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Northern Shores EP

You know you love that classic Detroit Deepchord sound. Follow Rod Modell on his latest trip into the far reaches of the cosmos, as expressed through sublimely ambient deep house. ...view item »

Luxury Part 2

As the title implies, Deepchord releases another luxurious dub techno 12” of the sound he now basically defines. This second part foregrounds the often subdued Detroit element, pulling clicking high hats and jazz chords out of the swirling mix. Deepchord captures that crisp winter warmth, plus he has ...view item »

Campfire EP

The Campfire is the perfect setting for a certain kind of dubby ambient techno, being a space that allows the ravers to settle back and contemplate. Deepchord naturally has...view item »


Inundated. We’ve been inundated with Deepchord material of late.That ‘Silent World’ soundtrack thing Phil recently went nuts over, this fantastic new album and a forthcoming ‘Summer Night Versions’ 12&rdquo...view item »

Atmospherica Vol. 2

You can count on DeepChord to live up the project name: each of these 3 beat excursions take it down low, the synths and the drum pulses echoing up to the listener as if from the bottom of a cavern. That’s particularly true of the last track, which sounds extra hazy. Atmospherica Vol. 2 is out on the Soma label....view item »

Atmospherica Vol. 1

Deepchord’s recent album Ultraviolet Music is a work of serious dub techno mastery, and it obviously makes sense for a few of those tracks to be given a dancefloor-friendly life of their own on this 12”. Atmospherica Vol. 1 follows on from plenty of releases for Modern Love and echospace [detroit] o...view item »

Slam vs The Black Dog
Slam vs The Black Dog

This 12" has these guys remixing each other. First off old Glasgow heads Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle re-work thee Dog's CCTV Nation track into a slick and polished deep tech-houser, straight up mid tempo 4/4 with mid breakdown. Nothing particularly exciting, rather a functional club tool. Some pretty Detroit-ish sounds twinkling away in...view item »

Ultraviolet Music

Ultraviolet Music is a set of ‘Atmospheric heroin-house’ according to the press release, a pretty unbeatable description. Certainly, the production on these ambient techno jams is such that it, even listening sober, it already feels like these tracks are percolating out from the inside of your mind. Powerful stuff from ...view item »

20 Electrostatic Soundfields

Man you gotta love a bit of Deepchord. When a new album pops up it’s like Christmas without the arguing and mass disappointment. Somewhat bizarrely there are two CD formats for this release and no vinyl as of yet. There’s a standard CD and a limited indies only CD/DVD set which comes in a nice brown ca...view item »

De Wallen

Released just prior to Deepchord’s incredible third album, '20 Electrostatic Soundfields' this is a picture disc containing three tracks. The lead track ‘De Wallen’ is a beauty, full of their typically evocative late night atmospheres, a perfect soundscape for driving through the city at night or on a rain lashed Lancashire bac...view item »

Jeff Derringer
Panic w/ Mike Parker Remix

The latest drop from Glasgee’s Soma is an urgent, upfront set of Chi-Town techno, studiously produced to grand proportions and evidently designed to increase the heart rates of individuals ascending that golden path to cerebral euphoria.  Like the more outgoing counterpart to Rod Modell’s coveted De...view item »

Rotary / Catacoustics

In what is a momentous occasion for Soma Records, we hit the milestone 400th release of the label and who better to see this in than label heads SLAM as they lead up to their new album due to drop this October. Soma are proud to present the double A sided Rotary/Catacoustics. Slam have been locked away in the studio these past months working har...view item »

Woo York
I Am Against

Following their ongoing relationship with Soma Records, Ukrainian duo Woo York are set to release their new record that proves to be somewhat representative of recent dramatic events in their country. Entitled I Am Against, both the main track and the EP itself are referring to the developments that lead to revolutionary struggle of the Ukrainia...view item »

Vector Lovers

Martin Wheeler returns after a two-year hiatus with his Vector Lovers project, here we see him composing an entire album on his iPhone 4, pretty amazing as straight away iPhonica sounds smooth and polished in a way that only a large studio and a lot of money would produce, but then these are modern tim...view item »


How does he do it? The master of deep dub techno strikes again with this wonderful 2 tracker to compliment the recent ‘20 Electrostatic Soundfields’ album. Despite the two tracks sharing the same title they are very, very different interpretations. On side A ‘Luxury 1’ delves deep into some murky underwater type synth wob...view item »

