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New in: Monday 20th May 2019

Joan As Police Woman

I wish I was called Joan….and a had a recording contract so I could call an album Joanthology. I guess it doesn’t matter because Ms. Joan Wasser, AKA Joan As Police Woman has already done it. This is a career-spanning retrospective picking the best moments from her 15 years in the biz. It includes two brand new tracks - one of which is a cover of Prince’s Kiss - along with classics featuring high quality guest artists: Rufus Wainwright, Antony and David Sylvian.

Fire! Orchestra

For those who haven't heard of Fire! Orchestra what you need to do is imagine a big band willing to channel all its resources into one thing: weight. Their previously resources have been heftier than most most metal releases, and though they've trimmed down from 28 to 14 members for Arrival it doesn't make them any less potent. Sublime in the way that music so rarely is. On Rune Grammofon.

Flying Lotus

Fresh off making people throw up in the cinema with Kuso, Flying Lotus is back at it again with his latest album Flamagra. As always, the album is a frenetic maelstrom of hip-hop, R&B, jazz, soul, funk, beats, and whatever else Mr Lotus managed to put on between joints. He's also managed to fit in enough guests for a decent music festival with Solange, Tierra Whack and George Clinton appearing as well as lots (and lots) more.

The Blanc Tapes

Limited edition 6xLP box-set of the first three studio albums by English synth-pop artists Blancmange, originally released on CD only a couple of years back. Remastered and packaged in three 2xLP albums, each of Happy Families (1982), Mange Tout (1984) and Believe You Me (1985) come with bonus tracks, demos and extended versions. 

Gary Davis
A Taste Of Chocolate (The Very Best Of)

Working since the 1980s Gary Davis' career has covered everything from disco to hip hop to house. A Taste Of Chocolate compiles some of his best work, as chosen by the man himself. Of the lot, probably best known is the sensual banger 'Gotta Get Your Love', whose whispered lyrics will send a shiver down the collective spine of any dancefloor. 

Marlon Williams
Live at Auckland Town Hall

Marlon Williams used to be the boyfriend of fellow NZ singer/songwriter Aldous Harding. Since their split both of their careers have been on the up and they both seem to release new records around the same time. Williams’ latest piece of wax is Live At Auckland Town Hall. It was recorded when Williams returned home following a massive world tour. An emotional night with an artist showing a home crowd what he’d learned on the road. LP and CD on Dead Oceans.


First-time re-issue of the 1988 debut 12” single from Lhasa, the brainchild of German ‘New Beat’ pioneer Alain Raes, featuring four bonus tracks. Combining the pulse of Detroit techno with the chilliness of film-noir soundtracks, ‘Acetabularia’ and its B-side ‘Acetatechno’ both contained samples from classic satirical movie ‘Dr. Strangelove…’. 

Camera Obscura
My Maudlin Career

My Maudlin Career was the fourth (and to date penultimate) album by Scottish pop people Camera Obscura originally released in 2009.  Their cinematic Northern Soul-influenced indie-pop has only gained traction in the intervening years and following the tragic death of founding member Carey Lander, the band have tentatively started to play shows again. What better time then for a re-issue.  

Justin Townes Earle
The Saint Of Lost Causes

Being the son of a respected songwriter and being partly named in honour of another must put pressure on you. Justin Townes Earle seems to be coping okay though (these days). The Saint of Lost Causes is his eighth album. Songs of American communities are plenty: ordinary lives in extraordinary circumstances. On New West.

Steve Marino

Fluff is the debut solo album by Steve Marino. He is, however, an accomplished singer/songwriter who has been releasing albums under the Moor Hound moniker for the last decade. Reasons for his name change seem to, oddly perhaps, point to the fact he is now collaborating with producer Ben Lumsdaine.  Fans of Cass McCombs, Damien Jurado and Sun Kil Moon will enjoy this. LP and CD on Darling.

The Flaming Lips
King's Mouth

King’s Mouth is The Flaming Lips fifteenth album. It is named after, and based on, Wayne Coyne’s mind-bending art installation. According to Coyne, it comes from the same nucleus as the band’s live performances. Needless to say, it’s a typically odd/beautiful mix of sounds and words. Mick Jones of The Clash keeps popping up and narrating bits of it too.

Joan As Police Woman
Live At The BBC

That's a really small bath. Was that bath at the BBC? It looks only about big enough to bathe Paul Daniels in. Anyway this is a collection of songs Joan As Policewoman songs recorded at the hallowed halls of Auntie for various shows on 6 Music. Shows off Joan Wasser's smooth but knotty dance pop tracks at their best.
  • Vinyl LP (PIASR1085LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
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All Your Sisters
Trust Ruins

Jordan Morrison has been through it. Over the past few years he’s experienced deaths of both family and friends, got engaged and had his brain fried from working as a paramedic. That’s a lot to process, and he does that through the monolithic industrial post-punk of his All Your Sisters project. Trust Ruins, the third All Your Sisters LP, is a white-knuckle ride through Gothic EBM and synth-punk that’s made all the more overwhelming for Morrison’s pained, caustic vocals. Think The Soft Moon and Nitzer Ebb.

