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New releases - vinyl

New in: Monday 26th September 2016

Jon Hopkins

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House producer and Coldplay helper Jon Hopkins has done a lot since Opalescent, but his debut record now gets a reissue after fifteen years in the game. It was released to Just Label who largely dealt in beautified ambient music, and Hopkins sentimental sound was well suited to their whims -- that said, his music introduced different extremities, with his thunderous rhythmic ideas coupled with a more pastoral sound.…view full details.

Public Access TV
Never Enough

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The latest cool-swinging New York indie band present their debut full-length, Never Enough. Public Access TV have the classic stance and sunglass-wearing vocals of a Television, delivered with aplomb. The independent stores’ editions of Never Enough also throw in the exclusive four-track Japan EP on CD. Out on Cinematic Music Group.…view full details.


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Rehydrated FatCat imprint 130701 continue to rain down new classical treats with the debut record from Resina, alias of cellist and general sound artist Karolina Rec. Resina emerged from an impressive demo tape and suggests an interpretation of the Polish underground scene -- as with most 130701 releases, it's a medley of both gorgeous and intense sounds.…view full details.

It's Time To Vanish

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Spearmint are the sort of '90s survivors that could have had Pulp - like success if the planets had arranged themselves a tad differently. Instead they soldier on into 2016 with a new album which re-unites them with producer John Etkin-Bell for an album of sunny side up pop tunes that are reminiscent of the more intelligent end of Brit pop. …view full details.

C Duncan
Wanted To Want It Too

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After gaining a Mercury prize nomination and a boat load more production skills with his debut album, C Duncan, returns with a new single. It’s a huge washy and glorious synth-ballad. Straight shooting drums and walking bass line with almost orchestral synth arrangements, and his layered voice floating around somewhere in the middle.…view full details.

Blue House

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Suppose is the debut album from London outfit Blue House, who play DIY guitar pop with wistful lyrics about relationships and loss over plenty of indie guitar jangle. They sound pretty fully formed given that it’s only been a year since the band was formed. Suppose is released in a limited edition of 500 LPs via the Whipped Cream label.…view full details.

Vanishing Twin
Choose Your Own Adventure

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Vanishing Twin is a project led by Cathy Lucas (of The Oscillation), named for the phantom twin sister she absorbed in the womb(!). That should tip you off to the odd edge that Choose Your Own Adventure has: appealing pop music, but made strange and obscure. Also features personnel from Tomaga, Broadcast and Floating Points. Debut album, out on Soundway.…view full details.

Pleasure Ground

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Furious man Dominick Fernow flips a coin between techno act Vatican Shadow and his noise origin story Prurient, this time coming up heads for a record of doom influenced-dissonance under the latter moniker. Initially released in 2006 on Load, Pleasure Ground is one of the pinnacles of Prurient's attempts at mixing fragility and harsh, unforgiving noise into the same pallette -- anyone who came to know him through the dou…view full details.

Yves Tumor
Serpent Music

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Danny Clay

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Delicate worlds laced with old vinyl dusty fuzz and crackle. Think the forced yet gentle nostalgia of Leyland Kirby’s The Future or his The Caretaker material, but no big band sound, more music box or single toy piano, bits of solo cello and twisted vocal harmonies, found in a box in the family attic.…view full details.

Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza
Gruppo Di Improvvisazione "Nuova Consonanza"

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Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza are legendary, at least within the tight circles of electro-acoustic improvisation fans and the deeper fans of Ennio Morricone (who was part of the group. This record is way, way ahead of its 1960s era, sounding alien and fascinating even today! Reissued by Schema.…view full details.

Game Theory
The Big Shot Chronicles

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This isn't even the greatest Game Theory album but is still one of the finest most energetic bursts of oddball future thinking power pop seen in the '80s.  Scott Miller and pals had the route to my heart back then and this record contains some of his most direct pop bursts such as 'Erica's Word' and blitzkrieg opener 'Here It Is Tomorrow'. If you like early R.E.M, Sparks and Let's Active then this is for you. C…view full details.

Taman Shud
Oracle War

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Taman Shud, who are of course named for a mysterious deadly incident, boast that this new record is the product of elaborate rituals. They reckon that Oracle War managed to commune with aquatic beings: I guess you’ll have to be the judge of that. In the meantime, these tracks make for strong unhinged rock listening. LP release on Trashmouth Records.…view full details.

Form Hell

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Victims is a new collaboration between Timothy Fife and Chris Livengood, who compose music for films and used to be in Video Nasties respectively. Both plainly know their way around a schlocky movie synth-soundtrack, and their debut release Form Hell is a dramatic set of electronics that should probably be backing up some gruesome screen murders. 10” on Death Waltz Originals.…view full details.


