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New in: 6th February 2018

Rian Treanor
A Rational Tangle

‘A Rational Tangle’ is the debut release from Rian Treanor and gets going with the first tune straight from the SND school of pristine minimal sound palette but funked up some and nicely melodic - reminding me of stripped back and slowed down ...view item »

New Plastic Ideas

New Plastic Ideas was the third album by Olympia, Washington’s post-hardcore noise-rockers Unwound. It was originally released in 1994 on the classic Kill Rock Stars label. The guitar-bass-drums soar with hair-raising speed and indefatigable pounding all served up at the odd angles that were de rigueur back in them there &...view item »

The Pharcyde
Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde

The Pharcyde were arguably the West Coast’s answer to De La Soul, offering a cool alternative to the gangsta rap of the ‘90s. Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde was their debut album, originally released towards the end of 1992, it is now, as well as being Kanye West’s favourite piec...view item »

Takushi Hiyamuta
Metal Slug

Metal Slug is an absolute classic in the genre of massively explosive shoot-em-up games, in which bullets and bombs fly around the screen at relentless pace. This slick vinyl release contains the 1996 soundtrack to the original release in the franchise, composed by ...view item »

Rough Trade Shops Presents: Counter Culture 2017

Different world working for Rough Trade than for your common or garden provincial music emporium. Where they get to go out to Primavera and pick their favourite tracks of the year for a double LP release, we spend our time trying to get the intercom to work and wondering why we don't have a working CD player in the office. But that's just the wa...view item »

Nina Kraviz

Premium contemporary DJ Nina Kraviz is responsible for perhaps one of the most successful entries the extensive DJ-Kicks mix series, and so the powers that be at !K7 is giving it a vinyl re-press. A deep journey through thirty finely chosen cuts, almost half ...view item »

Boom Boom Boom (The Going Going Going Remixes)

The Austrian downtempo duo Tosca released their tenth full length Going Going Going in February 2017, and now return to !K7 Records with another remix project taking hand p...view item »

Go Dig My Grave

This is a latest instalment from cracking female vocalist Susanna. Go Dig My Grave is a collection combining the soothing vocals that we're all so used to (well I hope we are after eleven previous releases), with a sombre and relaxing music accompaniment. Available on vinyl LP and CD and released on SusannaSonata.  ...view item »

Ezra Furman
Transangelic Exodus

Ezra Furman presents Transangelic Exodus, a somewhat epic queer song-suite following a narrative about being in love with an illegal angel. Furman is a real showman and a dramatic songwriter, and his personality drives these songs on and on. Transangelic Exodus is a powerful statement made in d...view item »

Joan As Police Woman
Damned Devotion

Damned Devotion is the 5th album proper album by Joan As Policewoman. It sees the Connecticut-born singer/songwriter returning to the emotionally charged music of her earlier releases, such as 2006’s Real Life. Damned Devotion has lyrics tinged with regret about her previous mistakes in love and life....view item »

Max Richter
Hostiles (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

You sure can count on Max Richter to deliver works of sweeping cinematic power, and so it's no surprise that he has increasingly been composing music for actual cinema. Hostiles...view item »

Factory Floor
Heart Of Data / Babel

For Factory Floor's first record on their own H/O/D label, the band release two tracks inspired by the 1927 Fritz Lang classic of silent cinema and science fiction, Metropolis. 'Heart Of Data' and 'Babel' were culled from the score which the band wrote, and performed live in front of an awestruck Scien...view item »

Kat Frankie
Bad Behaviour

Sydney native and current Berlin resident Kat Frankie makes pop music, but it’s so much more than that. Musically complex, diverse and intricately crafted. If you’re a fan of Christine and The Queens or Florence and the Machine, you should probably give Bad Behaviour a whirl. LP and ...view item »

Stupid People Happy Days

Described as a 'reality experience', Moviestar have released Stupid People Happy Days on vinyl LP and CD. A complete mash-up of sci-fi sounds and fuzzy prog-rock, full of youthfulness and energy. Enough to break into the mainstream, but equally just enough to keep them indie. Released on Oh Yeah! / Sony Norway. ...view item »

Fu Manchu
Clone Of The Universe

Did you miss Fu Manchu? Well here they are, back again with their twelfth album after four years away. Clone Of The Universe is a fuzzed-up epic, particularly when it comes to the eighteen-minute goliath of a track that takes up all of side two. That track features none other than Alex Lifeson of ...view item »


Brighton’s Structure enter the fray with six slices of throwback post-punk. Clearly massive fans of Wire, Gang Of Four et al, the group rip through the set with a speed and intensity that would make their angular ancestors proud. The jagged wiggle of tracks like ‘Dull’ and &lsq...view item »

Die Tödliche Doris

Here’s an unusual slice of afterlife from Berlin’s post-punk avant gardists. The basis of  this release is In der Pause, the closing track on their 1982 debut LP “ “ (sic). This year, original band members Wolfgang Müller and Chris Dreier reworked...view item »