Hayden Thorpe

It was commendable that the Wild Beasts split up when they did but the concern is...what will happen to the other two? The singers should be ok. I assume the low-voiced one will make a solo album in time but first out the blocks is the high-voiced one also known as Hayden Thorpe. His voice is so distinctive that it's going to sound like the Wild Beasts but a listen to early tracks reveals a soft sophistication and haunted balladry.      

Weird Omen
Surrealistic Feast

Weird Omen are a trashy garage/rock ‘n’ roll band from France. Whilst they don’t like to be compared to other bands, and generally can’t be compared, mentioning bands such as Morphine, New York no wavers James Chance and The Contortions, The Kinks and The Cramps may give you a useful insight into what you’re about to hear. Surrealistic Feast is their third album. LP and CD on Dirty Water.

Burden Of Sight

Burden Of Sight is the debut album by Oakland, California black/death metal troupe, Vale. The band display their dismay at the various imbalances in their hometown through guttural screams, howls, roars and riffs. It is also worth pointing out that the bass player is called Thaddeus Perkins. It was recorded by Greg Wilkinson who has previously worked with High On Fire and Autopsy, among others. On The Flenser.

Terence Fixmer
The Swarm EP

Terence Fixmer is back on NovaMute for his latest EP. The Swarm, features the first tracks Fixmer made with his Roland System 100, allowing him to create something that is just as pure in its intent as it is its execution. Minimal techno of the sort that recalls Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann. As inventive as always.
  • Vinyl 12" (12NOMU186)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
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Mike Donovan
Exurbian Quonset

Right so here’s the thing - since Tyga released his smash hit ‘Rack City’ back 2011, whenever this particular Norman Records™ poundo’flesh comes across an LP released on Drag City he immediately starts singing the song in his head. This is unfortunate not because he doesn’t care for ‘Rack City’ (au contraire), but more because he now finds it hard to take anything released on the esteemed indie-rock imprint seriously. For instance, how about Mike Donovan’s third solo LP Exurbian Quonset. It’s an album of excellent leftfield garage-fuzz from the former Sic Alps fellow, but no matter how many times this thing gets spun it’s still ‘ten ten ten twenties’ this and ‘fresher than a [redacted] peppermint’ that.

Faye Webster
Atlanta Millionaires Club

Faye Webster takes her influences from disparate genres to make what is ostensibly country music. The album is pedal steel-heavy, just like any self-respecting country album should be, but her pedal steel influence came from the most unexpected of places - Aaliyah. Influences from folk music and the Atlanta hip-hop scene all feed into her debut album, Atlanta Millionaires Club. On Secretly Canadian.

Positive Disintegration

Last heard from during Blackest Ever Black’s Berlin Years, it’s post-punk/wave quartet Diät. Two Australians and two Germans are responsible for these negotiations of gnashing despair, whose mood seems only to have declined since 2015’s Positive Energy. Nice classic, dismally deeply dreary p-p sound.
  • Vinyl LP (BLACKEST076)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Amyl and the Sniffers
Amyl and the Sniffers

Self-titled debut album from Australian punk newcomers Amyl and the Sniffers, who have been known to hit the road harder than most. You gotta wonder what exactly a person has to do to be worth of the title 'sniffer. I'm sure Amyl has the answers. Features previously released singles ‘Monsoon Rock’, ‘Cup of Destiny’ and ‘Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled)’. 
  • Vinyl LP (RT0064LPE)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

Luka Productions

Luka Productions is Malian producer, Luka Guindo. Falaw is his follow-up to 2017’s Fasokan. It sees him blending West African hip-hop and folktronica. He also blends the traditional and the modern with African storytellers, or Griots being backed by Luka’s synth work and Ngonis, a traditional stringed instrument, soloing over sampled beats. LP and CD on Sahel Sounds. CD includes two exclusive tracks.

Olden Yolk
Living Theatre

Olden Yolk hit us square in the eye with their self titled debut last year. Some lovely watery sounds there.. I'm talking the Feelies and early Yo La Tengo you know. So all is set for their second album proper which has seen the former Quilt duo relocate to sunny Los Angeles where the warm day vibes with hopefully infiltrate their guitar pop sound.       

