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Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
Il Grande Racket

A ferocious work of Italian soundtrack music by the duo of Guido and Maurizio De Angelis. Il Grande Racket is just that, a progged-up psych-funk suite that’s drenched in fuzz-box distortion, featuring raw and frantic grooves, wild flute action, and gnarly guitars. Il Grande Racket has bee...view item »

Roberto Nicolosi
L'occhio nel labirinto (Eye in the Labyrinth)

Roberto Nicolosi’s soundtrack to the 1972 giallo flick L’occhio nel labirinto, recorded with an ensemble of some of the finest Italian players and whipping up an amazing jazz-funk brew. And check this out: this gem of a soundtrack never even got a proper official release until now, so this is your first ever...view item »

The Green Birds

Italian library music from the year 1971. I can only assume that the brief given to The Green Birds (that’s Renato Sperduti, Franco Bonfanti and Romano Rizzati, li...view item »
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M. Fusciati (G. Iacoucci / M. Vinciguerra)

Library music is rare almost by definition (since it was never supposed to be commercially released), but Urbanistica is ever rarer than most. G. Iacoucci and M. Vinciguerra were evidently given a brief to groove up the ...view item »

H. Caiage, Amedeo Tommasi
Carnet Turistico

A rare and gorgeous obscurity from the seemingly never-ending depths of the Italian library music archives. Carnet Turistico is a real funky one, featuring Amedeo Tommasi and H. Caiage getting wild with sweet drum breaks...view item »

Armando Trovajoli feat. Marc 4 & I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni
La Famiglia Benvenuti

La Famiglia Benvenuti is one of the finest and better-known works from Armando Trovajoli. It debuted in 1968 as an Italian TV-film soundtrack, then gained renewed notoriety in the mid-90s when four tracks were included on the ‘Easy Tempo’ series of compilations. Now sought aft...view item »
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Marc 4
Debito Coniugale

Marc 4 or I Marc 4 were an Italian four piece session group who played an incredible amount of library music and film scores. Here Four Flies have brought the first repress on vinyl since 1970 of the soundtrack to Debito Coniugale composed by Carlo Pes and Peppino De Luca...view item »
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Alessandro Alessandroni
Sangue di Sbirro

Italian library music hero Alessandro Alessandroni was also active as a soundtrack composer for obscure movies: here is one he put together for Sangue di Sbirro, a funky noir with an air of blaxploitation. Alessandroni m...view item »

Gianni Ferrio
La Poliziotta

A highly rare old Italian film soundtrack LP finally, at long last, receives a reissue. La Poliziotta, scored by Gianni Ferrio, is a really groovy trip, combining mood-setting funky jazz with dashes of vocals from Edda Dell'Orso. Remastered, pressed to 180g vinyl, and limited to 500 copies on...view item »

Riz Ortolani
Confessione Di Un Commissario Di Polizia Al Procuratore Della Repubblica

A rare and gorgeous obscurity from the never-ending depths of the 1970’s Italian film soundtrack world. This one is from a 1971 crime caper named Confessione Di Un Commissario Di Polizia Al Procuratore Della Repubblica, and Riz Ortolani does an excellent job conjuring up funky action sounds and brassy tension. Rea...view item »

Riz Ortolani
Si può essere più bastardi dell'ispettore Cliff?

Riz Ortolani, one of those wonderful behind-the-scenes Italian library-and-film composers, wrote the accompaniment to the crime flick Si puo essere piú bastardi dell’ispettore Cliff? in 1973. It’s a super-funky dirty joyride of a score that’s guaranteed to put smiles on faces and struts in walks...view item »

Stelvio Cipriani
Un'ombra nell'ombra (Ring of Darkness)

From the bottomless vaults of Italian horror movie soundtracks with some involvement from Goblin, here is the OST to the 1979 film Un’ombra nell’ombra (aka Ring Of Darkness), presented on vinyl for the first time ever! Composed by Stelvio Cipriani and performed by Goblin...view item »

Piero Umiliani
Studio Umiliani

Piero Umiliani, the Italian library music and soundtrack wizard with seemingly thousands of records to his name (and to the names of a few pseudonyms for that matter). This release deals with still more obscure material than usual, being a compilation of musics either extremely rare or simply never released in the first place. ...view item »

Alessandro Alessandroni
Lost & Found

Alessandro Alessandroni’s music never disappoints, so thank god for the various crate-diggers out there who are retrieving shiny gems from among his countless array of soundtrack, library music and session work. Lost And Found features fifteen cuts from the mid-seventies, and boy is there plenty of sweet sweet fun...view item »

Alessandro Alessandroni
Afro Discoteca

Well known for his spaghetti western soundtracks and scores to films such as Killer Nun, Italian composer Alessandro Alessandroni’s back catalogue is more like a literal vault, and in rifling through it the guys at Four Flies came across a tape that simply stated Afro Discoteca. Never before released mate...view item »

Esterno Giorno D'Estate

'Esterno Giorno D'Estate', out on Four Flies, brings together previously unreleased material from untapped Italian film archives between 1969 and 1978. With tracks from visionaries like Carlo Pes & i Marc 4, Alberto Baldan Bembo, Stelvio Cipriani, Alessandro Alessandroni, Nico Fidenco and Gianni Oddi, expect airy grooves, sunny jazz bre...view item »

Esterno Notte Vol. 2

'Esterno Notte Vol. 2' is the second release from Four Flies featuring jazz-funk, latenite breaks, cinematic prog and psychedelia from previously untapped Italian film music archives. A limited-edition release, this volume is dedicated to sounds designed for a mid-century cityscape full of action, car-chases and high-tension scenes set in smoky ...view item »

Esterno Notte Jazz

The first in the Esterno Notte Jazz series, out on Four Flies, this record is dedicated to the rich jazz featured in Italian films from the '60s, stopping by noir,melò, giallo, dark comedy and crazy 'musicarelli' along the way. A result of research that plundered the soundtrack archive of RCA Italy, this is a killer selection that features&nbs...view item »

Silvano D’Auria

Silvano D’Auria recorded Sortilegio in 1974, the soundtrack to a lost film that was seemingly never even released. This soundtrack almost befell the same fate: this 2016 vinyl edition from Four Flies is the first time it has been released in any format whatsoever! Hard to believe, as this is really top-end stuff f...view item »
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Giuliano Sorgini
Zoo Folle

Giuliano Sorgini’s Zoo Folle is one of those rare Italian soundtracks for obscure movies that are significantly more amazing than they probably needed to be. I mean this is properly funky. Seems this record has never been reissued at all, so chances are you don’t ...view item »
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Sandro Brugnolini

Sandro Brugnolini’s soundtrack to the film Fantabulous has a legendary reputation, though it has been almost totally unobtainable since the film’s release. This reissue however puts the whole obscure work out there on 180g vinyl, paired with the 7” single that was actually released (but in limited numb...view item »
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Franco Micalizzi

A reissue of a highly rare Italian film soundtrack here. Laure was something of an erotic picture, and Franco Micalizzi reflects this in spades. Electric organs lead the sleazy sway of these tunes, which have hardly been heard for years due to the soundtrack's scarcity. Now remastered and reissued by Four Fli...view item »
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