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New in: Tuesday 15th October 2019

Shiny New Model

Brooklyn quintet Bodega (and not the Nottingham venue of the same name) have announced a mini-album titled 'Shiny New Model'. It features eight songs of big grooves and wistful melodies. FFO Parquet Courts, Shame, and Idles. What is a mini-album anyway? Where is the line? Is it just an EP? Answers on a postcard.

A Tribe Called Quest
Midnight Marauders

Hailing from Queens, New York, A Tribe Called Quest remain one of the most influential hip-hop groups. Midnight Marauders was the band’s third album, originally released in 1993 and followed on from another of their classics, Low End Theory. Features the singles Electric Relaxation and Oh My God. 

Psychic TV
Trip Reset

Dating from 1996, Trip Reset was a Psychic TV album featuring The Angels of Light (not to be confused with the Michael Gira band of the same name nor the pudding of the similar name). It's one of their most psychedelic offerings featuring a Pink Floyd cover and tribute songs to both Syd Barrett and the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. This tasty looking re-issue features new liner notes from Genesis P.Orridge and comes on purple and silver vinyl. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (SNLP061)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Lightning Bolt
Sonic Citadel

The press release for Sonic Citadel, the new album from Lightning Bolt, tells us who drummer Brian Chippendale has collaborated with from Bjork to Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and about an ace computer game he wrote called Thumper. What you want to know, I reckon, is that this is the Providence, Rhode Island noise rock duo’s ninth album and it will blow your mind. On Thrill Jockey.

Gerry Cinnamon
Sun Queen / Canter

Sun Queen / Canter is the new single by Scottish DIY singer / songwriter, Gerry Cinnamon AKA Gerard Crosbie. It’s his first new material since his 2017 self-released debut album, Erratic Cinematic. It seems he is on a bit of an upward trajectory at the moment, lyrically astute, kicking against the pricks and doing it all by himself.
  • Vinyl 10" (GCIN002)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man
Out Of Season

For those of you hungry for more Portishead content I have some good news. In 2002 Beth Gibbons connected with Talk Talk's Paul Webb (here using the name Rustin Man) to produce 'Out Of Season'. It's a record that's much more indebted to folk and jazz than the trip hop Gibbons is known for, and alongside her recording of Górecki's 'Symphony No. 3', proves she's one of the most versatile vocalists alive.

High Tides
Paradise Daze

High Tides are a duo from Portland, Oregon who make what they describe as ‘rum dub and yacht rot’. What that seems to mean is very chilled, lo-mid-fi ‘80s-style synthy instrumentals imbued with the feeling of coastal breeze. Kinda like a much weirder, more subversive version of what Jan Hammer did circa Miami Vice. On Red Cult.
  • Vinyl LP
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Tokyo Shoegazer

It's very difficult to know what sort of music Tokyo Shoegazer make, I know. 'Crystallize' was originally released in 2011 and rather than just leaning all the way into pedal fetishism, shows a band who can just pull of the quiet bits just as easily as the loud ones. Those loud bits do sound really good mind.

The Rifles
Great Escape

Who knew that 15 years after their inception that people would still be wanting the Rifles albums? Great Escape was the second album from Chingford's finest originally unleashed in 2009. It had a difficult inception being recorded in three different studios whilst the band found their sound. All came good though as they got one of its songs used in a water commercial as well as on Gavin & Stacey. Ten years later you can now re-buy it on double LP with 8 bonus tracks. 

Strawberry Guy
Taking My Time To Be

He's had a million You Tube streams, he plays keys in the Orielles, he's the Strawberry Guy no less. Real name Alex Stephens, he moved from Wales to Liverpool where the city that spawned both the Beatles and Cast inspired him to make dream pop that was initially done for fun but when the clicks kept coming the Strawberry Guy decided to do it for real. Cue this debut mini LP that should snag your ears if you like a bit of Beach House and Weyes Blood. 

Pharoah Sanders
Moon Child

It’s been 30 years since Pharaoh Sanders (no relation of Bernie) released Moon Child, and the record has been difficult to get hold of on vinyl for approximately 29 of those years. Fortunate, then, that Tidal Waves Music have got together a new pressing of this LP. Moon Child finds the saxophonist toning down the trailblazing spiritual jazz style that he’s best known for, instead opting for some more traditional but no less lovely improvisations. His versions of Horace Silver’s ‘Moon Rays’ and George & Ira Gershwin’s ‘Soon’ are particularly smooth.


PCM are a new ambient trio consisting of Francesco Perra, Matteo Cantaluppi and Matteo Miliea. All have previous form in ambient music and sound design but here collaborate on an album on which they try to blend drone music, haunting shards of guitar and kosmische synth. Interesting to see an ambient group, well versed as we are at seeing ambient music made by one solitary composer. Should be an interesting mix.  
  • Artist(s):
  • PCM

Levitation Room

Los Angeles band Levitation Room were formed by friends Julian Porte and Gabriel Fernandez. They mix contemporary garage rock with classic psychedelia. The band have moved to Greenway Records for their second album, Headpace, which is the follow up to their 2106 debut outing, Ethos, which was released on Burger Records. 

Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit
Here We Rest

Released to coincide with his inaugural ShoalsFest in early October at the legendary Muscle Shoals studio in Alabama, Jason Isbell reissues his third studio album Here We Rest, and his second with his backing band The 400 Unit. The re-mastered record, done under the aegis of Pete Lyman, comes also on translucent blue vinyl. 

Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit
Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit

Released to mark its 10th anniversary, and to coincide with his inaugural ShoalsFest in early October at the legendary Muscle Shoals studio in Alabama, Jason Isbell reissues his second studio album from 2009, and his first with his backing band The 400 Unit. A masterfully observed collection of southern rock fused with modern-day alternative rock, the re-mastered Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit comes also on translucent green vinyl. 

Homeboy Sandman

He's good. And so prolific. Too prolific perhaps as I can never keep up. New York rapper Homeboy Sandman is now up to his 9th solo album since 2007. Last years Humble Pi (with Edan) was a stunner but he's back solo again with Dusty. Expect intelligent, literate hip-hop in a myriad of styles. Aesop Rock on some production duty too as an added bonus. 

Fumio Miyashita
“Wave” Sounds Of The Universe

Beautiful vinyl re-issue of “Wave” Sounds of the Universe, the 1983 album from Japanese musician Fumio Miyashita. With a career that’s taken in musicals, progressive rock bands and academia in medicine and music therapy, Wave is a work of true beauty. Also the first in a re-issue series of Miyashita’s discography. 

World Eater

Fetish are an off-shoot band comprising members from different eras of Poison Idea - that is, Steve “Thee Slayer Hippy” Hanford and Eric “Vegetable” Olson, plus latter-day guitarist Brandon Bentley - plus three members of Portland punk act Long Knife. World Eater follows their recent excellent single as the band’s debut album. 

Walkie Talkie

Brijean Murphy is the drummer who keeps the metronome ticking in U.S. Girls and others. On 'Walkie Talkie' she collaborates with producer Doug Stuart to create a collection of pop songs that are influenced by jazz and latin musics. Of course, the percussion rhythms on show are groovy and utterly captivating.

The Comet Is Coming

The Comet Is Coming is a fun new project from some heads that you might know: yes, that saxophone is indeed from Shabaka Hutchings of Melt Yourself Down! He’s supported by synths and drums, making for a danceable, cosmic energy blast. The Prophecy EP, the first taste we’ve had of the group, is out on The Leaf Label.

The Comet Is Coming
Death To The Planet

You'd struggle to find a more damningly-titled record as Death To The Planet by The Comet Is Coming here at Norman Records. But surprisingly its contents are not quite as doom-ridden as you'd perhaps expect; its jolty four tracks are crammed with trumpet solos, squelch synths, edge-of-your-seat beats and anything else that goes.

The Olympians
Midnight Movement / Stand Still

The Olympians are one of those revivalist soul acts in the vein of Charles Bradley and the Dap-Kings - indeed, the Olympians actually share members with the latter (and the Expressions, and the Menahan Street Band). It’s no surprise, then, that they’ve caught the attention of Daptone Records in recent years. After releasing the Olympians’ debut LP back in 2016, the Brooklyn imprint now reissue ‘Midnight Movement’ and ‘Stand Still’, a couple of early Stax-style jams that The Olympians put out on the now-defunct Truth & Soul imprint at the end of the 2000s.
  • Vinyl 7" (DAP-1124)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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The Revival

A formal vinyl release for a long-lost album from Funkproof, one of the little-known band projects fronted by jazz organist George Semper. Formed in 1972 and featuring members of Brenton Wood’s United Soul Association and The Merry Clayton band, The Revival was completed quickly but shelved because of record label restructuring. Nearly 50 years later, Tidal Waves Music presents a deluxe packaging of this brilliant record, featuring a download code for bonus tracks and interviews. 
  • Vinyl LP (TWM33)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Back Ground Music

BGM, which I assume stands for Back Ground Music is the work of Japanese electronic producer Takayuki Shiraishi. He takes his influences from the worlds of post-punk, new wave and krautrock. Back Ground Music is one of the most sought after LPs in Japan. Fortunately this reissue will make it significantly easier to find.

Camu Tao
Kings of Hearts

Fat Possum re-issues the fourth and final album from the late rapper and producer Camu Tao, first released back in 2010 after the star’s tragically early death from lung cancer at just 30 years old. Delayed from its original 2008 release and involving El-P (now one half of Run The Jewels), King of Hearts was sadly doomed to act as an epitaph, rather than the mainstream-crashing modern classic that it might have been in a just world. 