Full Upon Her Burning Lips

Dylan Carlson looks older all of a sudden. Mind you, Earth have been putting out records for some 30 years and, to be honest, I’m probably remembering what he looked like from a picture in 1991. Anyway, this is the new album pre-grunge metal duo Earth and it’s called Full Upon Her Burning. LP and CD on Sargent House.
  • Vinyl Double LP (SH209LPIX)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

Black Mountain

Stephen McBean from Canadian psych-rockers Black Mountain learned to drive recently. This has inspired him to call the band’s new album Destroyer, their fifth, after a Dodge Destroyer built in 1985 when McBean was at the age he was originally eligible to learn. By all accounts, he is now a bit of a boy racer. On Jagjaguwar.
  • Vinyl LP (JAG340LP-C1)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Vinyl LP (JAG340LP-C2)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Act Surprised

Take a look at these grizzled men. Those are the sort of rough hewn looks that only come after years dedicated to lo-fi guitar rock. Yup Sebadoh are back with their first album since 2013s Defend Yourself. With classic original line up in place they return with 15 further dysfunctional college rock tunes harking back to their '90s heyday.
New in: Friday 17th May 2019

Amsterdam 211

The trio Tajak spent time in Amsterdam 211 to construct this here debut full-length album. Each tracks creates a kind of space / headspace of its own for the listener to dwell inside, most of them with a slightly musty, introverted feel. Tajak have a krautrock feel for texture and rhythm, and play very well with tension and release. Out on Dirty Filthy Records.

Black Peaches
Fire In The Hole

Second album from sonic globetrotters Black Peaches, fronted by Hot Chip and sometime Scritti Politti member Rob Smaughton. Following in the footsteps of 2016 debut, Fire In The Hole promises more virtuosic musicianship and blending of genres and eras, ranging from country and rock to funk and tropicalia. 

Klaus Schulze
Next of Kin

The deep library that is Klaus Schulze’s catalogue grows a little larger with this release, which answers the question that many Shulze-heads have asked over the years: did he create an original soundtrack to the 1982 film Next Of Kin? In fact he did, though the score was never used or heard… Until now! This thought-lost music has been brought back, remastered, and presented to us at last. Via The Roundtable.

Elizabethan Collar

No doubt about it: an elegant euphemism for a pet cone makes for an excellent namesake. This is the first Elizabethan Collar material since their 2014 and 2015 cassettes for stylish experimental electronics imprint /\\Aught. It picks up precisely where those two left off with several cuts of mid-fi minimal electronics, often built around gritty, modulated sequences.

Smuggler Brothers

This one's for the fans of the hot new things, 'library music'. Smuggler Brothers are from Sicily, and so are perfectly pitched to draw from Italy's rich history of library music, while incorporating influences from all the cultures who touch the mediterranean. Musione is progressive-funk that's not afraid to give itself over to other musical traditions. 

Higher Intelligence Agency & Biosphere
Birmingham Frequencies

In 1996, Biosphere (Geir Jenssen) and Higher Intelligence Agency (Bobby Bird) released an influential concert recording of live ambient soundscaping and chilled electronics atop a mountain in ’sphere’s home town of Tromsø. Did you know that the pair would go on to repeat the process in HIA’s home city of Birmingham? You probably did. With a distinctly more urban feel for obvious reasons, Birmingham Frequencies is every bit as excellent as its predecessor.

Ekin Fil

A new Ekin Fil, this time on Sweden’s Possible Motive. Throughout 32 minutes and eight songs, Ekin Üzeltüzenci laces sodden, pensive guitar and electronics with reverberating vocal layers. While bound to awaken comparisons with the likes of Grouper, it’s clearly produced by different means. The mournful, uneasy procession of ‘Stay Severed’ is a brilliant highlight.

Shafiq Husayn
The Loop

Shafiq Husayn is one well-connected dude, with the cream of Los Angeles’ alternative bass music scene joining him for his new album The Loop. Thundercat plays some bass, Kamasi Washington brings his royal jazz, and Erykah Badu and Anderson .Paak feature on a track each. An essential scene-overview through the prism of one man’s creativity.

Alessandro Alessandroni
Prisma Sonoro

The late Italian composer, multi-instrumentalist and whistler Alessandro Alessandroni is best-known for his work with childhood pal Ennio Morricone. However, Alessandroni was also a prodigious artist in his own right, coming up with dozens of film and library albums during his lifetime. 1974’s micro-press LP Prisma Sonoro is one of the finest examples of Alessandroni’s oeuvre, a record of woozily beautiful cinema-jazz that is not dissimilar to Henry Mancini’s finest work. Now Prisma Sonoro has been remastered and reissued through The Roundtable.

Only The Appraiser

Aasthma is the duo of Par Grindvik and Peder Mannerfelt, back with a new 12” and a new eponymous label. Only The Appraiser is techno with serious sound design credentials, with lots of intense and interesting abstract elements to get sucked into. Single-sided, highly-limited 12” release.

Don Cherry
Brown Rice

Imagine having a name as cool as Don Cherry! Anyway, Eagle Eye’s dad and Neneh's stepdad wasn’t just cool by name, he played a mean jazz trumpet too. Brown Rice is a 1975 album that fuses jazz, rock, indian, African and Arabic sounds. What’s more it features Charlie Haden on wah-wah bass! Reissue LP on Blue Note.

