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Daniela Casa / Massimo Catalano / Remigio Ducros
Idee 1

Beautiful Italian library obscurities from the dream team trio of Massimo Catalano, Remigio Ducros and Daniela Casa. Idee 1 has a broad spread of cool experimental atmospheres and low-slung orchestrated grooves, with the special mix of catchiness and weirdness you only get with library music. Edition of 500 remastered reissue LPs, on the Spettro label.

Alessandro Alessandroni
Il Tempo Dello Spirito

The multi-instrumentalist and composer Alessandro Alessandroni was nothing if not diverse. Soundtracking Italian films such as spaghetti western El Puro, poliziottesco Sangue Di Sbirro, and Killer Nun. his independent compositions were just as diverse, Il Tempo Dello Spirito is an example of him mastering any form with choral and religious music, brooding and romanticised vocal works.

Lino Castiglione

Beautiful Italian library obscurities from Lino Castiglione, collaborating with Paolo Casa. Clouds is a set that spans plenty of different sounds and styles and tones and textures (it is designed to be library music after all), but with a thick spine of creativity and quality running right down the middle. Edition of 500 remastered reissue LPs, on the Spettro label.

Roberto Conrado / Antonino Scuderi / Piero Romano Montanari
Bass Modulations

Originally released in 1973, Bass Modulations brought together three composers Roberto Conrado, Antonino Scuderi, and Piero Romano Montanari to create tracks focused around bass, and filled with 70s funk, groove, and soul. This is a breakbeat or library collectors dream, with licks on all instruments that’ll make you drooooool.