Loleatta Holloway

You probably know what Loleatta Holloway sounds like even if her name is unfamiliar - she’s one of the most widely sampled voices of all time for a shining good reason, with huge disco hits like ‘Hit and Run’ and ‘Love Sensation’ featuring her swooping, siren-like vocals. Loleatta, originally released in 1973, was where the story began for Holloway, and it’s now being re-issued on vinyl, mastered from the original tapes. 
  • Vinyl LP (TWM40)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Tennis System

As the heaviest offering yet from the shoegaze-tinged rock trio, Tennis System have managed to create a gnarly yet immersive third LP. The Los Angeles outfit have been sliding up and down hazy guitars together for over a decade now - but this is the release, astonishingly created in only 5 days (!), that crystallises their trademark formula.

Jonathan Scherk & Daniel Majer
It's Counterpart

Jonathan Scherk & Daniel Majer are a pair of musicians from in and around the post-rock scene in Vancouver. They are both solo artists in their own right, but on It’s Counterpart, seem to have found that their two styles are able to blend together. It is an album of sound collages sourced from YouTube, field recordings and those records you find for a quid in charity shops

People Like Us
The Mirror

People Like Us is the sound collage project of Vicki Bennett. On 'The Mirror', Bennett deconstructs popular songs from a variety of genres to make a weird and infinitely listenable patchwork of sound. It shows how our consumption of and reaction to songs can change when their context is altered. On Discrepant.

John Roberts
Can Thought Exist Without The Body

With perhaps his most introspective and thought-provoking release yet, John Roberts returns with 'Can Thought Exist Without The Body'. It marks his return to the piano, parking chugging house grooves in favour of a more ambient and spatial sound. The perfect soundtrack to self-reflection and meditation.
  • Vinyl LP (BED-010)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Sidiku Buari
Disco Soccer

The first ever vinyl re-issue of Disco Soccer, the 1979 album from Alhaji Sidiku Buari. Originally an athlete, a music scholarship in America turned the Ghanaian-born star into a musician when he became attracted by baseball and was noticed as a potential music star because of the team chants he developed. If you’re a fan of disco or boogie, Disco Soccer is a true lost gem of the late Seventies. 

Deux Furieuses
My War Is Your War

Deux Furieuses, comprising vocalist-guitarist Ros Cairney and drummer Vas Antoniadou, return with their second studio album after having earned the airplay from Radio X and support slots for Frank Turner with their 2016 debut Tracks of Wire. Re-doubling their efforts and bringing a sense of political urgency to their sound, My War Is Your War looks likely to repeat their successes to date. 

Wet Tuna
Water Weird

Their debut for Three Lobed Recordings, Water Weird sees duo Wet Tuna (Matt Valentine, sometimes of Woods, and Pat Gubler, of Garcia Peoples) forge all kinds of sonic influences that shouldn’t go together - think country-fuelled funk and European psychedelia battling for prominence - and make it work. 

Sufjan Stevens & Timo Andres
The Decalogue

It will be of no surprise to anyone who has heard his various albums that Sufjan Stevens would go on to score a ballet. His music has the dexterity and lightness of touch to successfully soundtrack such a thing and here is his debut effort made available to the public for the first time. It has been performed by pianist Timo Andres, a Brooklyn performer who has already collaborated with the likes of Kronos Quartet and Philip Glass.

Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost: Part 2

The days when Foals made the sort of short-circuiting post-punk that had them briefly touted as a math-rock band are long gone. As anyone who’s checked in with the group’s last few records can attest, Yannis et al now deal in a brand of meaty stadium-rock that comes off like an art-school version of Rage Against The Machine. Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost: Part 2, the companion piece to the Part 1 that was released earlier this year, continues to lean into this sound.

The Beatles
Abbey Road – 50th Anniversary Edition

Absolutely everything about The Beatles’ final album Abbey Road screams ‘iconic’ - the much-parodied artwork, the second half’s famous song suite, the top class contributions from all of the Fab Four (yes, even Ringo’s ‘Octopus’s Garden’...). In 2019, it gets the 50th anniversary re-mastering treatment. With the new stereo mix handled by Giles Martin at the famous itself, this re-issue comes in: standard CD; double CD; single, double or triple vinyl; or a lavish 4xCD box-set with hardcover book and Blu-Ray. Various versions include outtakes and demos. 

Headshots: Se7en

  • Vinyl Triple LP (0826257005311)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Shotter's Nation

Shotter's Nation was the second album from never knowingly not wasted the Libertines co-frontman Pete 'Peter' Doherty under his Babyshambles moniker. It sees him collaborating with an unfathomably eclectic bunch of artists such as Kate Moss, Ian Brown and Bert Jansch and this is probably the only time you'll see those three in the same sentence. Not exactly the pinnacle of recorded music but at least he's alive I suppose.  

