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Midnight Control

After 8 years away, Sheffield local boys are officially back, and with a new double A-sided single. Definitely matured in the 8 years away as well, and with the members playing in acts such as Dead Sons and Backhanded Compliments in the gap they have pushed away from the jingle jangle, and into more matured indie pop. less shake, more sway.
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John Hassall & The April Rainers
Wheels to Idyll

John Hassall is one of the two Libertines who have kept a low profile: not for Hassall the busy drug-fuelled solo careers of Barat or Doherty. But he has now produced an album with his group The April Rainers, and what a lovely thing it is. Wheels To Idyll is imbued with the rich melody-pop sunshine of the 1960’s, and Hassall and co. get the sound just right. On VAM Records.

The Enemy
It's Automatic

Well well, a new album from The Enemy, one of the prime movers of the tail end of the fondly-remembered ‘landfill indie’ era. With It’s Automatic however, they have broadened their scope a little by writing songs outside that template, which seems to be working out for them. On VAM Records.
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  • VAM Records