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New in: Saturday 30th April 2016 New in: Friday 29th April 2016

Junior Boys
Big Black Coat (Robert Hood Remix)

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Synth-pop dudes Junior Boys recently released their first album in half a decade, and they’ve been welcomed back in the best possible way: by having the legendary Robert Hood one of the album’s tracks! Big Black Coat gets sliced and diced into a full-on 9-minute floorfiller: the Boys must be chuffed. 12” on …view full details.

We say: Sunny, sexy, laid-back pop from French people.

The Liminanas

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The Liminanas are a French band, though you don’t need me to tell you that: just listen to those breath vocals! Malamore is their fourth album, and it finds the band very relaxed in their sonic niche: sunny, sexy, laid-back pop. It must be said, they do it well. Malamore is released by Because Music.…view full details.

She Drew The Gun
Memories Of The Future

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She Drew The Gun is Louisa Roach’s spoken-word / music project, and Memories Of The Future is her debut full-length. She has a frank approach, providing the kind of political poetry that’s guaranteed to go down well at most festivals. And the backing music has some welcome mersey-psyche-pop stylings. Out on Skeleton Key Records…view full details.

New in: Thursday 28th April 2016

DMX Krew
RAM Expansion

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RAM Expansion sees electro toe-tapper 'Ed' DMX Krew upgrade his computers to Windows 98 to make some murkier, harder-edged grooves to get your USB dongles moving. Expect Central Processing Unit-esque beats that'll get Bill Gates crying into his luxury egyptian silk pillow. "Why didn't I start making beats? WHYYY??"…view full details.

Luna feat. Alejandro Paz / Carisma
H+P Split 7" 01

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The Huntleys + Palmers label move into the small-but-perfectly-formed world of 7”s, with this tasty split. Two A-sides, one from Luna, featuring a vocal from Alejandro Paz, and one from Carisma. Each provide fresh-cutting electro of the highest order. The title, H+P Split 7” 01 suggests that there is more of this sort of thing to come too!…view full details.

Killer Kane Band

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Killer Kane Band was a kind of spin-off from the New York Dolls, formed in 1975 by some of the Dolls plus Blackie Lawless (later of W.A.S.P.). This self-titled EP, containing just 3 tracks, is a classic slice of attitude-rock. Remastered (by Andy Jay) and reissued in an edition of just 500 7” vinyl copies, on HoZac Archival.…view full details.

Willie Burns
Where Has The Love Gone

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Willie Burns is just one of a slew of aliases US based producer William Thomas Burnett goes under, releasing on numerous labels such as L.I.E.S., Trilogy Tapes, and Unknown to the Unknown covering all aspects of experimental electronica and house. With his clunky and very humanist SP-12 sampling Where Has The Love Gone is as warm and soulful as it is groovy.…view full details.


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Selfed is a composition produced to accompany a Kevin Trappeniers solo dance piece. It must be quite a piece to witness, as Kreng’s soundtrack is a noisy, droney, abstract work of wonder. This release is a double 10” set in blue/black and red/black wax, with the fourth side of vinyl containing an etching…view full details.

Underground Resistance

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A 12” from Underground Resistance: what more do we need to say? This 2001 cut is typical of the legendary Detroit collective, with a soulful vocal shimmying over the top of the high-energy house groove. Original track on the A-side, an Aaron Carl remix on the flip. Reissued on the Resistance’s own label.…view full details.

We say: Collection of out of print raw disco 12"s.

Golden Teacher
First Three EPs

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The first three EPs from Glaswegian 6 piece Golden Teacher are compiled on vinyl LP and CD for the very first time. Those original 12” pressings are long out of print, so it’s a thrill to hear the group’s rough-edged and raw-as-hell disco again. By making no-wave synths rub alongside sensuous hand claps and distant vocals this group prove themselves to be the true heirs to Arthur Russell.…view full details.

Butcher Bear
Don't Save Yourself

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Butcher Bear slams the listener with some heavy-tasty hip-hop on Don’t Save Yourself, a set that uses a lot of live instrumentation as well as booming samples. Plenty of MCs contribute, and don’t forget the fresh remixes (exclusive to this release) from Shit & Shine and Ras G and the Afrikan Space Program. Released as a hand-stamped limited edition 12” in a sleeve that doubles as a poster! On Gangsigns.…view full details.

