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Mołr Drammaz
Times Before Emojis

The Polish underground is one of the most hyperactive in the world. Mołr Drammaz have been a crucial part of this underground since 1994, in ever-shifting permutations. ‘Times Before Emojis Came’ compiles material from many of the involved artists, it’s a sound genuinely unpredictable, both dank and ecstatic. ...view item »

Unearth Noise / Dreamspeak
And The Light Beams Will Guide The way

Roger Berkowitz returns to Lullabies For Insomniacs (Sugai Ken, Million Brazilians), and this time he’s got company. He takes half of ...view item »

Preludes #1

The mysterious Garland lets the music do the talking on this debut release, out via Lullabies For Insomniacs. This curious, vaguely industrial noise suite recalls the dive into concrete that Rabit made on his 2017 LP Les Fleurs Du Mal. Occasionally the fog lifts and we get things l...view item »

Dino J.A. Deane
For Leena

Lullabies For Insomniacs (Sugai Ken, Million Brazilians) presents a collection of legacy recordings by multi-instrumentalist/composer/general sonic badman Dino J. A. Deane. The ten pieces here were composed in the 90s as accompanying music to choreographs by dancer Colle...view item »
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358 Oblique

Adopting the title of one of Beefheart’s most monolithic tracks as an artist name is an audacious dog-whistle move. In fact, PJ Dorsey’s music has more of a Kosmische / Popol Vuh vibe (the Baltimore musician’s previous album was on Aguirre afte...view item »

Sugai Ken
On The Quakefish

On the Quakefish is the debut vinyl release from Japanese eccentric Sugai Ken and it’s both bizarre and captivating. Field recordings of Japan’s bustling nightlife compete with spacious synths and wacky vocals to create an ambient music that keeps shifting into new shapes and forms. This is a totally...view item »
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Laszlo Hortobagyi
Transreplica Meccano

László Hortobágyi’s travels to India in the sixties and his development of early processing synthesis equipment are dually responsible for what we have here before us: a record of traditional Eastern instrumentation utterly transformed by a mesh of sampling and processing techniques. Transreplica M...view item »
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Million Brazilians
Red Rose and Obsidian

Red Rose and Obsidian is the 12th album by Portland, Oregon’s Million Brazilians. The band were formed in 2006 and despite an ever-changing cast of supporting musicians the band’s core members Grant Corum and Suzanne Stone have remained ever-present. The album was recorded in Maine by Caleb Mulkerin of Big Bl...view item »

Yasuo Sugibayashi
The Mask Of The Imperial Family

Yasuo Sugibayashi made the music we hear here in the early 1980’s, using synthesisers, guitars, percussion and (most importantly) tape machines to create a remarkable experimental sound that combined an arty avant approach with aspects of traditional ethnic Japanese music. The Mask Of The Imperial Family, which co...view item »
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GP Hall
Industrial Blue

Industrial Blue collects and presents GP Hall's recordings from 1994 to 1999. This guitar guy is an expert in all the styles you could possibly think of: rock, folk, flamenco, jazz, blues and classical. See? Amazing. He honed his craft in Spain, pioneering electric flamenco and improvised sounds in the '70s, b...view item »
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Turn On, Tune In

Born from a radio show on Australia’s PBS Lullabies For Insomniacs release music that fits somewhere between neo-tribal and abstract ambience. Tracks for an infinite dream state. Turn On, Tune In collects tracks from some of their roster, including tracks from Unearth Noise, Million Brazilians, an...view item »
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Air Cushion Finish

Flink is the warped, mysterious and 8th offering of Berlin-incepted oddity - Air Cushion Finish. Fronted by the manipulated vocals of experimentalist Lippstueck, who has helped form the German experimentalist scene since the 1990's, this offering continues the pioneer's steady rise and i...view item »
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Life Garden
Songs From The Other Side Of Emptiness

Songs From The Other Side Of Emptiness includes tracks from the various albums that Life Garden released during their career in the early 90’s. They were a rare and special-sounding band, using digital effects to turn other-worldly vocals and acoustic melodicism into strange drifting sound-pieces. Special stuff, n...view item »
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