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New releases - vinyl

New in: Friday 12th February 2016

Luke Howard
Two & One

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Australian composer Luke Howard uses his piano in a number of ways over the course of Two & One, from subtly plucking out single notes to swathing it with a cloud of crackling ambience. It feels like supporting music for a narrative, although what narrative exactly is hard to say... Pressed to transparent vinyl in a limited edition of 250 copies, on Hobbledehoy Records.…view full details.

Luke Howard / Nadje Noordhuis
Ten Sails

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For Ten Sails pianist and composer Luke Howard recruited trumpeter Nadje Noordhuis and Nils Frahm’s Berlin piano. Together these artists make a delicate and minimal neo-classical music that borrows from ambient music as well as traditional chamber music forms. This vinyl LP on Hobbledehoy Recordings is a limited pressing and also includes a download code.…view full details.

I Don't Want To Be Anywhere But Here

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Raucous indie pop anyone? Yes, I know it’s not 2004 anymore but Ceres are still rocking with some hard indie rock on I Don’t Want to be Anywhere But Here. Driving drums and thrashing guitars gel with some punchy vocals to make an album for a little hidden-bedroom-headbanging. CD or yellow coloured vinyl LP. Limited to 500 copies.…view full details.

Charge Group
Escaping Mankind

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Escaping Mankind is the debut for Australian four piece Charge Group and has been pressed by Hobbledehoy Records to 180 gram vinyl LP. The group make a an emotive indie-rock with added electric violin and some post-rock crescendos too. This album is equal parts catchy melodies and frantic build-ups and breakdowns.…view full details.

Eleventh He Reaches London

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Hobbledehoy Records release the third album for post-hardcore enthusiasts Eleventh He Reaches London. Banhus sees the band’s trademark dynamics tied to sharper song structures and an emphasis on melody. The current line-up even incorporate some folk and pop elements alongside their love for progressive sounds.…view full details.

Fourteen Nights At Sea
Minor Light

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More epic material from Australian group Fourteen Nights At Sea, who lay out 5 tracks of grandiose post-rock for the listener to get swept up in. The tone of Minor Light is as gloomy as the cover art, but redemption lies within the careful arrangements. CD or LP in a limited edition of 300 copies, on Hobbledehoy Records.…view full details.

The Joy of Living
The Joy of Living

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The Joy Of Living produce a quietly psychedelic, eerily folkish sound: it seems to come from a world just slightly different to ours. The eponymous record is pressed to 180g vinyl and presented in a gatefold sleeve with artwork from Stanley Donwood. Limited edition of precisely 333 copies, on Cariad Records.…view full details.

The Wainwright Sisters
Songs In The Dark

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Martha Wainwright teams up with her sister, Lucy Wainwright Roche for what I believe to be the first time. The resultant Songs In The Dark is a beautifully intimate thing, all the more so because many of the songs they sing were penned by parents Loudon Wainwright III and Kate McGarrigle. So much damn songwriting in this family. On MapleMusic Recordings.…view full details.

Is The Is Are

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8/10 according to our Clinton

Sometimes you just have to separate the stories you hear about an band from the sound of the music. From recent press reports DIIV are enormo-trousered, heroin gulping fuck ups with a bassist who says dubious things on the internet. On record however they are delight. One wonders how people with so many problems manage to make such uplifting music. Opener 'Out of Mind' fairly skips along like …view full details.

The Vryll Society

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Four tracks on this debut EP from The Vryll Society, a new Liverpool crew. The band sound like they might have seen a few chemically-enhanced sunrises in their time, with that classic psychy combination of solid motorik drums underneath, wispy vocals on the top, and flaring guitars in the middle. Pangea is out on Deltasonic.…view full details.

Anna Homler and Steve Moshier
Breadwoman & Other Tales

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9/10 according to our Robin

If you can believe it, this record dates back to the early ‘80s, when Anna Homler and Steve Moshier were deep into their own isolated avant-garde pursuits. Homler, a vocalist interested in language and intonation, conceived fractured, untranslatable songs; listening to them on their own, the pauses and overlays would sound like gaping chasms and urgent interruptions. Using a bedrock of hi…view full details.

Dr. Dre
The Chronic

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The Chronic was Dr. Dre’s first solo album after the break-up of seminal gangsta rap group NWA. It was the centrepiece of the Death Row label’s output and brought great success upon its release in 1992. Dre used The Chronic to fire a few shots at former NWA member and Ruthless Records owner Eazy-E following an argument over money. The Ch…view full details.