We say: All of classic kosmiche collective's work '71-'81 collected.


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Something of a motherload has landed for fans of classic komische music: Cluster 1971-1981 provides the whole of Cluster’s output during that period, which adds up to 9 albums. Included are the 2 LPs they made with Brian Eno, as well as some never-previously-released live recordings! 9CD or 9LP box-sets available, each with a comprehensive booklet. Lord. On Bure…view full details.

J. Albert / Patricia / Segv / Nick Klein / Gaul Plus

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This third release on the Broken Call label features tracks from 5 different artists, presented in no-nonsense style with a catalogue number for a title. On BC003, producers including Nick Klein, Segv and Gaul Plus turn in pieces of music that are dance-friendly, but also disorienting, confusing, and a little dark. Just how we like it!…view full details.

Beach Skulls
Slow Grind

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Beach Skulls’ debut Slow Grind showcases lulling sunshine-laced garage pop that paints a picture of summer far far removed from their current dwellings of Manchester and Glasgow. Catchy and heart warming, It’s nostalgia taken from long evenings round a fire on the beach...not in Glasgow… Or Manchester...…view full details.

Wicked Lady
Complete Recordings, 1969-1972

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Wicked Lady were Martin Weaver’s hard-rocking power-trio operative from the 1969 to 1972: they slip right into fuzzed-out lock-step on each track. Everything the band ever recorded, spread across four LP’s (in gatefold sleeves), packed in with a patch, a badge, a tote bag and a postcard! Super-strictly limited to 500 copies. From Guerssen.…view full details.

Albert Ayler
My Name Is Albert Ayler

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The maestro of spiritual free jazz Albert Ayler reissued on Jeanne Dielman. This debut recording comes from 1964 and reveals that even this early in his career Ayler’s scathing tone and technical skills were obvious. The highlight of My Name is Albert Ayler is the tortured cover of Summertime, which the rhythm section play straight whilst Ayler goes gloriously berserk.…view full details.

Charles Mingus
Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus

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Despite being named Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus, a title that perhaps suggests a solo, Mingus-only effort, this 1964 record actually captures Charles Mingus’ experimentation with a large, 11 piece group, performing some of his finest tunes, including ‘Better Get Hit In Yo’ Soul’. Vinyl reissue on the Jeanne Dielman label.…view full details.

Sun Ra
The Saturn Singles Vol. 1: 1954-1958

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Take another dive into the voluminous back catalogue of the cosmic jazz overlord himself, Sun Ra. Volume 1 of The Saturn Singles collects together a bundle of shorter, earlier tracks, which find Ra trying to make pop / R&B music. Needless to say, it comes out unlike a lot of later Ra, but even less like actual R&B. Reissued by Jeanne Dielman.…view full details.

Ennio Morricone
Il Grande Silenzio (The Great Silence)

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This particular work of infinitely well-regarded maestro composer Ennio Morricone served to soundtrack Sergio Corbucci’s 1968 picture Il Grande Silenzio. This is Morricone in sweeping-Western mode, a mode he practically invented. First ever vinyl reissue, pressed to two-colour wax in a limited edition of 500.…view full details.

Piero Piccioni
Bora Bora

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Bora Bora is an early (1968) example of the erotically-tinged excotica film genre, and as is typical for these kinds of films during this kind of era, the soundtrack is a remarkable creature in its own right. Piero Piccioni’s score dances around in a technicolour fantasy of what Polynesian islands could be like if you were the protagonist in an erotic film. LP reissue with poster, on AMS Records.…view full details.

Yoko Ono & Sean Lennon with John Malkovich

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Yes indeed, this release features the professionally dramatic voice of John Malkovich in addition to the younger Lennon and the perennial Yoko Ono. Illuminated also has involvement from Dweezil Zappa, and the whole thing makes for a pretty surreal ride. 12” picture disc in a firmly limited edition of 1000 copies, from Cryogenia.…view full details.

Riz Ortolani
Non Si Sevizia Un Paperino

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Non si sevizia un paperino is the name of the film soundtracked here: worryingly, that translates to ‘Don’t torture a duckling’... But Riz Ortolani is a beautiful sweeping symphonic thing scored for grand orchestra: thoroughly cinematic. This is the first time that the entire soundtrack (as opposed to extracts) has been released on vinyl, thanks to AMS Records.…view full details.

