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Cuckoo Spit EP

Cutesie and sweeping indie rockers Chemtrails striking the iron while it’s hot. They only just released Calf of the Sacred Cow and now they’re following it up w...view item »

Les Big Byrd
Iran Iraq IKEA

The second LP from Stockholm rockers Les Big Byrd drops courtesy of the reliable PNKSLM Records (Miss World, Shit Girlfriend). Not sure who let them call this one Iran Iraq IKEA (Banksy, perhaps?), but either way this is a record of psych-y, hypnagog-y indie-garage. The...view item »

Miss World
Keeping Up With Miss World

Shit Girlfriend’s Natalie Chahal adopts the excellent moniker Miss World for her new project. Debut LP Keeping Up With Miss World finds Chahal turning in a baker’s dozen of brisk, brusque grunge-punk tunes as funny as they are catchy. ‘Carb Yr Enthusiasm’, ‘Buy Me Dinn...view item »

Les Big Byrd
A Little More Numb

Stockholm’s PNKSLM Recordings (Thee MVP’s, Beach Skulls) drop - surprise, surprise - a new psych-rock record. This one is a 7” that comes courtesy of Les Big Byrd, an old friend of the label. Both tunes on A Little More Numb are the mo...view item »

Beach Skulls
Las Dunas

Dream pop. Psych pop. Grunge revivalism. Whatever you want to call it, Mancunian group Beach Skulls most certainly are it. Las Dunas is the band’s sophomore LP, and it sees them sticking to the template that made 2016 debut Slow Grind a minor hit. The song on it entitled ‘That’s Not Me’ ...view item »

Rest In Peace

Boys is actually a girl (oh whatever next?) Nora Karlsson from the north bit of Sweden who once played in psych pop outfit Holy but now goes it alone.  She's moved on from her initial lo-fi recordings and is now is seen as one of Sweden's most accomplished songwriters garnering praise from all sorts of mags. ...view item »

Swampmeat Family Band
Too Many Things To Hide

The excellently-named Punk Slime Recordings release the latest LP from the excellently-named Swampmeat Family Band. Morphing from a duo into a four-piece for this record, the additional members have allowed the Swampmeat stalwarts of Daniel Finnemore and T-Bird Jones to put (swa...view item »

Calf of the Sacred Cow

Debut full-length LP from London-based quintet Chemtrails. Lo-fi reverb-y dream pop with lashings of surf and psychedelia influences, and lyrical content exploring frontwoman Mia Lust’s experiences of coming out and living as a trans woman. Recommended for fans of the likes of Foxygen. Out on PNKSLM....view item »

All These Worlds Are Yours

Expansive garage rawk hijinks mark the new release from HOLY, who builds hooking songs around wide-open sonic environments. All These Worlds Are Yours breaks free of Hannes Ferm's initial life as a home recorder and sees him getting his songs a little more widescreen. For fans of psych-tinged indie rock....view item »

This Is It

Neither MJ nor the Strokes, This Is It belongs to the wonderfully named ShitKid, whose debut Fish garnered an understated following here and there. Pop being pissed off, that record bobbed along with a grunge snarl -- its followup diversifies her sound while maintaing its lo-fi spi...view item »

Spice Boys

Did it really take this many years for somebody to think of the band name ‘Spice Boys’? The answer is no. There are many of them. This is one of the latest, formed in Sweden in 2015. Their music doesn’t resemble the Spice Girls’ style ...view item »

Holiday Ghosts
Holiday Ghosts

Holiday Ghosts is the hottest new grouping from Falmouth, featuring Sam Stacpoole from The Black Tambourines at its core, with plenty of other known individuals from the region also cont...view item »

Les Big Byrd
Two Man Gang

This month's psychedelic sweepstakes involve old-hats Les Big Byrd, whose work on A Records and the like has proved a hefty dosage of deconstructed space rock groove. A 7" hardly seems like enough time for them to say what's on their mind, but they make it work on "Two Man Gang" while also offering a surprising live cover o...view item »
7" (PNKSLM026, £6.49) is now sold out, sorry.
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High Sunn
Hopeless Romantic

High Sunn has racked up thirty releases to date, an impressive number even before you become aware that that accounts for just three years, or that Mr High Sunn is currently only seventeen(!!). It sounds absurd, but hey, just listen to Hopeless Romantic and you’ll find it hard to deny that the kid...view item »

Shit Girlfriend
Mummy’s Boy / I Don’t Wanna Die

In their own words Natalie Bang Bang and Laura-Mary Carter’s (Blood Red Shoes) brilliantly named project Shit Girlfriend is “a DIY period-punk femme explosion meets the sticking out tongue emoji”. It is gritty and lo-fi garage punk meets pop catchiness. Two tra...view item »


Charmingly nonchalent, ShitKid is Gothenburg's Åsa who has made an anti-pop statement with Fish. A post-feminist, post-punk album using plenty of distorted guitar and riding digital rhythms, her album follows in the devastating wake of her grungey debut single, Oh Please Be A Cocky Cool Kid. Televisi...view item »

Beach Skulls
Slow Grind

Beach Skulls’ debut Slow Grind showcases lulling sunshine-laced garage pop that paints a picture of summer far far removed from their current dwellings of Manchester and Glasgow. Catchy and heart warming, It’s nostalgia taken from long evenings round a fire on the beach...not in Glasgow… Or Manchester...view item »

Luxury Death

One half of them used to be in Nai Harvest but now they do this sort of Stevie Nicks-type thing called Luxury Death. ‘Glue’ is a very good synth-pop song - the verse ticks along pleasingly, with Ben Thompson (the Nai Harvest one) and Meg Williams sharing vocal duties. However, the wa...view item »

Magic Potion
Pink Gum

Debut full-length LP from tuneful Scandinavian indie-pop outfit Magic Potion, who play with a nonchalant charm. Pink Gum was recorded onto reel-to-reel and produced by the band themselves, lending things an intimate lo-fi feel. A cosy happy listen. The vinyl edition of Pink Gum is released by PNK SLM....view item »

The Foetals
Meet The Foetals

The Foetals is what happens when Jolan Lewis, veteran of bands like The Pink Teens and Temple Songs, strikes out on his own to let his deepest sonic loves run wild. Proper 60’s-esque pop is put through the lens of obscure American lo-fi bands. Meet The Foetals is ...view item »

Caballo Negro

Caballo Negro is the debut album of Sudakistan, produced after significant time spent honing their powers with live shows. Garage rock with Latin rhythms is the order of the day: a pretty ferocious combination. Released on attractive transparent and black splatter vinyl within a sleeve that displays a horse wearing a le...view item »
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Stabs is the debut full-length album from Holy. Bedroom-intimate garage-indie-pop-rock is the order of the day, with cheap drum machines, blurred vocals and a lovely guitar tone carrying things along. The LP is released as a joint effort between PNK SLM Recordings of Stockholm and Ny Vag Records (which is run by ...view item »
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Lucern Raze
Stockholm One

Born from the same source as Sex Beet, new group Lucern Raze continue with the prime objective of blasting out lo-fi, hi-fun garage rock. Debut record Stockholm One is the result of a summer spent in the titular Swedish city. The LP is released on PNK SLM, a scuzzy energy blast to awaken all your senses...view item »
LP (PNKSLM010, £18.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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