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New in: Monday 8th February 2016

You Say Party
You Say Party

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Canadian, new wave, four piece dance punks You Say Party are back with their long awaited, self titled new album. Evolving over a period of four years ‘You Say Party’ is a carefully considered and deeply immersive record that builds a dream-like, unreal, sound-scape based on a melancholic sense of loss, introspective uncertainty and longing.…view full details.

Sun Ra
Space Is The Place

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

9/10 according to S.Westwood (customer) on

This is a great reissue of an incredible release by Sun Ra. The track "Space Is The Place" is an incredible track. It features some amazing instrumentation and great playing by Sun Ra. The album also shows how Sun Ra's sound has evolved and how it changed since his beginning and how it way so ahead of its time. The album also shows how Sun Ra is still an important artist now and how his work has inspired artists now. Overall an incredible release by an incredible musical figure and musical ge…view full details.

John Coltrane

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Impulse! and Back To Black reissue one of the founding texts of free jazz: John Coltrane’s Ascension. John leads a large ensemble (including Pharoah Sanders, Freddie Hubbard, McCoy Tyner…) into ecstatic group improvisations. Each soloist gets a section to flow freely on, and when they all come together again, minds are blown. A crucial classic.…view full details.

Basia Bulat
Good Advice

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

Good Advice is the fourth studio album by Canadian singer/songwriter Basia Bulat. She recorded the album with the production and instrumental assistance of Jim James from My Morning Jacket. His influence is clear to see. Bulat is usually known for playing an autoharp, but here a more traditional guitar, bass, drums and keyboard set up is used. Jim James says that she is a unique talent.…view full details.

Monster Magnet

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Monster Magnet are a good old-fashioned stoner rock outfit, where the riffs are treacle-thick and boulder-heavy. Superjudge, their 1993 effort, includes a cover of Hawkwind: head straight to space! This reissue includes a whole extra disc of rare cuts, plus newly-written sleeve notes and booklet. On Spinefarm.…view full details.

The Jezabels

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Synthia is the third full-length record from this Australian quartet. The Jezabels do a fine line of industrially-edged dark synth-pop, with at least a hint of Australian Gothic lurking in the background. A real sense of drama makes it hard to tear the ear away from the crescendos of some of these tracks. Released on The Jezabels’ own imprint.…view full details.

Still Waters

1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

French producer Breakbot digs out his synthesizer for this funky synth pop release. Still Waters distills everything great from disco, boogie and jittery French house to create a sharp pop album frozen in time. Ed Banger have pressed this to vinyl LP and CD and have kindly included the CD with the vinyl.…view full details.

Game Theory
Lolita Nation

6 people love me. Be the 7th...

9/10 according to our Clinton

Oh my goodness where to start with this. The most sprawlingly ambitious power-pop/pop-psyche record ever made. Me and 'Lolita Nation' go back a long way. It was a sign of my youth that when I bought it (from York's legendary Red Rhino records) that I was unable to play it straight away as I had to go on a picnic with my parents. So instead I stared at the sleeve wondering what songs such as "Wa…view full details.


17 people love me. Be the 18th...

7/10 according to our Clinton

Back in the days when shoegaze didn't involve the wearing of trilby hats, four young puppyish teenagers hailing from Oxford burst onto the scene creating a kind of tween-friendly shoegaze-lite that was sonically and visually appealing yet wasn't as goddamn weird as My Bloody Valentine. For one thing you didn't think something was wrong with y…view full details.

Ulrika Spacek
The Album Paranoia

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

9/10 according to our Robin

It’s a brave new world we live in when I’m reviewing a record off of an NME stream, but here we are -- I’m pretty sure Chris Moyles orchestrated this in collaboration with Windows 10. Ulrika Spacek are sugar free psychedelic merchants from London, and if their upcoming tour with Sunflower Bean isn’t enough of a clue, here’s the …view full details.

