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New in: Tuesday 18th June 2019

Mort Garson
Mother Earth's Plantasia

Mort Garson was a pioneer of electronic music in the 1960s and an early user of Robert Moog's synthesizer. 'Plantasia' released in 1976 added warmth to the previously darker and colder melodies of earlier electronic releases. By turn playful, surreal or sinister, this is a diverse collection of sounds from a true innovator.
  • Vinyl LP (SBR3030LP)
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  • Vinyl LP (SBR3030LPC1)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl

Divino Nino

Heavily rhythmical and soulful Latinx guitar-pop rules on Foam, the latest effort from bi-lingual Spanish/English outfit Divino Nino. Hailing from Chicago but founded on a childhood friendship from Bogota between between guitarist Camilo Medina and bassist Javier Forero, these ten tracks are masterfully observed marriages of different musical traditions. 
  • Vinyl LP (WSP029LPC1)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Last copy

Live at Glastonbury 1999

Double-LP live album of Travis’ momentous set on the Other Stage at Glastonbury 1999. With their star-making second album The Man Who released only a month before, their televised performance shot them to international recognition. Those who were there remember a gloriously sunny day being serendipitously interrupted by a downpour during ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me?’ 

The Man Who (20th Anniversary Edition)

20th anniversary re-issue of The Man Who, the multi-platinum, BRIT Award-winning album that briefly put Travis at the top table of British guitar acts in the aftermath of Britpop. Beyond gutted that noted Travis-fan and post-Britpop theorist Robin no longer works at Norman because his description would have been a lot better than this. 

Lou Donaldson
Mr. Shing-A-Ling 

Mr. Shing-A-Ling is a 1967 album by saxophonist, Lou Donaldson, one of three he released that year. It shows Donaldson transitioning from bop-tinged soul jazz to jazz funk, opening with a mid-tempo groove workout of Bobby Gentry’s Ode To Billy Joe. The band included Blue Mitchell, Lonnie Smith and Jimmy Ponder.

Bad Breeding

Hailing from the London commuter dormitory, Home Counties nowheresville of Stevenage, Bad Breeding make raging, confrontational punk music that perfectly reflects their surroundings. Exiled, their scabrous third full-length album, takes inspiration from the dispiriting and divisive last year in British politics. 

Kate Tempest
The Book of Traps and Lessons

If you believe what you read, Kate Tempest has been working on The Book of Traps and Lessons - her third album - since she unleashed her classic debut Everybody’s Down in 2014. Whether this has been five years in the making or not, we’ve still been looking forward to it. She worked on the album with none other than Rick Rubin and South London producer, Dan Carey, who also worked on her 2017 album, Let Them Eat Chaos. On Fiction.

Lee Morgan

Trumpeter, Lee Morgan, earned his jazz chops playing with John Coltrane and Art Blakey. He was prominent in the ‘60s with classic albums such as The Sidewinder (1963) and the equally superb Cornbread (1965). For this he got together an ace band featuring Herbie Hancock, Hank Mobley, Billy Higgins, Jackie McClean and Larry Ridley. Sadly, Morgan was shot and killed by his common-law wife in 1972.

Chocolate City

180g heavyweight vinyl re-issue of Chocolate City, the third studio album by George Clinton’s legendary Parliament which was originally released in 1975. Boasting their classic line-up and conceived of as a positive reversal of the contemporaneous concern of ‘white flight’ from city centres, it included the singles ‘Chocolate City’ and ‘Ride On’. 

Egyptian Blue

Egyptian Blue are one of those post-punk bands who combine angular guitars, angry-young-man ire and propulsive rhythm work. Unsurprisingly they get a lot of comparisons to Gang Of Four, but on debut EP Collateral the Brighton four-piece come across more like Foals having a go at doing Parquet Courts - no bad thing in our books. The title track is the hit. Out through Yala! Records (The Magic Gang, Yak).

Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratories
Portal (Original Soundtrack)

Anyone who ever played Portal loves Portal, and the original soundtrack is a key element in creating the game’s special atmosphere. Now for the first time this soundtrack, credited to Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratories (or to Mike Morasky depending on which world you inhabit) is being properly released, and on vinyl no less. Includes the famous end credits pop song ‘Still Alive’ as well.

Nev Cottee
River's Edge

Nev Cottee, formely of Noel Gallagher approved rockers, Proud Mary, is a well established solo artist these days. His fourth solo album, River’s Edge, finds him in a confident mood, taking musical inspiration from Neil Young, Tom Waits and Scott Walker along with the widescreen production values of Spiritualized and Ennio Morricone. The album also features The Verve’s Nick McCabe on guitar.

