go-Betweens would have sold millions of records in the eighties, such was their ability to write a nice tune. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen and The Go-Betweens music was left to be appreciated by those in the know. Robert Forste...view item »

Günter Schickert

Gunter Schickert initially learned the trumpet before making the guitar hsi axe of choice. This led to free jazz and echo guitar experimentation. His debut album, Samtvogel, was released in the mid-seventies. It earned him comparisons to Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd and is highly regarded in t...view item »

The Telescopes
Exploding Head Syndrome

Exploding Head Syndrome is the 10th album by psych/space rock band The Telescopes. The band formed in 1987 and there has been a revolving cast of players, with Stephen Lawrie being the only constant member in all that time. He really is Mr. Telescope. They take their influences from bands such as 13th Floor Elevators...view item »

Mercury Rev
Deserter's Songs

Originally released in 1998, Deserter’s Songs by Mercury Rev was supposed to be their final album, so they threw everything at it. It turned out to be their fourth album out of eight and counting. The band came from a much stranger and unhinged place, with the odd-yet-enjoyable albums Yerself Is Steam and Boces, before 199...view item »

Greg Beato
Dade EP

Greg Beato comes from Miami. Wasn’t he fortunate to be born with such a name given his chosen career? Anyway, with Dade EP, he presents an EP of varied sounds, underpinned by heavy bass. He is happy for you to experience this by testing out the subs in your car, by stretching the range of your pricey headphones or on the dancefloor for the...view item »

You Say I'm Too Much, I Say You're Not Enough

Searing rock music from Welsh rock band Estrons. And I'm not just saying that because they've put a volcano on their album cover, this is proper pulse-quickening exciting stuff. Fast and catchy guitar riffs pair with vocalist Tali's visceral singing to make something with genuine weight. You Say I'm Too Much, I...view item »

Finlay Shakespeare
Domestic Economy

Domestic Economy is the debut full-length album from Finlay Shakespeare. The Bristolian youngster seems to have a bit of a flair for electro-pop. Respectful nods to New Order and Cabaret Voltaire blended with fresh sounds for the modern age, his skill parallels a musician of greater experience. LP on Editions Mego....view item »

The Debatable Lands

Touch Records (Oren Ambarchi, Philip Jeck) drop an LP of phasing experiments from Howlround. Howlround mastermind Robin The Fog cr...view item »

The Entrepreneurs
Noise & Romance

The Entrepreneurs are not a bunch of suits who met on The Apprentice and decided to form a band with a prosaic name, no, they’re a Danish noise rock band, and one of the must-see bands in Denmark, for that matter. Their debut album, Noise & Romance, explores cornerstones in rock music’s recent history mixing grun...view item »

Lily & Madeleine
Canterbury Girls

US duo Lily & Madeleine started making music at high school. They were young but very good at what they did and got signed to Sufjan Stevens’ Asthmatic Kitty label. Now signed to hip Nashville label New West, they’re not that much older and already have album number 4 ready to go. Canterbury Girl...view item »

Happy Earthday

Bjarki’s versatile electronic music always has some ambient undertones going on, even if they’re muffled by manic jungle beats or haunting techno kicks. Happy Earthday, the successor to 2016’s ...view item »

Bendik Giske

Saxophone-wunderkind Bendik Giske delivering his hypnotizing debut. With the sense of a more accessible and less intimidating Colin Stetson, the Norwegian explores all the nooks and crannies of the sax. Surrender is the man’s first full-length but it’s packed with warm sounds, the clicking o...view item »

Leon Vynehall

Leon Vynehall has taken us on a bunch of journeys through his ambient house universe. Now the beneficent and mysterious life-force called !K7, responsible for the DJ Kicks series, has invited him to put...view item »

Slowly We Rot

Death metal pioneers, Obituary, hail from Florida. Their debut album, Slowly We Rot, was originally released in 1989. The band brought a number of aspects together to create the death metal sound - down tuning, a growling vocalist and tempo changes with the songs slowing down to give off a distinctly doomy vibe. 180g solid yello...view item »

