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Added to site: Tuesday 15th January 2019

Cease & Decease

Awesome name alert! Toadliquor were formed in the late '80s in the USA. Their blend of sludge and doom metal is violently thick and it congeals into a mass of bubbling ooze from its reverb and crashing cymbals. The band's tunes may slowly melt around your ears but the band itself burst into flame pretty quickly, only releasing one LP in 1993. Cease & Decease is a compilation of some of their finest including a recording made just for this release. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (LORD258)
  • Limited edition


Got to keep the lads in smoking paraphernalia. This must get re-issued at least once a year (around the same number of times the members of Sleep actually get out of bed in fact). This is a stone cold stoner rock classic though. It invented the genre pretty much... full of sludging riffs, grumbling bass, cannabis rhythms.    
  • Vinyl Double LP (LORD158LP)


Brazilian psych rockers Deafkids aren't afraid to get nasty. On Metaprogramação, their third album, is built on the polyrhythms associated with their continent, while over the top they flail through heavy guitar riffs and cough and splutter like someone who's swallowed a fly. It's aggressive and intense and well worth giving yourself over to. On Neurot. 
  • Vinyl LP (NR113LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • CD (NR113)

John Cameron
Kes (Original Soundtrack Music)

One of the great British films of all time, Ken Loach's 'Kes' is an atmospheric classic for any of us who grew up in the North of England but the soundtrack by John Cameron is equally evocative. He put together a crack jazz line up to get into the heart of the film and so the soundtrack will appeal to jazz as well as film buffs. A beautiful daydream antidote to an all too real South Yorkshire nightmare. This is the real thing. This is beauty so fragile it hurts" says Jarvis Cocker in his liner notes.  
  • Vinyl LP (JBH077LP)

The Durutti Column
The Guitar and Other Machines

Massively expanded edition of the sixth album by Factory Records veteran Vini Reilly. Having been gifted electronic equipment by label boss Tony Wilson, Reilly set about devising fresh contexts for his liquid guitar playing. The Stephen Street-produced result was a genuine enrichment of the signature Durutti style that’s full of subtlety and still sounds fresh today. Includes a disc’s worth of related studio recordings and another of contemporary live material.
  • Vinyl Double LP (FBN204)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

All My Relations

Cochemea Gastelum is likely best known for being a sax player with Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings. All My Relations, on Daptone of course, is a profoundly personal reflection on his life. Jazz meets the music of his Yaqui and Mescalero Apache Indian heritage for an album written collectively and through improvisation.
  • Vinyl LP (DAP-055LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • CD (DAP-055CD)

Displaced Soundtracks Vol. 2

DJ Tennis aka Manfredi Romano, assembles some stellar club producers to make the soundtrack to an imaginary film on Displaced Soundtracks Vol. 2, released on Romano's label, Life and Death. With tracks from Vatican Shadow, Scuba, DJ Nobu and Ninos du Brasil among others, it's a deeply layered album which shifts in tone from track to track. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (LAD040)

Belief Defect
Remixed 01

Belief Defect opened up the contents of their Decadent yet Depraved album to the floor, and this is the first stage of what came back from their producer pals. Remixed 01 features four tracks, reimagined by Surachai, Alessandro Cortini, Telefon Tel Aviv and Kangding Ray. Lots of variation of approach just within these four tracks, making for a very interesting EP. On Raster.
  • Vinyl 12" (r-m185)

Mordant Music & Chris Petit
In What's Missing, Is Where Love Has Gone

Two vinyl sides of moody hauntology from Mordant Music with Chris Petit, who based this particular sound excursion on a single frame of the David Bowie-featuring classic film The Man Who Fell To Earth. Lots of oblique samples refracted and re-shaped among stretches of eerie electronics. In What’s Missing, Is Where Love Has Gone is released by purge.xxx, only on vinyl.
  • Vinyl LP

The Young Gods
Data Mirage Tangram

Swiss industrial legends Young Gods return with their first album in nine years. Data Mirage Tangram took shape from the most skeletal beginnings of songs being performed at a festival residency before being give bulk and structure on the road over a three year period. According to head Young God Franz Treichler, it’s the only time an album has arrived from a fully collaborative effort. Double LP and CD on Two Gentlemen.
  • Vinyl Double LP (TWOGTL73LP)
  • CD (TWOGTL732)

Roy Ayers
Silver Vibrations

Good ol' woozy Roy Ayers here on Silver Vibrations, one of Ayers's classic albums from 1983. Tracks such as "Good, Good Music", "Keep On Movin'" and the iconic "Chicago" are pure Ayers with blissful funk and soul grooves mingling with distinctive synth lines and vocals which can be both punchy and sleazy in equal manner.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BBE493ALP)
  • CD (BBE493ACD)

Curve of Earth

There's a hint of Throbbing Gristle's innocuous album cover to their dark 20 Jazz Funk Greats about the cover to Curve of Earth by Ohtis. Where Gristle's cheesy LP cover hid a whirl of crunching Industrial rock, the cutesy cover to Curve of Earth is brought into question with a look at the tracklisting; 'Pervert Blood', 'Rehab' and 'Junkie Heaven' among them. The music however, is a delightful blend of woozy and indeed cutesy folk in the vain of Mac Demarco, even if the lyrics might be a bit dark in places.     
  • Vinyl LP (FTH332LP)
  • CD (FTH332CD)

