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Bitchin Bajas / DSR Lines
The Encyclopedia Of Civilizations: Atlantis

Spain’s Abstrakce Records double down on their Encyclopedia Of Civilizations series. Following on from a split drop by Jonas Reinhardt and Jürgen Müller that imagined Ancient Egypt in sound, the lost city of Atlantis now gets a similar treatment from Bitchin Bajas (once) and DSR Lines (thrice). DSRL goes for a sort of Devo/Vangelis thing, while BB’s ‘Diaspora’ is a long synth experiment that recalls Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s Abstractions.
  • Vinyl LP (ABST 005)
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Colin Potter
The Abominable Slowman

Some puns are funny, others aren’t, and some are rooted in reality. Coming together a glacial pace, The Abominable Slowman was recorded over the past twenty years and is a dense concoction of noise, rhythm, and patience. Colin Potter’s second full-length album boils down to a mix of ambient soundscapes and haunting (some might argue 'pleasant') fantasies.
  • Vinyl LP (ABST 004)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Jonas Reinhardt / Jürgen Müller
The Encyclopedia of Civilizations Vol. 1: Egypt

The Abstrakce label here initiate a new series of split LPs with this pairing of Jonas Reinhardt and Jurgen Muller (aka Norm Chambers). Both these guys love kosmischey synth music, especially when a not-entirely-true narrative is involved, and The Encyclopedia of Civilizations Vol. 1: Egypt is a great example of their work. Beautiful letterpressed sleeve and an included booklet too!

TOMAGA & Orlando
Play Time: Music for Video Games

Inspired by but not necessarily bearing any relation to pre-existing video game soundtracks, this previously Bandcamp-only brims with quirk and charm. Yes, there’s a smattering of chiptune, but the collection draws voraciously from basically anything kitsch or kitsch-able - Rumba, lift music and Tron-style muscle-grooves all crop up in the first three tracks alone. A delightful bit of wax.

The Legendary Pink Dots
The Seismic Bleats of Quantum Sheep

The Legendary Pink Dots Five Days album was apparently recorded alongside an accompanying ‘secret’ record (what does this mean?), and that record is The Seismic Blasts of Quantum Sheep. The group edge closer than usual towards regular song-forms, though still staying mostly swathed in experimental shadows. 300 vinyl copies on Abstrackce.