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New in: Monday 24th June 2019

The Tallest Man On Earth
I Love You. It's A Fever Dream.

Despite previously complaining about how uninspiring a tour can be for writing songs, The Tallest Man On Earth has lyrically taken on the tumbleweed lifestyle of continuous touring in his latest release, I Love You. It’s A Fever Dream. Expect more very obviously Bob Dylan-esque vocals and harmonica from the Swedish singer-songwriter on this, his fifth album.

Rod Modell

Techno man Rod Modell is back with a full length album for that there Tresor. On Captagon Modell has refined his craft. Tracks change impercitably but still manage to hit hard. On top of this the producer is capable of tackling a variety of tempos, his minimalism surviving everything he throw at it. What can I say but "oooofff!"

Robert Forster
The Evangelist

Australia's top lip purser Robert Forster (in second place Helen Daniels) released this 2008 album on the back of the tragic passing of his Go Betweens partner in crime Grant McLennan and contains three songs written with the late songwriter. It's no eulogy to McLennan though  - just your usual Forster fayre of bright upbeat guitar pop alongside some low key weepies. Not to be missed.    

Prana Crafter
Bodhi Cheetah's Choice

Bodhi Cheetah’s Choice by Prana Crafter is an album that intends to evoke the feeling of a woodland walk via the medium of acid folk. William Sol, the man behind the music, often tramps through the woods in his native Washington State. Fans of Six Organs of Admittance, Popol Vuh, late ‘60s John Fahey and Grateful Dead’s early ‘70s bootlegs will happily lose themselves in this.

Joe Meek
I Hear A New World

Joe Meek’s amazing vision of spacey DIY strange-pop is beautifully represented on his 1960 album I Hear A New World: An Outer Space Music Fantasy, reissued here by Poppydisc. Meek was the master of getting unusual effects out of cheap (or no) equipment, his natural curiosity and ingenuity shining through in every sound.


WEWANTSOUNDS with another brilliant reissue. Wahdon saw the legendary Lebanese musician Fairuz working with her son after the untimely passing of her husband. The result is an album that has one foot in the traditional, and one in the contemporary. Swooning arabic strings find themselves next to disco beats, all held together by the will and talent of Fairuz.

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble
Be Known Ancient/Future/Music

Kahil El’Zabar’s high-grade outfit Ethnic Heritage Ensemble present a new suite of spiritual afro-jazz. Be Known Ancient / Future / Music flowed forth from the combination of percussion, vocals, cello, trumpet and baritone sax, a non-standard ensemble combination with a fabulous intuitive group feel. Somehow earthy and cosmic all at once. Out on Spiritmuse.

Chris Staples
Holy Moly

Holy Moly is the 8th album by Seattle singer/songwriter, Chris Staples. This one was recorded in his garage in two month chunks, usually between the hours of 10pm and 4am. Whilst the night shift doesn’t necessarily define the sound of the album, the whispered tones of Everybody Said, are imbued with night time vibes.

Jeff Mills
The Director's Cut Chapter 3

Jeff Mills returns to his archives for another bite at his Director’s Cut cherry. Chapter 3 sees the techno overlord once again giving reissue status to a seemingly random selection of his deep cuts. A couple of newbies are thrown in for good measure, and there’s also a portion of The Director’s Cut Chapter 3 where Mills starts chatting about how his 2012 tune ‘Flying Machines’ came to be.

So Glad / I Feel Him Moving

Floorplan, the duo of legendary producer Robert Hood and his daughter Lyric, come through with two slamming new DJ tools. ‘So Glad’ combines minimal techno, house, disco and gospel to ebullient effect, its choppy vocals and burbling bassline ricocheting around the club. On the flip, ‘I Feel Him Moving’ is a shuffling preacher-house delight in the vein of Simon’s ‘Free At Last’.

Jeff Mills
IF Remixes

Jeff Mills continues to saturate the Jeff Mills market. Well, kind of. The two remixes on this 12" released by Purpose Maker were done by Terrence Parker who is not Jeff Mills. IF Remixes features two very different vocal performances on each side, one enormous and the other more subtle. Fascinating to compare. 

Yukihiro Fukutomi
Feel My Love Vibes

Only the most comprehensive deep house collectors outside Japan are likely to have felt Yukihiro Fukutomi’s love the first time around in 1992. For the first time, here’s another chance. This resides on the jazzier, funkier end of house; there’s tonky piano, vibraphone, lustful moaning and a bass line to die for. There are two primary versions plus a dub and an instrumental.
  • Vinyl 12" (STUDIOMULE21)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Walls, Corridors, Baffles

Walls, Corridors, Baffles. What do these three things have in common? Uh, think we'll leave that one up to you. What they are together is the debut album from S S S S, a Swiss producer who's just as happy creating morbid electroacoustic pieces as he is chucking out a breakbeat. FFO: materiality. On Präsens Editionen.
  • Vinyl LP (PE-017)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Dire Wolves
Grow Towards The Light

Dire Wolves are led by Jeffrey Alexander, who, among other projects has been a member of Jackie-O Motherfucker and run the label, Secret Eye Records. Dire Wolves have a slew of releases behind them, although, Grow toward The Light, is only their 4th full-length album. Expect spacey jams for the laid back.

