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New in: Wednesday 28th September 2016

DJ Sotofett
DJ Sotofett Versions (feat. Day Is Over & Mike Koskinen)

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DJ Sotofett of Wania and Sex Tags fame puts his own spin on mid-70s jazz funk. The two Finnish releases saw a 2001 release on Jazzpuu. The first features rampaging drums and hip-jerking bass backing a proper jam, whilst the flip emphasises the low-end through a driving bassline. Both are evidently made with serious movement in mind!…view full details.

Luciano Michelini e la sua Orchestra
La Conquista di Luna

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Luciano Michelini’s La Conquista di Luna is a masterwork of imagined sci-fi soundtracking, deploying all the skillful weird touches those wonderful library music Italians had at their disposal. Released in 1969, when space travel was very much on the public agenda, this record still sounds like a magical version of the future today. Reissued as part of Schema’s SCEB Series.…view full details.


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London’s Alien Jams imprint follows up their Beatrice Dillon/Karen Gwyer split with a 12” EP from rkss. Strange and peripheral electronics are the order of the day! “Wave” washes out fidgety, hyper-textural knocks with swathes of synths and a kick that steadily hammers you into neighbour-nuisance territory. “LOAD” on the other hand is an awkward bassy stroll through winding, stretching digital groans.…view full details.

Late Style

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Late Style is a more or less unique-sounding album, being constructed out of recordings of a dying church organ. The failing circuitry means that these sounds (broken digital shards, twisted melodic fragments) can’t really be replicated again: sweet deal! The A-side has Devon Loch’s raw recordings, while the B-side features reworkings made with Antidröm. LP on Kit Records.…view full details.

Rain Dog
There Be Monsters (feat. Monsoonsiren & Finn Ryder)

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Sublime electronic beats that dips into garage and breakbeat, whilst keeping a warm indie pop song-like sensibility. Elements of Machinedrum, Sin Fang, How To Dress Well, Moderat and Bayonne all pile into the mix. Some garagey shuffling with kitchen clangs and atmosphere, pitched vocals, with clarity and structure.…view full details.

The Cannanes
A Love Affair With Nature

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9/10 according to our Clinton

Bit of a classic this one. I first became aware of the Cannanes when back in the early '90s my brother struck up a postal friendship with their (presumably) multiple armed drummer David Nichols (also of Crabstick). Nichols had mentioned another band  - the Canines or something. We found 'em, purchased this and the rest is some kind of private history. …view full details.

Frank Turner
Campfire Punkrock

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Repressing of Frank Turner’s first official outing (not including demos and what not) as a solo acoustic singer/songwriter after leaving hardcore band Million Dead. Keeping his punk rock rage, but pushing it through a softer lense. It’s been 10 years since this was first out, but Thatcher Fu*ked The Kids is no less true.…view full details.

Joy Dexon Club

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This new release from Repitch Recordings co-bossman Ascion is described as a “mini LP”, as opposed to an EP. I can see why, as Joy Dexon Club’s six tracks have more of a narrative through-line than you’d expect from just a 12”. This is fast-blasting stuff, densely constructed acidic techno that grabs you and doesn’t let go. On Repitch.…view full details.

Deceased Unknown

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Central to the UK techno scene since the '90s, B12 launch Deceased Unknown, their latest EP. Recently making new music for the legendary Soma and Delsin, here the duo give us four slices of the deep and dark stuff on their new sub-label. Complex drums, organ chords and gnarled basslines lurk within the grooves. Red & black splatter vinyl with glorious artwork by Sarah Sparkes, on FireScope.…view full details.

Adam Feingold

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Straight outta Montreal comes Adam Feingold, with two strong tracks of intuitive techno that jacks nice and hard. Little glitchy touches and a spine of delicious acid squelch keep things very interesting indeed on the A-side, while ‘Inner Zone’ on the B-side steps back a bit more with some spacier vibes. 12” on the Apron imprint.…view full details.

Blonde Redhead
Masculin Feminin

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9/10 according to our Jamie

There’s gritty and then there’s New York’s Blonde Redhead gritty. These early recordings from the band have been let loose from the ‘90s dungeon and are fair bursting with barely pent-up energy. This vital set brings together their first two albums for Smells Like records, plus singles, demos and radio spots from the era. So we have tracks from their self-titled debut al…view full details.


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7/10 according to our Jamie

So… you liked ‘Stranger Things’, right? We did. Well, those of us that watched it enjoyed it. That soundtrack was great. You might have bought it from us. Turns out the guys that made the music to the early-80s-set TV series are one half of this group, S U R V I V E. Yes, four people got together and removed the dust-sheets from their vintage synths one more time. There&rsquo…view full details.

