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Added to site: Wednesday 10th February 2016

Nurse With Wound
Echo Poeme: Sequence No 2

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The definitive avant-industrial collective, Nurse with Wound, with a typically unpredictable release. Echo Poeme: Sequence No 2 on vinyl LP from Drastic Planet is a single almost hour long track built from looped and processed female vocals. Originally released in 2005, the single sound source creates a ghostly ambient music full of weird shifts and strange tones. …view full details.

Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller IV

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10/10 according to our Ant

Drexciya had an underground cult following with techno connoisseurs across the globe, despite never performing live, DJ’ing, remaining anonymous and unphotographed, and rarely giving interviews. They let the records speak for themselves. The concept was always aquatic and they created this fantasy realm occupied by characters like Dr Blowfin and Darthouven F…view full details.

Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller II

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9/10 according to our Brian

Business Lady is into bang into electro funk. I reckon she’s the funkiest chick that works here…hmmmm maybe a-part from the actual chick who works here cos she, like, drives and everything. And doesn’t moan about hardly anything, like….ever!! Plus….she cruises in Big Cars…shhhh…. You cannot …view full details.

Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller I

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9/10 according to our Ant

Drexciya had an underground cult following with techno connoisseurs across the globe, despite never performing live, DJing, remaining anonymous and unphotographed, and rarely giving interviews. They let the records speak for themselves. The concept was always aquatic and they created this fantasy realm occupied by characters like D…view full details.

The Star Pillow

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The Star Pillow is the long-form drone project of Italian Paolo Monti, and Time Released Sound have packaged his Above album in the most stunning way. The special edition is limited to only 55 because it is a handmade item; it comes in a vintage Kodak film case, with custom art and miniature space figures. The music within is a gorgeous ambient drone made from reverbed guitar chords and delicate textures. …view full details.

Finis Africae

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Amazonia was a 1990 attempt to conjure ‘fourth-world music’, in the style of Brian Eno and Jon Hassell. With a dream-journey down the Amazon as the inspirational starting point, Finis Africae (led by Juan Alberto Arteche Guel) use electronic and acoustic instruments, plus field record…view full details.

17.02.12 - Box Set

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The date 17.02.12 was the date that the people of Florence got to see Fennesz perform live. Now you too can experience the electroacoustic laptop / guitar wizard working his magic, with this box-set. As well as the performance on CD and 2 LPs, the box also contains a photo booklet and a DVD with Walter Ruttman’s excellent 1927 silent film Berlin: Symphony Of A Great City. From Song Cycle.…view full details.

Sam Beam & Jesca Hoop
Love Letter For Fire

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Love Letter For Fire by Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop is an eclectic collection of unique folk and pop. Beam brings the wit and melancholic guitar of his Iron & Wine project, whilst Hoop contributes her experimental songwriting. The male-female harmonies are beautiful and an all-star band, including Wilco’s Glenn Kotche, flesh out these delicate folk-rock ditties.…view full details.

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Crowd Surfing

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The latest cassette is in from Opal Tapes, and it’s a set of throbbing pulse-sound from $$$TAG$$$. Crowd Surfing flares and tumbles through all sorts of exciting textures, always propelled by dance-worthy beats. As ever, Opal Tapes present the work to the world on cassette, with the handy addition of a download code.…view full details.

Body Boys
Hood Spectrum

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Intense synthesizer drones on the Opal Tapes label. On Hood Spectrum, Body Boys builds scratchy percussion from manipulated tapes and then layers ice-cold,minimal drones over the top. The melodies and mangled samples are buried under sheets of hiss and white noise. Fittingly, this release is on cassette. …view full details.

Marginal Virgin

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Fresh new releases are in from Opal Tapes: here we have CAO, with a set of sinisterly swirling songs. Drones, distant murmured vocals and rhythm-keeping synth-pulses add up to an enticing sound mixture that nevertheless leaves you uneasy. Opal Tapes present Marginal Virgin to the world on cassette, with the handy addition of a download code.…view full details.

D. Glare
68 Samples At 68 BPM For Phased Heads

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Another fresh new release from Opal Tapes arrives. It seems to me that D. Glare isn’t kidding when he titles this tape 68 Samples At 68 BPM For Phased Heads: presumably samples are being tweaked, speed-checked and manipulated here? Although whether the ‘Heads’ are tape-heads or people’s heads, I can’t quite be sure… Cassette with download code.…view full details.

