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Brendon Anderegg

Yes! Here’s an experimental record of synth explorations from those fine fellows and lasses at Thrill Jockey and a quick glance (on-line, natch) confirms this to be the work of Chicagoan (no surprises, no prizes) Brendon Anderegg. Brendon’s surname is not the only interesting factor to be revealed by this long-player though -- oh no,...view item »

Marisa Anderson
Cloud Corner

Well, the irony is not lost on me; I’m not quite in the ‘Cloud Corner’ but I *am* in the Reviewer’s Corner this relatively cloudless sunny day in Holbeck, in order to write a little about this spindly guitar goodness from Marisa Anderson. All the instruments on this record were played by the extraordinarily dextrous-finge...view item »

John Parish
Bird Dog Dante

Where does John Parish find time to record his own album? Last year saw him tour with longtime collaborator PJ Harvey and produce high quality albums for This Is The Kit, Aldous Harding and Jenny Hval. His own album, Bird Dog Dante includes duets with PJ...view item »

Negative Work

Boston trio E - featuring former members of Karate, Uzi, Neptune and more - drop their second LP via Thrill Jockey. The ten tracks of Negative Work are a tense, bracing mix of hardcore punk, shredded blues and noise rock. As well as the usual suspects -...view item »

Wooden Shjips

In which the Shjips, according to the press release at least, trade in some of their trademark hypno-guitar drone for a more laid-back sound. Born out of contemplative takes on the various political and ecological madnesses of last summer, 'V' is intended as an antidote to current travails, "a respite from the insanity". Get in early enough and ...view item »

The Body
I Have Fought Against It, But I Can't Any Longer

As someone who’s favourite Fugazi song is the the least Fugazi-like Fugazi song ('Instrument Soundtrack'’s ‘I’m So Tired’ for the record) maybe it’s no surprise that my favourite metal band are not in a lot of ways, not very metal. The Body of course...view item »

The Sea and Cake
Any Day

The Sea And Cake are comprised of John McIntire (also a member of Tortoise), Sam Prekop, Archer Prewitt and Eric Claridge. They basically write pop music, but their sound is unique: pop music that avoids every cliche with subtlety as its key. There’s a fai...view item »

Sarah Louise
Deeper Woods

Spiritual Jazz, drone, minimalist musician, House And Land member and Pitchfork favourite, Sarah Louise uses her Thrill Jockey debut as the platform to showcase her vocal talents for the first time, accompanying her 12-string acoustic guitar to create a haunting folk record. Deeper Woods features guest performan...view item »

Future Islands
In The Fall

The first thing I noticed about these chipmunks was the lead singers voice. It sounds so possessed!!I think it's really distinctive. Kinda like the bastard child of Beefheart, Tom Waits and Russ Le Roc. This to some may sound like a match made in hell but rest assured readers ,his vocals make this a really interesting listen. The music is pretty sw...view item »

Mouse On Mars
Dimensional People

It does look somewhat like Mouse on Mars skimmed through the Pitchfork Book of Indie Cool to choose their guests for this opus. For Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) Aaron & Bryce Dessner (the National) and Zach Condon (Beirut) feature alongside 40 other guests. Impressive though their l...view item »

Wrekmeister Harmonies
The Alone Rush

At one point or another in the history of time, Wrekmeister Harmonies were a weird and sorta tasteful metal band serving up orchestration and drone like they were lurking demons in an earthly dimension of hell. In 2018, the project submits to a modern rule: if it can be made to sound pretty much exactly like Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds...view item »

Brother JT
Tornado Juice

Tornado Juice? No, see, I just reviewed the Guided By Voices record, so. I don’t. Understand. Okay, well, using similarly ludicrous madlib blurt for his album title, Brother JT offers a kinda cheeky and never quite serious replication of rock -- maybe country, sometimes synth, occasionally fuzzy, it’s mostly just laid back and archet...view item »

Sidi Touré

On his fourth LP Toubaldero, Malian guitarist Sidi Toure switches up his sound a little and moves from acoustic guitar to electro-acoustic. The resulting LP is an album in the best West African tradition - hot-fingered guitar playing, the dusty harmonies of the desert blues sound, and a way with polyrhythms unique to th...view item »

Mouse On Mars
Radical Connector

Hang on a minute are Mouse on Mars not on Domino anymore? This new CD appears on Sonig. As usual its full of wierd musical invention. The first track is quite commercial and uses a vocoder. By the second track the jerky beats of old have returned but there's a lot more vocals on this than before.  This sounds good on...view item »

