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New in: Tuesday 24th November 2015

The Sonics

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Fifty signifies a whole half-century of The Sonics, something slightly hard to believe given how fresh the material still sounds. Even the hundreds of imitators over the years haven’t been able to dampen the group’s premium primitive rock. Two original albums reissued along with a disc of rarities, served as a deluxe triple LP box-set.…view full details.

Ty Segall
Ty Rex

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Ty Rex is the name under which garage-rock wunderkind Ty Segall covers the material of Marc Bolan’s T-Rex, as you do. This record compiles an EP and a 7”, both long out of print, and adds an exclusive new version of ‘20th Century Boy’. The project is clearly borne of love, and sounds pretty wild. Out on Goner Records.…view full details.

Lindstrom & Prins Thomas
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas

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10 years on, the debut album from Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas is reissued in a luxurious style well-suited to the elegant groove of the music. The whole smooth collection fills three LPs, and is boosted by two previously unreleased tracks on a 7” too. So that’s four pieces of vinyl, housed in a very fine gatefold sleeve, on Eskimo Recordings.…view full details.

Francis Lung
Faehers Son Vol. 1

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8/10 according to our Clinton

This is a wonderfully packaged record that would have fitted snugly in to my ex’s flat. Everything she owned was white you see….and this is white throughout. The sleeve is white the vinyl is white, the enclosed CD is white, the inner sleeve is white. The music? Well it’s white-ish. This is the man from WU LYF (remember them?) with a short album of whispered songs that…view full details.

Bersarin Quartett

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8/10 according to our Robin

It’s been time and a half since I’ve heard from Bersarin Quartett, but I understand: the flow of time is an unfortunate accident for these folks, who move at their own, ever-slowing speed. BQ’s brand of neo-classical sounds like it was planted a long time ago and only has only just now finished growing, with patient melodic developments rising through a forest of ambient mush;…view full details.

DJ Sprinkles
Shishapangma EP

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9/10 according to our Clinton

What will DJ Sprinkles get up to next? Having already sampled Arthur Scargill on a recent release, the deep house producer is getting increasingly hard to predict. This time it’s a remix of part of Simon Fisher Turner’s soundtrack ‘The Epic of Everest’. It’s easy to see what has piqued the interest of the Sprinkleme…view full details.


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7/10 according to our Clinton

On the sleeve, the most wonderful collection of fruit. Apples, oranges, kiwi fruit, grapes. Everything. On the record is terrifying dark ambience. I’m sure I could write more about the fruit than I can the record but as we’re not a greengrocer (yet) I’d better try to find something to say. Ok let’s say you went out walking one day and found an industrial park on the ed…view full details.

I'm Down With That

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7/10 according to our Clinton

These Speedy Wunderground singles are usually made quickly in an ad hoc atmosphere with head honcho Dan Carey at the controls. More often than not  this method pays off.   This latest collab sees him oversee a project starring Theresa Wayman (Warpaint), Guro Gikling (All We Are…view full details.

Brian Harnetty
Rawhead & Bloodybones

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Brian Harnetty has made an interesting suite of music here, sliding between his own, newly produced music and 1940’s era recordings of folk music and folk tales told by children. Children’s voices will always be creepy in this kind of context, and Rawhead And Bloodybones works very well with that fact. Double CD on Dust To Digital.…view full details.

Circuit Breaker
My Descent Into Capital

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Circuit Breaker make music that brings industrial sonics into the present day. My Descent Into Capital is their fullest statement to date, taking the length of a whole album to hammer into the bleak truths of life under the neoliberal rule of late capitalism… with synths and drum machines! Out on Harbinger Sound.…view full details.

Dave Jackson & The Cathedral Mountaineers
Red Fin Sunset

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Red Fin Sunset is the follow up to Dave Jackson’s solo debut, Cathedral Mountain. Here, Jackson’s backing band, The Cathedral Mountaineers, featuring guitarists Robin Surtees and Greg Milton from two of Jackson’s previous bands, Benny Profane and Dead Cowboys along with keyboardist Andy Wilson are augmented by the specially assembled Cathedral Mountain choir. The album features six new song…view full details.

Anna von Hausswolff
The Miraculous

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9/10 according to our Robin

Well, one thing’s for sure: Anna Von Hausswolff should have been in Interstellar. I think we can all agree Matthew McConaughey is not the dude you want to travel through fifth-dimensional space with, making Hausswolff his ideal replacement: she makes rock opera sound like a matter for the galaxy, she’s all about transcendence, and she loves the organ, making her and …view full details.

Urian Hackney
The Box

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Urian Hackney set out to create a retro funky vibe with this new solo single, and he more than succeeded. The two tracks of The Box use gorgeously smooth breakbeats, wah-ing guitars and bright synth-lines to send listeners strutting boldly down the street as thought it was a sunny afternoon in 1970’s New York. 7” on Cold Busted.…view full details.