Love Buzzard

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Messy, boozy, ballsy, hell-a-fun DIY psych-garage rock. Yeah, think that sums this up. Dangerous mid-week listening. Love Buzzard’s debut album after Sean McClusky managed to get them in front of some microphones from constant touring, and this live energy has been captured on wax. The limited 12” contains bonus material not on CD.…view full details.

Agoraphobic Nosebleed

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Brand new EP from Agoraphobic Nosebleed, extreme metal / grindcore veterans. I wouldn’t say they’ve relaxed over time, as these are still ferocious, emotionally-desolate tracks. But the songs / minutes ratio is down to 3 / 25, as opposed to 100 / 21 a decade ago. Arc is released on Relapse.…view full details.

Roaring At The Storm

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Old-school alt-rock jams from a trio of young Norwegians. Sauropod have a grungey, power-pop kind of sound with no shortage of anthemic melodies, a howling vocal attitude, and a crushing gnarled guitar tone. Roaring At The Storm, the band’s debut full-length release, is released by the Riot Factory label.…view full details.


Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Having given themselves a good number of EP’s and tour dates to build themselves up, Pinegrove are now ready to present to us their debut full-length. Cardinal is an array of rocking indie-country songs that feel rooted in lived experience and feeling. CD or coloured vinyl LP on Run For Cover.…view full details.

Bleeding Heart Pigeons

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

This heavyweight double vinyl LP from Bleeding Heart Pigeons is their debut album after a string of great singles. Is draws from the structure and instruments of traditional rock music and songwriting, but then undermines it with intimate singing and offbeat composition. The National are an obvious reference, but strange electronic quirks and experimental elements make them unique.…view full details.

Monster Magnet
Dopes To Infinity

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Dopes to Infinity is part of Spinefarm Records’ Monster Magnet reissue series and it’s a pleasure to have this low-slung, grotty stoner rock back on double CD and vinyl LP. This was the third of the band’s proper studio albums, and by this point they had completely perfected their noisy and droning Black Sabbath homage.…view full details.

Monster Magnet
God Says No

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Monster Magnet are a good old-fashioned stoner metal outfit, where the riffs are treacle-thick and boulder-heavy. God Says No was first released in 2001, their fifth studio album. Both the CD and the LP versions include a whole extra disc of rare cuts, plus newly-written sleeve notes and booklet. Reissued by Spinefarm.…view full details.

Monster Magnet

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Monster Magnet are a good old-fashioned stoner rock outfit, where the riffs are treacle-thick and boulder-heavy. 1998’s Powertrip includes their hit, ‘Space Lord’, as well as some of the most metal sleeve art ever. This reissue includes a whole extra disc of rare cuts, plus newly-written sleeve notes and booklet. On Spinefarm.…view full details.

Albert Ayler
In Greenwich Village

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An essential slice of Albert Ayler, reissued by Impulse! and Back To Black. In Greenwich Village is a live recording of Ayler, performing with cello, violin, and Henry Grimes’ bass. The 4 pieces include the lush ‘Our Prayer’ and Ayler’s wild take on ‘Truth Is Marching In’. An ecstatic performance.…view full details.

Alice Coltrane
World Galaxy

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

Impulse! and Back To Black reissue this sweeping 1972 album by Alice Coltrane. World Galaxy pairs Alice’s harp-led ensemble with a large string orchestra, meaning that her already cosmically free-flowing compositions spiral even further out. A deeply lush listen. Including versions of two John Coltrane favourites.…view full details.

Pharoah Sanders

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

Pharoah Sanders’ Karma is a simply incredible record, one that builds on the formidable influence of John Coltrane (who is quoted at the start) and, impressively, takes it somewhere new. Leon Thomas’ vocals and Pharoah’s ecstatic saxophone overblowing (along with the rest of the mighty ensemble) make the half-hour track ‘The Creator Has A Master Plan’ into a truly spiritual epic.…view full details.

