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Yuppie Psycho (Original Soundtrack)

Composer Michael ‘Garoad’ Kelly, the man behind the score to ‘VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action’, sees his soundtrack to Baroque Decay’s indie game Yuppie Psycho released on a limited run of vinyl, with 24 of the game’s musical pieces picked by Garoad himself. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (BSR36)
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Austin Wintory
Erica (Original Soundtrack)

Created by famed American video game soundtrack composer Austin Wintory, the wonderful score from Flavourworks’ groundbreaking live-action interactive thriller ERICA is being released on a limited run of vinyl. Re-mastered for the format and cut at 45rpm, it’s a dynamic and emotional experience. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (BSR35)
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Joe Thwaites & Jim Fowler
Blood & Truth: Original Game Soundtrack

Blood & Truth is a virtual reality PS4 shooter game set in a gangster-crimey London. Rather pleasingly, the original soundtrack, put together by Joe Thwaites & Jim Fowler, avoids the lock-stock-cockney-rock approach altogether, for the more contemporary approach of, well,  orchestral grime, featuring spots from JME and Kamakaze alongside a 90-piece orchestra. Vinyl release from Black Screen.

Jessica Curry
Dear Esther (Original Game Soundtrack)

This is the first ever pressing of Jessica Curry's soundtrack to genre defining video game Dear Esther released to coincide with it's 5th anniversary. Dear Esther is an award winning first person exploration game with a stunning specially commissioned soundtrack by Curry.   The vinyl comes with a free Steam key that enables the you to download the game for free. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (BSRC12)
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  • Coloured vinyl

Jesper Kyd
Robinson: The Journey

A computer game composer heavyweight, Jesper Kyd’s legacy traces through Hitman, Assassin’s Creed, Darksiders, Unreal Tournament and many more. This recent commission took him into VR territory for the sci-fi adventure Robinson: The Journey. Perhaps appropriate to the dynamic immersion of VR experiences, Kyd’s soundtrack is relatively sparse and unobtrusive, creating a faintly tense, cinematic, dark ambient atmosphere.

Slime San – Official Soundtrack

Everyone loves Slime-san, the vintage-style action platform video game. Of course, a notable game these days needs a notable soundtrack with a full physical release, so here we have all nineteen of the chiptuney pieces of music used in the game. Pixeltastic! Double LP release on the Black Screen Records label.

The Inner World - Official Soundtrack

Released to coincide with the second installment of the adventure game, The Inner World, Black Screen Records present a double vinyl of selected tracks from the soundtracks of both games. Composed by Christian Barth this score is imaginative, cinematic, and majestically subtle. A wonderful little world to journey into.

Jean-Francois Freitas
Another World

Many a remix have been done of this gaming soundtrack since its release in 1991, yet very few full releases of the complete soundtrack have entered the markets. Another World by Jean-Francois Freitas would be a techno/ambient record in its own right, but the fact that it’s on a pretty decent game too, makes it even better. Available on coloured Vinyl LP, black Vinyl LP and CD.

Michael Bross
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath - Official Soundtrack

Composer Michael Bross who has releases on Iam8bit and Deep Lever also created a huge amount of the music to the Oddworld games series. Here Black Screen records have remastered his tracks for vinyl for the first time and include two bonus tracks that have never been released before. Dark, other-worldly, and with a surprising amount of breakbeat.

Elka Village

The Dutch producer Ludowic’s analogue electronics collection has produced this set of dark and epic electro jams for the world to feast on. Elka Village also features Kevin Stunnenberg, Tom Broshuis and Wende on one track each, but mostly it’s the synths and drum machines doing all the business. Elka Village is out on Black Screen Records.

Jonah Senzel
Pony Island - Official Video Game Soundtrack

Pony Island is a new game that wryly nods towards video game history, and Jonah Senzel’s soundtrack is similar, using the gleeful pallette of 8-bit sounds to make new themes. And in a weird inversion of how things usually work, this soundtrack accompaniment to the game comes with a download for the actual game itself (via Steam). What a bonus! Clear vinyl on Black Screen Records.

Chris Christodoulou
Deadbolt: Official Soundtrack

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David Housden
Thomas Was Alone: Official Soundtrack

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Jessica Curry
So Let Us Melt

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Chris Christodoulou
Risk Of Rain - Offical Video Game Soundtrack

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Tommy Tallarico
Earthworm Jim Anthology

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Eirik Suhrke
Downwell - Official Video Game Soundtrack

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Alkis Livathinos
Hue (Official Soundtrack)

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Joris de Man & James Marsden
Velocity 2X - Official Video Game Soundtrack

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