Triple Negative
Precious Waste in our Wake

Collectively hailing from New Zealand, Germany and Romania but forming in London, Precious Waste In Our Wake is the debut full-length effort from Triple Negative. Nominally occupying the much-respected ‘rock’ category, this trio make music far too chaotic, complex and humorous to really fit comfortably anywhere. 

Com Truise
Persuasion System

Los Angeles based Com Truise returns to Ghostly International for his follow up to 2017’s Iteration. This mini LP see the producer take a re-approach to his craft, taking a fresh palette of sounds and techniques whilst retaining his signature 80s/VHS warmth, and of course the Linn Drum is still highly prevalent.

The House Of Love
She Paints Words In Red

Although the 2014 era version of the House of Love was sonically very unlike the original band there are still plenty of merits in what they produced. The sound was a bright, melodic form of indie with plenty of nods to the Velvet Underground. She Paints Words In Red is the second post reformation album and it is a right toe tapper.     

Ryuichi Sakamoto - performed by Brussels Philharmonic and conducted by Dirk Brossé
Music for Film

Ryuichi Sakamoto has a hell of a repertoire when it comes to film soundtracks, so it is only right and proper that he was honoured by the Brussels Philharmonic at the World Soundtrack Awards this year. This suite of Sakamoto’s finest accompaniments stretches from the classic ‘Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence’ right up to ‘The Revenant’, all newly performed. 

Mikey Dread
At The Control Dubwise

New edition of some golden age dub from the legendary Mikey Dread. 1979’s At The Control Dubwise saw Dread dubbing his debut solo LP Dread At The Controls. Forged in the fires of the legendary Channel One Studios, the cast list for At The Control Dubwise runs to Augustus Pablo, Sly & Robbie and Earl Smith. On Music On Vinyl.

One Time for Your Mind

ewon12bit is a Finnish producer who makes his music from vinyl samples, analogue tapes and some classic equipment. His sample-based hip-hop harks back to the golden age of hip-hop in the early ‘90s. One Time For Your Mind is an album of laid back beats à la NYC back in the day. I hope he gets to visit New York one day. LP on Phatventures.

Carl Craig
Detroit Love Vol. 2

After kicking off his Detroit Love series with a mix from Stacey Pullen, head-honcho Carl Craig is the one who steps up to bat this time around. Detroit Love Vol. 2 goes two ways depending on what format you pick. The CD is a mix that features some of Craig’s favourite tunes both old and new - rare gems from the likes of Ectomorph sit alongside cuts by Octave One, Mr. G and Craig himself. Eight of the choicest morsels make it to vinyl in their full, unmixed form - this includes exclusives from Claude Von Stroke and C2/DJ Minx as well as first-time-in-ages vinyl outings for Ectomorph and Rhythim Is Rhythim.

Family of Remixes

They are a rather good band Teleman. Nice and winsome with a krauty edge. I'm not sure how suited they are to the remix format but this CD only round up of all the remixes commissioned for their latest album Family of Aliens may give us some idea. I've barely heard of a name on it but presumably this is because all are London tastemaker type artists. Might bring an added electronic pulse to their nice sounds though.  

Mahatma X
A Mobtown Suite Vol. II

This MALK kid, eh? Fresh from winning our Album Of The Year with 'Death From A Love', here he returns with his future-legendary hip-hop trio Mahatma X and a welcome follow-up to the acclaimed A Mobtown Suite Vol 1. Volume 2 carries on from where Volume 1 left off, but puts it in technicolour adding an incredible array of loops and beats creating a sound collage of dusty beats, Avalanches-like magpie enthusiasm and haunting nods to the golden age of hip-hop.
New in: Thursday 16th May 2019

Not Glass (Not Waving & Jay Glass Dubs)

Not Glass is the sonic space where Jay Glass Dubs and Not Waving, two of the most interesting producers around right now, join their two vibes together. Conversations about philosophers and Southern Europe inspired Forma, which feels like a real meeting of minds rather than a random team-up. These guys are doing some of their best work together. Out on Ecstatic.
New in: Wednesday 15th May 2019


No-fi post-industrial cassette synthpop from Berlin’s Omen, a.k.a. Hannah S. Elbowing their way through walls of grit and murk, the songs dwell on – what else? – life under late capitalism. Among many other things, hedonism, nihilism, uncertainty, disorientation and decline all get a lyrical look in. Highlights are the languidly looping ‘My Baby’ and the beautifully distorted ‘Call From U’.

Great Dad
Great Dad

Great Dad are an electronic duo from London with a DIY aesthetic. Their weird electronic sounds are met with vocals that have been through all sorts of manipulation. What we can draw from this self-titled, self-released cassette is that good or bad, everything seems to balance out in the end. The pair also have another, guitar orientated band, Worm Hears.

The Phonometrician

The Phonometrician is the name under which Mexican film score composer, and generally very talented bloke, Carlos Morales, records. Mnemosyne is an album built on finger-picked classical/folk-tinged guitar patterns. As Morales has so many strings to his bow, however, there’s a lot more going on here.

