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The Sediment Club
Stucco Thieves

NYC punk trio The Sediment Club are back with their latest album, a collection of songs that charts the culmination of a decade of urgent and noisy music, the band's trademark concise, brutal sound unwavering 10 years into their career. Expect guttural howls, screeching guitars and climactic, surging drums. ...view item »

Roach Goin' Down

Prolific punx Palberta return to Wharf Cat Records (Big French, Bichkraft) with a fun, fresh LP. Roach Goin’ Down may run to twenty-two tracks, but the band rattle through them with such ramshackle abandon that things don’t ever feel like they’re dragg...view item »

Shadow On Everything

I can’t remember how they were received at the time but I really liked Grinderman (I suppose that should be Nick Cave’s Grinderman, huh?). The combination of proper aggy blues rock and Nick Cave doing his thing but a bit more expressively worked wonders for me, as someo...view item »

Bush Tetras
Take The Fall

New York post punk four-piece Bush Tetras are back, a full 38 years after their classic debut single Too Many Creeps. They haven’t been the most prolific of bands, with new album Take The Fall being only their fourth in all that time. The 2018 incarnation of the band sees original bass player Laura Kennedy replaced by Val ...view item »


Every Wharf Cat release day is a miniature Christmas unto itself. This week they’re throwing down a gauntlet and/or record by Bichkraft, a chirpy racket-making collective from Ukraine who use tinges of noise-adjacent genres to ultimately make pretty lovely pop shred. With a touch of production done by Merchandise’s Carson Cox, you ca...view item »

Holy Motors
Slow Sundown

Opening with what is basically another re-write of Chris Isaak's 'Wicked Game', it immediately becomes apparent that 'Slow Sundown' is a woozy blend between gentle shoegaze textures and the sort of twangy desert atmospheres previously dreamt up by the likes of Paula Frazer's Tarnation...view item »

Somewhere Else

Rejoicing in being the very first CD to be spun on our new state-of-the-art CD player, Profligate tests out its capabilities with an album of low and dirty techno-influenced lo-fi electronic pop. He's as grumpy as Phil on a day without his nicotine patch and snarls pissed off vocals over the shards of harsh electronics. What I like about tracks ...view item »

New Moody Judy

Written as a complete collaboration from all three band members, New Moon Judy is the latest nine-track release from punk rock band Honey. This record sees a continuation i...view item »

Coca Leaf
Deep Marble Sunrise

Silly Wharf Cat continue to deliver unto us dance music surviving the scuzz and hanging in the bedroom, offering budget productions stoked on life. ‘Deep Marble Sunrise’ comes from Coca Leaf and blends funk, house and dub into a framework of noisy and disorienting mixing. It opens on the giddy “New Soft Dawn”, which offer...view item »

Misogyny Stone

Horoscope’s new one Misogyny Stone is a murky listen; a brew of grey noise, clattering rhythms and samples and tape loops galore. Through all of this, Rene J Nunez-Cabrera, the human behind Horoscope, makes an investigative assault on gender relations, with vivid results. LP relea...view item »

Wet Hair
The Floating World

What if They Might Be Giants dressed up as a weirdo psych rock band and had a nice time krautrocking their way to ecstasy? Okay, that would literally never happen and I should know better than to put ideas into your head -- but also it’s this Wet Hair album. A gloopy, childish mess of ridiculously...view item »

Big French
Stone Fish

A second full-length album of the strange and personal weird-pop vision conjured up by Quentin Moore and the rest of the Big French crew. Stone Fish’s sixteen tracks are tight but wobbly, pirouetting quickly between different high-technique guitar parts, grooves and melodic ideas. Plus keen exploi...view item »

Joey Agresta
Let's Not Talk About Music

Oh I think I remember this guy. He released records on labels like Feeding Tube under monikers such as Joey Pizza Slice. Now returning to a more sensible moniker he has unleashed a bunch of his home recordings made using vintage tape machines. The most impressive thing is that he has done all this whilst having the distraction of wearing a moust...view item »


Yeah, just call yourselves Wall. That’ll do. You’re gonna do great! That’s as much snark as I’ve got in in the tank right now, so I’ll just get down to it: the band formerly existing as Wall are/were a NYC indie punx thing. They were apparently a “sought-after” band over in their scene, which probably ex...view item »

Interludes Of Insanity

Shouting in your everyday existence will not get you very far, and if ever I have to excuse myself from doing so to my boss I just say I’m practicing for my noise rock band, Phil, so don’t worry, you’ll like me being rude to you at high decibels if you like Lightning Bolt, ...view item »

Bye Bye Berta

This is extraordinary. Remember Gaggle? Well try to imagine them as a Raincoats/Slits influenced post punk group.  This is the world where ladies sing together over a blinking, wandering scaggle of instruments being plucked and hit in customary ...view item »

Night Bully EP

Urochromes are a harsh and gnarly outfit producing messy punk that is driven by drum machines rather than puny humans. Night Bully sounds like it was recorded inside of a bin, which is obviously a good thing. The EP also features a remix from Boy Harsher...view item »

Tropical Skin Byrds
Tropical Skin Byrds

Tropical Skin Byrds are the potent combination of artist Nina Hartman with members of Craow and Destruction Unit. This self-titled debut EP of theirs is a fierce torrent of slicing guitars and impassioned howling, with lead track ‘Cut It Off’ dashing from opening fee...view item »

Carson Cox, Sam York & Austin Brown
Fire Dance

Carson Cox (Merchandise), Sam York (Wall) and Austin Brown (Parquet Courts) join forces for a proper weird little punk and electroclash oddity. Fire Dance, on vinyl 7” from Wharf Cat Records, channels art-disco and electro but amplifies everything until it...view item »


I have to be honest with you here. When I plucked the sleeve out of my box this morning I almost tossed it straight into the waste paper basket. Y'see the only writing on it is mirror writing and I couldn't really be bothered to figure out who it was by if they can't be bothered to put writing the correct way up. Also I didn't like the first tra...view item »

Macula Dog
Why Do You Look Like Your Dog?

Premium weirdo sonics from New York’s Macula Dog. Every inch of their songs seems to contain some unexpected digital curio, and, when taken as a whole, Why Do You Look Like Your Dog? comes across like a demented synth-pop band playing in a busy amusement arcade, with crazy-mirror filters occasionally distorting th...view item »

David Vassalotti
Broken Rope

David Vassalotti leads the 4AD group Merchandise, but this album finds him striking off on his own: he writes, performs and produces every track on Broken Rope, and is also responsible for the artwork. Consequently, what we hear here is a clear representation of Vassalotti, his loves an...view item »

Blanche Blanche Blanche
Breaking Mirrors

It has been suggested that Brooklyn-based indie duo Blanche Blanche Blanche approach their songwriting in a rather unusual way if you take previous records such as Night People, Feeding Tube or NNA as evidence. On their new album, Breaking Mirrors, it seems that the songs were more crafted and clearly ...view item »

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