Henry Jamison
Gloria Duplex

Gloria Duplex is the second album by Vermont-based singer/songwriter Henry Jamison. The album examines how it feels to be white and male in the US in the current social climate, but not in a disturbing Trump kind of way. It was produced by Thomas Bartlett, who has worked with Sufjan Stevens, with string arrangem...view item »


Scotsman Linkwood’s 2009 debut album System is a funky affair. The album is a bit all over the place, boasting film noir-ish interludes and downtempo ballads in between album's the full-on funk mainstay. Simmering with head-bobber basslines, retro synthesizers, and sexy vocals, this vinyl reissue is smoot...view item »

Kamikaze Space Programme & Eomac

Eomac has had a busy 2018. As well as dropping his Reconnect LP and the accompanying Resist All Dogma EP on his own ...view item »

Added to site: Friday 30th November 2018


Ex:Re, pronounced Ex Ray or even X-Ray, is the new solo project from Daughter guitarist and vocalist. Elena Tonra. Her eponymous debut is a break-up album, sort of. It existence stems from a need for an emotional release following a relationship break-up but none of the songs mention the break-u...view item »

Added to site: Thursday 29th November 2018

Sleaford Mods
Eton Alive

The fifth studio album from never-knowingly-short-of-a-pun duo Sleaford Mods is on their own new 'Extreme Eating' label following a relatively brief sojourn with Rough Trade. Eton Alive is an aptly-titled affair in a year when which the actions of certain Old Etonians are in real danger of tearing the United Kingdom apart. Be assured th...view item »

Reality Testing

Matt Cutler (a.k.a Lone) is back with his fifth full length LP. 2012’s ‘Galaxy Garden’ seriously blew me away with it’s technicolour production and lush melodies so there’s been some anticipation in my mind in regard to ‘Reality Testing’. Lead off single, the reassuringly kick-ass ‘Airglow Fires&rs...view item »

Nadine Shah
Love Your Dum And Mad

Nadine Shah's debut album "Love Your Dum And Mad" came out in 2013 to great critical acclaim. Whilst I can hear a talented artist I still struggle to see what's so fantastic. It probably means that it's not really my cup of tea and I shouldn't be reviewing it, but I did buy it so I'll carry on. The obvious comparisons to make are with PJ Harvey,...view item »

Durand Jones & The Indications
American Love Call

Durand Jones is one of them there soul singers. On his second studio LP American Love Call, Jones and his band The Indications do a fine job at recreating the sounds, sights and smells (not really - it's not scratch 'n' sniff) of the genre’s ‘70s golden age. Curtis Mayfield ...view item »

Death in Vegas
The Contino Sessions

Nils Frahm
Encores 2

La la la, plink plonk plink, some new Nils Frahm here to make you think. The Pianist For All Millennials drops the second of his Encore EPs via Erased Tapes. This one kind of sounds like a more highfalutin take on Vangelis’s score for Blade Runner. Encores 2 ...view item »

Added to site: Wednesday 28th November 2018

Michael Chapman
True North

Yorkshire Folk legend Michael Chapman has been releasing albums since 1969 on fairly consistent basis, in terms of quality and quantity, barring the odd gap here and there. True North is his latest offering and the follow-up to 2017’s acclaimed album, 50. He is loved by the likes of Thurston Moore and...view item »

Sun Kil Moon
This Is My Dinner

This Is My Dinner is the ninth album from Sun Kil Moon. It was written and recorded in November and December 2017 in Copenhagen and San Francisco. There are covers of AC/DC and Partridge Family songs. Mark Kozelek has also set a chapter from Irish writer, John Con...view item »

James Yorkston
The Route To The Harmonium

I love to think about James Yorkston's daily life  - tinkering around in his attic with his vintage instruments at his disposal, the distant sound of the sea just with in earshot. He recorded the whole of this new album in said space but later got in...guess who?...David Wrench to have a listen and make some suggestions. Th...view item »

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