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New in: Monday 15th July 2019


Those of you clamouring for the fourth METZ LP will have to wait a little longer, but Automat should be more than enough to tide you over. This rarities compilation spans the band’s career to date. Taking in demos, B-sides, hard-to-find singles and releases previously only available on YouTube, Automat is a testament to the consistency of one of our hardest-working noise-rock bands.

Joe Hisaishi
Studio Ghibli 7-inch Box Set

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Joe Hisaishi’s work for Studio Ghibli is some of the finest and most important film composition of the past few decades. This beautiful box set contains five 7”s that collect pieces Hisaishi wrote for My Neighbor Totoro, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Laputa: Castle In The Sky. Remastered from the original tapes and the fifth vinyl comes in a random colour. Joe Hisaishi’s Studio Ghibli 7-inch Box Set is a really lovely piece.
  • Vinyl 7" box set (TJKA-10021)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
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Yasuaki Shimizu

Essential reissue of visionary pop artist Yasuaki Shimizu, Dementos is a 1988 classic from the Japanese musical innovator. Shimizu is a master at making the most of unconventional compositional ideas as accessible and seductive as possible. This is evident all over Dementos, the sound in some sense signifying the era in which it was made, while simultaneously sounding not quite like anyone else from that time or any other.

Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke (of you know... Radiohead?) will not be releasing his third solo album via BitTorrent. Instead, us lowly so-called "record stores" get a chance to hawk his dirty work. Anima is a companion piece to a film made with auteur director (and regular collaborator) Paul Thomas Anderson. Expect fidgety electronics, haunting vocals, and anxieties of all varieties.

Ossie All Stars
Leggo Dub

Back in 2005 The Revolutionaries teamed up with Ossie Hibbert for a dub rendering of some classic Gregory Isaacs riddims. The resulting Leggo Dub, released under the banner of the Ossie All Stars, quickly became a favourite in soundsystem circles - John Peel was a fan y’know. With Hibbert passing in 2012, a reissue of Leggo Dub stands as a timely and fitting tribute to his work. Dropped as part of VP Records' 40th birthday celebrations.

Four Sail

Four Sail was the fourth album by Love. It was originally released in 1969. Arthur Lee was the only original member to play on the album. Whilst it might not be as well known as their enduring classic, Forever Changes, it’s certainly an album worthy of high praise. It contains the song, Always See Your Face, which, in more recent years, has been used on a number of film soundtracks including Ladybird and High Fidelity.

The Fall

The Fall is the fourth album by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s cartoon band, Gorillaz. It was recorded in the good ol’ US of A and originally released in 2011. The coup achieved by the band here was to get soul legend, Bobby Womack, to appear on the album. It also features Paul Simonon from The Clash. Simonon has also collaborated with Albarn in The Good, The Bad and The Queen.
  • Vinyl LP (0190295491215)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Hasta El Cielo (Con Todo El Mundo in Dub)

After 2018's Con Todo El Mundo blew everyone's collective mind, Khruangbin have turned to legendary dub producer Scientist to freeze that album's tracks in time. Doing this has enabled the band to find the spaces in their music, and make them wide screen. Hasta El Cielo offers a different perspective on the band's psych sound.

Quocumque Jeceris Stabit

If you’ve been waiting for fresh sounds by Italy’s great underground punk outfit Uzeda, your wait is at an end after thirteen long years, with Quocumque Jeceris Stabit. Recorded with Steve Albini, this album lets flow what has been pent up so long, with a real passionate feel to the band’s interplay. Released by Temporary Residence.

The Stroppies
It's A Hit!

Aussie band, The Stroppies, recorded the four songs on It’s A Hit in 2017. They were committed to tape in true lo-fi fashion using a Tascam four-track recorder. Whilst the lyrics offer a glance into a dystopian future, the music takes its cues from Swell Maps, Alex Chilton’s less accessible solo output and Loaded-era Velvet Underground.

The Quiet Temple
The Quiet Temple

Who do we find inside The Quiet Temple? Well, primarily Rich Machin and Duke Garwood, joined by a rotating selection of musicians with past experience with Stereolab, Spiritualized/Coil (Thighpaulsandra) (among others). Together, this gang have created this self-titled debut album, a groovy, jazzy, live-feeling album that covers lots of tasty sonic ground.

Rainbow Grave
No You

Few things released in 2019 are going to have the massive, weighty negativity of No You, the debut album from Birmingham-based Rainbow Grave on God Unknown Records. Promising to forge the blankness of classic punk and metal with a bombardment of psychedelic elements, this could be an unforgettable debut for the genre. 