Nkono Teles
Party Beats

Throughout the 80’s the late Nkono Teles was one of West Africa’s most prolific producers, providing countless artists with a slick, funky reinterpretation of Afro-disco for the new decade. He occasionally made music of his own too, releasing three solo LPs during his lifetime. Teles plays all of the instruments on Party Beats to create a set of sophisticated tunes befitting of the album’s title. Now Party Beats has been reissued through BBE Africa.

Everybody's Problem

Oh so you like Pulp huh? Well, you ought to like this then: a reissue of the band’s second-ever single Everybody’s Problem, released in 1983, over a decade before anyone ever dreamed of the word ‘britpop’. This was a young Jarvis’s attempt to write a commercial pop song, and it is very rare, or at least it was until this welcome reissue 7” on Optic Nerve.
  • Vinyl 7" (ON11)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

This Is Tunng...Magpie Bites and Other Cuts

7” single tracks, B-sides and other rarities from consistently under-rated ‘folktronica’ pioneers Tunng have finally been collected from throughout their career. 20 tracks of slanted indie-pop and synth-powered curios spanning from 2004 to 2018 are presented over four sides of vinyl or one CD. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (FTH346LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl

En Solitaire

Parisian group Juniore have supported The Dandy Warhols on tour, something that will likely act as a bellwether as to if you’re going to dig their music or not. Personally this Norman Records™ typewriter-monkey can’t get enough of Courtney Taylor-Taylor and the gang, so I’m all for Juniore and their valium-dosed take on ye-ye. Stereolab and St. Etienne are the obvious touchstones for ‘En Solitaire’.
  • Vinyl 7" (7OUTRE05)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
Wandering The Outer Space

First-ever vinyl edition of the 1,357,783rd LP from insatiable Japanese psychedeliacs Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.. Wandering The Outer Space does all the stuff we’ve come to expect Acid Mothers records to do. Guitars wail, delays delay. Trips trip, Motoriks motor. It’s all very groovy indeed.

75 Dollar Bill
I Was Real

Third album from 75 Dollar Bill. There sound is something like ambient blues? The guitar sound is there, but it's sparse and often left to ring out. Everything else creates a gently lulling soundscape. This all makes I Was Real completely beguilingly and heartfelt. An incredibly moving album that offers a moving alternative to what minimalism can be. 

Melting Bridge 融化橋
我們從明天來 (We Come From Tomorrow)

Singaporean label Evening Chants present the debut release from 融化橋 (Melting Bridge), a Taiwan-based duo who hail from Taipei and California respectively. On 古箏故障 (Guzheng Malfunction) / 我們從明天來 (We Come From Tomorrow) the pair use both electronic techniques and traditional Eastern instruments to create hallucinatory ambient-adjacent explorations. This is the sort of vivid sound art one tends to associate with acts like Visible Cloaks and the Seance Centre imprint.

Tape Transport: 1994​-​2000

This is a hugely wide-ranging collection of unreleased, lost, and forgotten tracks from legendary producer REQ's early (and reportedly most productive phase). Originating in Brighton, he combined the 'dusty but digital' beats in the style of Wu-Tang Clan with lo-fi samples and warm, thick bass. Fans of anything trip-hoppy will adore this. 

Whirlpool - The Original Recordings

Key shoegaze outfit Chapterhouse have a treat to share with you here, in the form of all the original recordings that would go on to become their debut album Whirlpool. Furthermore, some tantalising extra tracks are present. Gnarly, heavy and heady, this is a key document of what was going on in the early 90’s for those with their ears to the ground. On Space Age Recordings.

Change Becomes Us

  • Vinyl Double LP (PF20LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy
  • CD (PF20SE)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Les Mysterieuses Cites D'or (Mysterious Cities of Gold)

The classic anime series Les Mysterieuses Cites D’or (or, in English, Mysterious Cities of Gold) has a lovely synth-pop soundtrack, packed full of catchy kid-friendly themes. This release of the soundtrack, which features the French language versions, rounds up all the key themes and tunes from the series. LP release on Wagram.

