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New in: 13th February 2018

Belle and Sebastian
How To Solve Our Human Problems (Part 3)

Belle & Sebastian have always excelled in the short format of the EP, so it is excellent to see them returning to the format with a new EP trilogy, named How To Solve Our Human Problems. This is the final on...view item »
New in: 12th February 2018

Hiroshi Sato

This is a welcome reissue of Hiroshi Sato’s Orient, a record whose first edition was released in 1979 and still fetches three-figure prices on Discogs. This is its first vinyl pressing outside of Japan. Sato & pals are producing some dangerously funky, feel-good J-synthpop here. White noise faded gently to evo...view item »

The Gentleman Losers
Permanently Midnight

Oh the weird things that happen at Norman Records. I'm playing it on the headphones and at the exact same time someone is playing it in the office causing a strange dissonance. This isn't the first impressive thing about the Gentleman Losers though. The group made some much loved records in the early 2000's only to disappear completely. Now they...view item »

Mt. Si

Taking possible cues from the lushest of 80s Japanese synth pop, '911' is a supremely glossy, rich exercise in future-retro pop music. The slightly Balearic feel sits tightly with an atmosphere of city lights, technicolour discos and dreamlike mind states. Comes on 12" with an instrumental remix and B-side 'Annie'....view item »

yndi halda
A Sun Coloured Shaker

Lower case post-rockers yndi halda were one of the original scene-brokers back in its heyday, but they made a surprise return with Under Summer a couple years back. Their new EP promises more serenity, and a patch update to their instrumental sound -- vocal harmonies filter in this time, the songs ta...view item »

Twin Peaks
Sweet '17 Singles

'Sweet '17 Singles' is a compilation of 7" tracks that were released earlier this year, selling out almost immediately. Together they form a consistent and quite lovely record, full of wistful bluesy swing that's reminiscent of Women, though with a pastorally psychedelic tone not a million miles from Van Morrison....view item »

Happy Accidents
Everything But The Here And Now

The debut record from Happy Accidents was pretty good but this second album from the London trio is a cracker! Every track is a winner with a great contrast in styles between the vocals of drummer Phoebe Cross and Rich Mandell. The fantastic production also gives welcome space to Neil Mandell's original bass sound. This a...view item »

Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet

Substantial collaboration between musician and spoken word storyteller Laurie Anderson and San Francisco’s Kronos Quartet. Landfall, a multimedia project inspired by Anderson’s experience of Hurricane Sandy, blends skillful instrumentation with her powerful spoken word descriptions of the storm. On N...view item »

Shannon & The Clams

Quickly recorded with caution out in the wind, Onion is the fifth and most savoury of Shannon & the Clams releases. They cite a quick and impulsive recording environment, as studio man Dan Auerbach just had his instruments ready to go at all times. Expect the usual and avid throwback pop majesty ...view item »

The Temperance Movement
A Deeper Cut

A Deeper Cut is the third album by British blues rockers The Temperance Movement. It follows on from their 2012 self-titled debut and their 2016 album White Bear. Members of the band have previously played with the likes of Rooster, Ben’s Brother, Jamiroquai and Fe...view item »

Napalm Death
Utopia Banished

Utopia Banished might not be a magnum opus, but it is a darn fine and highly enjoyable album, nonetheless, from one of extreme metal's most consistent bands. Thus, it should satisfy just about all fans of either death or grind. And if music that hits like a shotgun blast to the chest makes you feel all tingly, this beast ought to be a just about...view item »

The Jam
Sound Affects

Sound Affects is widely thought of by critics, and Paul Weller himself, as the best record by The Jam. Their fifth album, it was originally released towards the end of 1980. It turned out to be their penultimate release and featured the singles That’s Entertainment and the Taxman-aping Start! The latter wa...view item »

Sunset Graves
The Inevitable End

For his latest cassette The Inevitable End, Sunset Graves (UK electronic musician Andy Fosberry) deliberately limited his sound palette to synths, drums, samples and field recordings. Gosh, with only those at his disposal it’s amazing he was able to make anything at all! Nonetheless, against all odds, Fosberry has...view item »