The National
I Am Easy To Find

Album number 8 from Ohio success story The National. I Am Easy To Find is not just an album, it's also a short film directed by Mike Mills - the guy who directed 20th Century Women, not the R.E.M bassist. Mills co-produced the album with the band. It includes guest performances from a whole host of artists including Sharon Van Etten and Lisa Hannigan. 

Nothing Great About Britain

Grime up-and-comer slowthai could be a big fan of mid-2000’s indie also-rans The Holloways - there’s a chance that Nothing Great About Britain is titled after the ‘Generator’ group’s 2006 LP So This Is Great Britain?. Mind you, that’s pretty much where the similarities between the acts end. The Northampton MC goes hard on his debut full-length, blending the sharp-tongued fury of early Dizzee Rascal with the observational nous of Mike Skinner. Probably the start of something.


Extremely lovely thing from Ilm here. The first thing you notice about Gaya is that it comes in some delightful handmade packaging which designers Ian Hazeldine and Daniel Crossley have clearly spent plenty of time crafting. Gaya’s music is equally lovely, a combination of ambient textures and piano and found sounds that recall the film-scoring work of Nick Cave & Warren Ellis.

Let Yourself Be Seen

Toronto trio Doomsquad are here with their third album Let Yourself Be Seen, a funky engagement with the world as it is (climate change, Instagram et al). For music made by three siblings, its impressive and great that this album is so sexy, with a fun / funky party pulse backing each track. Dancefloor utopianism on Bella Union.

Pete Um
As You Were

Rather bizarre one-person wonk from Cambridge confounder and Ergo Phizmiz & Friends member Pete Um. Accompanied by electronics that sound at times as if powered by a potato found behind the communal cooker (and at other times unmistakably contemporary in style), Pete’s lovably old-fashioned vocals tackle self-analysis of a surreal - if modest - sort along with other diverse subjects.

Siobhan Wilson
The Departure

Stirring and gorgeous fare from Scottish singer-songwriter Siobhan Wilson here. The Departure flits between folk, acoustic balladry and rock in a manner that recalls Wilson’s fellow Scots Camera Obscura, Idlewild and Frightened Rabbit. Lyrically The Departure finds Wilson addressing issues of identity, feminism and the natural world.

Holly Herndon

Like it or lump it, A.I. and other forms of automation are playing increasing roles in everyday human life. It’ll be good and bad, but it won’t be stopped. Tech pop boffin Holly Herndon’s newun PROTO looks to the exciting and optimistic possibilities of ensuring such changes are on human terms. The tracks were created with assistance from her specially trained A.I., Spawn. Attabot, Spawn. **All pre-orders will go into a hat to win a test pressing or two tickets to see her live at the Barbican** 

Alex Lahey
The Best Of Luck Club

Endearing and accessible guitar-driven pop written largely in Nashville. Alex Lahey touches personal turmoil but with a welcoming ear, as track titles like ‘Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself’ suggest. Lahey uses songwriting to empathise, to relate her own lived experience to the listener in a open and accepting way.  

Atsushi Izumi
Verdigris EP

Osaka based Atsushi Izumi knows how to channel his background in sound design into creating truly potent and destructive techno. Just as capable of using drawn out synths to create tension, as he is in using noisy, fractured drums to detonate said tension. Verdigris EP is pain and pleasure and released by Thrènes Records.

The Raconteurs
Consolers Of The Lonely

In 2008 The Raconteurs' legendary second album was released. 'Consolers of the Lonely' is a diverse exploration of modern rock music, including horn sections, murder ballads, and punky vocals, all tied together by the guitar playing of that bloke from the White Stripes. Released on Third Man Records, this is a must-have for fans of blues, rock 'n' roll, and guitars. 

Guided By Voices
Warp and Woof

And Another! As Alan Partridge might say. Warp And Woof is Guided By Voices’ ultra-speedy follow-up to February’s double offering, Zeppelin Over China. Robert Pollard and co. have taken their already prolific nature and turbo charged it. This one prides itself on cramming lots of songs into less that 40 minutes, a similar feat to the band’s ‘90s classic Alien Lanes. Let's hope it matches it in quality too. On Guided By Voices Inc.

Every Night They Hack Off A Limb

7” single released on Jack White’s Third Man Records from Los Angeles-based Oozelles (fka Fake News). Consisting of members of Warpaint, Sex Stains and Jail Weddings, ‘Every Night They Hack Off a Limb’ is a breakneck thriller of bizarro punk, and B-side ‘Human Trafficking’ contrasts by going in a soulful direction. 


