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New in: Wednesday 21st August 2019

Bana Haffar
Genera - Live at AB Salon, Brussels

Really impressive Touch Records debut from Bana Haffar here. Genera, a single-track recording of Haffar’s synth-tastic 2019 performance at Brussels’ AB Salon, is a delightful skip through various electronic phases. Steve Reich’s motorik minimalism, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s synapse-expanding new age and the fourth-world soundscapes of Tropic Of Cancer are but three of the sounds scuttling in the background of Genera.

The Unforgiving Current

Manchester-based songwriter Ryan Kennedy was inspired by his recent move to Tokyo on his fourth Horsebeach album The Unforgiving Current. The lonely, nocturnal travelogue feel of the record expresses that indescribable sense of loneliness that, weirdly, only comes in extremely populous city centres. 

In the Spirit World Now

Californian punks, Ceremony, release their sixth album, In The Spirit World Now. It is the band’s first album for Relapse following a two album stint with Matador. The band has evolved yet again. This time they blend furious post-punk and rock with anxiety-ridden lyrics to make and album that is likely to blasting from stereos all summer long.

Ikebe Shakedown
Kings Left Behind

Consisting in part of several members of the late Charles Bradley’s backing band The Extraordinaires, the incredibly talented Ikebe Shakedown present another collection of uplifting, enervating instrumental soul with new album Kings Left Behind. Their first in half a decade, the ensemble evoke mystical elements with their hard-hitting sound. 

Angels and Daemons at Play

A massive stack of Motorpsycho for you to dig into! Angels and Daemons at Play has been released as a double LP and a series of three EPs, plus a reissue of the late 90’s project that includes all the original material, plus three discs of rarities, B-sides and live recordings. Christ, that’s six CD’s-worth of wild Norwegianness! 

This Is Not A Safe Place

Probably one of the best reformations yet, Ride have been better than ever in recent years and this is the follow up to the much loved Weather Diaries. Lead single Future Love is a sparkling slice of upbeat shoegaze with bodes well for the rest of the album. They have proved once again their worth and the only question left is....hat or no hat? 
New in: Tuesday 20th August 2019

Release the Dogs

Wye Oak’s Andy Stack comes through with a record of thoughtful, widescreen rock as Joyero. Release The Dogs (Release The Hounds, surely?) harks back to that period in the late-2000’s when the likes of The Antlers, The National and Grizzly Bear were turning out LPs full of tender and emotional indie tuneage. It’s a welcome return to a sound we wish we heard more of these days. ‘Dogs’ is the hit.

Shannon Lay

August, the third album by Shannon lay, sees her take on folk music drift from lo-fi Vashti Bunyan-style quietness to an Dry-era PJ Harvey rawness. It was recorded with her pal Ty Segall and features his pal, Mikal Cronin (presumably her pal too!) playing sax on the opening track. It includes a cover of Karen Dalton’s Something On Your Mind.

Lina Tullgren
Free Cell

A significant expansion on the aesthetics of her ambitious 2017 debut album Won, Lina Tullgren could win a much bigger fanbase with her sophomore effort Free Cell. Dynamic and tense, while retaining the elements of introversion and reflection that made her debut so acclaimed, Captured Tracks have got themselves another real diamond. 

Redd Kross
Beyond the Door

Redd Kross released their first album in 1982. Their new album, Beyond The Door, is only their 7th album in all that time. Anyway, quality, not quantity is what’s important. They return for the first time in seven years with an album of hard-edged power pop with Melvins drummer, Dale Crover, recording with them for the first time. Fellow Melvins, Geré Fennelly and Buzz Osborne guest, with Anna Waronker from That Dog and current Red Hot Chilli Peppers guitarist, Josh Klinghoffer also putting in appearances.

Blanck Mass
Animated Violence Mild

Benjamin Power returns one more time as Blanck Mass with the enticingly titled Animated Violence Mild. Since making the switch from dense ambience to something more industrial after the Fuck Buttons man's solo debut, each subsequent record has gotten more noisy, more intense, and more catchy, all at the same time. Animated Violence Mild is no different, with Power reaching for sound as varied as black metal, hardcore, and europop. 

