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Added to site: Saturday 27th June 2020

The Micronaut
Olympia (Summer Games)

The latest studio album from German multi-instrumentalist and producer Stefan Streck as The Micronaut focusses on the universal peace and brotherhood represented by the Olympic Games. Olympia (Summer Games) exudes positivity and treads a line between full-on electro-pop and the more complex textures and patterns of IDM. 

Flore Laurentienne
Volume 1

Flore Laurentienne is the new orchestral / synth side-project of Quebec composer Mathieu David Gagnon, who adopted the moniker from the title of a study conducted in 1935 of the Canadian region’s wildlife. On Volume 1, Gagnon is accompanied by talented Montreal-based musicians on a soft, pastel-shaded sonic journey. 
Added to site: Friday 26th June 2020

Bonus EP

An ultra-limited 7" EP from the enigmatic electronic musician TBZ from the German-based Planet Rescue outfit. Very little information is available on this, other than its confined to a run of 200 copies. However, it’s likely to be full of the kind of frantic B-boy mutations that fans have previously heard on R=A and Brew labels. 
  • Vinyl 7" (JB02)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Limited edition
Added to site: Tuesday 23rd June 2020

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble
From The Stairwell

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble are a Dutch ensemble who peddled this particular ware in 2011. They tied their work to films and visual projects creating a kind of update on the sort of soundtracks that were popular in the 1960s. Their sound is dark and intense and could be compared to the works of the similarly noir Bohren und der Club of Gore. 2LP re-issue on Denovali.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (DEN86LP)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
Added to site: Thursday 18th June 2020

M.I.A. (The Complete Anthology)

A first-ever release on vinyl for M.I.A. (The Complete Anthology), a full career retrospective of influential punk act Germs. Originally released in 1993 on CD only, Porterhouse Records replicates the compilation in its entirety, right down to the original liner notes, making for a fitting tribute to this influential first-wave punk outfit. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (PHR2020)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

Soft Plastics
5 Dreams

Written a couple of winters ago in the aftermath of the disintegration of his former band Frog Eyes, Carey Mercer unveils his debut studio album as Soft Plastics. Even more so than the band he used to front, 5 Dreams is an experimental fusion of influences, from goth-rock to mariachi and hip-hop to post-punk.

Martha Ffion
Nights To Forget

Claire McKay is from Ireland but lives in Glasgow. She records music under the name Martha Ffion and, due to her current location, was nominated for the Scottish Album of the Year award for her last album, Sunday Best. Her new album, Nights to Forget, sees her change her sound a bit, moving in the direction of original contemporary pop with nods to St. Vincent, Roisin Murphy and Anderson .Paak. Lyrically she ponders loss, being able to let go, moving on and why we bother with nostalgia.
  • Vinyl LP
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

A.R. Pinewood
No Life

Electronically-enhanced country pop brilliance from digital cowboy A.R. Pinewood, whose debut album No Life seems like the result of a bot scouring heartbroken social media posts and cross-pollinating them with a potted history of country music to produce note-perfect tracks. Perhaps counter-intuitively, it’s an incredibly human experience. 
  • Vinyl LP (LAT 018)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Limited edition

Positive Mental Health Music

Another fantastic discovery from Dan Carey’s Speedy Wunderground, Tiña’s debut album Positive Mental Health Music has the auspicious honour of being the first ever long-player to be released on the label. Spearheaded by the fine singles ‘I Feel Fine’ and ‘Dip’ and boasting lead singer Josh Loftin’s cathartic songwriting, the South London outfit’s debut is meticulous and inventive. 
Added to site: Wednesday 17th June 2020

Embryo's Rache

Embryo were a German band active in the early 1970s who made a form of ethic influenced world music (see sleeve art for proof) which pushed the blueprint for 'free' music. It's a sprawling jazz-rock exploration with jams that explored Eastern blues and free jazz. This 1971 album has been in and out of print for years but now gets a very limited edition re-issue on random coloured vinyl courtesy of Loneos.
  • Vinyl LP (LON006LP-COL)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition


Another re-issue from Embryo the German jazz/world fusion band who expanded minds in the early 1970s. This was their debut album released in 1970 which caused none other than Miles Davis to describe them as "crazy creative musicians playing really weird stuff". Forget your kraut rock jams, this is heavy psychedelia and exploratory jazz-rock with eastern themes. 
  • Vinyl LP (LON005LP-COL)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
Added to site: Monday 15th June 2020

Green Lung
Woodland Rites

For its third pressing since it was released just 15 months ago to huge critical acclaim, the debut album from Green Lung, Woodland Rites, has been remastered by Royal Blood producer John Davis. The vinyl edition comes with an eight-page booklet and A4 art print, while the CD version comes with a bonus disc containing the group’s mini-album Free The Witch. 
Added to site: Sunday 14th June 2020

Bad Moves

Washington D.C. power-pop outfit Bad Moves deliver their second studio album Untenable. Spearheaded by the exceptional lead single ‘Party With The Kids Who Wanna Party With You’, the quartet widen their embrace and building in traces of Nineties alternative rock and alt-folk to their sound. 
Added to site: Saturday 13th June 2020

Palace Winter
Keep Dreaming, Buddy

Recorded via a long-distance exchange of demos between Carl Coleman and Caspar Hesselager while the former was living in Tenerife last winter, ...Keep Dreaming, Buddy is the third studio album from Palace Winter. Drawing down on hip-hop rhythms and soulful hooks for inspiration, it’s a beautiful listening experience. 


Forging a musical compound somewhere between riot-grrrl and surf rock, Mafitishei is the second studio album from Lithuanian trio shishi. Where their 2018 debut album NAx80 had that untutored brilliance that derives from learning your instrument on the job, this sophomore effort is more skilled but no less kinetic and thrilling. 
  • Vinyl LP (CON578LP)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
Added to site: Wednesday 10th June 2020

Fall To Pieces

Tricky kid is back with his fourteenth studio album 'Fall To Pieces', a record which sees singer Marta Złakowska occupying the Martina Topley-Bird role. As is typical with Tricky, 'Fall To Pieces' is a dark, claustrophobic and sometimes abrasive work, with songs juddering into each other and starting and ending abruptly. The man's been through some tough times of late - it's good to have him back.
  • Vinyl LP (K7S391LP)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
Added to site: Tuesday 9th June 2020

Vic Mizzy
The Addams Family: Original Music From The Addams Family

Incredibly, this is only the second-ever re-issue for Original Music From the Addams Family since it first came out in 1965. Vic Mizzy’s musical creations to accompany the iconic TV family are re-mastered on hazy green/black coloured vinyl, notably featuring the vocal version of the main Addams Family theme, not included on the original version! 
  • Vinyl LP (SL9202213)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
Added to site: Friday 5th June 2020

Nobody AKA Willis Earl Beal

A follow-up to Alms, his quiet and resplendent album from 2018, Morningstar is an eight-track EP from Chicago artist Willis Earl Beal, a compelling blend of lo-fi folk, ambient and hip-hop aesthetics. Appropriately for these dark and ominous times, Beal explains about the title “[it] appears in the winter, just before the dawn”. 
  • Vinyl LP (EyelessEP001)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
Added to site: Wednesday 3rd June 2020

On A Promise

Stewart Anderson's long running pop/punk vehicle Boyracer returns good and strong for 2020 with what we think is their 13th full length record. Like their other work it's full of short, sharp DIY punk rock songs led by Anderson's emotional delivery above squalls of feedback and guitar racket. On a Promise could be seen as a celebration of sorts of the 30 year lifespan band with various guests from their past popping up for cameos.  
  • Vinyl LP (ER105LP)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)


Oren Ambarchi’s label Black Truffle reissues a genuine avant-landmark: the first album from AMM. AMMMUSIC landed in the 1960’s like a slab of alien matter, sounding almost entirely unlike anything else. Keith Rowe, Cornelius Cardew and the rest broke out of all the musical norms, and the world is still reeling to this day. Remastered and presented in a replica sleeve.
  • Vinyl LP (BF018LP)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
Added to site: Monday 1st June 2020

Jack Briece
Heterophonious Fool

Self-produced in a batch of 50 cassettes and only distributed privately, Heterophonious Fool was the only studio album from avant-garde / experimental electronic artist Jack Briece, released four years before his tragically young death in 1988. His reputation ought to be boosted with this vinyl re-issue via Concentric Circles. 