The Wanderer

One of London’s most promising soul acts and a recent signee to the Acid Jazz label, Laville finally releases his debut studio album. Produced by the experienced Tristan Longworth, The Wanderer is intelligent, passionate and sounds remarkably uncalculated, put together mainly on the basis of first takes. 

The Flaming Lips
King's Mouth

King’s Mouth is The Flaming Lips fifteenth album. It is named after, and based on, Wayne Coyne’s mind-bending art installation. According to Coyne, it comes from the same nucleus as the band’s live performances. Needless to say, it’s a typically odd/beautiful mix of sounds and words. Mick Jones of The Clash keeps popping up and narrating bits of it too.

The Memory Band
After Night / Tangled Man

The Memory Band, perhaps unsurprisingly given their name, are a folk group who are interested in history. On After Night / Tangled Man the band draw on a number of 18th century English language ballads. They've also brought singer Nancy Wallace back into the fold, who has a long history with the band.

Heaven is Humming

Finally arriving a frustrating three years after their immensely promising debut EP Dusk of Punk, it’s time for the first full-length album from Los Angeles’ experimental rockers Goon. Heaven Is Humming takes very familiar sounds from the annals of punk and indie but makes them into something elemental. 

Darren Hayman
12 Astronauts

British indie legend Darren Hayman, formerly of cult favourites Hefner, brings us his 18th solo album 12 Astronauts. Released in the same year as the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, the concept is simple - 12 men have set foot on the Moon, and there’s one song for each of them. Lucky for some.

DJ Lag & Okzharp
Steam Rooms EP

DJ Lag remains one of the most thrilling DJs in the world right now. His productions (of which there are countless) are the perfect 3am pick-me-up. On Steam Rooms EP he connects with Okzharp for four tracks which show off the best of Durban and South London. The name is apt, throw these on, and dancing or not, I'm gonna be sweating. 


Electronica maestro Tristan Douglas brings his third studio album under his Antwood moniker to the Planet Mu imprint. Delphi was co-written with Douglas’ girlfriend Olivia Dreisinger and tells the story of the romantic adventures, triumphs and disappointments of the titular central character through a repeated musical motif.

I Feel Like A Bombed Cathedral
I Feel Like A Bombed Cathedral

TFW you Feel Like A Bombed Cathedral. This dramatically-named outfit belongs to Faust guitarist Amaury Cambuzat. The vibe for debut release I Feel Like A Bombed Cathedral is high-intensity mega-drone, with deeply-treated guitar activity conjuring up fifty-minutes of soundscaping over just two tracks. Released by Dirter.

Dope feat. Fuck Authority
666 / 1381

Of course Julian Cope has a band that’s just called Dope… Here, this outfit is joined by Fuck Authority, in order to get extra massive in these two side-long psyched-up epics. Titled 666 and 1381 (the devil’s number and the year of Wat Tyler’s peasant’s rebellion, nice), these two slabs add up to some serious high-action weight. 10” on Environmental Studies.


Stonefield are an Australian psych rock band made up of four sisters: Amy, Hannah, Sarah and Holly Findaly. Bent is their fourth album. It may not surprise you to learn when read ‘Australian’ and ‘psych rock’ that the album was produced by Joe Walker and Stu McKenzie of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.


Tom Knapp (Ge-stell) aka SDEM and co-conspirator of the .meds label follows up a storming plate for CPU with 'IIRC' for Basic House mans esteemed Opal Tapes imprint. Features six tracks of mind-shattering electronic music from 'Usens' hitting like some proper freakazoid raving in some H.R. Giger terror dome shit with DJ Stingray on the wheels, to the heart-wrenching, elegant beauty of 'AIIFC'.
  • Tape (OPAL152)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Betsayda Machado y la Parranda El Clavo
Loé Loá - Rural Recordings Under The Mango Tree

Loé Loá - Rural Recordings Under The Mango Tree was originally released in 2017. The title is meant to be taken literally - Betsayda Machado recorded this LP out in the open air of her hometown of El Clavo, Venezuela. The ‘Parranda’ of her backing band translates as ‘party’, and there’s certainly a spirit of movement and rhythm to these bustling drum instrumentals (a legacy, perhaps, of El Clavo's African heritage). However, there is also pain and worry to Loé Loá borne out of Venezuela’s difficult political situation. A powerful piece, Loé Loá is now set to wax for the first time courtesy of Olindo Records.
  • Vinyl LP (ORLP003)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
New in: Friday 12th July 2019

No. 1

Canadian band, Pottery, have built their sound on a foundation laid by post-punk weirdos Devo, Scottish indie-funksters Orange Juice and fellow Postcard band Josef K. Their sound can be challenging at times and hypnotic and blissful at others, this dichotomy weirdly makes the band function as one. On Partisan Records.
  • Vinyl 12" (PTKF2168-1)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Frightened Rabbit
Tiny Changes: A Celebration Of The Midnight Organ Fight

Before the tragic death of Scott Hutchison, Frightened Rabbit had planned to release this Tiny Changes: A Celebration Of The Midnight Organ Fight, to celebrate that album's tenth anniversary by asking their friends to play songs from the album. Now, the likes of Biffy Clyro and the Twilight Sad enact an even more profound act of remembrance. 