Keiji Haino & SUMAC
American Dollar Bill - Keep Facing Sideways, You’re Too Hideous To Look At Face On

Once again Keiji Haino, the noise maestro synonymous with every possible pathway into his genre, lends a helping hand to the young guns around him. Having collaborated with just about anyone confident enough to ask him, he rarely disappoints, and the noise rock band working with him create a thrilling backdrop of chaos, giving Haino the chance t...view item »

YoshimiO / Susie Ibarra / Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe
Flower of Sulphur

Look man, I write descriptions for Norman Records. If there’s an LP that features YoshimiO (Boredoms), Susie Ibarra and Lichens bloke Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, then I’m obviously dtf. Flowers of Sulphur was recorded at a 2016 performance in B...view item »

Mouse On Mars

German electronic duo Mouse On Mars have been at this music lark for 24 years now. The duo have never felt the need to bow to convention. Their 2001 album, Idiology is now being reissued by Chicago label Thrill Jockey. Pressed on white vinyl with a die cut sleeve and inner sleeve with artwork, thi...view item »

The Skull Defekts
The Skull Defekts

This is the final album from experimental Swedes the Skull Defekts. They are known for somehow melding raucous punk with ritualistic psychedelic folk creating an overwhelming barrage of sound. Someone from, Wildbirds and Peacedrums has joined for this swansong which should see them go out with a bang. ...view item »

Before You I Appear

Before You I Appear is an EP featuring remixes from Sumac’s 2016 album What One Becomes. The Vancouver/Washington duo find their dense metalish rock being punctuated with psychedelic explosions and sombre drone passages. Featuring remixes by Samuel Kerridge, Bleed Turquoise...view item »

Love Jail

An album as breezy as the artwork suggests, Love Jail sees Thrill Jockey’s Dommengang bang out ten pieces of timeless Americana. The trio produce a powerful but pleasant noise, with fuzzy guitars cosying up to a tight and groovy rhythm section. Tracks like ‘Color Out Of Space’ will be ...view item »

The Body & Thou
Released From Love / You, Whom I Have Always Hated

If you liked either or both of the excellent, brutally heavyweight collaborative albums put out in the last few years by The Body and Thou, now you can own the pair of them in one double LP set! Released From Love and You, Whom I Have Always Hated are both excellent blackened statements of inte...view item »


Emptyset, now there’s a name I know. I’ve probably sent a fair few of their (distinctive-looking) records out the door to a few of you lovely lot at some point in the last 20 months. Yes, I’m counting. Anyway, Bristol’s Emptyset -- well, James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas, for it is they -- have followed up their Pan Sonic-es...view item »


High quality vintage ambient glitch electronics from Oval circa 1998, reissued as part of Thrill Jockey’s twenty-fifth birthday. Dok is a typically gorgeous suite of shimmering, wavering soundscapes, constructed from sources so deeply processed as to take on an entirely new character. This reissue is the first tim...view item »

Illinois River Valley Blues

All the gang is here. Brokeback is the long term project of Doug McCombs (Tortoise) but also includes James Elkington (Steve Gunn/Tweedy), is produced by John McEntire (Tortoise) and Sam Prekop (...view item »

The Body & Full of Hell
Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light

There’s something very suited to Chicago label Thrill Jockey about Ascending A Mountain of Heavy Light, a collaboration between The Body & Full of Hell. Unsettling soundscapes punctuated with sudden bursts of abrasive sound, hmm, I reckon fans of the label’s output will dig this. There also some ...view item »

The Sea and Cake
The Fawn

The Sea and Cake is a band with tremendous talent and a creative vision. Their sound is simple yet complicated, integrating rich, dreamy sounds with Sam Prekop's soothing voice. "Sporting Life" is a stunningly beautiful song that never wears out; it motivates you to hope high and love life. "There you are" is equally beautiful- it starts off bar...view item »

A Flame My Love, A Frequency

French multi-instrumentalist Cecile Schott returns to Thrill Jockey with her seventh full length album as Colleen. A large step away from her usual sound palette, Schott replaces her viola da gamba with ...view item »


Traditional Indian modes hybridise with exuberant contemporary experimentation for this luxurious foil-jacketed double vinyl from Japan four-piece SAICOBAB, courtesy of Th...view item »

