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Roy Ayers
Silver Vibrations

Good ol' woozy Roy Ayers here on Silver Vibrations, one of Ayers's classic albums from 1983. Tracks such as "Good, Good Music", "Keep On Movin'" and the iconic "Chicago" are pure Ayers with blissful funk and soul grooves mingling with distinctive synth lines and vocals which can be both punchy and sleazy in equal manner.
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  • Expansion Records

Pharoah Sanders
You've Got To Have Freedom / Got To Give It Up

Fans of Pharoah Sanders fertile 60’s free jazz period may be surprised to hear this one if they’ve not come across it before: a 1980 slice of fully-danceable good times from the Pharoah. You’ve Got To Have Freedom is a sharp and funky track, though still with a good bit of bite to Sanders’ sax. Backed here on this 12” by a great Marvin Gaye cover!
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  • Expansion Records

Retta Young
Young and Restless

Young and Restless is a jewel of an album that has never previously been reissued since its initial 1976 release! That’s shocking, given the super-high quality of Retta Young’s performances here, which combine all the best parts of both soul and disco into a supremely groovy mid-70’s mix. Hooray for this joyous remastered reissue! On Expansion Records.
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  • Expansion Records

Eramus Hall
Your Love Is My Desire

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