Beginning life as a bedroom project from composer Adam Pardey and then expanded through connections at Leeds College of Music around 2014, Caro at last releases its debut studio album, Burrows, after a long string of excellent singles. Cathartic and emotional, it’s 21st century post-pop at its finest. 
  • Vinyl LP (YALA12LP)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
Added to site: Friday 29th May 2020

Pollen Pt. II

Brighton-based producer Joseph Higgins delivers the second part of his planned trilogy of EPs titled Pollen, under his Metrist alias. Pollen Pt. II is even more intense and dancefloor-friendly than the first instalment last year, pulling together gaudy synths, menacing bass drops and cutting-edge sound design. 
  • Vinyl 12" (TIMEDANCE021)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

Where Have All My Friends Gone?

After a health scare in the form of a diagnosis of frontal lobe epilepsy two years ago, Robert Tilden started work on his next BOYO album completely on his own. Reflecting the isolation of its creation, Where Have All My Friends Gone? is stark and sad, inspired by bands such as Deerhunter, Sparklehorse and Majical Cloudz. 
Added to site: Wednesday 27th May 2020

Bas Grossfeldt
Lost In Sensation EP

A reboot for the seminal Juan Atkins-run Detroit techno label Metroplex with this record from relative newcomer Bas Grossfeldt. Grossfeldt piqued Atkins interest with an innovative and modern take on the classic old sound and delivers a varied 12" that ranges from cinematic electronica to dubbed out hazy soundscapes. 
Added to site: Tuesday 26th May 2020

David Dondero
The Transient

A long overdue re-issue on heavyweight vinyl for David Dondero’s cult classic 2003 album The Transient. Taking its cues from classic Americana going back to Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger and updating it for the new millennium, it comes on a special ‘ashes-on-the-highway’ coloured vinyl too. 
  • Vinyl LP (KS041LP)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

From Brussels With Love

To mark the 40th anniversary of this iconic compilation of avant-garde and new wave music, Les Disques du Crepuscule re-issues From Brussels With Love on double-vinyl, cassette and 2xCD box set. The original 21-track running order is replicated from the 1980 original, with tracks from A Certain Ratio, Gavin Bryars, Thomas Dolby et al, while the CD box set includes tracks that weren’t originally included for space reasons, as well as a 60 page book including rare images, posters and sleeve designs. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (TWI008)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • CD box set (TWI007CD)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

Added to site: Thursday 21st May 2020

Shaw & Grossfeldt

Shaw & Grossfeldt is Jas Shaw of Simian Mobile Disco and newcomer Bas Grossfeld who takes an arty approach to music-making. Their new album, Klavier, combines the prepared piano work of Hauschka (AKA german pianist Volker Bertlemann) and dub techno using a Disklavier. The results are thoughtful, graceful, elegant and haunting.
  • Vinyl LP (DRONE 021)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

Van Weezer

The fourteenth album from the never ending American band Weezer is not a self-titled thing named after a colour but...and get this... is their love letter to metal. Yup it might not be obvious these power-pop/nerd rock practitioners were big metal heads back in the day but Van Weezer worships at the altar of KISS, Rush and Slayer and their all big hair guitar solos but keeps a large dose of Weezer present and correct. 
  • Vinyl LP (0075678650925)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Vinyl LP (0075678650963)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • CD (0075678650918)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

Added to site: Wednesday 20th May 2020


A collaborative project centred around former Friends Again member and producer Paul McGeechan, Starless returns for its second outing. Again featuring accompaniment from the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and even more guest stars, including The Delgados’ Emma Pollock, Earthbound is essential listening. 
Added to site: Thursday 7th May 2020

Gherkin Jerks
1990 EP

Gherkin Jerks may mean nothing to you but it was the one time project of house  legend Mr Larry Heard (Mr Fingers etc). It was an outlet for his more out-there recordings which strayed into experimental techno areas.  This is a limited re-press of some of his most sought after recordings under this moniker - six tracks unavailable on wax since the early '90s.   
  • Vinyl 12" (ML 2305)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

