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New in: Friday 28th October 2016


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Limited 10" EP on Tipping Point. Edition of 250 copies

Exoteric Continent / Cont Ext

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Launching Modern Obscure Music’s new sublabel Altre is Arnau Sala Saez’s Exoteric Continent/Cont Ext leftfield electronic beat experimentations, mixing live percussion, improvisation, synthetic whirrings and complimentary drum machine grooves. Strong stock to start with after working with Opal Tapes and Hospital.Hugely limited to only 200 copies. …view full details.

Design A Wave
International Journey of Applied Music

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Readying his debut full length for Rush Hour’s “No Label” imprint, Tom Hirst’s Design A Wave project has found time to put together this little offshoot EP. With Snake Face hitting more on the electro/synth-pop side of things International Journey of Applied Music has a grittier straight up electro beats/applied science feel to it. …view full details.

Patiño / No God Ritual
Split EP

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Bulging with acidic belches is the Split EP - a frenetic and swooping collaborative offering from the brains of Patiño (half of N.M.O. (Diagonal, The Death Of Rave, Where To Now?)) and No God Ritual. Rammed with a selection of frenzied synth bleeps, deranged arpeggios and eerie samples, this offering manages to be intricate whilst instinctively flippant.…view full details.

Wives of Farmers
Excellent Happiness Forever

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Wives of Farmers are a Cornish band who have been rolling for ten years now, building on their strengths. They are a rock band with the folk inclinations and wide horizons that come from Cornish living. The band are self-releasing Excellent Happiness Forever on CD and vinyl, in editions limited to 200 and 250 copies respectively.  …view full details.

Plastic Mermaids
Everything is Yellow and Yellow is My Least Favourite Colour

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

In tandem with its unfathomable sleeve, Everything Is Yellow And Yellow Is My Least Favourite Colour immersive and off-kilter. Isle of Wight-incepted Plastic Mermaids are a guitar band with a twist and with a distinctively unconventional taste for euphoric harmony and melody.…view full details.

Esben and The Witch
Older Terrors

16 people love me. Be the 17th...

The Brighton three piece Espen and the Witch get snapped up by french metal label Season of Mist. Their fourth full length Older Terrors blurs the lines between trip hop like atmosphere and Portishead Third-like vocal delicateness and slow building doom riffs that don’t move buildings but add a gothic texture.…view full details.

Odd Nosdam
Sisters / Boards of Canada Remix

6 people love me. Be the 7th...

7/10 according to our Clinton

Odd Nosdam is still the most underrated sound-smith out there in the current day. He's so good that Boards of Canada want to remix him. Here, 'Sisters' one of the myriad highlights of his 'Sisters' LP (now sold out, slowcoaches) has been re-interpreted by the Scottish electronic duo. To be fair they don't do a lot to the track (don't need to really  -…view full details.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Third World Pyramid

6 people love me. Be the 7th...

8/10 according to our Jamie

In this crazy world we’re bombarded by a constant stream of information, misinformation and Shiny New Things. In a NR reviewer’s world, we are showered with new / old musics. Sometimes it’s welcome, sometimes it’s not; often, though we just don’t know. Well I don’t know. So it’s good to know that some things don&rsqu…view full details.

Soft Hair
Soft Hair

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

7/10 according to our Laurie

Soft Hair is a new grouping of smirking freakster Connan Mockasin and Prince worshipper LA Priest, yep, I’m already quaking in my boots. A customer just came in to buy this and told me that it’s got that tongue-in-cheek sexy music feel of Mockasin’s most recent one Caramel wh…view full details.

New in: Thursday 27th October 2016

Bastian Void
Canopy Void / Ray Tracing

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

DIY lathe-cut vinyl release here from the Polytechnic Youth label. They’ve picked out two lovely little synth miniatures from previous Bastian Void tape releases, and have used them to fill two sides of five inch vinyl (yes, five). The records are housed in booklike sleeves and are very limited in number: only 99 copies of Canopy Void / Ray Tracing out there.…view full details.

Delia Derbyshire / Barry Bermange
Inventions For Radio: The Dreams

11 people love me. Be the 12th...

9/10 according to XVARR (customer) on

Noting and agreeing with what the other listener has to say on the legitimacy and quality of the release, I thought it may also be useful to comment on the record itself as I had heard this collaborative release many moons ago and had always dreamed of obtaining a copy in the flesh, so to speak. Situated somewhere in the void, juxtaposed between the cut-ups of Brion Gysin/William Burroughs and the 'reality' dissolving medicinal drones of Time Ma…view full details.

Lonely The Brave
Dust & Bones EP

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Emotional rock steady men Lonely the Brave like to mix things up with their EPs and here have presented two brand new tracks along with a cover of Pink Floyd's 'Comfortably Numb'. The lead track emerges from their recent 'Things Will Matter' LP and is a slab of big rock that also does subtlety and tugs at those heart strings.   …view full details.