Reuben Wilson
Blue Mode

Three originals and three covers on this acclaimed jazz-funk LP from Reuben Wilson here. First cut for Blue Note back in 1969, Wilson’s third album Blue Mode goes hard on the soul-jazz and the fusion-funk. The strutting drums and stanky basslines are the sort of things that will never go out of fashion. Blue Mode's recording was engineered by Rudy Van Gelder dontcha know.
New in: Thursday 11th July 2019

House and Land
Across The Field

House and Land are a folk duo comprising of Sally Ann Morgan (Black Twig Pickers) and Sarah Louise, whose solo album Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars impressed critics upon its release in early 2019. Across The Field is the duo’s second album and mixes traditional folk with psychedelic folk making for a refreshing take on folk music.

Normil Hawaiians
What's Going On?

High-grade reissue of the 1983 album of Normil Hawaiians, who were not Hawaiian but were based within the vivid Brixton squat scene of the time. Operating in the grim depths of Thatcherism and following the suicide of a close associate of the band, Normil Hawaiians recorded this remarkable suite of unusual and highly-collaborative group music, which sadly sank without a trace as a consequence of label failings. But this reissue gives What’s Going On? the love it deserves, with lots of liner notes and seven bonus tracks, as well as a fine remastering job.

A Beacon In The Husk

Dark ambient death metal? That’s what Profound Lore are calling it. This example is the latest from UK outfit Abyssal, marking their fourth album and quite an upping of the ante. A Beacon In The Husk is bigger, harsher and perhaps even proggier (check out the cover art) than anything they’ve done before.

Lingua Ignota

The eagerly anticipated new album from Kristin Hayter under her Lingua Ignota moniker, following up her rapturously received self-released 2017 album All Bitches Die. A study of the abuses of power set to raw soundscapes influenced by industrial and ambient music, Caligula sees Hayter access the next level of artistry. 

The Family Daptone / The 100 Knights Orchestra
Hey Brother (Do Unto Others) / Soul Fugue

Who can resist the sheer soul power of the Daptone label and it’s potent roster of acts? This here is their one hundredth 45’ release, and they’ve gone for a big special blow-out to celebrate. The top musicians from across the label’s many bands all pile in together, for a big vocal tune on the A-side and an orchestral instrumental on the B. Major one-off stuff.

Bloc Party
Silent Alarm Live

One of the most well-received, influential and fondly-remembered British indie debuts of the Noughties, Silent Alarm by Bloc Party gets the official live album treatment. Recorded from various performances throughout 2018’s European tour, including the memorable Ally Pally homecoming, the songs still sound crystalline and inventive today. 

Electric Moon

Recorded on an emotional evening in Feldkirch, Austria, in 2018 by German acid-rock act Electric Moon, Hugodelia is one of the greatest live albums this tight-knit group has ever produced. Over a dozen albums’ worth of experience in generating intricately woven yet unpretentious psychedelia has gone into a mesmerising performance! 
  • CD (St1904)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
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Drab Majesty
Modern Mirror

Where most musicians opt for a brief sojourn in that there Berlin to get their creative juices flowing (something in the water I've heard), Drab Majesty opted for the Athens in Greece. Modern Mirror is the result, a guitar saturated dark synth pop interpretation of the Greek mythology that asks what it is to love. On Dais.

Purple Mountains
Purple Mountains

Here it is then. Purple Mountains. The new name for David Berman. The new name for Silver Jews. This is his first music in ten years and the loss of his voice has been sad for indie rock. We are promised hand crafted country rock full of wit and wisdom and his most bare record to date. Good to have the old bugger back.   

The Velvet Underground
The Complete Matrix Tapes

The Velvet Underground were in great form in 1969, where they lodged in San Francisco and played a whole stack of sets at the Matrix club. The Complete Matrix Tapes gives us all the live recordings from two of those nights, spread over 8LPs (oooh!) and 42 tracks (aaaah!). The band are on fine form, locking into several of their best known tracks. Box-set on Universal.
  • Vinyl Deluxe LP box set (5709573)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

New Order
∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes..

