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Bobby Oroza
This Love

‘A soul-singer from Finland? Surely not!’ we hear you cry. But we reply - surely yes. Bobby Oroza may hail from Helsinki, but his debut LP This Love proves that he can kick it with the best of them. This is a superb set of Northern Soul homages with just the right amount of rose-tinted retro fetishism to them. Oroza’s tender voice is delightful. We expect some of these tunes will become sleeper hits - indeed, This Love’s title track already has, finding its way into films and TV shows and even an Earl Sweatshirt mixtape.

Lee Fields & The Expressions
It Rains Love

Lee Fields and The Expressions latest album, It Rains Love, comes on the 50th anniversary year of Lee Fields career. The soul man has worked with all sorts of people over the years from Bobby Womack to BB King and Kool & The Gang. He has been recording albums with The Expressions since 1979 with this being his 7th. Productivity picked up in recent years following the popularity of Charles Bradley and Sharon Jones. LP and CD, with limited editions of each available while stocks last, on Big Crown.


Big Crown (The Fields & The Expressions, The Shacks) release the debut LP by intriguing NYC group 79.5. While it’s in essence a party record, a lot of influences are torpedoed into Predictions. The minimally groovy rhythm section often resembles ESG, but there’s a girl-group vibe to some of the carefree melodies, while tunes like ‘Boy Don’t Be Afraid’ have a little Sade to them. Imagine a more streamlined version of The Go! Team. It’s good fun.

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band
The Serpent’s Mouth

Ushering in an exciting, vibrant and dynamic new age for steel drum music it's Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band with their new full-length release 'The Serpent's Mouth'. Named after an eight-mile stretch of water running between the island of Trinidad and Venezuela, the record is sprinkled with original songs as well as classics covered in their own unique style. These include a selection of R&B and hip-hop classics by: Amerie, Jackson 5, Gang Starr, Mary J Blige and more. There's even Harold Faltermeyer's '80s movie classic 'Crockett's Theme'. Uh-huh. LP or CD, on Big Crown records.

The Shacks
The Shacks

While you may know The Shacks best down to The Shacks opener ‘This Strange Effect’ being used in an iPhone commercial, this young NYC duo have enough about them to suggest they’re more likely to hang around than previous Apple picks like Steriogram. Their self-titled debut record features some fine songwriting pitched somewhere between Ray Davies and Mazzy Star, and singer Shannon Wise has a great husky coo that recalls Jane Birkin. Originally released in 2016, this reissue on Big Crown comes with a couple of bonus tracks.

The Shacks

NYC buzz-band The Shacks may have soundtracked an iPhone commercial with a cover of the Ray Davies ditty ‘This Strange Effect’, but they’re out to prove they’re not just the next Stereogram/The Caesars/Franz Ferdinand (oops) with their debut LP. Haze, dreamily produced and full of melodies jacked from the Roy Orbison songbook, might just have enough to pull it off.

Sunny & The Sunliners
Mr. Brown Eyed Soul

Sunny & The Sunliners is the superlative soul group of Sunny Ozuna, a true veteran who has been performing since the 1950’s. Mr Brown Eyed Soul is a compilation put together with Ozuna, plucking highlights from the releases on his own label during the period 1966 to 1972. Fabulously rich vintage soul. On Big Crown.

El Michels Affair
Return To The 37th Chamber

El Michels Affair, who have worked directly alongside members of The Wu Tang Clan, follow up their 2009 album Enter The 37th Chamber with (what else?) Return To The 37th Chamber, another album of live-band Wu Tang reinterpretations. But this isn’t an ersatz middle-class novelty project: no, it's an inventive, funky and soulful new creation! LP and CD editions on Big Crown.

Paul & The Tall Trees
Our Love In The Light

Paul and the Tall Trees are Paul Schalda and pals (including perhaps uniquely his dad and his brother). This family set up leads to some pretty warm hearted acoustic pop. Paul's belchy vocals recall Buddy Holly but his heart on sleeve lyrics are matched with jerky song structures that could come from the pen of Jeffrey Lewis.   

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band are a steel drum band operating out of Hamburg, Germany. They got the attention of DJs and home listeners alike when they covered 50 Cent’s essential track ‘P.I.M.P.’ (included here), and have an array of other crucial covers to show off on 55, their debut full-length. CD / 2LP on Big Crown.