Philip Glass / Kronos Quartet

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In 1998, Philip Glass took pity on the 1931 Bela Lugosi-starring silent film Dracula, because it was never before given the gift of a score. With regular collaborators Kronos Quartet in tow, Glass composed a dramatic set of eerie string pieces, with touches of his melodic minimalism here and there. 180g double LP on Orange Mountain Music: this reissue is the first time this soundtrack has appeared on vinyl.…view full details.

Wicked Witch
Under Your Spell

1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

Previously unreleased madness from the 80s and the world of Wicked Witch. Dirty drum machines, analog screams, fuzzy guitars and bass lines. Starts of seemingly electro funk, with an abrasive groove, but develops into an almost electronic kraut psych record. Four tracks and two remixes from DJ Slyngshot and YYPYY.…view full details.

DJ Slyngshot
Ain't Got No Time

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Place No Blame is a newly-created platform from NTS show Reverie’s co-host Pietro. Inaugurating the label is Germany’s DJ Slyngshot, purveyor of lo-fi sample house. “O Town” cruises with a gorgeous melodic loop whereas “Ain’t Got No Time” ticks the clock off with dribbling piano keys. Also included in the release are Howard Williams of the Japan Blues show’s takes on the tracks.…view full details.

Zarate_Fix & DJ Sotofett
Planetary Involvement

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

8/10 according to our Ant

Superb slab of euphoric house music from DJ Sottofett and Sydney’s Carlos Zarate. The looping choir of angels on ‘Planetary Involvement’ will have you thinking you’re raving in some massive gothic cathedral. Then when that gorgeous flute solo kicks in, in classic Balearic house style, you’ll be swimming with dolphins in tropical clim…view full details.

Fela Kuti
London Scene

1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

Nigerian afrobeat legend Fela Kuti is known for having a huge and excellent catalogue, but over the years many of his albums have been nigh-on forgotten. The Knitting Factory label are working to change that now, individually reissuing a selection of albums for the first time on vinyl. London Scene is early, formative Kuti, and even features Ginger Baker on one track(!).…view full details.

Sonic Youth
Experimental Jet Set, Trash & No Star

5 people love me. Be the 6th...

8/10 according to Jack (customer) on

For some reason this is perfect for around 5 in the morning, it just has that scary feeling, but in a seductive, sexy way that borders on the pornographic when Kim is droning up numbers. Kim's songs are very good on this album by the way, "Doctor's Orders" could almost be a Nirvana chorus. There are some spots that kind of pass by almost unnoticed (could have done without "Androgynous Mind"), but at least they're not grating so they fit in with the rest of the re…view full details.

Sonic Youth
NYC Ghosts & Flowers

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

Reissue of Sonic Youth’s 2000 album NYC Ghosts & Flowers. Scene leaders of no wave and noise rock in NY since beginning in 1981, they had all of their equipment nicked whilst on tour in 1999 so were forced to write without their usual modified guitars and effects. The results are quite profound from what you would usually expect from them.…view full details.

Requiem For Hell

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

An album by Japanese post-rock heavyweights MONO, titled Requiem For Hell, was always going to be a crashingly epic experience, and the band don’t disappoint. Strings are prominent within the sound here, coaxing the band’s grand crescendos into yet-more-ecstatic territory. CD / double LP editions on the Pelagic label.…view full details.


8 people love me. Be the 9th...

7/10 according to our Jamie

So… you liked ‘Stranger Things’, right? We did. Well, those of us that watched it enjoyed it. That soundtrack was great. You might have bought it from us. Turns out the guys that made the music to the early-80s-set TV series are one half of this group, S U R V I V E. Yes, four people got together and removed the dust-sheets from their vintage synths one more time. There&rsquo…view full details.

Jung An Tagen
Das Fest Der Reichen

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

8/10 according to our Laurie

Some new experimental electronic madness here on Editions Mego from Vienna-based digital multimedia artist Jung An Tagen, or Stefan Juster to his pals. He’s based in a building called the Virtual Institute, which might not even be a building at all. Still, the press release has already used the words ‘aleatoric’, ‘haptic’ and ‘synesthesia’ which are hig…view full details.

C ( Nika Son & F#X )
Tennō EP

1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

8/10 according to our Ant

Hamburg’s V I S is shaping up to be an interesting label. Following wax from SPR and Scheich in China we now have an EP from C aka Nika Son and F#X (half of Black Sites alongside Helena Hauff). ‘Geroll’ is all trippy electronics underneath a slu…view full details.