Gherkin Jerks
Stomp The Beat EP

Larry Heard is a bit of a legend of Chicago House but unless you are very lucky you won't own a copy of his Gherkin Jerks output.  The moniker was an outlet for his more experimental and techno-leaning recordings and this six track release is a far cry from the work he is most known for as Mr Fingers. A rare chance to get some seriously rare recordings. 
  • Vinyl 12" (ML 2219)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
Added to site: Friday 1st May 2020

Everything Will Grow Again

More than half a decade on from his breakout that saw him collaborate with Bonobo and M.I.A., Fakear is on to his fourth full-length album. A poignant title in the world’s current circumstances, Everything Will Grow Again is much more straightforwardly dance-orientated than anything he’s done before. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (899466)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
Added to site: Wednesday 29th April 2020

Machine Head
Burn My Eyes

Inspired by the social tension following the L.A. riots, Oakland-based heavy metal outfit Machine Head released their debut studio album Burn My Eyes back in 1994, one of the best-selling debuts of its genre and kicking off a career that continues to this day. Run Out Records gives it a deluxe double-vinyl re-issue. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (0081227907907)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
Added to site: Tuesday 28th April 2020

Royal Dungeon EP

Four incredible tracks of physical, pummelling EBM from Colombian artist and producer Filmmaker on his new Royal Dungeon EP. Up to now, he’s been taking the electronic music scene by storm with a number of impressive albums on various labels, and at the same time grabbing the attention of punk fans. 
Added to site: Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Heil Eris / Enjoy

Here are more sounds from  he past regurgitated for ears young and old. These tracks were originally lost cassette culture obscurities from the 1980s featuring live takes (it's what we all had to do back then) using drums, synths, affected voices. The results veer from cold/synth wave pop to longform ambient pieces that sound remarkably modern. First time on wax restored and remastered from the original tapes.  
  • Vinyl LP (RKVLK001)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
Added to site: Tuesday 21st April 2020

Golden Retriever & Chuck Johnson
Rain Shadow

We all know the Golden Retriever dog which happily lolls it's way across England's parks but this Golden Retriever is a clarinet 'n' synth duo known for their unique improvisations. Here they hook up with guitarist Chuck Johnson on four long pieces which see them playing slow moving but lush instrumental music in which each player tracked their playing separately but somehow results in an intuitive and creative work.  
  • Vinyl LP (THRILL512LP)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

Street Kids
Game No. 1 / Last Night (You Moved Me)

Game No.1 by South African 5-piece Street Kids was originally released in 1983. It features all the smooth, soulful, squelchy disco funk you could want on one track. On the other side you get (Last Night) You Moved Me, an even smoother tune to end the night with. Both tracks featured on the band’s 1984 album Dancin’ All Night. On Rush Hour.
  • Vinyl 12" (RH RSS 27)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
Added to site: Tuesday 7th April 2020

Scott Hardware

Engel is the second album by Toronto musician Scott Hardware. The album was inspired by the WIm Wenders film Wings of Desire and displays similar ups, downs, darkness and mundanity as the film. His music may appeal to fans of Rufus Wainwright and Jeff Buckley, but unlike those guys he keeps his vocals really low in the mix.
  • Vinyl LP (TER065LP)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
Added to site: Thursday 2nd April 2020

Odessey & Oracle

Crocoroma is the third LP from the French band who name themselves after a classic album by The Zombies, Odyssey and Oracle. For this they’ve blended French folk and pop and take their influences from ‘60s and ‘70s acts White Noise, McDonalds and Giles, 10cc, Robert Wyatt, the ‘70s Brazillian sounds of Caetano Veloso, Clube da Esquina and French chanteuses France Gall and Brigitte Fontaine.
  • Vinyl LP (LPOULS001)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
Added to site: Tuesday 31st March 2020

Sunshine Kiz

Assembled in the space of just six months, displaying the creative restlessness of its creators Piper and their ingenious lead singer Keisuke Yamamoto, 1984’s wonderful Sunshine Kiz followed up the genre-defining Gentle Breeze by including more vocal-orientated tracks and live instrumentation. 
Added to site: Tuesday 24th March 2020

