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David Vassalotti
Guitar Dream

David Vassalotti is probably best known as being the guitarist with Floridian 4AD indie band, Merchandise. Guitar Dream is his third solo album and was produced by his band mate, Merchandise vocalist, Carson Cox. It is sort of a break-up album fea...view item »

Gong Gong Gong
Siren / Something's Happening

Chinese psychedelic blues anyone? Good. Here we have Siren / Something’s Happening by Beijing duo Gong Gong Gong. The pair take in influences from Bo Diddley, The Monks and the psychedelic sounds of West Africa and South-East Asia and filter them through striking guitar, propulsive bass an...view item »

Public Practice
Distance is a Mirror

Distance Is A Mirror is the debut EP from a bunch of New Yorkers calling themselves Public Practice. Their approach takes post-punk, disco, Talking Heads and Yellow Magic Orchestra to make a funky, danceable sound with dark yet optimistic lyrics on subjects as simple or as complicated as love. V...view item »

Roach Goin' Down

Prolific punx Palberta return to Wharf Cat Records (Big French, Bichkraft) with a fun, fresh LP. Roach Goin’ Down may run to twenty-two tracks, but the band rattle through them with such ramshackle abandon that things don’t ever feel like they’re dragg...view item »

Eyes of Love
End of The Game

Eyes Of Love are the crew of Andrea Schiavelli, a Brooklyn, NY songwriter, and the group includes members of bands like Horn Horse, Sweet Baby Jesus and The Cradle. End Of The Game, the debut album, is full of intricate and leftfield arrangements, sound...view item »

Holy Motors

Holy Motors are a band specialising in atmospheric songs that just sound cinematic and cool: Sleeprydr has twangy guitars and smoky vocals and an all-round atmosphere of film noir cool. It’s pretty great going for what is only the band’s second single: roll on their forthcoming debut album! 7” on Wharf...view item »

The Sediment Club
Stucco Thieves

NYC punk trio The Sediment Club are back with their latest album, a collection of songs that charts the culmination of a decade of urgent and noisy music, the band's trademark concise, brutal sound unwavering 10 years into their career. Expect guttural howls, screeching guitars and climactic, surging drums. ...view item »


Wharf Cat Records (Palberta, Big French) drop the opening salvo from NYC punk band Decisions. The group rail against gentrification, yuppies, creeps and more on this charged 7”. They do so with a fire that recalls the abstract hardcore of Show Me The Body ...view item »
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Shadow On Everything

Anyone who, while enjoying the more erstwhile recent releases Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, has been yearning for some of the old blood and thunder need look no further than the third LP from Brooklyn trio Bambara. A ‘Western Gothic’ album with a loose storyline, the likes of ‘Jose Tries ...view item »

Bush Tetras
Take The Fall

New York post punk four-piece Bush Tetras are back, a full 38 years after their classic debut single Too Many Creeps. They haven’t been the most prolific of bands, with new album Take The Fall being only their fourth in all that time. The 2018 incarnation of the band sees original bass player Laura Kennedy replaced by Val ...view item »


Ukranian noiseniks Bichkraft drop their third LP for Wharf Cat Records (Gun Outfit, Palberta). 800 provides a meatier rendering of the psych-y shoegaze that characterised their first two albums - singles like 'Yonder' feature vocals of the sneering...view item »

Holy Motors
Slow Sundown

Are there enough dreamgaze bands with warped vocals to guide you through an everlasting half-sleep? Quoting Estonian reverb-junkies Holy Motors: never! Their debut album Slow Sundown is packed with dizzying guitars and gentle infinite soundscapes. It features their three singles, which have been zooming across the hip a...view item »
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Somewhere Else

It’s been the best part of four years since Profligate released music in album form, so it has to be said, wasteful he is not. On Somewhere Else, Profligate mixes opposites of sound and method. Noise meets melody, chaos is matched by a composer's touch, and it’s delivered via both programmed electron...view item »
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New Moody Judy

Written as a complete collaboration from all three band members, New Moon Judy is the latest nine-track release from punk rock band Honey. This record sees a continuation i...view item »

Coca Leaf
Deep Marble Sunrise

Made in a Florida swamp (very hot I assume), Coca Leaf sculpted this brand of funk, jazz, noise, dub and new wave over a series of brain-fried studio sessions and madcap improvisation experiments. The band are made up of three multi instrumentalists including members of Merchandise, Destruction ...view item »

Misogyny Stone

Horoscope’s new one Misogyny Stone is a murky listen; a brew of grey noise, clattering rhythms and samples and tape loops galore. Through all of this, Rene J Nunez-Cabrera, the human behind Horoscope, makes an investigative assault on gender relations, with vivid results. LP relea...view item »

Wet Hair
The Floating World

Brand new one from this Iowa based veterans and you’ll be pleased to know that there sound is a hybrid of kraut rock and psych because there’s not enough of that sort of thing about. But this album oozes quality and has a kinetic sound which marries shimmering synths, exciting drum patterns and bass grooves. Said to be pos...view item »

Big French
Stone Fish

A second full-length album of the strange and personal weird-pop vision conjured up by Quentin Moore and the rest of the Big French crew. Stone Fish’s sixteen tracks are tight but wobbly, pirouetting quickly between different high-technique guitar parts, grooves and melodic ideas. Plus keen exploi...view item »
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Joey Agresta
Let's Not Talk About Music

Joey Agresta is a veteran of doing it his own way, with a stack of AKAs behind him: Son Of Salami, Joey Pizza Slice etc. Let’s Not Talk About Music, which includes upbeat songs like ‘I Feel Like Shit And I Want To Die’, was recorded in Joey’s bed...view item »
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‘Untitled’ is the debut release from WALL. Described as a genuinely sought after act on the New York underground scene, the record contains a number of solidly constructed pieces of hard hitting music that has taken them from unknown to very much, known! A mix of punk and har...view item »
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Interludes Of Insanity