Well, New Order have already released live albums with titles like In Concert and Live at _____, so I guess they had no choice but to go with ∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) for this one. This set found the band collaborating with Liam Gillick’s 12-piece ‘synthesiser orchestra’, making it something of a unique collection, with favourites and rarities all re-imagined here.

Death and Spring

Together, Agathe Max and Tom Relleen (of Tomaga) are Papivores, the Paper Eaters, the experimental composition duo. These two are both veteran sound explorers with a great range, and this debut collaboration is a perfect match-up, allowing them to work deep into some very interesting areas. On Hands In The Dark.
  • Vinyl LP (HITD 047)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Ben Rath
Any Given Moment

Last recording under the name Slow Heart Music, a more accessible outlet for his music than the drone-based experiments under his own name, Manchester artist Ben Rath now attempts to resolve the two tendencies in his nature with new album Any Given Moment. Using the acoustic guitar as a sound source to be messed around with, it’s a warm and lush experience. 

Old Amica

Swedish two-piece Old Amica reveal their sixth studio album, and their second instrumental effort. Originally acting as the score to a short film called ‘Place. Poetry. Periphery’, Taiga soon took on a life of its own, and evolved into a treatise on childhood memories and the interactions of humans with nature. 

Logic Moon
I See Planets

Melding ambient music with haunting, minimalist techno, I See Planets is the latest studio outing from Mainz-born artist Tobias Lorsbach, a.k.a. Logic Moon. Constructed from electronic elements growing up from acoustic foundations, Lorsbach's new album offers a deliberately retro-futurist aesthetic. 

Félicia Atkinson
The Flower And The Vessel

Félicia Atkinson returns to Shelter Press (Black Zone Magick Chant, Eli Keszler) with another set of fourth-world electronics and nocturnal musique concrete. Some of the tracks on The Flower And The Vessel are sweet hazes of keys, whispered vocals and music-box twinkles; others, like ‘You Have To Have Eyes’, are unsettling layered drones that bring to mind Jenny Hval or The Bad Seeds at their most abstract. Stephen O’Malley contributes to The Flower And The Vessel’s 19-minute-long closer ‘Des Pierres’

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
Trout Mask Replica

Well, what can be said about this masterpiece of a record that hasn't been uttered a hundred times before? A timely reissue then of Captain Beefheart's absurdist, Dadaist epic romp through art-blues, 'Trout Mask Replica'. None other than Jack White himself has seen fit to re-re-vinyl-ise this at his Third Man record plant. Complete with original cover art tracked down from its 1969 source. On 180-gram black double LP.

After its own death / Walking in a spiral towards the house

Portland, Oregon based ambient master Liz Harris aka Grouper self-released this initially, and it disappeared so quick you couldn’t be blamed for not knowing of its existence. Luckily the Superior Viaduct subsidiary, W.25th have us covered reissuing it in all its glory. As Nivhek Harris takes here ambience further into delicate minimalism, where the stark and sheer tonality is all consuming.

Mueran Humanos
Hospital Lullabies

Since releasing their last LP Miseress, Mueran Humanos have toured with the Horrors - a fact which gives you a pretty good indication of where this pair of Argentinians are coming from on Hospital Lullabies. This is a set of Gothic and Krautish synth pieces of a sort similar to those of Badwan and his gang. Think Boy Harsher but more psychedelic.
New in: Wednesday 10th July 2019


When are Dots not Dots. When those Dots are in fact Atom™ (how do you pronounce that by the way?). Astral Industries issue this 1994 album of charming pointillist ambience. Sounds like a music box playing a lullaby in a rainstorm. That kind of thing that makes you forget where you are, even for a moment.

Matt Karmil

Matt Karmil originally envisioned just one of these tracks to be released on Idle Hands, but the label loved everything that they heard, so decided to put out the lot. With that in mind, IDLE033 flows very well over 2 LPs, deftly moving in and out of dancefloor modes, always with an interesting quirk to the production. Fresh and exciting stuff.

Attarazat Addahabia & Faradjallah
Al Hadaoui

The Habibi Funk imprint presents another beautiful curio, this time from the Moroccan city of Casablanca. Al Hadaoui is a seven-track album by three-generation band Attarazat Addahabia & Faradjallah and blends Western rock and funk influences with gnawa music, a distinctively Moroccan variant of Islamic spiritual and religious music. 