David Bowie

A real treat for fans of the Duke here. 'DJ' was the second single from Bowie's album The Lodger. It's a track that inhabits the worlds of both Roxy Music and Talking Heads. It's getting released on a nice picture disc that includes an alternative mix and a version recorded for the Kenny Everett Show in 1979. I also recommend you watch the video for this track, it's pretty weird. As far as I can make out, it's just Dave smiling really widely in various places. 

Kelly Lee Owens
Let It Go

Kelly Lee Owens gives a proper 12” release to Let It Go, a juicy banger previously only heard in the bowels of Fabric. A rubbery rhythm bounces along with vigour and confidence, giving way to the breathy titular vocal. The track is supported by another exclusive cut, Omen. 12” on Smalltown Supersound.

Special Request
Bedroom Tapes

Bedroom Tapes sees techno wizard Special Request throwing it back to old cuts recorded onto cassette that were unearthed recently when moving house. Mastered by Matt Colton, who has similarly lent his talents to artists like James Blake and Hot Chip, the tracks retain every trace of the original recordings onto tape, hiss and all. A time capsule, if you will, for one of electronic music’s most enigmatic and talented main players.

Lydia Ainsworth
Phantom Forest

Former Juno-nominated singer and all-round auteur Lydia Ainsworth presents her third studio album. An exercise in fantasy world-building, Phantom Forest promises to be the Canadian’s most ambitious record yet. The nine tracks started life as instrumentals co-written with 'Stranger Things' composer Kyle Dixon.

Daughter Of Swords

Break up albums have a habit of being mopey and sad. And that's okay! But these forget the other kind of break up. The kind that offers a fresh start and a new beginning. Daughter Of Swords' Dawnbreaker is just that. Optimistic, hopeful, and grounded. Alexandra Sauser-Monnig captures that hope, and the fear, with this collection of comforting indie-folk songs.

Brian Jones
presents His Favourite Songs

Brian Jones suffered a tragically early death, and will long be loved and remembered for his contributions to one of rocks great institutions, the Rolling Stones. Here on Brian Jones presents His Favourite Songs you can get to know what inspired the man to create the music he did. On Le Chant du Monde.

Mega Bog

Mega Bog is the somewhat misleading recording name of Erin Elizabeth Birgy. Misleading because her music mixes Joni Mitchell’s jazz-flecked albums with Laurie Anderson’s late ‘80s output rather than some sludgy-riffing rock band the name may conjure up. On her fifth album, Dolphine, she is joined by members of Big Thief, Hand Habits and Iji. On Paradise Of Bachelors.

Body Type
EP1 & EP2

Scruffy lo-fi indie and jangly C86 melodies meet on these two EP releases from Sydney-based quartet Body Type, who have supported the likes of Courtney Barnett and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. EP1 was released late last year, while the second instalment EP2 is soon to follow. For those who want the full picture, we've EP1 & EP2. 

Abdullah Ibrahim
The Balance

Abdullah Ibrahim is South African musical royalty and can easily claim living legend status in the rest of the world too. He’s been likened to Thelonious Monk and played piano with with John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, Max Roach and Duke Ellington. Nelson Mandela regards him on a par with Mozart. Jabula is his brand new album, which he recorded in London. LP and CD on Gearbox.

Hymn To The Immortal Wind (10 Year Anniversary Edition)

Mono’s album Hymn to the Immortal Wind (their first with a full chamber orchetra) is such a big epic boy of a post-rock album, I can’t quite believe that the big chords have even faded away yet from their original playing. And yet here we are, with a one-decade anniversary reissue. These reissues have been remastered by Bob Weston, and are presented in truly luxurious fashion by Temporary Residence.

Strange Times... Live!

English post-punkers The Chameleons originally released Strange Times back in September 1986. This new live version of the album was recorded during the group’s 2019 reformation tour at a gig at Preston’s Guildhall, and includes the Where In The World EP that consists of four of the group’s original songs, re-recorded in 2017. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (MOOCHIN17)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Night Moves
Can You Really Find Me

Minneapolis duo, Night Moves, were likened to The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev and Band of Horses when they hit town with their debut album Colored Emotions back in 2012. Their music was based on classic American pop and rock - Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac, Todd Rundgren - and twisted to make new cosmic shapes. Can You Really Find Me is their fourth album and finds them maturing. They’ve still got the hooks and the riffs, but now there’s an added emotional quality too.

Keith Haring: The World of Keith Haring

Keith Haring’s influence on popular culture is so profound that it’s strange to think that, at one point, he was just some dude in New York City with a few cans of paint. That NYC is captured in The World Of Keith Haring, another fabulous compilation from Soul Jazz Records. All the sounds of Haring’s city are represented here, from the house of Paradise Garage to the Mudd Club’s no-wave and the electro/hip-hop sound that was all over the streets. Sylvester, Talking Heads (CD only) and Yoko Ono are but three of the artists featured on The World Of Keith Haring.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (SJRLP444-7)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Last copy

Dragged Across Concrete (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

2018 film Dragged Across Concrete features music from funk and soul legends Butch Tavares and The O’Jays. Garnering inspiration from the 60s, 70s and 80s, this “good cops gone bad” drama ties in musically with director S. Craig Zahler’s previous films Bone Tomahawk and Brawl in Cell Block 99. Vinyl release for the soundtrack of 2018 film Dragged Across Concrete comes with digital download.