White Reaper
You Deserve Love

A first major-label release for Louisville-based quintet White Reaper, who’ve been doggedly carving out a name for themselves in the alternative rock scene over the last five years, an ascendancy that has seen them support The Killers. You Deserve Love is the group’s third studio album overall, and arrives on CD and green coloured vinyl. 
  • Vinyl LP (0075678651199)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
New in: Monday 14th October 2019

Chain Tripping

Dance-punk veterans Yacht give us their seventh studio album, and third on impeccable imprint DFA. Recorded between their home in L.A. and a studio in Texas, Chain Tripping sees Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans in strikingly different mood than normal, utilising AI and machine-learning technology to push their art past new boundaries. 

Lonely Soul

GA-20 love the blues, soul and rock ‘n’ roll. Their love for this music has seen them create authentic, raw sounding roots music that they felt was missing from the modern world. Lonely Soul is built on the solid foundations laid by Lazy Lester, J.B. Lenoir, Earl Hooker, Buddy Guy, Otis Rush and Junior Wells.

The New Testament

Dirty Water’s latest compilation The New Testament seems single-handedly dedicated to keeping the primal, destructive thrills of rock’n’roll alive, collecting six bands from countries ranging from France to Japan and inviting them to contribute a brand new track as well as a golden oldie. On Dirty Water.
  • Vinyl LP (DWC1112LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

4 Down - Puzzled Together by Bullion

The fourth annual instalment of the DEEK imprint’s series of cover albums, 4 Down - Puzzled Together… is assembled by Bullion’s Nathan Jenkins (of 'Blue Pedro' fame). Led off with a version of Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Kathy’s Song’ and boasting incredible versions of XTC and Mazzy Star among others, it’s another real treat. 
  • Vinyl LP (DEEK017LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Kalmykian Archaic and Soviet Folk

Ored Recordings are a fine label who chronicle the traditional musics of Russia, the Caucasus and the surrounding regions. Back in 2015 they released 'Kalmykian Archaic and Soviet Folk', a collection of songs by the pair of Tatiana Dordzhieva and Maria Beltsykova. This elderly duo are Kalmyks, a group of Oirats (ethnic Western Mongols) who now live in Russia, and their songs reflect the turbulent history of their people. Deportation to Siberia in the 1940’s, Buddhist songs, wedding music and 19th Century wartime ballads all feature on 'Kalmykian Archaic and Soviet Folk'. Now given a new edition courtesy of Sub Rosa, this is a fascinating collection.

Will Burns & Hannah Peel
Pale Tussock

After the runaway success of the previous collaboration between Will Burns and Hannah Peel ('Chalk Hill Blue'), the pair join forces again to create hypnotic follow up - 'Pale Tussock'. The release is full of immersive electronics and escapist soundscapes, while tinged with the political and social anxieties of our era.

Durand Jones & The Indications
Morning In America / Cruisin' to the Park

Released earlier this year, Durand Jones & The Indications’ second album American Love Call attracted a larger audience than their debut and high critical praise for its loving take on classic Seventies soul. Some bundles of the album included a bonus 7” single of ‘Morning In America’, the record’s lead single, with a new B-side, ‘Cruisin’ To The Park’. That single is now given a separate release, coming on regular black or limited edition orange coloured vinyl. 

Foxes in Fiction
Trillium Killer

Foxes In Fiction is the recording moniker of William Hildebrand, a Canadian musician who currently resides in the Big Apple. Trillium Killer is his third album, a patchwork of soundscapes, tape samples, drum machines, vocals, strings and electronic bass sees lo-fi and hi-fi nestling together in perfect harmony. A good thing to know about this fella is that he founded the label Orchid Tapes, and is responsible for putting out early recordings by Sandy (Alex G) and Soccer Mommy.
  • Vinyl LP (OCT068LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

PJ Harvey
All About Eve (Original Music)

Verily, it is All About Eve these days - so much so that the BBC have even discussed Killing her! PJ Harvey seems to have been swept up in all the Eve-xcitement, composing a score to the West End adaptation of this ultra-famous old movie. Ol' Polly Jean keeps things ticking along nicely, her mostly-instrumental album interspersed with a couple of those Sussex Downs ballads she does so well. The All About Eve score is out on Invada.

Jai Paul

Previously only available on promotional CD and in limited supplies on his relaunched official website, Jai Paul’s 2011 breakout hit ‘BTSTU’ gets a wider release on 12” vinyl for the first time courtesy of XL. It was on the strength of this track - short for ‘Back To Save The Universe’ - that Paul was long-listed for the BBC Sound of 2011 poll, and the start of his curious mythos, fuelled by his lengthy hiatus from music for seven years that’s only recently ended. 

Nigeria Soul Power 70 - Afro-Funk, Afro-Rock, Afro-Disco

Originally released as a 7” singles box set, Nigeria Soul Power 70 finally gets a re-issue that’s befitting of the legendary status that the original release has among fans. Concentrating on the funk, rock and disco scenes in Nigeria during the Seventies, particularly focussing on the output of the group known as Wings / BAF Wings, an army band that formed during the Biafran Civil War, it’s an expanded re-issue delivered by Soul Jazz on deluxe slipcase CD or double vinyl. 

