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New in: 21st February 2018

MJ Lallo
Star Child

Whilst soundtracking films for Nasa and Levi’s MJ Lallo also produced fantastical interstellar-boogie using her voice, drum machines and synths. Canadian label Séance Centre have committed themselves to releasing as much of MJ Lallo’s back catalogue as they can. Firstly with the Star Child...view item »

Death Pedals
Death Pedals

Noise rock from a place we never dare go, ‘London’, we’re pleased that Death Pedals could send us this excellent S/T all the way up the motorway to consume. Adding to our pile of dread, their mix of petrol feedback, calamitous chord churn and yelpy vox puts them up there with your favourite evil fuzzers, giving you just enough ...view item »

Greatest Show On Earth

Just one more Elephant9 record. All you have to do is drive. I promise. If you’re into it, the cosmic persecutors have just put up ‘Greatest Show on Earth’, a sleuthing record detailing their prog-jazz in extra detailed slow. So slow and so serene is opener “Way of Return” that I feel as if I’m a detective try...view item »

Fear On The Corner

Slice and splice the Talking Heads’ avant-dance classic ‘Fear of Music’ with ‘On the Corner’ -- one of Miles Davis’ most daring fusion records, invoking the experiments of electronic composer Karlheinz Stockhausen -- and you apparently have ...view item »

Rock Island

Jerky rhythm riders Palm navigate their songs as if they were F Zero levels -- from side to side they skirt, their guitars moving forward as if it were the same thing as winding backwards. This new record they’ve done, ‘Rock Island’, is a toast to straightline chaos, its weird, exuberant math-making advancing their sound a thou...view item »

Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto

Fans of stylish minimalist ambience can rejoice as the heroic duo of Nicolai and Sakamoto return on a release that's as much sound art as composition. This conceptual performance took place in a glass structure in September 2016, and is thankfully documented in all its calm, elegant glory, released on the ever g...view item »

U.S. Girls
In A Poem Unlimited

A decade into her archeological digs into pop music as U.S. Girls, Meg Remy releases what could be considered the project’s best record -- along with its most seismic step up. ‘In A Poem Unlimited’ wants to not only present its study of pop music but encompass its history, offering ensured songs with moments that feel like they...view item »

We Out Here

We Out Here presents a snapshot of the current state of young London jazz, and let me tell you, the scene(s) are sounding in fine health! Nine tracks, all recorded especially for this release, map the variety of sounds and cross-pollinations currently going on, such ...view item »

Blissing Me

Taken from Bjork’s latest full length Utopia, here we have two remixes of the track Blissing Me. One with experimental artist serpentwithfeet’s (Tri Angle) unique gospel like voice, and the second removes everything except the harp and Bjork’s vocals. Limited ...view item »

Gold Und Liebe

In 1981, Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft released their fourth album, the Conny Plank-produced Gold und Liebe. Of course, the D.A.F. boys are in a sexy synthy mood, pushing their electropunk power onto the listener with excellent lusty power. Gold und Liebe is here reissued ...view item »

No Home

Always content to dwell in the shadows of post-industrial urban wastelands are the Polytechnic Youth label and their latest record; this time in the form of MIDDEX (Kevin Hendrick) and his debut LP. ‘No Home’ follows up his two short-run, sold out 7” singles for the label and showcases his stark, bleakly monotone analog synth s...view item »

Basic Behaviour

I was like "where are the vocals?" but then I figured my headphones weren't working. Everything back to normal now. Also I can't decide whether I'm offended or not by the sleeve which seems to be a woman chained up in a fish tank. Could be a man with long hair though. Either way it's still murder of some sort.  Luckily the music is ...view item »

Alive In New Light

Some predictably vampy Queen-core from former Sneaker Pimps vocalist Chris Corner here. IAMX’s Alive in New Light goes for an old Gary Numan vibe and ends up with a new Gary Numan vibe. Corner throws his voice all over the place a...view item »

Alela Diane

Cusp is The 5th solo album by singer/songwriter Alela Diane and follows on from her 2013 album, About Farewell, written and recorded after her marriage to musical partner Tom Bevitori ended. Accidentally inspired by breaking a thumbnail and writing on the piano instead of finger picking her way on...view item »

Thirty Years Of Shouting Quietly

Literally the worst thing that could happen to a band in the 80's was to get the 'new Smiths' tag....and even worse was to be given the Morrissey seal of approval. Bradford had both and so it's no surprise that they pretty soon called it a day and were never seen again..... ......view item »

1939 Ensemble
Beats & Saints

1939 Ensemble, whose name unfortunately sounds to English ears like a Tory committee, are in fact an instrumental quartet who perform boldly experimental covers of various material with their percussion, vibraphone, trumpet, guitar and electronics set-up. The Beats & Saints EP features versions of songs by T...view item »

Calf of the Sacred Cow

Debut full-length LP from London-based quintet Chemtrails. Lo-fi reverb-y dream pop with lashings of surf and psychedelia influences, and lyrical content exploring frontwoman Mia Lust’s experiences of coming out and living as a trans woman. Recommended for fans of the likes of Foxygen. Out on PNKSLM....view item »