New in: Thursday 11th February 2016

Automatic For The People

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Automatic For The People by REM was the album that catapulted the band into the mainstream - big time - after they teetered on the edge with their previous album, Out Of Time and the success of Shiny Happy People. It is a musical triumph and their most famous album. It contains their most famous hits such as Everybody Hurts, Man On The Moon and The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite. …view full details.

Suzanne Kraft
Talk From Home

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7/10 according to our Clinton

As there are supposedly no women making good electronic music it has been up to men to take on female personas of late in order to equal things up a bit. The current vogue for female pseudonyms in this genre is getting a bit ridiculous and is pretty offensive to be hones,. Here is another one. Suzanne Kraft is actually Diego Herrera who I apologise profusely to if he's not actually a man. …view full details.

Depeche Mode

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Remastered 180g vinyl gatefold LP on Music On Vinyl

Up In Flames

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8/10 according to our Phil

On a similiar tip is the new Manitoba album which sounds much more Fourtet-ee than the last one. If you want an indication of what yr getting it's something like Fourtet having eaten Sun Ra and then being eaten by a bloody great big My Bloody Valentine monster. That make sense? Big crashing beats, shoegazey washes and some …view full details.

Jordan GCZ
Lushlyfe II

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Jordan Czamanski goes by many names and groups; Magic Mountain High and Juju and Jordash to name two. Under his lesser heard from Jordan GCZ alias he creates mesmerising and highly imaginative electronic experiments. With previous releases on Future Times and Off Minor Lushlyfe II is off-track in into a wilderness of warm chords, arps, bips and analogue squeals.…view full details.

Orlando Voorn
In My World

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Orlando Voorn is one of the Netherlands’ finest purveyors of forward-looking techno. With releases for most of the relevant labels under the sun (recent releases on Detroit Dancer and Third Ear Recordings), he now drops a full double LP onto Rush Hour. Prime dancefloor material, with one track featuring a vocal from Trish van Eynde.…view full details.

Hiroshi Watanabe
Multiverse EP

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Releasing under several aliases including Tread, Kaito, Hiroshi Watanabe likes to keep busy, with a few releases under his own name on Klik and Life line records bringing his own brand of ambient electro progressive house, with elements of 90s acid and techno thrown in for joyously good measure. And it certainly brings that joyous feeling. …view full details.

Byron The Aquarius
Highlife EP

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Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature label have pressed this limited 12” from Byron The Aquarius. The Highlife EP is the debut from this producer, and the jazzy house drums and keyboard funk make it obvious why Parrish got involved. The title of the B side, Run Sa, gives an indication of the sounds here; warm and organic electronic music with a hint of psychedelia and eccentricity.…view full details.

Fones EP

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8/10 according to Dominic (customer) on

Following on from the success of his 2013 self titled EP, London-based producer, MssingNo returns with another stellar performance. Fones EP, this time on the resurgent XL Records, showcases the talent of this young and upcoming producer. MssingNo is at the forefront of the US hip-hop leaning grime being pushed forward by other like minded producers such as Murlo. Its upbeat R&B vocal samples combined with the punchy drums and melodic synths provide fantastic tunes for both home listening and th…view full details.

Black Sabbath

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Paranoid was the second album by influential british hard rock band Black Sabbath. It was originally released in 1970. It is notable for containing some of the band’s most famous tracks such as War Pigs, Iron Man and the title track which also reached the top spot in the singles charts back when you needed to shift a few units to do so. …view full details.

Nick Drake
Family Tree

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9/10 according to our Phil

Phwoar... More Nick Drake lovelyness with the Family Tree vinyl issue which is a double hand numbered LP on Sunbeam Records of just 1000 copies. You get 29 early home recordings for your money all recorded before the glorious Five Leaves Left LP. I quote "The songs range from folk and blues standards to early, influential compositions by his mother Molly and recordings of Nick made by his col…view full details.

Nick Drake
Made To Love Magic

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180g vinyl reissue LP on Island / Back To Black

Nick Drake
A Treasury

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A Treasury is a fifteen track compilation of songs by the incomparable folk singer/songwriter Nick Drake. It was originally released in 2004. It includes tracks from his three studio albums Bryter Layter, Five Leaves Left and Pink Moon and one tracks from his odds-and-ends album Time of No Reply. Drake sadly died in 1974 aged 26 following an overdose. …view full details.

The Clash
The Clash

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The eponymous debut by The Clash was released in 1977. The songs themes dealt with race, sex, politics and economics. It includes the classic short, sharp shock of White Riot and the band’s sublime cover of Junior Murvin’s Police & Thieves, where the band first showed their reggae influences. …view full details.