The Still
The Still

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9/10 according to our Robin

The Still, I think, are liars. I’ve been doing my best impression of boring second-fiddle detective Lewis in investigating their history on the internet; their own press release claims they hold influence over every famous musician with the surname Young and takes credit for the world population boom. On further inspection, though, when I listen to the clue that is the band’s music …view full details.

Outer Heaven

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7/10 according to our Robin

Greys realised they were kinda overdoing it with the whole angular noise rock thing, so they’ve spent some time doubling down on ‘Outer Heaven’, opting to throw in some melodic tunes that lie halfway between pop-era Porcupine Tree and the soundtrack to Spiderman 2. “Cruelty” is a sweet ‘lil song riding by on a hopeless gui…view full details.

Glowed Up / Lite Sports

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7/10 according to our Robin

XL here, the company that pretends to be Jai Paul in its free time, with a new cut from Montreal producer Kaytranada, who meshes together the lucid aesthetics of house with pop music that resides in the forefront. On “Glowed Up” he’s joined by rapper Anderson .Paak, who responds to his booming but subdued beatwork with a suitably chill performance. The shimmering synth chords …view full details.

The Jayhawks
Paging Mr. Proust

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8/10 according to our Clinton

CO-PRODUCED BY PETER BUCK screams the large font down at the bottom of the promo CD. Indeed this long running Minneapolis band and the former R.E.M guitarist are the perfect fit. The opening ‘Quiet Corners and Empty Spaces’ is a jangling 12 string delight with a verse courtesy of …view full details.

Nathan Melja
No No No

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8/10 according to our Clinton

You should have seen me this morning. In my lap were scores of obscure dance 12”s that Ian had kindly plonked in my box for ‘review’ and I was trying to discern which, if any should be listened to. It’s safe to say dear readers that I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. This one jumped out though  - not because of the sleeve whic…view full details.

True Tempo

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6/10 according to our Clinton

I’m laughing. This is so 1982. Remember that moment indie met jazz? I’m thinking Weekend, Working Week, Blue Rondo A La Turk.  They are a Japanese band made up of several members of other indie bands I haven’t heard of but I’m sure are well known …view full details.

Horse Latitudes
Primal Gnosis

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Horse Latitudes are a band who do darkness like only those Finns can, casting a pitch black veil over the listener. Even when they leave a little space in the mix, the effect remains: it sometimes sounds like vocalist Harri is howling at you from the other side of a cave. Primal Gnosis is a lengthy record, released as a double LP on the Ritual Productions label.…view full details.

New in: Wednesday 27th April 2016


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For his debut full-length, microbiologist and electronics wizard Antwood joins the legendary Planet Mu label. His Virtuous.scr album plays with ideas of artificial intelligence and the internet, and his sound is a dense collage of glassy synth textures, cut-up percussion and abrasive mangled samples. …view full details.

Call Me Rambo

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Call Me Rambo, he says. Call me Rambo! And then with the Commodore 64 helicopter, gunshots and explosions, all on top of a wicked bass line and pleasant singing. Ackie is definitely a strange fish in the pond, but damn if I won’t call him Rambo. I just hope he doesn’t hide in the woods to kill a bunch of cops.…view full details.

Never In Doubt

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7/10 according to RMCC (customer) on

Zennor, the pairing of Peverelist and Andy Mac, offer up a fresh take on Trilogy Tapes, moving away from the label’s usual noisy techno to something halfway between the Bristol bass-scene and soul-satisfying deep house. Unusually for the Trilogy Tapes, this release very much has a centre piece, which is the quite excellent deep-house of the eponymous ‘Never In Doubt.’ It’s a fitting title for the track, which builds slowly and m…view full details.

Mean Streets Part 3

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FaltyDL has had his slick productions released on Ninja Tune, Planet Mu, 50Weapons, Ramp AND Hemplock. Returning to Swamp81 to continue his Mean Streets series he experiments with lush deep garage rhythms, moving from the dark, soulful and brooding, out to the uplifting and playful. For fans of Lone, Machinedrum.…view full details.