Tropical Fuck Storm

The Drones were on hiatus but are now officially over. Founding member, Gareth Liddiard and his musical and life partner Fiona Kitschin are carrying on though. They’re rocking out with a new-found purpose in Tropical Fuck Storm. Braindrops is the band’s second album in 18 months, following on from A Laughing Death In Meatspace. Doc At The Radar Station by Captain Beefheart was a big influence on this album, so expect some weird, wonky and wonderful noise.

Leo Svirsky
River Without Banks

Leo Svirsky is a contemporary classical composer of rare deftness. His pieces spool out like running water, and as such it’s apt that his new LP should be entitled River Without Banks. Arranged for two pianos and various accompanying instruments, Svirsky’s music is tranquil, stirring and extremely lovely. Gas, Peter Zummo and Michael Nyman all come to mind when listening to River Without Banks.

Jay Som
Anak Ko

Jay Som is solely responsible for Anak Ko. She was songwriter and musician, producer and engineer. The result is a record that is indisputably hers. Though she proudly wears her influences on her sleeve (Cocteau Twins, the Cure etc...) there is no denying that she makes the realm of dream pop entirely her own. 

Massive Attack
Mezzanine [2018 Remaster]

Very exciting 20th anniversary remaster of Massive Attack's 1998 album Mezzanine, the kind of album that constantly finds itself on lists of the best albums of all time without losing any of its cool. Massive Attack took the trip-hop sound they had helped define and mixed it with a more rock-y energy to make something intriguing and unique. Comes with a disc of dub remixes by Mad Professor. 
New in: Monday 19th August 2019

Ann Arbor - Blues Festival 1969

The Ann Arbor Blues Festival 1969 was America’s first blues festival. And boy did they get a cast of characters together! B.B. King, Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, Son House, Big Mamma Thornton, Mississippi Fred McDowell are among the legendary acts performing. It’s all previously unheard stuff, unless of course, you were there. But you weren’t, were you?

Lunch Lady

Angel is the debut album by LA four-piece, Lunch Lady. Their sound is influenced by early ‘80s UK post punk and new wave. The two girls and two guys that make up the band add a dreamy, Californian sun-drenched quality to their otherwise Brit-influenced indie noodling, making for an original meeting of sounds.

Rose Dorn
Days You Were Leaving

Rose Dorn are a three-piece from LA who were raised on a diet of Elliott Smith. More recently labels such as Double Double Whammy and Orchid Tapes have been providing them with sounds to treasure. Those who enjoy the obscure end of ‘90s US melodic indie should check these guys out. Days You Were Leaving is their debut album.


Seratones, fronted by Louisiana-based singer AJ Haynes, returns with a suitably titled sophomore album POWER. Her backing band now bolstered by the addition of two new players, and shows Haynes’ voice to be flexible to the demands of rock, soul and dance music, and sees her lyrics reflect the personal and political. 

Modern Nature
How To Live

Modern Nature took their name from a phrase in filmmaker Derek Jarman’s diaries. Group leader, Jack Cooper, wanted new album How To Live to reflect the point where town and country meet - their mix of Can, Caravan and Talk Talk influences allows the music to flow between motorik beats, pastoral folk rock and experimentalism.

Ghost Funk Orchestra
A Song For Paul

A collection of cinematic psychedelia that’s as likely to appeal to fans of classic rock and soul as it is to soundtrack buffs, 'A Song For Paul' is the third album proper from the mysterious Ghost Funk Orchestra, in large part the product of producer and musician Seth Applebaum. Who knew the 'G' in 'G-funk' stood for Ghost?

Total Sex

Industrial electronic pioneers, Whitehouse, originally released their second album, Total Sex, in 1980. This reissue features bonus tracks, Her Entry and Foreplay which originally appeared on a label compilation album. The tracks were recorded during the same sessions as Total Sex, so it’s only fitting that they find a home together here.

The Moon and Back

38-track, double-CD compilation of new tracks from indie legends celebrating the NASA team that landed the first team of men on the Moon fifty years ago. The Moon And Back tells the story of the journey, with songs from the likes of The Popguns, Darren Hayman, Rocketship and the Leaf Library, interspersed with haiku readings. 