In The Woods

Somewhere in the early ‘80s,  in an inexplicable space between post-punk, minimalist and industrial music Rimarimba existed with their weird sounds. The DIY electronic experimentalists were led by Felixstowe-based Robert Cox. In The Woods was their second album and was originally released in 1985.
  • Vinyl LP (FTS7LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

On Dry Land

Freedom To Spend’s run of Rimarimba reissues continues with the band’s 1984 LP On Dry Land. With this record Robert Cox further explores the curious fourth-world sound that he’d begun to develop on Beyond The Horizon the previous year. As such, On Dry Land is pitched somewhere between the sampling experiments of Eno, Byrne and Cale, Midori Takada’s new age minimalism and 23 Skidoo’s avant-rock.
  • Vinyl LP (FTS6LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Night Flight
Night Flight

Night Flight have been likened to Coldplay, although I’m not too sure they’re happy with that comparison. There is a video of them on Twitter covering a Steely Dan song with a strategically placed Big Star album in the background, though, perhaps this points more to their influences. Their self-titled debut album is made up from two previously released EPs and two brand new tracks.

Injury Reserve
Injury Reserve

Injury Reserve are a rap trio from Arizona. They mission is to make make experimental hip hop more accessible. This self-titled album is their debut although they’ve been together for 6 years. It follows two critically successful mixtapes - Live From The Dentist’s Office (2015) and Floss (2016). LP and Cd on Loma Vista.

Alfie Templeman
Sunday Morning Cereal EP

‘BBC Music Introducing…’ favourite Alfie Templeman unveils his second EP release at the age of just 16. Presented on 10” cream vinyl, Sunday Morning Cereal sees the prodigiously talented ‘indie R&B’ musician follow up on his brilliantly received 2018 single ‘Like An Animal’. 
  • Vinyl 10" (CC94)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures
Tequila Island

Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures don’t seem to be able to stay out of their respective recording studios, so why shouldn’t they collaborate, eh? In fact, Tequila Island is their fifth album together. Working alone, the two acts are incredibly prolific, releasing 12 albums between them since they last collaborated in 2015. If you’re a fan of both you’ll either be delighted that there’s some new stuff or annoyed they’re making you spend more money. New records are always nice, though, aren’t they?

Jane Weaver
Loops In The Secret Society

Here comes Manchester chanteuse Jane Weaver with a project that sees her re-work elements from her last two studio albums The Silver Globe and Modern Kosmology, interspersed with brand new ambient pieces over two slabs of vinyl. Loops In The Secret Society is a product of the mesmerising British tour that Jane Weaver kicked off in October last year which saw the source material expanded and reworked. 

Working Men's Club
Bad Blood / Suburban Heights

Working Men’s Club are three-piece who take the angular sound of Talking Heads, Gang of Four and Television and round off the corners with inspiration from Parquet Courts and The Strokes. Their band name was inspired by where they grew up and their attempts to get into pubs and working men’s clubs as that was the only entertainment around. The band met in Manchester but hail from Yorkshire via Poland and Italy.
  • Vinyl 7" (MELO120)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Fat White Family
Feet (Parrot and Cocker Too Remix)

Coming off the back of Fat White Family’s fantastic third album Serfs Up!, this is a limited edition white label 12” remix of the record’s opener and lead single ‘Feet’, deconstructed and put back together by Sheffield’s DJ Parrott and none other than the legendary Jarvis Cocker. I suppose this is the band's way of making sure everyone knows they moved toe Sheffield.
  • Vinyl 12" (RUG1000TX)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

black midi

black midi are one of the most exciting acts to come out of...um....we presume London in some time (actually the Brit School  - disappointed ed) . Signed to Rough Trade and fond of creating a enigmatic image,  this is their much anticipated debut. We at least have their names now (there's at last one double-barrelled in there) and we've been given the slither of info that this was recorded with Speedy Wunderground's Dan Carey. Could be one of the year's biggest new things.  

No Man's Sky: Music For An Infinite Universe

Epic game No Man's Sky is moving so slowly towards its release date that its soundtrack is coming out before it. The RPG is part space opera, part galactic filibuster, offering an endlessly generative online universe for you to travel around -- in which the designers have claimed you will never meet a fellow traveller. Supplying the soundtrack to this infinite labour of love? 65daysofstatic, of course. The Sheffield post-rockers used new programmes to create a supplementary generative soundtrack for the game, and while it'll be a while 'til we'll be able to hear every inch of it (maybe we never will), the official soundtrack offers ten original tracks from the score, plus six of the game's soundscapes. It's just like the old saying goes: in space... there are post-rock bands.