Strong Proud Stupid and Superior

1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

8/10 according to our Ant

Jan Grebenstein’s latest Downwards offering is pretty great. The first version of ‘Strong Proud Stupid and Superior’ is something like OAKE doing a version of Madonna’s ‘Justify My Love’ or something -- spoken word female vocal, reverb drenched drums and brooding bass. …view full details.

Ben Vida
Damaged Particulates

4 people love me. Be the 5th...

8/10 according to our Ant

Whoa! These sounds are having a strange effect on me… The opening microtonal droning of the first side of this LP leads into weird creaking and croaking electronics and rubbery stretching - sounds like some kinda lifeform liquefying, mutating and changing shapes. It’s satisfyingly disorientating. Thankfully before my mind implodes, on the flipside is…view full details.

Right Frankfurt

1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

7/10 according to our Ant

Computer music’s equivalent to Marmite - EVOL land back on Diagonal, following the ‘Flapper That’ 12” with two side long tracks of beatless gurning acid squelching. It’s all very silly, ridiculous and either funny or annoying depending on which side of the fence you’re o…view full details.

Kassem Mosse

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

8/10 according to our Ant

It’s always great to get new material from Gunnar Wendal and this his second proper full length is mighty tasty. Generally speaking it’s a lot less straightforward than we’re used to - but once you get your head around some of the strange time signatures and slightly dissonant sounds it really worms its way in -- not unlike some …view full details.

Cruel Is The Color

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

7/10 according to our Robin

Dance music as played to your bath-submerged ears. This collaboration sees Bruno Pronsato and Benjamin Myers meet up and perpetuate grooves only to fall asleep as they happen, waking up to experience the whole thing in a sort of slow-motion hallucination. Listening to “Another Year” is like hearing a super-repetitive Daft Punk motif through the lens of a shoegaze tune, a distant voc…view full details.

Ryuichi Sakamoto
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence was a 1983 film focused around prisoners of war in Japan, which starred David Bowie. Ryuichi Sakamoto’s soundtrack garnered a fair amount more attention than the film itself, winning a BAFTA, which is fair enough with it’s incredibly unique instrumentation and dynamics. Features David Sylvian’s lyrics and vocals on Forbidden Colors. …view full details.

The Rhythm Method
Party Politics / Home Sweet Home

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Propelled by relentless piano stabs and tight, crisp drumbeats - Party Politics / Home Sweet Home offer neat and accessible pop tracks that are quintessentially London-orientated. Retaining a 90s house tinge and sounding strangely similar to karaoke backing tracks, this is a bold, heartfelt and immediate offering. …view full details.

Olafur Arnalds
Island Songs

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

8/10 according to our Robin

Won’t somebody please think of the peninsulas? You may well know who Olafur Arnalds is by now, either because your pal Nils Frahm introduced you two at that neo-classical networking event you went to, or because you’ve been immersed in his back catalogue of ambient schmaltz. He continues to be quite wonderful here with ‘Island Songs’, a collection for which he tr…view full details.

All Abandon All

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

8/10 according to our Laurie

Another week, another CPU 12. This time, the vinyl’s white, which should be enough to excite most of you, but for the rest, you’ll be wondering whether it’s funky electronic business as usual. Funky e-commerce is partially suspended for this session -- the classic drum machine beats, bubbly analogue sequences and distant sunny chordplay are all still here, but things have unde…view full details.

Jason Simon
Familiar Haunts

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

7/10 according to our Robin

Jason Simon is not, in fact, a cyborg implementation of Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson and Simon & Garfunkels’ Paul Simon, but rather a once-member of old-school psychedelic stoner sleeper crew Dead Meadow. What’s he doing solo, you ask? Oh, you know, the usual: a riff here, a riff there, some haughty vocal sadness. ‘Familiar Haunts’ seems to hint at the usual…view full details.

Weezer (Blue Album)

6 people love me. Be the 7th...

10/10 according to Jack (customer) on

Weezer's infamous self-titled debut (otherwise known as "The Blue Album") is one of the few pieces of music from its time that still holds up just as well today. When they made their mark in 1994, Kurt Cobain was dead and the music world had already been over-saturated by mumbling, uninspiring grunge clones. Although Weezer never quite changed the musical climate, they did, however, create a quite perfect debut, one that transcends all genres and inspires new bands even today. Each song on th…view full details.

Agnes Obel
Citizen Of Glass

6 people love me. Be the 7th...

8/10 according to our Laurie

It’s time to get (neo)classical with the songs of Danish-born Agnes Obel, who is now based in Berlin, ‘cos Berlin. When it comes to telling you a story with her voice, she likes to dream bigger - her head must be filled with a dozen string quartets and a gaggle of harpsichords when sat at the piano. Which she is classically trained in. She channels that classical training no…view full details.

