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Danny Clay

Delicate worlds laced with old vinyl dusty fuzz and crackle. Think the forced yet gentle nostalgia of Leyland Kirby’s The Future or his The Caretaker material, but no big band sound, more music box or single toy piano, bits of solo cello and twisted vocal harmonies, found in a box in the family attic.

Andrea Belfi

Andrea Belfi’s latest suite of electroacoustic percussion music is based around, a post-war Italian architecture movement with utopian ideals. In other words, a perfect jumping-off point for semi-abstract music such as this. Alveare features guest contributions from Audrey Chen and Attila Faravelli, and was mastered by the talented ears of Giuseppe Ielasi.
  • Vinyl LP (IIKKI 002)
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Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer

Taylor Deupree (12k, Arc) and Marcus Fischer (Unrecognizable Now) have worked together as members of the abstract ambient group Between, Lowland is their third collaborative record together. Born from conversations with photographer Ester Vonplon about her travels to the Arctic, they create an audio tundra, abstract and glacial ambience.

Masaya Ozaki & Kaito Nakahori

Nobody brings the ruckus quite like the Japanese. IKKII records invited Masaya Ozaki & Kaito Nakahori to join forces with visual artist Erwan Morère to create a hazy landscape of distorted violins on one of 2017’s most trying ambient noise efforts. Mythologies is limited to 300 copies, all fitted with beautiful hand-made artwork. Highly recommended for those who love drones in all colors of noise.
  • Vinyl LP (IIKKI 004)
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Aaron Martin
Touch Dissolves

Influence is usually a one way straight. A musician is inspired by something, that something is left in the lurch. On Touch Dissolves, Aaron Martin upsets the norm and finds himself in dialogue with photographer Yusuf Sevinçli. The result is a series of dynamic drones, always underpinned by Martin's weighty Cello playing and the memory of Sevinçli's works.
  • Vinyl LP (IIKKI 006)
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Aries Mond
Cut Off

Living in the mountains of Southern France, Aries Mond is originally a field recorder. Only recently has he started playing actual instruments, and the result has become all the more lush for it. Cut Off features natural ambient sounds and the obligatory playing children, just like Yuichiri Fujimoto’s legendary The Mountain Record, but a slight bit more structured.
  • Vinyl LP (IIKKI 008)
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Federico Durand
Pequeñas Melodías

Argentina’s Frederico Durand (12k, Home Normal, Spekk, White Paddy Mountain) offers up a suite of heartwarming, lo-fi somnolambient melodies and sound design, accompanied by the photography of Albarrán Cabrera, for IIKKI. Plenty of hiss, grainy warmth and trickling sample delays courtesy of eurorack lovelies Phonogene and Clouds. Mastered by a master of such things, 12k’s Taylor Deupree.