Alexander Tucker
The Guild Of The Asbestos Weaver

Alexander Tucker  - once bearded but last time I looked no beard at all  - has for many years made some thrilling music both solo and as one half of Grumbling Fur. This latest work sees him exploring the depths of cosmic psychedelia and hallucinogenic electronics. Music you'd think you'd need a beard for but Tucker is always a musician ready for a surprise.   

Augustus Pablo meets King Tubby
The Messenger

Originally recorded as some point in the 1970s but which never saw the light of day, 'The Messenger' finally gets the release it deserves. Augustus Pablo’s haunting melodica meets the cavernous dub landscapes of regular collaborator King Tubby, and it’s easily the equal of the legendary '...Meets The Rockers Uptown' album. 
New in: Friday 16th August 2019

Marika Hackman
Any Human Friend

Marika Hackman's new album looks to combine the synthesizer stylings of OMD with the aggression of PJ Harvey, as well as dealing with big lyrical subjects such as sexuality, the patriarchy, and social excess. New single 'i'm not where you are' is a banger and the rest of the album should be as well. 

Jonas Munk & Nicklas Sørensen
Always Already Here

Always Already Here is a collaboration between Danish electronic musician, Jonas Munk & Guitarist, Nicklas Sørensen. The artists give their takes on modern and retro electronica, psychedelia and the minimalism of La Monte Young, Steve Reich and Terry Riley. The tracks feature synths and guitars intertwining in an experimental yet accessible fashion.
New in: Thursday 15th August 2019

Ain Bailey & Jockel Liess
Call and Response 1

Ain Bailey & Jockel Liess have delivered one ambient piece for their new project 'Call and Response 1'. Expect a nuanced ambient album, exploring microtonality, field recordings, and feminist activism. Although ostensibly miscellaneous topics, the pair will presumably produce a seamless integration. 

Here Lies Man
No Ground To Walk Upon

Third album from what if Black Sabbath but afrobeat band Here Lies Man. Of they've got the riffs alright, riffs aplenty. It's the rhythms that are so strikingly different. You probably won't hear Bill Ward bashing out the beats on No Ground To Walk Upon. In sum they're a party band who've managed to sneak in a bit of the the ol' \m/. Very tasty. 
New in: Wednesday 14th August 2019

Mungo's Hi Fi x Eva Lazarus
More Fyah

Legendary Glasgow soundsystem Mungo's Hi Fi have teamed up with singer and MC Eva Lazarus on More Fyah, an album that explores dubstep, dancehall, and reggae. Expect dusty samples, dub sirens, and bass that will make your guts shake. Features Kiko Bun and Max Romeo to add even more heat to these tracks.

Uniform & The Body
Mental Wounds Not Healing / Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back

Two collaboration albums in a specially priced one-CD package presented by Sacred Bones. The result of a tour 30 months ago when industrial/noise outfit Uniform were asked to support their heroes The Body, Mental Wounds Not Healing followed soon afterwards and Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back. 

Frank Turner
No Man's Land

Featuring a rotating cast of female musicians and a suite of songs about the stories of women across history, culture and music - and including his own mother - Frank Turner returns with an ambitious eighth studio album in No Man’s Land. Anyone accustomed to his recent podcast series ‘Tales From No Man’s Land’ will be familiar with the subject matters at hand. 

The Center Won't Hold

They came back and they stayed back. After their 10 years hiatus ended with 2015's brilliant No Cities to Love, Sleater-Kinney kept writing together to create The Center Won't Hold. The album was produced with great care by St. Vincent, and sees the band exploring personal themes the only way they know how. By being a very good rock band.

Friendly Fires

In the eight years after indie/dance band Friendly Fires' album Pala, there was very little activity. Then suddenly they released a couple of singles and started playing live shows. The cat is now out of the bag and fans will be delighted to hear that album No.3, Inflorescent, is here. It was produced by the band and others including Disclosure. 
New in: Tuesday 13th August 2019

Prana Crafter & Tarotplane

A split album featuring a side-long composition each from Prana Crafter and Tarotplane, Symbiose is an apt title. Respectively crafting ‘Jagged Mountain Melts At Dawn’ on side A and ‘We Move Slowly Through The Past’ on the flip, the two pieces connect American underground electronica with old-fashioned European independent music. 