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Repress of Kavinsky’s 2007 EP. Take all your favourite 80s synth wave sound tracks, we all have those, give em a shake and bring em into the gleaming future. Think John Carpenter on speed making friends with Gatekeeper but retaining the Teenwolf soundtrack kind of cheeky schoolboy charm. Vinyl on Record Makers.…view full details.

Pat Thomas
Coming Home

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Stunning collection of Ghanaian Big Band music covering Pat Thomas’ huge body of work from 1961 to 1984. Coming Home includes some highlights from his collaborations with The Black Berets and Ebo Taylor, who he formed The Sweet Beans with, and they would then reform as Marijata. The collection tracks his moves around the world bringing the Ghanaian “Highlife” sound with him.…view full details.

Sam Evian

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Premium is the debut album of Sam Evian, who makes classic-sounding soulful pop music through a shiny contemporary dream-electronic filter. It’s an effective (and affecting) approach! Personnel include Shahzad Ismaily, two members of Here We Go Magic and the saxophonist from the Colbert show. Premium is out on Saddle Creek.…view full details.

Bob Dylan
The Times They Are A-Changin'

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The Times They Are A-Changin’ is Bob Dylan’s third album, and his first to only contain original songs. And what songs! As well as the stone-cold classic title track, you’ve got ‘With God On Our Side’, ‘The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll’, ‘Ballad Of Hollis Brown’... And all sung and played by Dylan solo. Historically and musically essential vinyl reissue on Legacy.…view full details.

Leonard Cohen
I'm Your Man

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I’m Your Man is such an amazingly high quality Leonard Cohen album that fully six of its eight tracks are included on his greatest hits compilation. Cohen fully embraced synthesiser backing here, and the whole record simmers with dark glamour. Includes crucial Cohen cuts like ‘Ain’t No Cure For Love’, ‘Tower of Song’ and the title track. Vinyl reissue on Legacy.…view full details.


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Yello, the Oh Yeah-producing synth-pop pioneers, are back with a thirteenth album, having been quiet for a whole nine years. Toy is as fun and groovy as the Swiss group’s classic stuff, with darkly deadpan vocals over bouncy synths. Double LP or CD editions on Universal: the CD has 3 extra tracks.…view full details.

God Damn
Everything Ever

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God Damn heavy. God Damn funky, and hell, God Damn catchy. Back for their follow up album on One Little Indian, and they bring the 70s rock riff, 90s grunge rage the head bang-ability and thick singable guitar leads of Royal Blood or Muse, big double vocal choruses, and the fun of Red Fang, from Wolverhampton…….…view full details.


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A thirteenth broadcast from the perennially engaging electroacoustic improvisation group Supersilent. There are only three of the Norwegians here on 13, but the broad array of instruments and the even broader array of playing techniques mean that the band’s soundworld is as full and immersive as ever. On Smalltown Supersound.…view full details.

Blonde Redhead
Masculin Feminin

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Here’s an excellently in-depth archival release for Blonde Redhead, one of 90’s New York’s finest outfits. Masculin Feminin contains the band’s first two albums in full, plus all the surrounding extra material from the time (singles, radio sessions, demos etc.). Also, for a little perspective, two in-depth essays and lots of exclusive photographs. 2CD / 4LP sets on Numero Group.…view full details.

Midnight Control

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After 8 years away, Sheffield local boys are officially back, and with a new double A-sided single. Definitely matured in the 8 years away as well, and with the members playing in acts such as Dead Sons and Backhanded Compliments in the gap they have pushed away from the jingle jangle, and into more matured indie pop. less shake, more sway.…view full details.

Spit It Out

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Spit It Out is the first single and opening track from Slaves’ new sophomore album Take Control. Rip roaring punk revival stuff that’ll inspire your next riot, or maybe mini riot, or at least have a good night on the tiles. Produced by ex-Beastie Boy Mike D, and an exclusive to this release track on the B-Side. …view full details.

Is God's Creation

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These heavy / heady psych jams by Nudity were recorded between 2005 and 2010, meaning that they’ve had many years to mature in a cupboard somewhere. The tracks on Is God’s Creation have only grown more potent in that time: now they’ll blast you to the cosmic regions in no time at all. 350 double LP copies only, on Cardinal Fuzz.…view full details.

Dead Sea Apes
Soy Dios

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Psychedelic buddies Dead Sea Apes peak their heads over the pennines and decide to contribute an extra bout of hypno-action for Cardinal Fuzz. Soy Dios is as cosmic as you like it, using the standard broth of aggressively monotonous guitar jams and interluding drone to create a remote, ponderous sound for lovers of the distorted abyss. In space, nobody can hear you etcetera.…view full details.