John Coltrane
A Love Supreme: The Complete Masters

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What to say about John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme? It has become one of the most famed albums in all of jazz for a reason: the sheer spiritual power of Coltrane and his quartet just can’t be beat. This Complete Masters release delivers the entire recording session, outtakes, chatter, the lot. It fills 3 LPs, and is complemented with a 20 page booklet.…view full details.

Up In Flames

26 people love me. Be the 27th...

8/10 according to our Phil

On a similiar tip is the new Manitoba album which sounds much more Fourtet-ee than the last one. If you want an indication of what yr getting it's something like Fourtet having eaten Sun Ra and then being eaten by a bloody great big My Bloody Valentine monster. That make sense? Big crashing beats, shoegazey washes and some …view full details.

New in: Friday 5th February 2016

The Skiffle Players

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The Skiffle Players take a very deliberately old-school approach with Skifflin’: while it isn’t quite straight-up washboard-bass skiffle music, it does sound like it emanates from another time. The band features singer-songwriter Cass McCombs, and the album features a mixture of originals and old ballads. Gatefold LP on Spiritual Pajamas.…view full details.

Ornette Coleman
To Whom Who Keeps A Record

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This is a rare slice of Ornette Coleman, a collection originally only released in Japan and made up of outtakes from the classics Change of the Century and This Is Our Music. Needless to say with that pedigree (and with the same astonishing band line-up, including Don Cherry and Ed Blackwell), this is premium jazz. First-time vinyl reissue!…view full details.

Luther Dickinson
Blues & Ballads (A Folksinger’s Songbook) Volumes I & II

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

Folk, blues, and southern rock troubadour Luther Dickinson, release Blues & Ballads (A Folksinger’s Songbook) Volumes I & II. This collection on New West highlights the mid-south, Memphis rock ‘n roll sound that Dickinson works to preserve. To celebrate oral and written traditions in music Dickinson has also included a 16-page songbook with both the digipak CD and 180 gram vinyl double LP.…view full details.

Field Music

11 people love me. Be the 12th...

7/10 according to our Clinton

I wish I hadn't read the press release as I was looking forward to this. I'm not sure I want to hear a record which lyrically depicts settling down and nappy changing. Just imagine Lou Reed approaching such source material. However, if anyone is going to make such grown up concerns palatable it will be Field Music.  'The Noisy Days Are Over' is a whip…view full details.

Sunflower Bean
Human Ceremony

5 people love me. Be the 6th...

7/10 according to our Robin

Here it is: the record that should be the year’s most unremarkable (Sunflower Bean literally sounds like a band name that was made up by someone parodying the Brooklyn music scene, are they from Brooklyn, turns out yes, they are, how about that), but for which I have many remarks. The record that should probably do the least for me and yet it’s shifted my internal monologue a few ti…view full details.

NZCA Lines
Infinite Summer

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

7/10 according to LuigiLovesPeas (customer) on

I have to confess I knew nothing about this band before; apparently NZCA Lines is Michael Lovett, joined on his 2nd LP by Charlotte from Ash and Sarah Jones of that Hot Chip. Makes sense as the sound is like a finely-polished Metronomy, with influences ranging from smooth R&B stylings to Stereolab; to “create a record that marries sci-fi futurism to personal intim…view full details.

Anna Homler and Steve Moshier
Breadwoman & Other Tales

36 people love me. Be the 37th...

9/10 according to our Robin

If you can believe it, this record dates back to the early ‘80s, when Anna Homler and Steve Moshier were deep into their own isolated avant-garde pursuits. Homler, a vocalist interested in language and intonation, conceived fractured, untranslatable songs; listening to them on their own, the pauses and overlays would sound like gaping chasms and urgent interruptions. Using a bedrock of hi…view full details.

The Walker Brothers
Nite Flights

12 people love me. Be the 13th...

