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Erin Rae
Putting On Airs

When you write descriptions for the benevolent overlords at Norman Records™, you end up hearing a lot of very loud music. Industrial techno, noise rock, doom metal, someone banging two model Eddie Stobart lorries together for an ho...view item »

John Paul White

John Paul White is the dude out of the Civil Wars, a delightfully serene indie pop band with pretty much none of the aggressions their name suggests. If ever an artist barely needed to strike out on their own, it’s him, but that's no reason: ‘Beulah’ allows him the space to become eve...view item »

Dylan Leblanc
Cautionary Tale

Dylan Le Blanc’s previous two records were released on a major label and he has been touted as the next Neil Young or something. Presumably something has gone terribly wrong along the way and the 23 (23!?) year old has slipped into relying on that old cause and solution to all life's problems  - a...view item »

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