Mary Lattimore
At The Dam

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More essential material from Mary Lattimore, the Baltimore-based harpist who puts her instrument through subtly-tweaked delay with astounding effects. At The Dam was inspired by an American road trip, with much of the album apparently recorded in the desert and in the mountains. LP release on Ghostly International.…view full details.

With Patsy / Swimming

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2 new cuts from producer Tessela, operating with as much dancefloor techno strength as you could hope for. With Patsy features what sounds like a mechanical beast rearing up within it, and Swimming is a rhythmically complex thing. Both are built with a nimble touch. 12” on the Poly Kicks label.…view full details.

Ash Koosha

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Iranian producer Ash Koosha is formally trained in classical music, but also closely integrated with contemporary computer music techniques. His music sounds strange and enticing, treating melodies and texture in unusual ways: it would be fair to say that not much else sounds like GUUD. Released on Olde English Spelling Bee in a white vinyl edition.…view full details.

Added to site: Tuesday 9th February 2016

Field Report San Francisco

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You know you're dealing with an '80s industrial band when the title of a live album is Field Report San Francisco. This release from S.P.K. is pretty immense actually, a big thick wall of noise-murk descending quickly on each track. Their first ever show in the US apparently: I can only imagine what the audience made of it.…view full details.

Sean Mccaul
Midnight at The Purple Palace

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Sean McCaul is one of the premier vibraphone players working today, and this new set, which also features the skills of Dave Johnsen, Phil Kester and Jordan Shapiro, shows off his jazz talents. Midnight At The Purple Palace also features, in addition to several McCaul…view full details.

J Dilla

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9/10 according to kamikaze (customer) on

I was a latecomer to Dilla.  A friend copied me Donuts a couple of years back, I went a bit mental for it if truth be told, and I listened to the thing to death.  And then I simply couldn't find the copied CD of it anywhere for about nine months, until I went to listen to Quasi Objects by Matmos a couple of months back and Donuts was inside the box of that.  I was fucking delighted, and have probably listened to it a good fifty-or-so times since rediscovering it.  I put it right up there …view full details.

Henri Pousseur
Early Experimental Electronic Music 1954-72

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Sub Rosa release the definitive survey of Henri Pousseur’s early experiments with electronic music. Pousseur developed these in the legendary Cologne studios and they show his avant-garde classical training and innovative approach to electronics, in a time when synths were the size of living rooms. The double vinyl Early Experimental Electronic Music 1954-72 finally makes this incredible material available.…view full details.

Wu-Tang Clan
Enter The Wu Tang (36 Chambers)

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10/10 according to Jack (customer) on

The passion and drive behind Wu Tang early on comes though loud and clear on their first album. Created independently after some of the clan's members (mainly the RZA and GZA) had already experienced the 'BS' of dealing with commercial labels, Wu Tang Clan formed from the best local rappers from Staten Island (a group of 9) to get together and create a work that was so good it could sell itself. This is what a group of super talented people can do when they have each other to push and drive o…view full details.

Western Skies Motel

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Gorgeous acoustic fingerpicking from Western Skies Motel aka René Gonzàlez Schelbeck. The dense instrumental ballads on Settlers are dedicated to the plains of the American West and capture a sense of vastness and melancholy. Schelbeck also spices his beautiful guitar playing with come thick harmonium drones and satisfying feedback. …view full details.

Zeitkratzer + Keiji Haino
Stockhausen: Aus Den Sieben Tagen

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Zeitkratzer (the unclassifiable experimental classical collective who made their name covering Metal Machine Music) join up with noise experimenter Keiji Haino to interpret the work of radical composer Karlheinz Stockhausen! Without exaggeration this is arguably the greatest weirdo/noise/electroacoustic composition partnership ever. This is electronic noise made from traditional instruments. …view full details.

Reinhold Friedl: KORE

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Zeitkratzer are not your usual classically trained orchestral collective. They’ve collaborated with Merzbow and Keiji Haino and they covered Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music in its entirety. On Reinhold Friedl: KORE from Karlrecords they bring their experimental skills to reinterpret classical and electronic composer Iannis Xenakis, making an incredible electroacoustic racket in pro…view full details.


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Raucous, psychedelic rock from XIXA. On Bloodline the group cite West African desert blues and raw Latin music. So, the percussion borrows from cumbia sounds, whilst the organs and heavy guitar come from 1970s hard rock. The final result is playful, tripped out rock available on CD and vinyl LP (which kindly also includes the CD). …view full details.