10/10 according to Nuutti-Iivari Meriläinen (customer) on

My introduction to Scott Walker was a quite recent TV showing of Scott Walker: 30th Century Man documentary. I got to see the documentary two times, and both showings got me deeper and deeper into the world of Walker. I've been an electronic dance music DJ for over two decades, concentrating mainly in techno, IDM, electro, dubstep, ambient, etc., purely electronic music genres - but I have an extensive classical music education preceding my foray into electr…view full details.

All the Fuckin' As

4 people love me. Be the 5th...

Rapid-fire jungle from dgoHn. All the Fuckin’ As is a highly technical amen work-out full of tearaway breakbeats and subtle production tics. The whole vinyl 12” has a creepy sci-fi vibe that’s helped by Scrase’s remix on the B-side. Love Love Records have pressed this to white wax with some nice dystopian artwork.…view full details.

New in: Thursday 4th February 2016

Capra Informis
Womb of the Wild

4 people love me. Be the 5th...

7/10 according to our Laurie

Capra Informis is a new band that means ‘shapeless goat’ in latin, which is a clever name since it was started by the djembi player from Goat (see what they did there?) who still remains nameless for no reason at all. ‘It’s not about me, it’s about the music, but I’m also famous from a famous band so yeah.’ He/she has assemble…view full details.

Micah P. Hinson & Nick Phelps
Broken Arrows

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

8/10 according to our Robin

Also known as ‘You Think You’re Fucking Ennio Morricone’, the new collaboration between Micah P. Hinson and Nick Phelps tries to muster up the spirit of a terse, hate-filled Western while smashing plates and distorting the airwaves for some real feral rock music. Yes, it feels kinda like watching your choice Western (I can only think of &l…view full details.

C Joynes / Nick Jonah Davis
Split Electric

10 people love me. Be the 11th...

8/10 according to our Robin

Norman Records Sitcom Scenario #32: what if two improv guitarists lived together and had to split an electricity bill? You’d have ‘Split Electric’, a charming show with a two season run. C Joynes and Nick Jonah Davis are the recurring stars, and in this particular episode they also play some of that gorgeous guitar -- one after the other, because it’s important to queue.…view full details.

The Vryll Society

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

Four tracks on this debut EP from The Vryll Society, a new Liverpool crew. The band sound like they might have seen a few chemically-enhanced sunrises in their time, with that classic psychy combination of solid motorik drums underneath, wispy vocals on the top, and flaring guitars in the middle. Pangea is out on Deltasonic.…view full details.


3 people love me. Be the 4th...

8/10 according to our Laurie

Having just released Roly Porter’s destructive LP Third Law, Tri Angle decide that they haven’t provided enough of an audio battering to the ears of their followers. Enter the choppy productions of US audio subverter Hanz, who, by the looks of things, has made it onto wax for the first time with this here Reducer record. His…view full details.

Bionic Ahmed EP

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

8/10 according to our Ant

The second offering on Lee Gamble’s UIQ label comes from Cairo dwelling producer Ahmed El Ghazoly aka ZULI with the ‘Bionic Ahmed EP’. Opening with the heavy, stoned beats, metallic chimes and processed vocal of futurist hip-hopper ‘Robotic Handshake’. A tune which feels s…view full details.

Getting Back

8 people love me. Be the 9th...

8/10 according to our Robin

Fuck, okay, this record begins with a song called “Leicester Holiday” and I am not prepared to make a well-timed, on-topic but off-brand football joke. I feel like I must though: how about that team? Can you believe this cupset? Cupset is my new band name. Okay we’re good. On a somewhat related note, “Leicester Holiday” is a psych blues jam, born from a lo…view full details.

GoGo Penguin
Man Made Object

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

GoGo Penguin are part of a small, elite pantheon of British artists signed to the legendary Blue Note label, putting them in the same room as jazz royalty. As Man Made Object shows, they’ve got there by melding traditional jazz approaches with sounds from glitchy electronica: all produced acoustically, of course.…view full details.