The Wrong Society
Tell Me You'll Be Mine / I Really Don't Care

The Wrong Society are a bunch of psych/garage punks from Germany who put all their efforts into sounding as authentic as possible. They take their influences from myriad lesser known American bands of the mid-sixties whose music was unearthed in the ‘90s on those Teenage Shutdown compilations. 7” single limited to 30...view item »

Franz Ferdinand
Always Ascending

Franz Ferdinand have done that thing where they replace one leaving member with multiple new members (see also the Stone Roses at Reading '96, various incarnations of Last of the Summer Wine) as if it somehow stops people from noticing that a major cog has depart...view item »

Sandy Denny
I've Always Kept A Unicorn: The Acoustic Sandy Denny

She always... she always kept a unicorn. Bet you didn't know that about Sandy Denny, folk rock pioneer beloved for her part in the Fairport Convention of the late '60s. Here's a double LP of leafy strums anthologised for your cafe-comfy pleasure. It includes cuts from all over the place, from the&...view item »
New in: 9th February 2018

Kaltès & Nene H.
Protest EP

Protest EP introduces two exciting, fresh, techno artists located in Berlin - Kaltès and Nene H. The 12” on Lakker man Eomac’s Eotrax imprint also contains remixes by LAIR and Christina Sealey - half of mighty Canadian industrial/techno duo Orphx. The intention of the music within is to whip any c...view item »


12" of rough as a badgers bottom, rusty rattlers on Where To Now? from Metrist aka L.SAE aka Joe Higgins. Previous output has come via Nineteen89, Fifth Wall Records, Black Opal, Resin and Neighbourhood. Spoils comes off to these ears somewhere between Mr. Oizo and the wry ‘floor workouts of Natalie Beridze....view item »

Theo Parrish
Preacher’s Comin / Gullah Geechee

New 12" from the pre-eminent Theo Parrish. The a-side, 'Preacher's Coming', is beautiful and elating piece of jazzy house music. On the other side is Gullah Geechee, both Parrish's edit of it, and the original to which he contributed. It explores the culture and language of the Gullah, who were able to retain more of their ...view item »

S & M Trading Co.
Metal Surface Repair

Detroit's Fit Siegel and Helsinki's DJ Sotofett hook up as S & M Trading Co. Moody acid melts the glacial atmosphere across the three mixes of 'Metal Surface Repair'. Alongside the original cut is an Acidic Mix which amps up the 303 action and a more ethereal, floating Synthetic Mix. Available on 12" on Aaron "Fit" Siegel's superb Fit S...view item »

Roland Kirk
Third Dimension

Recorded in New York in 1956, Third Dimension is the debut album from the legendary jazz man Roland Kirk. Slamming together bits and pieces of jazz history, he crafted his own unique multi-instrument style, showcased in all its glory here. Originally titled Triple Threat. Out on vinyl LP from Bethlehem....view item »

We Out Here

We Out Here presents a snapshot of the current state of young London jazz, and let me tell you, the scene(s) are sounding in fine health! Nine tracks, all recorded especially for this release, map the variety of sounds and cross-pollinations currently going on, such ...view item »

Marcus Marr
Familiar 5

Marcus Marr had a collection of rock and soul records which were gradually infiltrated by acid house records. This set the blueprint for his music. His stratospheric dance music is underpinned by funky basslines and oozing synths. His new EP for DFA, Familiar 5 is at times reminiscent of D...view item »
New in: 8th February 2018

James Brandon Lewis - Chad Taylor
Radiant Imprints

A nice little story behind this one. Both James Brandon Lewis and Chad Taylor have been brewing a budding friendship since they first met and decided that an album of great music should be written by the pair. Radiant Imprints is released on CD and has been released on Off. Both artists are soon-to-be classics of their own unique genres. ...view item »

Orchestra Exotica
Plays Martin Denny

Hm. Very interesting. One guy plays, and I quote, 'parafernalia' along with the flute and synths. I can only imagine that this record is going to be a bit whacky and, yes, interesting. Orchestra Exotica have released Plays Martin Denny on CD and is released on Off. (An annoying little snippet to try and say. Released on Off. Try it). ...view item »

