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New in: Monday 12th November 2018


Qujaku are a Japanese band who are building themselves a serious reputation as heavyweight guitar-wielders, working with a psych sound with all airy lightness stripped away in favour of super-taut bass power. Qujaku has been imported all the way from Japan’s So I Buried Records just so you can get blasted by it: c...view item »

Error States

Lithe Nottingham electro-synthpop quartet Cantaloupe lost a couple of members to boring life stuff (jobs, babies, you know) following 2015’s well-received Zoetrope, so follow-up Error States is mainly the work of drummer Aaron Doyle and synther John Simson plus a host of guests, all of them apparently fro...view item »

Sarathy Korwar & UPAJ Collective
My East Is Your West

The reliable Sarathy Korwar presents live recordings from Church of Sound in London made with the versatile UPAJ Collective (among whose numerous members are bassist Dominico Angarano, sitarist Jasdeep Singh Degun and vocalist Aditya Prakash). They interpret ...view item »

Not Fade Away / I Wanna Be Your Man

Billy Childish awakes, disorientated and with a splitting headache, in a small room lit by a single naked lightbulb. There is nothing in the room save for him and the chair he sits on. His hands and feet are tied to the chair he sits on. He has no idea how long he’s been in the room and has no idea how he got there. Within...view item »

Brainfeeder X

We all like a bit of Flying Lotus's imprint Brainfeeder but it can be hard to keep up with their deluge of releases. So this handy compilation could be a good place to get acquainted or re-aquainted with the LA based beats people. It's a 4LP (or 2CD) collection of their best bits containing all your favourites such as  ...view item »

Ryley Walker
The Lillywhite Sessions

Dave Matthews Band recorded an album with producer Steve Lillywhite which was scrapped at the label’s behest. Now, this bit confuses me - the press release here describe the album in terms I would not match with Dave Matthews Band such as ‘art rock’ and ‘masterpiece&rsquo...view item »

Josephine Foster
Fairy Faithful Harmony

I wonder if she can remember the time she played in Shipley? Here is a song cycle of 18 new songs by the Spain based singer songwriter. Here she self produces and accompanies herself on all kinds of instruments including guitar, piano an organ on an album exploring themes of morality and mortality. Which you do when you've been to Shipley. ...view item »

Echo Ladies
Overrated (Robin Guthrie Version) / Rebel Rebel

Echo Ladies made an ok album earlier in the year and now the Swedish shoegaze trio have had the ultimate stamp of approval from former Cocteau Twins guitar whizz Robin Guthrie.  He's remixed their track Overrated to sterling affect and over on the flip is something wholly unexpected - a cov...view item »

Pere Ubu
Final Solution

Reissue of the second and arguably best single by Pere Ubu. Controversially titled, Final Solution was informed by the bleakness of the band’s hometown, Cleveland, Ohio in the mid-seventies. It’s a prime slab of noisy, American punk rock and pretty essential to any record collection. Limited to 1000 copies, 7" on Fir...view item »

Cigarettes After Sex

Here they are, the worst named band in the entire universe but one which has a rather palatable sound which will appeal to fans of Mazzy Star, Low and Galaxie 500. Here is a one off single following on from their much loved debut album with two tracks which have yet to see the light of day. Let'...view item »

Sufjan Stevens
Songs For Christmas

Speaking of box sets our old SUFJAN STEVENS has been well busy as we have a 5 CD box set in this week. Apparently the sentimental chap releases a Christmas EP each year and Rough Trade/ Asthmatic Kitty have collected them together for a limited box set release type thing (in time for xmas). Loads of carols...view item »

Quaker City Night Hawks
El Astronauta

Influenced by both ZZ Top and science fiction (surely mutually exclusive) Quaker City Night Hawks won the prestigious Dallas Observer Best Band Of 2015 award and have since gone from strength to strength releasing this, their full length debut. Expect  classic 70s rock with just a hint of spacey v...view item »


Last April came mmph’s debut EP Dear God. Now the young musician, aka LA-based Sae Heum Han, follows it up with Serenade and a view of what else is on his wall. This newun shows a continued interest in wild dynamics, dense, flitting sound design and melodramatic flourishes of choir, cinematic bass and hea...view item »

Eiko Ishibashi
The Dream My Bones Dream

Eiko Ishibashi is a remarkable artist, somehow equally at home singing heartfelt, delicate lounge-jazz pop music and collaborating free-improv style with Darin Gray and, er, Merzbow. The Dream My Bones Dream is a songs record, though it is rich with details of instrumentation and textur...view item »

