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New in: Thursday 5th December 2019

The House Of Love
Shine On

She-She-She-Shine On. Shine on was the debut single from London band The House Of Love. This version was originally released in 1987 as a four track 12” EP. The song was re-recorded and released again in 1990 when it became pretty popular. This is the first time the original four track EP has appeared in the 7” format. 
  • Vinyl 7" (ON202)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Keith Jarrett
Munich 2016

The great American jazz pianist Keith Jarrett was recorded live in Munich on the last night of his European tour three years ago, and the resultant live album Munich 2016 captures the renowned improviser at the peak of his powers, even at the age of 71. Twelve untitled pieces whir past over two slabs of vinyl, before a triptych of beautifully rendered encores, including ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, finish it off. 

Donna McGhee
Make It Last Forever

Donna Summer wasn’t the only disco-diva in NYC named Donna, you know. Those on the ground knew that Donna McGhee’s 1978 LP ‘Make It Last Forever’ was one of the must-have joints of the time, a set of ultra-sexy funk and disco struts that remain as smooth as crushed velvet to this day. Long a record that went for big bucks on the vinyl black market, ‘Make It Last Forever’ has now been remastered and reissued at a more affordable rate by WEWANTSOUNDS.

El Khat
Saadia Jefferson

A hands-on, practical genius as much as he is a creative one, Tel Aviv-based musician Eyal El Wahab uses homemade instrumentation, often made from repurposed household items and discarded junk, for his latest El Khat album Saadia Jefferson, which deconstructs Arabic musical traditions and examines his identity as a Yemeni Jew living in Israel. 

The Twilight Sad
Rats / Public Housing

Bloody hell. The Twilight Sad only just released a new album in January of this year but now it is time for a standalone 7" containing two new songs released just in time for them to head off on a European tour. If recent work is of any indication then this will be more visceral, widescreen post-punk topped off by the crackle of the voice of very Scottish singer James Graham.   
  • Vinyl 7" (ROCKACT130S)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Cool / Dub

One of the most brilliant records of its era by one of the best and most unsung bands of the post-punk era. Excitingly the Pylon back catalogue has just been taken over by New West who will be releasing a box set next year but for now treat yourself to a re-press of their debut double A sided single. It's a lethal dose of scratchy, propulsive danceable post-punk which influenced the B52s and R.E.M amongst scores of others. 

Badmanboogie / Killdemsound

‘Badmanboogie’ and ‘Killdemsound’ is the latest 7” single release from Canadian collective Seekersinternational. The two new tracks are compressed, futuristic dancehall delights, which are in keeping with the group’s long-standing reputation that goes all the way back to the mid-Nineties!

NUDA - 21 exciting cuts from Italian sexy-comedy disco scene (1975-1981)

One for Phil and Ian - our resident 'Carry On' style couple. This is a collection of tunes taken from the 'golden age' of what seems to be quite a specific scene  - that of the Italian sexy-comedy-disco. Basically it's jazz funk, easy listening and disco made to soundtrack women getting teasingly undressed...in a comedy manner.. presumably. 

Sun Ra
The Antique Blacks

Unusually even for an out-there progressive jazz musician, Sun Ra came from Saturn which gave him a completely unique take on this round place we call Earth. The Antique Blacks was his 1974-era album which has been out of print since 1978. It's rather more sprightly than some of his more abstract work with free-form noise, poetry readings and sax solo-ing all competing for space. Truly an originator.  
  • Vinyl LP (ARTYARD-CIA100)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy


Noumen AKA Andriy Vezdenko returns with Obscurium, his follow-up to his 2017 debut Apeiron. As is becoming typical of this experimental studio master, it once again features melody set against more challenging rhythms. Fans of Autechre’s LP5 and Geometry by Jega will find plenty to like here. On Central Processing Unit.
  • Vinyl Double LP (CPU01010010)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Oto Hiax

Oto Hiax are a duo made up of Mark Clifford of Seefeel, and Scott Gordon of Loops Haunt. Two is their aptly named second album of nightmarish, otherworldly sounds. The album’s track titles seem to be onomatopoeic with names like Dapple, Scutter, Strain and Silt. This gives a better idea of the sounds on offer than anything else I could write.  

Música Esporádica
Música Esporádica

Música Esporádica was the result of a get-together of Orquesta De Las Nubes with Glen Velez, Layne Redmond and Miguel Herrero back in 1985. Just a single session lasting 12 hours was enough to produce this amazing four-track album, now available once again on vinyl courtesy of Music From Memory. 

Guy Buttery & Kanada Narahari

The story behind Nāḍī is an unusual one - South African musician Guy Buttery met with Ayurvedic doctor and musical therapist Kanada Narahari around three years ago in an attempt to cure a physical sense of lethargy and loss of interest in performing music. It’s an incredibly restful and restorative suite, presented here on vinyl. 

