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The Vaselines

Dum Dum was the first album by legendary Scottish indie pop  band, The Vaselines. They were led by Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee. It was originally released in 1989.  It was albums such as this that piqued the interest of Kurt Cobain who went on to cover several of their later songs with Nirvana. 
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Delaney Davidson
Shining Day

Glass Records Redux (Spacemen 3, Spiritualized) has picked up the ninth studio LP from New Zealand artist Delaney Davidson. Coming a couple of years after Lucky Guy, Shining Day is another record of slightly garage-y singer-songwriter fare from Davidson. The likes of ‘What Am I Doing Wrong’ could have been plucked from the songbook of Mark Oliver Everett.

Fucked Up Inside

'Fucked Up Inside' was initially a limited run record released to Spiritualized diehards in 1993, capturing his live show on record for the very first time. It coincided with the release of 'Lazer Guided Melodies', a notably minimalist entry in the Spirutalized discography. This reissue contains live performances of three songs from that record, as well as cuts from 'Pure Phase' and a Spaceman 3 cover, 'Walking With Jesus'. 

Bruce Russell
Metallic OK

Bruce Russell is one third of the fabulous New Zealand abject noise / unrock band The Dead C, which means anything he does is automatically worth investigating. Metallic OK is a juicy double-size portion of Russell’s solo business, incorporating good old feedback guitar squall but also detailed musique concrete adventures. Double CD on Glass Records Redux.

Richard Youngs
The Rest Is Scenery

Perpetual experimentalist and underground national treasure Richard Youngs has written each of the songs of The Rest Is Scenery around just one chord, because why the hell not? He wants it to be possible for anyone to cover these songs with just the slightest of guitar experience, except of course all those magical Youngsian touches cannot be replicated. CD on the Glass Records Redux label.

Andrew Paine
Sky Movers Must Fight On

Andrew Paine, often seen in collaboration with Richard Youngs these days (as a duo, as The Flexibles, or as Ilk), also operates solo. On Sky Movers Must Fight On he showcases his unusual craft: stark drum machine rhythms push forwards while voices, pianos, guitar noise and all sorts of other sounds swirl around. On Glass Records Redux.

Frances McKee
Sunny Moon

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David J
V For Vendetta: Grande Edition

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Richard Youngs
Endless Futures

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Richard Youngs
Inside the Future

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The Pooh Sticks
The Great White Wonder

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