Jemh Circs
Jemh Circs

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Marc Richter is well known under his Black To Comm moniker, with releases on Type and Dekorder. He has kept this latest project under wraps, quite successfully. The product of scouring YouTube for pop vocals Jemh Circs brings an almost vaporwave artificiality and pop culture clash, droning and melodic, it’s a bizarre world to be shown.…view full details.

Music Exists Disc 2

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Here lies part two of Tenniscoats’ quietly epic Music Exists project. As ever, the little-known Japanese outfit weave magic out of the simplest of ingredients: subtle guitars and keyboards, hushed vocals, delicate melodies. Music Exists Disc 2 is a special suite of music and no mistake. Vinyl release on Alien Transistor.…view full details.

Matt Christensen

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The lungs + strums behind Chicago's Zelienople focuses his songwriting inward for a new LP on Miasmah. This time he focuses intently on foggy, sunken songs that make heavy use of reverbed, slow guitar jangles, dripping drum machines, his soft vocal tones and silence. A nice, airy treat for battered eardrums.…view full details.

Daniel Schmidt
In My Arms, Many Flowers

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There is very little in the way of recordings available of Daniel Schmidt’s works, but his gamelan compositions are sublime pieces which if you’re not careful will send you to sleep. Resonating percussive metals played with a Phillip Glass like repetition, but with a clear progression. In My Arms, Many Flowers boasts two studio tracks and two live tracks from 1978-1982. Seriously, don;t gamelan and drive. …view full details.

JS Truchy
Transmission in an Expanse of Firelight, Hear Me!

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JS Truchy is a long-running Montreal experimentalist with a full brace of tapes and the like under his belt, but he apparently considers this release to be his first ‘proper’ record. Transmission in an Expanse of Firelight, Hear Me! certainly has the appropriate ambition, being full of grand vocals, harsh noise, strange MIDI-scapes, concréte fumblings… All sorts of sonic wonder to enjoy! LP on Root Strata.…view full details.

Midori Hirano
Minor Planet

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First solo thing on Sonic Pieces for Japanese-born Berlin-based composer Midori Hirano. Hirano terraforms a small planet for you, turning a barren wasteland into a calm and beautiful vista, where everything moves with a sort of quiet contentedness revolving around piano and electronics, a perfect blend of subtle neo-classicism and ambience.…view full details.

Koen Holtkamp
Voice Model

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Huge and expansive electro acoustic compositions from Dutch drone man Koen Holtkamp. Well known for his work as one half of Mountains, released on Thrill Jockey,or setting up the Apestaartje collective/record label. Holtkamp’s solo work pushes the organic composition further, with piano, brass, bowls which all meld and morph into processed tones.…view full details.

The Comet Is Coming
Channel The Spirits

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8/10 according to our Jamie

The.. COMET! is.. COMING! But be not afraid, for this is no harbinger of the apocalypse (well, it might be actually) but it is also, significantly, a time for wild gyrating and head shaking! Danalogue and Betamax (Soccer 96) are here with the beats! Shabaka Hutchings has well and truly brought his funky rhythmic sax to the proceedings! It all adds up to one swell cosmic party on an inte…view full details.


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8/10 according to our Robin

I’ve eaten a lot of vegetarian scotch eggs today and I’m ready to do it: I’m ready to make one of Phil’s coveted Music Is A Lot Like Food analogies. Forma, they’re a lovely proposition of ambient, but with a kosmische coating that invites melody, rhythm and a general spinning of the musical axis. The drones, and the neo-classical beauty contained within, is that eg…view full details.


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German composer/producer Markus Sieber assumes the Aukai moniker for his debut LP after moving away from his recent career in acting. He manages to channel the drama of his last profession through cinematic, orchestrated acoustic ambiences evoking the feeling of travel and memories of time spent in natural surroundings, all of this subtly enhanced by electronics. Enticing!…view full details.

Flyying Colours

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7/10 according to our Clinton

The label really don't like it when we don't like their records so it's a good job prolific Aussie shoegaze hopefuls make an absolute racket on the opening track of this their debut album. I feel that here they've moved on somewhat from their earlier EP's with a better know-how when it comes to dynamics, probably helped by the addition of a rhythm section. Who knew?  …view full details.

The Wytches
All Your Happy Life

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Second album from The Wytches, the darkly psychedelic English rock and roll band. All Your Happy Life manages to sound groovy and guitar-gnarly even while the band seem lashed with despair. All Your Happy Life was recorded and mixed by a Grinderman (in the form of Jim Sclavunos, also a Bad See), so it has that dark rock power nailed down. Out on Heavenly.…view full details.

The Computers

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The Computers are members of a very exclusive set: rock bands that come from Exeter. It ain’t easy being a rocker in the South-West... Birth / Death is their third album of soulful garage action, and boy do these fellas put some energy into it. Out on One Little Indian, with cover art from veteran 4AD artist Vaughan Oliver.…view full details.