The Gentleman Losers
Make We Here Our Camp Of Winter

It must be something about the dark days of winter that these guys want to capitalize on, with their quiet, melancholy, and perfectly fine-tuned electronic music. Finnish ambient post-rockers The Gentleman Losers already put out one of our favorite albums of 2018. Make We Here Our Camp of Winter continues in the same vein but, not unlike my personal life, is a bit emptier, bleaker, and slower.
  • Vinyl LP
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement
Venus Flytrap Exotica

Dominick Fernow (Prurient) and Phillippe Hallais (Low Jack) reunite as Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement for another cut of humid dub dread. ‘Venus Flytrap Excotica’ is aptly titled, relocating the dance-floor in the depths of the jungle, with this sense of being entwined in a mass wildlife, straying further and further outwards from civilisation.
  • Vinyl 7" (BZH004)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Van Coeur

Excellent moody guitar-led business from Van Couer, a band who have learned all the lessons of the 90’s slow alternative underground, and learned them well. For Crosshairs, a double LP, the core trio is augmented at times by accordion and viola from Caroline Weeks and Abi Fry respectively, plus the great Thomas House working the soundboard for maximum sonic character. Released by Mulso Primary Records.

Low Jack
Jingles du Lieu-dit

Editions Gravats boss Low Jack continues to be one of the most interesting and original voices in the clubsphere. Jingles du Lieu-dit - the sequel to 2018’s Riddims du Lieu-dit - is a set of anarcho-dancehall with a strong anti-nuke message. There are strong whiffs of The Bug, Ossia and fellow Editions Gravats buddie Clara! to this EP, and that means we’re all for it.

Service Animal / Crime Unit

RAVE026 brings some rare DIY tape release material into the respectable, DJ-friendly territory of vinyl. This is a split between Service Animal (head of Endangered Species) who provides some wild gabber workouts, and Crime Unit, who gets heavily scuzzed-up. Real nasty dancing fuel on The Death of Rave.
  • Vinyl 12" (RAVE026)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Object Collection
You Are Under Our Space Control

The experimental group Object Collection follow up their Fugazi opera with a remarkable suite of wide-ranging homemade modernism. This ‘space-opera’ involves texts by Sun Ra, astronomers and fictional space travellers, as well as sonic allusions to John Cage, sci-fi sound palettes, and avant-electroacoustics. There’s a lot going on in You Are Under Our Space Control, though it also feels eminently personal and within reach. Out on Slip.
  • Vinyl LP (SLP054LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Martin Rev

Long overdue re-issue of Cheyenne, the third solo album from Suicide’s Martin Rev. Although it was released in 1991, its origins went all the way back to the recording of Alan Vega / Martin Rev eleven years previously. Infusing the street-level immediacy of Suicide’s proto-electro-punk with pastoral pop-inspired sounds, Cheyenne is a lost gem. 

One Thousand Violins
Halcyon Days / Like 1000 Violins

If I could fall into the sky Do you think time would pass me by? 'Cause you know I'd listen to One Thousand Violins If I could just see you ... tonight   OK, so 80’s indie-poppers One Thousand Violins probably had nothing to do with the success of Vanessa Carlton’s single back in 2002. That said, the Sheffield group did share Carlton’s way with melody. Their debut single ‘Halcyon Days’, a shoegazey jangle that sounds like The Smiths being covered by early My Bloody Valentine, was voted into John Peel’s Festive 50 when it dropped in 1985. Now that track and original B-side ‘Like 1000 Violins’ have been reissued on wax for the first time courtesy of Optic Nerve.
  • Vinyl 7" (ON10)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Built By Humanoid

Before Future Sounds of London, there was Humanoid. Known for their classic acid house single 'Stakker Humanoid', Humanoid will release an album a mere 30 years after they burst onto the scene. Fast, frantic, and beat driven, 'Built By Humanoid' merges the old and new to create an acid monster.  


I’m not sure Friendship is the best name for this bunch of Japanese power violence doom metalers given that their previous album was called Hatred. The furrow they plough is a very deep, heavy and dark one albeit with technical mastery and precision. Undercurrent is their new album which is said to be brighter in tone than the aforementioned Hatred, but probably not much. On Southern Lord.

Cate Le Bon

You know what? Everything Cate Le Bon involves herself in is of interest. Le Bon’s previous work has encompassed all manner of sounds and quirks; think pop music with a difference. The far-afield sounds of psychedelia, art pop, indie rock and pop meet with wistful guitar lines, fanciful vocals, intriguing lyrics and melodies which skip and wander. Quirky and beautiful songs, delivered with Le Bon's distinct Welsh Valleys lilt.

The Garden Of Perpetual Dreams

Brunnen is Freek Kinkelaar - an important figure in the Dutch underground scene. He was one half of Dutch experimentalists Beequeen. His list of collaborators runs from Nurse With Wound to The Residents and many others in between. The Garden Of Perpetual Dreams was originally recorded onto cassette in 1989. 30 years later we have a reworked and reimagined version.
  • Vinyl LP (ACOLOUR012)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Martin Rev
Clouds of Glory

As one half of electro-punk pioneers Suicide, Martin Rev was responsible for some of the most influential and significant music of the late Seventies and early Eighties. Less well-known, however, is his solo career, something that this re-issue of 1985’s contemplative Clouds of Glory (Rev’s second outing) seeks to put right. 