Over The Sand

Parisian artist Mathilde Mallen’s Dissemblance project comes to the Mannequin imprint for the first time. Over The Sand refracts pop melodies and structures through the lens of slate-grey post-rock and ambient music, making for an intriguing balance between cold tension and joyous warmth throughout its ten tracks. 


Dense, brooding music from Berlin’s Contagious here. The trio’s eponymous debut LP contains abrasive drones smothered by industrial textures and broiling electronics that seem ready to unleash hell at any moment. The likes of Einstürzende Neubauten and Throbbing Gristle haunt Contagious’ fevered, trance-inducing sound.
  • Vinyl LP (DOSER 036)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Steffe Lewry

Steffe Lewry’s Mutate has a long history behind it, coming in to being in 1990 when she was a member of West London performance art collective Mutoid Waste Company. Created using a drum machine, electric guitar and a four-track reel-to-reel, the tracks were included in Jonathan Barnett’s film about the collective ‘How The Mutoids Brought Down The Berlin Wall’, and are presented here on a 12” EP via Mannequin. 

Rising EP

Rising is the third and final EP in a trilogy by D.K. this EP sees D.K. in a darker mood than the previous two EPs. D.K. neatly ties strangling motifs from the trilogy together. There are battle songs here that would soundtrack the stylised fight scenes from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or The Matrix and a closing track that balances melancholy and euphoria perfectly. 12” EP on Antnote.

Emanuel Pippin presents "Tracks From The Dungeon"

You will, of course, know Emmanuel Pippin as the Chi-town house / Trax Records legend from his work on the scene for the last 25-30 years. On ...Presents Tracks From The Dungeon, he compiles tracks by Ron Hardy, Armando, Nick Non-Stop Sean Hardonson and collaborates with Paul Johnson. All tracks are either rare or have never been released. 12” on LA Club Resource. Raw box jams galore... JACK YOUR BODY!
  • Vinyl 12" (LACR 27)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Joy Overmono
Bromley / Still Moving

XL releases a highly anticipated collaborative 12” single from Joy Orbison and Overmono, two of the UK dance scene’s most respected names over the last decade or so. ‘Bromley’ and ‘Still Moving’ have already gotten a great reception following airings by DJs, and both exude a distinct sense of time and place, something that’s always been one of British electronica’s greatest strengths. 

DJ Nobu
DJ Nobu presents Beyond Space And Time 001

Future-forward music festival Rainbow Disco Club, held annually in Japan, presents an off-shoot record label titled Beyond Space And Time. For its 001 edition, crowd favourite DJ Nobu selects ten tracks that have meant something to him personally over the last decade or so, from the likes of Laurent Garnier and Psykick Warriors to the enigmatic Burial. 

Kojaque & Luka Palm
Green Diesel

Dublin Rapper Kojaque joins forces with joins forces with Dublin-based Swedish rapper and Soft Boy label mate, Luka Palm for Green Diesel. When the pair got together they only intended making and EP, four tracks, a one off, but the energy they created made each rapper push for more. There’s a guest spot from Chlobocop. Production comes from New Machine, Kean Kavanagh and Matt Finnegan, the latter pair being Soft Boy alumni.
  • Vinyl LP (SB003)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Beau Wanzer

Beau Wanzer not only looks like a science nerd, but he is one. A very cool one. The molecular biologist brings the art of experimentation from his day job to his night job with innovative experiments, splicing, and knob-twiddling. His latest 12”, BW011, features three reslilient bangers fresh from Chicago.

Afro Exotique - Adventures In The Leftfield, Africa 1972-82

Afro Exotique - Adventures In The Leftfield, Africa 1972-82 shows us the roots of, what are now, some very familiar sounds and the influence the music of West Africa had on funk and disco. Includes tracks by Black Reggae, Myriam Makeba, Francis Bebey, Amara Toure & Orchestre Massako and more. On Africa Seven.

Steal A Golden Hail

Steal A Golden Hail is the debut album by London producer Quirke, or Josh Quirke to give him his full name. He has previously released two 12" singles via Whities, Whities 015 and Whities 07. On his debut he mixes up house, techno, ambient, IDM and jungle. The LP was mastered and cut by Rashad Becker.

Ian Hawgood + Stijn Hüwels
No Voices

No Voices by Ian Hawgood and Stijn Hüwels started life as a pile of old tape in Hawgood’s garage. As he tried to salvage what he could from it, it killed his reel-to-reel, gradually slowing before stopping forever. He found this to be a beautiful thing. The salvaged music, with the addition of Stijn Hüwels subtle meldoies, made for a truly beautiful ambient album.

DECAY (merry6mas2019)

Oh thank the lord. So many things in life lead to crushing disappointment but if there's one thing we can rely on it is the Yellow 6 merry6mas CD. Each year we think it might turn up even though we've been as good as gold all year but like Santa himself it never lets us down. This year we get an 8 track album of all new exclusive material from the ambient guitar whizz and there's just 100 copies so order quick or Christmas is ruined.  


