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Groovy, distorted psych punk on very gorgeous, and very limited, red and white splatter 10” vinyl. EP1 emerges from the deranged minds of trio Muertos. These tracks distill the atonal riffing and droning vocals of post-Velvet Underground garage into a pure snotty essence of amplifier fuzz and catchy hooks.

This Other Kingdom

As a scintillating hybrid of psych and rock'n'roll, The Other Kingdom create a distorting brand of music. The Dublin three-piece have, on this occasion, made a rampant twelve-track named 'Reveur' for fans to feast on - but that's not to say tender moments cannot be discovered within the expedition.

The Oscillation
Evil In The Tree

The Oscillation attempt the unthinkable by trying to compress their psychedelic onslaught onto that tiniest of 7" wax. Evil In The Tree features an eponymous track written in the same sessions as their Monographic LP, the band dedicating themselves to the same trance rock, building their way to pop repetitions through a filibuster of the usual: guitar warbles, shining keys and a knowing rhythm section.
  • Vinyl 7"
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Dead Gurus
Acid Bench

The scorched-earth guitars, shrouded in psychedelia, of Dead Gurus are colossal. No release showcases their searing and screeching riffs more potently than the Wrong Way Records presented and drug-fuelled LP Acid Bench. Ladies and gentlemen, strap yourself in - its gonna be a bumpy ride...
  • Vinyl LP (WWR 007)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
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The Junkyard Liberty

Due for release on Friday 11th November, debut LP “Chains” comes in the form of a very limited edition transparent blood red vinyl. Released, aptly, into a political landscape of upheaval and unrest, “Chains”, with its provocative slant, is set to strike a chord with people the world over. The ten tracks, whose retro riffs hark back to the likes of the Velvet Underground, will not disappoint.
  • Vinyl LP
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  • Coloured vinyl

The Valkarys
Since I Was Fifteen

The Valkarys are part of an ever-growing quantity of psyched-up garagey rock bands, a style they do very well at. But what is more individual about them is their audible fondness for the sounds and styles of desert-USA as imagined by Westerns. This is what gives the Since I Was Fifteen EP a real flavour of its own. 10” vinyl release, pressed onto orange wax.
  • Vinyl 10"
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  • Limited edition

The Goa Express
Goa / Kiss Me

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Presents for Sally / 93MillionMilesFromTheSun
An Arms Reach Away / Darkness Inside

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Cult of Free Love
Love Revolution

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Rancho Relaxo
White Light Fever

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