There Where the Avalanche Stops

Held over the course of one week every five years, the Festivali Folkloric Kombelar is held in a mountain castle in Gjirokastra in southern Albania, and plays host to some of the most interesting and talented folk musicians. There Where The Avalanche Stops collects 15 tracks from the 1988 edition of the festival. 

Cambodian Nuggets

Documenting an amazingly rich music scene before the ascent of the brutal Khmer Rouge regime in 1975, Cambodian Nuggets collects a dozen incredible cuts to have emerged from the South-East Asian state, spanning French and Latin influences and styles ranging from surf-rock and psychedelia to melodic soul. 

Galaxy Fingers
The Last Bastion Of Fox Quality

Generating lush, textured soundscapes reminiscent of Beach House and Cocteau Twins, the debut album from Connecticut-California duo Galaxy Fingers is a thing of beauty. Presented on a special 10” vinyl, The Last Bastion of Fox Quality puts a melodic spin on influences as diverse as folk and shoegaze. 

Kayla Guthrie
Falling Star

Katie Guthrie floats over deep beats that sound like they might be lost Bowery Electric tracks with a pinch of Julia Holter. Each of Falling Star’s tracks creates its own universe, but the title track is probably our favorite: an ethereal 8-minute journey, grappling for sure footing but never quite finding it.

Akiko Haruna

Japanese artist Akiko Haruna’s background is in dance rather than music, making her sonic structures fluid, unstable and always shifting. Her first studio effort Delusions is presented on Where To Now? Records, a four-track EP of moments that are capable of both abrasive dissonance and dreamlike beauty. 

Babylon Is Iraq

Further discoveries from the super-extensive archives of Muslimgauze. Babylon Is Iraq presents a previously unheard extended fifteen minute version of classic 1996 compilation track ‘Kaliskinazure’, along with a different approach to some of the same territory (‘Momada’) and two shorter contemporary cuts. Great material, and great further insight into a track many Gauze fans already love.
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Karen Gwyer
Man on Mountain

Ok, I’ll hold my hands up - this particular Norman Records™ pen-pusher initially read it as ‘Karen Gwyer, Man On Wire’ and was a bit disappointed to discover that he was wrong. That one’s on me rather than Karen though, and once again the Berlin-based producer comes through with a set of mesmerising electronic productions here. Man On Mountain contains a couple of fast-paced Midwestern techno cuts that are balanced out by some more abstract drone works. This is Gwyer’s first release since 2017’s excellent Rembo LP, and like that album it’s coming out via Don’t Be Afraid (rRoxymore, Jayson Wynters).

Floating Points
LesAlpx / Coorabell

Brand new double A-sided single from Floating Points, aka British electronica artist Sam Shepherd. Released on the inimitable Ninja Tune label on 12” vinyl, ‘LesAlpx’ and ‘Coorabell’ are the first pieces of new music from Shepherd in the two years since his soundtrack to 2017 short film Reflections - Mojave Desert.

Joshua Sabin

Joshua Sabin shows us the results of his work with the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre Ethnomusicology folk music archives, to which he has applied psychoacoustic research in order to emphasise the beating phenomenon and crucial dissonances within traditional forms. Sutarti is built from these recordings, as well as forest field recordings and added instrumentation. On Subtext.

Tqaseem Mqamat El Haram 2016-2019

Cairo-based artist 1127 presents Tqaseem Mqamat El Haram 2016 - 2019, a collection of really vivid sound-stuff. A narrative is carried through a whirl of exciting sound design, with a masterful use of space and density. She7tha Wel3a contributes to one track, but really this is one to experience in its totality. Released by Nashazphone.


The 1977 debut by Alan Vega and Martin Rev is a conceptual and sonic assault. Vega’s pithy lyrics and echoed rockabilly vocals over Rev’s seething, primitive beatbox and fuzzed-up synths are a simple and devastatingly effective combination. Ghost Rider and Rocket USA is a killer double whammy to open the album. Frankie Teardrop makes your neck hair stand up, and Springsteen fave Cheree calms you down again.

Jesca Hoop

Fifth album from Jesca Hoop who got out of her Manchester bolthole and went to Bristol to record with Sir John Parish (PyJamas Harvey etc). The result was an album in which Parish severely edited Hoop's work leaving her with a minimal and stark album that cuts to the chase of human emotion. The album always remains distinctly Hoop's mind.

Penelope Isles
Until The Tide Creeps In

Brother/sister duo Penelope Isles hail from Brighton and make fuzz-tinged dream pop. If you have a liking for such things, the likelihood is that you will fall head over heels for this. Until The Tide Creeps In is their debut album. Check out the track 'Chlorine' for a good example of what they do best. On Bella Union.