Function delivers Existenz, his first solo LP since 2013’s Incubation. Known largely as a techno savant, Existenz actually locks into a more cerebral and considered sound than some of Function’s previous releases. There are, for instance, a fair few new age and hypnagogic influences to be found throughout the album, a flex that pushes this particular plane of Existenz towards the sound of Answer Code Request’s recent LP for Ostgut Ton. Robert Owens and Stefanie Parnow guest.


Hitting a sweet spot between the more energetic end of Four Tet and Talking Heads’ albums with Brian Eno, Variante is the debut album from Stuttgart-based multimedia artist MinaeMinae. Generating a futuristic vision with the use of polyrhythms, treated guitars and thwacked drumbeats, it’s a real oddity, for those who like transportive music. 

David Porter
Victim Of The Joke?...An Opera

It has to be said that cover art is pretty important to how a record is received. Imagine if Marvin Gaye's What's Going On looked like that? David Porter's 1971 solo album should not be underestimated though. He had already had a great career at Stax co-writing hits like Soul Man with Isaac Hayes. Here he infuses his pop soul moves into a concept album in which he adds in dialogue to tell the story of a love affair. It's been sampled all over the place with Wu-Tang Clan and Madlib amongst others finding loops within its grooves. 

Richard Fearless
Deep Rave Memory

Better known to many fans as one half of Death In Vegas and also as Black Acid, British producer Richard Fearless delivers his first solo album. An accomplished and timeless-sounding double-LP, Deep Rave Memory was recorded at his studio in the Chilterns and spans apocalyptic dub rumbles, retro-futuristic house and gothic overtones reminiscent of DIV themselves. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (DRONE020)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Last copy


In operation now for over ten years, Sicilian-based artist Nino Pedone is a kind of mad scientist in musical terms, squashing together the noisiness of metal with rave and hardcore under his Shapednoise moniker to make tinnitus-inducing results that are also deliriously fun. Aesthesis ought to continue this rich vein of form. 


Despite not having a number after their name Shed are so much better than Shed 7. The original Shed...and best... is back with only his fifth album in what seems a lifetime of work. Rene Pawlowitz escaped the excitement of his current home of Berlin and went back to the pastoral landscapes of his native former East Germany in order to craft a lovelorn album entwining life in the sleepy backwater and the early techno music that inspired him in his youth. 

Multiquest Niveau 1: Camouflé

Canadian electronic artist and producer RAMZi AKA, Phoebé Guillemot, takes her influences from the people she works with and the likes of Alice Coltrane, Don Cherry and Jon Hassell. She uses her music as a weapon against people who are trying to spoil the natural world, and specifically in the case of her new album, Multiquest, prevent everybody falling into the same trap set by unscrupulous leaders.

J M S Khosah / Brassfoot
NCA 003

A limited edition cassette release for the third instalment in NCA’s latest series, J M S Khosah and Brassfoot team up once again for a brace of memorable experimental pieces. The former delivers ‘No More Blueprints’ on the ‘J’ side of the tape, with his trademark skewed techno, while Brassfoot gives us ‘Tiers Not Tears’ on the reverse ‘B’ side. 

Scenes From A Deserted City

It’s been a successful launch year in 2019 for Edinburgh-based Hobbes Music, one that continues with the release of Scenes From A Deserted City, the first album from Glaswegian-based electronica act Gaming and inspired by a range of classic electronic music influences from Aphex Twin to Kraftwerk. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (HM013)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy


They’ve got a cult following for their single ‘Eisbär’, a minor hit in Europe in the early Eighties, but there’s more to Swiss electronic post-punkers Grauzone than that. This is evidenced by 1980 single ‘Raum’, an underappreciated dancefloor gem that’s now available for the first time on maxi 12” single - features the original, Naum Gabo’s fabled remix and an extended version. 
  • Vinyl 12" (WRWTFWW043)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Taeha Types
Mechanical Keyboard Sounds: Recordings of Bespoke and Customised Mechanical Keyboards

Keyboards. We use them every day.... I'm using one now but I've never ever thought of pimping it. In fact there is a whole scene out there of people who are enhancing their keyboards by all manner of ways to give a better feel, a better sound when you type on them. Taeha Types is the king of this scene and Trunk (who else) invite you to listen to this album featuring enhanced keyboards from the '80s and '90s and beyond. It's a whole new thing for people to get all madly obsessed by. 

On Flute

A 12” vinyl re-issue of On Flute, the warmly received six-track EP released by Tenderlonius via 22a three years ago and which sold out rapidly. Diverse influences from dance music scenes around the world were topped off with the musician’s distinctive flute trills, something which received the stamp of approval from British dance’s premier tastemakers including Bonobo and Gilles Peterson. 