TV Set

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Released exclusively for Record Store Day Black Friday, TV Set finds US indie-rockers Spoon covering The Cramps! A treat for fans of both bands. The other half of this 10” is a ‘Nighttime Version’ of Spoon’s ‘Let Me Be Mine’. Pressed to coloured vinyl, and available only in limited quantities. On Loma Vista.…view full details.

Second Toughest In The Infants

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Underworld’s 1996 album Second Toughest In The Infants is being reissued in great style here, as a double CD, double LP, or full-on 4CD box-set. All versions are fully remastered, and the box contains a brace of live, instrumental and alternate versions, including some totally unreleased material. Plus an essay from John Savage. On Universal.…view full details.

Alien Wildlife Estate

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Tarzana is a fresh and unanticipated collaboration between Finland’s-finest Jan Anderzen and former Skaters dude Spencer Clark. Alien Wildlife Estate’s album and track titles ought to signpost the vibes going on here: super-synthetic weirdo textures that prove oddly compelling. Other-world soundscapes on Pacific City Sound Visions.…view full details.

Jean-Louis Costes
Le fantôme d'Archie Shepp

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Here we have a live album from Jean-Louis Costes, recorded at the famed Instants Chavirés venue. I’m not entirely sure what subjects are inspiring Costes on Le fantome d’Archie Shepp, as I don’t speak French, but from the demented style of his vocals, he may well be possessed by the ghost of Shepp. An LP of fully committed odd-songs on the Disques Charivari label.…view full details.

Umarete Wa Mita Keredo

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High quality quietness from 0 here, an ensemble featuring Sylvain Chauveau. He wrote all the music on Umarete Wa Mita Keredo to accompany a silent Ozu film, which I can imagine being a perfect fit. Entirely acoustic, these pieces are delicate melodic constructions. Released by the Japanese label Flau.…view full details.


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Illmatic was the debut album from New York rapper, Nas. Upon its original release in 1994, when Nas was just 20 years old, East Coast hip-hop was losing its identity. Illmatic, with tracks like N.Y. State Of Mind, gave the genre’s birthplace a much needed shot in the arm. Illmatic is reissued on vinyl LP.…view full details.

MED / Blu / Madlib
Bad Neighbor

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Madlib provides the beats, MED and Blu provide the vision and the rhymes, with a little help from massive players like MF Doom, Aloe Blacc, Hodgy Beats etc. So real bigness all around. Bad Neighbour sums up contemporary LA hip-hop with blunted beats and kinetic lyrical activity. Released by BangYaHead.…view full details.

Al Lover
Zodiak Versions

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Al Lover is a San Francisco-based producer. In recent times he has been exploring the links between psychedelic music. On Zodiak Versions he combines what he believes to be the two defining styles of underground music: Jamaican dub reggae and ‘70s krautrock. What we have here then, is rumbling dub bass lines and motorik beats awash with analogue synths. LA band Burnt Ones added some guitar and drone textures to the album. There are elements of …view full details.

Swept EP

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8/10 according to our Robin

I bet Olafur Arnalds has a really fucking good winter-wear collection. Temporarily abandoning his role as the man who makes neo-classical music next to a fireplace that also brews hot chocolate or something, he revitalises the Kiasmos project in conjunction with electronic dude Janus Rasmussen. What happens when they get together is that it sounds like two o…view full details.


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9/10 according to our Christopher

Does anyone realise just how wired & strange this record actually is? Any album that starts of with such an escalatingly animalistic slice of driving new wave experimental pop as 'Thriller' just HAS to be heard. By absolutely everyone! Intoxicatingly, restlessly inventive and inviting, this is what happens if you tip Tuxedomoon, early B-52's, Jane Birkin & Teardrop Explodes' horn sectio…view full details.

Pleasure Leftists
The Woods of Heaven

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First full-length album from Pleasure Leftists, a four-piece who tear into their tracks pretty aggressively. The songs on The Woods of Heaven have an 80’s-indie tone to the guitar sound and a gothic distance to the vocals, and the rhythm section has an irresistible sense of forward drive. LP on Deranged Records.…view full details.

Tropic of Cancer
Stop Suffering

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7/10 according to our Clinton

Forgive me for a minute for discussing the inner bag to this long awaited 12” from the band who I’m sure still rejoice in being named at number 9 in our Albums of the Year 2013. The bag is a gorgeous natural brown hessian style. Probably the best inner bag I’ve seen all year. When listening to the music within it’s initially hard to see why this gets so many tech…view full details.