GoGo Penguin

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Gondwana Records press GoGOpenguin’s nu-jazz debut Fanfares. The Manchester unit combines jazz composition and percussion with elements borrowed from electronica and ambient music. Delicate neoclassical piano is framed by strange arrangements and super tight drumming. At a stretch we could compare them to Portico Quartet, but GoGoPenguin are making something unique.…view full details.


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Full Contact/Ektro reissue an early release from Finnish experimental metal collective Circle. Pori is the name of the album, and the band’s hometown, and shows a slightly more civilized side of the group. The focus here is on ambient textures and incorporating electronic elements into the heavy prog sound. This release has been out of print for a long time now, so good job guys.…view full details.

Pins and Needles

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Indigo’s Pins and Needles is a DIY slice of noisy indie-pop. This vinyl 7” on Estuary showcases the band’s extremely youthful and confident rock music. The guitars are nice. the hooks are catchy and they’ve nailed some shouty dynamics too. This single is borrowed from the EP of the same name.…view full details.

Old Man Gloom
Mickey Rookey Live At London

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The heavier-than-heavy doom metal super-group Old Man Gloom capture their intense live show on Mickey Rookey Live at London. The group’s messy mixture of industrial, doom and noise elements is presented here in all its glory. This was recorded by the band Circle and pressed to double vinyl LP by Full Contact/Ektro, and it sounds great.…view full details.

Aziza Brahim
Abbar El Hamada

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Super groovy and far-out West Saharan rock ‘n roll from Aziza Brahim. On Abbar el Hamada she has built a wonderful band to perform her varied songs. Now Saharawi rhythms, meet Senegalese drums, Afro-Cuban arrangements and emotive blues. Glitterbeat release this scorching album on CD an vinyl LP.…view full details.

Karl Bartos
Life (2016)

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Extending their reissue series with this lead single, Trocadero unveil a new vinyl 7” from Kraftwerk alumni Karl Bartos. Life is limited to 1000 copies and captures Bartos’ funky, electro-pop sound, a sound which shows his Kraftwerk writing skills, but also embraces a bright, bittersweet and very modern tone. Lovely pop electronica. …view full details.


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Qluster is the third formation of minimal kosmische pioneers Kluster and Cluster. Original member Hans-Joachim Roedelius brings the group’s techno-futurism actually into the future, sharpening the rich synthesizer compositions of the original group with the newest technology. Echtzeit focuses on extended, improvised electronic and ambient music.…view full details.

The Bristol Roots Explosion

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Bristol has a reputation as the home of UK soundsystem culture and The Bristol Roots Explosion gives a small and fascinating glimpse why. This exclusive vinyl LP compilation collects roots reggae tunes from the West Midlands. This deep, soulful and inventive musical culture created local legends like Dennis Bovell and Talisman, who's work is now almost impossible to track down. Until now, that is. …view full details.

Pere Ubu
Architecture of Language

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One-of-a-kind post-punkers Pere Ubu get the box-set treatment. Architecture of Language brings together four remastered vinyl LPs, New Picnic Time (1979), The Art Of Walking (1980), Song Of The Bailing Man (1982) and a new collection of extras. The perfect music here runs from punk, to shronking free jazz with some funk and glam thrown in too. The set comes with a lovely poster and download codes as well.…view full details.

Pere Ubu
The Hearpen Singles 1975-1977

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9 wonderful early tracks from Pere Ubu’s time on the Hearpen label, 1975 to 1977. The collection opens with their classic ‘30 Seconds Over Tokyo’ and keeps on rolling from there, showcasing the best of their disorientating experimental rock. The Hearpen Singles 1975-1977 is released by the Fire label.…view full details.

Causa Sui
Return To Sky

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Spaced-out krautrock impressions from Causa Sui. They bring the tight loops and grooves of a minimal rock group, but add in some slowed down stoner freak-outs. Return to Sky on El Paraiso Records is unapologetically psychedelic, full of heavy riffing, massive drums and surreal breakdowns that sound like something borrowed from Ennio Morricone.…view full details.

Ital Tek

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Revered label Planet Mu unveil Ital Tek’s noisy and experimental Hollowed. Tossing out his previous work, this record now has more in common with sound design, dark ambient and Ben Frost than his earlier experiments with dubstep and bass music. But don’t fear, there’s still percussion; heavy, colossal and speaker destroying percussion. …view full details.