Hieroglyphic Being
Black Hands Vol. 1

Hieroglyphic Being is Chicago producer and DJ Jamal Moss. He also has a bunch of other aliases and has worked with Marshall Allen and JITU Ahn-Sahm-Buhl in his time, picking up a thing or two along the way. Blacks Hands Vol. 1 mixes techno and acid in a way only he knows. Hand stamped 12" on Mathematics / +++.


Planted is the second EP on RR for London production duo Raime. Whilst We Can’t Be That Far From The Beginning took us away from the hustle and bustle, Planted drops us right back in the middle of things, mixing latin American and Chicago grooves with some proper hardcore British dance. Raime have previously released records through Blackest Ever Black, Reel Torque and Different Circles.
  • Vinyl 12" (RR02)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition


Pop by GAS is regarded as a bit of classic. The fourth album, originally released in 2000, by Worlfgang Voigt’s electronic music project is seen as the album where he showed us his clearest vision yet. Pitchfork regard this album rather highly too, rating it as the 11th best ambient album of all time. 3LP on Kompakt.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (KOMPAKT370.3)
  • In stock and ready to ship

All These Things

Japanese DJ and producer Kuniyuki recorded his fourth album, All These Things, in 2007. It was only ever released on CD. The album mixes jazz, fusion, electronic music and world music. The album includes a number of guests including percussionist and singer, Omar Guaindefall, singer, Josee Hurlock trumpeter, Shuichiro Sakaguchi and Alex From Tokyo reading poetry.
  • Vinyl Double LP (MULEMUSIQ248)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy
New in: Wednesday 4th December 2019


Now marking their 30th anniversary together and hailed as one of the most important French hip-hop groups, Marseilles-based IAM show no signs of slowing down on Yasuke, their ninth studio album and one which follows an incredibly successful tour. The new set is available on a three-LP set or a double-CD digi package. 
  • Artist(s):
  • IAM

Felix White
The Edge (Original Soundtrack)

Felix White is the guitarist in the Maccabees and for a minute there I worried he was having to soundtrack a film about U2's beany-hatted guitar ace. No, The Edge is a documentary about England's greatest (watch this space though) cricket team who triumphed between 2009 and 2013. A drama about their success and the toll it took on them. I'm sure Kevin Pierson has a whole chapter to himself. Comes on cricket ball coloured vinyl... and as hard too...hopefully.  
  • Vinyl LP (NMG1LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band
Nightmare Forever

Boasting hazy, jazzy psychedelia inspired by the likes of Tolkien, Leary and the more extreme end of Led Zep, John Dwyer’s Castle Face Records releases the latest album from Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band. With complex riffs and arrangements, Nightmare Forever is a much more conceptual effort than their previous records. 

Delivered Into The Hands Of Indifference

  • Vinyl Double LP (DNLP05)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Richard Youngs & Raül Refree
All Hands Around The Moment

Consisting of four long-form and circular pieces that are emotionally forceful despite their hushed delivery, All Hands Around The Moment is a collaboration between Glaswegian artist Richard Youngs and Barcelona-based Raül Refree, inspired by their love of religious music and the more experimental end of the Sixties. 

The Idealist
Deep Shit / The Drop

The Idealist aka Joachim Nordwall has already collab'd with Genesis P-Orridge in 2019 and here comes a further 7".  It containins two mutant techno thumpers with deep dub overtones  and a minimalistic approach which has led to comparisons with Pan Sonic. One to play loud on your soundsystem to hear all the subtle production touches. Limited to 200 copies. 
  • Vinyl 7" (iDEAL194)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

The Taj-Mahal Travelers
July 15, 1972

I guess you could call The Taj Mahal Travellers an experimental psychedelic jam band. They were formed in Tokyo by Japanese Underground legend Takehisa Kosugi. Their flair for musical experimentation was not matched by their ability to think of imaginative titles. The album, July 15, 1972, is simply named after the day it was recorded, and the three lengthy tracks are simply named after the time they started and finished, take the opening track,'The Taj-Mahal Travelers Between 6:20 - 6:46 P.M.', as an example. Kosugi was also known for his involvement with Hi Re Centre and Group Ongaku.

Yoshi Wada
Lament For The Rise And Fall Of The Elephantine Crocodile

Lament For The Rise And Fall Of The Elephantine Crocodile by Yoshi Wada is a prime piece of minimalist music which has been compared to works by the likes of Terry Riley and Pauline Olveros. It was originally released in 1982.  It involves the droning sounds of voice and bagpipes and was recorded in an empty swimming pool. A trip to Scotland ensured that the Kyoto-born, New York-based artist fell in love with the famous Scottish instrument enough to centre his debut album around it.

Hurt Valley
Glacial Pace

Inspired by a trip to the wilderness of California’s Death Valley almost ten years ago, and one that inspired the formation of the band after they came across essentially a dumping ground for old vehicles despoiling a beautiful landscape, Brian Collins’ Hurt Valley project delivers a striking album in Glacial Pace. 
  • Vinyl LP (WOODSIST098)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Enhet För Fri Musi
Det Finns Ett Hjärta Som För Dig

Formed as a folk / experimental music collective in the Swedish city of Gothenburg in 2015, Enhet För Fri Musik is constructed from members of many other underground groups from different disciplines. Their 2017 album, Det Finns Ett Hjärta Som För Dig, sold out rapidly, but now gets a deluxe re-issue on vinyl. 