High Desert Lows

27 years into their career, lo-fi noise band Refrigerator release their 11th album, High Desert Lows. Here, their noise-pop takes a bit of back seat in favour of the more laid-back strings, slide guitar and organ sound of previous albums such as Comedy Plus One. It’s certainly a significant drop in noise level from their l...view item »

Gucci Mane & Zaytoven
EA Sportscenter

10th anniversary vinyl remaster of Gucci Mane, Zaytoven, and DJ Holiday's EA Sportscenter. A great example of the things Gucci was doing that have been so influential for the likes of Future and Migos, raps current kingpins. Pressed...view item »

Live at Third Man Records

Brooklyn punks Pill come through with one of the most unusual and thrilling releases in the Live At Third Man Records 7” series. The live setting makes the band’s already-frenzied no wave by turns more no-ey and more wave-y. ‘Afraid of the Mirror’, for instance, pits garbled vox and sax against a...view item »

Live at Third Man Records

Katie Crutchfield’s Waxahatchee project follows in the footsteps of Chain & The Gang, Shabazz Palaces, Kid Congo and loads more by releasing in the Live At Third Man Records series. Stripping away the beefy post-grunge stylings of her studio LPs, this two-trac...view item »


It’s 2018 now, and with Jawbreaker back on the wagon after two decades in the sun, what better time to reacquaint yourself with the group? That said, if you’re not ready to dive back into the melee of Unfun or Bivouac just yet, maybe try this collection of B-sides and rarities to get the juices flow...view item »

Mint Field
Pasar de Las Luces

Here's something dark but soothing. All the way from Mexico this duo ignore the hot Mexican sun and instead sit in dark rooms and make spindly dream-pop that references all your favourite doomsters.  'Ojos En El Carro' for example slows early Cocteau Twins down to a blur. This woozy, dislocated mu...view item »

Boring Kingdom

Acidulant (Neil Hales to his accountant) is both a fully paid-up member of Acid Freaks Anonymous and a qualified aircraft pilot. I wonder if he's mates with Gary Numan. Anyway, 'Boring Kingdom' is something like his 21st 12" EP, this time for Balkan Vinyl. He's still making his Roland TB-303 work hard on these 4 slices ...view item »

The Lovely Eggs
This Is Eggland

Will no-one think of the children? Cut ten years into the future the Lovely Eggs offspring are telling embattled therapists about their childhood on tour with one of England's most experimental rock bands. "I just wanted to play with my playstation but they made me do the merchandise".  This time at least Lovely Eggs have s...view item »

Thick Syrup
Living In Leeds

Tell me about it. Did a 15 year stretch mate, never again. It's easy to think with that title that this debut from this 'super' group (members of The Wharves and Broken Arm) would a concept album about concrete and rain but it's much more enlivening than that. The band are adept ...view item »

Tape Recorder

Tape Recorder is one of that albums that insidiously creeps up on you without really announcing its presence. Each time it has been played in the office I've got up off my chair, walked over to the CD player to find out what was going down. This has happened 2-3 times. The main reason for my interest has been that it's second track has all the s...view item »

Martin Newell
The Greatest Living Englishman

Seen pretty much everywhere as Martin Newell's best album (including his the Cleaners from Venus slabs of genius) but I'm inclined to disagree. It's not to say that this isn't a marvellous batch of English psych pop and probably one of the more consistent of Newell's many albums but for me ...view item »

Jacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom
J. Jasmine: My New Music

Originally composed for the 1978 Ann Arbor Film Festival, this first coming together of Jacqueline Humbert and David Rosenboom under the J. Jasmine banner is a playful art-cabaret romp. Seeking to dismantle gender, push boundaries and generally get up the backs of the conservative mainstream, Hu...view item »

The Void

The Void OST is mainly made up from pieces by Jeremy Gillespie, Blitz//Berlin and Manalon. The spooky ambient synth soundtrack, at times, borders on the industrial and is reminiscent of works by Nine Inch Nails, Throbbing Gristle and John Carpenter. 180g black vinyl LP limited to 100 copies for ...view item »

Miniature World

Debut LP from south London rock outfit Phobophobes, after a turbulent journey of interchanging managers and members, and the tragic death of guitarist George Bedford Russell. Often dark, sometimes abrasive, punctuated with macabre and witty lyrics. On Ra-Ra Rok, on standard vinyl or limited edition clear version with alternate a...view item »


Groundislava, from the same corner of town as DEEJ and Schlomo, surfed in on the wave of mainstream acceptance of nerddom in general and chiptune in particular. His self-titled debut ducked the radar on its release, but became a cult classic over time and is now finally up fo...view item »


Imarhan are one of the premier bands within the desert blues world of Tuareg music, and Temet, their second album, finds them muscling up on their funkier, fuzzier, even disco sides. Both the CD and the vinyl edition of Temet come with a free City Slang label sampler CD (but only while stocks last…)...view item »

Gift Wrap
Losing Count

Brendon Avalos is another one of those artists who though why bother working with a band (in his case B Boys) when you can just do everything yourself. So he's gone down the solo path culminating in an album of experimental electronic pop which takes in influences all the way from Depeche Mode to Frank O...view item »