Abram Shook
The Neon Machine

Hailing from Austin, Texas, musician Abram Shook looks like he’s been beamed in from some alternative version of 2019 where the Seventies never ended, judging by the cover to fourth album The Neon Machine, but his Prince/Bowie party riffs and modern beats make his music some of the most loveable out there. 

Bobby Krlic
Midsommar (Original Score)

Bobby Krlic removed his Haxan Cloak to work alongside film director Ari Aster on Midsommar. The movie is a pagan horror in the Wicker Man mould, and Krlic’s frightening compositions really augment the sense of ceremonial doom that pervades Midsommar. Nails-on-blackboard screeches, pulse-racing drums, unsettling micropolyphonic drones, it’s all in there. Krlic's music is in dialogue with the great and the good of chilling movie scores, from György Ligeti to Johnny Greenwood to Dean Hurley.

The Murder Capital
When I Have Fears

The Murder Capital are a punk/post-punk/art punk band from Dublin. Their lives shows are becoming the talk of the town for their dark, brutal, edge-of-the-seat thrill ride. Their sound will draw comparisons to classic bands such as Joy Division as well as newer bands like Shame and Savages. When I Have Fears is their debut album and was produced by Flood, who is just the person you’d want to produce an album like this.

Conrad Schnitzler
Conditions of the Gas Giant

The late Conrad Schnitzler first issued Conditions Of The Gas Giant on a teeny tiny cassette run back in the late 1980’s. Now the fine folk at Bureau B have snapped up the music for a virgin vinyl/CD release. Conditions Of The Gas Giant is classic Schnitzler fare - slightly proggy avant-tronica that meets in the space between Jean-Michel Jarre and Holger Czukay.

Bad Education - Vol. 1:

Datptone step outside of their own super-soul roster to look overseas for a moment, with this highlights / introductory compilation of soul goodness from Timmion Records, based in Helsinki. Bad Education - Vol. 1: Soul Hits features ten  tracks selected by Daptone, showcasing the best soul artists that Finland has to offer!

Press Club
Wasted Energy

Wasting no time in following up last year’s angsty Late Teens debut album, Australian act Press Club announce their next effort Wasted Energy. Spearheaded by the recent ‘Get Better’ single, and including a terrifying account of singer Natalie Foster being stalked on ‘Thinking About You’, it promises to double down on what made their debut so compelling. 


For the twelfth Loscil album, inspiration has been taken from the photography of Alfred Stieglitz. This is a very wise decision, as the silvery shimmer of his cloud and sky photos meet their perfect sonic analogue in the sound of Equivalents, which drifts gorgeously along in classic Loscil / Kranky style.

Theme From The Gay Man's Guide To Safer Sex

The fact that this is Coil might lead you to assume that the title of Theme From The Gay Man’s Guide To Safer Sex is a joke of some sort, but it isn’t: this is music that Coil produced to accompany a VHS sex-ed documentary by that name. Ambient house, new age balearic vibes and slinking jazz are the order of the day. Presented here as a standalone soundtrack for the very first time, working from the original masters, On Musique Pour La Danse.

Trolsk Sortmetall 1993 – 1997

Century Media press up a new edition of Ulver’s retrospective box-set Trolsk Sortmetall 1993-1997. The collection brings together the Norwegian group’s first three LPs and their debut demo Vargnatt. Also included are some bonus recordings of the band rehearsing what would eventually become their third album Nattens madrigal. Trolsk Sortmetall 1993-1997 acts as a neat summation of Ulver's black metal phase.
  • CD box set (19075950432 )
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New in: Monday 12th August 2019

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Infest The Rats' Nest

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard are probably the most easily distracted band in the world. After having fun with microtones and boogie woogie on 'Infest The Rats' Nest' they've turned to the darkside for a bit of good old fashioned thrash metal. Fair play to them, they've done a decent job of evoking the golden years of the likes of Metallica and Slayer. I wait with baited breath for their first opera.
New in: Friday 9th August 2019

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
Spheres (Original Score)

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein are known for a number of musical projects from scoring the first two seasons of Stranger Things to being members of Texan synth band S U R V I V E. Spheres is a new film written and Directed Eliza McNitt. The score is an immersive experience exploring how us human types see space and beyond.
New in: Thursday 8th August 2019

Amongst The Flames Of A Burning God

One of the most insanely extreme and often violent death metal bands in existence, New Zealand’s Diocletian have resurrected their career following their 2015 split with a whole new line-up behind leader Brendan Southwell. Amongst The Flames of a Burning God is their grand return, and finds them in remorselessly primal form.