Shekel Of Israeli Occupation

Muslimgauze's Shekel of Israeli Occupation may at first listen seem to be an act of musical defiance from an elusive Muslim musician living in Palestine or the West Bank, but these Eastern rhythms actually came from a bloke named Bryn in Manchester. Bryn Jones never travelled to the Middle East, nor was he a Muslim, yet his musical output, now being reissued and discovered for the first time by labels such as Ultra-Mail, shows an unrivalled understanding and appreciation of the region's music.   
  • CD
Added to site: Monday 14th January 2019

Vital Impetus

A compilation on June records, Vital Impetus welcomes Raum-Zeit, Alessandro Adriani and Penelope's Fiance among others to producer some crunching and dark techno. The compilation is weaved together through the excellent production throughout and the constant oppressive mood. 
  • Vinyl LP (JUNE14)

Cellar Doors
Cellar Doors

Cellar Doors are a band from San Francisco, but they have connections closer to home as they are managed by Stephen Holt of Inspiral Carpets. Their music is rooted in psychedelia with elements of indie rock and post-punk. All-in-all, a melodic, powerful and danceable proposition, I reckon. Their eponymous debut is released on LP and CD via Hear Here.
  • Vinyl LP (HH005LP)
  • CD (HH005)

Grand Veymont
Grand Veymont

Nothing quite like a mountain. There's very little else that can match their capacity to fill you with wonder and terror at the exact same time. To take your name from a mountain is a clear statement of intent. French duo Grand Veymont make music that gives you vertigo and makes your heart race. It's surreal pop, it's abstract rock, it's "krautrock de salon". On Outré.
  • Vinyl LP (12OUTRE02)

Fond Reflections

This has got to be good news for a certain breed of early 4AD worshippers. Rema Rema made one EP back in 1980 before splitting up and ending up in such bands as Renegade Soundwave, The Wolfgang Press and Adam and the Ants. Fast forward to now and some pretty committed people have got together to try to stitch together what would have been their debut LP by way of live recordings, alternate takes and rehearsal recordings.   
  • Vinyl Double LP (4AD0069LP)
  • CD (4AD0069CD)

Evan Caminiti

Evan Caminiti, once of guitar drone duo Barn Owl, has pretty much fully immersed himself in electronics these days. Refraction is his new EP and continues his experimental approach previously heard on 2017’s Toxic City LP. Serenity is the order of the day, brought about with dub-inflected production. 4-track 12” clear vinyl EP on Make Noise Records.
  • Vinyl 12" (MNR010)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Terry Allen & The Panhandle Mystery Band
Pedal Steal + Four Corners

Straight from a simpler time, when crooks the public adored were still musicians and not politicians: Texas “outlaw” Terry Allen & The Panhandle Mystery Band’s 1985 Pedal Steal, remastered. For this weighty release, the folks at Paradise of Bachelors have added the first four of the man’s Four Corners radio plays on two bonus CD's as well. We'll let you fill in the obligatory yihaw yourself.
  • Vinyl LP box set (POB045DLXC1)
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl LP box set (POB045DLX)

Toro Y Moi
Outer Peace

Toro Y Moi's prolific Chaz Bear moved for awhile to the wilds of Portland to make his previous album Boo Boo. Whilst there he got to thinking about how technology ruins our day to day lives and the constant instant gratification we experience. i hope this leads to a Toro Y Moi album that we can enjoy as much as his earlier albums as Chaz himself could possibly do with a step away from the computer to re-discover some form. 
  • Vinyl LP (CAK131LPX)
  • Limited edition
  • Vinyl LP (CAK131LP)
  • CD (CAK131CD)

Nitzer Ebb
Body Of Work

Body of Work is a compilation album by Industrial synth punks Nitzer Ebb. it was originally released back 2006. It’s an overview of the band’s output between 1984 and 1997 and contains classics such as Warsaw Ghetto and Join The Chant. Mute are reissuing the band’s back catalogue which means that this nifty little set is being released on vinyl for the first time. 4LP red/white vinyl set on Mute.
  • Vinyl LP box set (MUTEL9)


Hifalutin is the second album from Denmark's Lowly. After their debut the band wanted more and so with the help of a large warehouse and huge amount of microphones have created an album as dreamy as anything fellow Scandinavians Sigur Ros have done. But there's more to them than being dreamy, as they tackle R&B, spoken word and the more abstract musics too. On Bella Union.
  • Vinyl LP (BELLA873V)
  • CD (BELLA873CD)

Minimal Cuts

Anthony Naples’/Jenny Slattery’s Incienso imprint (DJ Python, People Plus) drop an EP from the excellently-named Buttechno. The RASSVET boss may have titled this one Minimal Cuts, but not all is as it seems here. Sure, ‘Orient ACD’ and ‘Dub Hole Funking’ are low-key bits of flippy-floppy house, but the rubbery basslines that characterise ‘RZ Bass’ and ‘Dubber Funk’ are a mite busier than the one might expect from a record that self-identifies as ‘minimal’.
  • Vinyl 12" (INC-005)
Added to site: Saturday 12th January 2019