Summer Night Versions

With Rod Modell's Deepchord material there are pretty much two things you can rely on. The first is that there aren't gonna be any massive surprises or huge stylistic shifts and second it's gonna be brilliantly executed. Over the years the Detroit artist has been constantly evolving the Deepchord sound, it just seems to get deeper and...view item »

The Black Dog
Liber Dogma

This is delightful stuff! This Black Dog has squatted tensely and abruptly, and with a shudder has dropped a big hot steaming pile of minimal techno. Guess the obvious comparisons are the early '90s Berlin/Tresor type stuff but with a slight glitchiness to the atmospherics that's not a mi...view item »

Hash-Bar Loops

The title leaves little to the imagination to what this guy gets up to on stag nights over in Amsterdam. This is of course the work of Rod Modell who has been creating some mighty fine dub techno for some years now and is considered by many to be one of the best producers in the current scene. Things begin gently...view item »

Hash-Bar Remnants Pt1

If the main course of the Hash-Bar Loops CD leaves you with the munchies then this is the perfect side order/dessert. Two tracks from the same sessions which are also arguably the most DJ friendly hence this vinyl release. 'Amsterdam Remnant 1' gradually works its way into your subconscious with constant bass loop and deeeeeep dubbed out techno ...view item »

Vector Lovers

Although it seems a preposterous idea initially, a best of Vector Lovers is probably something the world needs in order to remind it of their glacial top notch electro funk. I say 'their' but its really the work of one man, Martin Wheeler who, after designing games for ZX Spectrum, Nintendo etc, turned his talented hand to music in order to prod...view item »

In The Spirit

These Swiss producers deliver the goods with a prime slice of dark minimal house/tech house with pristine production. A clicky number with spaced out vocals, tweaked for the floor with great attention to detail, although it is fairly minimal in essence it is in many ways, a more maximal take on the classic sounds of Perlon, Baby Ford, Soul capsu...view item »

The Black Dog
The Vexing Remixes

Remixes! Let's listen to some! Claro Intellecto kicks it off with an expertly crafted techno groover built for maximum dancefloor slayage. Deep and ever so slightly dubby, it has me thinking of Maurizio and the like. The ever-reliable Redshape takes the baton and runs with it for a typically moody leg, feeding elements in and out with precision tim...view item »

The Black Dog
We Are Sheffield

We Are Sheffield is the latest 12" from Ken Downey's Black Dog, based largely around 'Tunnels Ov Set' from Further Vexations.. He's into Egypt and that isn't he. Cookes' remix is a beauty, with slow motion synapse tickling synth sizzles shifting from speaker to speaker while a crisp technoid beat pounds forth. Bass Soldier puts more focus on the sl...view item »

The Black Dog
Set To Receive

The Black Dog are back on Soma following up the 'Flood' EP with the 'Set To Receive' 12". A 3 track EP which kicks off beautifully with a creepy electro beat and wobbly Skream-esqe bassline. The overall mood is on the darker side with some really sweet synths. Not bad at all. 'EVP Echoes' heads into futuristic neo electro territory and wouldn'...view item »

The Black Dog
Further Vexations

For this techno freak any Black Dog release is welcomed with open ears. I must admit that at first I wasn't entirely convinced with their recent direction although I did really love the Bite Thee Back 12" on Dust Science. Anyway having got over my hangovers of being an oldskool fan I'm digging their recent stuff. They're doing a tight blend of...view item »

The Black Dog
Vexing EP

The Black Dog. Bloomin' love some of their stuff I do. Thought that comeback album on Soma - 'Radio Scarecrow'- was a bit of a duffer but their recent EPs have been boss, including 'Vexing' which is a new 3 tracker on Soma to warm up for the release of new album 'Further Vexations'. '0093' is quite a sweet number, subtle classic techno with a sharp...view item »

The Black Dog

Scotland's Soma imprint have gone and re-released BLACK DOG's 'Virtual' 12". Originally released way back in 1989 this has been a sought after release, as with much of their back catalogue going for ridiculous. I have to say though that it sounds slightly dated and hasn't quite stood the test of time. I'm sure if you heard...view item »

The Black Dog
The Cost

What could be better than eating a fine selection of mini Indian snacks and listening to some timeless early Black Dog. Oh the sheer joy! 'The Cost' has been reissued on Soma. Freshly remastered with a good cut. Sheer heaven. The tracks still sound fresh all these years later. Although these days this stuff is called electronica, back in the day it...view item »