Institute Of Sonology 1959-1969

Compilations with dates in their title are always the best compilations. Fact. Compilations with dense, dry scientific language in the title, even more so. This is why 'Institute Of Sonology 1959-1969' is a delicious prospect. Full of early electronic music experiments done in a studio complex at the Institute of Sonology in Utrech, this double LP sounds like a thrilling trip back in time to when the idea of music made by machines promised a truly brave new world. 

Ol' Dirty Bastard
Return To The 36 Chambers : The Dirty Version

Ol' Dirty has got even dirtier with this remastered version of his 1996 debut 36 Chambers. His first foray outside the bosom of Wu-Tang Clan, it was a stunning tour de force of entertainingly gritty hip-hop showcasing his unusual sea-sick and off kilter flow on tracks that ranged from terrifying to darkly humorous. It has long been seen as one of the high points of Wu-Tang's storied history and one of the most innovative rap records to date.   


According to the press release the third album from Quebec's Corridor was recorded yesterday which means it's still as fresh and vital as a brand new tub of humous. Sub Pop got so excited by it that they released it a day after which is good going. It may be bang up to date but their sound is timeless, a mixture of guitar burn and jangle, some post-punk, some psych, lots of fun. What did you do yesterday? Corridor made an album and we'd better get on it before time runs out. 

Negro Folklore From Texas State Prisons

'Negro Folklore From Texas Prisons' is a collection of worksongs, spirituals, blues and recited poems known as ‘toasts’ recorded by American folklorist Bruce Jackson. The songs were recorded in 1964 in prisons Jackson visited. The range of songs he collected make this collection a must for any music historians, whether it be your job or just your hobby.
  • Vinyl LP (MOOCHIN22LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Bruno Bavota
Get Lost

The prophecy is true - Italian composer Bruno Bavota has made another LP of contemporary classical compositions. Get Lost ticks all the usual boxes - Waifish piano? Yep. Gently-undulating strings? Sure. Chest-swelling chord progressions? Very much so. Olafur Arnalds would be proud. Something from Get Lost is sure to be soundtracking a climactic scene in a romcom very soon.
  • Vinyl LP (TRR327LPC1)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Last copy

Blacker Face
Distinctive Juju

Fiery punk rock may not be the logical next step for a gospel singer, but for Jolene Whatevr it was. She fronts Chicago blast furnace Blacker Face who, on Distinctive Juju, drive their forward-thinking political vision with the power of high energy punk rock. Didtinctive Juju is the full-length follow-up to the 2018 EP Think Piece.


Mancunian experimentalists Michael Cutting and Vitalija Glovackyte present their debut album as Hyperdawn. Bleach successfully translates the duo’s brilliant multimedia live performances to record, and also fuses digital processes to analogue instrumentation, to result in a compelling album of familiar yet alien avant-pop. 

Elephant House

Elephant House are a drone outfit featuring the percussion of Shenggy Shen, who was the drummer from Chinese all girl punks Hang On The Box. Shen is joined by Greek ambient musician Christos Fanaras who has a similar, but much darker vision to the likes of Vangelis and Iasos. Chilloma is their new album which takes its name from the mythical Chinese winged horse.

Becoming A Bed

Melbourne-based Total Control drummer James Vinciguerra releases his debut solo album as Trevor, titled Becoming A Bed, via Alter Records. Spanning seven tracks, this often bewildering collection sprawls across everything between gibbering computer hardware meltdowns and unsettling spoken-word pieces. 

Jean Grae
The Evil Jeanius

Tsidi Ibrahim, better known by her stage name Jean Grae, is one of the most respected female rappers around, her career stretching back to the mid-Nineties. Her 2008 album The Evil Jeanius, produced in tandem with Blue Sky Black Death and considered one of her finest records, now gets a release on wax for the first time. It was controversial upon release, though, as her label Babygrande (also responsible for this vinyl re-issue) used Grae’s vocals without her permission. 
  • Vinyl LP (BBG0383LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Patrick Watson

Wave is the sixth album by Canadian singer / songwriter Patrick Watson and first in four years. Wave is an album about loss and how quickly it can happen and how devastating that loss can be - as if being hit by a wave that wipes everything out. This subject is threaded through the album due Watson’s personal circumstances at the time - the death of his mother, the end of a relationship and his drummer leaving the band. 

Essaie Pas

James Murphy’s DFA heralds the return of Montreal electronic duo Essaie Pas - who include Marie Davidson, who found success last year with her solo hit single ‘Work It’ - with a brand new single. ‘Earth’ is a deliberately retro-sounding collision of Nineties trance and techno, released with another new track ‘Corps Étranger’ and a Marco Passarani remix of the title track. 
  • Vinyl 12" (DFA2637LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Carla dal Forno
Look Up Sharp

Australian singer/songwriter Carla Dal Forno has often been compared to Nico for her vocal sound and delivery. Her music can be described as dream pop with a DIY aesthetic, but there's all sorts going on. Look Up Sharp is her second album and follow-up to You Know What It’s Like. This time she’s releasing it on her own label, Kallista.