Upper Wilds
Guitar Module 2017

Upper Wilds (bits of Parts & Labour and Pterodactyl) attempt to make the worlds most compressed record and half way through 'UFO' the second track here my ears are screaming. Unlike a lot of records which have been compressed to sound loud on the radio this is an intentional production ...view item »

The Sea and Cake
The Biz

Many TSAC listeners seperate the band's career into two segments: pre and post-Fawn. And I would definitely agree. While their work on The Fawn and later albums is undeniably TSAC in its sound, it is remarkably different than their first three albums. For my money, The Biz is the best of the pre-Fawn era. Here they are still the guitar driven, s...view item »

The Sea and Cake

This is definitely the Sea and Cake's most varied album; the scope of the songs ranges from the light breezy "Parasol" to the uptempo "Nature Boy" to the album-ending rock-out "I Will Hold The Tea Bag." It's a bit of a departure from their usual latin jazz sound, and it's not as electronic as The Fawn or One Bedroom, but I like the chances that ...view item »

The Sea and Cake
The Sea and Cake

I just recently became a fan of 'Sea and Cake' This is their first album; I believe and I love it! It's just so relaxing. I think my blood pressure goes down just listening to it and I love 'So Long to the Captain' 'Lost in Autumn' (good music to listen to before bedtime). Only outlier would be 'Choice Blanket' - it's unusally upbeat...for Sea a...view item »

Jan St. Werner
Spectric Acid (Fiepblatter Catalogue #5)

Jan St. Werner, of Mouse On Mars fame, spins out on his own once more to get real abstract and ferocious with it. Spectric Acid (Fiepblatter Catalogue #5) ...view item »

Jeff Parker
The Relatives

Beloved Jeff Parker and his strange guitar contraption. Saviour of Tortoise and genre polymath, it's no surprise that 2004 release The Relatives is a fine improvised showing in post-bop jazz, a modal exercise of originals supplemented with a take of Marvin Gaye's "When Did ...view item »

Golden Retriever

What is great about Golden Retrievers is that they are both golden in colour and they retrieve things (balls etc). But this is no canine, this is the synth and clarinet duo from Portland who here incorporate a full chamber ensemble into their sound drawing comparisons with Terry Riley, William Basinski and ...view item »

Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa
Are Euphoria

Could there be a more Thrill Jockey combination than this? Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa have combined talents once more following 2014’s ‘Savage Imagination’. The results are in, and they’re spectacular. Are Euphoria is the title and the r...view item »

Jackie Lynn
Jackie Lynn

Jackie Lynn is a fictional construct, written and sung into being by Haley Fohr of Circuit des Yeux. This character, who appears to have a chequered past, is also into lush pop drama, and is helped along by ...view item »

Glenn Jones
Against Which The Sea Continually Beats

I had no idea that Glenn Jones was in US post rockers Cul-De-Sac but there you go. You learn something every day. This is his 2007 solo album which perfectly demonstrates his style of American Primitive Guitar  - the fingerpicked style invented by John Fahey. First time on vinyl ...view item »

House and Land
House and Land

Sally Anne Morgan and Sarah Louise Henson join forces to create House and Land. Both women being multi-instrumentalists, they have a wide range of musical variety at their fingertips, with Sarah playing the 12-string guitar, shruti box, bouzouki and performing vocals, while Sally plays the fiddle, banjo, shruti box and...view item »

White Hills
Stop Mute Defeat

New York psych juggernauts White Hills try something a little bit new here, winding in the guitars a little bit and cranking up the thick industrial production. Stop Mute Defeat is a bad-trip of a record, with influence taken from Cabaret Voltaire and William Burroughs. It's a heavy one...view item »

Man Forever
Play What They Want

Oneida super-drummer Kid Millions’s solo project Man Forever has thus far been a focused exploration of pure percussion sounds, but his new record Play What They Want expands the palette a little bit, including voice and other instrumentation from Laurie Anderson,...view item »

Brian Gibson

Brian Gibson has been leading a double life for many years now, being both a video game artist and half of noise-rock destroyers Lightning Bolt. Here, the two come together, with the soundtrack to Gibson’s acclaimed game Thumper, composed by Gibson himself. Very d...view item »

Glenn Jones & Matthew Azevedo

Waterworks is a document of a remarkable performance in a remarkable space: the Waterworks Museum in Boston, a resonant location packed with interesting machinery. Guitarist Glenn Jones brought in Matthew Azevedo to add all sorts of electroacoustics through an array of speakers distributed around the sp...view item »

