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Dimosioypalliliko Retire
On the Administration of Panic (The magazine issue 1)

This LP is an ‘audio magazine’ from 2002, showcasing the work of Dimosioypalliliko Retire. This was a Greek group preoccupied with experimental rock deconstruction, and On the administration of panic is an excerpt from a live performance. Cross-released by the Rekem, Orila and Agios Anthropos labels in an edition of 300 LPs.
  • Vinyl LP (╬črl29 / REKEM 10 / AAR 003)
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Leif Elggren
Das Baank

Your favourite experimental dabblers Rekem would like you to meet a certain Leif Elggren, whose pioneering noise hits somewhere between confrontational and delusional: is this music coming at you or orbiting around you? The harsh music here serves as Elggren's own critiques of "violence and repression", provoking with bitty noise or aerial ambience. 
  • Vinyl LP (rekem09/[frag36])
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Kostis Kilymis
Bethnal Greener

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