Nuno Cananvarro
Plux Quba

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Plux Quba was first issued in 1988, to little attention. But over the years (following a reissue courtesy of Jim O’Rourke in 1998), people have recognised the value of Portugal’s Nuno Cananvarro and this, his masterpiece of sampletastic abstracted electronics. Reissued in a replica of the original enticing sleeve on Drag City.…view full details.

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol
Masters Of The Molehill

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8/10 according to our Robin

This band is not Prince. Nor do I think they will ever cover “I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man”, I’m afraid. The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol are named with a super-meta snideness but actually make pretty anonymous psych rock that is happier to meander than it is to transcend, enveloping waves of distortion before becoming a rhythmic trial o…view full details.

Opus 17a

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The latest sonic emission from Evol, the guys who take rave music into intensely blasted territory. No longer danceable, the two tracks of Opus 17a will suck you into their warped vortex. Potentially forever too, as both sides of the record end in locked grooves. Very dangerous. 12” vinyl on Bus.…view full details.

Flowers of Evil
Flowers of Evil

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Flowers of Evil are a proper punk band, and we know this because this self-titled debut full-length is only 20 minutes long. Real punks don’t hang around. Also, they have plenty of snarling vocal drawl, basic, hammered-out rhythms, and distorted guitars to show off. LP released by Deranged Records.…view full details.


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Herva makes dance music in from his base in rural Italy, at considerable remove from the ‘scene’. This, plus the fact that he primarily uses hand-tweaked hardware and software to produce his tracks, means that he sounds notably different from most house and techno producers: a little odder, a little wonkier. Kila is out on Planet Mu.…view full details.

Judy Dyble
Anthology: Part One

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Judy Dyble’s comprehensive triple-CD collection Gathering The Threads is an in-depth tour of the work of a remarkable folk-rock artist. Anthology: Part One now transplants the first disc of that compilation to vinyl: the first time on the medium for many of these rare tracks. Limited to 1000 linen-sleeved copies on Earth Recordings.…view full details.

Black Bombaim
Live at Casazul

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8/10 according to our Robin

Instead of hiring someone from behind the decks to capture this psychedelic conversation between friends, the crew behind ‘Live at Casazul’ nabbed recordings taken by an audience member, essentially coming out the other end with a crowdsourced live album. The team in question are Black Bombaim, Isaiah Mitchell, Ridrigo Amada and Shela, and while you might worry they’ve just de…view full details.

A New Line (Related)
Our Lady Of Perpetual Fucking Succour

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A long awaited follow up to the critically acclaimed self titled debut (Dead Albatross nominated no less), this is a four track EP of minimal techno repetition from Andrew Johnson (Hood/Remote Viewer). With roots in the deep dark dub of pioneers such as Terrence Dixon, Johnson has been influenced by recent collaborations with Miles Whittaker (Demdike Stare) and has stripped his sound back to ultra repetitive beats and hypnotic dance floor jams. There are four tracks on the vinyl plus extra re…view full details.

Low: Live In Chicago

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7/10 according to our Robin

Someone is always doing something to Low. It’s rarely David Bowie. I’m grappling with a meaninglessness as real as the final episode of LOST trying to ascertain the reasons post-punk misanthropists Disappears have decided to cover it in its entirety. But as a famous person I don’t agree with once said, art becomes better the …view full details.

New in: Monday 23rd November 2015

The Velvet Underground
The Complete Matrix Tapes

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9/10 according to Phil Wilson (customer) on

Long, long awaited, and its true that many of the tracks have been released before on the live 1969 albums, and last years Velvet Underground (third album) box set, but this has got to be an essential VU purchase due the sound quality and the rarity of some of the tracks. To have all these tracks in one place, in a boxed format (similar size to the quine Tapes box set) is great. 38 minutes of Sister Ray can be testing, but a great, long, slow version of I'm Waiting for The Man opens the set. …view full details.

Mark Kozelek and Nicolas Pauls
Dreams of Childhood: A Spoken Word Album

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La Casa de la Cultura de la Calle is a non-profit organisation that works on behalf of homeless Argentine children. In a novel piece of awareness-raising, they have commissioned some of the children to write poems, and had these poems performed by Mark Kozelek and Nicolas Pauls. All proceeds of Dreams Of Childhood will fund the organisation’s work.…view full details.

James Ferraro
Skid Row

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Skid Row is James Ferraro’s follow up to the 2013 album NYC Hell 3 a.m. Like its predecessor, Skid Row is an exercise in neo-brutalism, here however, he has thrown his own deconstructed versions of thrash, modern classical and country music into the mix. The album was recorded in L.A. and the lyrics, which started out as poems addressing the state of society, soak up what Ferraro sees around him: excess, poverty, racism and police brutality.…view full details.