Trans Am
California Hotel

Trans Am. They do what they like but as a result have been rather ahead of the curve in translating the sounds of the likes of John Carpenter and DAF to the modern rock arena. This latest burst of inspiration was initially released for RSD2017 and consists of tracks mainly recorded live to tape with minimal overdubs. ...view item »

The Skull Defekts

What is it with this crazed Swedish band? They're well deranged like a voodoo Gothic tribal breakdown I reckon. Vocally they're like the demented hybrid of Mike Patton, Current 93, The Birthday Party, PIL & Scratch Acid and the music isn't much more normal, weighing in somewhere betwe...view item »

And They Turned Not When They Went

Starting with a News at Ten clock chime, this is a collaboration between folk minstrel Alexander Tucker and Daniel Beban. It's starts out in experimental sound collage fashion with all manner of found sounds, loops and noises combining to create a sonic pie. It's not all noise though inte...view item »

Dialectic Of Ignorance

Get heavy and spacey with Pontiak, a band of three brothers. They take that close connection and use it to allow them to ride the waves of psychedelic jams that might throw lesser acts into disarray. But Dialectic Of Ignorance never strays from the cosmic path, even though it feels good and loose as it travels on the wa...view item »

Song of The Rose

Baltimore based Arbouretum have released ‘Songs of The Rose’. This release has been described as a masterfully crafted collaboration of vocal lines and guitar solos that Arbouretum have managed to weave perfectly together. For fans of indie-rock and experimental post-rock...view item »

Book Of Changes

I don't understand. Surely Entrance only just released an album last year with the slightly underwhelming 'Promises'? (Copies still available by the way). Reading further 'Promises' was apparently the EP so this must be the big one. It says here that he's been influenced by Townes Van Zandt and Arthur Lee which ...view item »

Hopes Of Failure

Iowan three-piece Aseethe love doom and they love drone, and they’ve sort of tried to merge the two here on Hopes Of Failure. The trick is to sludge up and slow down their compositions so that the chewy riffs start to melt into each other: the results will certainly satisfy fans of blackened heaviness. Hopes O...view item »


I can’t help but feel like Emptyset are sort of a Pan Sonic-lite. If Pan Sonic were still Panasonic then Emptyset could be the Goodmans / Grundig equivalent i.e perfectly functional but don’t quite reach the high quality of the source. That...view item »

Glenn Jones
This Is The Wind That Blows It Out

Glenn Jones is a maestro of the American Primitive style of guitar playing: that sweet sweet Fahey-derived sound we all love so much. This Is The Wind That Blows It Out is Glenn’s 2004 album, now receiving a vinyl release for the first time courtesy of Thrill Jockey. Rich and beau...view item »


Depending on you, as a person, you will either be inspired to fuck by ‘Promises’ or totally infuriated. With a wobbling and dramatic voice to match the dockside spirituals of the Waterboys’ Mike Scott and a big, motivational sound a la that famous New Radicals...view item »

On Dark Silent Off

Martin Brandlmayr (drums), Martin Siewart (guitar) and John Norman (bass) is Radian. Their curious 7-track offering, Scary Objects, sees the Austrian experimentalists explore a recorded collection of feedback, fiddlings and glitches before intricately melding soundbites in...view item »


E might reasonably be described as an alt-rock supergroup, being comprised of Thalia Zedek, Gavin McCarthy and Jason Sanford, who have experience in Come, Karate and Neptune respectively. Collaborative debut E manages t...view item »

People of the North
The Caul

The North? Never heard of it. Sounds bleak. I have, however, heard of Oneida, a psychedelic darling amongst those who like cacophonies in every which direction -- their side project, People of the North, consists of some people, potentially of the north, from that band, including drumming mini-legend ...view item »

Luke Roberts
Sunlit Cross

I love it when people are earnest with guitars, I’ll be real, even if it’s at parties, just do it all the time. I’m even more into it when your lyrics are just a little silly, so I appreciate Roberts’ early, deeply heartfelt admission that “I’m a man who wears clothes”. In fact, the whole of &ld...view item »

Grumbling Fur

It doesn’t matter how much I whinge that they are not, I think I’ll be happier as a person if I just come out and admit that Grumbling Fur are one of England’s more interesting experimental pop groups. Their last album  ‘Pre-naturals’ didn’t quite whet my whistle possibly bec...view item »


