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Golden Hands
Golden Hands

Moroccan 70s funk rock anyone? Good, I thought so. Despite their name sounding like an off-kilter US indie band, Golden Hands were a sibling duo formed in Morocco in 1969. It wasn’t until 1978 that their North African DIY take on funk and rock took off, though. They were successful enough in their homeland to make them try to crack Europe. This is their self-titled debut LP.

Harde Smart : Flemish & Dutch Grooves From The 70's

Ever wondered what the Dutch language music of the 70s sounded like but didn't want to put the work in to find out? Do I have a compilation for you. Harde Smart features 21 tracks from the Holland and Flanders regions, which range from funk to soul to more jazz inflected cuts. These songs will be familiar to those who grew up with them, but can be enjoyed by anyone with a passing interest in that musical decade.

Discophilia Belgica : Next-Door-Disco & Local Spacemusic from Belgium

Just look at that there cover art. Compiled by some serious diggers, Discophilia Belgica : Next-Door-Disco & Local Spacemusic from Belgium is an exploration of the out-there sounds from the little country of Belgium. Most of the artists across this two part compilation series would never have called themselves musicians and never performed their music live. However, there are some crackers on this one.

Rene Costy

Rene Costy is another obscure '70s jazz, electronics and library music genius whose work had previously been lost to time. Thanks to SDBAN this much referenced, but little heard, musician can finally be appreciated, on CD and double vinyl LP. Expectancy’s compilation of funky synthesizer and violin is a complete revelation.

Koen De Bruyne
Here Comes The Crazy Man

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Andre Brasseur
Lost Gems From The 70's

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