Tashi Dorji & Tyler Damon
To Catch A Bird In A Net Of Wind

Consisting of two gigantic, side-long compositions, To Catch A Bird In A Net of Wind sees guitarist Tashi Dorji and percussionist Tyler Damon further developing their sense of a shared musical form and content. Their sound is influenced by jazz and freeform aesthetics, but has hints of the political underpinning it too. 
  • Vinyl LP (TR195LP)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

The Killers
Imploding The Mirage

Imploding The Mirage is the seventh album by The Killers. It’s their first since 2017’s Wonderful, Wonderful and, of course, since their triumphant Glastonbury headline set. The lead single from the album is called Caution, it features a guest appearance from the legendary Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. 
  • Vinyl LP (5085257)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
Added to site: Wednesday 18th March 2020

Watkins Family Hour
brother sister

As well as enjoying their own individual careers, Sean and Sara Watkins present their second Watkins Family Hour album, brother sister. Coming half a decade after their self-titled joint album, this new ten-track effort sees them yet again explore the bluegrass and folk sounds they enjoyed growing up. 
Added to site: Tuesday 17th March 2020

Green / Blue
Green / Blue

Green / Blue are a garage / psych / pop band made up from members of The Soviettes, The Blind Shake and Birthdays Suits. They claim to be the Belle and Sebastian of psychedelic garage rock. They mix a deep love for Jesus and Mary Chain with a recent fondness for Guided By Voices, The Clean and The Chills. Expect melodic fuzz.
  • Vinyl LP (702-243)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

Old Tower
The Last Eidolon

This is the third album by Old Tower and features a story so relevant that it could have featured on tonights 6 o' Clock News... a kingdom laid to waste by its own ruler through dark magic and destructive spirits. The tale is told via some dark ambient that straddles three separate lengthy chapters. These epic pieces come on luxurious double vinyl or lavish CD. 
Added to site: Thursday 12th March 2020

Steven Wilson
The Future Bites

The Future Bites is the sixth album by singer, songwriter and producer Steven Wilson. The album explores how modern life’s addictions and fads, from detoxing to anxiety, branded trainers to teeth whitening affect us. Wilson has been a part of numerous musical projects, most notably Porcupine Tree. He has also recently been responsible for re-mixing and re-mastering some classic prog rock albums, a genre close to his heart.
  • Vinyl LP (CAROL021LPX)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl LP (CAROL021LPC)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Vinyl LP (CAROL021LP)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

Added to site: Wednesday 11th March 2020

Whitmer Thomas
Songs From The Golden One

Whitmer Thomas is a very typical millennial performer. He's a comic, a skateboarder, a musician and he doesn't comb his hair on his album sleeves. My grandparents would be horrified but he's done pretty well for himself fronting his own HBO comedy special and now releasing songs from the series. If you are worrying that comedy and songs go together like the words 'Not the Nine O'Clock News' and 'funny' then you have to realise that Thomas makes intrepid darkwave  - a little like John Maus and full of witty asides and observations. 
  • Vinyl LP (HAR122)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
Added to site: Saturday 7th March 2020

Hail Nothing

In the wake of the adoration for their previous releases five years ago - the saudade EP and soma full-length - the immensely talented Singaporean duo .gif deliver another idiosyncratic album in Hail Nothing. Over its eight tracks, Weish and Din take unexpected liberties with concepts of form and content, with their trademark haunting vocals and leftfield lyrics punctuating it. 
Added to site: Tuesday 3rd March 2020

Momoko Kikuchi

Re-mastered from the original tapes and pressed onto purple vinyl, J-pop pioneer Momoko Kikuchi’s Adventure returns to the LP format for the first time since its release way back in 1986. The sound of an already established artist discovering the full extent of their potential (Kikuchi had only just turned 18 when it was released), Adventure utterly encapsulates the sound of Eighties Japanese pop. 

