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Conditional unleash this beautifully wild and playful tape from David Burraston aka NYZ. Here he harnesses the spectrum splitting potential of John Chowning’s FM synthesis to birth and animate ludicrously cute and cuddly synthetic creatures that come to life before our very ears. What even are these little mutant alien lifeforms? Where is ...view item »
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Neil Cosgrove
Bum Montage

No messing about from Neil Cosgrove here: this tape dives deep into a pool of vintage acid, resurfacing 13 tracks later with a smile on its face. Bum Montage is a squelchy, peak-hour set of acid action, produced like a boss. A mere 40 copies of this album, presented on cassette, are available, so be speedy! On Condition...view item »

Daniel Katinsky
Digital Concrete

Hugely impressive debut release of mind-bending synthetic sound from this Glasgow artist. Calum Gunn, curator of the Conditional label seems to have a knack for delving deep into the underground and giving a platform to talented emerging artists operating in the realms of experimental electronic music. I have no idea what Daniel Katinsky is doin...view item »
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Sebastian Camens
Tan Object

Sebastian Camens was responsible for the B-side of the first release on Conditional, and now returns to the label with its first release on ye good olde compact disc. The digital format somehow feels appropriate for this music - I think the i...view item »

Phil Julian

30 copies seems like a criminally low edition for this tape. Yet having heard it, it might just be possible that only 30 rare human minds have the capacity to appreciate / tolerate the audio -  because this tape from Phil Julian (Entr'acte, H...view item »
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Not a new bit from Night Slugs/Fade to Mind O.G. Kingdom, but there’s shared ground here in Kindohm's through-the-looking-glass approach to club music. However, RISC Chip lurches around far more than usual club fare due to it being born from live-coding. It’s a glitchy ...view item »

Mush Space

Conditional introduce Moxus, an electronic artist from Tokyo. Mush Space is a mix of jangling synths, almost bumping into each other accidentally. It is delicate electronica and has a distinct Japanese feel to it in its idiosyncrasies. An unusual and refreshing album. Limited edition of ...view item »

Ewa Justka

Ewa Justka gets busy with her homemade instruments and effects on this tape of absolutely wild, freaky, unhinged, deranged, total nutjob electronic music / synth noise that is 100% guaranteed to have the neighbours/ parents questioning your sanity. I’ve had to close my cat in the other room while this is playing because the first t...view item »
Tape (CON002, £4.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Calum Gunn / Sebastian Camens
Slant Deviations

‘Slant Deviations’ is the inaugural release on Conditional, and comes in the form of a split tape, in an edition of 50 copies. Label boss Calum Gunn has previously had releases as Acrnym and Legwarmers and also happens to be a member of ...view item »