The Yummy Fur
Piggy Wings

Released on Mogwai’s Rock Action label, Piggy Wings is a 14-track career highlights compilation from the beloved Glaswegian indie act The Yummy Fur, favourites of the late John Peel. Active between 1992 and 1999 and fronted by Jackie McKeown, its line-up included three future members of Franz Ferdinand. 

Do You See The Falling Leaves?

Experimental Swedish quartet Broen are Bella Union's next big hope. Their debut 'I Love Art' was a very modern kind of record mixing jazz, psychedelia, hip-hop and everything in between into their great melting pot. They push that vision even further on this album on which they attempt to find new ways to connect with the listener. Indeed the title 'Do You See The Fallen Leaves' is said to reference whether we all see lonely people and can we offer friendship. Nice sentiment.   
  • Vinyl LP (BELLA949V)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Matana Roberts
Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis

Matana Roberts has now reached the fourth instalment in her highly praised Coin Coin series. With the first three records exploring avenues of avant-garde composition, ranging from a large band down to solo work, Chapter Four: Memphis restores the collaborative motif, and sees Roberts lay out her most diverse musical vision yet, based on her scholarly research and passion for her subjects. 

Jacques Greene
Dawn Chorus

Dawn Chorus by Jacques Greene is an album of stirring yet hazy sounds. He has used more collaborators than ever before. Guests include Brian Reitzell, Oliver Coates, Juliana Barwick and rapper Cadence Weapon. His debut album, Feel Infinite, was club focused, whilst Dawn Chorus is the album you’d turn to afterwards.
  • Vinyl Double LP (LM059LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

There Existed an Addiction to Blood

clipping. are very much what you'd expect from a rap group on Sub Pop. Their production is noisy and abrasive and they know their history. This is especially true of MC Daveed Diggs who is now considerably more well known for his role as Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in Hamilton, the musical. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (SP1330X)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

Floating Points

Recorded during an intense, deliberately restricted five-week window rather than the years it took to make his 2015 debut Elaenia, Sam Shepherd has announced his second Floating Points album Crush. Inspired by his massive 2017 shows supporting The xx, this record is much more immediate than previous work, as demonstrated by lead single ‘LesAlpx’ released earlier this year. 

Mark Lanegan Band
Somebody's Knocking

Somebody’s Knocking is the eleventh solo album by ex-Screaming Trees frontman, Mark Lanegan. Lanegan says that Joy Division, The Stooges, Love and, perhaps surprisingly, New Order have all influenced this album. Despite having always been a fan of electronic music, the sounds are now making their way into his otherwise fags-and-whiskey-drenched gruff rock sound as it’s what he listens to most these days.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (HVNLP166C)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl

BBC Radio 1

Om are a heavy metal band who were formed as a duo by Al Cisneros and Chris Hakius from stoner metalers, Sleep. Hakius has since left the band. They have expanded to a trio with the addition of Emil Amos and Tyler Trotter. BBC Radio 1 is a session they recorded at the legendary Maida Vale studios in spring 2019. Among the four tracks are the OM classics Gethsemine and State Of No Return.

Juice B Crypts

Having attracted some criticism for their indifferent last outing four years ago, experimental rock enthusiasts Battles drop their fourth studio album, which presses the reset button on expectations once again. Which is to say, there's only two of them now. Juice B Crypts is a veritable whirlwind of sonics and features collaborations with Shabazz Palaces and tUnE-YaRdS.

The Hecks
My Star

Chicago group The Hecks are back on Trouble In Mind (Ultimate Painting, Omni) for their third LP My Star. The band have expanded to a four-piece for this record, a move that gives them greater control over their helter-skelter indie-rock sound. As such, My Star contains some of the tautest, peppiest work yet - tracks like ‘So 4 Real’ are the sort of jerky post-punk we heard a lot of in the years after Is This It. Frankly, here at Chateau Norman it’s a sound we could roll with all day and all night.
New in: Friday 11th October 2019

The Lilac Time
Return To Us

"Return to yesterday" sang the Lilac Time on their 1987 nearly hit of the same name but twenty two years on they announce Return to Us which is their tenth album to date. These days they are all Duffys with leader Stephen 'don't call me Tin Tin' Duffy joined by Claire Duffy and Nick Duffy on an album of further explorations of the gentle folk-inspired melodies that they have always peddled. One of Britain's most underrated songwriters, it's gladdening to see Duffy still going strong on a homely album of world weary musing and sepia-tinted nostalgia.  

The Wha

The Wha are a new indie band from Kilkenny in Ireland. Their sound seemingly comes from a love of The Jam and Elvis Costello with nods to more recent bands such as The Strokes and The Vaccines. Innocents is their debut single which you may catch them playing on tour in support of Fur and Two Door Cinema Club.