Boogie Down Productions
Criminal Minded

In listing the greatest albums in hip-hop history, one title never seems to stray from the upper echelons, no matter how many years pass: Boogie Down Productions’ undisputed classic from 1986, Criminal Minded. Released amidst a battle between BDP and MC Shan that would redefine the New York rap landscape as it was then kno...view item »

The Blue Angel Lounge

There are many elements swirling around on Blue Angel Lounge's Narcotcia, from Goth to Psychedelia, from early music to Nico's solo work. I believe I even heard threads of the Canadian Goth-ish band, 5440, on this record, especially in the song: "Delete My Ideals," which Anton plays on, as well; this is perhaps the Got...view item »

Perfect Texture

London’s Static Shock Records serves up some full-on hardcore psych-punk from Melbourne. It’s fearsome four-piece Geld, in hot pursuit of that Perfect Texture. ...view item »

Echo Ladies
Echo Ladies

If you’re looking for the precise intersection of Alvvays, The Jesus and Mary Chain and New Order, then Echo Ladies’ EP could be exactly what you need for those late nights lying (alone) on your bedroom floor. Defining their sound as, “the feeling of nostalgia and hope for the ...view item »

All Of This Goes Too

All Of This Goes Too gathers together some prime cuts of American soul music recorded between 1960 and 1972. The anthology, which takes its inspiration from Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music, includes songs from greats such as Solomon Burke, Irma Thomas and ...view item »

Ai Messiah
Sentience & Sapience

Touch Sensitive (Barry Lynn, Autumns) get spooked by how near the singularity is and decide to drop a record that imagines a totally assimilated future. AI Messiah...view item »

Life Between The Tides

Dios are arguably pushing their luck by being from the same town as The Beach Boys while sounding this substantially influenced by them, but hey, who really cares when the music is this much fun? Life Between The Tides is a good time, with sunny psychedelic pop mixing with bits of electronics and found ...view item »

Joseph Shabason

Yeah this is a good one. Anne was composed for Joseph Shabason’s mother in honour of her struggles with degenerative illness. The personal and familial turmoil of this experience crinkles the edges of these milky instrumentals. There is a feeling of tender, quiet sadness to the likes of ‘Forest Run’ th...view item »

The Blue Angel Lounge
The Blue Angel Lounge

German soundscaping duo The Blue Angel Lounge take their name from the club that first showcased The Velvet Underground’s German contralto, Nico. Their self-titled debut was originally released in 2008, and whilst existing outside of the mainstream for the l...view item »

Holly Golightly
Do The Get Along

Holly Golightly is pretty prolific. Do The Get Along is solo album number 13, not to mention the nine albums with The Broke-Offs and the healthy bunch of albums she made with her garage band, The Headcoatees. The former Billy Childish associate &n...view item »

Reinier Van Houdt
Igitur Carbon Copies

Reinier van Houdt is an excellent pianist, known for playing contemporary classical music by Michael Pisaro and other such notables. But he’s got more than piano up his sleeve: Igitur Carbon Co...view item »


Superette were a short-lived band formed by Dave Mulcahy from Flying Nun band The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience and Ben How and Greta Anderson of Fang. Tiger was their one and only album. Fans of The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience will be pleased to know that Dave Mulcahy brought his...view item »

Little Dragon
Lover Chanting EP

Following their Ninja Tune collab with Canada’s BadBadNotGood, Gothenburg electronic music band Little Dragon hook up with the ol’ Tune once again for a new EP. This one’s about that greatest and most elemental of forces, the power of love (perhaps you’ve heard of it) and even features a ...view item »

Powell Tillmans
Spoken By The Other

Intriguing collaboration between Turner Prize winning photographer/music-maker Wolfgang Tillmans and discordant-club-botherer Powell. Released under the name of Powell Tillmans, ‘Spoken By The Other’ is their first release together - a 12” coming out via XL, who put out Powell’s debut LP ...view item »

Brown Sugar
I'm In Love With A Dreadlocks: Brown Sugar And The Birth Of Lovers Rock 1977-80

While their mammoth Studio One reissues project remains the jewel in Soul Jazz Records crown, the label have also done a decent job of shining new light on some lost classics of British reggae. Their lat...view item »

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore

"Take care America, wherever you are". The words of Jack Killian as he wound down another edition of "The Nighthawk". This film noirish soundtrack would fit perfectly on an episode of "Midnight Caller" featuring sleepy Rhodes piano and vibraphone overlaid by wandering clarinet. Mike Patton adds terrifying vocals sounding at times like a mut...view item »


