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K.S. Eden
Passed Beyond

K.S. Eden has a story to tell. He was actually at one of those legendary The Sex Pistols shows at the Lesser Trade Hall in Manchester. Were you? Probably  - everybody was. Anyway it was the attitude rather than the sound that inspired the Stockport-based musician to make his music and these rarely heard recordings have the quiet spindly post-punk sound of the Durutti Column or the Gist. A worthy discovery.  
  • Vinyl LP (STRLP-044)
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Susannah Stark
Time Together (Hues and Intensities)

Fine artist Susannah Stark has been using music increasingly in her artwork, so it was perhaps inevitable that she’d end recording an album. Early rock, pop and folk influences fuse together with reggae, dub and late-80s dance music here, and an interest in vocal improvisation also plays its part in 'Time Together (Hues and Intensities)'. A host of instruments and field recordings create a bass-heavy, percussive and hypnotic LP suited to a number of different spaces. Think Pontiac Streator, Fatima Al Qadiri and The Black Dog as points of comparison.

Eeuwig Op Reis

With a background in artistic endeavours via a thriving artistic community in Rotterdam Sacha Vingerhoeds aka Saskia eventually found her muse making improvisational music with friends. The result was the early '80s recording of Eeuwig Op Rei which roughly translates as Endless Travels. Only about ten of the tapes were made for family and friends only but somehow it found its way into the hands of Stroom who release its contents on a limited 7". Heart melting DIY downer pop for fans of HTRK, Tropic of Cancer and Carla dal Forno.

Adult Fantasies
Towers of Silence

Adult Fantasies are Belgian duo Dirk Seghers and Gerrit Valckanaers as well as being a band you have to Google very carefully. They first met amid the hiss of four track recordings when a producer had accidentally mixed their recordings together. I guess that kinda worked, though, as they now make music fired by emotional response, great stories, imagery and colours, seeing the beginning of the recording process as starting with a blank canvas. Towers of Silence is their new album. On Stroom.

Hessel Veldman
Eigen Boezem

Welcome to the world of home taping - a DIY scene that was big news in the ‘70s & ‘80s musical underground. Hessel Veldman was central to the scene in the Netherlands, creating his own world of lo-fi musical experiments. Eigen Boezem is an LP his key early work compiled by Belgian label Stroom.
  • Vinyl LP (STRLP-040)
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Ron Boots / Jo Bogaert / Morten Søndergaard
Lachrymation / Ambient Kinsky / Sahara I Mine Hænder / Far Boundaries

The artists and title tell you pretty much everything you need to know about this four track 12” on Stroom. It features Ron Boots who has two of the tracks, along with Jo Bogaert and  Morten Søndergaard who have a track each. This is very limited, but look out for more of these coming your way.
  • Vinyl 12" (STREP-039)
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Cloud Over Maroma

Cloud Over Maroma is a compilation album by ‘80s Glaswegian duo, Vazz. The duo comprised Hugh Small and Anna Howson. They got some Radio 1 airplay at the time from none other than John Peel. More recently, in 2014, their track Cast Reflection appeared on Fabriclive 78, compiled by Illum Sphere. Cloud Over Maroma is the latest in reissue series from STROOM.
  • Vinyl LP (STRLP-030 / FN075)
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Dark Arts
Reflections In A Rear View Mirror

Reflections In A Rear View Mirror is a new studio record from Stephanie Payne, a hugely interesting figure in experimental music who has been recording on-and-off under the name of Dark Arts for over 35 years at this point and who has previously worked with the notorious producer Steve Albini.  

Organized Pleasure / Satin Wall
Tropical Stumble / Dans les profondeurs

The grey, depressing landscape of the early ‘80s. We know what it was like in the UK and the US, and it seems there was little difference in Belgium. What else was there to do for the youth other than start a band? Both Organized Pleasure and Satin Wall were formed by disaffected youths. In 1981, following a few gigs, they got their chance to record. Tropical Stumble and Dans les profondeurs were recorded in 1981 and are a document of two bands keeping punk alive that bit longer.

19 Gadi Pirms Sākuma
19 Years Before The Beginning

Although they were in operation for three years until 1991, Latvian avant-garde electronic collective 19 gadi pirms sākuma only got their sole studio album 19 Years Before The Beginning into the public realm in 2005. Now available again on vinyl because of this re-issue on Stroom, this is a chance to re-discover an underground gem. 
  • Vinyl LP (STRLP-033)
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Music Compilation: 12 Dances

TRjj like to keep it mysterious and anonymous, hence their lack of individual biographies and the evocative title of their new release: Music Compilation. To be fair, they aren’t wrong. This LP contains twelve tracks of shuffling moods, with sleepy vocals, ticking drum machines, bass rumbles… Simple, but really quite compelling. Out on Stroom.

Benjamin Lew
Le Personnage Principal Est Un Peuple Isolé

In the 80s Benjamin Lew used an analog computer to create a number of miniature sound compositions that had something mysterious about them. Le Personnage Principal Est Un Peuple Isolé is the musical equivalent of looking into your hands at an insect you don't recognise. Created with help from Tuxedomoon's Steven Brown.

48 Cameras
Chosen Songs

48 Cameras are a musical collective spread throughout Belgium, UK and Netherlands. Their music is varied and due to the way they work, some members have never even met each other. This has been going on since 1984. Martyn Bates of Eyeless in Gaza, Andy Cairns of Therapy? and Swans Michael Gira have all played their part in the project in the past. Chosen Songs looks like it may be a retrospective of their best moments. LP on Stroom.
  • Vinyl LP (STRLP-019)
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Jason Kolar
Modified PerspectiveS

Perhaps the perspectives in Jason Kolar’s Modified Perspectives are the underlying instruments (vibraphone, guitar, piano etc.) that are modified through the heavy use of deepwater reverb, ambient processing and synthesis? Or perhaps the modification is applied to your own everyday perspectives through listening to Modified Perspectives? Either way, this is a good record.

Smalts / Human Flesh
Periodiciteit / En De Stad

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Ben Bertrand

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Fred A.
De Angst Voorbij

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Benjamin Lew
Bamako Ou Ailleurs

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Occasional Visits

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Cold / James Bernard
Strobe Light Network / Lapis Lazuli

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Verboden Dromen

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Pablo's Eye
Spring Break

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Pablo's Eye
Dark Matter

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Kyoto / Zoe Sinatra
Venetian Blinds / Mais Qu’Est​-​Ce Que Tu Fumes?

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A Place of Solace

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Pablo's Eye
Bardo For Pablo

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Patrick Selinger

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Ingus Baušķenieks

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Annelies Monsere
Happiness Is Within Sight

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Walter Verdin
Voor Adeline

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Keysha / FG's Romance
Stop It! / What Is Love Today

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Jan Van Den Broeke
11000 Dreams

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Les Anges, Les Bonheurs

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DJ Bert & Eagle
I Am Your Master

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Tropisch Verlangen

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