New in: Saturday 24th September 2016

94 East feat. Prince
94 East feat. Prince

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Hold the bloody phone…. The earliest recordings of Prince, as he emerged with 94 East. Obviously, he plays as many instruments as you can name, THIS is where it all began, and now remastered and put on glorious triple LP or coloured (purple, naturally) vinyl. Box set includes interview with 94 East founder and Prince discoverer Pepé Willie.…view full details.

New in: Friday 23rd September 2016

Alex Puddu
The Golden Age of Danish Pornography Vol. 3

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Originally started by composing a soundtrack to a set of 70s vintage hardcore short films, Alex Puddu’s Golden age series is brought to an end with the third installment. Dusty funk grooves, with track titles such as Cowboys Do It Better I think you get the idea. Remember Ron Jeremy’s Pornosonic album? Of course you do.  …view full details.

King Tubby's
Two Big Bull In A One Pen Dubwise

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This 1986 LP forms part of King Tubby’s mighty dub crown, with ten tracks of his intuitive soundmaster dubbing. Two Big Bull In A One Pen Dubwise was initially issued on the Firehouse label, and has been a real rare one for years now. Dub Store have put it back in circulation now though, on CD and LP.…view full details.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Skeleton Tree

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8/10 according to our Robin

When I was young I would buy old Nick Cave albums on CD, put them on my primitive musical shelf and then never listen to them. I did this with a Converge CD too, once, as if staving off the scary music was a greater achievement than actually confronting it. I assumed Cave’s music was too dour and that maybe one day a future Robin would open and enjoy it -- b…view full details.

Pet Shop Boys
Say It To Me

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The Pet Shop Boys have always been well-remixed, and Say It To Me, the latest release from their current Super album, is no exception. Real Lies, Tom Demac, Stuart Price and Offer Nissim all work their magic across both CD and 12” releases: CD purchasers get the extra treat of a Carl Craig reworking of ‘Inner Sanctum’! Pure pop power on x2.…view full details.


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Recorded sessions kept as a document from a day Nuel won’t forget, a day when something happened. Though, he is illusive when it comes to unveiling what “it” was, himself. 4 hugely embracing techno-ish tracks that never break over to being hard hitting, hint at it, but remain enticing and tactful. A fitting ambiguity.…view full details.

Mark Ernestus' Ndagga Rhythm Force

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Basic Channel mastermind Mark Ernestus has been immersing himself in collaborations with African musicians for some years now: his Ndagga Rhythm Force is an incredible group of Dakar mbalax musicians. For Yermande, their intense band recordings have been tweaked and dubbed-up by Ernestus for a perfect synthesis of the two approaches. LP release on Ndagga.…view full details.

Cavern of Anti-Matter / Booze / Fupper / Clean & Jerk / Apothéose de la Trahison
Inversions 001

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A heady mix of haggard electronics and disgruntled noise is contained within this lil EP, featuring some big names and some that we haven't heard of - Fupper is an excellent word. Cavern of Anti-Matter provide the mad electro action, Booze tear it to shreds with grumbly riffs, Fupper channels Moondog through oddball lo-fi psych, and there's even some doom metal towards the end of side B... Can you say smorgasbord? I can't.…view full details.


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9/10 according to our Robin

Songwriter star Abra has put in a shift and a half in the career leading up to ‘Princess’, as attested to in a heady press sheet that harkens back to the times when she was just pulling up an acoustic for covers of Gucci Mane tunes. Listening in on this EP, you can hear her sound as expansive and maximalist, but also cramped and homegrown, suggesting both an artist who’d make …view full details.

Fires Within Fires

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New Neurosis?! It's no wonder the press release is in all caps. The sludge titans have been going thirty years, if you can believe it, and they commemorate being older than me by releasing a brand new album called Fires Within Fires. That kinda grittily gorgeous album art sums up the band, really -- their post-metal hints create a gorgeous landscape on which they repulse with the usual metal, and this one, produced by Steve Albini, will have double the rot.…view full details.

The Exit Papers

4 people love me. Be the 5th...

8/10 according to our Clinton

You'd think that Low would be the perfect band to write film soundtracks so it's quite remarkable to find out that that they haven't done any to date. They did try between 'Secret Name' and 'Things We Lost in the Fire' with this 'The Exit Papers' series of pieces which were originally meant for soundtrack consideration and were subsequently released on the Travel in Constants series on Tem…view full details.