The fabled DMBQ (that’s Dynamite Masters Blues Quartet, by the way) return with their 13th LP after more than a decade away. Keeenly finds the Boredoms...view item »

Hen Ogledd

Hen Ogledd is, if you remember, the project started by folk maverick Richard Dawson alongside harpist Rhodri Davies. Here, they are joined by Mrs Richard Dawson Sally Pilkington and Dawn Bothwell to make music which, if you believe the Guardian (and often it's a good idea not to) sounds more lik...view item »

Sandra Kerr & John Faulkner
The Music From Bagpuss

Hello all 40+ somethings out there. You'll remember big saggy 70s cloth cat Bagpuss from your favourite childhood television show and the beautifully constructed folk soundtrack it snored around? Brings back memories doesn't it? Well the soundtrack actually works as a lovely album even without the nostalgia associated with the cat and now you ca...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Eyes Like The Sky

Eyes Like The Sky was the second King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. It was originally released in 2013 and there were only 500 pressed. Fear not, though - their concept album that flows like cult western novel - is here again. The album is narrated by Broderick Smith, obscure ‘70s musician ...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
12 Bar Bruise

12 Bar Bruise was the first full-length album by Australian psychedelic rockers, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. Originally released in 2012, it followed on from a pair of EPs and recorded using iPhones strategically placed around the room. This reissue comes pressed on vinyl that is specifica...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Float Along - Fill Your Lungs

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard’s third album Float Along - Fill Your Lungs was originally released in 2013. The album grabbed their fan’s attention immediately as it opens with the epic 16-minute freak fest that is Head On/Pill - now rightly a firm fan favourite. This lovely new re...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

It’s not often the case that you’d get a proper studio album from a band that collects together sweepings from the previous seven years. However, when that band is majestic Aussie psych-rockers King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, forget what you’re supposed to do, it’s what...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Willoughby’s Beach EP

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard originally released their second EP, Willoughby’s Beach, in 2011. It followed-up their Anglesea EP from earlier the same year. It shows the band having a more raw sound, compared to their 12 Bar Bruise album that followed a year later. Reissue with redesign...view item »
New in: Friday 9th November 2018

Francisco Lopez
Sonic Fields Vlieland

Francisco Lopez continues his quest towards his 'ideal of absolute concrète music' with over 360 sound-works already under his belt. Lopez is ridiculously prolific and deep within his minimal electroacoustic sound-worlds, and so here we present to you his latest work. 'Sonic Fields Vlieland' is 3 hours in total duration a...view item »

Evan Parker
The Snake Decides

Phenomenal work from free jazz legend Evan Parker, a figure who has consistently wrestled with the heart of form. ‘The Snake Decides’ has this kinetic restlessness that won’t let up. Recorded in St Paul's Church, Oxford, this is a seminal work that’s free but not without thought or process. Reissued by Ot...view item »

Given Up EP

There once was a band called Whenyoung / Who left Limerick for London / With Cranberries covers and numerous others / They’ve now quite a reputation! With apologies to Whenyoung and the people of Limerick in general. The trio’s new single ‘Given Up’ goes for snappy and poignant alt-radio-rock with a winni...view item »

Fleet Foxes
First Collection 2006 – 2009

Fleet Foxes are having a little party, and to help them celebrate the 10th anniversary of their critically acclaimed eponymous debut album they are releasing a tasty box set: First Collection 2006-2009. It will include a 12” vinyl LP of their first album plus two 10” vinyl EPs - Sun Gi...view item »

J Fernandez
Occasional Din

Joyful Noise Recordings (Chad VanGaalen, Swamp Dogg) drop an LP of pleasant jangle-fuzz from Chicago singer-songwriter J Fernandez. Occasional Din is an apt title for this record. From time to time things get loud, but as a general rule Fernandez is happy to allow his a...view item »
New in: Thursday 8th November 2018

K. Leimer
Music for Land and Water

Amazingly, this is a first-time vinyl version of the classic 1983 album 'Music For Land And Water', by K. Leimer. Originally only available as a cassette tape release, 'MFLAW' was composed for a series of four closed-loop tape machines, with each playing a loop of differing length, as a month-long art gallery installation. ...view item »


Peng! Was the debut album by Stereolab. It was originally released in 1992. It featured all the hallmarks of their sound which was driven by rhythm guitar, vintage keyboards, a motorik beat and Laetitia Sadier’s part-Nico-part-ethereal vocals. They were influenced as much by the sunshine pop of The Free Design as the were ...view item »