Population One
Hippnotic Culture Remixed

Detroit’s Terrence Dixon unleashes five remixes of cuts from his 1995  ‘Hippnotic Culture’ album originally released on Claude Young’s Utensil label. The remix of ‘Rush Hour’ is absolutely astounding. It literally feels like I’m right in the eye of a ferocious st...view item »

Brigid Mae Power
The Two Worlds

Hell yeah. I can remember fragments of older Brigid Mae Power records, but this one takes what they tend to call ‘the cake’. Assured in her slow, growing songs, and better than ever at stretching a melody over a slow motion country rock time lapse, she offers her best record to date, offering both the merest of brushes and the most s...view item »
New in: 7th February 2018

Simon Haydo
The Illusion of an Alternative Choice

Simon Haydo (DEM, Studio Barnhus, Avian, Balans) gets the maximum from the minimum on this LP for Peder Mannerfelt’s label. Using a solitary Korg MS-20 as his sole construction tool, he coaxes varying shades of techno and beyond from the circuits of his semi-modular monophonic analog synthesizer. A machine as old as myself, and one he clea...view item »

Russell Haswell

Russell Haswell is back on Diagonal with this wee mini-album that gets going with the ominous sizzler ‘The Surface is Unrevealing’ that comes across like H&M’s (that’s Jeff Mills and Robe...view item »

Lou Rebecca
Lou Rebecca

Lou Rebecca is a Paris native but has found herself living in Austin, Texas. It is there that she earned her stripes, and rose to the top, with her captivating performances in the crowded synth scene. With her eponymous debut, she delivers an album of sophisticated synth pop sung in English and French that is as accessible as it...view item »

Sir Richard Bishop / Ava Mendoza
Ivory Tower (Hanuman)

Sir Richard Bishop, the Sun City Girls alum and innovator behind the phenomenon known as Knighting Yourself, is feeling breezy. Is that a thing? Does Sir Richard Bishop’s guitar improv get jangly? Should it? On “She Loves You”, the opener from his split with pal Ava Mendoza, he pulls out a gorgeous guitar riff, one that sounds ...view item »

Kingdom Come
Kingdom Come

Originally released in 1972 the guys at Swordfish have obtained the rights to remaster and reproduce Kingdom Come’s self titled album in full including artwork. The last recording of the Arthur Brown and Andy Dalby fronted lineup, Kingdom Come is definitive psychedelic prog-rock r...view item »

This Kind Of Punishment
This Kind Of Punishment

Following the demise of their previous band Nocturnal Projections, New Zealand brothers Peter and Graeme Jeffries began to deconstruct their post punk sound into something more pastoral and intimate. This became the handful of recordings they made as This Kind of Punishment. This is superb, intimate and thoughtf...view item »

Rrose & Lucy
The Lotus Eaters II

This particular decade will probably be remembered as one where the cutting edge of techno became severely twisted. Riding the sharpest point are Rrose and Lucy, who come together on this EP to unveil a typically claustrophobic, swirling mass of dance floor disorientation. Muscular, ethereal and as sideways as y...view item »

George Katsaros
George Katsaros: Greek Blues in America, Vol. 1

Hear what happened when rebetika-playing Greek emigres came to American and mingled their sound with the blues in the 20’s and 30’s. George Katsaros: Greek Blues in America, Vol. 1 is a cassette filled with amazing vintage recordings of Katsaros, captured in New York back in the day. Beautiful finger-picked ...view item »

Salad Boys
This Is Glue

Kind of fitting as we were talking the other day about whether people still sniff glue. Well... do they? I've also been playing guess the riff on opening track 'Blown Up' which so naggingly familiar that I'm sort of going insane -I think it's the Buzzcocks  - possibly 'Ever Fallen In Love'. It's also the ...view item »

Astral Disaster Sessions Un/finished Musics

Coil's 1999 opus Astral Disaster is an often-overlooked highlight of their extensive discography, centring on sonically vast, emotionally deep Kosmische epics and punctuated with pithier statements. This release presents a brace of unheard tracks and mixes from the album sessions, including the lengthy Cosmic Disaster and a prom...view item »