Big Stick
Sauced Up Santa

Despite their long, storied and beloved cult discography, it’s incredible to think that Big Stick had never released any Christmas / seasonal music until now. This 12” EP, Sauced Up Santa, corrects this - inspired by an encounter that singer John Gill actually had with a tipsy mall Santa when he was five. 
  • Vinyl 12" (DRU005)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Origin Of Muse

Crammed with goodies and keepsakes, this epic LP box set brings together everything you didn't know about Muse from their formation, through to their first two albums ('Showbiz' and 'Origin of Symmetry'). The mammoth 113 tracks included features 40(!) which were previously unreleased. Quintessential stuff for fans of the legendary space-rock trio.

Artificial Imaginations

There’s very little information to be found about Quilsk out there. We know that they hail from Bristol and the album, Artificial Imaginations is on the recently established Bristol-based label, New Words. If you’re after some low tempo beats and pops and glitches, then this may be the record for you.

Tiger Tigre

Talented percussionist Vincent Taeger - a former collaborator with Foals, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Damon Albarn and a member of Poni Hoax - presents his debut album under his solo moniker Tiger Tigre. GRRR? is a colourful adventure playground record, with every track strikingly different yet still obviously a part of the whole. 
  • Vinyl LP (ERRREC025)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Sonar with David Torn
Tranceportation (Volume 1)

Their second collaboration with guitarist and composer David Torn and fifth overall, Swiss avant-garde act Sonar deliver another uncompromising yet highly enjoyable experience. Tranceportation (Volume 1) continues what was laid down in Vortex only 18 months ago, combining artificial yet inventive looping with virtuosic, organic instrumentation. 

The Comet Is Coming
The Afterlife

The Afterlife is the new EP by jazz /  funk / electronic band The Comet Is Coming. It follows on from their second LP Trust in The Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery. According to Keyboardist, Danalogue, the EP should be regarded as a companion piece to the album as the music comes from the same session, the same creative process.

Doug Wieselman
From Water

NYC experimental reedsman Doug Wieselman has played with some honest-to-God legends down the years - Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson and Tricky to name but three - but ‘From Water’ is his debut solo recording. On this record Wieselman creates ‘music primarily made from melodies that I have heard from bodies of water’. Some tracks veer off into free music/impressionist composition (‘Gloria Fleur Madre’); others create needling atonal drones in a William Basinski-esque manner (‘Kepler-22b’); others still are gorgeous cerebral lilts (‘Pacific 2’, ‘Moonhaw’). ‘From Water’ is impressive and lovely.


Mike Greene and Chris Baio got together to form C.Y.M. Greene is a DJ and also makes music under the name Fort Romeau whilst Baio plays bass in Vampire Weekend and records under his surname. Their self-titled debut EP takes sounds from the past such as komische, post-punk, psychedelia and motorik beats and gives them some updated treatment. 

Ariana Grande
My Everything

A vinyl issue of My Everything, the second studio album from American star Ariana Grande. Originally released in the summer of 2014 and topping the U.S. charts, it touched upon more mature themes than her debut album Yours Truly from the previous year, boasting writing and production from the likes of Max Martin, Ryan Tedder, Darkchild and David Guetta. 

I Feel How This Night Should Look

Psychemagik have existed for some time now and have mostly been known for remixing some pretty big names including Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher and Metronomy. They have been stewing over this album for some time now recording bits of this here and there inviting a slew of guests along for the ride. The result is a diverse and well crafted collection where categorisation is difficult with nods to acid, dance, soft rock, jazz and balearic music all combining to make an eclectic whole.  

Ghostly Swim

Ghostly Swim is an eighteen track collection spread over two LPs of songs by artists on Ghostly International, the label set up by Detroit DJ Sam Velenti IV. The artist included on the compilation include Matthew Dear, Tycho, Kill Memory Crash, Solvent, Osborne, The Reflecting Skin, Ben Benjamin and Dabrye.
  • Vinyl Double LP (GI75LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Robin Richards
Castel EP

Robin Richards, key composer and bassist of Manchester alt-poppers Dutch Uncles, aims to make a name for himself with debut solo EP 'Castel'. And its contents signal he will, as the 6-track pursues political explorations - delving deeply into Soviet Oppression. It does so with fluttering pianos and ambient soundscapes, with an intricacy Dutch Uncles fans will come to expect.