Described by Bandcamp Daily in 2017 as “[potentially] The Weirdest Musician In Sweden Right Now”, it’s ShitKid a.k.a., Stockholm’s Åsa Söderqvist, back with Album Two for PNKSLM. [DETENTION] finds Söderqvist and bandmate Lina Ericsson bashing out a suite of pop punk tunes themed around the trials and tribulations of secondary school. Titles include 'SuMmEr BrEak' and 'Grown-ups are KIDS'. WEIRD!
  • Vinyl LP (PNKSLM063)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

Griot Galaxy

Griot Galaxy painted their faces silver, read poetry at their gigs and played oddball jazz. Kins, their 1982 masterpiece,  is one of those much sought-after, legendary rare albums, made more rare by the fact that 1800 copies of the original pressing were accidentally binned. The Detroit band had the spirit of John Coltrane and Sun Ra coursing through their veins.

Live at Third Man Records

AJJ used to be known as Andrew Jackson Jihad. They’re a folk punk band from Arizona led by the duo of Sean Bonnette and Ben Gallaty. They have a revolving door policy for the rest of the band. Their live shows are frenetic affairs with air-punching anthems, of which, their loyal fan base know every word. Live At Third Man captures their live magic perfectly.

Guitar Wolf

Guitar Wolf have been ripping a noisy and chaotic hole in the world of garage rock for over 30 years. They could be described as noisier, faster Jon Spencer Blues Explosion who sing in Japanese. They’ve not been shy of the odd cover cover version the years, Eddie Cochran’s 'Summertime Blues' perhaps being their most famous. On their new album LOVE&JETT they opt for the Spencer Davis Group hit 'Gimme Some Lovin’'.

A Fine Mess

It's not like Interpol to be able to come up with a title for any of their records - they were possibly watching the Laurel and Hardy film when they came up with this one. It was recorded during time spent with Dave Fridmann (big drum alert) while they were in the middle of their Big World Tour and serves as a mini snapshot of where the band find themselves post Marauder.   

Space Cats
Something New

I won't lie, I was a bit disappointed to find this artwork did not feature actual cats. Instead there's the equally exciting five-person South African disco crew Space Cats. On Something New, first released in 1981, the Cats create absolutely unrelenting disco songs that are catchy and heartfelt. Reissue on Cultures Of Soul.

Skulls & Plants

Greek artists Panagiotis Melidis (Larry Gus) and Stathis Kalatzis (Mr. Statik) have recently joined forces as Territroy (yes, it's meant to be spelled like that). Their debut LP Skulls & Plants has emerged through Dekmantel’s UFO offshoot, the more out-there arm of the label that has also fronted work by Randomer and Anthony Parasole. This is a set of highly idiosyncratic electronic compositions that synthesise techno, leftfield hip-hop, loops, drone and a bunch of other strange styles. The resulting blend makes Skulls & Plants come across like a mix of Muslimgauze, RAMZi and The Future Sound Of London.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DKMNTL-UFO8)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Drax Trilogy

Drax is clearly not one to disguise his intentions. How much more obvious can you get than naming a track 'Amphetamine'. This, the Drax Trilogy, is a trio of acid tracks that slap so hard and so fast your cheeks will feel sore from just listening to them. This is music by someone supremely confident in their craft. On AFU Limited.
  • Vinyl 12" (AFUltd.X3)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Sun Ra
Media Dreams

Sun Ra captured in quartet mode during a 1978 stay in Italy. John Gilmore, Luqman Ali and Michael Ray were the sidemen, and the combination of a smaller-than-Arkestra ensemble and a ’string synthesizer’ keyboard called the Crumar Mainman (only used by Ra for this year) opens up some intriguing and unusual territory within the Sun Ra oeuvre. On Art Yard.

Hieroglyphic Being
A Synthetic Love Life Vol 1

Hieroglyphic Being aka Jamal Moss has one of the most distinctive style of anyone working in electronic music today. On A Synthetic Love Life Vol 1 (the first of nine) is Moss at his best. Acid techno that's detailed and frenetic in a way that only one Aphex Twin can match. Moss is also a master of polyrhythms, on these four tracks they spiral out like fractals. 

Dark Star
Cryonics: 1989 - 1992

Dark Star, aka Wolfgang Reffert and his cabinet of synth-space dreams, gets an excellent and much-deserved retrospective treatment from the Knekelhuis label. Cryonics: 1989 - 1992 makes a deep dive into the Dark Star catalogue and presents the nine finest cuts for us to enjoy. Cold and spacey and technoid and worthy of rediscovery.
  • Vinyl Double LP (KH022)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Harry Mosco
Peace & Harmony

Excellent reissue from Isle Of Jura here. The late Harry Mosco was singer of The Funkees, perhaps the definitive funk and boogie group of 1970’s Lagos (no mean feat!). His 1979 solo LP Peace & Harmony leans more heavily into the NYC disco style that had started to permeate Nigeria’s music scene at the time. It’s a great move - Peace & Harmony is an album full prime-time club killers.
  • Vinyl LP (ISLELP 004)
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Riding For A Fall

Riding For A Fall is the second D.K. release on Antinote in quick succession. This EP picks up where March’s Mystic Warrior left off. ‘Voices’ and ‘Shoubuari (Battle)’ are both high-energy deep house tracks that incorporate Balearic pads and arpeggio-melodies. The effect is of a Music From Memory drop played slightly too fast. Riding For A Fall rounds out with its title track, a slow and dubby delight that now sounds like a Music From Memory drop played slightly too slow.