Charlotte Adigéry

Zandoli is the work of Charlotte Adigéry, an artist with heritage from Belgian and Martinique. That background really comes through in the lively rhythms and the playful attitude of her music: Charlotte sings in French amid an ever-changing swirl of electric production. Made with the assistance of close collaborator Bolis Pupul.
  • Vinyl 12" (DEEWEE029)

D.I.E. featuring The Men You'll Never See
The Unseen

Total vintage Detroit action here from 1997, reissued in order to save you from those wild rare record dealer prices. The Unseen, put together by D.I.E. with The Men You’ll Never See, is Detroit electro at its best, just the good stuff loud and direct with no room for nonsense. Reissued by Clone West Coast Series.
  • Vinyl 12" (CWCSXMAP002)
Added to site: Friday 11th January 2019

Lucy Rose
No Words Left

Don’t misinterpret the title: London-based Lucy Rose has loads of words left. Dozens of the things populate her new album, all carefully chosen, and achingly sincere. Rose’s various TV credits are a testament to her perceptive modern songwriting, but there lingers a dash of brooding, Mitchell-like troubadour folk in there as well.
  • Vinyl LP (COMM305)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • CD (COMM306)

Black Merlin

Die Orakel (Upsammy, Roman Flügel) with an EP of frosty techno here. In fact, Black Merlin’s Kode isn’t really techno at all, more a series of spooky modular loops that cast but a cursory glance at the dancefloor. It’s eerie and oddly compelling stuff - think Hieroglyphic Being, Dolo Percussion and Thomas Fehlmann.
  • Vinyl 12" (ORKL12)

Jay Glass Dubs

First full-length album from the Greek producer Jay Glass Dubs, which introduces some new details into the Glass Dubs mixture. For one, we hear yr man’s voice singing (as well as a guest spot from Yorgia Karid), and the general feel is very expansive. We also get the treat of some saxophone from Ben Vince. Epitaph is released by Bokeh Versions.
  • Vinyl LP (BKV023)

Empire Of The Sun
Walking On A Dream

One of those reissues that make you feel old. I remember hearing Walking On A Dream and thinking “this sounds a lot like MGMT and some other bands” like it was yesterday. And apparently the album is already due to be vinylized. In fact, I just learned that Empire Of The Sun recorded even more music after this debut! Whodathunk.
  • Vinyl LP (6797019)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Major Lazer
Major Lazer Essentials

A collection of the greatest hits by Diplo “masculinity is a prison”, Walshy Fire, and Jillionaire, known together as Major Lazer. Listen to your favorite reggaeton appropriations on slick vinyl with Major Lazer Essentials. Features all the big hits with vocals by Seanna Paul, Justin Bieber, and MØ.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (BEC5543846)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • CD (BEC5543845)
  • Limited edition

Ian Brown

With the big paydays from those Stone Roses reunion gigs apparently wrapped up for now, Ian Brown has got back into solo music-making: Ripples is his first solo material to land in nine years. The wider Brown family are all over this record, with Ian’s sons contributing to both songwriting and musical performances. That’s pretty sweet really. Ripples is out from Virgin EMI.
  • Vinyl LP (VX3216)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl LP (V 3216)
  • CD (CDV 3216)

Road To Ruin

  • Vinyl LP (0603497855483)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Le Butcherettes

Le Butcherettes new album bi/MENTAL is here, and it is once again packed full with lively attitude and vivid instrumental action. This one was produced by Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads, so it has a very fine sparkle and glimmer to it. All the fun of good punk-rock music with extra gnarly vigour. Released by Rise Records.
  • Vinyl LP (4050538463637)
  • CD (4050538463620)

Zola Jesus

  • Vinyl LP (SBR62LPC1)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition


Indie-poppers Montevideo (not from Uruguay, but from Belgium) delivering their third full-length album after a six year silence. Expect maybe a touch of Vampire Weekend and a whiff of dEUS, or a more introverted Goose. Temperplane refers to the flying machines, by the way, not the geometric figures. Just so you know.
  • Vinyl LP (TSRLP35)
  • CD (TSRCD35)

Gustavo Santaolalla
The Last Of Us - Original Score Vol 1

The Last of Us was one hell of a notable videogame, and it came with a notable soundtrack when it was released in 2013. Gustavo Santaolalla was the man responsible, and he produced a great deal of music for the project, enough that these thirty tracks, over two vinyl LPs, are only half of the total (look out for Volume Two in the future). Courtesy of Mondo.
  • Vinyl Double LP (MOND29)

Buio Omega

Vintage Goblin from 1979, doing what they do best: providing a soundtrack to a gory Italian giallo horror film. Lots of proggy drama and synth sleaze to be enjoyed on the Buio Omega soundtrack, which is presented here in a full edition, with unreleased takes and cues from the archives included. Reissued by Death Waltz.
  • Vinyl LP (DW124)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Zola Jesus
Wiseblood (Johnny Jewel Remixes)

Zola Jesus and Johnny Jewel (of Chromatics fame) sat down together and decided that some material from Zola’s 2017 album Okovi could do with some revisiting. So here we have two songs, ‘Ash to Bone’ and ‘Wiseblood’, each remixed three times in order to explore all the possible angles and perspectives. 12” on Sacred Bones.
  • Vinyl 12" (SBR206LP)
  • Limited edition