Originally released on Tokyo’s Plop Records (now known as Nature Bliss) in 2003, Re.sort by Sora (Takeshi Kurosawa) is cherished by those who noticed it at the time. In case you didn’t, here it is again in multiple formats courtesy of WRWTFWW. The album’s a blissful bunch of warm, glitchy sample collages from jazz and bossa nova, resulting in a summery leftfield ambiance.

Hard Rain

This new album by Tenderlonious, 'Hard Rain', looks like a nice mix of urban jazz and vintage hip-hop, with elements of ambient, funk, and trip-hop. Tenderlonious is not only a solo artist but the head of an up-and-coming record label 22a, a DJ, a producer, and multi-instrumentalist. This is clearly a one to watch. 

Jambú e Os Míticos Sons Da Amazônia

Jambú e Os Míticos Sons Da Amazônia is a compilation that takes a close at the musical output of the Brazilian city of Belém. It's musical output is usually overlooked for that of Brazil's metropolises but here we have the chance to address that. What you'll learn is that the musicians of Belém know how to throw a party. Maybe you'll want to go to one. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (AALP088)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley

Resurgent interest in the music of Gyedu Blay Ambolley spawns another reissue. One spin of 1982’s sophomore LP Ambolley is enough for you to understand why people are suddenly so keen on the Ghanaian artist’s music. This is a set of superbly funky highlife disco/boogie for which Ambolley is a charismatic and beguiling focal point. Original copies of Ambolley are very hard to track down, so nice one to Mr. Bongo for getting this new edition together.

Some Became Hollow Tubes
Keep It In The Ground

Some Became Hollow Tubes is a collaboration between Eric Quach of Thisquietarmy and Aidan Girt of the legendary Godspeed You! Black Emperor. The LP contains six improvised drone pieces, heavy on the pedals and the loops,  that follow the quiet/loud dynamic as drums appear and subside. Surely one for Normanites to get excited about!
  • Vinyl LP (GZH090)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Red Sleeping Beauty

McCarthy were an ‘80s indie band associated with the C86 scene and known for their left-wing political leanings. Their guitarist, Tim Gane, would go on to form Stereolab. Red Sleeping Beauty was the band’s second single, originally released in 1986. It is being reissued as part of the Optic Nerve Sevens series. It’s backed with The Fall, a track not on the original EP.
  • Vinyl 7" (ON9)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Mariee Sioux
Grief in Exile

Mariee Sioux is an American other worldly folk singer/songwriter. Grief in Exile is her seventh album. It is her first release in seven years, following on from Bonnie & Mariee - a collaboration with Bonnie Prince Billy.  She is best known for her 2007 album Faces In The Rocks, which is somewhat of a cult classic. LP and CD on Night Bloom Records.
New in: Monday 17th June 2019

Juan Wauters
Introducing Juan Pablo

Here he is. That funny little man from the Beets. Makes interesting Jonathan Richman type stuff and has that whole 'who me?' shtick going on. He's a little like Pedro Sanchez from Napolean Dynamite. Does pretty well for himself and has supported Mac De Marco. This is his third album. Enjoy him.  

Wu-Tang Clan
Disciples of the 36 Chambers: Chapter 1 (Live)

A remastered reissue of this Wu-Tang Clan live album yields its first-ever vinyl edition. Disciples Of The 36 Chambers: Chapter 1 showcases their 2004 set at Californian festival Rock The Bells.* Aside from being an extensive run-through of both various Clan hits (both solo and ensemble), Disciples Of The 36 Chambers is also notable for being one of the group’s last performances with the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard. *For those of you wondering about Chapter 2 - it’s a video of the same set and it's not present on this edition.

Richard Reed Parry
Quiet River of Dust Vol. 2

Richard Reed Parry is of course part of that colossus of a super-indie band Arcade Fire, but there has always been more to his musicianship than that. Quiet River of Dust Vol.2 is the second part of his newest solo work, which draws considerably on folk and composed music for a really rather rich song-suite. Out on Epitaph.

Mannequin Pussy

Philadelphia group Mannequin Pussy bring you their third long player, Patience. Never thought I’d find such a phrase as “deeply attuned to the power of their own physicality” in a press release, but here we are. It means they play well and with a lot of emotion; it's turbulent music for turbulent times, brewing in a broth of indie rock seasoned with punk and shoegaze.

Holy Ghost!

Following a substantial six years after their last outing, Work is the third album by New York-based indie-dance act Holy Ghost!. With its provocative Agnes Denes artwork, the album addresses the changing nature of work in the modern age. Most notably, it’s the first original new release in decades from the recently re-activated NY disco label West End Records. 