Arab Strap
Arab Strap

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Look at them there on the sleeve. They look a lot older than that now and to the delight of their fans have reformed for a few shows this October. To tie in with this comes this compilation of some of their best bits as well as rarities and B sides etc.  Arab Strap were always a lot more than their pished up image suggested with lots of gorgeous music backing Aidan Moffatt's slurred tales.  …view full details.

Cliff Martinez
Drive - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Special Anniversary Edition)

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A whopping 5 years on from the release of Drive, the film’s much-loved synth-tastic soundtrack is getting a special fancy reissue edition. Cliff Martinez really shines in neon-drenched 80’s contexts like these, and the other artists’ tracks from the film are also present. Deluxe neon pink vinyl double LP with a booklet. Don't miss this opportunity to get this hard to find soundtrack. Oh. …view full details.

The Clang Group

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7/10 according to our Clinton

Old guys rule apparently and The Clang Group are really old. Clang, I’ve just realised is an abbreviation of Clive Langer who afer a lifetime of making hits for other people (Madness and Morrissey amongst lots of others) has returned to the stage and his hoping to become a pop star at the ripe old age of 60…view full details.


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The duo NAKED are new and young and vigorous, with a sound that drowns pop songs in wave upon wave of digital distortion and shreds of unidentified sound. They have a healthy disregard for the differences between melodic and noisy material. Debut album ZONE is a fiercely beautiful prospect, dwelling on modern isolation in particular. Out on LuckyMe.…view full details.

Roy Harper
Flat Baroque and Berserk 

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Roy Harper (via his Science Friction label) is doing us all a valuable favour by getting a few classic early Harper records back into vinyl circulation again for the first time in decades, to celebrate Harper’s 75th birthday. Flat Baroque and Berserk was his most successful album to date when released in 1970, and contains the heavy track ‘I Hate The White Man’. The audio has been remastered, and is presented alongs…view full details.

Pleasure Ground

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9/10 according to our Ant

‘Pleasure Ground’ was born in 2006 as a self-released double cassette sold exclusively the at Carlos Giffoni curated No Fun Fest in NYC. Then it grew up into a CD and LP on Rhode Island’s Load imprint in 2007, and now, in 2016 will be laid to rest on …view full details.

Fires Within Fires

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New Neurosis?! It's no wonder the press release is in all caps. The sludge titans have been going thirty years, if you can believe it, and they commemorate being older than me by releasing a brand new album called Fires Within Fires. That kinda grittily gorgeous album art sums up the band, really -- their post-metal hints create a gorgeous landscape on which they repulse with the usual metal, and this one, produced by Steve Albini, will have double the rot.…view full details.

Head Carrier

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6/10 according to our Clinton

It probably would have been better had these last two ‘Pixies’ albums come out under a completely different moniker then at least their legacy as one of the greatest and most innovative rock bands on the planet would not be as tarnished. Here on their second 'comeback' LP they play a form of reasonable alt rock that had it come out in the late ‘80s/early '90s been confine…view full details.

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Ian Sweet

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Ian Sweet (which is a band by the way, not an individual man) release their full-length debut in the form of Shapeshifter. Brooklyn-based Jilian Medford drives the group with her self-inquisitive lyrics and unusual singing style, with the rest of the Sweet outfit weaving strange instrumental structures around her. Curious stuff! Out on Hardly Art.…view full details.

Felix Kubin und das Mineralorchester
II: Music for Film and Theatre

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High quality electroacoustic-music-concréte-industrial-sound-art wonder from Felix Kubin along with his Mineralorchester. This is the second volume of a series compiling the man’s works for Film and Theatre, where I can only imagine audiences must have been wowed by the acrobatic sonics on display. Vinyl release on Dekorder, with a download code that adds two tracks to the tracklisting.…view full details.

Bon Iver
22, A Million

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8/10 according to our Robin

Here are the three things Justin Vernon recently discovered: witch house, Ian William Craig, and counting. Since releasing a masterful folk rock record that flowed through state borders and into the landscape, seamlessly bridging each ripple, he’s been largely silent on himself, doing for and unto others. He’s been in Kanye’s tun…view full details.

King Geedorah
Take Me To Your Leader

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We’ll let you in on a little secret: King Geedorah is an alias (a mask, if you will) of MF Doom’s, inspired by a Godzilla monster. Take Me To Your Leader dates back to 2003, when Doom was on the highest of top forms. Fantastic underground hip-hop with mighty flows and the kind of samples that only come from years of crate-digging and mad intuition. Double LP reissue on Big Dada.…view full details.