Unknown Instructors
Unwilling To Explain

Very notable musicians involved in this one! Unknown Instructors are Mike Watt and George Hurley, e.g. the remaining Minutemen, as well as Dan McGuire (a poet) and more recently, Dinosaur Jr. super-shredder J Mascis. All these great musical dudes let loose in an eclectic free-ride here on Unwilling To Explain: a real listening opportunity that you should jump on.
  • Vinyl LP (0711574865819)

Hot Water Music
A Flight and a Crash

Late 90s punk-rockers Hot Water Music (not to be confused with classic 90s hip-hop outfit Cold Water Music) are reissuing some their most successful albums. On A Flight and a Crash you can hear the band starting to get the hang of the classic call-and-response choruses. The record is back out on vinyl for what is probably the 17th time.
  • Vinyl LP (8714092661415)

Albert Ayler & Don Cherry

What a scoop! Two of the finest out-there American free-jazz performers, together in the same group. Don Cherry and Albert Ayler play beautifully with each other, and guess what, the rest of the quartet (Gary Peacock! Sonny Murray!) are both superb in their own right as well. Vibrations, recorded in Copenhagen in 1964, is now reissued in remastered form by ORG Music.
  • Vinyl LP (0711574864713)

Bill MacKay
Fountain Fire

Seasoned guitarist Bill MacKay returns to Drag City with new LP Fountain Fire. The Chicagoan’s latest effort is a collection of sprawling and psychedelic instrumental Americana. The likes of ‘Pre-California’ find a sweet spot between the widescreen vistas of Wilco and the peyote haze of Hejira-era Joni Mitchell.
  • Vinyl LP (DC734)
  • CD (DC734CD)
  • Tape (DC734CS)

Motel In Saginaw

Interesting tale behind this one. Stumpwater are a very little known Illinois band whose private-pressed 1975 folk-rock single caught the ear of the Galactic Zoo label. After a bit of searching, they found the still-existent Stumpwater and discovered that they had recorded a whole concept album in 1973 that had never been released at all! And that is Motel In Saginaw, which you now see before you at last. Cool.
  • Vinyl LP (DC739)

Flat Worms
Into The Iris

Flat Worms are an LA band who move in those vivid psychy circles surrounding Thee Oh Sees (the last Flat Worms album came out on John Dwyer’s Castle Face label) and Ty Segall (he recorded Into The Iris, in his house no less). That means they deliver high levels of energy and lots of fuzzy fun! This little EP is released by God?
  • Vinyl 12" (GOD016)
  • CD (GOD016CD)

Rozi Plain
What A Boost

Winchester's finest (other than the cathedral maybe) Rozi Plain is back with a brand new album. Her fourth (we think) is another self produced effort following on from the much acclaimed Friend released on Lost Map back in 2015. She's a busy lass, playing with This Is The Kit as well as touring her own stuff, painting boats, being creative and all those good things. There was a Dinked edition but it's gone now slowpokes.   
  • Vinyl LP (MI0532LPX)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl LP (MI0532LP)
  • CD (MI0532CD)


Australian psych dudes POND come with the approval of Tame Impala: that group’s Kevin Parker produced this new album. Tasmania is a brightly coloured album that wants you to chill out and come to the party, with a playful vocal and synth style that might remind one of MGMT. Tasmania is released by Marathon Artists.
  • Vinyl Double LP (MA0145LP)
  • CD (MA0145CD)

The Rambler EP

L-R is a meeting of minds between Radioactive Man, Monoak and London Modular Alliance’s Simon Lynch. That’s some real pedigree to bring to the table, and new EP The Rambler sees the trio delivering on their promise. Cuts like ‘Rings’ are some classic acid-electro wiggliness that wouldn’t sound out of place being released through Central Processing Unit. However, this one’s actually out on Asking For Trouble.
  • Vinyl 12" (AFT004)

Attic Lights
Love In The Time Of Shark Attacks

Attic Lights drop their second LP for Elefant (BMX Bandits, The Primitives). Love In The Time Of Shark Attacks is a record that can back up its fun title with some fun songs. Anyone already familiar with the band’s work will be pleased to know that their ability to churn out charming ditties ala The Lemonheads/Teenage Fanclub remains in good nick.
  • Vinyl LP (ER1237LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • CD (ER1237)
Added to site: Thursday 10th January 2019

Honey Lung

Glorious alternative rock from Honey Lung. You already love their singles Sophomore and Export the Family, now you can buy their debut album as well. Memory continues in the band’s vein of self-recorded rock songs with distorted guitars, catchy riffs, and generational-anthem choruses. Already dubbed the new British Car Seat Headrest by, well, me. 
  • Vinyl LP (KR212)

The Moth & The Flame

The Moth & The Flame’s latest LP Ruthless was conceived in the shadow of singer Corey Fox donating one of his kidneys to a friend in need. A noble act indeed, and also definitely a life experience that you can spin an album’s-worth of songs out of. Said album continues the trend of The Moth & The Flame’s previous records, which is to say that it’s festival-ready U.S. indie-pop of the Naked & Famous/M83 school.
  • Vinyl LP (88478LP)
  • CD (88577CD)

