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UV-TV are probably one of Florida’s noise pop bands, playing lovely melodic songs through a rush of distortion and shoegaze haze. On the one hand Rose Vastola’s vocals have a classic beach-pop brightness, on the other hand one song starts with a brief line...view item »

Pleasure Leftists
The Woods of Heaven

First full-length album from Pleasure Leftists, a four-piece who tear into their tracks pretty aggressively. The songs on The Woods of Heaven have an 80’s-indie tone to the guitar sound and a gothic distance to the vocals, and the rhythm section has an irresistible sense of forward drive. LP on Deranged Records....view item »

Flowers of Evil
Flowers of Evil

Flowers of Evil are a proper punk band, and we know this because this self-titled debut full-length is only 20 minutes long. Real punks don’t hang around. Also, they have plenty of snarling vocal drawl, basic, hammered-out rhythms, and distorted guitars to show off. LP released by Deranged Records....view item »

Terrible Feelings

Power pop, punk rock band from Sweden, Terrible Feelings formed in 2009 from a friendship born of late night drunken party philosophising about their mutual love of music and fun. They’ve since toured the squat venues of Germany extensively as well as sharing stages with the likes of The Raveonettes, Imperial State Electric, Fucked Up, Jef...view item »

EP (2012)

Leeds’s Eagulls are hot shit at the moment. From what I’ve been hearing the launch show for this record totally went off, and the platter itself has king Hookworm MJ twiddling the knobs which is always a good sign! Basically what they’re doing that the kids are going so mad ...view item »

White Lung

White Lung's sophomore record 'Sorry' is another extremely fast punk rock record, shaving more time off the runtime of their debut at only nineteen minutes. The band is fronted with the snarling vocals of Mish Way, the loose riffing of Kenneth William and a tight rythmn section in Anne Marie-Vassilou and Grady Mackintoosh. 'Sorry' reca...view item »

The Men

Given the rate at which they’ve been accumulating plaudits and column inches over the past couple of years for their gnarly post-grungey noise rock dirge-pop, on the back of two excellent albums on Sacred Bones, it’s no surprise to see that The Men’s out...view item »

White Lung
It's The Evil

'It's The Evil' is White Lung's debut record for Deranged and shows the band honing the early version of their current sound, making straight-up punk rock that falls somewhere between classic riot grrrl, early hardcore and UK post-punk, all in under twenty five minutes. Tracks: Viva La Rat...view item »


Straight-up, no messin’ hardcore is the name of the game for Pitfall, a trio from Chicago. Six tracks on seven inches, on the Deranged label. The cover of the record seems to have the band smashing up a car, which kind of sets the tone for Scapegoat’s sound. Hammering punk power, with a large dose of Oi! for...view item »

Criminal Code
No Device

Here’s another post-punk/hardcore band that will please the fans. Sometimes reminiscent of vintage rockers Sonic Youth in their noisy energy, Criminal Code have no intention on going easy on you listeners. Their debut No Device is a testament to their passionate noise production capabilities....view item »

Fucked Up
Hidden World

Lyrics referencing both Greek astronomy and the Old Testament, as well as guitar textures indebted more to Glenn Branca than Black Flag, reveal an art-rock ace up the band's tattered sleeve. It’s weighty, sure, but give yourself over to this album, see it through, and you&...view item »