Ceramic Hobs
Black Pool Legacy

The great thing about the success of Sleaford Mods is that it has given Harbinger Sound the funds to release some of the more out there music made on these shores. It's therefore no surprise that they've turned their attention to Ceramic Hobs a bonkers psychedelic outfit out of Blackpool who have been scaring people since 1985. ...view item »

Curtis Mayfield
Back To The World

This album is a kind of a "concept" album of sorts. It contains powerful and timely lyrical content mainly dealing with life in the U.S. after the Vietnam war which had just ended as the last troops were finally on their way back home. He really shows off his incredible musical compositions on this album. As difficult as it is to follow up a mas...view item »
New in: 5th February 2018

Tori Kudo
Live At Harness

Tori Kudo is best known for leading the ramshackle and often magical Japanese collective Maher Shalal Hash Baz. This tape captures an acoustic Tokyo performance with Mikiko Suzuki, featuring versions of songs from MSHB alongside covers of Beefheart, The Only Ones...view item »

Beau Wanzer
Issue No. Twenty

Given that Jealous God have dropped brutalist EPs by the likes of Broken English Club and Varg, it was perhaps only a matter of time before they called in a favour from darkwave dynamo Beau Wanzer. Issue No. Twenty is a perpetual motion machine, increasing in speed and ...view item »

Collin Gorman Weiland
Issue No. Twenty-One

After releases on Downwards and Neverender, Collin Gorman Weiland releases this limited pressing EP on Jealous God. Issue No. Twenty-One is a caustic, noisy, and rhythmic b...view item »

Tal National

With one of Niger’s most popular bands going global in 2013 after Fat Cat released their excellent Kaani, Tal National look to grow their globalising fan base with their third LP Tantabara. It’s another whirlwind mix of Desert Blues, West African funk and polyrhythmic rock that is s...view item »

Revolutionary Spirit - The Sound Of Liverpool 1976-1988

An extensive 5-disc overview of Scouserock, if you will, from the punk and post-punk era through to the more polished pleasures of the late 80s. It kicks off with the art rock theatrics of Deaf School, and the more heard about than heard (retrospective) supergroup Big In Japan. ...view item »

The Wombats
Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life

The Wombats are back back back, with their fourth album to date: who knew? The mid-2000’s indie upstarts are now an international proposition, and they’ve got some synths now too. Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life (is this a problem The Wombats face?) is released on the group’s own ...view item »

Tess Parks
Blood Hot

Despite Newcombe’s absence, this records isn’t that different from Tess Park's collaborative efforts. It’s full of slow druggy melodies and hazy Mazzy Star-like vocal melodies. It makes me want to be somewhere slow in Los Angeles. No wonder Newcombe picked up on this as it’s like a...view item »

Aksak Maboul
Un peu l'Ame des bandits

Listen back to the early roots of the Crammed Discs label, with this essential album by Aksak Maboul, the Belgian avant-rock group lead by label-runner Marc Hollander and also featuring such luminaries as Fred Frith and Chris Cutler of Henry Cow! Un peu &lsq...view item »

The Golden Filter
Dub Of Times

The ever-discerning Optimo have pressed up this limited run of The Golden Filter dubs with the dancefloor in mind. While the original version of ‘End of Times’ was an Italo joy, it was too slow to do real damage in the dance. Here, the problem is solved by two re-rubs - the ‘Golden’ one a...view item »

Dead Fader

Milan’s Parachute Records front the latest album from club experimentalist John Cohen, aka Dead Fader. Jenny153 examines the intersection between dance music and art music in a manner similar to Arca, Rabit, Jlin, Ziur and a bunch...view item »

Nina Simone
Mood Indigo (The Complete Bethlehem Singles)

Undisputed legend of piano and performance Nina Simone gets yet more of the dues she deserves with this collection of her early recordings, many of which will be familiar even to the unfamiliar -- "My Baby Just Cares For Me" features, as does the monolithic mash of melody and solo "Love Me Or Leave Me". The LP version ...view item »

Little Dark Age

MGMT’s new one, Little Dark Age, is being dubbed their gothy album, with an all-round Curetastic presentation of moods, looks and sounds. Really, thi...view item »

Matthew Herbert
A Fantastic Woman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Matthew Herbert appears to have veered away from his super-conceptual production methods for once: his soundtrack for A Fantastic Woman, a powerful Chilean film about trans identity, is simply music, combining rich and colourful synthpop with classical stylings. Herbert’s OST is released by the Mi...view item »

Jonny Greenwood
Phantom Thread (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Here we are again with the dream team combo of super-director Paul Thomas Anderson and soundtracker Jonny Greenwood, who has proven to be an extremely capable avant-leaning orchestral composer over his previous three Anderson soundtracks. Phantom Thread is remarkably lush and rich, as b...view item »

A.R. Rahman
The Essential A.R. Rahman

A.R. Rahman is an absolute colossus of Indian music, responsible for stacks of movie scores (both for Bollywood films and in the West) and hundreds of millions of record sales. The Essential A.R. Rahman provides...view item »
New in: 2nd February 2018