Ḣ-Camp Meets Lo-Fi

20th anniversary reissue of H-camp Meets Lo-fi by Dip. Dip were late film composer Johann Johannsson and former Sugar Cubes drummer Sigtryggur Baldursson. The album takes inspiration from the music of ‘60s Italian horror films and adds a bit of synth to create an experimental album on the edges of pop. A bunch of emerging Iclandic guest stars were invited to sing on the album, including Jonsi from Sigur Ros, Emiliana Torrini, Magga Stina, Sara Marti and Asgerdur Juniusdottir.

Johnny Flynn
A Larum

2007 was the year singer songwriter Johnny Flynn came of age playing a host of shows as well as releasing this his debut album. He travelled out to the Seattle countryside to record this with producer Ryan Hadlock (the Strokes etc) and the result more than lived up to the energy and pathos of his live shows. Now perhaps more famous as an actor, the album shows Flynn at the embryonic part of his musical career. 

Kamaal Williams
The Return

Yussef Kamaal may have disbanded, but Henry Wu continues to fly the flag as Kamaal Williams. For the first LP released under his given name we see Williams behind the keys in a jazz fusion trio that brings together the visionary aesthetic of the YK output with the sounds of new London jazz and the shuffling grooves of the Wu project. Out via the new Black Focus records, a label named after YK’s sole full-length.

If Not, When?

Oh dear lord don't. I assume they pronounce this Bedroom. If one more band or artist does this I'm going to scream the house down. It may come as no surprise that this Hull five piece are influenced by DIIV and THCRE (the Cure). This debut 10" on the always collectible Sonic Cathedral contains tracks from three of their self-released singles plus you get the Jewson lot of what they've done so far on the digital. Could be popular so get in on the grd flrr.     
  • Vinyl 10" (SCR139)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition


Emptyset are a London-based electronic duo made up of James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas. They made their latest album, Blossoms, using Machine Learning Technology. Ginzburg is known as a solo artist and as the person who runs the label Subtext and co-runs Arc Light Editions. Purgas curated the Wysing Arts Centre’s annual music festival and has lectured and written books on electronic music. It’s fair to say they know their stuff.

808 State
Transmission Suite

Once hilariously misnamed Bob State by someone at Top of the Pops, Manchester's legendary electronic pioneers 808 State return with their first album since 2002. They recorded this at the old Granada studios in their home town so expect some of that rain-lashed industrial heritage to have rubbed off on their atmospheric Detroit influenced techno. A welcome return.  

Compiled 2.0

Important, under-represent new-wave group Malaria! have their Compiled 1981-1984 LP reissued on Moabit Musik. This new edition bulks out the sixteen tracks of Compiled’s first run with four other tunes. Containing their 1982 debut LP Emotion, debut single, early EPs and some assorted other cuts, Compiled runs the gauntlet of early 80’s post-punk styles from a group who used to run with Einstürzende Neubauten. Gudrun Gut got her start in Malaria! you know.
New in: Thursday 10th October 2019

Special Request

The third of four albums expected in 2019 alone by Leeds producer Special Request, a.k.a. Paul Woolford. From his residency at legendary Leeds house night Back To Basics to his involvement on the soundtrack of Blade Runner 2049, Woolford’s artistry is hugely diverse, and this latest double-album Offworld is another demonstration of that. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (HTH115)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Last copy

Ten Rapid (Collected Recordings 1996-1997)

If you queued for hours only to miss out on the Record Store Day version of this then now is the time to rejoice. Rock Action have re-pressed Mogwai's early singles collection Ten Rapid. The album shows the nascent band exploring a more spindly but equally creative and wonderfully atmospheric version of their later heavyweight quiet/loud sound and is essential listening if you want to find out where it all began.  
  • Vinyl LP (ROCKACT05LPX)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Codes In The Clouds
Codes In The Clouds

Codes In The Clouds eponymous album is their third. It’s taken six years to make - three years spent writing and recording and three years in post-production. It wasn’t just their desire to make things more detailed than on previous records, but the band members have had more going on in their personal lives. Whatever happened in those six years be it joyous, heartbreaking or otherwise, they’ve left it all on this record.

Kool Keith
Computer Technology

The inimitable Kool Keith returns with another serving of surreal, abstract and frequently scatological hip-hop with another new album, Computer Technology. Produced in its entirety with long-term collaborator Junkaz Lou, it’s another brilliant example of Keith’s twisted take on rap that he’s cultivated for 35 years. 

The Clandestine Quartet
One for the Fossa, Two for the Wolverine

Powerhouse weirdo skronk outfit, assembled for a (one-off?) St John Sessions gig (and accompanying studio session) by Alan Bishop. He roped in his Sun City Girls brother Richard Bishop and his Rangda associate Chris Corsano, as well as Corsano’s fellow-traveller Michael Flower, meaning that this here Clandestine Quarter has both incredible firepower and wonderful dexterity. If any of the names involved is known to you, One for the Fossa, Two for the Wolverine is a must!