Macula Dog

Produced with the help of Ariel Pink acolyte Paul D Millar, the excellent Macula Dog return with a new four-track EP presented on 12” vinyl, titled Breezy. It follows four years on from their debut album Why Do You Look Like Your Dog?, and sees the band moving into slightly more conventional territory in terms of melody and structure. 
  • Vinyl 12" (WCR103LP)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
Added to site: Thursday 27th February 2020

Irreversible Entanglements
Irreversible Entanglements

With their new mini-odyssey ‘Bread Out of Stone’ recently landing, it’s an appropriate time for this vinyl re-issue of Irreversible Entanglements’ self-titled debut album. Originally released in 2017 and winning plaudits from The Quietus to Gilles Peterson, it essayed the experiences of Black suffering, survival and power over four wonderful free-jazz explorations. 
Added to site: Wednesday 26th February 2020

Depeche Mode
SPiRiTS In The Forest

Containing full audio and visual recordings of their July 2018 shows in Berlin, which rounded off their exhaustive Global Spirit Tour behind their most recent album Spirit, Anton Corbijn’s absorbing Depeche Mode documentary film SPiRiTS In The Forest - originally released in November 2019 - gets a deluxe 2xCD / 2xBlu-Ray release. 
Added to site: Tuesday 25th February 2020

Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs
Under The Covers - Vol. 3

Under The Covers Vol. 3 is the third album of covers by singer / songwriter Matthew Sweet and Bangles’ guitarist and singer Susanna Hoffs. This time they tackle songs by R.E.M., Kirsty MaColl, The Clash, Roxy Music, The Smiths and Marshall Crenshaw’s My Favourite Waste of Time, a 1986 hit in the UK for the one and only Owen Paul - remember that? Anyway, there's lots more too!
  • Vinyl Double LP (DEMREC705)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs
Under The Covers - Vol. 2

Under The Covers Vol. 2 is the second collaboration between singer / songwriter Matthew Sweet and Bangles guitarist and singer Susanna Hoffs. As the titles suggests, it is an album of covers, and the songs comes from all directions: Covers of songs originally by Television to Carly Simon, Grateful Dead to Blondie and Big Star to Queen and lots more. Dhani Harrison and Yes guitarist Steve Howe put in guest performances. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (DEMREC704)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs
Under The Covers - Vol. 1

A re-issue of a low-key yet sparkling collaboration album between alternative rock artist Matthew Sweet and former Bangles singer Susanna Hoffs. Originally released back in 2006, Under The Covers, Vol. 1 features sumptuous covers of the Beatles, the Velvets and Dylan among others, and now comes on double silver vinyl. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (DEMREC703)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
Added to site: Monday 24th February 2020

The Fratellis
Half Drunk Under a Full Moon

Amongst the good news of the announcement of a new album, glass half empty the Fratellis fans may fret that their sixth album emerges on Cooking Vinyl  - a label with a rich history of managing to kill off once successful bands.... the Dignitas of record labels. Never mind, it's sure to be full of their foot stomping indie anthems. Certainly Jon Fratelli is proud as punch  - he lavishes praise on lead track Six Days In June as if it were a new favourite track by another artist. 
Added to site: Thursday 20th February 2020

Andreas Dzialocha
For Always

Produced with the help of Sam Slater, composer / violist Marta Forsberg and sound artist Fågelle, Andreas Dzialocha delivers an audiophile’s dream with new studio album For Always. With human, acoustic and machine elements all in harmony yet pushing to be heard, it’s a record to completely lose yourself inside. 
  • Vinyl LP (HEX 005)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
Added to site: Wednesday 19th February 2020

Luca T. Mai
Heavenly Guide

Best known for his participation in the legendary Italian avant-garde rock outfit ZU, the hugely talented baritone saxophonist Luca T. Mai makes his first-ever solo recording, titled Heavenly Guide. It’s a wonderfully immersive and deeply emotional listening experience, ranging from energetic blasts of noise to serene soundscapes. 
  • Vinyl LP (TR186LP)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

Hans Zimmer
No Time To Die (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

With the official theme song from Billie Eilish already unleashed on the world, and to a largely positive reception, the score for the upcoming 25th James Bond film No Time To Die arrives on vinyl. Composed by the experienced Academy and Grammy Award-winner Hans Zimmer, it's surprisingly the first time that he's ever produced a 007 soundtrack.
Added to site: Tuesday 18th February 2020

