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Mind Your Own Sequence

Okay, I’ve got no supporting info for this release and my brain isn’t really functioning at its best so please forgive me if my factual info is a little off... What we seem to have here is a re-jig of Delta 5...view item »

The Planet Storm

I picked up The Planet Storm because it's got a cool name and the cover's all red and blobby like a big civilization-obliterating bastard volcano of swirly spitting doom. Nugumo made it and put it out on a dead limited 3" CD with help from Disco r Dance. It's quite a banging beast of hard electronica, maybe a little like Clark often does but w...view item »

AZ Rotator
Shuffle Mode Irregularities

It's been a while since I heard any A-Z Rotator tracks. You may be familiar with the stuff that Uge Ortiz has had out on Ad Noiseam... Here he has a super action packed 3" disc out on Disco r Dance that's bursting to capacity with warped electronic ideas and twisted machine funk. The tracks are heavily sequenced and all run into one another wh...view item »

Stories of Cougnaman

Viudmoth are a crazy instrumental duo from France who just wanna have fun, or at least that's the impression i get from listening to their new three inch CD 'Stories of Cougnaman'. These guys are really playful in their approach to song writing. They've got a lot in common with the likes of Mr. Bungle as well as Liverpool underground eccentrics A...view item »

Point B
The Intrusive Thoughts EP

Particularly fond of these 3" CDs. We've had lots of them over the last year, many rather cool fringe electronica stars making remarkable EPs and one of those peeps is Point B who's done stuff for Erratica, SCSI-AV & Combat. 'The Intrusive Thoughts' EP is shaping up to be a brooding beauty as I listen harder. Lots of clanking...view item »

Gold Medal Dubbin

This week I seem to have a load of 3" CD's to review. We have a load of stuff in on the Disco R Dance label. They continue their series of tiny 3" CD's all in hand printed cases. Passed ones have featured Ra, Con Brio, Hrdvision etc and here's a few from their new bunch. First up is Kwerk with Gold Medal Dubbin with some mental dancehall ...view item »

Same Actor
The End of the Garden

Same Actor is an alias of Chris Cook, who also works under the rather entertaining name of Hot Roddy. He's previously had stuff out on Wrong Music and Bip Hop and here he makes his label debut for with his 'The End Of The Garden' three incher. Brett has piped up and declared that it sounds like Ravi Shankar falling asleep. not a bad d...view item »

Oisheedy Anna

The final one I'll be reviewing on the Disco R dance label this week is a CD by Now called 'Oisheedy Anna' which is as bonkers as anything I've heard in a while. Like everything else on the label it's reasonably left of centre and quite high on the quirkometer. They had a CD out on Pickled Egg a while back which some of you may heard a while back? ...view item »

Mothboy Vs Startslow

The next lovely on is from Mothboy Vs Startslow. The stuff that Mothboy does on Adnoiseam is usually a safe bet for some quality breaks an gut wobbling bas action. Here he teams up with his mate and they both get their hands dirty with some heaviness. For 'Annoyed' They both did a ten minute mix where they each did a minute then each ...view item »

Fronce De Bonque
Bootleg By

France De Bonque are next in the firing line. Tremendous art on the sleeve on this one. All the pictures on the front, back, inside etc are all well good. My interest has been piqued and I'm once more in a state of arousal (err not that sort). This is a lot of nuts electronic beeps, clicks, wisps and squiggles coherently held together by beats. A w...view item »

Reflux e.p.

Also on is Blaubac's newie, the 'Reflux' EP. Now if I were him I'd imbibe some Pepto-Bismol because that really soothes your indigestion worries and chills your stomach the fuck down. I had some this morning cos I felt like i'd eaten a bag of wasps & half a cactus when I got up. To be serious, this is some beautifully produced gli...view item »

Raoul Sinier
Two Heads

Raoul Sinier AKA Ra of Planet Mu / Coredump/ Sublight has a fine 3" CD entitled 'Two Heads' out on This is more of his trademark blend of messed up distorted crunchy beats. The first track 'Mired' has an organ sound and is like a crazy holy crunch fest. 'Warm Hall' has a wicked distorted beat and a dramatic sense of tension. Out Th...view item »

Two Slender Cats
Two Slender Cats EP

Ardisson had a couple of smart 12"s out on Seed a bit ago and then he went quiet. Thankfully he's back under the alias of Two Slender Cats. Both Brian and I were really feeling this baby yesterday with its hyperactive itchy rhythms and laser spitting acid. It's pretty damn raw sounding too. Kind of like some of the early Acid Planet gear but w...view item »

Con Brio
We're All On Fire have four 3" CD's out. Each is housed in eye popping packaging and is limited to just 100 copies...Con Brio have had stuff out on De-Fence, Kraked Al and Spunktronics. You could well imagine 'We're all on fire' coming out on Planet_Mu with its nasty, driving breakbeats and shimmering melodies. There's plenty happening to keep you...view item »

Custom Drum Destroyer EP

Satanicpornocultshop's 'Custom Drum Destroyer' is a mad samplefest of all over the place general bonkersness. Much more than merely a mash-up he lifts samples from both obvious and unlikely sources and fuses them into his vision of future hip hop. It's a total rollercoaster and you never know which direction the tracks will move in next. The second...view item »

Tunng, Rothko, Bovaflux, Various
Disco R Dance Vol 1

I nipped out for my lunch yesterday to find a chap with a Nightmare Before Christmas bag wondering outside the gates of the towers like a lost puppy. It's not easy to find us you know, such is our reclusive nature. From his attire I concluded he wasn't looking for Mike's Carpets and the baggyness of his trousers suggested he may be into altern...view item »