Harriet Brown
Mall Of Fortune

Get ready to hit the dancefloor with Mall Of Fortune, the second album from cool guy Harriet Brown. His beautiful falsetto vocals are soulful and funky, and they are supported by the slickest of production. Features guest vocal spots from Felicia Douglass and Ana Roxanne. Released by Innovative Leisure.
  • Vinyl Double LP (IL2050V)
  • CD (IL2050CD)

Wings Of Joy

Some might call Cranes’ genre-defying mix of dreampop with gothic instrumentations melodramatic, others would say it’s revolutionary. We won’t take much of a stand here: either way, their debut Wings of Joy is being brought back to life by the kind folks at Music on Vinyl. Dive right back into their experimental take on early 90s shoegaze!
  • Vinyl LP (MOVLP2248C)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition


Look everyone, it's Mekons, but now with brand new material! The inventive Leeds punk / post-punk group went to Joshua Tree in California in order to record Deserted (it's a desert, geddit?), but managed to avoid absorbing too much of the ghost of U2 into their sound. It’s brand new Mekons guys, what more do I need to say? On Glitterbeat.
  • Vinyl LP (GBLP069)
  • CD (GBCD069)

Helado Negro
This Is How You Smile

Twelve new songs from Helado Negro, full of intimacy and personality. This Is How You Smile might remind some of Arthur Russell, due to its homespun feel, its mixture of heartfelt songcraft and dance elements, and its general quality and loveliness. Yay! This Is How You Smile is released by RVNG Intl.
  • Vinyl LP (RVNGNL54LP)

Earl Sweatshirt
Some Rap Songs

The prodigal son returns! Earl Sweatshirt serves up his third solo LP Some Rap Songs three years on the troubled I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside. Well, we say LP - at just shy of 25 minutes, Some Rap Songs is as brief as they come. However, this brevity plays to the Off Future man’s strengths as he serves up a series of quick-fire impressionist hip-hop takes. He also sounds a little happier than before - some of the beats could almost be described as ‘sunny’.
  • Vinyl LP (19075898051)

Miles Davis Quintet
Live At The University Of California ‘67

Somebody at Hot Wax Records dug up the old tapes from a Miles Davis concert and decided to release them on vinyl. Live At The University of California ‘67 has the renowned jazz mister developing the style that would define In A Silent Way, playing here with his famous second quartet: Herbie Hancock, Alfred Stinson, Tony Williams, and Wayne Shorter on sax.
  • Vinyl LP (HOTLP4002)

Left Hand Cuts Off The Right

Somewhere between ambient, drone, and noise there’s a little niche for Left Hand Cuts Off The Right. While recovering from a serious head injury, Robbie Judkins tried to plug the hole in his head with some serious drone, thus creating Purge. The album is intimate, personal, and out on limited cassette.
  • Tape


Could an album that covers sadism, scientology, and Winnie the Pooh be any good? That’s the question Mansun poses with their seminal (second, not 6th) album Six. We’ll let you be the judge. You can finally get your paws on a remastered release of this massive 1998 effort, which is pretty much the finest blueprint any late-stage progressive rock could ever ask for.
  • CD box set (KSCOPE545)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl Double LP (KSCOPE1066)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl Double LP (KSCOPE1011)
  • CD (KSCOPE666)

Business Of Dreams
Ripe For Anarchy

Introverted pop-song builder Corey Cunningham went back home to make his second album as Business of Dreams. The result, Ripe For Anarchy, continues in the moderately cheerful dream-/indie pop vein. Expect classically compressed drums, understated vocals, and meditative lyrics with a hint of self-depreciation.
  • Vinyl LP (LPSLR237)
  • CD (CDSLR237)

Angels Egg

In my head nothing musically relevant happened in the first decade of the 2000s. Others claim that Gong’s Angel’s Egg, the second part in their Radio Gnome Invisible series, was a groundbreaking development. The album is jam-packed with weirdly jazzy progressive rock compositions that are truly all over the place, driven by manic horns and reeds, like a succession to Estradasphere’s Buck Fever. Great stuff if you're into it, and finally back out on vinyl!
  • Vinyl LP (CHARLYL184)
  • CD (CHARLYP306)

Al Lover
Cave Ritual Redux

Al Lover takes the splice-tastic production techniques of a hip-hop beatmaker and applies them to the sonic domain of psych-rock, creating an interesting effect. His Cave Ritual LP last year was much enjoyed, but apparently Lover thought he could do better, as he’s decided to Redux it with an even newer approach. On Stolen Body.
  • Vinyl LP (SBR018)
  • Coloured vinyl

Al Lover
Cave Ritual

Producer Al Lover continues to extend the inexplicable fondness musicians have for diamond shapes on their album covers with Cave Ritual, which I believe also has some music: a fascinating mix of fiery psych riffs, gooey synth and real producer shit makes this one up, the beats as firm and thrilling as ever. If Michael Bay ever makes a film on a handheld camera, he knows who to call.
  • Vinyl LP (SBR014)

Midnight and Closedown

The latest album from Lau, produced by John Parish, is still in some senses a folk album, but Lau have developed a long way over the twelve years of their career to date, and Midnight and Closedown presents folk sounds and structures in landscape of drum machines, electronics and extended instrumental moments. Is this the Closedown of Lau? Released by Reveal.
  • Vinyl Double LP (REVEAL078LPX)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Tiny Ruins
Olympic Girls