Archy Marshall
A New Place 2 Drown

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9/10 according to Max Cave (customer) on

This is definitely one of my favourite releases from Archy Marshall's (King Krule's) many alter egos. It may not be as accessible as his album under the name of King Krule, (6 Feet Beneath the Moon) however this experimental soundtrack to his book pushes his music towards new horizons. The album consists of a mixture of trance-like beats, as well as lyrically genuious phrases such as 'When it rains it fucking pours, The sky opens its mouth and spits to the flo…view full details.

New in: Thursday 22nd September 2016

Karen Gwyer
Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase

4 people love me. Be the 5th...

8/10 according to our Laurie

New Karen Gwyer already? Excellent. We’ve been served a tasty heap of beaty treats from KG recently, from the new age tripouts of Kiki the Wormhole on Public House to the harder-edged techno of the Bouloman EP on Nous Disques. This latest, named after the four stages of cell division (why is A level biology still in there somewhere??), finds a space in between the two, w…view full details.

Execution Ground

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Painkiller’s heavyweight line-up, in case you had forgotten, was Mick Harris (of Napalm Death), Bill Laswell (of Last Exit) and John Zorn (of absolutely everything, particularly Naked City). Yeah, big stuff. Execution Ground is their 1994 double album, where they started really dubbing-up their avant-jazz-grindcore sound. This Karlrecords reissue puts it on vin…view full details.

Steve Spacek
Follow Me

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If his Discogs page is telling the truth, then this is Steve Spacek's first solid release since 2009, on Eglo Records no less! Oh, and the page also says that his brother is apparently D-Bridge. Give this man some credit on his own, jeez. Expect some extremely soulful house action across the course of this 12", if the title track is anything to go by. …view full details.


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Step in digital post-reality with IOKOI, who makes her debut with this album. Liquefy is electronic pop that slithers around what you expect to hear, deploying beautifully strange textures and production design. The vibe is Holly Herndon-inspired, approaching a state of post-humanity. Out on the -OUS label.…view full details.

Stara Rzeka
Zamknely sie oczy ziemi

11 people love me. Be the 12th...

9/10 according to our Laurie

So, I find out about Stara Rzeka as Stara Rzeka ceases to be. This here CD is the second and last release by Kuba Ziolek under this name, until the pole  can think of a new abstract music thing to spend his days making. The music here is expansive and totally enthralling, a sound that beckons you toward black metal, ambient/drone and foresty folk, slipping effortlessly between them in…view full details.

Pete Astor
Do Nothing

4 people love me. Be the 5th...

Pete Astor teams up with Ultimate Painting/Proper Ornaments/Veronica Falls member James Hoare once again on his new three track single, 'Do Nothing'. With Telegram's Jordan Cook joining them on drums, the single features all new material, the results of which are typical of some of the excellent psych gems released on the Feral Child label - its first release being an unofficial reissue of 2 French Girl Pop / Psych singles from 1967 in 2009. Released in a limited hand numbered run of just 300…view full details.

Manuel Göttsching

16 people love me. Be the 17th...

9/10 according to our Ant

At last the official 180g vinyl reissue of this eternal classic has landed in celebration of its 35th anniversary. I was 3 years old when this was released and had never even heard it until like eight years ago or something. Imagine my surprise while cruising along with my man Brett in his vehicle, we got into a conversation about …view full details.

North Sea Radio Orchestra

10 people love me. Be the 11th...

8/10 according to Robbyboy (customer) on

Almost as good as 'I a moon', but not quite, in my opinion. Standout tracks are 'Vishnu schist' and the lovely 'Alsace Lorraine' which is up there with NSRO's best. There's even a hint of Spiritualized in the instrumental title track. Lovely stuff. Superb cover artwork deserves a mention too.…view full details.

Collapsing Horizons

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

Twinkling electronics from Dutch outfit Tangent here on their third album Collapsing Horizons. Each track could be excavated to reveal separate strata: glitchy beats, serene ambience, digital hiss and delicate melodies all coexist neatly together. Released as CD and as coloured vinyl LP on the n5MD label.…view full details.

Family Fodder
Sex Works

1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

Unique and clever and experimental post-punkers Family Fodder have served up Sex Works, a four track EP featuring songs about...you guessed it… sex. It includes You Came (Again) which will feature on their forthcoming, and apparently previously lost album, Foreverandever. 7" transparent yellow vinyl, limited to 250 copies.…view full details.

Flyying Colours

5 people love me. Be the 6th...

7/10 according to our Clinton

The label really don't like it when we don't like their records so it's a good job prolific Aussie shoegaze hopefuls make an absolute racket on the opening track of this their debut album. I feel that here they've moved on somewhat from their earlier EP's with a better know-how when it comes to dynamics, probably helped by the addition of a rhythm section. Who knew?  …view full details.

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