Kristen Musik Fran Ragsved

Horrible noise from Treriksroset aka Tommy Carlsson. Carlsson has been active in Stockholm's underground for many years, whisking together or sort of crunches and squeals for maximum devastation. Kristen Musik Fran Ragsved easily ranks among his most intense releases. Recorded in mono. On Harbinger Sound. 

Max de Wardener

A two-track EP release preceding an album entitled Kolmar, which will be artist Max de Wardener’s debut effort for Village Green Recordings. First track ‘Palindrome’ is an extended jam aided by the skills of talented drummer Moses Boyd, while on the flip side there’s a techno trip-out entitled ‘Sun Dogs’. 


Illmatic was the debut album from New York rapper, Nas. Upon its original release in 1994, when Nas was just 20 years old, East Coast hip-hop was losing its identity. Illmatic, with tracks like N.Y. State Of Mind, gave the genre’s birthplace a much needed shot in the arm.

“A”Trio & AMM

Eddie Prevost (percussion) and John Tilbury (piano), wizened masters of radical London improv outfit AMM, mingle with the free jazz of Lebanon’s “A” Trio - that’s Mazen Kerbaj (trumpet), Sharif Sehnaoui (acoustic guitar) and Raed Yassin (double bass). You’d think that lot would make quite a racket, but the overall calm and restraint going on much of the time is mesmerising.

Francoise Hardy
Le Temps de l'amour

Listening to Françoise Hardy it's very easy to imagine a room full of chic Parisians in matching black turtlenecks gently dancing with cigarettes hanging out their mouths. Among those Parisians you would have been likely to see Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison and lots of other more well known admirers. On Le Chant du Monde.

Oren Ambarchi, Mark Fell, Will Guthrie, Sam Shalabi
Oglon Day

Since there ain't much at all online about this upcoming collaboration between various psych luminaries, all I can really say is that firstly the cover is superb (it's what covers should look like), and, secondly, it sounds from the press release like a vital and visceral musical experience that will probably take in psychedelia, krautrock, and experimental electronica. 

black midi

black midi are one of the most exciting acts to come out of...um....we presume London in some time (actually the Brit School  - disappointed ed) . Signed to Rough Trade and fond of creating a enigmatic image,  this is their much anticipated debut. We at least have their names now (there's at last one double-barrelled in there) and we've been given the slither of info that this was recorded with Speedy Wunderground's Dan Carey. Could be one of the year's biggest new things.  

Outer Spaces
Gazing Globe

Born out of a need to move on with her life following the disintegration of a long-term relationship, Cara Beth Satalino’s new Outer Spaces album Gazing Globe puts up a defiant front of bold, melodic indie-pop tunes reminiscent of early R.E.M. It's the old trick of music as therapy, the positive trappings soundtracking her recovery process.

Les BOF!

Is there a more French sound album than Voila by Les BOF! If there is, I haven't seen it. And yet, this band are Scottish?? I have never felt so betrayed. 60s influenced garage rock with a good ear for melody from these liars. Inexplicably it all works very, very well. Les BOF!'s energy is utterly compelling. 

Emily Fairlight
Mother of Gloom

Mother Of Gloom is the debut album Emily Fairlight. She follows a line of recent New Zealand singer/songwriters - Aldous Harding, Nadia Reid and Marlon Williams in making music that have their foundations in classic songwriting, but bring an original voice to the table. Emily Fairlight makes music that she describes as doom folk has been compared to PJ Harvey, Will Oldham, Cat Power, Calexico and Bridget St. John.

Transmission Response

Diagram is the solo recording moniker of Icelandic musician Hákon Aðalsteinsson, who normally fronts neo-psych outfit The Third Sound and plays guitar in The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Transmission Response, his first album by himself, is 12 tracks of synth-inflected post-punk and dream-pop. 
  • Vinyl LP (FC114V12)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Last copy


A deluxe re-issue of last year’s wonderful Face EP by experimental hip-hop group clipping., originally released in a run of just 100 cassette copies and which showcase Daveed Diggs’ tongue-twisting rapping flow. There are seven tracks on the vinyl edition, and a further three available via download. 