The Great Unlearning

More harsh nastiness from Ramleh, the power-electronics-turned-noise-rock outfit of Gary Mundy and Anthony Di Franco et al. With a title that nods towards Cornelius Cardew, The Great Unlearning is a double LP of dark rock-mode Ramleh, with plenty of electronic lashings and black psychedelia, as well as (apparently) some lyrics about social media. Philip Best and Sarah Froelich and the whole gang are involved. Out on Nashazphone.
  • Vinyl Double LP (NP-30)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy


Cagework hail from South-West England. They look to US ‘80s and ‘90s alternative music for their inspiration. Post-hardcore, lo-fi, emo and weird folk all feature in their work. A stand alone single, 'Simmer', was released in 2018 and received airplay from the likes of Huw Stephens and Gideon Coe. Their eponymous debut album is short, but perfectly formed. On Physical Education Recordings.

Akiko Yano
Iroha Ni Konpeitou

Hailing from the heady days of 1977, its Akiko Yano’s brilliant album Iroha Ni Konpeitou, boosted to a wider audience through WEWANTSOUNDS quality reissue job. With sessions in (and musicians from) both Tokyo and New York, Yano was able to create a fabulously funky kind of pop beauty. Features Haruomi Hosono and David Spinozza!

Jay-Jay Johanson

Accompanying four-track 12” single release to go with Jay-Jay Johanson’s new studio album Kings Cross. Boasts exclusive Jeanne Added duet ‘Fever’, album tracks ‘Heard Somebody Whistle’ and ‘Not Time Yet’, plus a bonus dub version of ‘Not Time Yet’. Given his Nordic upbringing, it should be no surprise to hear his vocals have been described as "melancholic".

Alice Clark
Alice Clark

Soul, jazz, funk and raw emotion all play their part in making the one and only self-titled album by Alice Clark one of the most sought after pieces of wax known to man. It was originally recorded in 1972 over a two day session. Very little is known about Clark apart from what happened on that two day stint. No need to crate-dig in a blind panic anymore as Wewantsounds are reissuing this highly regarded album.

Pere Ubu
The Long Goodbye

New Pere Ubu! More than four decades on from the release of debut LP Dub Housing and David Thomas’ legendary avant-punk band are still going strong. But could this be … the last Pere Ubu record? A title like The Long Goodbye would certainly suggest as much. Whether or not we hear from them again, The Long Goodbye is another great salvo from this incomparable band. Techno, garage rock, musique concrete, post-punk, it’s all in there.
New in: Tuesday 9th July 2019

Sigur Rós
Ágætis byrjun (20th Anniversary Edition)

Sigur Rós mark the 20th anniversary of their 1999 breakthrough Ágætis Byrjun with an expanded re-issue on vinyl and CD. Rarities, demos and a full 95-minute live concert provide the final word on the spectral majesty of an album that provided the foundations for the Icelandic post-rockers’ acclaimed career. 

Africa Express

The Damon Albarn-conceived Africa Express organisation returns for its fifth major project. Recorded in just one week during a jaunt to South Africa at the start of 2018, EGOLI sees Albarn, Gruff Rhys and Nick Zinner join forces with the cream of young South Africa musical talent (including BCUC, Blk Jks and over a dozen others) plus the country’s guitar legend Phuzekhemisi. 

Liquid Skin (20th Anniversary Edition)

After Gomez recorded most of their debut, Bring It On, in a garage on a four track, its success meant that follow-up Liquid Skin enjoyed a very different birth. The album was recorded in top-notch studios, allowing them more sonic scope with the music being informed by their experiences of touring America. 

Life After

Life After is the second album by London-based alt-rock trio, Palace. It is the follow-up to their 2016 debut Long Forever. Like many albums that have been made over the years, this one deals with loss. It also, as the title may suggest, deals with picking up the pieces and moving on. A hopeful record. On Fiction.

Dean Hurley
Anthology Resource Vol. II: Philosophy Of Beyond

Following his close work with David Lynch on the third series of the cult classic series Twin Peaks, Dean Hurley turns his attention once again to his Anthology Resource output.⁣⁣These 12-tracks weave together rich and celestial soundscapes made up of tape loops and sampled field recordings to create a unique sonic tapestry. Hurley explores themes of death, the afterlife, and escaping our physical form, specifically near-death experiences, alien encounters, and psychedelic incidents. Spooky stuff!

Carly Rae Jepsen

Emotion by Carly Rae Jepsen was, in this humble writer's opinion, one of the greatest albums ever made. And it would have been tough for anyone to match the giddy highs that album produced. On 2019's Dedicated, she more or less succeeds, creating an album just as suited to tidying your house, as it is to bouncing around with glee at a show.

