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Tekvision Vol.2

Two years on from the critical acclaim bestowed on the first volume, the footwork artist known as Traxman - real name Cornelius Ferguson - returns with Tekvision Vol.2. Exploring a range of different moods while keeping the listener’s urge to dance firmly in mind, this seven-track collection is sure to repeat the success of its predecessor. 


The debut LP from the latest Teklife prodigy Heavee is really a bit of a label love-in. Only one of the eight tunes on WFM is a solo production from the Chicago artist, with the rest of the record taken up by collaborations with a number of artists including DJ Paypal and Gant-man. There’s even a long-lost DJ Rashad collaboration in there. A self-proclaimed child of ghetto house, Heavee’s style is more straight-to-the-point than the footwork of his contemporaries. The juke influence is strong, mind.

DJ Earl
Open Your Eyes

DJ Earl is one of the premium Chicago footwork producers, and Open Your Eyes gives him a full 8 tracks to show off his powers. With scene guests including Moondoctor, Taso, DJ Manny and DJ Taye, these tracks switch between relatively laid-back vocal cuts and ferocious dancefloor killers where the rhythms leave no breathing room. A 12” of high quality material on Teklife.

New Start

Returning with their third release to date, Teklife Records of Chicago bring us Taso’s “New Start”. Littered with creative collaborations with the likes of Gant-Man and DJ Tre, among others, this 7 track LP is one made seminal by its spirit of alliance and partnership. Above all, “New Start” evidences a heterogeneity of inspirations in the versatility of its unique musicality.

DJ Rashad

Afterlife brings together the most exciting names in footwork to pay tribute to the much-missed DJ Rashad. This double vinyl LP and CD contains collaborations with Rashad from DJ Earl , Traxman, DJ Manny, DJ Spinn and even more producers making this frantic, hyper-creative and experimental dance music.


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DJ Manny

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