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Blazer Sound System / CS + Kreme
Tanka Riddim / Crushed Cream

Fresh from a killer 10" on Manchester's Youth imprint, NYC's Blazer Sound System land on Efficient Space on the top side of this limited white label plate. 'Tanka Riddim' is stoned to the bone, menacing serpentine dub nourishment like a K-holing Keith Hudson. Underneath Melbourne's CS + Kreme (The Trilogy Tapes, Total Stasis) serve up some of their tantalizing, dreamy hypnosis with 'Crushed Cream'.
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Karen Marks
Cold Café

Former rock journalist and band manager Karen Marks had a short but effective career in the world of minimal wave. Cold Cafe is an Australian forerunner of the genre and was originally released in 1981. It was produced with collaborator, Ash Wednesday. This 5-track 12” features two previously unheard demo recordings. 

Steve Hiett
Girls In The Grass

Steve Hiett was a photographer to the stars and guitarist who made the obscure but much sought after album, Down The Road By The Beach which was released in 1983. Girls In The Grass is a collection of previously unreleased Balearic soul instrumental tracks from his personal archives, released as a companion piece to the reissue of his 1983 album.

Steve Hiett
Down On The Road By The Beach

Steve Hiett was a photographer who snapped the likes of The Beach Boys, Miles Davis and The Doors for Rolling Stone magazine. He also made records that mixed blues, jazz and electronic music that fits somewhere between The Durutti Column, Steve Cropper and Ashra. Down The Road By The Beach was originally released in Japan in 1983. This is the first repress since. 

Wilson Tanner

Wilson Tanner, who lets remember are two men rather than one, present an electronic album entirely recorded on a boat (a 1950’s boat no less). I’m sure I saw a satirical tweet along similar lines recently… Anyhow, whether or not you can hear the sea air in the filter sweeps, II delivers lots of richly-textured synth fun. On Efficient Space.

Sebastian Gandera
La Raccourci

Sebastian Gandera is one of those guys who just quietly did their own thing, DIY style, in his bedroom, without concern for the wider world. Releases like this let us dip into this private sound world: La Raccourci sources material from rare private press cassettes and unreleased DAT tapes to build up a picture of this fantastic, highly personal music for piano, sampler and four track.

Waak Waak Djungi
Waak Waak Ga Min Min

Waak Waak Djungi are a group from the Northern Territories of Australia, made up of three indigenous Yolngu people. They combine traditional vocal techniques and field recordings with 90’s era electronic production, and have been recently rediscovered. Waak Waak Ga Min Min contains a previously unheard recording, along with five cuts from their 1997 album. Released by Efficient Space.

Andy Rantzen

Australian native and electronic music polymath Andy Rantzen was best known for being one half of ‘90s rave duo Itch-E & Scratch E. Two of the tracks for 1/66, a four track retrospective 12”, were originally intended for a dub album he was making. They never made the cut but have appeared on Creative Vibes and Clan Analogue compilations. With one track from Rantzen’s Blue Hour Vol 3 album and one previously unreleased track this showcases Rantzen’s versatility. On Efficient Space.

Oz Waves

Welcome to the invisible world of 1980’s DIY Australia! Oz Waves rounds up ten artists who produced bedroom electronic music with little concern for the wider world. Some of this material was released in micro-editions, while some tracks have never been released at all. This stuff comes with useful liner notes that provide some context. Oz Waves is out on Efficient Space.

Sky Girl

Sky Girl is a dive into the rare, being made up of tracks that were initially issued in hyper-limited private press editions, stuff that you just can’t find. No names that will be familiar to anyone who isn’t a crate-digger, but that’s the joy of it: incredibly rare artists making beautiful music where no-one can hear. CD / 2LP compilation on Efficient Space.

Midnite Spares

Melbourne crate diggers Instant Peterson and Andras Fox compile this cheeky little compilation of the strange and wonderful avantgarde pop underbelly of Australia (and some from further afield) from the 80s and 90s. With Poets of the Machine “playing Arabs in the park” and Mix asking you about your masturbation habits through a near comical disco-synth groove-out, Midnite Spares is definitely a collection of curiosities.

Bélver Yin
Luz Bel

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