Miami based angry girls Snakehole had been self releasing their material for zonks before teaming up with Wharf Cat Records. After their debut full length in 2015 they are back and still so very angry. And Noisy. Sounding like a messy punk mulch of OvO, Lightning Bolt and three chord wonders, an...view item »
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Bye Bye Berta

Now seven releases deep, Palberta blindside you with strange post-punk grooves that sort of recall ESG and The Birthday Party before the singing starts and pulls the rug from under your feet. Each song features an array of quizzical vocal arrangements, from knowingly cutesy harmonies to cha...view item »

Night Bully EP

Urochromes are a harsh and gnarly outfit producing messy punk that is driven by drum machines rather than puny humans. Night Bully sounds like it was recorded inside of a bin, which is obviously a good thing. The EP also features a remix from Boy Harsher...view item »

Tropical Skin Byrds
Tropical Skin Byrds

Tropical Skin Byrds are the potent combination of artist Nina Hartman with members of Craow and Destruction Unit. This self-titled debut EP of theirs is a fierce torrent of slicing guitars and impassioned howling, with lead track ‘Cut It Off’ dashing from opening fee...view item »

Carson Cox, Sam York & Austin Brown
Fire Dance

Carson Cox (Merchandise), Sam York (Wall) and Austin Brown (Parquet Courts) join forces for a proper weird little punk and electroclash oddity. Fire Dance, on vinyl 7” from Wharf Cat Records, channels art-disco and electro but amplifies everything until it...view item »


Votaries sound like a band who fell into a space-drugs wormhole so deep that they’ve emerged with a permanent layer of early-90’s shoegaze-haze draped around every sound they make. On Psychometry they make this work massively to their advantage, with big thick drone-rock tunes to lose oneself in. Released by...view item »

Macula Dog
Why Do You Look Like Your Dog?

Premium weirdo sonics from New York’s Macula Dog. Every inch of their songs seems to contain some unexpected digital curio, and, when taken as a whole, Why Do You Look Like Your Dog? comes across like a demented synth-pop band playing in a busy amusement arcade, with crazy-mirror filters occasionally distorting th...view item »


Cottaging are a band that sound properly messed-up, grinding their way through with no real concern for the niceties of form or clean production. The howls of man and saxophone alike tear out above a churn of noisy repeato rock: it's a real good time baby. Headhunter is a 7” on Wharf Cat Records, released in a lim...view item »
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Second album from the Kiev band Bichkraft, a post-punk outfit with a bold stance. Shadoof is noisy and industrial and psychedelic and repeato, not quite settling into any single readily-graspable style for long enough to pin them down. All delivered with nervy confidence. CD / LP editions on Wharf Cat Records....view item »
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WALL are a cutting new band from New York City. As well as slashing guitars that fall somewhere between Sonic Youth and Glenn Branca, the vocals also have that breathless, shouted beat poetry vibe to them. So very NY. Self-titled EP out on the Wharf Cat label, in a limited edition of 300 7&rdquo...view item »
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Perfect H / Voices

Posse are a band who keep things stripped-back, and never has that been more true than with Perfect H / Voices. This single presents a subtle pair of songs, just thin guitar lines over a gentle drum pulse and wistful vocals. 7” vinyl released on Wharf Cat Records, in an edition strictly limited to 300....view item »
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Gun Outfit
Two Way Player

Gun Outfit are all about a guitar-focused, deeply American sound: the songs of this EP feel firmly the product of a dusty and dramatic landscape. This version of the band’s line-up includes Will Lawrence, as well as members of Growing and Milk Music. The Two Way Player...view item »
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David Vassalotti
Broken Rope

David Vassalotti leads the 4AD group Merchandise, but this album finds him striking off on his own: he writes, performs and produces every track on Broken Rope, and is also responsible for the artwork. Consequently, what we hear here is a clear representation of Vassalotti, his loves an...view item »
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Psychic Blood

Debut EP from Psychic Blood, a psych-rock group who put so much reverb into their productions that it feels like the whole band is tumbling down an infinite staircase (that’s a compliment by the way). Several small cassette releases have prepared them for the vinyl LP big-time: Alien is out on Wharf Cat Records....view item »
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Debut full-length from Kansas-based Ukrainians Bichcraft. There’s a great vibe to these recordings, drum machines driving post-punk guitars along into a fuzzy frenzy. A feeling of suburban threat hovers over Mascot, a tense energy carried across by Novichenko and Bichowski’s...view item »
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Blanche Blanche Blanche
Breaking Mirrors

It has been suggested that Brooklyn-based indie duo Blanche Blanche Blanche approach their songwriting in a rather unusual way if you take previous records such as Night People, Feeding Tube or NNA as evidence. On their new album, Breaking Mirrors, it seems that the songs were more crafted and clearly ...view item »
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Ancient Sky
All Get Out

Ancient Sky fill their latest record, All Get Out, with carefully built psychedelic rock. The band obviously realise that piling layer upon layer isn’t necessarily the best route to transcendence: the production here is clear enough that every element stands on its own, able to make an impact. LP on Wharf Cat Reco...view item »
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Parquet Courts / Joey Pizza Slice

Parquet Courts and Joey Pizza Slice do a song-swapping split record for Wharf Cat Records. The Courts play their version of ‘Pretty Girls is a Motherfucker’, while Joey jams on Parquet Courts’ ‘Picture Of Health’. Both versions soun...view item »
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