Public Memory
Wuthering Drum

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Very hard to pin down vocal electronica from Public Memory. On Wuthering Drum abrasive electronic textures, hip-hop drums and neoclassical piano are all held together by Robert Toher’s melancholic vocals and lyrics of alienation. A thoughtful and minimal record with a trip-hop sensibility. CD and vinyl LP on Felte. …view full details.

Iain Sinclair & Standard Planets
Overground EP

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A remarkable and unexpected collaboration here between electronic producers Standard Planets and Ian Sinclair, the psychogeographic author / walker and documenter of London’s streets. The Overground EP combines Sinclair’s intonations with disorientating semi-ambient sound drift. Only 100 copies of this unique 12”!…view full details.

Madlib Medicine Show: The Brick

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Madlib has always been productive as hell, and his Medicine Show series has been one of the finest outlets for the groovy beatmaker’s work over the last few years. This release, amusingly titled The Brick, compiles the whole series, adding up to a monumental 13 LPs of material. Amazing scenes. On his Madlib Invazion label.…view full details.

Rats On Rafts
Some Velvet Morning

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Rats On Rafts boldly take on Some Velvet Morning, a classic tune by Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra. Their take is a low-slung noisy-rocky version, with howled vocals that Nancy would never have approved of. The B-side is taken from their last album, the acclaimed Tape Hiss. 7” vinyl on Fire Records.…view full details.

David Kilgour
Sugar Mouth

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

David Kilgour’s second album as a solo artist was first put out into the world in 1994 by New Zealand’s legendary Flying Nun label. Now the Nun returns the psychedelic pop wonder that is Sugar Mouth into circulation, with the welcome addition of a whole 10 bonus tracks, comprising demos and outtakes.…view full details.

The Friend + L/F/D/M
Fuck Sunsets / Balearic Fisting

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

A 12” with the tile Fuck Sunsets / Balearic Fisting was never going to be interested in taking it easy: true to form, these tracks are mostly full-bore heavy techno. The Friend’s stuff is especially so, while L/F/D/M’s side of the split laces in some droney vibes as well as the aciiiid. EP on Clan Destine.…view full details.

Asphalt For Eden

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Welcome to the first new Dälek release since Gutter Tactics, released a whole 7 years ago! Asphalt For Eden reawakens their mission to meld hip-hop with experimental sonics, with  a line-up that now includes DJ rEk and Mike Swarmbots in addition to MC Dälek himself. Released on the Profound Lore label.…view full details.

Alexandre Navarro

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Alex Navarro’s latest work comes to you pressed on an ‘absolute black carbon’ CD in an otherwise-unfilled jewel case, a packaging design that really emphasises the ‘discness’ of the disc. The sonic content is a set of pieces built largely from brooding clicks, throbs and drones, quite effectively pulling the listener deep inside. Routes is self-released by the artist.…view full details.


Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

The producer behind Jire is just 20 years old: remarkable when you hear the talent on display here. Zang pokes its head through the door of the club for a while, but mostly prefers to hang out in the abstract computer music suite next door. A cavalcade of frantic digital sonics, lovely stuff. 12” on No Pain In Pop.…view full details.

Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm
Trance Frendz

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Old friends and fellow neo-classical composer / performers Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds recently had a film made about them: the audio on this album, Trance Frendz, is taken from the same sessions documented in the film. First take improvisations that reach some delicate, sublime heights. LP on Erased Tapes.…view full details.

The Raconteurs
Live At Third Man

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

A few years ago, one of Jack White’s many bands, The Raconteurs, played an in-house show at White’s own Third Man Records. The tracklisting incorporates songs from their Broken Boy Soldiers debut and follow-up Consolers Of The Lonely, digging into some sweet Southern grooves. Recorded direct to tape, Live At Third Man.…view full details.

Sun Seeker
Georgia Dust

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Sun Seeker are a Nashville group who are only now being revealed to the wider world, through the efforts of Jack White’s Third Man Records. Georgia Dust is their debut single, and marks out a rich, country-influenced americana territory. A beautiful, melancholy way to make a start. 7” vinyl single.…view full details.

Viagra Boys
Consistency of Energy

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Viagra Boys are a gnarly post-punk band from Stockholm, made up of members of groups like Pig Eyes and Le Big Bird. The Consistency Of Energy EP pays a lot of attention to the low-end, where distorted bass guitar throbs along irresistibly. Up at the top of the mix, there is a good amount of Nick Cave…view full details.

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