Graham Parker
Nixon's Rules

A busy 2019 for cult English singer-songwriter Graham Parker wraps up with the release of a new 7” single on 100% Records. Referring to the barely disguised prejudice behind the erstwhile U.S. president’s ‘war on drugs’ policy, ‘Nixon’s Rules’ rails against the shameful state of the UK’s narcotics policy. The flip-side contains an extended version of the same track. 
  • Vinyl 7" (100S98)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Ariana Grande
Yours Truly

Inspired by all the greats (Houston, Aguilera, Carey), this is the first album from former Nickelodeon child star Ariana Grande. It's a batch of smooth running '90s inspired R&B with a wide vocal range and lyrics about how you can reach up and be yourself and always follow your dreams etc. Now available on vinyl thanks to Republic Records. 

Iggy and The Stooges
Death Trip

Don't know what Iggy is doing on that cover art but the chair has gone over and he's made a bit of a mess. Death Trip wasn't an official Iggy and the Stooges album but a collection of recordings of rehearsals leading up to their debut Raw Power. If some of the recordings sound suspiciously like the album versions then... well it's still a tantalising document of there the band were at in '73. 
  • Vinyl LP (EVA101LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Last copy

Daniel Isn't Real (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Hot off the back of his recent ninth studio album Kiri Variations, veteran British producer Chris Clark delivers a new soundtrack work, created for the new film Daniel Isn’t Real based on the original book ‘In This Way I Was Saved’ by Brian DeLeeuw about a young man motivated and undermined by his imaginary friend. 

Jaz Coleman
Magna Invocatio - A Gnostic Mass for Choir and Orchestra Inspired by the Sublime Music of Killing Joke

Jaz Coleman, front man of post punk band Killing Joke has always had a thing for classical music, despite his more obvious experimental rock leanings. He has always thought that the songs of Killing Joke have an untapped widescreen gorgeousness that orchestral sounds can bring to music. Magna Invocatio - A Gnostic Mass for Choir and Orchestra Inspired by the Sublime Music of Killing Joke was recorded with St Petersburg Philharmonic. With this project Coleman has sought to accentuate the beauty and melody of Killing Joke songs.

Manu Dibango
Waka Juju

Waka Juju was the 30th album in an impressive 72 album catalogue by Cameroonian Jazz / funk musician, Manu Dibango. It was originally released in 1982. The album exists to salute juju - the traditional Nigerian music known as Yourba. It sees him returning to the Afrobeat sound of earlier recordings.
  • Vinyl LP (SMV1)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Last copy

Pino Donaggio
The Sect / La Setta (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Sect is a 1991 horror film by director Michele Soavi which he wrote with Italian master of horror, Dario Argento. It was known as La Setta in its native Italian and has also been released as The Devil’s Daughter. The score was composed by Pino Donaggio, who has an impressive run of horror scores on his CV including Carrie, The Howling and Piranha. 
  • Vinyl LP (DW141)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Agnes Obel
Island Of Doom

Island of Doom by Agnes Obel is the first single to be taken from her fourth album, Myopia. The Berlin-based Dane isolated herself from all outside influences to write, record and produce the album all by herself. The process gave her the freedom to experiment in the studio and make the music she really wanted to make. Include instruemental version on the B-side.

The Fat White Family
Champagne Holocaust

A genuine blast of fresh/fetid air, depending on which you think the UK needed back in 2013? Or merely another bunch of drug-addled, diseased attention seekers with just enough repetitive riffs and churning glam-inspired songs to get by? Whatever, 'Champagne Holocaust' was the Fat White's Oasis-referencing debut that showcased their skills in the area of publicity stunts just as much as their ability to produce scuzzy, underground garage rock.   

The Miles Davis Quintet
The Legendary Prestige Quintet Sessions

The Legendary Prestige Quintet Sessions by The Miles Davis Quintet was released on CD in 2006. It  has never been released on LP before, but this 6 x 180g LP box set has made sure that now it is available, it’s done properly. It features tracks that would make up the albums Miles, Cookin’, Relaxin’, Workin’, Steamin’ and Miles Davis And The Modern Jazz Giants along with some live TV and radio recordings. Miles’ band here was John Coltrane, Red Garland, Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones. All tied together with extensive liner notes by jazz historian, Bob Blumenthal.
  • Vinyl Deluxe LP box set (7209705)
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New in: Tuesday 3rd December 2019

Will Samson

Paralanguage is the fifth album by Will Samson. The album was inspired by the experiences following the sudden death of his father and experiences with magic mushrooms. It even includes some vocal performances recorded whilst experiencing the effects. The album had some musical assistance from violin player Beatrijs De Klerck who plays with A Winged Victory For The Sullen and Ben Lester and Jeremy Boettcher who play with S. Carey.

20 Years of fabric

Having escaped a shutdown by the authorities in 2016, London clubbing institution Fabric celebrates its 20th anniversary with a new double compilation of specially commissioned music on their fabric and FABRICLIVE platforms. 20 Years of fabric is available in two separate 2xLP volumes - the first, fabric, contains pieces from Nina Kraviz, Sasha and Marcel Dettman, while FABRICLIVE features tracks by Groove Armada, UNKLE and Daniel Avery - or collected together on double CD with 48-page booklet. 