In Time: The Best Of R.E.M. 1988-2003

In Time: The Best Of R.E.M. 1988-2003 covers the band’s most commercially successful period. It includes tracks from the popular albums Green, Out Of Time and Automatic For The People as well as the single Bad Day. One of the band’s biggest hits, Shiny Happy People, was left off the compilation presumably because everyone hates it. Reissue double LP on Concord.

Hot Chip
A Bath Full of Ecstasy

How nice of them. Hot Chip got lots of pleasure from making this latest album of theirs and they want to pass that joy onto the listener. Some may say that it would have been even nicer of them to keep it to themselves. That said if they bring some joy into some peoples world who are we to argue. Expect joyful dance pop led by a tiny voice.   

Mika Vainio
M.T.V. 15.05.63 – 12.04.2017

This release is a book, an album, and a whole multimedia memorial to the wonderful late Mika Vainio. M.T.V. 15.05.63 - 12.04.2017 features exclusive family photographs, writings by Mika’s collaborators, a discography, Mika’s Wire Invisible Jukebox in full, and a CD of unreleased Pansonic live recordings. All housed in a hardback book, from Blast First Petite.

Two Door Cinema Club
False Alarm

Northern Irish indie rock band Two Door Cinema Club fourth album, False Alarm, finds them in a creative mood. They’re pretty confident in their abilities, four albums in, so have been making an experimental off-kilter blend future pop, funk, soul and disco - with pleasing results. LP and CD on Prolifica Inc.


Mick Harris hasn’t recorded under the Scorn moniker for 7 long years. The heavy bass/dub/delay pioneer is now back with some incredibly deep and dark tones on the, perhaps confusingly titled, Feather EP. The darkness on offer here harks back to the early days of Scorn - a time when music like this was just for those in the know.

Nicolas Bougaïeff
On The Grid

Canadian DJ/producer Nicolas Bougaïeff has been turning heads with his Berghain bangers for a couple of years now, and new EP On The Grid sees one of the hottest prospects in techno come through with another outstanding set of tunes. Cuts like ‘Eden Configuration’ and ‘Skyscraper Model’ are reminiscent of Ellen Allien and Paula Temple, while On The Grid’s title track is the sort of dystopian jack one associates with labels like Super Rhythm Trax. Great stuff.

Michael Rother

Katzenmusik, the third solo LP from Michael Rother, is proggy Krautrock par excellence. I mean, you’d expect nothing less from someone who was a founding member of both Neu! and Harmonia, would you? There are some nice Americana/country influences mixed in here too. Katzenmusik is also notable for being the last record Rother made with long-time collaborator Conny Plank as producer.

Michael Rother
Flammende Herzen

There was great anticipation around the release of Flammende Herzen when it first emerged in 1977. People were eager to see what Michael Rother would get up to after Neu! had disbanded, and the inclusion of Can’s Jaki Liebezeit also added to the intrigue. The resulting record didn’t disappoint, hitting big with a combination of proggy composition, Krautrock invention and Motorik rhythm.

Black Pumas
Black Pumas

Black Pumas are a funk/soul/hip-hop duo comprising of Adrian Quesada of Brownout and Grupo Fantasma and the previously unheard of but undoubtedly talented Eric Burton. The band made an indelible impression on many that saw them at 2019’s SXSW festival. Their self-titled debut is available on LP and CD on ATO Records.

His Name Is Alive
All The Mirrors In The House (Home Recordings 1979 - 1986)

This could be amazing. A first collection of the early recording works of Warren Defever the alchemist behind 30 years of His Name Is Alive. His early albums on 4AD were brilliant things and this collection showcases his recordings as a teen, learning his trade by way of using primitive tape recorders to record songs where the percussion track consists of his next door neighbour sweeping leaves.       

Titus Andronicus
An Obelisk

An Obelisk is the the sixth album by Shakespeare-monikered New Jersey-ites, Titus Andronicus. This time they chose the legendary Bob Mould to produce their album. It was recorded in Steve Albini’s Chicago studio. All this has led to the band making a more concise, rockier record which clocks in at an efficient 38 minutes.

Michael Rother

Michael Rother’s 1982 LP Fernwärme stands out in the Neu!/Harmonia fellow’s catalogue for a couple of reasons - it was the first album Rother recorded without the aid of Conny Plank, and also saw Rother basing his compositions around the drumming of Can’s Jaki Liebezeit for the first time in several years. Despite having these new elements in play, the sound of Fernwärme doesn’t differ too much from Rother’s contemporaneous output. Think Jean-Michel Jarre with a Motorik beat.

Michael Rother

Grönland are currently in the middle of a Michael Rother reissue programme. 1978’s Sterntaler, the second solo LP released by the Neu!/Harmonia hombre, is one of those that has made the cut. As you might expect this is classique Motorik Krautrock, full of rumbling basslines and chirruping synthesisers.