Johnny Cash
At Folsom Prison

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7/10 according to Penrith Steve (customer) on

Johnny Cash had become interested in performing in prisons ever since his 1956 song “Folsom Prison Blues” prompted letters from inmates asking him to perform there. The song was inspired by a documentary he’d seen about the prison. By the late ‘60s Cash’s career was on the wane due to his increasing dependence on drugs. Around the same time, maverick producer Bob Johnston (Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Simon & Garfunkel) had been put in charge of Cash’s out…view full details.

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1

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Awesome Mix Vol.1 is the soundtrack to the 2014 Marvel Comics film Guardians Of The Galaxy. It features a pretty classy mix of mostly lesser-known ‘70s rock, pop and soul. Tracks by bands such as classic power pop act The Raspberries, Jacksons-esque family band The Five Stairsteps and Native American rockers Redbone sit alongside classics by David Bowie, 10cc and …view full details.

Amy Winehouse
Back To Black

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Back To Black was the second and final album by Amy Winehouse. It was regarded as a classic pretty much upon on its release. Here she found her ideal musical partner in Mark Ronson whose soulful production was the perfect backdrop to her incredible voice. Contains Rehab, Love Is A Losing Game and Tears Dry On Their Own. …view full details.

DJ Katapila

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The always reliable Awesome Tapes From Africa return with this ace CD and double vinyl LP from DJ Katapila. Trotro is a fast-paced mash-up of Ghanaian traditional music and modern technology. Katapila sings, shouts and chants over backing that sounds as if it had been beamed from the golden age of detroit house. Ferociously fast drum machines chatter over the minimalist musical forms of gome, kpanlogo and gyama. …view full details.

GoGo Penguin
Man Made Object

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GoGo Penguin are part of a small, elite pantheon of British artists signed to the legendary Blue Note label, putting them in the same room as jazz royalty. As Man Made Object shows, they’ve got there by melding traditional jazz approaches with sounds from glitchy electronica: all produced acoustically, of course.…view full details.

Monster Magnet
Dopes To Infinity

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Dopes to Infinity is part of Spinefarm Records’ Monster Magnet reissue series and it’s a pleasure to have this low-slung, grotty stoner rock back on double CD and vinyl LP. This was the third of the band’s proper studio albums, and by this point they had completely perfected their noisy and droning Black Sabbath homage.…view full details.

The Pheromoans
I’m On Nights

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7/10 according to our Clinton

Full review to follow.  A thumb back through our past reviews reveals that we have liked this lot for some time. The problem today is that we have a new policy of never opening sealed vinyl and I only have a sealed vinyl to hand. I'm listening to the Youtube clip of the fourth track 'Cones Hotline' and it's an incredibly woozy piece of shambling electronic pop with vocals that reca…view full details.

Gold Class
It’s You

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7/10 according to our Clinton

I don’t know about you but late at night when I’m fighting to get to sleep I like to pretend that I’m walking around Manchester in the rain.  The kind of music that would soundtrack this pretend walking would be the sort of music Gold Class make. They sit somewhere in between the Smiths and Warm Wido…view full details.

Jeb Loy Nichols
Ya Smell Me

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Jeb Loy Nichols limbers up for the release of his forthcoming tenth album with this ‘mini-album’, Ya Smell Me? The record is full to brimming with groovy ‘Country Soul’, Nichols’ own hybrid genre. This 10” vinyl mini-album is limited to 500 copies only on the Meltdown Music label, and comes with an acetate graffiti insert.…view full details.

The Rolling Stones
Beggars Banquet

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9/10 according to Penrith Steve (customer) on

Beggars Banquet was the first great Rolling Stones album. Their sound had become more, well, Stonsey. They took their blues influences and deconstructed them for “Sympathy For The Devil”, amped them up for bona fide rock classics “Street Fighting Man” and “Stray Cat Blues” fused them with country for the slack groove of “Jigsaw Puzzle” and added a touch of gospel on album closer “Salt Of The Earth” and evoked the spirit of the Mississippi delta on “No Expectations”. Not q…view full details.

Amy Winehouse

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Frank was the debut album by Amy Winehouse. She made a massive impact with this upon its release in 2003. Firstly as a major new talent had just unleashed itself on the world and secondly because her lyrics didn’t pull any punches, hence the title.The title is also a nod to one of her heroes, Frank Sinatra. …view full details.


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Guero was the sixth or ninth album by Beck, depending on how you count ‘em and was originally released in 2005. It was produced by The Dust Brothers who also produced his classic Odelay album and also features the Brazilian Tropicalia influences he first showed on Mutations. Contains the singles E-Pro, Girl and Black Tambourine. …view full details.