Brian Ellis
Deep Clues

A vinyl release for eclectic musician Brian Ellis’ latest album Deep Clues, which first appeared back in January. Although a comparatively short collection at just eight tracks, Ellis covers a hell of a lot of ground, from smooth radio-friendly soul and funk to jazz and some avant-garde aspects of electronica. 
  • Vinyl LP (HOBO013LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Amnon Raviv

An experimental record from Israel that’s become something of a Holy Grail for collectors, Mirror by sound artist Amnon Raviv was restricted to just 50 handmade copies when released back in 1983. This wider re-issue of 500 numbered vinyl copies will expand that circle of very lucky individuals! 
  • Vinyl LP (PD34LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Injury Reserve
Injury Reserve

Injury Reserve are a rap trio from Arizona. They mission is to make make experimental hip hop more accessible. This self-titled album is their debut although they’ve been together for 6 years. It follows two critically successful mixtapes - Live From The Dentist’s Office (2015) and Floss (2016). LP and Cd on Loma Vista.
New in: Friday 21st June 2019

Yawning Man
Macedonian Lines

Yawning Man are band rooted in desert rock and stoner rock. They have been together since 1986 but only released their first album in 2005. Since then, they have released a glut of EPs and two further albums. 2018’s The Revolt Against Tired Noises saw a progression in their sound which continues on their latest long-player Macedonian Lines.

The Gold & Silver Sessions

One of the most eyebrow-raising musical evolutions in recent times, it’s incredible to think that the expansive, krautrock wig-outs of The Gold & Silver Sessions are the product of Elder, the same band that released the straightforwardly stoner-rock Reflections of a Floating World just two years back. 

Extended Play 1

Tomaga are an experimental group that have released a string of well-received studio records that take in primarily cosmic jazz, but also krautrock and minimalism. This new project from them is entitled 'Extended Play 1', but don't let the slightly unimaginative nomenclature fool you, this will surely be a wild foray into new groove territory. 

Purple Eternal
What Things Did You See?

Described in Leeds Other Paper in a review of their first gig in 1998 as having “blatantly copied the Birthday Party, J & MC, Sonic Youth, and Speed-Metal Bands … they produced a thunderous enjoyable happy row”, and proclaimed in Sounds a week later, following a second gig: “if Purple Eternal came from New York instead of Leeds, they would be destined for stardom.” Now 30 years later you can enjoy Leeds psyche noise garage punk legends re-mastered and re-blasted. Deluxe package with full colour inner sleeve and poster. Re-live the heady days you can’t really remember.
  • Vinyl LP
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Mort Garson
Mother Earth's Plantasia

Mort Garson was a pioneer of electronic music in the 1960s and an early user of Robert Moog's synthesizer. 'Plantasia' released in 1976 added warmth to the previously darker and colder melodies of earlier electronic releases. By turn playful, surreal or sinister, this is a diverse collection of sounds from a true innovator.

Peter Perrett

Permanently sunglassed former the Only Ones frontman Peter Perrett had not been seen for many years before he returned with 2017s  How The West Was Won and now he's back again with Humanworld which as with his previous record was recorded with the help of his two sons Jamie and Peter Jr. Truly the renaissance man of post punk. 

The Raconteurs
Help Us Stranger

After more than a decade away (and by away we mean separately playing constantly in many various other groups), The Raconteurs unite for a third studio album, Help Us Stranger. With Brendan Benson and Jack White at the core, the group’s Nashville recording sessions yielded a rich bounty of rock, drawing on blues, soul, funk and country for a tasty all-American album. Help Us Stranger is released by White’s Third Man Records.

Doug Tuttle
Dream Road

Doug Tuttle was one half of the duo MMoss with his then girlfriend, Rachel Neveu. When their relationship, and band, broke up, he set off for Massachusetts where he’s been making solo albums ever since. Dream Road, his fourth album, is another collection of songs that recall classic ‘60s & ‘70s American pop and rock with more than a touch of country and psych.

His Name Is Alive
All The Mirrors In The House (Home Recordings 1979 - 1986)

This could be amazing. A first collection of the early recording works of Warren Defever the alchemist behind 30 years of His Name Is Alive. His early albums on 4AD were brilliant things and this collection showcases his recordings as a teen, learning his trade by way of using primitive tape recorders to record songs where the percussion track consists of his next door neighbour sweeping leaves.       


Hatchie is the stage name of Brisbane songwriter Harriette Pilbeam so you can sort of see why she's not using her birth name for this project. This is her debut album after an earlier well received EP. She uses a varied sonic palette with synthpop, ethereal guitars, industrial textures and new wave all featuring leading to a powerful sound that is already gaining her lots of plaudits.   