Hockey Dad
Brain Candy

Australian duo Billy Fleming and Zach Stephenson return with their third full-length Hockey Dad album Brain Candy. Produced yet again by the esteemed John Goodmanson, the band serve up more raucous, irreverent jangly surf-pop goodness, successfully capturing the energy and essence of their live shows. 
  • Vinyl LP (4050538565362)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • CD (4050538565355)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
Added to site: Friday 14th February 2020


Celeste follows a string of EPs and singles with her eponymous debut album. The jazz / soul / R&B singer hails from Brighton. She got her break when a music manager spotted a song she’d uploaded to YouTube. Since then she has won over Lily Allen, releasing a single on her Bank Holiday label and her, now, label-mate Michael Kiwanuka. 
Added to site: Saturday 8th February 2020

Leo Abrahams & Shahzad Ismaily

Visitations sees guitarist and producer Leo Abrahams (collaborator with everyone from Brian Eno to Regina Spektor) and New York-based musician Shahzad Ismaily (Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed) collaborate on a highly unusual-sounding collection. Weirdly, they’ve worked on many of the same albums but had never met in person before recording this. Visitations sounds avant-garde and experimental yet calm and meditative. 
Added to site: Friday 7th February 2020

20 Years

SURE have slowly honed a sound that blends post-punk with disco and a more mainstream sensibility. They spent time in what they call the 'cave' blending electronics, guitars, keyboards and kinetic beats in to a form of music that is grim but catchy, terrified for the future but making the best of the present. There's one thing for SURE  - they won't let you down.  
  • Vinyl LP (WYS-025)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
Added to site: Monday 3rd February 2020

Three Phaze

100 Copies presents the debut album from the reclusive Egyptian artist 3Phaz, about whom little is known except the undoubted quality of his tunes. Titled Three Phaze, the nine tracks within are pretty alien even to the most cultured and experienced fan of global dance music, housed somewhere between purist techno and the raw Mahraganat sound. 
Added to site: Monday 27th January 2020

Elektrafied- The Elektra Years 1979-1982

Shoes were one of the great undervalued power pop bands of the late '70s and early '80s. We've bleated long enough in these pages about their early lo-fi records so it's time to find out what became of Shoes after they signed to a major label. Well they carried on making robust but tuneful power-pop - a little shiner perhaps with bigger production values but still as enchanting. This box set is the Shoes fan's wet dream taking in their three albums for Elektra plus countless demos, alternate takes and outtakes.  
  • CD box set (QCRCDBOX91)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

The Monochrome Set
Little Noises 1990-1995

The Monochrome Set have always been prolific - spewing out albums at a rate of knots that put other bands to shame. They are best known for their early '80s records but after a split in 1986 the band reformed in 1990 and released five new albums over the next five years. This lesser known era of the band is perfectly captured on this 5CD set which presents each album plus a grab bag of bonus tracks. 
  • CD box set (CRCDX88)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
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The Cuckoos
I Hate Love

You would have thought by now that there'd been a band by the name of the Cuckoos. Seemingly not and this Austin, Texas band have decided that it's the perfect moniker for their blend of New Wave, punk and disco. This debut full length follows an earlier EP which was compared favourably to the likes of Joy Division, Pink Floyd and Tame Impala. 
  • Vinyl LP (JJR2020001)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
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Syko Friend

Syko Friend is the project of L.A. musician Sophie Weil. Fontanelle is her second album. The music is best described as electric folk. It is moody, brooding with dark guitar tones and vocals that switch between whispered and howling. This will envelop your senses like a darkening sky. On Post Present Medium.
  • Vinyl LP (PPM062lp)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
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NTsKi + 7FO
D' Ya Hear Me!