When Love Hurts

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When Love Hurts audibly revs up at the start of its first tracks, with the sound of police sirens fading away into sleek and gorgeous house flows. Let the troubles of the real world slip away and come play… Spanish producer Pional has a wonderful poppy touch, as well as a delicate voice that he uses, Caribou like, to drive his tracks. 12” out on Counter.…view full details.

Human Energy

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The press release suggests that this could be Machinedrum's career defining album. Well if 'Room(s)' and 'Vapor City' weren't career defining albums then we are in for a treat. He certainly sounds re-energised on the lead track 'Do it 4 U (feat. Dawn) which breathes energetic new life in Machinedrum's brand of musical alchemy which take in UK garage, footwork, techno, house and soul. Looks like we are in for a treat.   …view full details.

New in: Tuesday 27th September 2016

The Wands
Faces EP

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Here come Swedish psych guys the Wands with a 10" on 10" loving label Fuzz Club. Nothing can prepare you for how much the vocals sound like Suede but they match Brett Anderson's whinny with big dark psych rock that reminds us of the Doors. So cosmic that they even have that word in a song title. Swirling atmospheric psych with big solos.   …view full details.

Western Skies Motel

59 people love me. Be the 60th...

9/10 according to our Clinton

Oh this is just lovely. Western Skies Motel is Danish guitar maestro René Gonzàlez Schelbeck who has managed to concoct one of those albums which from the very opening notes engulfs you band takes you to a place more peaceful than where you reside. The opening ‘Falling Leaves’ is delightful with expertly picked nylon strung acoustic guitar…view full details.

Puce Mary
The Spiral

12 people love me. Be the 13th...

8/10 according to our Ant

Puce Mary has been accused of diluting the original formula of noise/ industrial music with “weedy synth”. I can see the point, although I don’t see it as strictly following the same lineage. I just see it as something different. Had the groundwork not been layed, someone surely would have eventually arrived at this music, weedy synth or not. An…view full details.

The Early Years

6 people love me. Be the 7th...

8/10 according to our Clinton

2008 seems a long time ago but that is in fact the last time the Early Years dipped their heads above the precipice. This is their first album in ages and they burst out of the traps on the title track as if those years of pent up energy have exploded in a five minute burst of kraut influenced psych rock. The track is an absolute blitzkrieg of ambition held back only by it’s vocal similar…view full details.

Jason Sharp
A Boat Upon Its Blood

10 people love me. Be the 11th...

9/10 according to our Robin

God, it’s been so fucking long since I’ve been able to type-yell a review to the theme of “This new Constellation release is amazing!!!”. All year, the CST crew have been quiet, but now they hit with three brand new records for fall (call it autumn, if you must, but fall sounds so much better). Each record is instrumental, combining into a triple-treat offering …view full details.

Sonic Youth
Confusion is Sex

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Your favourite uncle of noise rock, ok, maybe more like wisen parents, Sonic Youth’s 1983 album Confusion Is Sex is a dark backwards step into their more primitive state. Noisy, disjointed and clanky as hell. Guitars being destroyed for your listening pleasure. Repressed by Goofin’, good work guys. Yes. Just Yes.…view full details.

Marisa Anderson
Into The Light

5 people love me. Be the 6th...

8/10 according to our Clinton

Yet another imaginary film album but don't let that put you off as this is a very pleasant listen indeed. Marisa Anderson is a guitar slinger from Portland who I imagine has long, slender and very nimble fingers.  The album is a collection of shimmering instrumentals using picked electric and steel guitars that could easily soundtrack a lonesome person crossing the desert towards t…view full details.

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard
Y Proffwyd Dwyll

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Are these stoner doom bands just having us on now? At least you won’t mistake a band called Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard for anything else… That said, Y Proffwyd Dwyll has other tricks up its sleeve, with more than the usually mandated quantity of synth. New Heavy Sounds are releasing this on CD and two different kinds of limited edition coloured vinyl.…view full details.

The Bevis Frond

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

The Bevis Frond are the indie rock outfit led by Nick Saloman, who have been working away at the edges of the British music scene for decades now. The Fire label are now reissuing a number of key Frond releases to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the group. 1995’s Superseeder has a fair bit of garage-rock and even quasi-Indian sounds as well as the indie. CD / 2LP reissue.…view full details.

Super Low

4 people love me. Be the 5th...

7/10 according to our Clinton

Right then, we have an issue here. Warehouse are a band from Athens Georgia who make an amazing, truly inventive form of rock music that references pretty much every lop sided rock band of the past two decades. I hear great, weird melodies that recall Talking Heads, REM, Deerhunter and …view full details.

Biased Advice

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

Melbourne band Exek have their first full-length album to show off. Their sound is not a sunny one: this music feels like it was made in some shady garage, late at night. The production on these post-punk songs is laced with dub, with a coldly groovy effect. Biased Advice is out on Another Dark Age.…view full details.

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