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#20: Sean McCann ("The Sweetness Outside of Time")

Our podcast hits the twenties with a lovely edition from Sean McCann, head of the odd, outlandish and often twee ambient label Recital. They've done everything from sound art to abstract blues to releasing records by Ian William Craig, and also publish much of McCann's gorgeously baroque sound art. For his mix, McCann proves he loves pop music, too -- and supplements it with some sound detritus.

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#19: X.Y.R.

Time for us to blurt out a podcast from the much more patient and introspective X.Y.R., who releases the excellent 'Labyrinth' this week over on Not Not Fun. A woozy but lucid collection of ambient pop instruments, his newest record will sound unfamiliar to even the most switched-on synth nostalgia-heads; it's made on an old-school Soviet synth called the Formanta Mini, making for truly anachronistic soundscapes between dreams and forgotten realities. His podcast for us over here is a great throughline to his sound.

Published on 28th June 2017. Listen over on Soundcloud »

#18: Kate Carr

Flaming Pines boss Kate Carr graces our podcast series with a muffled amalgamation of her recent works, collaging her splendid sound design in tracks new, old and unreleased. A sound artist and field recording droner like no other, her music finds a strange meeting point between earthbound and alien. Listen and ponder. 

Published on 23rd June 2017. Listen over on Soundcloud »

#17: Mahatma X

You thought it could never happen, or that we'd forgotten about it completely, or that were too lazy -- maybe you didn't care at all. But the Norman Records podcast is back! For our inaugural edition of 2017 (and thus far 2017's only good inauguration overall), we invite Mahatma X on board, whose hand at gorgeously collaged hip-hop production has given us a lovely record, released by surprise local hosts Home Assembly. For their podcast, they turn it all to chaos, set it all on fire and give it about ten percent extra than all they got.

Published on 6th February 2017. Listen over on Soundcloud »

#16: John Chantler ("Garden Varieties")

For our sweet sixteen, we’re joined by experimentalist John Chantler, who’s about to release his latest synth soliloquy for Lawrence English’s Room40 imprint. ‘Which Way To Leave’ is modular chaos at its finest, its most bizarre and beautiful, traits Chantler considers in whatever form of free he’s applying. For his entry into our podcast series he swings from the old school of avant jazz to the drone supervisions of Tony Conrad.

Published on 5th September 2016. Listen over on Soundcloud »

#15: Ian William Craig ("To Glorious Art and Golden Prints")

After many a moon away from the podcast realm, we return with one from Norman favourite -- and now generally beloved ambient pal -- Ian William Craig! Soon to play our very own showcase at Fuse Art Space (tickets here) and hot from two 2016 releases (the noisy, piano-looped manipulations of 'Zugzwang for Fostex' and the monolithic 'Centres'), Craig checked in with a podcast that shows off his love of all music grand, glorious and slightly imperfect -- there's power balladry in the form of Aerosmith, some gorgeous ambient pieces, hushed folk and an off-kilter cover of "Love Will Tear Us Apart". Alongside all that, Craig becomes the *third* artist in our podcast series to use John Cage's "In A Landscape". A tradition.

Published on 25th July 2016. Listen over on Soundcloud »

#14: Cloudland Canyon ("How To Cover Your Dark Eye Circles"

We are back: it's 2016, and we have landed. We brought back Cloudland Canyon, who are set to release 'An Arabesque', their third record in a series of kosmische treats that once hid in the upper echelons of space. This record is a strikingly gorgeous blend of ascendent krautrock and fun-time dance, and to go with it, the band have anointed us with this mix of verified and often rhythmic good times. 

Published on 10th February 2016. Listen over on Soundcloud »

#13: A New Line (Related)

Relaxing your wintery limbs this month is Andrew Johnson. Once drummer to Northern sad collective Hood and one half of electronic friends for life Remote Viewer, Andrew is now on his own as A New Line (Related). To celebrate his remarkably titled Our Lady Of Perpetual Fucking Succour 12" now out on Home Assembly, we asked him to hurl some of his favourite tracks over the Pennines from his Lancashire lair.

He's come up with a collection of icy minimal techno and warm end electronica which sounds like Pendle Hill looks on a cold day and also saves you trawling the bowels of the internet for the most haunting home listening money can't buy. 

Published on 23rd November 2015. Listen over on Soundcloud »

#12: Christina Vantzou with John Also Bennett

We missed the boat on Halloween, but it's okay -- we're consistently terrified by the decor of life. We don't need no stinking 31st of October. In order to make up for lost time, though, we invited established droner Christina Vantzou to contribute to our podcast series; 'No. 3' is one of the year's ultimate ghost story albums, and this mix of ambient and neo-classical continues its unsettling patter. 

Published on 9th November 2015. Listen over on Soundcloud »

#10: Constellation Records ("CST Loves")

You lucked out; it's a double bill. In lieu of working with Montreal's Constellation Records for a long time, we decided to have a chat with the folks who run it, and they were kind enough to drop off two podcasts to boot. The first in the two-part series -- offered from hardworking label pal Graham Latham -- includes a smattering of drone, neo-classical and a great picture of a dog. Awh.