Separating Tiny Ruins from a 13-a-dozen hipster folk girl is this weird river of a sad psychedelics. I was going to say she sounds like she recorded Olympic Girls in the Twin Peaks’ Red Room. Then I saw it was actually produced by David Lynch, who soaked it in his strange multi-layered melancholy. Luckily it's not like the album will haunt at night, because the result is a dreamy (in the good sense) and very pretty affair. 
  • Vinyl LP (MA0159LP)
  • CD (MA0159CD)

Grim Town

22-year-old Northern-Irish singer-songwriter SOAK releasing her second full-length album, Grim Town. We haven’t heard the whole thing yet, but the first two singles Knock Me Off My Feet and Everybody Loves You suggest it’s got plenty of great and catchy pop songs to make you wonder what you've done with your life so far.
  • Vinyl Double LP (RT0039LP)
  • Vinyl Double LP (RT0039LPX)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • CD (RT0039CD)

Fat White Family
Serfs Up!

Oh lord they are back. "The most gratifying and unexpected creative volte face in recent musical history!" screams the press release. The first track released from the sessions 'Feet' spends its time begging to differ as it just sounds like Fat White Family. But why let actual music get in the way of a hyped press release? It's certainly something that never stopped Fat White Family before so in that respect it's same as it ever was. We'll reserve further judgement til we've heard the whole thing maybe.  
  • Vinyl LP (WIGLP401X)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl LP (WIGLP401)
  • CD (WIGCD401)

Kayla Guthrie
Falling Star

Katie Guthrie floats over deep beats that sound like they might be lost Bowery Electric tracks with a pinch of Julia Holter. Each of Falling Star’s tracks creates its own universe, but the title track is probably our favorite: an ethereal 8-minute journey, grappling for sure footing but never quite finding it.
  • Vinyl 12" (WFP11)
  • Limited edition
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Tom Tom Club
Tom Tom Club

Ah what a record this is. Freed from the rather hi-brow pretensions of Talking Heads, Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth made a glorious fun for all dance pop album which spawned actual pop hits whilst would also appeal to fans of the New York oddball bands such as Liquid Liquid. Incredibly influential, it is now available once again on wax. Let's party!    
  • Vinyl LP (RLGM08511PMI)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Potty Mouth

US East Coast rockers Potty Mouth finally laying down their first album in over 5 years. SNAFU sounds mostly like the soundtrack you’d expect for a 2000’s feel-good movie: poppy fuzzy guitars, tasty harmonizing vocals, and great grooves, but all of it soaked with just enough of that indie sauce to make it properly palatable.
  • Vinyl LP (GBR082LPX)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl LP (GBR082LP)
  • CD (GBR082CD)

No Line On The Horizon

This is the one by redundant stadium rockers U2 about the fictional characters of a drug addict, a soldier and a traffic police officer. Eno, Lanois and Lillywhite did the rather good production. It also got Taylor Deupree all in a flap because it has the same cover as an album he did with Richard Chartier. Bono, didn’t you know that photos expire after one use?
  • Vinyl Double LP (7733839)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Vinyl Double LP (5797085)

Ex Hex
It’s Real

Ex Hex are back with their second album , It’s Real. Mary Timony (Helium, Wild Flag) is joined by Bat Fangs’ Betsy Wright and Laura Harris. It’s Real is the follow-up to 2014’s Rips and like its predecessor, will provide riffs and hooks galore, but this time they’ve used the studio to make their sound bigger, stretching beyond what they thought were their previous limits. One to look forward to for fans of unbridled guitar fun and tunesmithery. LP and CD on Merge.
  • Vinyl LP (MRG660LPC1)
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl LP (MRG660LP)
  • CD (MRG660CD)

Self Esteem
Compliments Please

Self Esteem is the work of one half of indie pop duo Slow Club. The Rebecca Lucy Taylor half. On Compliments Please she's dropped the indie from indie pop to make a bunch of 'pop' pop tracks. Big and catchy and quite often about sex pop. It's a very convincing change especially as her vocals are perfectly suited to this too. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (FARTNO1SE1)

Lo Kindre

Lo Kindre is the work of one Daniel Magee whose interests include dubby electronics, West German drumming, and vintage Italian football commentary. Chlorophytum has Magee merging all of these for 12th Isle in a way that is hugely playful and engrossing. Magee has previous released on Optimo Music.
  • Vinyl 12" (ISLE-007)

Slack Alices

Straight outta Manchester, these young pup punks come roaring into 2019 with their second single. Their raw and energetic sound has already caught the ear of Radio X DJ John Kennedy who has given this single his tune of the day accolade. Here it is on a limited and numbered 7" on Midnight Hallucination Records.      
  • Vinyl 7"
  • Limited edition

Stella Donnelly
Beware of the Dogs

Stella Donnelly ain't going to take no shit. Abusive men, idiot bosses, clueless ex's all get it in the ear on this debut album but as on her debut EP Thrush Metal she is armed with loads of lovely tunes. Her winsome post grunge songwriting has something in common with the early records of Liz Phair and she has a way of tempering her anger with an ability to bring out the beauty in the world. 
  • Vinyl LP (SC372LP-C1)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • CD (SC372CD)
  • Tape (SC372cass)

David Bowie
Glass Spider (Live Montreal ’87)