Phantoms vs Fire
My Mind As Your Amusement Park

Phantoms Vs. Fire - who will win? Well, it looks like we’ll have to wait a while to find out. Project mastermind Thiago Desant intends My Mind As Your Amusement Park to be the first record in an eight-part series. If all of the subsequent LPs are as intense as this one then we’re in for an epic journey - My Mind As Your Amusement Park is a set of degraded, often rather haunted sound design that draws on The Caretaker, bvdub, Jean-Michel Jarre and Olafur Arnalds.


Those of you who’ve been keeping up with Alexander Leonard Donat’s output as Vlimmer these past few years will know what to expect from new EP XIII. Donat has carved out a niche as one of modern coldwave’s most prolific and impressive artists, and these five tunes do nothing to upset that particular apple cart. Much of this EP kicks and screams, but cuts like ‘Kontakt’ are slow and insidious in that Alice Glass kind of way.


Under the title of Vlimmer the one born Alexander Leonard Donat has released EPs at an impressive clip these past few years. Vlimmer’s debut release I only came out in 2015, but as you can see Donat’s already hit XIIII (and a few more un-numbered titles) before the decade is out. Keeping busy clearly suits Donat - by now he’s got his brand of theatrical coldwave down to a fine art. Fans of Gestalt, Absolute Body Control and the rest should scooch on over to this record.

Big Stick

Sometimes, a name is all you need. Something about the phrase Big Stick tickles me more than I can express. But less about me. The band are back with the less well named LP, their first album proper in 15 years. Completely anarchic punk nonsense, rarely have two musicians sounded like they were having so much fun.

kandodo 3

How much do kan a kando do if a kando kandodo? Well, 3 apparently. On k3, kandodo 3 have created four sides of vinyl worth of well practiced exploratory psych-rock. This is music for fans of the Heads, maybe unsurprisingly as that band's Simon Price leads the kandodo 3. It's vibes all the way... way... way... down. On Rooster Rock.
New in: Wednesday 7th August 2019

Oh Sees
Face Stabber

Some things are always true.  You're always less than 6 months away from a John Dwyer release. That release will be by a band using a variant on Oh Sees as its name. Dwyer will have recorded some of that album wearing jean shorts that stop below the knee. And the songs that fill that release will be high intensity fuzzy garage rock.  This album is called Face Stabber.

Bill Ryder-Jones
Yawny Yawn

Bill Ryder-Jones’ 2018 LP Yawn was a fine set of epic ballads in that sort of Richard Hawley/Bill Callahan/Elbow tradition. On Yawny Yawn we find the former member of The Coral stripping back the tunes of Yawn to the bare essentials - just piano, voice and a few wisps of ambient electronics. This tender treatment allows the stark beauty of Ryder-Jones’ music to come into even sharper focus.

Early Paintings

Early Paintings is an extremely limited edition retrospective by Scottish singer/songwriter, Immigrant. It contains recordings made between 2015 and 2019. It contains tracks from 6 of his albums Wounded Healer, Christos Moon, The Empress, High Valley Home, Meadow Soul and Great Holker Lime. Each edition comes in a hand made box. Exclusive to Norman Records.
New in: Tuesday 6th August 2019

Zero 7
When It Falls

When It Falls is the second album by production duo Zero 7. It was originally released in 2004, so here we have a 15th anniversary edition, I guess. Its available on a 2CD version that includes a disc of remixes by artists such as Stereolab and Danger Mouse. It’s also available on heavyweight vinyl unlike the flimsy original pressing. Features vocals from Sia, Mozez, Sophie Barker and Tina Dico.


Chicago-based jazz collective Resavoir look to deliver on the early hype, which garnered them patronage from Gilles Peterson among others, with their debut self-titled album. Led primarily by Will Miller of indie band Whitney, their take on jazz has been lo-fi, electronically enhanced with loops and samples. 