Bobbi Humphrey
Blacks and Blues

A classic jazz-funk wedge gets reissued by Blue Note. Bobbi Humphrey is the name on the front of 1973's Blacks And Blues, and her sprightly flute playing and confident leadership gives these soulful, strutting fusion pieces the chutzpah they need to shine. However, the success of Blacks And Blues owes much to both Humphrey’s band and producers The Mizell Brothers - one half of whom (Larry Mizell) composed these numbers.

Up For The Down Stroke

Released a long four years after their debut album, 1974’s Up For The Down Stroke was where Parliament’s career really took off. Containing the title track, which was the group’s first significant hit, as well as ‘Testify’, the LP gets a 180g heavyweight vinyl re-issue this summer. 

Lonnie Smith

The second LP from ya boy Dr. Lonnie Smith gets a reissue via Blue Note. 1968's Think! is one of those oft-imitated, rarely-improved golden-age jazz tomes. Backed by a group that consisted of Lee Morgan, David ‘Fathead’ Newman and Melvin Sparks, Smith and his organ deliver a set that combines classic bop sounds with Hugh Masekela’s South African style, spiritual jazz, funk and early fusion. The result is a hot-fingered masterpiece.


AVA are a duo made up of TV and Movie composer, Aisling Bouwer and Royal Ballet Composer and session musician, Anna Phoebe. The pair are both classically trained but come together on Waves to create ambient soundscapes. Their music schooling is not wasted here though, as they show the piano and violin as two delicate and intricately intertwining instruments.

Carmen Villain
Both Lines Will Be Blue

Carmen Villain’s long and fruitful relationship with Smalltown Supersound spawns a third LP. On Both Lines Will Be Blue - the follow-up to the buzz-building Infinite Avenue - the Norwegian-Mexican artist delivers another set of peyote-hazed, fourth world psychedelia. New age, kosmische, dub and ambient music are all wrapped up in these languorous electronic compositions. The final results recall Inga Copeland.

Boca 45
Forty Five

Boca 45, AKA, Scott Hendy from Bristol, has been DJ-ing for the past 20-odd years using the concise 7” single to fill dancefloors. The format is limited in length, which generally means you get a lean pop hit, allowing Boca 45 to make punchy sets. His original offering got him to play opening night at Banksy’s 2015 Dismaland show. 

The Roots
The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point by hip-hop heroes, the Roots, takes its name from the Malcolm Gladwell book of the same name. The book tries to explain the knock-on effects of small social changes. The Roots build on the themes to rapping about politics and society, bringing funk, jazz and pop influences into their sound. The Tipping Point was originally released in 2004 as the follow-up to Phrenology.

Caspar Brotzmann Massaker
Der Abend Der Schwarzen Folklore

The Caspar Brotzmann Massaker reissue program continues with Der Abend Der Schwarzen Folklore. Whilst this previous albums, The Tribe and Black Axis had their foundation in rock, albeit the most skyscraper-scaling, ear-bleeding kind, Der Abend Der Schwarzen Folklore dabbles in previously unheard brand of free-form noise, leaving those skyscrapers in piles of rubble.  

North Manc Beds
GazOhmEater EP

North Manc Beds. What a name that is. As is GazOhmEater EP. I won't pretend to know what that means. Their music though, is like techno with a sense of humour. Crunchy and fun and filled with little thoughtful touches that show they know what they're doing. Inspired by the Pennines, and all the sounds they contain.

Kutcha Butcha

Kutcha Butcha is the solo project of Sebastian Rochford, the remarkable drummer behind outfits like Acoustic Ladyland and Polar Bear. NDYA is 100% Rochford (he produced and mixed it too), and features an international range of sounds from this ever-inventive sound producer. Out on Half Baked Bread Records.

Peter Cat Recording Co.

The charmingly named Peter Cat Recording Co. are an equally charming indie rock band based in New Delhi. There's a thoughtfulness to the music on Bismillah, found between their lead singers doo-wop vocals, and the richness of a brass section. The band also reach for the occasional R&B influence. On Panache.

Brought To Light

FatCat records have a long history of signing artists based on the strength of their labels, including now popular acts like Animal Collective, The Twilight Sad and Max Richter. Here on 'Brought to Light', they focus on DIY guitar music, choosing Cowtown, The Leaf Library, Lightning Bug and more. 

Stereo Total
Ah! Quel Cinéma!