Kate Tempest
Let Them Eat Chaos

1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

Kate Tempest's 2014 album 'Everybody Down' earned her a Mercury nomination, and that is just one accomplishment notched up by this serial high-achiever. Performing live at the age of 16 saw her securing gigs opening for John Cooper Clarke and Billy Bragg among others. Add a Ted Hughes award for her writing and a nod from the Poetry Society, and it all becomes pretty impressive. 'Let them Eat Chaos' is a long poem, written for performance. The vinyl includes download code. …view full details.

Sleaford Mods

13 people love me. Be the 14th...

8/10 according to our Clinton

Like whatever it is that unblocks sinks, Sleaford Mods are pretty reliable. You purchase the records and you know what you are going to get.  This is generally a good thing though I thought 'Tarantula Deadly Cargo' was the best thing they'd done in recent times and more eerie stuff like that on 'Key Markets' may have made it a bit more varied. How long I wonder they can get away wi…view full details.

Epoch Sinus

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

PYUR is an artist with a very personal approach towards her sound, which sits somewhere between club electronics and abstract sound design electronics. Epoch Sinus is her debut full-length, and it is positively dripping with little sonic details to delight the ear. A very strong start. Released by Hotflush.…view full details.

Pumarosa EP

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Tipped to reach dizzying heights by BBC 6 Music and The Line of Best Fit, Pumarosa's self-titled EP is a statement of intent. Especially after its opener, a nearly-8-minute-long crescendo of of gliding vocals, propulsive beats and waves of saxophone. Arcade Fire-esque indie rock at its finest. …view full details.

Make Believe

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Weezer reissues! Everyone’s favourite US power-indie-pop hitmakers get pressed up to wax by Universal, getting their post-2000’s work fully available again. Make Believe was released in 2005, smashing into the popular consciousness via the super-single ‘Beverly Hills’. 180g vinyl reissue on Universal.…view full details.


Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Weezer reissues! Everyone’s favourite US power-indie-pop hitmakers get pressed up to wax by Universal, getting their post-2000’s work fully available again. Maladroit is Weezer’s 2002 album, put together partly with assistance from their fans: the album cover was in fact a fan submission. Features ‘Dope Nose’.…view full details.

Weezer (Red Album)

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

Weezer reissues! Everyone’s favourite US power-indie-pop hitmakers get pressed up to wax by Universal, getting their post-2000’s work fully available again. The Red Album is a good fun silly Weezer album, featuring both the super-catchy ‘Pork And Beans’ and the absurd / sublime ‘Greatest Man That Ever Lived’. 180g vinyl reissue.…view full details.

The Lovely Eggs
Drug Braggin

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

7/10 according to our Robin

Let’s get this over with then: the Lovely Eggs have a new 7” and it has this song “Drug Braggin’” on it, which shows off more of their bothersome but kinda catchy garage rock. With a psychedelic tinge in the wobbly guitar department and a monotonously repeated lyric (it’s, uh, “drug braggin’”), it’s a pretty simple affair, and as far a…view full details.

Oren Ambarchi

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

8/10 according to our Robin

The implausibly prolific Oren Ambarchi, the I’ve Been Everywhere of free improvisation, the free jazz orchestra bud… here he is: again. Laurie and I have something of an affection for Ambarchi’s solo records, because he tends to give them front covers that are just full of a bunch of a thing: chairs, collars, and in this case… uh… beads? Eyeballs? Whate…view full details.

Clear Shot

9 people love me. Be the 10th...

8/10 according to our Robin

Here’s a band called Toy from the North City of The South that is Brighton. We’ve been ever so slightly observing their sub-meteoric rise to garagedom since 2012 when they released an eponymous debut of Broadcast-influenced guitar band stuff, but we’ve since listened to that …view full details.

New in: Wednesday 26th October 2016

London Conway Hall, October 12th, 2002

12 people love me. Be the 13th...

After not playing live for 15 years Coil returned to the stage in 1999, and as is their way, provided something we had never heard before. Here we have a recording from their performance at London Convay Hall in 2002 where they perform a version of The Universe Is A Haunted House, which was released on Live Four, but expand it into a full album length performance.…view full details.

Lollapalooza Festival, Miami FL August 22, 1992

1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

Dreamy indie pop star lovelies Lush may have recently reunited, but why not listen to some live Lush from back in the day? They'd just gone and made Spooky with the help of a certain producer and ex-Cocteau Twin, and soon after put their shoegaze into full effect at Lollapalooza. Just seemed like the right thing to do. Listen to it on this circle slab.…view full details.

Steve Reich
Information, Transmission, Modulation and Noise

1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

Documentation of a 1969 concert by two of the masters of early minimalism. Steve Reich and Philip Glass perform on both Reich’s Four Organs and Glass’s Music In Similar Motion. This release also contains a great version of Drumming recorded by Ghanaian musicians. Needless to say, with all involved being at the peak of their powers, this is excellent listening. Information, Transmissi…view full details.

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