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Kal Marks
Let The Shit House Burn Down

Explosive rockers Kal Marks started life as a solo project but has become a band over time. Let The Shithouse Burn Down is the band fourth album. They are apparently the loudest band in Boston according to NPR. Despite this tag, they do, however, find space in their cacophonous racket for some moments of genuine beauty. 

Here Comes Washer

New York duo Washer make their debut full-length with Here Comes Washer. With only two of them, they are focused on going a long way with a little, meaning that each element of each track is tightly in place and used for as long as it has value. Sharp garage-ish punk that slips from quiet-and-creepy to loud-and-poppy. LP release on Exploding In Sound.


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Shady Bug
Lemon Lime

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