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Phono Ghosts
Warm Pad, Sharp Stab

Full of cavernous, almost dubby beats and chunky analogue synths, electronic musician Phono Ghosts presents his fourth 'collection of cassette tape memories'. Listening to it feels a little like striding round an Atari game.  'Warm Pad, Sharp Stab' is a must-have for fans of downtempo electronica, 80s synth pads, or the Stranger Things Soundtrack. 

Phono Ghosts
Photons In Fashion

So what Blackpool’s Phono Ghosts does is sample some tapes, run them through an audio workstation on his computer, then chop them up and reassemble them to form new shapes. The resulting tracks that make up Photons In Fashion are a hypnagogic re-rendering of ‘80s synth sounds. As in - Vaporwave. That said, the way that this set of ‘wave jams layers up its vocals is a tad more psychedelic than your Macintosh Pluses and your James Ferraro’s.

Neil Scrivin
Geek Upmanship

Records that are remastered are always fun. Whether you've heard the original or not, they're always worth a listen because they're obviously worth a remaster. If you know nothing about Neil Scrivin and Geek Unmanship expect an oddly satisfying mix of digital guitars and somewhat jazzy tones. Available on cassette tape and only in a transparent turquoise case. Released on Fonolith. 

Phono Ghosts
Solar Dream Reel

Apparently Phono Ghosts aka Neil Scrivin aka Meatbingo (Skam) crafts his music by trawling charity shop cassettes for hidden goodness, or even hidden badness: it’s all going to be cut and spliced, chopped and screwed anyway. The double vinyl release Solar Dream Reel has a strange and groovy vibe: as the project name suggests, you can feel the spirits of the old music pushing through from the other side of the mix. On Fonolith.
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Phono Ghosts & Sferro
Alive in the Timeless Void

The evocatively titled Phono Ghosts project aka Neil Scrivin / Meatbingo (Skam) has teamed up with American synth-user Sferro for these five tracks of collaboration. Big and juicy soundscapes for eighties nostalgics, rounded out with an exclusive remix of one of the tracks by Odd Nosdam. Cassette release on the Fonolith label.
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The Error of My WAVs

ALERT! ALERT! This is not Meatraffle. This is rather, an entirely different meat gambling proposition, Meatbingo. Ridiculous electronic-funk that has every much the sense of humour it's title, The Error of My WAVs would suggest. Contains a truly improbably amount of funk, probably to do with the fact it has bass guitar on it.