Saturdays = Youth

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2008-vintage epic synth-pop with a shoegaze aesthetic, reissued on the Naive label. It was with this album that M83 really embraced his more pop-friendly side, whilst still swirling everything together with synths upon synths. Saturdays = Youth, which features tunes like ‘Graveyard Girl’ and ‘Kim & Jessie’, is re-pressed to 180g double vinyl.…view full details.

Temptress / Strangulation

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Medusa were a proto-metal band from Chicago. Their album First Step Beyond is a long lost artifact from the mid-70s. The versions of Temptress and Strangulation presented on this limited edition 7” are alternate versions of album tracks and were recorded at Pepperhead Studios just outside Chicago. Here the hinges were unscrewed a little further and the studio’s 8-track recorder was tested to the limit. For fans of Blue Cheer…view full details.

Gruss Vom Krampus / Little Drummer Boy

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Veteran darkwave / post-punk Australians IKON are releasing a Christmas single. Side A is an original number about the Christmas devil, and the B-side contains a moody version of ‘Little Drummer Boy’. As it is the season, the band have had the 7”s pressed up half on red vinyl and half on white: get one of each and you’ll have a merry little Christmas colour scheme!…view full details.

De Saison / Pour Noel, Cette Année

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A merry Christmas single (part of the Snowflake label’s Christmas Singles Club in fact) from Juniore, whose voice you may know from appearances with such acts as Bot’Ox and Jackson. De Saison / Pour Noel, Cette Année finds her supported with a 60’s pop style band, possibly the best musical style for a Christmas single. Includes a Mariah Carey cover.…view full details.

Terminal Gods

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Terminal Gods are keeping the sound of Goth Rock alive well into the 21st century, with a strong Sisters Of Mercy influence. Boundless is their Christmas single, all about Father Christmas. Rather than being released on the band’s own Heavy Leather Sex Productions, Boundless is out on the rather more gently named Snowflake label. White vinyl, 350 copies.…view full details.

Everything Everything
No Reptiles

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Everything Everything’s latest album Get To Heaven has had one of its strongest tunes extracted for release as a single. No Reptiles is a bright but tense number, with vocals that mix between the high-pitched-babble style and the broader croon style that the band specialise in. Edition of 500 7” vinyl copies, on Sony.…view full details.

MTV Unplugged

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MTV Unplugged by Placebo sees the band not being content with stripping back their songs to their bare bones. Brian Molko and co. wanted to do something special to contribute to the on-going history of MTV Unplugged. Available on a staggering number of formats: Double vinyl LP picture disc, 180g double vinyl LP, limited edition CD/DVD/Blu-Ray box set with 32-page booklet, Blu-Ray and standard CD. …view full details.

  • Available on:
    DVD, £18.49
    Double LP, £29.49
    CD box set, £35.99

They Might Be Giants

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Another record for the children by They Might Be Giants! As with their other ventures into this field, this is a sincere, fun collection of songs, with not a trace of snark in sight. The answer to Why? must be ‘to give parents music that neither they nor their children will hate’: a surprisingly rare commodity. Out on Lojinx.…view full details.

The Telescopes
Splashdown: The Complete Recordings 1990-1992

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Early business from The Telescopes. Splashdown compiles all four of their Creation EP’s, a never-before-released theoretical fifth EP, their whole second album, some cover versions from compilations, and a previously unreleased Peel Session! Good lord! This comprehensive package can be yours for a very reasonable price, on Cherry Red.…view full details.

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe
Timon Irnok Manta

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8/10 according to our Clinton

It’s a view held by myself that it’s easier to get away with producing music of an experimental bent than to actually construct something with a bit of a tune in it. I’m reminded of this when looking at the front of the latest issue of The Wire at Scott Walker, a man whose lates…view full details.

Not Waving
Get Serious

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Diagonal champion the talents of Not Waving aka Alessio Natalizia with his new EP Get Serious. The 12” is cut at 45rpm for maximum club impact. It’s in your face and ready to go. A mix of Powell’s craziness, Belgian EBM of the late ‘80s and a sprinkling of Italian dancefloor flair. A full album, Animals, is due in 2016.…view full details.

Jack Latham
Lux Laze

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Jack Latham, perhaps better known as Jam City, produced these hazy memories of club trips in 2010, to soundtrack Daniel Swan’s short film. First released on VHS and cassette, this release on Utter brings the sounds at last to 10” vinyl, accompanied with a download code for the film. 300 copies, each including a poster.…view full details.

The Sprawl

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

8/10 according to our Ant

The trio of Logos, Mumdance and Shapednoise team up as The Sprawl for 4-track EP of sci-fi inspired industrial-robo-tronix on The Death of Rave. Deconstructing old tech-step and grime type sounds into the soundtrack of Darth Vader’s dreams. If you’re into Rabit’s album on Tri Angle you…view full details.

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