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Nodding God
Play Wooden Child

Nodding God is a musical project seemingly designed with those who love fantasy mythology in mind. Formed in reality musicians Andrew Liles and David Tibet, along with a shadowy mystery figure known as ‘Underage Shaitan Boy’, the band claim to be 666 years old and sing in an ancient, guttural Mesopotamian tongue on first album Play Wooden Child. Very, very strange, but very, very compelling... 

Mirror Emperor

Hell of a prospect here: Italian noise-metal-jazz monolith band Zu and mystik English Current 93 troubadour David Tibet in collaboration. Surprisingly enough, what comes out is in many places soft, sensitive and melancholy, marshalling strings and acoustic guitars alongside Tibet’s incantations. Mirror Emperor is released on House Of Mythology.


Experimental collective, and occasional Sunn O))) collaborators, Ulver have created an intense new record edited from 12 live performances. ATGCLVLSSCAP relies less on sheer brutal heaviness and instead uses the group’s subtle rock and electronic improvisation.  Editing these performances in the studio has allowed them to create something grand and dense. Available on double vinyl LP and CD.
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