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La'Verne Washington
The Promise / I Found What I’ve Been Searching For

Melodies International exhume a couple of rare Midwestern soul gems for their latest 7” re-issue. Originally recorded in 1984, ‘The Promise’ by La’Verne Washington is a sumptuous compound of soul and gospel and is restored from 24-track tapes, with ballad ‘I Found What I’ve Been Searching For’ on the B-side. 
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Maurice Moore and Family Affair Band
Everything That Shines Ain't Gold

Maurice Moore recorded Everything That Shines Ain’t Gold with his Family Affair Band in 1977, and the song still shines brightly with the golden soulful light of the era. Something of an obscurity, the tune has now been picked up by Floating Points and the Melodies International label! This 12” offers you the original version, plus a Floating Points edit! Fabulous soulful grooves that you can’t help but enjoy.


Dean Slydell and Greg Wheeler, better known as British techno duo Synchrojack and who were active back in the mid-Nineties, originally released ‘Daylight’ back in 1995 on the Cash Machines disc. It now gets a re-issue via Melodies International on 12” vinyl, a package that includes a ‘melozine’... 

I Needed / Intercession, On Behalf

Specialist re-issue label Melodies International delivers its 18th release, a 12” vinyl affair boasting two prime cuts from Hanna, a.k.a. Chicago house music veteran Warren Harris. Pairing ‘I Needed’, from 2004’s Exquisite Style, with the same album’s ‘Intercession, On Behalf’, it’s another great piece of crate-digging. 

Flame (Mood II Swing Remixes)

Bristol trip-hoppers Crustation, who burned brightly but briefly with a single 1997 album, enjoyed quite a few remixes in their time. Reissued here are two of the most famous, a pair of club reworks of dreamy single ‘Flame’ by New York’s Mood II Swing. ‘Mood II Swing Vocal mix’ focuses on Bronagh Slevin’s melancholy vocal lines, adding rich stabs and a flexing bass line. ‘Borderline Insanity Dub mix’ really nails it, though, the bass line truncated and other samples reworked into airy, panning atmospherics.

Jack Jacobs
I Believe It’s Alright

Beautiful cut of classic Philly soul here. Jack Jacob’s ‘I Believe It’s Alright’ is a killer track with a scorching guitar solo breaking through early on, and Jacob’s own astounding voice atop this music of constant drive. Criminally lost through the passage of time, with hope this re-release can right that wrong.

Shahid Wheeler
Just One Dance Before You Go

Melodies International are a nifty little label. Their line is that they track down rare-ass, expensive-ass old club killers and reissue them at a fraction of the cost you’d pay for an original copy. The latest Melodies coup is Shahid Wheeler’s 1978 number ‘Just One Dance Before You Go’. A righteous disco joint of the Off The Wall school, this is the sort of dancefloor gold that never goes out of fashion. Here it is presented remastered and backed with the instrumental.

Le Stim
Tribute To Muhammad Ali (We Crown The King)

Melodies International have forged a rep for re-releasing rare soul gems, but even by their standards they’ve pulled off something of a coup here. Le Stim’s 1980 single A Tribute To Muhammad Ali (We Crown The King) is a rare-as-hen’s-teeth bit of Midwest Disco. It’s a great party piece too - according to Le Stim leader Donald Jennings big Cassius himself was a fan of the song. With the help of New Zealand's Rain&Shine imprint Melodies have managed to acquire the licences for both versions of the track. They've also remastered them for this new drop.

Trio Ternura
A Gira / Last Tango In Paris

A shining golden piece of Música Popular Brasileira from the 70’s, recorded by two sisters and a brother. Trio Ternura learned their craft from their father, Umberto Silva, and A Gira / Last Tango In Paris is a beautiful example of what they could do. Lush strings, smooth rhythms, heavenly vocals: this is a crucial piece of Brazilian music. Reissued by Melodies International.

Back Into Your Heart

Hi Records did a roaring trade in the 1970s, but much of the label’s catalogue has fallen into obscurity since. One of the lost gems was Majik’s 1979 single ‘Back Into Your Heart’/’Dance Dance Dance’. Now set to wax once again by Melodies International - the same imprint responsible for fine recent reissues of Bobby Wright and Tomorrow’s People - both tracks are the sort of hot-wired, Motown-sound disco which never fail to get a party going.

Bobby Wright
Blood Of An American

Bobby Wright - now Abu Talib - was moonlighting in the clubs of NYC during the Vietnam war. When one of his band members died serving and another was drafted, he got together with his bassist and penned these two spectral, haunting soul ballads. ‘Blood Of An American’ and ‘Everyone Should Have His Day’ are as pained and affecting as anything by Wright’s contemporaries Gil Scott-Heron and Sly Stone. This 7” reissue comes with a booklet that features words by Talib and Down With Childhood author Paul Rekret.

Don Blackman
Just Can’t Stay Away

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Aged In Harmony
You’re A Melody

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Womack & Womack
MPB (Missin’ Persons Bureau)

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Gloria Jay
Know What You Want

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Disco Baby
Disco Baby

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Tomorrow's People
Open Soul

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