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No Sister
Influence EP

The latest EP available from Australian post-punk group No Sister. The 'Influence EP' was reportedly influenced (eh? eh?) by toying with traditional song structures and, bizarrely, Phil Collins' 'In The Air Tonight'. If lead single 'Burning News' is anything to go by, expect moody vibes and deadpan vocals. 


Australian singer/songwriter and guitarist, Olivia Jayne Bartley, makes music under the name Olympia. Flamingo is her second album, following on from 2016’s Self Talk. Judging by lead track, Hounds, Flamingo will be an album of punchy, 6 Music-friendly alt-pop which could well shift a few units.


Younghusband are the vehicle for the songs of singer, songwriter and producer Euan Hinshelwood. Swimmers is their third album of airy guitar pop. It was recorded in their own recording studio in Greenwich with a more impulsive method than previous albums. Hinshelwood only shared his songs with band members on the day they were set to record them. On Opposite Number.

Southern Mind Remixed

Get another perspective on that Lowtide album you liked so much with Southern Mind Remixed, which hands over the stems from Southern Mind for others to play around with. We’ve got versions by Ulrich Schnauss, Sanae Yamada from Moon Duo under her Vive La Void alias, and Black Cab, among others. Particularly interesting to hear the more electronically-inclined artists get stuck into this material… 12” EP on Opposite Number.

Amaya Laucirica

This is Melburnian Amaya Laucirica’s fourth album and first LP since 2014. Rituals has a spacious, luscious dream-rock style. Laucirica uses jangling references to early shoegaze and ethereal wave, but is confident enough to mix her breathy vocals high and perfectly intelligible - I reckon she’s aiming for poppier crowds as well.

H. Grimace
Self Architect

First full-length record from H. Grimace, one of those post-punk bands they have in that London. Self Architect slices its way through contemporary issues (patriarchal pressure on women, ‘the end of nature’ etc.) with slick guitars and Hannah Gledhill’s sweetly-strong vocals. CD / LP out on Opposite Number.


Lowtide are an indie-rock four-piece from Melbourne, Australia. Their sound has been likened to a combination of Slowdive, Spacemen 3 and Sparklehorse which seems a bit of an odd mix to me…..anyway, on their self-titled debut they definitely have tunes in abundance. They have been championed by 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq.

Southern Mind

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The Fireworks
Dream About You

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Julia / Spring

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Royal Hush / Excavations

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