French/German lo-fi garage/electronic duo Stereo Total release their 17th album Ah! Quel Cinema! It is an album that they are so proud of they’ve put two exclamation marks in the title. All you really need to know, however, is that on of them is called Francoise Cactus - she's the French half. On Tapete.

Omar Khorshid
Tribute To Oum Kalthoum

Oum Kalthoum is arguably the most important Egyptian musicians ever. Her vocals are authoritative and unique, particularly in its depth and resonance. On Tribute to Oum Kalthoum, Omar Khorshid, the Egyptian guitarist and pianist, celebrates the life of this musical titan. First released in 1989 and reissued on Right Track Records.
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Here’s To You

Here's To You. A very simple sentiment, but one that is filled with generosity and kindness and selflessness. It's a marvel that Skyy was able to create a track that lives up to that name, but he did it. First released in 1980, this track has been inspiring dance floors from New York to everywhere else. Utterly transcendent disco. 

National Jazz Trio Of Scotland
Standards Vol. V

National Jazz Trio Of Scotland, in case you weren’t aware, are of course no such thing, being instead Bill Wells and collaborators. Standards Vol. V makes great use of Gerard Black’s tenor vocals. Some of the selections are true Standards (something from Fiddler On The Roof, a Scots ballad and a song from Shakespeare), and some are original. All are lush. Released by Karaoke Kalk.

Tijuana Panthers
Carpet Denim

Scratch beneath the surface of the ostensibly sunny, energetic, catchy, Californian surf-punk of Tijuana Panthers and you’ll find a more wonderfully weird band than you might expect. Less 'Surfin’ USA' and more Freakshop USA. Carpet Denim is their wonderfully titled fourth album for Innovative Leisure.
New in: Wednesday 3rd July 2019

J. McFarlane's Reality Guest
Ta Da

J. McFarlane breaks temporarily from Twerps to pursue a solo project. A minimalist construction of keyboards, feather-touch guitars, wind instrumentation and songwriting that can only be summed up by the irritating word 'quirky', Ta Da was originally issued in her native Australia via Hobbies Galore, but now gets a worldwide release on Night School. 

Trash Kit

Trash Kit are a three-piece comprising of Rachel Aggs (Shopping, Scared Paws), Rachel Horwood (Bas Jan, Shopping, Bamboo) and Gill Partington. Horizon is their third album and first in five years. With the members being active in many other musical projects, lots of influences feed into the Trash Kit sound, but it’s fair to say that The Raincoats and Sleater Kinney have been fairly influential here.
New in: Tuesday 2nd July 2019

The Black Keys
Let's Rock

Surely The Black Keys’ new LP Let’s Rock is named in lieu of the scene in School Of Rock where Jack Black gets Lawrence to do the special handshake that includes doing the can-can with your fingers and saying ‘let’s rock let’s rock today’. It must be, because there’s no way that The Black Keys have already exhausted all possible album titles and ended up plumping for Let’s Rock as anything other than a homage to one of the best films of the 21st Century. I mean, they’re only nine albums deep! You'd have to have really run out of ideas to do a thing like that...
New in: Monday 1st July 2019

Caspar Brotzmann Massaker

Caspar Brotzmann Massaker’s fourth album, originally released in 1993, was Koksofen. It endures as a real fans favourite - perhaps because all the hallmarks of the band’s sound were there - the massively loud highs and the destructive rumbling lows. It was recorded at legendary producer, Conny Plank’s studio in Berlin and was produced by his pals Ingo Krauss and Bruno Gephard.


Prince’s archives must be one of the most lusted-after collections of presumed wonder in modern music, so plenty of people will be delighted to see this major new release. Originals features fifteen songs that Prince wrote for other artists (most of them hits), except that here we finally get to hear the great man’s original versions recorded himself, all but one of them previously unreleased. Damn.
New in: Thursday 16th May 2019

Sunn O)))
Life Metal

Here they come again, churning away. This time slo-mo metallers Sunn O))) have recorded with grumpy recording engineer Steve Albini who, when answering the phone from the big hairy guys said "Sure, this will be fun". And fun it was as the band drafted in violin ace Hildur Guðnadóttir (Mum, Pan Sonic) to add textures and all sorts to the ever expanding brew. Also Anthony Pateras guests on pipe organ.      
New in: Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Neil Young
Dead Man: A Film By Jim Jarmusch (Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)

Dead Man is Jim Jarmusch’s self-proclaimed ‘psychedelic western’. Neil Young improvised most of the soundtrack as he watched and played along it in his studio. This way he was able to give a raw response to the drama and emotion. It mixes his acoustic and electric meanderings and is interspersed with Johnny Depp reading the poetry of William Blake.  

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