The Black Dog
Detroit Vs Sheffield

Mmmmmm! A 'Detroit Vs. Sheffield' face-off is what The Black Dog have lined up on their new 12" through Soma. I was pretty let down by their last album 'Radio Scarecrow' so this 4 tracker is an entirely welcome bonus. The main track 'Train By the Autobahn' is re-jigged twice by the esteemed Robert Hood, one of the few people on the planet capa...view item »

The Black Dog
Techno Playtime

Following the 'Virtual' 12" and Book Of Dogma 2CD, Soma do the do and re-issue The Black Dog's 'Techno Playtime' on wax. For you seasoned doggers(!) this will need no introduction. Classic early 90's breakbeat techno which layed the foundations for the wave of so called IDM that was to follow. Indeed Apt, Chiba, It Felt Like It, Seers and Sage...view item »

Vector Lovers
Electrobotik Disco

Those cheeky Vector Lovers scamps return with the 2nd 12" on Soma, their new trendy Scottish home. More future electro house rhythms & disembodied vocoder snatches. 'Electrobotik Disco' It's called. Wasn't that the 7" they released on Iwari? There's other tracks recalling the more Vangelis-ey moments o...view item »

The Black Dog
Radio Scarecrow

The Black Dog: Radio Scarecrow (Soma) The latest incarnation of Black Dog continues the legacy of post-techno electronica synonymous with Warp's famous but now defunct series of artificial intelligence recordings pioneered by the likes of Aphex Twin, B12, Autechre and the original line up of Black Dog that included Ed and Andy of Plaid. Withou...view item »

Vector Lovers

York native and Berlin resident Martin Wheeler AKA Vector Lovers 'Raumklang' is a deep techno cut that reminds me of Lil' Louis' classic 'French Kiss'. This guys productions sparkle with a shimmering magic and pristine glow. The track builds with lots of little details creeping into the mix with lush heavenly synths. This would fit nicely into the ...view item »

The Black Dog

The Black Dog: 'Flood V3' (Soma) A new genre develops right under my nose without even a glimmer of acknowledgement from mates or anything. So, Techno Dubstep then, a kinda of bastard mutation of the pace of everyday techno- rolling beats and metallic FX- colliding with the bassline rumbles and dubwise production stylings of Dubstep. It's...view item »

Vector Lovers

Vector Lovers release their 3rd album proper on Soma and they continue in their explorations of all things electronic. 'Afterglow' is an album full of primetime IDM style electronics with dashes of electro and a small thrusping of ambience thrown in for good measure. There's nothing particularly new on here but I think it's consistently good and an...view item »

Vector Lovers
Piano Dust

Vector Lovers: 'Hush Now' (Bitten By Black Dog) (Soma) A three track 12" that covers the gamut of instrumental electro-pop that errs on the side of the melancholic. A solid crunchy beat is the solid frame for a silky, melodic, keyboard line and warm, soft padded strings that flesh out the occasional vocal refrain. The second track is kind of l...view item »

The Black Dog
Book of Dogma

After the 'Virtual' 12" reissue last week from Soma THE BLACK DOG 22 track double CD retrospective of early classic and rare material is with us. Digitally remastered the tracks sound pristine. Long out of print the original records sell for silly money and many are available for the first time on CD. From early breakbeat experimen...view item »

The Black Dog
Riphead EP

The Black Dog now only consist of original member Ken Downie and some other chaps. There is big debate as to who was the innovater in their original line up as Plaid went on to become fairly successfull while Downie just kind of lurked in the shadows but still works under the Black Dog Moniker. Their sound...view item »

My Robot Friend
23 Minutes In Brussels

Remember My Robot Friend had a single out on that lovely Static Caravan label?? Well they've only gone and signed to Soma and released a 7"/12" covering an ole Luna tune called '23 Minutes In Brussels'. It reminds me of the Beta Band (with the voca$ls anyway) with a Goldfrappy type stomp...view item »

Vector Lovers
Vector Lovers

Those Vector Lovers chaps have their debut CDr properly released by Scots deep house label Soma & bar a little tweaking & polishing here & there & a couple of tracks omitted/remixed & possibly replaced by other more clubby cuts (I was listening to the original last night) it still sounds like the chill out cyb...view item »