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Kikagaku Moyo
Kikagaku Moyo

Here’s some proper old school psychedelic rock from Japan’s Kikagaku Moyo. I had this and the new Seven That Spells LP to choose from - that one has a nude lady on the front, this one says “FUCK RACISM!” on the back cover. I know which one is less...view item »

Sundays & Cybele
On The Grass

This is the forth full length record by Japanese psychedelic quartet Sundays & Cybele. This time rather than re-hash the ethnic and psych tones from before, they've added in some synth and some drones and have explored darker textures. Therefore in a kind of parallel manner as their 60's forbearers they have started leaning ...view item »

Khana Bierbood
Strangers From The Far East

Khana Bierbood are Thai band who came up with their blend ‘60s surf, ‘70s garage rock and traditional sounds after hours of jamming together. Their name, which translates into English as Strange Brew, gives further clues to their influences. The band have been together since 2012, but ...view item »

Kikagaku Moyo
Masana Temples

Rejoicing tears fill my eyes as the greatest psych rock band of our generation return from holiday. They put out a mini-LP a while ago but it simply wasn't enough, so on Masana Temples they go full blast again, continuing to mix and match stoner churn with ethereal distortion, anachronistic folk music and that ol' repetitive Krautr...view item »

Sundays & Cybele
Gypsy House

Sundays & Cybele have been playing their acid-washed psychedelic rock in Japan for over a decade: Gypsy House was first released in 2012, but is now being properly re-issued on the Guruguru Brain label. Classically overblown psych action with a streak of joy running through it, limited to only 250 vinyl copies....view item »

Kikagaku Moyo
House In The Tall Grass

Kikagaku Moyo Soul have learned all the lessons of the Japanese krautrock bands and the 70’s psych-rock bands, while also accommodating the sitar of Indian classical tradition. The results are a beautiful heady brew of inventive psychadelia, with its textures all soft and fuzzy around the edges. House In The Tall Grass...view item »

Minami Deutsch
Minami Deutsch

Beware: krautrock is on its way back. And this time, it’s coming from Japan. None-to-subtly indicating their inclinations in their nomenclature, Minami Deutsch combine Japanese thoroughness with German thoroughness. The result is a hypnotically straightforward debut, with tireless drum(computer)s carrying distorted vocals ...view item »
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Minami Deutsch
With Dim Light

Here’s some spirited post-punkish, 60s psych-rock from Japan. Kyotaro Muila spearheaded Minami Deutsch in Tokyo in 2014, drawing together a bunch of minimal techno enthusiasts for the remaining instruments. This keenness for repetitive beats clearly informs the indulgent sections of these billowing tunes, but the songwriti...view item »

Scattered Purgatory

Taiwanese duo Scattered Purgatory make dense droning musics defined by humidity, ritual, and shared love of ambient and industrial music. Sua-Hiam-Zun is a deep trip throug...view item »

Kikagaku Moyo
Stone Garden

Kikagaku Moyo, a band who grew out of a busking troupe, produced Stone Garden out of a heavy multiple-day jam in Prague. After the mammoth session, the band took the half-formed songs that had emerged and refined them into finished articles. Stone Garden is an energised blur of krautrock, psychedelia, folk, Ind...view item »
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J. William Parker

J William Parker wrote and recorded the music we hear here on Shadowmen in his bedroom, honing every detail of the production personally. The Vietnamese folk player twines his guitar around original pieces as well as a version of Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Hear My Train A’Comin’, with super...view item »
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Mythic Tales of Tomorrow II

Wild action from Pakistan, courtesy of Nawksh, who produces video games as well as music. Mythic Tales of Tomorrow II is a super-powerful brew-up of pretty much everything Nawksh enjoys, with new age sounds, messed-up LA-style beats and general abstract sonic explosions all involved. The results are hea...view item »

Prairie WWWW
Wu Hai

Prairie WWWW are a Taiwanese band with bold instincts and an experimental approach to folk sounds. Their Wu Hai EP slinks around musical spaces that often lapse into ambient, but might also evolve into poetry, flute / synth tunes, or percussive marching. Well worth turning an ear to this group, they are doing interestin...view item »
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Ramayana Soul

Ramayana Soul are an excellent Indonesian outfit who pull off a heady blend of actual Eastern music with some of 60’s-ish Western psychedelic music that originally took influence from the East. Sabdatanmantra thus reclaims and re-appropriates at the same time, staying gorgeous and groovy the whole time! Out on Jap...view item »