James Brown
Get On The Good Foot

Get On The Good Foot by James Brown was originally released in 1972. As you might expect, it’s funky as hell. The title track was released as a single, split into two parts for some reason, and has been sampled numerous times. If you think you haven’t heard it before, you probably have.
New in: Thursday 20th June 2019


Enablers are San Franciscan post-rock band, musically following in the traditions of Slint, but very much as vehicle for the spoken word poetry of Pete Simonelli. They also feature Swans guitarist, Joe Goldring. Zones is the band’s sixth album, and first in four years. On Lancashire and Somerset.

Van Coeur

Excellent moody guitar-led business from Van Couer, a band who have learned all the lessons of the 90’s slow alternative underground, and learned them well. For Crosshairs, a double LP, the core trio is augmented at times by accordion and viola from Caroline Weeks and Abi Fry respectively, plus the great Thomas House working the soundboard for maximum sonic character. Released by Mulso Primary Records.

Jonathan Sharp
Divided Time

Divided Time by sound designer and composer, Jonathan Sharp is a collection of pieces inspired and written for a collection of photographs he found that were taken between 1970 and 1977. Using piano and gentle electronic sounds, Sharp attempts to relive the photo in sound. Fans of Virginia Astley and Mark Peters will find this to be a joy.
  • Vinyl LP
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Thee Oh Sees
Grave Blockers

You’re thinking how on earth do Thee Oh Sees manage to put so many new records out, right? Well, in the case of this one it’s a reissue. Grave Blockers was originally released in 2006 and sees John Dwyer et al in a gentler mood, playing some psych-folk rather than the unhinged garage rock to which we’ve become accustomed.

Slack Alices

Straight outta Manchester, these young pup punks come roaring into 2019 with their second single. Their raw and energetic sound has already caught the ear of Radio X DJ John Kennedy who has given this single his tune of the day accolade. Here it is on a limited and numbered 7" on Midnight Hallucination Records.      

Patterson Twins
Gonna Find A True Love / A Good Thing

Miles Away Records with a reissue of ‘Gonna Find A True Love’, a rare disco gem by Mississippi pair the Patterson Twins. You’ve all heard disco before so there’s not really much more we need to tell you about this one - it’s just really good, funky, soulful music. Comes backed by the gospel-soul number ‘A Good Thing', a track that appeared alongside ‘Gonna Find A True Love’ on the duo’s 1978 debut LP Let Me Be Your Lover.
  • Vinyl 7" (MA003)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

One Thousand Violins
Halcyon Days / Like 1000 Violins

If I could fall into the sky Do you think time would pass me by? 'Cause you know I'd listen to One Thousand Violins If I could just see you ... tonight   OK, so 80’s indie-poppers One Thousand Violins probably had nothing to do with the success of Vanessa Carlton’s single back in 2002. That said, the Sheffield group did share Carlton’s way with melody. Their debut single ‘Halcyon Days’, a shoegazey jangle that sounds like The Smiths being covered by early My Bloody Valentine, was voted into John Peel’s Festive 50 when it dropped in 1985. Now that track and original B-side ‘Like 1000 Violins’ have been reissued on wax for the first time courtesy of Optic Nerve.
  • Vinyl 7" (ON10)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Daughters Of The Sky

Third studio album from Bamboo, the project formed by Peepholes’ Nick Carlisle and Trash Kit’s Rachel Horwood. Taking inspiration from the florid beauty of classic folk and the pristine ambient productions of Berlin-era Bowie, Daughters of the Sky is thematically underpinned by motherhood and nature. 
  • Vinyl LP (UTR114LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy


High-school project turned full-time band Crumb release their first full-length album in June, following the warm reception given to their previous EPs Crumb (2016) and Locket (2017). Two years’ worth of intense touring have sharpened this Brooklyn four-piece’s mix of psychedelic rock and jazz, which can be heard on Jinx. 

Rob Burger
The Grid

An understudy and collaborator with jazz and avant-garde legends going as far back as Max Roach and Laurie Anderson, and then immersing himself in session and soundtrack work, Rob Burger is one of the most consistently undervalued figures in music over the last quarter of a century. The Grid is his latest solo album. 

Charles Hayward
Begin Anywhere

Charles Hayward is best known for being the drummer in ‘70s experimental rock band, This Heat and odd-prog band Camberwell Now. He has also played with Crass, The Raincoats, Gong and Phil Manzanera. Begin Anywhere seems like a different direction for him as he pours out his soul using just voice and piano.
  • Vinyl LP (GOD046)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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Egyptian Blue

Egyptian Blue are one of those post-punk bands who combine angular guitars, angry-young-man ire and propulsive rhythm work. Unsurprisingly they get a lot of comparisons to Gang Of Four, but on debut EP Collateral the Brighton four-piece come across more like Foals having a go at doing Parquet Courts - no bad thing in our books. The title track is the hit. Out through Yala! Records (The Magic Gang, Yak).