Don't DJ
Authentic Exoticism

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Don’t DJ is a provocative project of producer Florian Meyer, seemingly challenging the orthodoxies of the electronic music world by refusing to DJ. This angle is supported by tracks with unusual rhythm structures and a wide range of textures: Authentic Exoticism is a lovely listen, but a slightly odd one. 12” EP release on the Sexes label.…view full details.

Jean Schwarz
Erda / Suite N

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The Editions Mego side-label Recollection GRM continues its important task of reissuing crucial works of electroacoustics from the Paris GRM studio. Erda / Suite N is the work of Jean Schwarz, an (undeservedly) lesser-known composer, working here with sheer electronics arranged in ways both abstract and curiously rhythmic (Schwarz was also a jazz drummer).…view full details.


2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

With a steady stream of releases for Project:Mooncircle Submerse returns for his third album with the label. Filled with warm fuzzed out synth soundscapes and field samples, and cutting to lush clunking 2-step and glitched hip hop beats reminiscent of Lapalux and Flying Lotus. This Album was intended for late night/early morning listening.…view full details.

The Trouble with Wilderness

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

Bruce follows up on releases for Livity Sound and Hessle Audio with 3 new cuts on Idle Hands. The Trouble with Wilderness is an even split between dancefloor action (albeit with a touch of melancholy) and subtler ambient house tracks. Plenty of space in these tracks, with each element sitting just where it is supposed to be.…view full details.

We say: Domeheaded ambient lord gets cinematic.

Brian Eno
The Ship

12 people love me. Be the 13th...

A new Brian Eno album is always something to get excited about, but particularly after a four year wait and in collaboration with the iconic Warp records. The Ship is Eno on classic form, creating beautiful ambient music built from minimalist drones. Here he's also particularly fascinated with looping voices and has included a Velvet Underground cover for good measure. …view full details.

Suthep Daoduangmai Band
Come My Brother, Let's Go To The City!

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

Come My Brother, Let’s Go To The City! was a big 1980’s hit for Suthep Daoduangmai, but only in his native Thailand. His band featured 4 singers, a large orchestra on traditional, acoustic and electronic instruments, and 12 dancers: that last detail should tip you off to the fact that this makes excellent dance music. Reissued worldwide by EM Records…view full details.

Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller II

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

9/10 according to our Brian

Business Lady is into bang into electro funk. I reckon she’s the funkiest chick that works here…hmmmm maybe a-part from the actual chick who works here cos she, like, drives and everything. And doesn’t moan about hardly anything, like….ever!! Plus….she cruises in Big Cars…shhhh…. You cannot …view full details.

Squadra Blanco
Night of the Illuminati

5 people love me. Be the 6th...

9/10 according to our Ant

One of only two releases on Viewlexx sub-label Holosynthesis, 2002’s ‘Night of the Illuminati’ has long been a cherished component in Danny Wolfer’s rapidly expanding discography. There was a point in time where this exchanged hands for big bucks --even the 2013 repress. Bu…view full details.

Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller IV

24 people love me. Be the 25th...

10/10 according to our Ant

Drexciya had an underground cult following with techno connoisseurs across the globe, despite never performing live, DJ’ing, remaining anonymous and unphotographed, and rarely giving interviews. They let the records speak for themselves. The concept was always aquatic and they created this fantasy realm occupied by characters like Dr Blowfin and Darthouven F…view full details.

Max D

1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

More off-kilter house from the artist formerly known as Maxmillion Dunbar, Max D. This third album on vinyl LP from Future Times is part weird digital sheen and part analogue machine-music. But it’s all powered by Max’s sharp melodies. I’m not sure when house and techno become so off-kilter that we can’t really call it that anymore, but on Boost we’re certainly close.…view full details.

Assar + Four Legs
Born Free 20

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

This 12” is in fact the debut release of Assar, a Stockholm resident of the tender age of 22. ‘Pant’ is a melancholy house excursion that flows like the work of a much more experienced producer. Remix support comes from Four Legs, the duo of Samo DJ and Elias Landberg. Issued by Born Free, as their 2…view full details.

Will DiMaggio
Fusion (Broadcast Mix)

1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

Will DiMaggio shows off his capabilities as a jazzy synth-pianist and as a catchy house producer with this single-sided 12” release on Future Times. Future (Broadcast Mix) is a slick and smiling creation, with wobbling synth-keys and fabulous chunky bass making the dancefloor a compelling place to be.…view full details.

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