Deja Vega
Deja Vega

Mancunian trio Déjà Vega present their eponymous debut LP. This record is full of well-rendered lad-psych tunes, all humming basslines and post-Stone Roses lyrical flotsam/jetsam. Some of the tracks swagger along in a manner which recalls early Kasabian, others have more of a motorik Krautish feel to them. Could be massive, this lot.

Kincaid ft. Blancmange
Late For Sum

Father-son collaborations aren’t too common in pop, but the creative bond between Joe Arthur (Kincaid) and his dad Neil Arthur (frontman of English ‘80s synth-pop act Blancmange) is so compelling that they’ve decided to release a six-track mini-album together, following the warm reception given to single ‘Big Fat Head’ earlier this year. Late For Sum includes the original and remixed title track, plus four remixes Kincaid has delivered for Blancmange over the last couple of years. 

Fabienne Delsol

The functionally-titled fourth album from the brilliant Fabienne Delsol sparkles with ‘60s garage-rock throwback aesthetics and timeless pop sensibilities. Produced by the French star alongside Luke Oldfield and Toerag studios, original music and inspired cover versions share equal billing on Four. 

Astrid Sonne

Cliodynamics is the second album by Danish electronic composer Astrid Sonne. It also serves as a sequel to her debut album Human Lines. The album sees her refining her practice, once again placing the viola central in her work. This time she has added four vocalists, who bring more emotional depth to her work.

Andy Warhol and Music

Andy Warhol and Music. Well, he was at the centre of the scene involving one of the greatest bands ever to have existed in The Velvet Underground, so why not. This compilation celebrates the life of Andy Warhol by focusing on the music around at the time of this creative boom in the ‘60s and ‘70s. The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground, Debbie Harry, The Isley Brothers, Lou Reed and Tina Turner are just some of the artists included.
  • Vinyl Double LP (19075996041)
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  • Last copy

Maxine Funke

Reissue of New Zealand singer-songwriter Maxine Funke’s 2012 LP Felt here. Felt originally came out in a hyper-limited run of just 100 copies so it’s long overdue a new pressing, something it gets courtesy of Digital Regress. This is charming and quixotic balladry from Funke - the gentle acoustic finger-picking, softly-softly vocals and bedroom taping quality pitches Felt somewhere between Vashti Bunyan, Joanne Robertson and Daniel Johnston.

Maxine Funke

Right back to the start of her career with her short-lived stint in the $100 Band, New Zealand-based artist Maxine Funke has attempted to defy all attempts to categorise her. The Digital Regress label issues her 2008 solo album Lace on vinyl for the first time, and it brings out even more natural warmth from her music. 

Inoyama Land
Commissions: 1977-2000

Bloody hell. Makoto Inoue and Yasushi Yamashita have been making Ambient and New Age sounds for over four decades as Inoyama Land (see what they did there?) Here is a collection spanning the years 1977 to 2000 and this remastered LP perfectly exemplifies the nostalgic and pastoral synthesizer- led sound that has become their trademark. Comes with interview, liner notes and photos. Essential for all fans of transcendental new age and lost documents. 

John Coltrane
Blue World

First time release for five previously unissued recordings from famous jazz guy John Coltrane. The pieces were recorded for a Canadian animated film called The Cat In The Bag. Instead of using original recordings, Coltrane went into the studio and recorded new versions of older works for the project. Thing is, no-one thought to mention this and the film came out with original Coltrane work that had never been released. Until now that is.  

Giants of All Sizes

I like them tall giants, I like them small giants, I like them brown-haired giants, I like them blonde-haired giants… Unfortunately Giants Of All Sizes, the latest LP from stadium-bothering Mancunians Elbow, doesn’t actually include a cover of Calvin Harris’ ‘The Girls’. Shame, that. What the band’s eighth album does contain is more of that brooding, baroque rock music that Guy Garvey et al do so well. Think of them as Northern England’s answer to The National.
New in: Wednesday 9th October 2019

Stephen Mallinder
Um Dada

It wouldn’t really be accurate to say that we’ve been waiting a long time for a Stephen Mallinder solo LP. This is because the Cabaret Voltaire man’s last (and previously only) album Pow-Wow came out a full 37 years ago, way back in 1982, and as such most of us had stopped holding out for a follow-up. Now we’re pleased to tell you that 1) there is one, 2) it’s called Um Dada and 3) it’s good. This is a record of sprightly oddball techno-tronica that’s not dissimilar to Mouse On Mars or Matmos. Um Dada is out via Dais (Drab Majesty, SRSQ). Please note that the CD release contains two tracks that don't appear on the vinyl editions.
New in: Tuesday 8th October 2019

Devour You

Starcrawler’s well received self-titled debut, showed a band starting out and perhaps didn’t capture what the band really do. For their second album, Devour You, they’ve hired producer Nick Launay, who has worked with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, L7 and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. He was able to capture the essence of their live shows, albeit without making anyone bleed or breaking anyone's fingers, and help the band make a follow-up with a harder edge. 

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