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These lads have been involved in the Swedish music scene for yonks working with the likes of the Concretes. Here they concern themselves with making moody and emotive instrumental and vocal led music that has hints of the brooding power of Sonic Youth as well as nods to the repetitive compositions of Terry Riley and Philip Glass. Loads of guests pop up too. 

Rebekka Karijord
Mother Tongue

If anything could stir and unlock unfounded emotions, then it would be the surprise and traumatic three-month-early arrival of a child. Rebekka Karijord had to face just that, and her ordeal has inspired and shaped her latest release - Mother Tongue. Though in an epic straddle between dystopia and utopia, she proves this is much more than an album about childbirth.


Stockholm-based but fronted by US native Nicholas Faraone, Barbarisms have drawn praise of the highest order: musically being likened to Guided By Voices and Built To Spill and lyrically aligned with Destroyer and Silver Jews. Uncut magazine has also mentioned Bill Callahan and Herman Dune when praising their debut long-player, Browser. So....they've got a lot to live up to but they might just do it.

Small Feet
From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like The Ocean

Small Feet present their debut album, the thoughtfully titled From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like The Ocean. What you’ll find here are vocally led songs with a strong sense of drama, Simon Stålhamre swooping in his voice in and out of the shuffling instrumentals. CD or LP on Control Freak Kitten.