SFV Acid
Fire Zone

Every summer Los Angeles is subject to destructive forest fires that force people to flee from their homes. For the city's residents, this is something that must weigh on them, as it does on SFV Acid. His latest album Fire Zone (released by Ekster) contains drum 'n' bass and acid tracks that offer hope and resilience in the face of such tragedy.


As they did the first time around, Lullabies For Insomniacs (TV Victor, Million Brazilians) provide a home for Garland’s second LP. The Glasgow-Cologne twosome create an ultra-hazed drone racket on #2, one that takes in dub and industrial music and whatever the hell kind of thing you call Hype Williams. Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement’s another of #2’s close companions.
  • Vinyl LP (LFI 016)
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Yu Su
泉出通川为谷 / Roll With The Punches

Chinese-Canadian artist Yu Su drops a five-track EP, titled 泉出通川为谷 / Roll With The Punches. Developed largely out of live performances from last year, and featuring two collaborations with Vancouver-based artists. The Chinese symbols of the first half of the title are an ancient proverb roughly translating as ‘The Spring flows over plains and The Valley is born’. 

My Girlfriend
Apron EP

My Girlfriend - try saying it like Borat says ‘my wife!’ - are a precocious house duo from Brazil. One of them, Ben Sallum, started work on the Apron EP when he was just 15 years old. This six-track set compiles some of the jams Sallum and his partner Pedro Zopelar have laid down in the past three years. Luxurious, velvety deep house that’s not dissimilar to the output of Apron boss Steven Julien (aka Funkineven). My Girlfriend!
  • Vinyl 12" (APRON36)
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The Flying Lizards
The Secret Dub Life Of The Flying Lizards

Here's an interesting one. You'll know the Flying Lizards for their smash interpretation of Barrett Strong's 'Money' and an even better (if less successful take on James Brown's 'Sex Machine'). But behind the post-modern fun was a group of well renowned experimental musicians led by David Cunningham. This album was recorded in 1978 but not released until 1995 and features Cunningham 'remixing' tracks recorded in Jamaica by Jah Lloyd - a fact made more difficult in that Cunningham was only given a mono master tape to work with.       
New in: Tuesday 14th May 2019

Not Somewhere

Siskiyou is essentially Colin Huebert who was once a member of Great Lake Swimmers. His latest album, Not Somewhere, has taken a while to put together. This was mainly due to him relocating across Canada from Vancouver to Toronto. He’d written and recorded skeletal versions of the songs in Vancouver. Once settled in Toronto he got together with cellist Rebecca Foon, Joseph Shabason and JP Carter (Destroyer) to add some magic dust. The music veers between The Velvet Underground, Elephant 6 collective and subdued folk. On Constellation.

The Ballet
Matchy Matchy

The Ballet hail from New York. Matchy Matchy is their fourth album following a pair of self-released recordings and I Blame Society which was released on Fortuna Pop! Musically, they take their cues from pop and indie music from ‘60s to the ‘90s. Lyrically they explore same sex relationships and experiences. On Fika.


Released early in 2018 and named The Guardian’s world music album of the year, BCUC’s sophomore record Emakhosini gets a re-issue on CD and vinyl. Recorded in Lyon at the height of summer 2017 in a series of one-take sessions, it’s an intoxicating mix of funk, jazz, hip-hop and punk attitude. On Buda Musique.

Max Richter
Never Look Away (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Already binged your way through both Deutschland 83 and Deutschland 86? Then you might wish to try Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s 2018 flick Never Look Away, another masterpiece of contemporary cinema that sees Germany coming to terms with its past. It was was nominated for two Academy Awards you know. Max Richter did the score in his classic nicey-nicey cine-strings style, and his Never Look Away OST is what we have for you here.
  • Vinyl Double LP (4837053)
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The sophomore LP from Ariwo arrives on Manana Records. Though the core Ariwo unit are based in London, Quasi is a globalised affair - the band claim Cuban, Iranian and Canadian heritage. Their screwball, jazz-inflected electronics has a similarly wide-ranging feel to it. Moses Boyd and Emma Jean Thackray come to mind. Quasi features guest appearances from Joe-Armon Jones, Binker Golding and more.

The Heavy

Bath's The Heavy are one of those bands you know songs by but didn’t realise it. The best example is probably their song 'How You Like Me Now' from 2009 which seems to be everywhere on TV and film. Sons is their fifth album and like their other material, happily blends funk, hard rock and soul. On BMG.

The Head and The Heart
Living Mirage

American indie-folksters The Head and The Heart return with their fourth studio album. Recorded in legendary locations connected with the Great American Songbook, including the Joshua Tree National Park and studios in Nashville and L.A., Living Mirage is a series of “vignettes” of ennui and redemption, according to lead singer Jon Russell. 