Psych rock! Yes! Can I get a hell yes? OK. Weirdly-tuned electric guitar within a jazzily shifting time signature -- the drummer and the rubbery bass man are really good, as is the guitarist obviously -- are my first impressions of this record. It’s Brooklyn’s Rhyton -- a three-piece of leading experimentalists and improvisers; of co...view item »

Oozing Wound
Whatever Forever

If the name doesn’t paint a pretty enough picture for you, the nihilist torrent of abuse you get from them for putting their albums on should do it. Discordant, thrashy, trashy, and bash, bash, bash your head against a wall riffs. They care for nothing… except head banging. Vinyl edition comes with etching on one side, but who cares...view item »

Helen Money
Become Zero

First time on Thrill Jockey for American dark cellist Helen Money, who is more metal than most metal bands have ever been. Next to her, fellow cellists Apocalyptica sound like Coldplay and Slayer are Bon Jovi. A plea to Helen Money mastermind Alison Chesley - please do a Reign In Blood...view item »

Wrekmeister Harmonies
Light Falls

J. R. Robinson. Mister Harmonies. It’s been a while. Take off your shoes; reveal your hobbit feet. Long have you been travelling. The primary consultant for all things doom, drone and gravel, Robinson has long been impressing on us the many ways you can twist metal into new shapes, travelling down a more baroque, even folkloric route. &lsq...view item »

Marielle V Jakobsons
Star Core

It’s story time! If there’s one thing I learned about Marielle V Jakobsons’ from listening to her kraut-ambient pop collage ‘Glass Canyon’, a strong outlier to the rest of Students of Decay’s glacial output, it’s that she makes deeply adventuring music. ‘Star Core’, her follow-up for Thrill J...view item »

High Places
Original Colors

High Places return with their third album for Thrill jockey and this time they ain't messin'! H.P have been unfortunate in that their sample based, organic approach to composition has been heavily co-opted in the past couple of years evolving into the potentially profitable sound you migh...view item »

Thalia Zedek Band

Thalia Zedek has worked in plenty of bands, from Come to Uzi to new group E. But her Thalia Zedek band is the purest Zedek outlet. New record Eve has plenty of driving alt-rock power and emotionally heavy lyrics, although the presence o...view item »

Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler
Le Revelateur

Harp hero Mary Lattimore and regular collaborator Jeff Zeigler produced this music to accompany a 1968 silent film, Le Révélateur. Zeigler’s guitars and synt...view item »

What One Becomes

So much heavy lineage in this trio. Members of Isis, Baptists and Russian Circles assembled to become Sumac, and they wasted no time developing band chemistry: their vei...view item »

Jan St. Werner

This genuinely sounds like nothing else I have ever listened to... except perhaps Mouse on Mars. Which is what you might expect from half a mouse, on Mars. The opening track certainly has all the hallmarks of a little mouse roaming around, putting his teeny tiny little nose in various instruments, tickling the...view item »

The Body
No One Deserves Happiness

You know them. If you like “metal” -- and square quotes are necessary for this band of genre scoffers -- then the Body have probably collaborated with a band you like. They did it with doom stoics Thou; they’ve fucked with grindcore high-brows Full of Hell; they&rsqu...view item »

Glenn Jones

On Fleeting, for the Thrill Jockey label, Glenn Jones’ guitar fingerpicking is sounding rich, complex and more beautiful than ever. Jones’ unconventional tunings and ability to interlink dense melodies makes him an icon of American Primitive and Takoma school guitar playing. His uniq...view item »

Ultimate Care II

This is a concept album about a washing machine. The concept is, the machine washes their clothes, they smoke a thousand joints, then sit agape listening to the sounds that it exudes. “Whoaa man, we should totally record that whirr”... “Dude, we could make a drum out of the drum”. Clint described these two as ‘sonic...view item »

The Catastrophist

If you listen to ‘Beacons of Ancestorship’ now, with your older, sillier and less expectant ears, I think you’ll find it Tortoise’s most delightful album: full of poor jokes about dubstep, prog jams and gooey synth ballads, the band’s last album is one of post-rock’s only romps, and I’m grateful to it fo...view item »

Holy Sons
Fall of Man

Holy Sons is the monikor under which Emil Amos picks up his guitar and his four track, and pours his heart out, as i’m sure he does in his other, very different projects - OM, Grails, and Lilacs & Champagne. Apparently he’s written and recorded o...view item »