Band Of Holy Joy
Neon Primitives

Band of Holy Joy’s latest studio album Neon Primitives attempts to capture the state of political and social unease gripping the country three years after the Brexit referendum - coincidentally, the last time that the band released a record. Rage and melody clash consistently on their latest record, which includes a weird Vincent Gallo cover... 

The Raconteurs
Help Us Stranger

After more than a decade away (and by away we mean separately playing constantly in many various other groups), The Raconteurs unite for a third studio album, Help Us Stranger. With Brendan Benson and Jack White at the core, the group’s Nashville recording sessions yielded a rich bounty of rock, drawing on blues, soul, funk and country for a tasty all-American album. Help Us Stranger is released by White’s Third Man Records.

Light Mirror

Drowse’s second album for current label The Flenser was inspired by singer Kyle Bates’ relocation to the wildernesses of Iceland on an artist residency. It might sound like yet another Bon Iver copy, but Light Mirror promises to be a touching experience, Bates exploring his own fears and confronting his self-sabotaging tendencies. 

Doug Tuttle
Dream Road

Doug Tuttle was one half of the duo MMoss with his then girlfriend, Rachel Neveu. When their relationship, and band, broke up, he set off for Massachusetts where he’s been making solo albums ever since. Dream Road, his fourth album, is another collection of songs that recall classic ‘60s & ‘70s American pop and rock with more than a touch of country and psych.

Maps and Territory

Another album of sprawling neo-psychedelia, encompassing traditional European folk to sub-Suharan African music, Maps and Territory is the third record from Juju and sees them double down on their ‘regular’ formula. Sometimes they even touch on *whisper it now* jazz. Features Goatman from the band Goat, who I can only assume is the band's dad.

Rob Burger
The Grid

An understudy and collaborator with jazz and avant-garde legends going as far back as Max Roach and Laurie Anderson, and then immersing himself in session and soundtrack work, Rob Burger is one of the most consistently undervalued figures in music over the last quarter of a century. The Grid is his latest solo album. 

Blue Orchids
The Magical Record Of Blue Orchids

The Fall alumni the Blue Orchids have always been fond of an obscure garage classic and so set about recording an album which covers six rare rackets amongst its tracklist. Also present are covers from ore recent aficionados the Growlers and Crystal Stilts and we are promised a new song with lyrics scrawled in a notebook by Mark E Smith. Obviously during his lifetime Smith would have murdered Martin Bramah had he used them so perhaps post death Bramah is sort of safe.   

9T Antiope & Siavash Amini

Four gripping works of odd contradictions, ambiguity and intensity - just as the punning title promises - from an Iranian team-up of sombre duo 9T Antiope and the ever-busy Siavash Amini. As ever with 9T, lyricist Sara Bigdeli Shamloo gives, with a clear and handsome voice, expressive textuality to a style where it is usually absent.
  • Vinyl LP (HG1902)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl

The Eradication of Untruth

Looking at the cover of this record I was ready to start writing about metal. But no, turns out Submerged is a drum & bass producer so I'm going to have write about "sick beats" instead of "sick riffs". The Eradication of Untruth is about as intense as its title suggests, as Submerged approaches the genre with a hard as nails attitude.

Negative Gears
Negative Gears

The self-titled debut 12” EP from Sydney’s Negative Gears, consisting of seven tracks of fraught and taut post-punk, constantly on the verge of tipping over from hopelessness into outright anger. This issue from Static Shock Records follows a limited Australia-only vinyl pressing from Disinfect earlier this year. 

Charles Hayward
Begin Anywhere

Charles Hayward is best known for being the drummer in ‘70s experimental rock band, This Heat and odd-prog band Camberwell Now. He has also played with Crass, The Raincoats, Gong and Phil Manzanera. Begin Anywhere seems like a different direction for him as he pours out his soul using just voice and piano.


Hatchie is the stage name of Brisbane songwriter Harriette Pilbeam so you can sort of see why she's not using her birth name for this project. This is her debut album after an earlier well received EP. She uses a varied sonic palette with synthpop, ethereal guitars, industrial textures and new wave all featuring leading to a powerful sound that is already gaining her lots of plaudits.   
New in: Friday 14th June 2019

AA Bondy

‘Enderness’ is the first album from AA Bondy in eight years, a ten track LP on Fat Possum. It’s a record of largely stripped bare pop songs, the recording completed a day before his home was burnt down in a wildfire. He spent the time of recording alone, and the records simple and unaccompanied motifs speak to this solitude, but there’s a beauty to this private world.