Daega Rek

Fofoulah return to Glitterbeat Records (Samba Toure, MAKU Soundsystem) with the follow-up to their eponymous 2014 debut LP. On ...view item »

Stephen Steinbrink
Utopia Teased

And I thought Stephen Steinbrink was such a nice clean living young man. Well understandably perhaps, after the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland he went a bit off the rails... eating LSD daily, refusing to sleep and locking himself in his studio. The results are contained within Utopia Teased, an album which eschews the clear...view item »

Charles Bradley
Black Velvet

Despite the sad passing of both Sharon Jones and Charles Bradley, the music of Daptone lingers on and here we get a posthumous collection of recordings by soul man Charles Bradley. It is a celebration of his entire career but is now shallow 'best of' delving into unknown corners of his back catalogue and containing unheard recor...view item »

My Mother The Vent

If your music needs a bit of weirdness then Guttersnipe are your people. The Leeds duo have been tantalising crowds far and near for the last few years with their blend of Aids Wolf-like racket and Whitehouse intensity. Theirs is a musical language not even invented yet so get this debut wax off...view item »

Full Circle

Colorlist: Charles Rumback, Charles Gorzcynski, and John Hughes (of Hibernis). Four veterans of Chicago’s transgressive underground jazz scene. Here’s their fourth album, courtesy of dependably tasteful Welsh label Serein. The quartet’s interactions of woodwinds, drums and various electronics are graceful and a...view item »


A huge amount of yellow6 material to celebrate the project’s twentieth anniversary. A five CD boxset of, rather impressively, new music, including three Looking Glass...view item »

James Murray
Landscapes of Lovers

UK downtempo moodscaper James Murray, hitherto of Voxxov, Home Normal, Eliean etc., arrives on elite ambient imprint Fluid Records for his new album. It’s called Landscapes of Lovers, and Fluid’s usual poetically-inclined press release has plenty to tell you. But what you need to know is this: If you like ambient mus...view item »

The Groop Played Space Age Batchelor Pad Music

Stereolab followed their 1992 debut album, Peng!, with The Groop Played Space Age Bachelor Pad Music, a mini album in 1993. The title strangely seems to give a name to the music Stereolab played. Their influences came from far and wide, but were always cool and occasionally a little bit obscure - ...view item »

Octopus Syng
Victorian Wonders

The members of Finnish group Octopus Syng may be nearing middle age now, but their advancing years haven’t caused them to lose too much of their enthusiasm for the childlike wonders of psychedelic rock. Latest LP Victorian Wonders is another exercise in primal psychotherapy from Jaire Pätäri et al. The sweet, ...view item »
New in: Wednesday 7th November 2018

Sea Pinks
Rockpool Blue

Rockpool Blue is the seventh album from Belfast’s guitar poppers, Sea Pinks. The album’s theme centres on embracing the sadness that tinges realising you have become an adult despite not really knowing how you got there and then realising it’s not all that ba...view item »

The Scorpions & Saif Abu Bakr
Jazz, Jazz, Jazz

Not of course the Scorpions who whistled Winds of Change at us while the Berlin Wall fell down but an earlier the Scorpions with Seif Abu Bakr who made this much sought after LP which has been changing hands for over a thousand dollars prior to this re-press. The band are a brilliant example of Sudanese music with powerful horn ...view item »

The Library Music Film
The Library Music Film

A film about the discovery of Library Music - that off the shelf option for makers of film, TV , radio and whatever else needed soundtracking cheaply without the expense of using a composer. The strange thing is, this wealth of material has become increasingly popular as crate diggers find the most obscure unheard pieces to use as samples and ge...view item »

Makaya McCraven
Universal Beings

Get ready for some more Epic Jazz -- 2018 has been another good year for it, what with Kamasi and all -- it's hot jazz drummer and producer Makaya McCraven with his latest LP 'Universal Beings'. The record was cut at two intimate live sessions and two impromptu studio sessions, in four cities: New York, Chicago, London ...view item »


He’s half of reputable and influential Finnish electronic agitators Pan Sonic, the other half being the late Mika Vainio. He’s the Finno- bit in Finno-German duo Angel, the -German bit being Dirk “Schneider™” Dresselhaus. They call him Ilpo ...view item »