Published on 13th October 2015. Listen over on Soundcloud »

#11: Constellation Records ("CST Lately")

Round two of a double bill here; thanks for not switching over. We appreciate your viewership so very much. In lieu of working with Montreal's pioneering experimental label, thee Constellation Records, for a long time, we decided to have a chat with the folks who run it. To go with the insights, they cooked up two wonderful mixes; this second one summarises the label's past two years' output in fine form, including works from three recent Autumn releases -- Jerusalem In My Heart, Ought and Esmerine. Mixed by Graham Latham. 

Published on 13th October 2015. Listen over on Soundcloud »

#9: Sarah Davachi ("Music For An Impending Cold")

We've been grumpily awaiting summer's descent here at Norman Records, but we're back just in time for a forecast of misery: our first podcast in a good while comes from composer Sarah Davachi, whose two records this year have focused on slowly expiring synth drones. Her mix is an ode to autumn, offering songs that accompany both its bleakest and cosiest moments. I hope you live in a cottage, because this is real homely.

Published on 10th September 2015. Listen over on Soundcloud »

#8: Norman's Mid Year Albums: Staff Picks

To go with our mid-year top 25 of self-perpetuated objective fact, please enjoy listening to a podcast of our staff's favourite songs from January though July. We each picked two and then they were mixed into this podcast, which also includes some sounds from our stockroom radio DJ. Now can we please do a Boiler Room set?

Published on 30th June 2015. Listen over on Soundcloud »

#7: Golden Cabinet ("Music To Make Community Centre Windows Rattle")

Our podcasting gets local this week as we travel to Shipley to see off the prodigal children of Golden Cabinet, who are readying themselves for their latest showcase at the town's humble Kirkgate Centre. Vessel is at the helm and is sure to stupefy his audience with a noise-inflected techno, while Some Truths and Ahrkh add some dance vibes to the bill. Ahead of the disco of miasma, the crew sent us a mix of artists they love, some of whom have graced their fine town.

Published on 2nd June 2015. Listen over on Soundcloud »

#6: Anna Caragnano ("Untitled")

Anna Caragnano is on the case for podcast number six, and as with her incredible new record with Donato Dozzy, her mix investigates different intonations of voice, juxtaposing disparate soundtracks with communal vocal chants.

Look out for John Cage's "In A Landscape", too, which is accidentally becoming a mainstay on Norman podcasts. We can live with it.

Published on 25th May 2015. Listen over on Soundcloud »

#5: Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

Podcast number five comes from Jefre-Cantu Ledesma, and it’s a joy: the Root Strata bossman eschews our ideas of him as a prime droner and noise comic with a mix of jubilant dance songs, folk jams and reggae to immerse yourself in.

Published on 29th April 2015. Listen over on Soundcloud »

#4: Lawrence English ("Ode To The Factory Worker In Love")

Oh my goodness: it's Lawrence English. Head of Room40 and chief fuzz droner, English is responsible for some of the haziest and most enveloping sounds this side of your eardrums. English is on the eve of a very special reissue of 'The Peregrine', a landmark record that used surface noise and reverb like sounds with their own will, as things to be expected of our ecosystem rather than evoked around it. For our podcast, he decided to document his love of wobbling, peripheral pop music -- plus a bit of black metal, eh?

Published on 1st April 2015. Listen over on Soundcloud »

#3: Jon Brooks ("A Mix For Thomas Carnacki")

Our third podcast comes from Advisory Circle frontman Jon Brooks, whose seminal radiophonic roundabout 'Music For Thomas Cornacki' has just found reissue on Public House Records! After such hard work, Brooks relaxed by mixing us a collection of jazz percussion, foreboding organ clatter and estranged symphonies -- among a few cuts from the man himself.

Published on 27th March 2015. Listen over on Soundcloud »

#2: Benoît Pioulard ("Nine for Norman")

Our second podcast comes from our favourite dream pop stitcher: Benoit Pioulard has spent years flipping between folk songs and torrential drone, breaking hearts under a cover of fog. He's soon to release ‘Sonnet’, a record of ambient fragments, shimmering distortion and vocal discrepancies. It’s his most cohesive work yet, but retains much of the emotive force of his previous stay-at-home lo-fi outings. For our series, he delivered a mix of music both pop and pragmatic, along with nine minute John Cage coda, because hey, why not?

Published on 12th March 2015. Listen over on Soundcloud »

#1: Wanda Group ("Accepting The Tongue Of God")

With much excitement and even more cause for concern, we’re happy to announce a new podcast series working with artists we love spread far and wide. Every so often, we’ll invite a musical human being or two to contribute a mix, new recording or just a life outtake (we’re not opposed to thirty minutes of Bono yawning) to our ongoing series. Going global with our first podcast, we turned our heads to Huddersfield, inviting found sound structuralist WANDA GROUP to delve into his catalogue of tape hiss, spoken word and accidentally musical field recordings.

Published on 12th February 2015. Listen over on Soundcloud »