David Bowie
Clareville Grove Demos

Doesn’t he look young? Parlophone’s covetous pursuit of early Bowie demos follows Spying Through a Keyhole with a new triple 7” set of unheard 1969 recordings. Recorded with John Hutchinson, the mono tunes are packaged in a mimicry of Bowie’s hand-scrawled demo submission sleeves.
  • Vinyl 7" box set (0190295495060)
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David Bowie
Boys Keep Swinging

The David Bowie re-issue fest continues with a 40th anniversary re-press of Boys Keep Swinging. The track was the first single to be taken from his then current Lodger album and here contains I Pray, Ole on the B Side a track unreleased since the Lodger re-issue. Picture Disc shows a nice pic of Dave singing.  

Red Channel
Crazy Diamonds

Come on Red Channel! Come on Upset the Rhythm! Come on you Crazy Diamonds! This 7" EP features four tracks that show off the band's post-punk experimentation, all brought together under the harmonies of their twin vocalists. Though a bassline is always present, the rest of the instrumentation leaves Red Channel ethereal enough that they might just float away.

Fu Manchu
Godzilla's/Eatin' Dust +4

Californian stoners Fu Manchu have dusted off a couple of classic EPs, combined them and added some previously unreleased early recordings. Godzilla’s and Eatin' Dust were two of the band’s most popular 10” singles due to fan favourites such as 'Mongoose' and 'Eatin’ Dust'. The four previously unreleased tracks include three tracks that were recorded for 1997’s The Action Is Go and a cover of 'Jailbreak', originally by Thin Lizzy. On At The Dojo.
New in: Thursday 9th May 2019

Big Thief

Those of you that worried Big Thief were over when Adrianne Lenker released her solo album last year worry no more. Firstly, she’s done that before y’know, and secondly, here’s the band’s third album U.F.O.F.  Apparently the last F stands for friend as if that info means it make sense. Anyway, you know this lot are a decent band - they’ve shown it twice before, so let’s not let an album title get between us and the music! LP and CD on 4AD. **All pre-orders go into a hat to win a test pressing!** 


POW! release their fourth LP via Castle Face (Thee Oh Sees, Damaged Bug and all those other John Dwyer-type ventures). Shift is, you know, garage rock and that. Guitars are loud, tubs are thumped, vocals are shouted, that sort of thing. Shift's tunes are short and sharp and everyone seems to be going about things with a sense of fun. Job’s a good’un.

Nathan Micay
Blue Spring

After a couple of EPs for Whities and ESP Institute back in 2018, Nathan Micay (formerly Bwana) comes through with his debut LP. Blue Spring is a record of melodic and forceful club fare that hits the sweet-spot between techno, hardcore, jungle, trance etc. The hybridised sound of tracks like 'The Party We Could Have' recalls Future Sound Of London and Special Request. Vinyl editions of Blue Spring also come with a comic!
New in: Wednesday 8th May 2019


Drums? Tick. Bass? Tick. Reverby vocals? Tick. Yes yes, looks like we've got ourselves a classic case of the no-waves. Nots are now a three piece, having shed a synth player since their last record. This makes 3 an incredibly cold record, one that is anchored by its rhythms and liberated by its lyricism. On Upset The Rhythm. 

Craig Leon
Anthology Of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 2: The Canon

Craig Leon (who produced the first Ramones and Suicide albums!) revisits the ideas he established on his 80s records. Along with regular collaborator Cassell Webb, Leon explores the abstract and the alien to near euphoric effect. Anthology Of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 2: The Canon has been a long time coming. It was worth the wait. On RVNG Intl.
New in: Tuesday 7th May 2019

Rosie Lowe

Second studio album from British star Rosie Lowe, who almost perfectly defines the distinctly squidgy term ‘indietronica’. YU, arriving three years after her debut Control, sees her back with producer Dave Okumu and calling in favours from all manner of collaborators from electronica to jazz - Floating Points and The Comet Is Coming’s Shabaka Hutchings, to name just a couple. 
New in: Friday 3rd May 2019

Kedr Livanskiy
Your Need

Russian producer Kedr Livansky has released some great dark ambient techno records so far. On her new LP Your Need we can hear her opening up to a broader range of genres. Dub, house, and even reggaeton beats get her typical work-over. Think lots of delayed vocals and distorted kicks that sound like eerie rows of Russian apartment buildings covered in low-hanging fog.
New in: Monday 11th March 2019

People Under The Stairs
Sincerely, The P

After 21 years making some fine DIY hip-hop, L.A. duo People Under The Stairs deliver their twelfth and final album, Sincerely, The P. Despite the old skool sounds and lack of bling associated with mainstream hip-hop, Thes One and Double K, remain adamant that they are not an underground group, I am tempted to suggest otherwise. On Piecelock 70.

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