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Circa 2000
Faith Healer

Faith Healer by Circa 2000 is a tribute to scottish singer Alex Harvey of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. Musically, it’s nothing like SAHB - it takes its cues from the early days of synth music when acts such as Deux, Victrola and Monoton were inventing a new wave of underground pop. Faith Healer is Circa 2000’s first release for Lapsus Records.
  • Vinyl LP (LPS20)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Brick Reds, Black Mauves
Brick Reds, Black Mauves

I just luuurve that hollyhock. A shade of mauve so dark that it's almost black. It's the perfect cover art for something called Brick Reds, Black Mauves - a project which is, of course, Alex Ander one half of Scottish duo Dalhous (Blackest Ever Black). Here he makes a four-track EP of exuberant electronica and cinematic ambient with nods to both Demdike Stare and Boards of Canada.  
  • Vinyl 12" (LPS19)
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  • Coloured vinyl

Myam James Part I

Lapsus Records (Pye Corner Audio, Gacha Bakradze) launch their new Perennial Series with a reissue of Kettel’s 2008 LP Myam James Part I. This would definitely self-identify as an acid record - whether it’s house, braindance or electro is a moot point - but Kettel really brings out the expressive potential of the 303 in a way that many other artists don’t. The dynamic bassline on ‘Shinamoto’, for instance, is quite moving. Atop this Kettel adds rich, melodious synths. It’s a winning combo.
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  • Lapsus Records


Phil just couldn't wait to have this one played in the office. In fact, he emailed Ian directly to instruct us to listen to it all immediately. Who doesn't get a little excited about one of the most recognisable underground electronic artists of the 90's releasing some new stuff? Lärm by Pina is available on vinyl LP and is released on Lapsus Records. 
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  • Lapsus Records