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Charles Hayward Versus Harmergeddon
Charles Hayward Versus Harmergeddon

Charles Hayward was the drummer in legendary bands This Heat and Camberwell now. Harmergeddon are an audio visual duo from London. Charles Hayward Versus Harmergeddon sees the two acts collaborating in a work that sees meandering electronics and blissful soundscapes underpinned by Hayward’s propulsive drumming.

21st Century Breakdown / Lost Girls

Bushpilot were a post-rock band out of mid '90s Leeds that had all the correct influences in Can, Talk Talk and Slint but never perhaps got their due. God Unknown are currently re-issuing their back catalogue which should be of further interest to customers of Norman Records due to the appearance of a young Phil Leigh (Norman Records owner) in the Jaki Liebezeit role. 


Bushpilot were a post-rock band from Leeds. They formed in 1993 and were heavily influenced by the likes of Can, The Fall, Slint, and Talk Talk. Already! Is the second in a series of reissues through God Unknown Records following Live From Brotherswater. They’re a band close to the heart of Norman Records as they feature someone called Phil on drums... 

Live From Brotherswater

Recorded in 1993. A beautiful mixture of post-punk, krautrock funk jams, this is the first in a series releases forthcoming on God Unknown Records by legendary 1990s Leeds Can enthusiasts Bushpilot. As well as Can you can hear the influence of Slint, Talk Talk and James Brown. Recorded on a 4-track in the Lake District the sound has been lovingly restored by Richard Formby at Netherfield Works in the spring of 2019. Limited to 100 copies.
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Whistling Arrow
Whistling Arrow

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Wellwater Conspiracy
Lucy Leave / Sleeveless

A short-lived supergroup dating from the Nineties that included members of Soundgarden and Monster Magnet, Wellwater Conspiracy saw its participants leave behind their regular sounds and indulge in West Coast psychedelia. This special 7” mints two tracks from their 1997 debut Declaration of Conformity - early single ‘Sleeveless’ and a cover of Syd Barrett’s ‘Lucy Leave’. 

Rainbow Grave
No You

Few things released in 2019 are going to have the massive, weighty negativity of No You, the debut album from Birmingham-based Rainbow Grave on God Unknown Records. Promising to forge the blankness of classic punk and metal with a bombardment of psychedelic elements, this could be an unforgettable debut for the genre. 

Charles Hayward
Begin Anywhere

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Nothing Head

God Unknown Records (Sly & The Family Drone, The Blind Shake) drop the sophomore LP from London band Henge. Nothing Head sticks to the formula that worked so well for Henge on their eponymous debut record. This means psychedelic doom metal is the order of the day on Nothing Head - Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Arabrot, that sort of thing. Nice work.

Heaven in the Dark Earth

What do you get when you get two math rock stalwarts who've worked with the likes of Earth, Exes and Sex Swing and reconnect them after they drifted apart. The answer it turns out, is Markers. On Heaven in the Dark Earth, Jason Carty and Jodie Cox make vulnerable sounding stripped back post-rock in the vein of Rodan's more introspective moments.

Heaven Will Rescue Us, We’re the Scum, We’re in the Sun

Sinister goth-psych duo Sneers are at it again with their voluptuous, pensive titles, energetic vocal catharsis and religious imagery. On their third outing here, they’re joined by Kristof Hahn of Swans and Pere Ubu, who contributes lapsteel guitar to the proceedings. Dark stuff with fiery swellings of noisy guitar, drums and intense lyrics.

Peter J Smyth
Black Smoke

Peter J. Smyth has probably already transported you and your third eye into cosmic psych-realms in the past as part or Mugstar, but this solo album takes a rather different tack. Black Smoke relies on acoustic, not electric guitars, and clean finger-picking rather than distorted riffing. What a powerful multi-talented musician! Red vinyl on God Unknown.


Self-titled debut album from UK stoner doom activists Henge. All the elements are firmly in place, from the lumbering, endlessly propulsive rhythm section to the pummelling down-tuned riffs of the guitars. And lets not forget the howling vocals, or the sense that each member of the band have spent the last week in a narcotic haze in a basement. On God Unknown.