Starcrost were a jazz/funk/ soul band who released their only album in the mid-’70s. Despite this possesing a sleeve like something you’d steer clear of in a charity shop, it is actually a highly sought after piece of wax - I mean, there is some serious bass and drum playing on here -  by collectors and DJs alike, as only 1000 of them were pressed. Jazzman are now reissuing the album to relieve all those crate-digging anxieties.

Renaldo & The Loaf
Songs For Swinging Larvae / Songs From The Surgery

2xLP package containing the first proper studio effort from cult experimental heroes Renaldo and the Loaf. Now re-mastered for vinyl, the subversive pop madness of 1981’s Songs For Swinging Larvae helped establish the duo’s underground following, and it’s accompanied here by a new LP of different versions and unheard bonus tracks titled Songs From the Surgery. 

Dean & Britta
Back Numbers

Back Numbers is the second album by Dean & Britta - AKA Dean Wareham (Galaxie 500, Luna) and Britta Phillips (Luna). It was originally released on CD in 2007, this is the first time it has been available on good ol’ vinyl.  It was produced by Tony Visconti of legendary producer fame. It sees the married couple, before they started making x-rated record sleeves, running through covers by Lee Hazlewood and Donovan, among others.
New in: Wednesday 19th June 2019

9T Antiope & Siavash Amini

Four gripping works of odd contradictions, ambiguity and intensity - just as the punning title promises - from an Iranian team-up of sombre duo 9T Antiope and the ever-busy Siavash Amini. As ever with 9T, lyricist Sara Bigdeli Shamloo gives, with a clear and handsome voice, expressive textuality to a style where it is usually absent.
  • Vinyl LP (HG1902)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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Justin Hopper & Sharron Kraus with The Belbury Poly
Chanctonbury Rings

Chanctonbury Rings is the result of a musical and spoken-word project from electro/acoustic folk musician Sharron Kraus and writer Justin Hopper, recorded in conjunction with The Belbury Poly. The timeless soundscapes and curiously unplaceable tone of the poetry evokes a long-lost vein of British art. 

AA Bondy

‘Enderness’ is the first album from AA Bondy in eight years, a ten track LP on Fat Possum. It’s a record of largely stripped bare pop songs, the recording completed a day before his home was burnt down in a wildfire. He spent the time of recording alone, and the records simple and unaccompanied motifs speak to this solitude, but there’s a beauty to this private world.

The Shadracks
Tranquil Salvation

The Shadracks are a garage rock band from the UK capital of garage rock, Medway, Kent. Their name is inspired by Leonard Rossiter’s character, Emanuel Shadrack, from the classic 1963 film Billy Liar. They've even even gone as far as crediting the press release to another character, Councilor Duxbury. Tranquil Salvation follows on from their 2018 debut full length album. The three track EP includes a cover of the Dead Moon track, Walking On My Grave.

Keiji Haino & Charles Hayward
A Loss Permitted To Open Its Eyes For But Three Hours And There Glimpsed, Finally In Focus A Mystery That Begs...

Now THIS looks interesting. Experimental pioneer Keiji Haino (a collaborator with Faust, Boris, and Stephen O'Malley, among other things) and Charles Hayward (founding member of legendary experimental outfit This Heat) came together in 2016 to play an improvisational set at the Copeland Gallery in London. Thankfully, it was recorded and now Thirty Three Thirty Three are putting that recording out - wonderful news for fans of all things a bit weird. 

Grupo Pilon
Leite Quente Funaná de Cabo Verde

Here is a dose of fun: the music of Grupo Pilon, which brings zouk, creole drumming, coladeira from Cape Verde and a little synth-guitar psych from Europe into one wonderful congress together. Leite Quente Funaná de Cabo Verde, named for a hot milk drink, cherry-picks six of the finest items from Grupo Pilon’s three albums, making for an undeniable collection of life and dance.

Fruit Bats
Gold Past Life

Gold Past Life by Fruit Bats is the final part of a cathartic trilogy which included singer/songwriter Eric D. Johnson’s 2014 solo album and 2016’s Absolute Loser. The thematic arc that joins the albums involves personal loss and political dissatisfaction, culminating in Johnson working on projects out of his comfort zone whilst recording this album. Neal Casal, Meg Duffy and Greta Morgan are among the guest performers.  

Graham Day and The Forefathers
Good Things

Straight outta Medway, Graham Day and The Forefathers are a trio of infinite action: it would be almost impossible to list all the bands and albums these three have participated in, separately and together, over the years, but suffice to say: they know their garage-rock. Good Things is their 2014 (since out of print) round-up of new live performances of old favourite Day songs from across that extensive body of work. Plus three extra tracks on this reissue!