Curtis Mayfield

A 1971 live album from Curtis Mayfield gets a tidy little reissue. Taped at a concert in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village fairly soon after Mayfield left The Temptations, Curtis/Live! shows him coming into his own as a solo performer. On this double LP Mayfield and his band blend the soul tunes of hi...view item »

Jackson Politick
Psycho-Mania / Well Adjusted Australians

Jackson Politick is the musical project of the wonderfully named American, Andy Human, Human by name human by nature, I guess. Psycho-Mania b/w Well Adjusted Man sees Human juggling with influences ranging from Roxy Music to Chrome to mid-period Television Personalities, whilst ...view item »

Velvet Elevator

The world of psych-rock is littered with bad band names, but even by the genre’s low bar Velvet Elevator is poor. Principium also ain’t a great title for an alb...view item »

Sun Kil Moon
This Is My Dinner

This Is My Dinner is the ninth album from Sun Kil Moon. It was written and recorded in November and December 2017 in Copenhagen and San Francisco. There are covers of AC/DC and Partridge Family songs. Mark Kozelek has also set a chapter from Irish writer, John Con...view item »

Jana Winderen
Spring Bloom in the Marginal Ice Zone

Norwegian artist Jana Winderen makes field recording like no one else. It was her mission to search for sounds that were hard to reach, or hard to hear. Spring Bloom In The Marginal Ice Zone is not a poetic title - it is what it is - the sounds she has recorded reflect the goings on in the Barents...view item »


Cardinal Fuzz, if you couldn’t guess from the name and the fact that they’ve released LPs by bands called things like Glitter Wizard, are a psych-rock label. They’re a pretty good one too - their records tend to front riffs ...view item »


Cairo hailing producer Zuli dazzled us with two 12”s on Lee Gamble's UIQ label, an EP on Haunter (as played by Aphex) and now hits us with his debut album on UIQ. Its predictably great and yields a few surprises in the form of his crew of MCs, namely; Abyusif, Abanoub, Mado $am, R-Rhyme and vocalist MSYLMA whose voice on takes us to the Eg...view item »

Phantom Brickworks (IV & V)

Bibio AKA Stephen Wilkinson usually makes albums that go down well at Norman Towers. There was a blip, however, but that was forgotten when Phantom Brickworks was released in 2017 - a return to form - a stunning series of lengthy ambient pieces. Here, then, we have Phantom Brickworks (IV & V),...view item »

The Gasman
Controlled Hallucination

Busy bee Christopher Adam “The Gasman” Reeves drops his nineteenth album - his second with English label Onomatopoeia - the reassuringly-titled Controlled Hallucination. The lush, 80s style of Aeriform rather gives way to a bit of a melting pot this time around, ranging from dancefloor stuff (‘New Chair’)...view item »

Straight Arrows
On Top!

Agitated Records (The Icarus Line, Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys) drop an LP of scuzzy garage rock from the home of scuzzy rock - Australia. Straight Arrows ...view item »

Jon Spencer
Spencer Sings The Hits

Jon... what did you do Jon? What did you do? What did you do to them? Where are they Jon? Jon! Where are the Blues Explosion?!  Despite my suspicions, it is my job to inform you Jon Spencer is back, and this time, he's singing the hits. On it the New York's garage rock legend offers his heart in excha...view item »

Peter Broderick
Two Balloons

Post-rock indie-ambienteer Peter Broderick’s original soundtrack to Mark E. Smith’s - no, sorry, it’s Mark C. Smith’s animated short Two Balloons, which follows the aeronautical adventures of two lemurs. The music, which was partly recorded using wire recorders and AM consoles, h...view item »

Best Of Pink Floyd (Redux)

In news that will surely interest our resident Floyd obsessive Ian, Magic Eye records have invited some of the best heavy psych fans from across the globe to interpret their favourite songs by Pink Floyd. Howling Giant, Creepers, Red Mesa, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard...view item »

Those Who No

Aussie new wave/punk band Civic follow up their New Vietnam EP with Those Who No. As with their previous EP, Civic have taken sounds of the past and made them relevant for a new generation. They’ve even recorded their own version of Brian Eno’s Needle In The Camel&rsqu...view item »

Urge Overkill

Urge Overkill are hardly prolific, they’ve released just 6 albums in 29 years. Saturation is their fourth album and was originally released in 1993. It’s arguably their career high-point, although their popularity peaked when they recorded Neil Diamond’s Girl, Yo...view item »