Fionn Regan

Irish singer-songwriter Fionn Regan unveils his sixth studio album, in a 13-year career that’s seen him nominated for Mercury, Choice and Shortlist awards as well as being sampled by Justin Vernon. Cala promises a concise yet celestial collection of ten songs that dwell on love, nature and the universe.
New in: Monday 5th August 2019

King Tubby
Dub From The Roots

A classic King Tubby dub from '75 which features various tracks seen floating about on compilations over the years but have yet to have a home on one piece of wax. Loads of early classics here including reworks of cuts by the likes of Horace Andy and Johnny Clarke. All with that smoky, cavernous echo, fx and huge floor shaking basslines. Tune in, sit back, smoke out.  


Feeder are back! In their first new material since 2017s critically appraised 'Best Of' they return to cover the Go Betweens 1987 album it's entirety. Maybe not. Instead we get more of their punk-edged escapades where they blend American and British influences as if there was no water at all between the two places. 

Purple Pilgrims
Perfumed Earth

Purple Pilgrims are two New Zealand sisters, drawing in contributions from occasional others in order to achieve the sound they want. Those contributors here include Gary War, Roy Montgomery and the guitarist from Surf City, all helping to make this second album a rich and fabulous multi-layered experimental pop experience. Perfumed Earth is released by Flying Nun.

The Wedding Present
Tommy 30

30 years on from its original release, the Wedding Present have re-recorded Tommy. At the time it was something of the less loved younger sibling to their their debut proper, being that it collected a selection of their early singles. The new recording shows how the band have grown and evolved, and deliberately conceives of them as belonging to one release.

The Reverb Conspiracy - Volume 6

Volume Six of the reliably fuzzy Reverb Conspiracy compilation series, showcasing all the finest psych-etc. that the Fuzz Club label sees fit to print. Some of their own bands are here, but also plenty of internationally-sourced groups that you may or may not know. Nice Biscuit, Steeple Remove, Julia Robert... loads of noisy guitar goodies to get stuck into.
New in: Thursday 1st August 2019

Russian Circles
Blood Year

Chicago post-rock three-piece Russian Circles have all the brooding, dramatic tension associated with the genre. They also add elements of metal and krautrock which gives their music addition textures and power. Blood Year is their latest album. It was recorded at Steve Albini’s Electric Audio studio by Kurt Ballou of metal band, Converge.

Erin Durant

Erin Durant is an artist who knows the difference between power and volume. The Brooklyn-based pianist has her roots in New Orleans. Her piano led ballads have a certain swagger, imbued with the spirit of her home town. Her style also recalls For The Roses-era Joni Mitchell, Joanna Newsom and Regina Spektor. Islands was produced by Kyp Malone of TV On The Radio and features a guest performance from Kath Bloom.

Dude York

Dude York’s second LP for Hardly Art - third if you count a Christmas album they made back in 2017 - finds the Seattle trio rockin’ harder than ever before. Falling is an album full of great grungy chugs and pretty, melodic and very pop-punk vocals. The press release says Falling would do well ‘sandwiched between Jimmy Eat World and Third Eye Blind’ on alternative radio - wouldn’t we all eh?
New in: Wednesday 31st July 2019


Domino's turn to get a slice of the 2019 London jazz scene pie. Nérija feature the already legendary saxophonist Nubya Garcia along side an ensemble of six other musicians. Blume, their debut album, is an incredibly vibrant and lovely work, that gets close to capturing how captivating the band are in the flesh. 

Michael Donnelly
Why So Mute, Fond Lover?

Michael Donnelly is an experimental electronic musician making sound collages from 'broken gear and household appliances'. Although this sounds like a rather ramshackle affair, the end-product promises to be something magical. Having learned his chops in the band Rothko, Donnelly has decided to plough his own furrow on this particular project. Expect strange timbres and immersive sounds. 
New in: Tuesday 30th July 2019

Native Harrow
Happier Now

Native Harrow is not, in fact, a native of Harrow. The one born Devin Tuel actually resides in Newburgh, a place about halfway between New York City and Albany. However, from the music of her third LP Happier Now you’d be forgiven for thinking that she actually spent her time on the other side of the U.S.A. in California - specifically in the folk hotbed that is the Laurel Canyon. Any of you who kick your heels waiting for new Joni Mitchell albums to come along should have your hunger sated by Happier Now.
New in: Monday 29th July 2019

Deflore and Jaz Coleman
Party In The Chaos

Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke doesn't care for many new bands. But, he does like at least one. Rome band Deflore impressed him so much from their support slot that he recorded an EP together, this EP! 'Party In The Chaos' is heavy as hell, an absolute ride. Coleman's vocals are the perfect foil to Deflore's riffage. 