The Galileo 7
There Is Only Now

Psychedelically tinged garage-rock for fans of King Gizzard and Thee Oh Sees, There Is Only Now is the sixth studio album from psych-beat outfit The Galileo 7. Shamelessly retro it may be, but there’s always been total joy and conviction in the group’s output to date, and this should be no different. 

Band Of Holy Joy
Neon Primitives

Band of Holy Joy’s latest studio album Neon Primitives attempts to capture the state of political and social unease gripping the country three years after the Brexit referendum - coincidentally, the last time that the band released a record. Rage and melody clash consistently on their latest record, which includes a weird Vincent Gallo cover... 
  • Vinyl LP (PICI0021LP)
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Graham Day & The Gaolers
Just A Little / I'm Not The Only One

Medway garage rock legend, Graham Day formerly of The Prisoners and The Mighty Caesars (with fellow Medway garage rock legend, Billy Childish), is back. Graham Day and The Gaolers release their first new material in eleven years with a 7” single - Just A Little/I’m Not The Only One. All this because the drummer, Dan Eletxro, just happened to nip back from the states for a bit.

Pip Blom

Pip Blom are an indie band from Amsterdam. They are fronted by 20-year old Pip Blom.  Boat is their debut album following a successful year of EPs and singles that have enjoyed airtime on BBC 6 Music. Their influences seem to come from bands such as The Breeders, which is no bad thing. It looks like Pip’s star is on the rise.
New in: Tuesday 18th June 2019

Bad Breeding

Hailing from the London commuter dormitory, Home Counties nowheresville of Stevenage, Bad Breeding make raging, confrontational punk music that perfectly reflects their surroundings. Exiled, their scabrous third full-length album, takes inspiration from the dispiriting and divisive last year in British politics. 
New in: Monday 17th June 2019

Wu-Tang Clan
Disciples of the 36 Chambers: Chapter 1 (Live)

A remastered reissue of this Wu-Tang Clan live album yields its first-ever vinyl edition. Disciples Of The 36 Chambers: Chapter 1 showcases their 2004 set at Californian festival Rock The Bells.* Aside from being an extensive run-through of both various Clan hits (both solo and ensemble), Disciples Of The 36 Chambers is also notable for being one of the group’s last performances with the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard. *For those of you wondering about Chapter 2 - it’s a video of the same set and it's not present on this edition.
New in: Friday 14th June 2019

Calexico and Iron & Wine
Years to Burn

Alt-country heroes Calexico reunite with Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam a full 14 years after their 2005 EP In The Reins, this time for an entire eight-track studio album. Recorded in Nashville with esteemed producer Matt Ross-Spang in just five days, Years To Burn adds even more elements to their previously established musical compound. 
New in: Tuesday 11th June 2019

Contemporary Movement

Contempary Movement was the second and final album by American slowcore band, Duster. It was originally released in 2000 and followed their impressive debut, Stratosphere. It saw the album working as a fully-fledged three-piece for the only time. This is indie-rock to lie down to. A warm hug of under-produced analog sound and tape hiss.
New in: Monday 10th June 2019

Singles Going Steady

Singles Going Steady was originally compiled to introduce The Buzzcocks to the US. As time has passed its assumed a life as their 'best of' or 'greatest hits'. However you want to refer to it, it is a truly marvellous collection of songs by and incredible band. Reissue LP, with 8 page booklet, and CD, with 36 page booklet, on Domino.
New in: Wednesday 5th June 2019

Ignorance Is Bliss

Act like a wasteman? That’s not Skepta. Lips any girl? That’s not Skepta. Drop the eagerly-anticipated follow-up to his Mercury Prize-winning LP Konnichiwa? That is Skepta, actually. Ignorance Is Bliss is the Boy Better Know mogul’s first full-length to drop since his ascendence into the upper echelons of the cultural sphere, and with all eyes on him he’s pulled out the stops on this one. 
New in: Thursday 23rd May 2019

Flying Lotus

Fresh off making people throw up in the cinema with Kuso, Flying Lotus is back at it again with his latest album Flamagra. As always, the album is a frenetic maelstrom of hip-hop, R&B, jazz, soul, funk, beats, and whatever else Mr Lotus managed to put on between joints. He's also managed to fit in enough guests for a decent music festival with Solange, Tierra Whack and George Clinton appearing as well as lots (and lots) more.
New in: Wednesday 8th May 2019

The Senja Recordings

Senja lies close to Tromsø, the beloved Arctic Norwegian town and home of Geir “Biosphere” Jenssen. His new album The Senja Recordings comprises both outdoor recordings and studio improvisations created on the titular island. Obviously essential Arctic ambient listening, it’ll Senja into a daze, Senja to a happy state or Senja to sleep.

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