Takehisa Kosugi

Takehisa Kosugi’s (Taj Mahal Travellers) 1975 album Catch-Wave is one of those old LPs that goes for absolute megabucks nowadays. Of course, a sub-market of reissues has been created for such records, and that’s what we’re dealing with here. Rather than spending north of £200 for a well-worn...view item »

Joe Hisaishi
Tori No Hito - Nausicaä Of The Valley Of Wind: Image Album

Before Studio Ghibli made Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind, composer Joe Hisaishi created a soundtrack based on the manga that inspired the film. In the same way that a film studio will create concept artwork to get a better sense of how the film might look, this is a conc...view item »

Joe Hisaishi
Haruka Na Chi E - Nausicaä Of The Valley Of Wind: Soundtrack

A reissue of the soundtrack for Studio Ghibli's science-fiction epic Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind. This was composer Joe Hisaishi's first collaboration with the legendary Hayao Miyazaki. The soundtrack is heavily symphonic, but also features some elect...view item »

Joe Hisaishi
Sora Kara Futtekita Shoujo - Castle In The Sky: Image Album

Sora Kara Futtekita Shoujo - Castle In The Sky: Image Album presents the rare musical material that Joe Hisaishi initially created on the basis of an image of Laputa, before the Miyazaki...view item »

Joe Hisaishi
Hikouseki No Nazo - Castle In The Sky: Soundtrack

Castle In The Sky is a 1986 film by Hayao Miyazaki, particularly notable for being the first animation ever to come out of Studio Ghibli. The soundtrack, b...view item »

Joe Hisaishi
Taiju - Castle In The Sky: Symphony Version

Castle In The Sky is a 1986 film by Hayao Miyazaki, particularly notable for being the first animation ever to come out of Studio Ghibli. The soundtrack, b...view item »

Joe Hisaishi
My Neighbor Totoro: Image Album

The image album for the painfully endearing Studio Ghibli classic, My Neighbor Totoro. What's an image album you ask? It's a kind of companion piece common in Japanese media, designed to flesh out its subject. Here composer Joe Hisaishi was tasked with "making songs which chi...view item »

Joe Hisaishi
My Neighbor Totoro: Sound Book

Studio Ghibli's My Neighbour Totoro is one of the most magical and mischievous films to come out of the legendary animation studio. The film depicts two sisters dealing with the challenges of life with the help of some adorable (and furry) friends. This Sound Book, by composer Joe Hisaishi...view item »

WIDT x Christoph de Babalon

A quite unexpected but most welcome move from German producer Christoph de Babalon, hooking up with WIDT (an audiovisual duo of Antonina Nowacka and Bogumiła Piotrowska) for a sort of gothic opera, combining his darkside sound design with Antonina's arresting vocals. ‘TEYAS’ resides somewhere at the intersection of avant-gar...view item »

Dead Can Dance

Neo-hippy and alternative stoner sweethearts Dead Can Dance are finally back with their first new album in six years. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that Dionysus is about reaching a state of trance, about spiritual journeys, about combining musical folk traditions from all across the world....view item »
New in: Tuesday 6th November 2018

The Men
Hated: 2008 – 2011

Hated: 2008 - 2011 features the early material of The Men, the New York punk-etc. band who, at this point, were just punk. And what a gnarly kind of punk too: really grungy, noisy, hardcore-tinged stuff, represe...view item »

Dan Mangan
More or Less

With his new album, More Or Less, Canadian songsmith, Dan Mangan has made music that is both more sparse and more direct than on previous albums. He was inspired to take this path by listening to classic albums such as Pink Moon by Nick Drake and Astral Weeks by Van Morrison during the recording...view item »

Confessin' The Blues - Compiled by The Rolling Stones

There's a school of thought that all the best music was made between 50 and 100 years ago and humankind’s sonic capabilities have been in steady decline ever since. As if to prove this theory the Rolling Stones (no less) have compiled this exhaustive collection of all their favourite blues people and includes tracks by pio...view item »
New in: Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Ty Segall
Fudge Sandwich

The press release for Ty Segall’s 6,984,431st record ensures us that the eleven tracks that make up Fudge Sandwich ‘aren’t just cover versions’. That will be quite the disappointment for anyone who’s come to this LP to hear how Segall gets on with tunes from the likes of Funkadelic...view item »
New in: Tuesday 18th September 2018

Current 93
The Light Is Leaving Us All

David Tibet's never-ending Current 93 project continues to do its thing with The Light Is Leaving Us All, another foray into the deep web of psych folk that will most likely shake you to your very core. An interesting lineup characterises this one, including Nurse With Wound's Andrew Lile...view item »

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