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Africa Airways Three (The Afro-Psych Excursion 1972 - 1984)

Take a full dose of African psychedelic rock with this heady compilation. Africa Airways Three (The Afro-Psych Excursion 1972 - 1984) features a fine roster of rich grooves, cosmic highlife, fuzz conga and psych swing band music, from artists including Ifang Bondi, Manu Dibango, Sory Bamba. Vinyl release on the Africa Seven label.
  • Vinyl LP (ASVN030)
  • Label(s):
  • Africa Seven

Afro National
African Experimentals (1972-1979)

The reissue-philes at Africa Seven drop a compilation from acclaimed Sierra Leonean group Afro National. Led by Sulay Abu Bakarr, his wife Patricia and former Sabanoh Jazz Group member Ayo Roy Macauley, Afro National’s blend of West African rock styles, jazz and Hi-Life made them big stars in their home country throughout the 1970s. African Experimentals (1972-1979) collates some of the group’s deeper, most dancefloor-friendly cuts.
  • Vinyl LP (ASVN068)

Mothers' Garden (The Funky Sounds Of Female Africa 1975 - 1984)

Africa Seven - the label behind the Africa Airways series - drop another nice collection of old grooves. These tracks are all by artists who identify as female, a gender which has been woefully under-represented in the African 70s/80s reissue explosion of the past decade or so. Hopefully compilations Mothers’ Garden this will start to redress the balance. Contains tunes from Miriam Makeba and Letta Mbulu, among others.
  • Vinyl LP (ASVN022)
  • Label(s):
  • Africa Seven

Charly Kingson
Born In Africa

The people at Africa Seven unearth another lost gem with Charly Kingson’s 1978 LP Born in Africa. Kingson - cousin of Manu Dibango, no less - recorded this album after relocating from Cameroon to Germany. It’s a record of popping synth-funk and hi-life disco, with tracks like ‘Nimele Bolo’ and ‘Nanga ‘Boko’ still sure to set the dancefloor on fire. Kingson’s cracking voice, part Maurice White and part Fela Kuti, remains front-and-centre throughout.
  • Vinyl LP (ASVN062)

Tala A.M.
African Funk Experimentals 1975 to 1978

African Funk Experimentals 1975 to 1978 is an extremely enticing name for a record isn’t it? And Tala A.M. doesn’t disappoint, throwing out slice after slice of compelling afro-funk, always driven by amazing rhythms and led by tight guitar. Compilation of tracks cherry-picked from various of Tala’s records, on Africa Seven.
  • Vinyl LP (ASVN018)
  • Label(s):
  • Africa Seven

Pasteur Lappe
We, The People

Pasteur Lappe is a prime exponent of the Sekele sound in Cameroon through the seventies and eighties. He really and truly has it going on, as even a cursory listen to his 1979 debut album will prove: this music positively sizzles with funk, swing, and muscular groove fun. A wonderful record, put into proper circulation by the Africa Seven label.
  • Vinyl LP (ASVN027)

J. M. Tim & Foty
African Funk Experimentals (1977-1979)

J. M. Tim & Foty were a creative duo based from Cameroon working on funk and disco. This LP on Africa Seven presents just two years of that hard work. And if you need a seal of approval just know that god like genius Missy Elliot has sampled one of these tracks. So what are you waiting for?
  • Vinyl LP (ASVN058)

Africa Airways Four (Disco Funk Touchdown - 1976 - 1983)

The latest in a series that has the first on its fourth repress, Africa Airways here takes us to a land of forgotten disco anthems from '76 to '83. Commendable spirit has gone into unearthing and compiling such a fantastic and diverse collection, further cementing the importance of the continent in recent music history. 
  • Vinyl LP (ASVN040)

Ekambi Brillant
African Funk Experimentals (1975-1982)

African Funk Experimentals (1975 - 1982) is one of the most enticing album titles I’ve heard in a good while, and the music does not disappoint. This is a compilation of Cameroonian musician Ekambi Brillant’s further-out funk tunes, and boy does that man know how to work a groove. Vinyl LP reissue on Africa Seven.
  • Vinyl LP (ASVN038)
  • Label(s):
  • Africa Seven

Pasteur Lappe
African Funk Experimentals (1979 to 1981)

This LP collects the finest selections from three albums released between 1979 and 1981 by one Pasteur Lappe, a native of Cameroon with an innate sense of what is needed to make things funky. African Funk Experimentals is just that, with Lappe trying out the tropes of different styles and giving them all his own touch. These grooves will not disappoint. On Africa Seven.