Wrekmeister Harmonies
Night of Your Ascension

This. Is. A. Beast. Sound and video artist J.R. Robinson brings another installment from Wrekmeister Harmonies on a truly massive scale. Since Bring It All Down he’s been working with 30 musicians, including members of Einstürzende Neubauten, Cave, and ...view item »

Evan Caminiti

This person here called Evan is half of that there band called Barn Owl. Not entirely sure what they’re like, but sources say one word - drone, the word of the decade. Just so you know what you’re getting yourself into. From what I gather, he’s come from a band-oriented backgro...view item »

Circuit Des Yeux
In Plain Speech

Haley Fohr a.k.a Circuit Des Yeux returns with In Plain Speech. Her evocative baritone vocals evoke the fine works of Anthony, whilst the emotive content proves no less alluring. Features a raft of Chicagoan collaborators from Cooper Crain (Cave, Bitchin Bajas) to Whitney Johnson (Verma). Out on CD and vinyl LP from Thr...view item »

Captain Of None

With the treble viola da gamba as her primary source of sound -- plus a lot of big ideas about looping the strings until they’re off the grid -- Colleen makes a record of charming mindfuckery and altered composition. ‘Captain of None’ is a wonderful example of phasing baroque, of reinventing sound that should be revered, not to...view item »

Lightning Bolt
Fantasy Empire

Lighting Bolt have done a lot with their caustic noise over the years, and while they’ve taken us through many dissonant journeys and shown us just how many different shades there are to abrasive avant-garde, there’s always been something accessible running through their music. Call it the Animal C...view item »

Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler
Slant Of Light

This is one of those collaborative ambient albums that just seems to kinetically work despite the variations in the disciplines of the people who came together to make it. Mary Lattimore is a harpist who has collaborated with Kurt Vile, Meg Baird, ...view item »


To overlap with the forthcoming new record, Thrill Jockey are getting classic Tortoise albums back out into the world on lovely wax. TNT is Tortoise’s third album, first released in 1998. Double LP in a gatefold sleeve (with that simple simple artwork tipped-on), pressed to pristine white vinyl....view item »

Future Islands
On The Water

I play in a skiffle combo. I'm one of the finest wash board players on the scene. My skiffle group “The Skiffle-kult Third Album” have had the pleasure of sharing stage time with these synth wave muckers. Their newie “On The Water” is a bloody joy to listen to. It's...view item »

The Sea and Cake
The Moonlight Butterfly

The Sea And Cake have always made consistently good records. For the past 20 years they've forged a truly unique sound that embraces elements of jazz, Afrobeat, Latin and electronica whilst maintaining a unique individualism. Ultra mellow whilst being reliably upbeat, the...view item »

Fennesz / Daniell / Buck

I really like Christian Fennesz. Tony Buck's in The Necks who I really like too. I don't think I've got an opinion on David Daniell (I'm pretty sure I've heard something of his before but memory is a fickle mistress) but since the other two obviously really like him then I do too. I guess you might be thinking that I'm gonna like this. Well it h...view item »


Pontiak do rock music right, with a low-slung rhythm-section heft driving along nice crunchy riffs. Sometimes they are more of a vocal blues-rock outfit and sometimes they plunge into thick sludgy instrumental depths. Living is their fourth album, and it has been mostly unava...view item »

David Daniell & Douglas McCombs

I often seem to get Tortoise related things to review. I barely know anything about the band except for liking that record everyone likes. Anyway what I have here in my grubby little paws is an LP by David Daniell and Douglas McCombs called 'Sycamore' which also containsJohn Herndon from said band. It starts out with lovely guitar loops but is soon...view item »


Although they recorded their third album for Thrill Jockey in their own 12x12’ studio in Virginia, the three brothers that makes up Pontiak avoids creating excessive jams from the comfort of their own home on Maker. Straightforward stoner-rock numbers makes up the first part of the album, with “Heat Pleasure” being the highligh...view item »

Sun On Sun

Three brothers (Van (guitar, lead vocals), Lain (drums, vocals) and Jennings Caney (bass, organ, vocals)) makes up Pontiak, who've reissued their second full-length Sun On Sun, in which fuse together leftfield folk-rock with elements of stoner, psychedelica and classic Americana. The opener "Shell Skull" combines the influences of Comets On Fire...view item »

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