Kuala Lumpur’s Euseng Soto has been playing with his electroacoustic instruments since 2005 and here he is with ‘Sub:Side’, his fifth record to date as Flica. Soto’s work is highly melodic and can push on at a fair lick -- as he does on ‘Waver’, where notes jump out as if w...view item »

The Jam
In The City

In The City was the album with which The Jam announced themselves to the world. Paul Weller was just 19 at the time and used the album as a outlet for his teenage frustration. The title track was the only single to be released from the album. There were also two covers: the Larry Williams blues tune Slow Down an...view item »

Efrim Manuel Menuck
Pissing Stars

After fully coming through on a long-term promise to deliver “a joyous noise” to a Godspeed You! Black Emperor record in the triumphant, communal, and all-loving ‘Luciferian Towers’, Montreal rock ‘n’ roller Efrim Manuel Menuck returns to the pits of doom. Th...view item »


Lovely loveliness is really the only way I can describe the Sunwatchers, whose most recent record of sun-dappled psych noise miasma comes with a promise to “stand in solidarity with the dispossessed, impoverished and embattled people of the world”. It feels like a large political statement for a record with pretty much nothing on its...view item »

Son Lux
Brighter Wounds

If you ever wanted the ripples rocking the boat of Son Lux’s music to push it into capsize… may I kindly present ‘Brighter Wounds’ to you? It bays with the tension of a Perfume Genius record, given the grit and wobble of Xiu Xiu and the squelchy pantomime...view item »

Dengue Dengue Dengue
Son de los Diablos

So good they named them thrice… it's Dengue Dengue Dengue, from Peru! This duo work with the instruments and musical styles that have grown out of Afro-Peruvian culture, and on Son de los Diablos they do so with entirely live instrumentation for the first time! This four-track EP is likely to whip up storms in 20...view item »

Last of the Easy Riders
Unto The Earth

Trust me: this is a scam. Last of the Easy Riders sound chill, I know -- there’s Grateful Dead in the lilt of their vocals and Allman Bros’ in the twang of their geetars -- but they think you’re philistines. I opened up my jewel case of ‘Unto the Earth&...view item »

Galaxy Express 555
Natural Mind

It’s landscape but you can’t live there. Creating gorgeous fields in abstract shapes and plateauing geometry, Galaxy Express 555 has made the soundtrack to a nature you’ll never know. His latest record is actually called ‘Natural Mind’, and it’s as good a title as you could hope for: hold this ecosystem in you...view item »

The Soft Moon

A good alternative soundtrack to Goldeneye 64, ‘Criminal’ is a tour de force in synthetic fury. With his usual mix of psychedelic clock-punching, electronic sheen and striking industrial aesthetic, Luis Vasquez takes his latest Soft Moon record as an opportunity to simply unleash. It’s a furious, futurist record that makes ange...view item »
New in: 6th February 2018

Niklas Paschburg

What do we have here? Well, it appears to be an album chock-full of wondrous melodies performed on (mainly) piano with some soft and fluffy electronics for those keys to gently bed down into. 23-year-old German composer-keyboardist Niklas Paschburg was inspired by the nature he observed unfolding around him for this record; he says (softly): &ld...view item »

John Tejada
Dead Start Program

More techno please John. Thanks. Mr. Tejada returns with yet more for Kompakt with Dead Start Program, which demonstrates his trance-inducing and haze-imbibed style in its totality. With a tinge of signature Tejada soul, these eleven tracks mark an unbelievable thirteenth album in a catalogue of hard-hitters....view item »

Nils Frahm
All Melody

Referred to affectionately as “the Frahmster” by my bothersome boss, Nils Frahm is the holy ghost in Erased Tapes. He’s done a whole lot more for neo-classical than you have, so pay some damn respect. Max Richter don’t read this. His new record is called ‘All Melody’ but there...view item »

Man Power

Behold, the power of Man! Specifically, the power of tech producer and man Geoff Kirkwood to create some music. This latest show of Man Power for Dutch DGTL Records runs from jaunty acid and tech house on the a-side to a pretty marvellous and warm closing-montage disco in ‘Get Your Hands on the Car (And Get Ready to Die)&r...view item »

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