Pip Blom

Pip Blom are an indie band from Amsterdam. They are fronted by 20-year old Pip Blom.  Boat is their debut album following a successful year of EPs and singles that have enjoyed airtime on BBC 6 Music. Their influences seem to come from bands such as The Breeders, which is no bad thing. It looks like Pip’s star is on the rise.
New in: Thursday 13th June 2019

Ellen Arkbro

A new slice of explorative minimalism from Ellen Arkbro, one of the most exciting young voices in this area of music. Chords is a simple title for a complex work, with Arkbro working with precise intervals and harmonics to create remarkable sonics. Two versions of the piece are here, one for guitar and one for the organ at Malmo’s St. John’s Church. Out on Subtext.

Bongi & Nelson
Do You Remember Malcolm / Everything For You My Love

A lesson in grammar here from Bongi & Nelson. Is it 'Do You Remember Malcolm' or 'Do You Remember, Malcolm?'? This Motown-ish bit of afrofunk was written by South African musician Miriam Makeba and first released in 1971. Very convincingly shows that the political can be fun. Backed with ‘Everything For You My Love’.

Radiante Pourpre

II is the second album by French electronic duo Radiante Pourpre. Their eponymous debut was released in 2017. In the meantime they recorded a self-titled album under the name Violent Quand On Aime, which was released on Knekelhuis. II is a journey through beeps, clicks, balearic, field recordings and...er...seagulls. LP on Antinote.

Kyriakos Sfetsas
Greek Fusion Orchestra Vol​.​2

Teranga Beat had so much fun putting out the first Greek Fusion Orchestra compilation that they’ve decided to do it all again. The GFO were set up by Kyriakos Sfetsas with the intention of creating jazz fusion that drew on the nation’s traditional musics. As such, the tracks on Greek Fusion Orchestra Vol. 2 combine library-funk rhythms with all manner of Greek styles and instrumentation. These tracks are previously unreleased.

Dimitris Petsetakis
On Shores

Greek electronic composer Dimitris Petsetakis has been working with the Into The Light label to ensure that his legacy is well-represented. On Shores features two tracks that were previously part of a 1991 album (Missing Links), and a whole load of other material that has never before heard the light of day. Loads to discover and love her for fans of electronic experimentation, new age, minimalism and more.

Bartos Kruczynski
Baltic Beat II

Following three years of dabbling in various electronic sub-genres for other labels, Polish musician and composer Bartos Kruczynski returns to Growing Bin Records with Baltic Beat II. If it’s anything like the first, it’ll be a cinematic mixture of ambient, bucolic electronica and sun-dappled field recordings. 

Jonny Dillon
Songs For A One-String Guitar

Now I'm not calling Jonny Dillon a liar. But I don't think his guitar is one-stringed. And musically, that's probably for the better. His Songs For A One-String Guitar are dynamic little instrumentals, that see Dillon attacking his instrument. Sometimes the strings sound like they're close to snapping. On All City.


With one of the most sumptuous album covers I've seen for a while, this new record from New York duo Georgia is an exploration of experimental electronic music. Although their name is not exactly SEO-optimised, do try and listen to this album when it comes out. I predict modular synth noodling, drum machines, and plenty of weird textures. 
  • Vinyl LP (EKS 018)
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  • Limited edition

Fred Ventura

Mannequin Records presents a five-track EP on 12” vinyl of acid house journeys, from Italo disco hero Fred Ventura. Title track ‘Technologies’ is given an extended remix from Alessandro Adriani, while four other experiments including ‘Looking For The Western Beat’ and an edit of ‘Afraid To Dance’ are present. 
  • Vinyl 12" (MNQ 108)
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Son Swagga
Dark Magic

Dutch nine-piece, Son Swagga, are led by Felix Black. Dark Magic, is a weird and previously unheard mix of spiritual jazz, funk fusion and music from video games. Expect an powerful horns backed up by an indefatigable rhythm section. It is the band’s second album, and the fifth physical release on Super Sonic Jazz, a label run by Kees Heus, aka, KC The Funkaholic.

MATstudio (Jonny Nash & SK U KNO)
MATstudio 2

MATStudio 2 is, as the title suggests, the second release by Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft. Like the first installment of what is turning into a series, the two tracks here are assembled from bits of experiments, improvisations and happy accidents whilst at work in their Amsterdam studio. 12" on Melody As Truth.
New in: Wednesday 12th June 2019

Earthen Sea
Grass and Trees

Jacob Long - a man also known as Earthen Sea and someone who looks like Warren Ellis if he’d started out on synths instead of fiddles - returns to Kranky with new LP Grass And Trees. Long states that his aim with these compositions was to simplify and declutter his practice, and that sense of order really benefits this record. The tracks of Grass And Trees pull back from dub techno until only the ambiences remain, kind of like early Nicolas Jaar with even fewer beats.