Analogue Creatures

1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

This five track vinyl 10” from Immersion perfectly connects the duo’s backgrounds. First formed by Wire’s Colin Newman and Minimal Compact’s Malka Spigel in the 90s, Immersion make organic techno built from precise loops and minimal textures. As the name Analogue Creatures suggests, this EP is about analogue gear and making a racket with it. …view full details.

British Radars

13 people love me. Be the 14th...

8/10 according to JimmyJams73 (customer) on

Fans of Hood, rejoice! Sort-of new / newly available versions of old and hard to find songs are ready to caress your ears. Fans of lo-fi noise, pretty melodies and slightly melancholy (yet somehow uplifting) tender paeans to love, loss and existential regret might also prick up their ears. Although for music lovers perhaps not familiar with the work of these boys from Leeds, I recommend listening to the wonderful "Cold House" album first. Which you really ought to buy; it's available …view full details.

Gqom Oh! The Sound of Durban Vol.1

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

9/10 according to our Ant

Had someone asked me three weeks ago what I thought Gqom was, I probably would have assumed it was the latest internet available legal high the kids are all getting buzzed up on. I would have of course been wrong. Turns out a short distance from the beautiful sandy beaches of Durban --the coastal city in Eastern South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province, in the townships and suburbs, you…view full details.

New in: Wednesday 3rd February 2016

Mt. Si
Limits EP

1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

Satisfying electro-pop side-project, brightening the days of the band members, who spend their day-jobs in Superhumanoids, Kisses and Classixx respectively. Together, as Mt. Si, they manage to sound like a lot more than a way to kill time, with Limits’ 4 tracks each standing up as strong pieces of pop. 12” on Cascine.…view full details.

The Cult
Hidden City

1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

Hidden City is the 10th studio album by The Cult. The album is the final part of a trilogy comprising of 2007’s Born Into This and 2012’s Choice of Weapon. The duo of Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy have been proving they still have what it takes as a live band too with last year’s performance at Coachella leading Rolling Stone magazine to roll out the superlatives.…view full details.

The Gamble

6 people love me. Be the 7th...

8/10 according to our Laurie

This record follows the bizarre story of the band’s early stages. Imagine a sunny mid-90s German fairground with Nils Frahm, Sebastian Singwald and Frederic Gmeiner playing mildly bleak, semi-electronic jams to passing families. What a sight. All of a sudden, a roundabout seat comes flying off and the passengers land in the kick drum and bass amp. …view full details.


2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

Revengeance is the third album by Merseyside doom metal three piece Conan. The songs are wrapped in warm, down-tuned fuzz, crust-covered doom and monumental drone. However, this fuzzy sludge does not conceal how pissed off the band remain. Pressed on limited edition transparent red vinyl which is exclusive to the UK. On Napalm Records. …view full details.

Tord Gustavsen, Simin Tander, Jarle Vespestad
What Was Said

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

Tord Gustavsen, Simin Tander and Jarle Vespestad explore Norwegian hymns on this ECM release; it’s jazz, but not as we know it. As a duo Gustavsen and Vespestad have worked closely together for a long time, refining their complex interplay for piano, drums and subtle electronics. But here they also complicate their relationship by working with Afghan poet Tander. Together they make What Was Said a very personal and moving piece of moder…view full details.

Avishai Cohen
Into The Silence

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

Following on from his stunning contribution to Mark Turner’s 2014 Lathe Of Heaven, Israeli trumpeter Avishai Cohen makes his leader debut on ECM with Into The Silence. The album features pianist Yonathan Avishai, drummer Nasheet Waits and bassist Eric Revis - known for his work with the Branford Marsalis Quartet along with Sax from Bill McHenry. The understanding between Cohen and Waits occasionally re…view full details.

Ten Stories

1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

Album number five from mewithoutYou, first released in 2012 and now reissued on the Big Scary Monsters label. The album’s songs follow a narrative taken from a book about a 19th century circus train crash, hence Ten Stories. All told with a strong indie-rock heft, and also featuring some guest vocals from Hayley Williams of Paramore.…view full details.

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