Grey Hairs
Health & Social Care

Building up their reputation in touring with the likes of Sleaford Mods prior to the album's release, Nottingham punk act Grey Hairs deliver a scathing third album in Health & Social Care. Their first record in three years, it’s an intelligent, vitriolic yet human experience designed to weed out the part-time punks. 
New in: Monday 15th July 2019

Rainbow Grave
No You

Few things released in 2019 are going to have the massive, weighty negativity of No You, the debut album from Birmingham-based Rainbow Grave on God Unknown Records. Promising to forge the blankness of classic punk and metal with a bombardment of psychedelic elements, this could be an unforgettable debut for the genre. 
New in: Friday 5th July 2019

The Soft Cavalry
The Soft Cavalry

The Soft Cavalry are a brand new duo featuring Steve Clarke and his wife who just happens to be the rather talented Rachel Goswell from Slowdive. Their self-titled debut is filled with dreamy and dramatic songs that takes its cues from Pink Floyd, Talk Talk and Mansun. Double LP and CD on Bella Union.
New in: Wednesday 19th June 2019

black midi

black midi are one of the most exciting acts to come out of...um....we presume London in some time (actually the Brit School  - disappointed ed) . Signed to Rough Trade and fond of creating a enigmatic image,  this is their much anticipated debut. We at least have their names now (there's at last one double-barrelled in there) and we've been given the slither of info that this was recorded with Speedy Wunderground's Dan Carey. Could be one of the year's biggest new things.  
New in: Monday 15th April 2019

Mariee Sioux
Grief in Exile

Mariee Sioux is an American other worldly folk singer/songwriter. Grief in Exile is her seventh album. It is her first release in seven years, following on from Bonnie & Mariee - a collaboration with Bonnie Prince Billy.  She is best known for her 2007 album Faces In The Rocks, which is somewhat of a cult classic. LP and CD on Night Bloom Records.
New in: Monday 29th October 2018

Brix & The Extricated
Breaking State

We knew when Brix Smith-Start talked about putting the Extricated on hold after Mark E Smith's death then it wouldn't be for long. The outfit have emerged out of tribute band territory to forge their own sound and last year's 'Part 2' wasn't bad at all. Expect moody post punk soundscapes led by Brix's Hollywood meets Manchester yowl. If we can't have the Fall anymore then this is something at least.  
New in: Wednesday 4th July 2018

Endless Scroll

What’s Your Rupture? have already released records by Parquet Courts. Their latest release is a debut LP from an urbane bunch of Brooklynites named Bodega. It was produced by Austin Brown - you know, from Parquet Courts - and was recorded onto the same Tascam tape machine as Light Up Gold, the acclaimed second LP from Parquet Courts. Guess who Endless Scroll sounds like.
New in: Thursday 28th September 2017


Swedish doom lords/riff masters Monolord return for their third full length album in the form of Rust. Bringing back the sheer groovability to the genre they mix heavy rock and metal tonality with bombastic low frequency rumbling power. Mixing genre luminaries such as Electric Wizard and Sleep with polished finish.
New in: Wednesday 19th January 2011

Joan As Police Woman
The Deep Field

Joan As Police Woman keeps trying to fool us into thinking that she’s law enforcement, but we’re onto her. We’re not sure how we know - maybe it’s the lack of a badge, the fact that we've never seen her eat a doughnut, or all the LPs she releases - but we're just sure that the one born Joan Wasser ain’t working for the man. Fourth full-length The Deep Field isn’t a copper’s record either. With its chunky soul-rock grooves and Wasser’s Cat Power-esque songwriting turns, The Deep Field is more Lou Reed than Eddie & Lou.
New in: Tuesday 29th September 2009

Turning The Mind

Limited edition orange vinyl re-press of Turning The Mind, the second studio album from James Chapman’s Maps project, in time for its tenth anniversary. Released in late 2009, it followed the Mercury Prize-nominated success of debut We Can Create, but failed to push Chapman’s career any further.