D’ya Hear Me was originally recorded by Brenda Ray and her group Naffi Sandwich in 1981 - a DIY post punk classic. Here we have a brand new digi reggae version by Japanese musician and producer, Natsuki, or as he likes to be called, NTsKi. It also features fellow Japanese musician 7FO on backing vocals. The warmth of this version shows their love for the original. Along with their original versions, the 12” features a karaoke version, a Bim One Production Remix and a Cvn remix.
  • Vinyl 12" (EM 1187TEP)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
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I’d Love To Turn You On – Classical and Avant-Garde Music That Inspired The Counter-Culture

I’d Love To Turn You On – Classical and Avant-Garde Music That Inspired The Counter-Culture is a CD box set containing a whole bunch of music that inspired trailblazing artists such as The Beatles, David Bowie, Syd Barrett, Nick Drake, Robert Wyatt and Frank Zappa. Includes music by Bach, Stockhausen, Bernard Herrmann, Sun Ra and more - find out what inspired the greatest artists to make the greatest music.
  • CD box set (ACME351CDT)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
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Johnny Cash
Bootleg Vol IV: The Soul Of Truth

The fourth in the Bootleg series from Johnny Cash’s archives, The Soul of Truth focusses on the religious side of The Man In Black’s vast repertoire. These three slabs of vinyl showcase songs recorded during the Seventies and Eighties, including an unreleased album of gospel music from 1975, and comes with liner notes from his son, John Carter Cash. 
  • Vinyl Triple LP (MOVLP530C)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
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Jo Foster
I'll Be Thinking Of You All The Time

The lady on the right looks like my grandma I know nothing more about this record. The press release just says 'lovely single this'. I've just nipped onto Bandcamp to have a listen and yup...that's pretty accurate. It's a piano and vocal jaunt. Jo Foster has a nice wee sweet voice and the song is very Christmassy. The B side Your Young Voice was written by Kenny Anderson (King Creosote). Limited 7" on Triassic Tusk.  
  • Vinyl 7" (TT4502)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Limited edition
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Rex Ilisivii
Fool For Love

Shrouded with mystery and missing details, this 23-minute-long take from Serbian creative Mitar Subotic (aka Suba) is an avant-garde enigma. While there's nothing much to observe on its jet black sleeve, this hypnotic piece is best served to closed eyes - allowing the listener to slip away into Subotic's mystical universe.
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Brötzmann / Schlippenbach / Bennink
Fifty Years After... Live at the Lila Eule, Bremen 26.05.2018

Fifty Years After... Live at the Lila Eule, Bremen 26.05.2018 by Brötzmann/ Schlippenbach / Bennink is a live celebration of Peter Brötzmann’s 1968 album, Machine Gun. The free jazz saxophonist assembled a trio of  Alexander von Schlippenbach on piano and Han Bennink (who played on the original album) on drums to play the album live. It went so well they decided to release it, and here it is.
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Will Johnson
Wire Mountain

Will Johnson was once known as Centro-Matic but is now on his sixth album under his own name. He's kind of like a Southern fried Robert Pollard both in delivery and reliability but Johnson is happy to move out of his comfort zone, Wire Mountain adds in a wealth of new textures to his lo-fi rocking sound and features a guest appearance from Thor Harris (Swans and Thor & Friends).  
  • Vinyl LP (KS0038LPC1)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Indies-only
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Der Blutharsch / Skullflower
Angel of Darkness

Fresh from their recent controversy, UK noise mongers Skullflower hook up with Austrian kraut-rockers Der Blutharsch for a joint album of dark psychedelia. Originally released on a quickly sold out cassette tape, this is an eyeball melting sunburst yellow and red coloured vinyl edition on Dead Seed Productions.    
  • Vinyl LP (DSP026LP)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
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Bruce Haak
The Electric Lucifer

A rare slab of 1970 electronics by Bruce Haak. The Electric Lucifer is heavily-laden with dramatic organ and even more dramatic vocals, plus some cutting-edge Moog synths and electronically-tweaked wildness. This has been unavailable for years, but is now reissued in a limited edition of 1000 copies by Telephone Explosion.
  • Vinyl LP (TER041LP)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
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Bersarin Quartett
Bersarin Quartett

Sweeping string sections, dub rhythms, and a persistently haunting atmosphere mark Bersarin Quartett's debut album as being something special. FFO lush soundscapes and music with a bit of cinema to it. 180g repress on Denovali. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (DEN48LP)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
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Robert Fripp

  • Vinyl LP (DGMLPX101)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
The Mirror Man Sessions

  • Vinyl Double LP (MOVLP260C)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

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