Mark Renner
Few Traces

Not a lot of people have heard Mark Renner’s material from between the years 1982 and 1990, but now RVNG Intl invite you to join those limited numbers. Few Traces sur...view item »

Virginia Trance
Virginia Trance

Scott Ryan-Davis used to ply his trade in the bands Images and Psychic Ills. His first eponymous solo album has been recorded under the name Virginia Trance and follows on from the self-released 7”, Your Guru. His approach was to let everything he did (guitar and vocals) be loose, whilst b...view item »

Pierre Henry / Michel Colombier
Messe Pour Le Temps Présent

This first stretch of this 1967 release makes up the score of a ballet by Maurice Bejart. It represents Henry at his most friendly, applying his electroacoustic skills in a very swinging sixties context. Most famously, the record contains the track Psyché Rock, later used as the basis of the theme to animated comedy serie...view item »

Didn't Know Better

Possibly Norway’s finest disco export Lindstrøm returns after his incredible 2017 album It's Alright Between Us As It Is with a brand new track Didn’t Know Better. Five tracks with three edits, a remix and an acapella version. If you like your disco Nu and fresh, this is your man. 12” v...view item »

Tale Of Us
Endless Remixes

Berlin based Italians Tale Of Us released Endless through Deutsche Grammophon in 2017, with these remixes not long after. Now we are brought them on double vinyl in limited form. Taking their ambient electronica and putting them through their own inimitable styles, the remixes come from the likes of Alva Noto...view item »
New in: 20th February 2018

Memory In Vivo Exposure

Tomaga's new material sees a deepening of their signature rhythmic atmosphere, opening in a chiming hypnosis reminiscent of traditional Balinese gamelan. Stripped back, metallic percussion and subtle musicality follows and makes up the album's bulk, ending in a near ambient, contemplative atmosphere....view item »

The Lovely Eggs
Wiggy Giggy

Wiggy Giggy is the first single to be taken from This Is Eggland, the forthcoming album by Lancaster’s very own DIY psych-punk duo The Lovely Eggs. Wiggy Giggy was inspired by a children’s book the married couple read to their son that philosophised on the idea that no matter where you go, your home is the best place...view item »

Trisomie 21
Chapter IV

When Trisomie 21’s Chapter IV, Le Je-ne-sais quoi et le presque-rien dropped in the mid-80s, it was very much ahead of its time, especially for the French post-punk scene. While now it just sounds of its time, that doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of reissue, in this case via Dark Entries...view item »

Trisomie 21
Le Repos Des Enfants Heureux

First released in 1983, this mini-LP showcased what French post-punkers Trisomie 21 were all about: lush soundscapes, cinematic imagery and irresistibly moody melancholia. It still sounds as good as it did, and in addition to the original five tracks, this vinyl release features four exclusive demos....view item »

The Fiery Furnaces
Gallowsbird's Park

Also on Rough Trade is the debut album by The Fiery Furnaces. Now I loved that 7" they did. Bouncy, quirky, catchy and a bit bonkers.....The album is more of the same and it's a hybrid of Chas & Dave, The Cardiacs And The Velvet Underground. Well worth a punt if you've got some spare ...view item »

Table Scraps

Table Scraps are helmed by former Poppy & The Jezebels member Poppy Twist, who has ditched the twee indie of that group for the more robust garage rock stylings of this new three-piece. Their debut LP Autonomy is a short, sharp blast of punk that’s done in under 30. The likes of ‘Sick Of...view item »

Matmos / People Like Us / Wobbly
Wide Open Spaces

New on Tigerbeat 6. A collaboration between People Like Us, Wobbly and Matmos. A mad mish mash of crazy samples, nice countrified guitar and wierd noises. Four minutes in and its starting to make me feel quite ill...view item »

Caroline Rose

With its combination of wry, caustic lyrics and zany synth-rockabilly instrumentals, the second LP from Caroline Rose is easy to like. Singles ‘Money’ and ‘Soul No. 5’ are clever, pepped-up and above all really fun, while Rose remains a simultaneously commanding and welcoming presence throughout. We&rsquo...view item »

Future Islands
In The Fall

The first thing I noticed about these chipmunks was the lead singers voice. It sounds so possessed!!I think it's really distinctive. Kinda like the bastard child of Beefheart, Tom Waits and Russ Le Roc. This to some may sound like a match made in hell but rest assured readers ,his vocals make this a really interesting listen. The music is pretty sw...view item »

Totally Mild

Totally Mild hail from Melbourne and are fronted by vocalist Elizabeth Mitchell. Her is the band’s second album, which follows their 2015 debut, Down Time. Their indie-pop sound is lushly wrapped, a perfect vehicle for Mitchell’s pitch-perfect voice and balances darkness and light with panache....view item »

Leroy Hutson
Hutson II

The Chicago sound, as embodied by the great work done at Brunswick and later Curtom studios is legendary. I'll take the Chi-lites and Impressions any day before the legendary "JB", but alas... it is just a matter of taste. I'd say my personal favourite is "In the mood" -a very musical but quite humorous "tip of the cap" to Marvin Gaye and the bi...view item »

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