Yann Tiersen

Yann Tiersen is a French composer and musician. He is perhaps best known for his soundtrack to the film, Amélie. His new album, Portrait, contains 25 reworked tracks from his career so far. The album also includes collaborations with John Grant, Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals, Blonde Redhead and Stephen O’Malley from Sunn O))). The vinyl versions come with a bonus 7” single including two exclusive tracks.

Odyssey: The Sound Of Ivor Raymonde Vol. II

Ivor Raymonde is the father of Bella Union owner and former Cocteau Twins bassist, Simon Raymonde. He was a musical arranger, musical director, producer and songwriter. He was involved in some huge ‘60s hits by the likes of Billy Fury, Dusty Springfield and The Walker Brothers. Odyssey: The Sound Of Ivor Raymonde Vol. II follows on from Paradise is rounding up his amazing career. It features tracks by The Alan Price Set, Randy Newman, Dusty Springfield and Frankie Vaughan.

The Juan Maclean
The Future Will Come

The Juan Maclean (actually the more prosaically-named John MacLean) is a former member of Six Finger Satellite who has become something of a DFA mainstay. Th Future Will come was his second album from 2009 which he wrote with LCD Soundsystem member Nancy Whang helped out by synth duo Holy Ghost. It is heavily influenced by the Human League both in its synth-led sound and with the male/female narrative that runs through its ten tracks.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DFA2196LP-C1)
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Parquet Courts
Light Up Gold

Parquet Courts back when we thought they'd only have one name and stick to it. Press release says this is their debut wikipedia says different but whatever, it was something of a revelation on release, the pre-press on What's Your Rupture gaining the band a deservedly larger fan base who quickly got sucked into their late '70s-style garage rock and new wave.  

Les Filles de Illighadad
Eghass Malan

Sahel Sounds have uncovered something genuinely original and unique here. The female trio live in a remote Saharan village in Niger and have devised a style combining modern Tuareg guitar with rural tende songs, and new songs in that style. In doing so they’ve matched  traditionally female-sung folk with a modern style that’s usually the sole preserve of men. The band first left their village last year, and recorded this LP during their European tour. Fans of Tinariwen will dig this.

Speaker Music
of desire, longing

Musician and journalist DeForrest Brown Jr. brings his Speaker Music project to Planet Mu for the first time on his latest album of desire, longing. Consisting of two lengthy pieces of music taking up a side of vinyl apiece, titled ‘With Empathy’ and ‘Without Excess’, his style may be abstract but it paints a brilliant vision for music in 2019. 

These Elements EP

Having been one of the most hotly tipped newcomers in British music, Holly Lapsley Fletcher has been somewhat M.I.A. since she released the artful pop of her debut album Long Way Home a long three-and-a-half years ago. This new four-track EP, These Elements, is her first new Låpsley music in that time, and shows a markedly different sound and more assured presence than before. 

Lee 'Scratch' Perry
Heavy Rain

The mighty Upsetter and living legend Lee 'Scratch' Perry's presents 'Heavy Rain' - a dub companion to his recent 'Rainford' long-player. Alongside co-producer and On-U Sound bossman Adrian Sherwood, the original source material is given some proper heavy dubwise mixing desk action that radically revises and remoulds the blueprint into new shapes that will resonate with the tokers.

Andy Dragazis

Andy Dragazis announces his debut full-length album, released via his own label Lightwell Recordings. Afterimages shows the producer and composer, previously responsible for many great records under his previous guise Blue States, laying down some of the most serene and idiosyncratic music he’s ever made. 

The Kiwi Animal
Music Media

Music Media was the first album, originally released in 1984, by The Kiwi Animal, a New Zealand duo made up from Brent Hayward formerly of This High and Smelly Feet, and Julie Cooper. Their DIY acoustic sound was self-proclaimed as 'New Acoustic Music'. They expanded to a trio with the addition of Patrick Waller for further releases.

The Kiwi Animal

Brent Hayward fronted New Zealand art rock band This High and then went on to release solo EPs under the name Smelly Feet. His next step was to hook up with Julie Cooper to form DIY acoustic band The Kiwi Animal in 1982. They were joined by Patrick Waller who played cello and a load of other things to make their second album, Mercy, originally released in 1985.