Fenne Lily
On Hold

The debut LP from young Londoner Fenne Lily is a set of contemplative indie-rock tunes in the Angel Olsen/Cat Power/King Krule mould. On Hold is full of meditations on the usual stuff (growing up, friendship, love, youth etc), and it’s anchored by Lily’s husky voice - she has a singing style that manages to be both tender and powerful at the same time.
  • Vinyl LP (FLR009LPP)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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Index Hole

SDEM aka Tom Knapp is an artist and DJ working in Northern England. This debut release for CPU follows on from a 12” of abstract electronics entitled 'Mophoc Rez' released under his given name on Ge-stell, and two SDEM cassettes released on meds and CADMUS. 'Index Hole' brings to the forefront exploratory and grotesque takes on abstracted electro and mutated strains of breakbeat hardcore, electronica and hip hop. These carefully evolving strands offer intricate details that become more clearly nuanced through repeated plays.
  • Vinyl 12" (CPU01001010)
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Stelvio Cipriani
Femina Ridens

A very fine vintage Italian film soundtrack, arguably one of the finest examples of a golden age. Stelvio Cipriani has hundreds of soundtracks under his belt, but Femina Ridens is still considered a particular peak in the man’s career. This reissue is drawn from the original master tapes, including a previously unreleased track! On Four Flies.

Listening Center

Listening Center is the project of big synth guy David Mason, who recorded these ‘synth essays’ over a period of two years. The tone is playful throughout, dabbling into Radiophonic Workshop territory as well as all manner of melancholic 80’s nostalgia. Mason knows his machines and his material, and Retrieving is a very satisfying synth listen. On Polytechnic Youth.
  • Vinyl LP (PY81)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
New in: Tuesday 11th June 2019

“Blue” Gene Tyranny
Out Of The Blue

The first-ever vinyl reissue for “Blue” Gene Tyranny’s 1978 debut album, and newly re-mastered too. Out of the Blue managed to merge funk with futurism, turning familiar musical elements into something shocking and new. The four-track collection culminates in the side-long, 25-minute ‘A Letter From Home’. 

Laurence Pike
Holy Spring

Former Liars/Bill Callahan/DD Dumbo collaborator and Szun Waves member Laurence Pike drops his second solo LP via The Leaf Label (Snapped Ankles, The Comet Is Coming). Holy Spring bracingly combines free jazz, electronica, post-rock and the pagan classical composition of Igor Stravinsky. It’s no coincidence that Holy Spring shares a word with Stravinsky’s seminal Rite Of Spring. Tracks like ‘Drum Chant’ sound like something from Music From Memory if it had been plied with peyote. Really cool record.

Cave In
Final Transmission

Cave In have been quiet for the last 7 years or so. Band members were working on other projects - Mutoid Man, Nomad Stones and Old Man Gloom, as well as working on new material for Cave In. Final Transmission is the result of a weekend in Boston when the band reconvened. It’s the last album with bassist Caleb Scofield who was tragically and sadly killed on the way home from these sessions. .
New in: Monday 10th June 2019

The End of Radio

It's not too easy being a Shellac fan is it? Their studio records are few and far between and their tours seem to happen just when they feel like it. So here's something to get starved Shellac fans juicing at the mouth, it's a collection of the band's two Peel sessions including their 2004 live set in front of a small (lucky) audience. Full of alternative versions of tracks you now know and love, the band were known for testing out future material on these sessions. Essential. 
New in: Wednesday 5th June 2019

Special Request

Special Request AKA Paul Woolford ostensibly makes music with minimal effort but still manages to break new ground in the electronic world. The apparent lackadaisical approach he takes to making the music certainly doesn’t come across in the high energy sounds he produces. Vortex is his new album and it is believed to have some of his friends worried about the inner workings of his mind. On Houndstooth.
New in: Tuesday 4th June 2019

Lust For Youth
Lust For Youth

The insatiable Lust For Youth attempt to quench their thirst for young blood once more with a new eponymous LP. This is a gloriously evocative set of synth-pop from the Danish duo, one that invokes the very best of the genre’s 80’s heyday. Tears For Fears, Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys are all brought to mind by Lust For Youth’s louche, Gothic electro-pop ditties.
New in: Monday 3rd June 2019

Nighttime Stories

Pelican returns! Nighttime Stories is their first full release in six years, appearing on the reliably strong Southern Lord (aka the Sunn O))) label). These nine instrumentals are of course heavy and dark, but they are also as vividly detailed as you could want, with lots of intricacies beneath the dense chugs.
New in: Thursday 23rd May 2019

Flying Lotus

Fresh off making people throw up in the cinema with Kuso, Flying Lotus is back at it again with his latest album Flamagra. As always, the album is a frenetic maelstrom of hip-hop, R&B, jazz, soul, funk, beats, and whatever else Mr Lotus managed to put on between joints. He's also managed to fit in enough guests for a decent music festival with Solange, Tierra Whack and George Clinton appearing as well as lots (and lots) more.

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