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Silver Apples

The 1997 return of the legendary oscillation-innovators Silver Apples is reissued onto vinyl for the first time ever. Beacon still has the wide-eyed sense of explorative magic that Silver Apples first announced themselves with, even if the rest of music had finally caught up with them by this point. CD / LP reissues on Chicken Coop.

Silver Apples

Silver Apples‘ fifth album The Decatur, which was released in 1998, dispensed with individual tracks and just dived straight into a single-track, 40-minute-plus cosmic odyssey that gets into some pretty weird and wild places. This reissue marks the first time it has ever been pressed to vinyl, with both regular black or white-and-green splatter wax editions available.

Silver Apples
Clinging To A Dream

Who would have thought that in 2016 we'd be seeing a new Silver Apples album and that it would be produced by Graham Sutton (Bark Psychosis etc). But this is the information we have been presented with so we must go with that. Silver Apples surviving member Simeon Coxe (now 97) has recorded all this at his place in Alabama and it has been scrubbed by Sutton in London. I'm not sure what we can expect at this late stage. Their two '60s albums were truly groundbreaking and seem to sound more modern the more today's hip young things are influenced by them.  

Silver Apples
Oscillations 2019

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