Way back in 1987, David Bowie released Never Let Me Down. The ensuing tour was called Glass Spider, a show more theatre than gig which inevitably ended up being accused of being pretentious. Of course nowadays, theatrics are the norm. So maybe it's time to reevaluate Glass Spider, or at the very least its Montreal stint.
  • CD (0190295511135)

David Bowie
Serious Moonlight (Live ’83)

1983's Let's Dance was one of David Bowie's most commercially successful albums and so needed a tour to match. Named Serious Moonlight, the tour sold much better than expect forcing Bowie into less intimate venues than planned. Perhaps this explains why it featured an uncharacteristic one costume change. 
  • CD (0190295511180)

David Bowie
Never Let Me Down

What are we to make of the David Bowie album that the man himself disliked the most? The album he has described as being "awful", an album he wondered why he recorded? Whatever he thought of it, 1987's Never Let Me Down remains interesting because the man was so interesting, especially as it was conceived in tandem for the ridiculously over the top Glass Spider tour. 
  • Vinyl LP (0190295671433)
  • CD (0190295511142)

David Bowie

After David Bowie released Let's Dance he was as big as he'd ever been and decided to strike while the iron was hot. The resulting album is 1984's Tonight, which was largely successful at keeping the general public interested in him. For all its commercial ambitions Tonight remained a Bowie album, with the video for Blue Jean really being a 20 minute short film. 
  • Vinyl LP (0190295692735)
  • CD (0190295511173)

David Bowie
Let’s Dance

Trust David Bowie to make one of the most commercially successful records of the 80s. After his Berlin trilogy where he explored the more art rock side of things he thought hey feck it I'm going to dye my hair bleach blonde work with Nile Rogers and become a proper pop star for a bit. This contains all those mega hits  - China Girl, Let's Dance, Modern Love and that's just the first three tracks. 
  • Vinyl LP (0190295692735)
  • CD (0190295511197)
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St. John

Bored of life in the home counties, Buckinghamshire band Haze moved to Bristol for a taste of that big city life. On St. John they tackle our propensity to put certain historical figures (presumably including JFK and Trotsky) with their rambling and shambolic punk rock. I'm assuming they're committed anarcho-syndicalists then.
  • Vinyl 7" (HHH14)

Hand Habits

Hand Habits is the project of Meg Duff, who has been a touring member of Kevin Morby's band. Don't worry we've not made a mistake with the album title, it is indeed placeholder which here stands for Duff's interest in the undefined, in what lies between. The folk songs on placeholder build on this notion lyrically generously waiting to be endowed with meaning. 
  • Vinyl LP (LBJ291LP)
  • CD (LBJ291CD)


Kokoroko are part of London's current jazz scene as documented on the We Out Here compilation. Their self-titled EP, also on Brownswood Recording, captures the band as it effortlessly blends jazz with afrobeat and soul to create something utterly vibrant. They are lead by Sheila Maurice-Grey and her wonderful trumpet playing. 
  • Vinyl 12"

Mdou Moctar
Blue Stage Sessions

Live album by Tuareg guitarist Mdou Moctar recorded live at Third Man Records' Cass Corridor space. Moctar is a virtuoso on the guitar and you can feel utter adoration of the Detroit crowd as they lay witness to his Blue Stage Sessions. For this performance he was accompanied by band mates Ahmoudou Madassane and Mahmoud Ahmed Jabra on guitar and drums. 
  • Vinyl LP (TMR565)

Cucina Povera

Cucina Povera (who shares her moniker with the 309th best restaurant in Thessaloniki), real name Maria Rossi, is a sound artist and vocalist. Zoom is her very raw document of places and spaces she has found herself in. Using just a Tascam Zoom recorder and a loop pedal, she creates sonic maps which provide an overwhelming sense of being there with her. 
  • Vinyl LP (LSSN064)

Vintage Crop
Company Man

Vintage Crop hail from south-eastern Australia, and as their urgent and energetic punk sound may suggest, they don’t hang around. Following hot on the heels of their last LP, New Age, comes Company Man, an EP dealing with the mundane life of suit wearers and discrediting the corporate world. 12” EP on Drunken Sailor.
  • Vinyl 12" (DRUNKENSAILOR102)

A Place To Bury Strangers
Fuzz Club Session

Live session by A Place To Bury Strangers for the does-what-it-says-on-the-tin Fuzz Club. Recorded at the end of their tour for their last album, 2018's Pinned, this recording captures the manic energy of those shows while also offering the band the chance to reflect on their songs they'd been playing. Vital document of a loud band at their loudest.
  • Vinyl LP (FCS12LP)
  • Indies-only

The Janitors
Fuzz Club Session

Creepy, freaky, droney, Swedish psych-rockers The Janitors recorded a session for Fuzz Club in London in September 2018 when on tour. The resulting four track recording features cuts from their LPs Drone Head and Horn Ur Marken and another from their EP Evil Doings Of An Evil Kind. 180g vinyl LP, limited to 400 copies, on Fuzz Club.
  • Vinyl LP (FCS11LP)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

Zero Fucks

The beautifully titled Zero Fucks EP is the first new material from Helicon in just over a year, following their debut album. The songs came out of the desire for the Glasgow cosmic noise-fuzzers to add more animated material to their live set and once they were tested at Fuzz Club 2018 in Eindhoven they knew they had to get them on tape tout suite to keep the vibe going. Sounds exciting, yeah? 10" EP on Fuzz Club, limited to 300 copies.
  • Vinyl 10" (FC104V10)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