A Beautiful Thing: IDLES Live at Le Bataclan

Recorded at the end of a massive, celebratory world tour in December 2018 at Paris’ prestigious Le Bataclan, IDLES tore through a cathartic set of highlights from their career so far, including covers on top of tracks from their two beloved albums Brutalism and Joy As an Act of Resistance. That set is captured on new live album A Beautiful Thing - available on 2xCD or limited edition clear multi-coloured vinyl (orange, pink or lime green). 
  • Vinyl Double LP (PTKF2174-5)
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  • Vinyl Double LP (PTKF2174-1)
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  • Vinyl Double LP (PTKF2174-3)
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Tunes 2011 - 2019

Most of Burial’s output in the years since his game-changing LP altogether in one place. What’s not to like? There’s nothing new on ‘Tunes 2011-2019’, with the man who is maybe-possibly known to his mates as William Emmanuel Bevan selecting his favourite tunes from his excellent EP run of the past eight years. It’s interesting charting the progression of Burial’s music over the time-period, with his greyscale garage sound expanded to incorporate drone and dark ambient influences but still staying true to the project’s root style. ‘Tunes 2011-2019’ represents the first time some of these tunes have been released on CD.

Blaue Blume
Bell Of Wool

Danish art pop heavily influenced by Talk Talk, The Smiths and Cocteau Twins should go down well in these parts. Blaue Blume have released a couple of well received singles, but now come at us with a Bell Of Wool, their latest full length. The album is an adventure into darkness, tempered with a softness from synths and majestic performance.

Kasper Bjørke
Nothing Gold Can Stay

Having pursued ambient music for the last couple of years, culminating in last year’s Fifty Eleven project that won so much acclaim, Kasper Bjørke returns to beat-making with latest record Nothing Gold Can Stay. Exploring his musical origins as well as offering a vision for his future creativity, it’s yet another compelling triumph. 
  • Vinyl LP (HFN98LP)
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After he debuted some new music back in the summer as part of Warp’s 30th anniversary ‘WXAXRXP’ takeover of NTS, Tom Jenkinson now officially reveals some of those new Squarepusher tracks. Dwelling in the more brain-scrambling regions of jungle and acid ‘Vortrack’ refreshes the sound he made on records like 'Vic Acid' and 'Selection Sixteen'. The Fracture remix on the flipside heads into darker realms - veering on acid splattered tech-step.

Arab Strap

Rarely have musicians managed to combine being horny and being sad quite so effectively. 'Philophobia' is the second album from Arab Strap who have since gone on to become Aidan Moffat and Malcolm Middleton, and saw them explore the limits of love, lust and relationships. It is at times almost too confessional.

Strand Of Oaks
Dark Shores

Timothy Showalter, the man behind Strand Of Oaks, wrote the songs for his third album, Dark Shores, whilst touring his previous album, Pope Killdragon. This time, the songs were recorded with a full band creating a rockier sound. Showalter cited Neil Young as an influence once again. Dark Shores was produced by John Vanderslice, or ‘The Slice’ as some like to call him.
  • Vinyl LP (WV204LPC2)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Vinyl LP (WV204LPC1)
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New in: Monday 25th November 2019

Jack Peñate
After You

After two albums and initial massive popularity - you could by his CDs in supermarkets - singer / songwriter Jack Peñate stopped. He didn’t take himself off to the Swiss mountains and record feedback into a four-track, he just stopped making music altogether. Fast-forward ten years and he’s back with his long-awaited third album, After You, released via XL Recordings. 
New in: Friday 22nd November 2019

Leonard Cohen
Thanks For The Dance

Thanks For The Dance is an album of unreleased material by Leonard Cohen. The album is comprised of songs from the You Want It Darker sessions that were unfinished. Leonard Cohen asked his son, Adam, to work on the songs before his death in November 2016. The album is packed with guest stars including Beck, Bryce Dessner (The National), Richard Reed Parry  (Arcade Fire), Damien Rice and Leslie Feist along with Spanish laúd player Javier Mas who played in Cohen's band for eight years.
New in: Friday 15th November 2019

Gang Starr
One Of The Best Yet

Classic Brooklyn hip-hop duo Gang Starr disbanded in 2003. It seemed that there would be no more. In 2010, one half of the duo, Guru, tragically died seemingly ending any hope once and for all. His partner in rhyme over the years, DJ Premier, never gave up hope that there would be another Gang Starr album. 16 years after their last album, The Ownerz, we have a new album. One Of The Best Yet lets us know from the off that it’s up there with classics such as Step Into The Area. Features a guest appearance from J.Cole.
New in: Tuesday 8th October 2019

Mark Kozelek & Petra Haden
Joey Always Smiled

Comprised of six originals and one cover, 'Joey Always Smiled' is the collaborative brainchild of music maverick Mark Kozelek and American violinist Petra Haden. The pair conclude the piece by stripping back the 80's production of Huey Lewis & The News' 'Power Of Love', reinventing the classic banger with a more measured feel.
New in: Tuesday 21st August 2018

Olafur Arnalds

Oh it’s so nice. Isn’t it nice. This new Olafur Arnalds LP. Just lovely. The loveliest, in fact. re:member. Beautiful music. The piano. The strings. The delicate pitter-patter drum machines, possibly left over from his forays into techno as part of Kiasmos. Gorgeous. Transcendental. Beautiful. Mesmeric. Peerless. A masterpiece. The epitome of all art ever made. The Ultimate Music. Composed as if by God's own hand. re:member.

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