Sly & The Family Stone
There's A Riot Goin' On

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A stone-cold classic brought back to vinyl LP by Music on Vinyl. What more can be said about Sly & The Family Stone’s groovy, incendiary and unique There’s a Riot Goin’ On? This is deep and inventive funk full of the tightest playing imaginable and soulful, politicised vocals. This album redefined 1970s soul and created a formula that has been copied for decades. …view full details.

Marvin Gaye
What's Going On

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Immediately recognisable from the cover alone, What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye feels like an album that was never not there. The soothing and enthralling tracks like Mercy Mercy Me and What’s Happening Brother, feel like they have always existed somewhere, a testament to Gaye’s effortless craftsmanship and one of the myriad of reasons why this has become a classic LP and one that deserves to be in any respect…view full details.

The Doors
The Doors

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There’s so much to be said of The Doors but the only words truly worth listening to are those that the band recorded to wax and there cannot be any better starting point than their eponymous debut album. An electrifying LP with heavy hitters such as Break on Through (To The Other Side) and Soul Kitchen, the LP finishes with eleven brooding minutes of bubbling insanity, and surely the band’s most recognisable track - The En…view full details.

The Doors
L.A. Woman

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LA Woman was the sixth and final studio album The Doors. Jim Morrison died shortly after its release in 1971. The band split with long-time producer Paul A. Rothchild leaving engineer Bruce Botnick to co-produce with the band. Along with the jazzy blues rock of the title track it features Love Her Madly, Been Down So Long and Riders On The Storm. …view full details.

Gang of Four

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Entertainment was the the debut album by Leeds post-punk band Gang Of Four. It was originally released in 1979. The band incorporated elements of funk, dub and reggae into their choppy and angular punk sound. Features the tracks Damaged Goods, At Home He's A Tourist and I Found That Essence Rare. …view full details.

King Crimson
In The Court of The Crimson King (An Observation By King Crimson)

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

In The Court of The Crimson King (An Observation by King Crimson) is an LP which deserves a place in every record collection. The cover alone gives it a presence on the shelves within the ranks of other LPs, but the real twinkling gems are, of course, the classic, heavy prog of 21st Century Schizoid Man, the delicate psychedelia of I Talk to The Wind and the epic which is The Court of The Crimson King. The vinyl weighs in at …view full details.

Van Morrison
Astral Weeks

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Astral Weeks was the second album by Irish singer/songwriter Van Morrison. It was originally released in 1968. Morrison assembled a band of jazz musicians to create an album that was more expansive and meandering than his previous work. It’s highly regarded among fans and its influence has even shown on recent albums such as Primrose Green by Ryley Walker. Highly recommended! …view full details.

New in: Wednesday 10th February 2016

Monsoon / Rainfall

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With another mesmerizing masterpiece, Iori is back on the scene to push your mind across borders. Between the deep and powerful a-side Monsoon and meditative b-side Rainfall, there’s a whole spectrum of types of rain for you to discover. A modern classic for your headphone, or the small, dark corners of the dance floor. …view full details.

The City

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

The City by Serbian duo Tapan comes on like the sharp-edged no wave sax funk of James Chance nailed to a European techno beat. The other three tracks that make up this freaky four-tracker have live percussion moving in and out of the mix like rolling mist over the glassy electronics. 12” on WT Records. …view full details.

Mike Huckaby
My Life With The Wave Vol.2

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The second volume of Mike Huckaby’s banging Waldorf Wave synthesizer productions. My Life With the Wave Vol. 2 collects the Detroit master’s explorations of a single vintage 1982 synthesizer. The wave is iconic because of its deep and rich pad tones, created with digital oscillators but analogue filters. What that means for you is dense and soulful deep house. For gear buffs and house-heads alike.…view full details.

Unsatisfied Customer Jams

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Cardopusher’s Unsatisfied Customer Jams basically does what it says on the tin. This 12” vinyl on Super Rhythm Trax is four tracks of rough, raw analogue acid house optimised for dingy rooms. The basslines are squelchier than anything else and the drum machines are denser. This is sharp and melodic dance music honed to perfect, formal simplicity.…view full details.

Fit Siegel
Carmine / First Found

38 people love me. Be the 39th...

9/10 according to our Ant

We scored some copies of the repress of this gorgeous slice of Motor City techno soul... It’s not difficult to hear why Aaron ‘Fit’ Siegel’s ‘Carmine’ topped/ was so high in many 2015 end of year lists. A simple, weeping, elegiac 303 melody, subtle phasing percussion, heart melting strings and bittersweet tinkling piano all come together perfectly to …view full details.

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