Stuart Bowditch’s Hybernation project is fuelled from his need to capture the places and spaces he has inhabited and visited. Whilst working on his 2010 album E2 & E8 Bowditch recorded objects that were found around where he was staying at the time and created these soft ambient pieces. They w...view item »

Jimi Hendrix
Lover Man

Forty seven years after his untimely death, guitar ace Jimi Hendrix returns with a new album "Both Sides Of The Sky" and this accompanying single which comes backed with a 1967 live rendition of 'Foxy Lady'  - a track title I'm trying to translate I'm trying to translate for a post PC world into something like "Highly Attra...view item »
New in: 1st February 2018

Anna Burch
Quit The Curse

Music is everywhere. Literally everyone makes it and...let's face it....most of it is bang average. Anna Burch is another one I haven't heard of taken on a punt by a medium sized English Record Label, this time Heavenly. Opener '2 Cool to Care' immediately shows promise though by way of an aching skyscraping chorus which tries to drag the previo...view item »


Well, here's a thing: Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud and his first studio album in 8 years. In the meantime, he has been occupied on many things including sound design, film scores, art commissions... you name it. So it's good to have him back with a new LP, especially since the loss of his family; this record forms part of the neces...view item »

Red River Dialect
Broken Stay Open Sky

Red River Dialect are  at the junction of their fourth album but this is the first time I've set ears on them. The RIYL bit on the front cover mentions all my favourite artists so what could possibly go wrong?  Well nothing much really. Red River Dialect make a tasteful and evocative form of folk-influenced songwriting. Theirs ...view item »

German Army
More Bitter Fruit

Enigmatic San Bernardino, California duo German Army are one of the most prolific but consistently reliable projects in the contemporary underground. This LP concerns the 1954 CIA coup in Guatemala, creating an impressionistic narrative from interview samples and ominous sonics. For fans of Throbbing Gristle, ea...view item »

Kyle Craft
Full Circle Nightmare

It’s glam. I don’t know how exactly but it is: there’s a dude wearing a hat on the front cover and Kyle Craft has a fuzzed-up hair thing going on. He’s about to answer a phone. His suit, a kind of mustard-white, is captivating. There’s a table. There are cards. The scene is set: it’s rock music for the world&r...view item »

Dead Sea Apes

A long, willed-to-life opus certainly seems like the most logical course of action for a band as exalted with loudness as Dead Sea Apes. The Manchester crew obsess over grand designs on ‘Recondite’, creating languishing tunes of psychedelia, heavy with either noise or lethargy. It opens on the daring “Tentacles”, a mix of...view item »

The Myrrors
Lunar Halo

The Myrrors delve deeper into their endless slew of basement tapes for the first in a Cardinal Fuzz archives series. I mean, this is all excessively relative: can you actually use terms like “delving deep” and “archives” when the music was released less than a year ago? Whatever the case, some transfer deadline ne...view item »
New in: 31st January 2018

Dawn of the Dead - Live in Helsinki 2017

Here's a recording of the time Italian progressive legends Goblin performed their much loved Dawn of the Dead soundtrack before a live studio audience in Helsinki in May 2017. This is a one time pressing of 1000 copies on a couple of different colours. Sure to be a future collectors item for fans of these soundtrack legends.&nbs...view item »

The Hands

What is this rumpus? I would have to say that rumpus is Fire, with an exclamation mark, whose newest record takes a mini left turn in embracing rock music as you knew it. Or, perhaps I should say, as you once knew it; as my dad likes to know it, in definitions that focus it around Hendrix and ...view item »

Seekers International
RunComeTest! EP

A hazy pairing of stripped back but snazzy dub jams with contemporary touches adding atmosphere and abstraction. The deep bass and subtle beats are augmented with space echoed voices, pulsing keys and pad textures. Singular stuff from a unique collaborative force, brought from obscurity into the light....view item »

Tori Kudo

Gala-Kei is a multi-layered work from cult Japanese musician Tori Kudo, an avant-folk kind of character who has been operating in the shadows for many years. Gala-Kei is made up of live recordings from Tori’s band Maher Shalal Hash Baz, voicemail recordings from H...view item »

Nai Palm
Needle Paw

Hiatus Kaiyote’s brilliant leader, Nai Palm, delivers her debut record as something of an anthology. Acoustic tunes from her band’s oeuvre make an appearance, as do tributes to certain fellas of the canon, including Jimi Hendrix and the maybe-suing-you Radiohead. She ...view item »

The Liminanas
Shadow People

Area People Do Something Psychedelic. Hardly breaking news anymore, but may I please report to you that Perpignan psychlords the Liminanas have released a new record, their fifth, and you can listen to it? If you’ve not already been indoctrinated, their melodic, pop-leaning approach to making jams is quite a marvel. The duo seesaw like chi...view item »
New in: 30th January 2018

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Fever To Tell

Yeah! Yeah Yeah Yeahs are giving us the chance to enjoy their fierce little debut album Fever To Tell all over again, just in advance of the record’s fifteenth annive...view item »

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