Bilge Pump

We're all Leeds aren't we? Well yes, but none more so than Bilge Pump who have been considered stalwarts of our city's DIY scene for about as long as I've been alive. WE LOVE YOU is their first full length in ten years and the feeling is very much mutual. It's all big riffs and tight grooves, and they're as tight as they've ever been.
  • Vinyl LP (WAAT069LP)
  • CD (WAAT069CD)

Six By Seven
The World Hates Me And The Feeling Is Mutual

Nottingham’s ‘90s indie favourites Six By Seven seem to be expressing how we all felt as teenagers with their new Kickstarter-funded concept album The World Hates Me And The Feeling Is Mutual. The album mixes psychedelia and krautrock with each track blending into one another to create an immersive listening experience. Orange vinyl, limited to 300 copies on Saturday Night, Sunday Morning.
  • Vinyl LP (SNSM11LP2018)
  • Limited edition

Hugh Marsh

I bloody love a portmanteau me. Up their with most fun you can have with words so let me say you Hugh Marsh. You have my attention. In how it was made Violinvocations is essentially shoegaze reimagined for the violin, but the result is more abstract than that. Strange sounds merge and swell from gentler ambience to something more distorted. This is long way from his prior work with the likes of Hans Zimmer and Iggy Pop.
  • Vinyl LP (WV178LPC1)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl LP (WV178LP)
  • CD (WV178CD)

Ahmed Ag Kaedy
Akaline Kidal

Prior to Akaline Kidal, Ahmed Ag Kaedy had been working with a band for some more filled out recordings. For this album he's gone back to the basics of the Tuareg folk tradition, recording 12 tracks with just his voice and his acoustic guitar. The album is a sombre one, as he reflects on his exile from Northern Mali, and the civil war that drove him out. 
  • Vinyl LP (SS050LP)
  • Tape (SS050CASS)

Barbara Howard
On The Rise

All's well that end's well huh. In 1968 one Steven Reece set up an independent label in the hope of attracting the attention of the majors. His choice of musician was Barbara Howard and the album On The Rise aimed to cast the net as wide as possible by featuring jazz, gospel and pop. The album flopped but the pair fell in love. Whatever else, On The Rise is worth it for its story. Reissued on Colemine Records.
  • Vinyl LP (RMND12002LPC1)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl LP (RMND12002LP)
  • CD (RMND12002CD)

Slight Disconnects

Bis be back! Again! After having broken up and reformed a couple times since they started out in 1994, the Glaswegian band look like they've stuck with a bit longer this time with Slight Disconnects, their second album in five years. After all this time Bis remain masters of the indie pop chorus, and have even managed to fit in a bit of reflection on the last 25 years.
  • Vinyl LP (LNFG19Y)
  • Limited edition
  • Vinyl LP (LNFG19)
  • CD (LNFG19CD)

Chicago Odense Ensemble
Chicago Odense Ensemble

Chicago Odense Ensemble was a special collaboration between Causa Sui's Jonas Munk and Jakob Skøtt and members of Tortoise and Isotope217 recorded in 2008. Those long and varied sessions were then edited down to create a kind of dubby jazz fusion. The star of the show is Rob Mazurek who leads the way with the wonderfully pure timbre of his cornet. On El Paraiso Records. 
  • Vinyl LP (EPR051LP)
  • CD (EPR051CD)

Czarface Meets Ghostface

This week on CZARFACE! After facing off with the nefarious METAL FACE (MF Doom) our hero has to face his greatest challenge yet, the unstoppable GHOSTFACE (Killah). Fortunately for him, he's not alone. 7L, Jeremy Page, Inspectah Deck and Esoteric all offer a helping hand to give CZARFACE a fighting chance.  Will CZARFACE previal? Or will GHOSTFACE have him by the neck? All shall be revealed on CZARFACE meets GHOSTFACE.
  • Vinyl LP (SIL007LP)
  • Tape (SIL007CASS)
  • CD (SIL007CD)

Andrew Combs
Worried Man

First vinyl pressing of Andrew Combs' 2012 album Worried Man (those pressing plant waiting lists are getting ridiculous). Combs is a committed blues and folk troubadour who very likely lists a certain Bob Dylan at the top of his biggest influences. He's warms of voice and vivid of lyric, and knows exactly when to turn the instrumentation up to thrilling. 
  • Vinyl LP (VJLP244)
  • CD (VJCD244)

John Paul White
The Hurting Kind

Ex-The Civil Wars man and current Single Lock Records boss John Paul White returns with The Hurting Kind. 2016's Beulah was written very much in the shadow of the public collapse of his previous band, as a sort of country rock version of that Bros documentary. For his own sake I hope The Hurting Kind represents a sort of moving on.
  • Vinyl LP (SL027LP)
  • CD (SL028CD)


Look, if you're not on board with Merzbow by now, there's little I can say about the quarter-century celebrating Venereology that will change that. If you like your music noisy and your noise harsh this is the band for you. But you probably already knew that. Venereology was the band's "death metal" album and has been accused of bringing them wider repute. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (RR669911)

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