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Nick Jonah Davis
When the Sun Came

Nick Jonah Davis is a guitarist out of deepest Derbyshire. He plays in a lonesome but full bodied style on this, his fourth edition of instrumental guitar recordings. It contains sun-dappled and gentle compositions featuring Davis alone other than one track which features what is described as 'pigeon whistles'. Lovely stuff to soothe your soul. 

Cath & Phil Tyler
The Ox and the Ax

Cath and Phil Tyler are a pair of lovely folkies from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (though Cath originally hails from Massachusetts where she played in Cordelia's Dad). This is their third album and their first in eight years. Here they further explore their love of traditional songcraft, mountain banjo and Sacred harp singing. 

C Joynes & The Furlong Bray
The Borametz Tree

'The Borametz Tree' is the latest work from guitar savant C Joynes who has previously released records on Leith Hill Recordings, The Great Pop Supplement, Bo'Weavil Recordings etc. He is joined by folky post-rockers Dead Rat Orchestra, appearing as The Furlong Bay alongside Cam Deas and Nick Jonah Davis -- with whom he released the 'Split Electric' LP, also on Manchester-based imprint Thread Recordings. Together they create sweeping pastoral epics, shimmering with C Joynes beautiful, signature post-American Primitive style strings - making for a record that is palpable and nuanced. 


dbh made quite a stir both within and outside of the confines of these walls with his third album Mass so we're very happy that we have another chance to hear his second album again which has been re-pressed onto vinyl and CD. The musician (also known as Dan? Dave?) is adept at finger picked solo guitar pieces that owe as much to Vini Reilly as they do Michael Chapman.  
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Though recorded in bustling Manchester, dbh’s (who has performed live with Julie Byrne) third album is much more reminiscent of where it was mastered, in the Outer Hebrides. Instrumental folk guitar tracks with a deftness of touch, Mass is for exploring big empty spaces on the back of a donkey rather than trying to get the Christmas shopping done at the Arndale.

Nick Jonah Davis
House of Dragons

Originally released on Lancashire and Somerset last year as a limited-edition LP, the album is now being made available on CD and high-quality download. The re-issue follows the release of Split Electric – a split LP of solo electric guitar recordings with C Joynes – on Thread Recordings earlier this year. Nottingham based Nick Jonah Davis’ writing and playing styles can easily be compared to Bert Jansch, Nick Drake, or John Fahey, but there’s something so much more delicate about his playing style as well. This is also reflected in the gorgeously stripped back production on this recording.

C Joynes / Nick Jonah Davis
Split Electric

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